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/R/ Official MW2 Fall Tournament.

Mods/Refs: Philkav(ps3), Idkalf(ps3)/ Romeo3 (360)
ROUND 2 OF MATCHES START: Start Sept. 22 - 30 Map: Skidrow
ROUND 3 OF MATCHES START: Start Oct. 4 - EXTENDED to 18th Map: Highrise
Winner's Bracket
PS3 360
Team F/ vs. Invective , Canadian Alliance vs. Team 5, Team 7 vs Team 4, Team Rocket vs Team 8 Team 6 vs. Team 5?? Team 7 vs Team 4??
Loser's Bracket
PS3 360
Loki's Quarrel vs. Team 1 Team 2 vs Team 8, Take a Seat vs Team 1
The rules will be :
  • Following a bracket system.
  • Maps will be chosen randomly.
  • Game style will be Team Death match. Time Limit: Unlimited. Must reach 7500 points to win round. Best 3 out of 5.
  • Double elimination.
  • Teams of 4 with 1 person being captain.
  • Each team will have to come up with a name for themselves, after I have placed you into a team.
  • Banned weapon/s: Noobtube.
  • Banned Deathstreak: PainKiller
  • Bracket of time to complete each match: 1 and a half weeks
  • Please respect the rules, if you have issues with it, please message me.
Please contact everyone in your team, find out what time zone each one of you are in(if there are issues on this, message me) and have a name for yourselves. A update will be posted shortly after notifying you of the matches coming up.
Old page for reference
Bracket and Team list page
Yes the bracket does look weird, and that's because I used a program to make it, it was 100% randomly placed, and because of the number of teams, this was the outcome...or I'm just stupid =/
Thank thunderpunch for the graphics.
Team 1
  • philkav(RedBlade58) 2nd Prestige: Level 70
  • idkalf(alfredk) 2nd Prestige: Level 70
  • Liquid1dr(Liquid1dr) 2nd Prestige: Level 70
  • RipThatBong(BloodOfInnocents) 10th Prestige: Level 70
Team 2- Loki's Quarrel
  • MooseyMcSammich(MooseyMcSammich) 3rd Prestige: Level 49
  • frenchpress(spazioli) 1 Prestige: Level 49
  • joeyrolls(joeydaly) 9th Prestige: Level 40
  • lostatoll(lostatoll) 4th Prestige: Level 20
Team 3
  • upvoteifyoulikepizza(thumbandthumber) 5th Prestige: Level 61
  • TickTockMan(imcheesing) 1st Prestige: Level 70
  • PateraSilk 1st Prestige: Level 70
  • strayclown(strayclown) 3rd Prestige: Level 60
Team 4
  • BDaught(BDaught) 2nd Prestige: Level 20
  • better_information(better_info) 0 Prestige: Level 70
  • Mighty-Tsu(Daddy-Albert) 1st Prestige: level 70
  • BoonTobias(BoonTobias) 10th Prestige: Level 70
Team 5
  • DJGibbon 0 Prestige: Level 70
  • bpbuddha25(bpz_81) 10th Prestige: Level 48
  • jiarb(JoseExplosion) 1st Prestige: Level 42
  • cone_eater(BadKarma_75) 0 Prestige: Level 64
Team 6
  • btardinrehab(playtawin1214) 2nd Prestige: Level 70
  • sphincterxxx(skeetskeet604) 4/5 Prestige: Level 67
  • DIrtyHirdy(Dog_Chapman18) 2nd Prestige: Level 65
  • toumba(Toumba) 0 Prestige: Level 70
Team 7
  • spitfire5181(atomatoflames) 3rd Prestige: Level 3
  • cheeers(dmon1990) 2nd Prestige: Level 47
  • jwaka11(jwaka11) 1st Prestige: Level 70
  • Mythrl(controlzed) 1st Prestige: Level 60
Team 8
  • shuaz(secretlab) 2nd prestige: Level 20
  • ice-e-u(ice-c-u) 0 Prestige: Level 70
  • pancasila(indomarcou) 3rd Prestige: Level 62
  • xsam_nzx(xsam_nzx) 1st Prestige: Level 52
Team Name: inVective
  • Wraith557(Wraiith-) : 9th prestige level 70 (Captain)
  • Chubby78LT : 1st prestige level 70
  • chimney1108 : 2nd prestige level 70
  • dane_gleesac : no prestige level 70
Team Name: Team Rocket
  • PSN: Amoogabooga. 9th prestige. Level 63.
  • PSN: Whaddaheckmen. 7th prestige. Level 51.
  • PSN: Slyferzz. 9th prestige. Level 57.
  • PSN: tiny-55. 4th prestige. Level 63
Team Name: American-Canadian Alliance
  • KillEmAll83 : 9th prestige 70 (captain)
  • Lenting11 : 9th prestige 70
  • BruisedGhost : 10th prestige 70
  • LaSacapuntasDos : no prestige 70
Team Name:F/
  • WhiskeyFoxTrot- : 8th prestige 60 (captain)
  • SaintBishop : 9th prestige 70
  • Davey25 : 9th prestige 70
  • Nekrolich : 6th prestige 69
Alternates for PS3:
UPDATED - Look for Team 8
  • ChyanRun: no prestige level 70
  • babada(MrHen) 4th Prestige: Level 30
  • saysthegiraffe(whwang) 2nd Prestige: Level 70
  • NOLAsigma (BulletInYaFace)
Team 1
  • johnjay(o0o chill o0o) 3rd Prestige: Level 70
  • mrm3x1can 6th Prestige: Level 70
  • PhixionFilms(Urged) 0 Prestige: Level 70
  • Mamezl(Mamezl) 9th Prestige: Level 32
Team 2
  • KoalaBomb(KoalaBomb) 6th Prestige: Level 70
  • wacrover 3rd Prestige: Level 60
  • Sunoiki(Sunoiki) 9th Prestige: Level 70
  • crylicylon(shalom xii) 7th Prestige: Level 6
Team 3: Herpderp
  • keitel993(keitel993) 3rd Prestige: Level 70
  • fontaine02(Digital010010) 0 Prestige: Level 70
  • infromation(admirai ackbarr) 4th Prestige: Level 35
  • Mecael(M3cael) 5th PrestigeL Level 46
Team 4
  • sapere_aude(CorneliusBacon) 5th Prestige: Level 58
  • LostMicroware(DauntedEnd) 3rd Prestige: Level 69
  • maxell554(rachett) 2nd Prestige: Level 60
  • marx051(H3SA) 10th Prestige: Level 70
Team 5
  • amazingbluedart(amzingbluedart) 2nd Prestige: Level 70
  • e_fitts(I am Juvie) 0 Prestige: Level 63
  • tsphan(tsphan) 6th Prestige: Level >30
  • andrewbt3(salsa142) 3rd Prestige: Level 70
Team 6
  • lestat85(LestatDeLioncou) 5th Prestige: Level ?
  • cj1127(cjhoyle) 7th Prestige: Level 10
  • aidan85(aidan85) 5th Prestige: Level 69
  • 1boy10cups (GT:DinMommasFitta)
Team 7
  • WWVVVWWWWVVVVWW(JUCKYOU) 1st Prestige: Level 70
  • evil_twin(jfonger) 1st Prestige: Level 70 (NEEDS REPLACEMENT)
  • Uglyredbag 2nd Prestige: Level 18
  • King_Ozymandias(shipwrecked ape) 2nd Prestige: Level 59
Team 8
  • SmilingJesus(SmilingJesus) 7th Prestige: Level 68
  • Da Nucka Swayze 3rd Prestige: Level 50
  • Two Bitts Prestige 3rd Lvl 70
  • Sane613 - 10th Prest. Lvl 70
Team 9
  • imaginger(LonestarHoney) 1st Prestige: Level 66
  • adamt123(BlaacKouT XD) 7th Prestige: Level 69
  • GT: BeanieSiegle
  • GT: indecisive monk
  • Alt: PoorBrightSun
Team Name: Daef?
  • thunderpunch(i Torsten i): 10th Prestige Level 70 (Captain)
  • (i Nickerous i): 10th Prestige Level 70
  • (i Prhyme i): 5th Prestige Level 66
  • (i CarrionCrow i): 5th Prestige Level 68
Team name: Take A Seat _
  • Rekzai (10th lvl70)
  • AIhamdulillah (10th lvl70)
  • Haqq (9th lvl70)
  • Subhanallah (10th lvl70)
Team Namw: Car Ramrod
  • mattsatwork(Circleswerun) 10th Prestige: Level 70
  • MATrigger(MATrigger) 0 Prestige: Level 70
  • SmokyMcBongster(SmokyMcBongst3r) 5th Prestige: Level 50
  • Decap590(Decap590) 9th Prestige: Level 20
Team Jeremy Kyle and the single mums
  • Ridesabike (CrazyAl90)
  • rougegambit (Mendosuke)
  • jamsy (jamsyb)
  • db_bondy (dbbondy90)
Alternates for Xbox360:
  • Tag: SirTimmyTimbit(SirTimmyTimbit) 2nd Prestige Level 70
  • nedw(Nedwardakilla) 10the Prestige: Level 70
  • Pastor Troy 7777 (Pastor Troy 777) 3rd Prestige: Level 36
submitted by idkalf to MW2

Live Text Updates of COD Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal. (Stream has been shut down by treyarch)

Alright I'll do a proper intro now that things have settled a bit. Basically the following information is compiled from a variety of sources. These include twitter feeds, live blogs, live streams, leaked youtube footage, and frantic shouts from god-knows-what tabs i had open in firefox. As such, not all of this information can be accurate for certain, but i would estimate around 95%+ of what I have down now is correct.
We anticipated that live video streaming of the multiplayer reveal would be possible, but treyarch decided that no recording would be allowed. As such, the stream of information about black ops was heavily suppressed and it has been rather painful to accumulate even this incomplete set of data. From what I have seen, this is the most comprehensive list of revealed features on the web at the moment. So enjoy, discuss, and feel free to add any links, or correct anything I have posted.
Submachine Guns
  • MP5K
  • Uzi (MAC-10 ?)
  • Scorpion
  • PMP
  • MP40
  • AK74u
Assault Rifles (there are 10)
  • M16
  • Enfield
  • M14
  • Famas
  • Galil
  • AUG
  • FN FAL
  • AK 47
  • Commando
  • Classified
Shotguns (haven't seen much info)
  • SPAS 12 (or variant)
  • KS-23
  • Ithaca
Light Machine Guns (again not much info/unconfirmed)
  • RPK
  • M60
  • HK 21
Sniper Rifles
  • Dragunov
  • M21
  • W2000
  • L96
  • ASP
  • M1911
  • Makarov
  • Python
  • CZ75
  • M72
  • RPG
  • Strela
  • China Lake (grenade launcher of some sort)
  • Crossbow
  • Ballistic Knife
  • Tomahawk (throwing axe)
  • Fragmentation Grenade
  • Semtex
  • Willy Pete (smoke)
  • Nova Gas
  • Flash Bang
  • Concussion
  • Decoy
  • Camera Spike
  • C4
  • Tactical Insertion
  • Jammer
  • Motion Sensor
  • Claymore
Most of these attachments can only be used on primary weapons, and are most likely specific to classes of guns. I.e. not all of these attachments can be used on all weapons.
  • Extended Mag
  • Dual (? unsure) Mag
  • ACOG Sight
  • Red Dot Sight
  • Reflex (Sight)
  • Masterkey (undermounted shotgun)
  • Flamethrower
  • Infrared Scope (thermal)
  • Grenade Launcer (noooooo)
  • Suppressor
  • Dual Wield (secondary/SMGs)
  • Snub Nose (Python, perhaps other pistols)
  • Quick Reload (Pistols)
Other info:
  • Scrambler is a piece of equipment (jammer) It is NOT a perk.
  • Players can customize their weapons -- so they can place clan tags, decals and more on their weapons. Very high level of customization.
  • There are decals that you can rotate, scale, layer and be placed upon a background.
  • Crosshair colours can be customized.
  • Custom Sights.
  • Certain Sniper rifles have multiple zoom factors.
  • Some sources say quickscoping works, others say you can't quickscope.
  • Balistic knife has 2 ammo.
  • Crossbow gets 3 arrows + 1 Explosive bolt.
  • 48 bullets for sniper when spawned (very vague as to whether this is with scavenger pro or not).
-Arranged by Tiers.
Tier One Perks - Lightweight. Scavenger. Ghost. Flak Jacket. Hardline. Tier Two Perks - Hardened. Scout. Steady Aim. Sleight of Hand. Warlord (Same as Bling) Tier Three - Marathon. Ninja. Second Chance. Hacker. Tactical Mask.
  • Tier 1 perks alter your appearance.
  • Pro Perks can be unlocked.
  • Note, there is no commando, stopping power, or juggernaut perk.
KILLSTREAKS (number of kills required in brackets)
  • Spy Plane (3) - Like the UAV
  • RC - XD (3) - That famous RC explosive car
  • Counter Spy Plane (4)
  • Sam Turret (4) - Deployable turret that can take out air support.
  • Care Package (5) - can contain Special Weapons: Death Machine (A minigun) and the Grim Reaper (A grenade launcher)
  • Napalm Strike (5) - Single directional air strike.
  • Sentry Gun (6)
  • Mortar Team (6) - Paint three targets for massive damage
  • Attack Helicopter (7)
  • Valkyrie Rockets (7) - player controlled missile that can take out air support or other players.
  • Blackbird (8)
  • Rolling Thunder (8)
  • Chopper Gunner (9)
  • Attack Dogs (11) - More specifically, dobermans.
  • Gunship (11)
  • There WILL BE public server files made available!
  • Level Cap is 50. There will be a prestige system.
  • Final Killcam confirmed
  • Emblem Editor (example : http://tweetphoto.com/42770297)
  • Titles confirmed.
  • Clan Tags confirmed.
  • Sprint + Prone = Dive (evasive manouver, you can't shoot whilst diving and there is a short recovery period)
  • Create-a-class system (don't know how many presets you can have)
  • There is a currency system. Called COD Points. You earn it at the end of each match.
  • COD Points are used to unlock achievements, camo, etc. There may/may not be any level requirement for unlocks.
  • Contracts are time limited challenges that you purchase with COD Points (CP). There are three categories of contracts: Mercenaries, Operations, Specialist.These are to replace challenges from mw2.
---Combat Training---
  • Separate progression from standard multiplayer mode
  • Involves fighting bots in the multiplayer maps.
  • Can be played offline.
---Special Game Modes---
  • 1-4 player offline Zombie matches, 4 maps. (old news - need to buy hardened/veteran edition to get zombie matches. There may be DLC at a later date for normal players to catch up with the zombie maps.)
Four brand new game modes (called Wager Matches) -- separate from your standard rank progression in multiplayer competitive modes. You ante up and put your COD Points on the line and wager on matches. The top three players split the pot.
1st = 3000 2nd = 1800 3rd = 1200
  1. Sticks and Stones - you're equipped with a Crossbow and Tomahawk and Ballistic Knife.
  2. Gun Game - A series of progressive weapons, from pistol to shotgun to sniper rifle, granted to the player after kills. There are 20 tiers of weapons in this mode.
  3. Sharp Shooter - all players start with the same randomly selected weapon, which cycles (every minute). So everyone has the same weapon at the same time.
  4. One in the Chamber - you have just a pistol with 1 bullet. 1 hit ko's. Each kill gives another bullet. 3 lives.
  • Switch the player between any players perspective -- first or third person -- or free cam to move within a 3D space.
  • In the Theater, videos can be tagged, edited, searched...
  • Editing apparently only includes transitions between changing cameras.
  • Confirmed for all platforms.
MAPS (won't bother much with this without video)
  • Summit - some sort of snowy map.
  • Radiation - not sure of theme. Has switches that can be activated (? unconfirmed). has doors leading to an underground pathway.
  • Fuel
  • Cracked
  • Launch
BETA (was not 'allowed' to be discussed so not much info)
  • No codes.
  • No Beta on PS3
  • Beta on 360 (rumour at this point)
  • DRM is Steamworks
  • Anti-cheat is VAC
  • Server browser on PC, matchmaking on consoles (unconfirmed)
  • There will be RCON tool and mod/map tools. Mod tools after release (also unconfirmed)
  • (Possibly old news) Platforms include PC, Xbox360, PS3 and the Wii
  • "With damage it’s almost exactly like CoD2"
  • Switching Weapons "feels slower"
  • Bullets that hit enemies make a very obvious sound. "Makes firing through walls at targets perhaps too easy." from one observer.
  • Debates over graphics. One Commentator says they are too "cartoonish", others don't see it that way.
UPDATE: UStream is back up at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/We-The-Gamerz-Channel-3 (Cellphone Quality, not very useful at the moment as they are not allowed direct video footage of the game)
UPDATE 2: UStream was shut down again by security.
UPDATE 3: I am adding to all parts of this still pretty solidly. don't forget to refresh and re-read!
UPDATE 4: OK I'm off soon, been at this for around 2 hours. The main things to have emerged are the massive customization options, wager matches and combat training (offline singleplayer in multiplayer maps).
UPDATE 5: I'm back simply because i stumbled across heaps more info. There are reports of people capturing direct feed of gameplay at the event. Hopefully i can post links to high-quality gameplay vids soon.
UPDATE 6: Tried to tidy this messy post a bit. Hopefully it's a bit clearer, less repetition.
submitted by Reikk to MW2