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DVD-ROM Currently unavailable. With this software program, you can create custom database solutions for your business to run this particular program on any device or operating system. New features in FileMaker Pro 13 include enhanced design and development tools such as custom themes, styles, a field picker, and the ability to control object visibility. FileMaker Pro Advanced 16 for Mac is a suite of advanced development and customization tools. Maker Pro to effortlessly manage all their information on i. Pad and i. Phone, Windows, Mac and the Web.


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If data exsists in cell, append cell with colum header

I'm reading through the formula posts and it seem what I am trying to do is just beyond basic formulas. I'd love some help.
I've got a large customer database we're condensing some fields on. Currently in .CSV/excel transition between wrappers FilemakerPro -> FrontDesk.
Many of the columns only have data in a few rows. Usually the column is an event, and the cell data is a yes/no or date of attendance. I'd like to merge all of the various event columns into attendance history. To make the data useful still, we need to append the attendance history dates with the name of the event (column header).
How can I check a column for "If data exists in a cell (row), add column name (row one) before data in cell"?
Then the next step is to move/add this appended data into a "attendance history" column.
Example existing / Example existing / Desired result
NFNC Mtngs.ALL Intro.Mx All Attendance History
A11.13, A12.13 A5.06, A7.06, A3.07, A5.07, A9.09, A11.09, A7.14 NFNC Mtngs.AL: A11.13, A12.13 / Intro.Mx All: A5.06, A7.06, A3.07, A5.07, A9.09, A11.09, A7.14
Level 1 Success is each row that is not blank has the column header appended to the cell data Level 2 Success would be the level 1 appended data combined with other similar columns into one master column.
Thanks in advance. Cross post to /VBA
Update: It looks like I can use the concentrate function for level 2. But I want it to MOVE cell rather than remain relative as CONCENTRATE would.
I realize my way of explaining it may be unclear. I was able to accomplish the level 1 appending by using a combination of power tools (add text before stuff in cell) then find and replace matching entire cell contents to the column header (replace with blank)
submitted by stragis to excel


Converting Column layout to Grouped data table.

I'm looking for a way to easily format a large set of data into a grouped table for use in further analyses.
So, some background. I am a biomedical graduate student and have a large (only going to get larger) set of data from a variety of time points with a large number of populations. I need to get the data for each population formatted as a grouped table with Genotype as the grouped columns and time points as the rows. I'm reasonably competent when it comes to formulas in excel, but I'm pretty stymied as to how to approach this problem. I've made an example google sheet with a tab for an example of what my starting format is and tab with a mock-up of what the grouped table needs to look like.
Is it possible to automate or at least semi-automate this process with Filemaker? Right now I'm manually filtering/sorting the starting data and then copy/paste-transposing it over to the grouped sheet. I have access to Filemaker Pro 13 for Mac.
Thanks in advance for any help,
submitted by Kurohyou1984 to filemaker