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If anyone has an ageing mac (post 2020 capable of running Catalina) they would like to donate please get in contact and. Geodetic Calculator (Zip) Updated version of GEO83. Each of the data sources discussed in this chapter contributes an important set of data to your vulnerability management system. Table 2-1: Data Sources for Vulnerability Management Data source Important data Host/port scanner (Nmap) IP address MAC address Hostname. Risk of COVID is too great. January 24, 2020 by Kerry Scharfglass 52 Comments.


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Amazon gift card reload + xfinity bill pay script. I wrote a program that fully automates high interest checking account spending requirements. It's now open source.

Demo gif: https://i.imgur.com/6TQjwsI.mp4
Debbit is a set it and forget it solution to automating monthly transaction count requirements. Debbit does this by purchasing 50 cent Amazon gift cards and/or paying your cable bill in small increments multiple times throughout the month. Some example usages are:
> High interest checking accounts
High interest checking accounts offer up to a 5% risk free return on your balance each year. Often these accounts require some amount of monthly debit card transactions to qualify. I use Debbit to automate 60 debit transactions per month on bills I would have paid anyway to qualify for a 5% return on my $20,000 balance. Free $1000 per year! This Doctor of Credit page contains links to regional and nationwide high interest checking accounts.
> Prevent credit card closures from inactivity
Some banks will close out credit cards due to inactivity. Use Debbit to automatically schedule 1 tiny transaction per month for all your sock drawer credit cards. This Doctor of Credit page has more info on banks closing credit cards due to inactivity.
> Get $.99 per card per month for free
Many (most?) banks will waive your credit card bill if your balance is less than $1. Use Debbit to schedule one $.99 Amazon gift card reload per month for all your sock drawer credit cards. This Doctor of Credit page has more info on small balance waiver.

Download for mac/windows/linux

Debbit Features:
  • Anti account lockout: Debbit will spread purchases through the month with some randomness in timing and amount spent. These controls prevent Debbit from spamming your accounts with too many transactions too quickly or too similarly.
  • Fault tolerant: Start up or shut down Debbit at any time. Debbit saves important state to your hard drive and will auto-adjust its spending to fit the time left in the month. It doesn't matter if you start Debbit on the 1st or the 15th of the month, it will adjust its scheduling accordingly.
  • Built in support: If amazon/xfinity/at&t/optimum/etc changes their website and Debbit stops working, it will generate error logs to describe the issue. All passwords & cc details are automatically removed from the logs. There is no built-in error uploads so you'll have to email the files or create an Issue on GitHub to share.
  • Private: There are no analytics or anything uploading data anywhere.

Debbit v2.0 Update [6/17/2020] FAQ Here
New Features:
  • Support for multiple debit/credit cards.
  • Cookie support. Firefox stays logged in to avoid captchas.
  • Email notifications for when Debbit fails.
  • Instructions to auto-run Debbit on computer start up.
  • Plug-in support for adding new merchants.
  • Amazon gift card reload (anti-automation challenge, captcha, and two-factor auth now supported)
  • Xfinity bill pay
  • New: AT&T Bill Pay
  • New: Optimum Bill Pay
Let me know y'all's thoughts. Happy to implement suggestions to make this thing useful. Also sorry if I'm breaking any of churning's rules here. I've been lurking for a while but figured I had to post. Where else on the internet than here would be into this kind of thing?
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CV SCIENCES, INC. announces publication of two research studies demonstrating the safety and health benefits of PLUSCBD™ products.

SAN DIEGO, June 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CV Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB:CVSI) (the “Company”, “CV Sciences”, “our”, “us” or “we”), a preeminent supplier and manufacturer of hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products, is pleased to announce the publication of two research studies demonstrating the safety and health benefits of PlusCBD™ products. Both studies were published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements.
Published on May 25, 2020, “Post Marketing Safety of Plus CBD™ Products, a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: A 2-Year Experience,” this study adds to the growing body of literature that supports the safe use of hemp derived CBD as a dietary supplement. The data confirm a low rate of adverse effects in millions of consumers taking PlusCBD™ products over a two-year period. A noteworthy finding was the absence of any reports of liver toxicity, which has been described in studies using high doses of CBD as a prescription drug.
Lead author Stephen Schmitz, MD, MPH and co-founder of Supplement Safety Solutions, stated, “This is the first longitudinal study of a CBD dietary supplement being used in real-world conditions. This study represents two years of data and daily product use from millions of consumers and demonstrates that CV Sciences’ products are safe and well tolerated.”
Published on May 27, 2020, “Effects of Hemp Extract on Markers of Wellness, Stress Resilience, Recovery and Clinical Biomarkers of Safety in Overweight, But Otherwise Healthy Subjects,” this study used PlusCBD™ products to determine their benefits on stress resilience, perceived recovery, mood, affect, body composition, and clinical safety markers in healthy human subjects.
Lead author Hector L. Lopez, M.D., CSCS, FAAPMR, FISSN, commented, “In a first of its kind study, participants taking PlusCBD™ products had significant improvement in HDL cholesterol compared to placebo, while improvements in measures of stress response, life pleasure, wellness and sleep were also observed. We also found an excellent safety profile, with no adverse signals in liver or other biomarkers of health in the group treated with PlusCBD™ products.”
Duffy MacKay, ND, Senior Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs for CV Sciences, stated, “These studies add to the growing evidence supporting the safety and benefits of hemp derived CBD by tracking participant experience and health outcomes while taking CV Sciences’ proprietary CBD products. In 2018, CV Sciences achieved self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status as a result of our extensive non-clinical testing program. Now, I am proud to say that CV Sciences is the only CBD company that has published toxicology studies, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials, and a systematic evaluation of post-market safety data of our products.”
Joseph Dowling, CV Sciences Chief Executive Officer, stated, “CV Sciences is committed to science and to safety. We strive to bring safe, high-quality, and innovative products in different formulations to meet the health enhancement and wellness needs of consumers. We continue to invest in clinical studies and aim to meet or exceed the high standards for safety that FDA and consumers demand. We are excited to be leaders in the CBD revolution and to help the category mature by publishing sound science. We look forward to launching new products this year.”
About CV Sciences, Inc.
CV Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB:CVSI) operates two distinct business segments: a consumer product division focused on manufacturing, marketing and selling plant-based CBD products to a range of market sectors; and a drug development division focused on developing and commercializing CBD-based novel therapeutics. The Company’s PlusCBD™ products are sold at more than 5,700 retail locations throughout the U.S. and it is the top-selling brand of hemp-derived CBD on the market, according to SPINS, the leading provider of syndicated data and insights for the natural, organic and specialty products industry. CV Sciences’ state-of-the-art facility follows all guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the Company’s hemp extracts and products are processed, produced, and tested throughout the manufacturing process to confirm the cannabinoid content meets strict company standards. With a commitment to science, PlusCBD™ product benefits in healthy people are supported by human clinical research data, in addition to three published clinical case studies available on PubMed.gov. PlusCBD™ was the first hemp CBD supplement brand to invest in the scientific evidence necessary to receive self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status. CV Sciences, Inc. has primary offices and facilities in San Diego, California. Additional information is available from OTCMarkets.com or by visiting www.cvsciences.com.
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