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Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Well as small and micro businesses. Software Sites Tucows Software Library Shareware CD-ROMs Software Capsules Compilation CD-ROM Images ZX Spectrum DOOM Level CD. I can't find the pack code for Agrarian Skies 2 and it doesn't show up on the FTB modpacks or the 3rd party packs. Pearl peril hack tool v1.0 rar https://sa-mebel-ekanom.ru/forum/?download=368.


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You can buy plots of land in spawn to create your own custom player shop. SATYAMEVA JAYATE TV SERIAL GOT SUNK -LOW TRP ). The face split into an ugly, lopsided grin that felt absurdly.

FPS has suddenly dropped to 1.

So previously I played Agrarian Skies at a good, solid 60 fps. By changing a grand total of 0 of my settings, my FPS has dropped to a consistent 1. Due to this it's clear that the issue isn't my hardware, and therefore the issue alludes me. I've narrowed it down to two suspects: 1. The recent FTB legacy launcher update 2. A random change that was completely out of my control I'm surprisingly open to both of those causes because I know how precarious this kind of thing is. For a more in-depth description of my woes, the issue is simply that my FPS is unable to crawl past an unsightly one frame per second, starting from the second my game launches. It happens regardless of texture pack and yet according to Task Manager doesn't even consume half of my disc space and memory.
I reach to you, reddit, since every answer I could find on the internet didn't seem to work (Compatibility mode, Java launch options, reinstalling FTB/Java entirely etc)
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Mental Mining [Hub] {Multi-Server}{Vanilla/Semi-Vanilla}{Modded}{Whitelist}{Dynmap}{Discord}{Community}

Hello I'm Mental, I fell in love with minecraft the very first time my godson brought over a copy to play with me on the PS4 back in... some time ago. Since then I have played many other game but always end up coming back, Only thing I ever disliked about the game was that it was hard to share creation experiences with others... sure I could spread pics across the internet and get the likes but what I learned is the most fun comes from the building rather than the completion.
This is Mental Mining, I have created a couple different servers to run a few of the game modes I personally have enjoyed and would like to play with others
About Us:
Mental Mining is a small community of and for "adult-minded" minecraft players of any experience level. Some have been playing for years and some only a few weeks. At this time my servers have just recently gone live (with the exception of perregal) so we are still a very quiet serve at the moment.
We have four main servers...
  • Perregal - Semi-Vanilla - The Main Server - Aimed at being straight forward vanilla survival builder world with some added grief prevention plugins
  • Bloody Servers - Blood N Bones - Insane hard modded survival server for those that love a struggle
  • Agrarian Communities - Agrarian Skies 2 - Sky Island Community where the world has vanished and only left us with a few small islands in the endless void
  • A Fool's Journey - FoolCraft - Life here is simple yet memory intensive but the aim is to just have fun with mods
Alongside of these servers I will also be trying to implement a monthly/weekly (depending on how well it goes) mini-game server for prizes/materials in the main servers
I set up and run these servers, I will take all requests in to consideration and never ask for donations.
What we're looking for:
  • Mature MC players who enjoy the all aspects of the game.
  • We're looking for people who wish to play MC in a civil environment
  • Players that enjoy doing the survival grind
  • Those curious about modded gameplay and those that enjoy modded gameplay
  • Beginners-Veterans, Artists-Dirt House Builders
Or even if your just looking for a community to hang out, game, and chat in.
Server details:
Name: Mental Mining
Minimum Age: Non-Childish
Host: Dedicated Server
Minecraft JAR Version: (Perregal) Bukkit 1.12.2
  • No griefing
  • No theft
  • No PvP
  • No harrasment
EXCEPTION (no PvP): PvP combat is allowed if ALL parties involved consent. It's fine for friends to kill each other if it's friendly. Don't let it get out of hand, out of bounds, or involve other players.
Discord Community
If this looks like your kind of server, add on Discord "Mentalthunder#7050" and answer a few questions to begin:
  • Your real-life first name.
  • Your MC player name.
  • Your location (approximate will do.)
  • Your experience with MC?
  • Your age.
  • What is your typical style of play? (builder, nomad, digger, farmer, redstone engineer, tyrant in his castle etc.)
  • What you're looking for from this server.
Thanks for considering us and hope to see you in game!
submitted by Mentalthunder to mcservers