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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Aug. 26, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002 5-13-2002 5-20-2002
5-27-2002 6-3-2002 6-10-2002 6-17-2002
6-24-2002 7-1-2002 7-8-2002 7-15-2002
7-22-2002 7-29-2002 8-5-2002 8-12-2002
  • Dave talks about why there was no new issue last week. It was supposed to be a vacation week so he could finish putting together the Hall of Fame issue, but a series of family illnesses, Dave's uncle having heart surgery, and his mother having a heart scare kept it from being a relaxing week off, but he thanks everyone for the well-wishes he's received.
  • So with that said, next week is the HOF issue and our big top story this week is....a preview. Sure, ok. The voting is completed and Dave recaps the rules again. All balloting is confidential because there are a lot of voters who would catch heat for it within the industry. Not just for who they did or didn't pick, but simply for participating at all (in other words, Vince ain't gonna be happy if he finds out some of his employees are communicating with Dave Meltzer, even if it's just for HOF voting). Anyway, he lists all the eligible candidates this year and writes a big paragraph about each one, what he thinks their odds are of making it, whether he thinks they're deserving, etc. Similar to what he did last week, but this is for people who actually are on the ballot.
  • The HOF stuff takes up a huge chunk of the issue, so a lot of the other big stories are all consolidated into a "Catching up on the Headlines" section that are all pretty concise. First up: WWE destroyed the Australian attendance record! Their recent show this week in Melbourne drew a sellout crowd of nearly 57,000 people and a $5.7 million gate (in AUS dollars), equaling the 4th largest gate in WWE history, trailing behind WM18, WM17, and WM6. There was controversy the week of the show when Hulk Hogan pulled out, since he had been the top star advertised for months and was a big reason why a lot of those tickets were sold, and it got a lot of negative mainstream publicity in the days before. Hogan didn't want to take the two long plane rides due to his worsening back problems and also asked for the weekend off for his birthday, but there's also rumors of a financial dispute between Hogan and WWE. Paul Heyman came out and he and Lesnar tried to get the heat from Hogan not being there, since Lesnar was the one who took him out on Raw last week but fans were pretty pissed about no Hulkster. It was a Smackdown-branded show, but lots of Raw names appeared, and they showed a bunch of those clips on Raw, and at this point, why are we even pretending with the brand split anymore? WWE hasn't been there in about 10 years so there was a ton of mainstream coverage of this show throughout Australia. Lance Storm, Christian, and Test were all seen as huge babyfaces to the fans because they're in the midst of doing their Un-Americans gimmick and turns out pretty much anywhere you go on this planet, if you shit on America, the rest of the world loves you for it. So they all had to cut anti-Australia promos before their matches in order to get booed. Even though last week it looked like he wouldn't be ready in time, Triple H did end up working the show after all, his first match back since elbow surgery. The main event was Rock vs. Brock vs. Triple H in a 3-way, that ended with Rock beating Triple H to retain the title, because they have to protect Lesnar for his inevitable title victory at Summerslam. And that was that (here's the full show in 2 parts).
WATCH: WWE Global Warning Australia show - Pt. 1
WATCH: WWE Global Warning Australia show - Pt. 2
  • After more than a year of rumors, Bill Goldberg is finally making moves in the wrestling world. Goldberg will work as an announcer for the PRIDE/K-1 joint stadium show this coming week and then later that week, he'll make his in-ring return for AJPW, working both nights of their 30th anniversary show at Budokan Hall. The first night, he will face Satoshi Kojima, and will face Taiyo Kea the following night. These will be Goldberg's first matches since Jan. 2001 when he worked his final WCW match. Dave isn't sure about this. In theory, you'd expect Goldberg to steamroll these guys, but that doesn't make sense because they're both young stars that AJPW really needs to protect right now. Kojima especially, as he's one of the the best wrestlers in the world and a key building block for AJPW's future. It only makes sense for Goldberg to win if he's sticking around for awhile, in which case he could then move on to bigger matches with Keiji Muto or Genichiro Tenryu. Dave isn't sure how helpful it is to have Goldberg go over these guys and that be the end of it. Especially since he may be headed to WWE soon after this. Oh yeah, guess I should have led with that part: Goldberg finally decided to return Vince McMahon's calls. Goldberg has scheduled a meeting with Vince to negotiate a WWE deal so we may finally see Goldberg in WWE soon, assuming the talks go well.
  • Steve Austin was arrested this week in relation to the alleged assault on his wife Debra. Austin turned himself into police on Aug. 13th and was booked on a charge of assault causing bodily harm, a class A misdemeanor. Debra declined to file charges but the police evidently had enough evidence to pursue it themselves, so they did and issued a warrant for his arrest. Austin was released after posting a $5,000 bond. If convicted, he faces a maximum of a year in prison and $4,000 maximum fine. WWE reported the news on their website, seemingly another attempt at twisting the knife in their ongoing effort to bury Austin over how he walked out of the company. The arrest re-opened the case to the public eye and made mainstream news throughout the country.
  • A pretty hilarious moment happened at the Smackdown tapings in Seattle this week. If you recall, WWE did a site survey at Safeco Field to see about hosting Wrestlemania there. Right now, it's the front-runner for the show and WWE held back-to-back Raw/SD tapings there on consecutive nights as a way to test the market. If the shows did good, then Wrestlemania in Seattle is probably a go. If not, back to the drawing board. Anyway, if you're curious, Raw was sold out and Smackdown was 90% full, so it's looking pretty certain that Seattle will indeed get Wrestlemania. But here's the funny part: local radio DJ Andy Savage was there to do some pre-show crowd hype stuff. Well, he went out before the tapings and announced to the crowd that Wrestlemania will be in Seattle. Needless to say, the crowd went nuts. But WWE didn't want the word out yet because they have big plans to do a rally in a few months coinciding with tickets going on-sale. So they sent ring announcer Tony Chimmel out there to tell the crowd that Seattle was being considered, but it's not official. That resulted in the crowd booing him heavily. Whoops.
  • Masahiro Chono won his fourth NJPW G-1 Climax tournament, beating Yoshihiro Takayama in the finals. It aired as a live special on TV and did a disappointing rating, the latest in a long line of bad shows and disappointments for NJPW. Dave recaps the whole show and why everything was pretty much just boring or bad. "This idea of using shooters against New Japan has long since run its course" Dave says and he thinks the company is already in bad shape and is going to get far worse if they don't stop booking like it's 1979 (gonna take awhile).
  • Hey, speaking of Inoki fucking things up, his latest UFO MMA show is in the books and what a disaster. Needless to say, despite all of Inoki's claims, Mike Tyson and Thomas Hearns did not appear. There were only about 12,000 people in attendance and only 5,000 or so of them were paid. Oh yeah, did I mention this was in the Tokyo Dome? It was the smallest MMA/wrestling audience in the history of the Dome. Just a mismash of MMA and pro wrestling that was soundly rejected by fans of both. In the lowlight of the show, Chyna showed up and challenged anyone in the audience to face her. They brought out a woman named Chika Nakamura, a Golden Gloves boxing champion. They did a worked shoot/wrestling match that, of course, was terrible and Chyna won. Afterwards, she said she wanted to fight the men. Dave is flabbergasted at all this but more on that in just a second. The main event of Naoya Ogawa vs. amateur wrestler Matt Ghaffari "was the MMA equivalent of the Patterson/Brisco evening gown match." Ghaffari was terribly out of shape and it was completely awful (I can't find video of this Chyna/Chika Nakamura match anywhere).
  • NJPW is indeed planning to book Chyna on several shows in September, facing male wrestlers. She's teaming with some undercard guys in a 6-man match against the team of Yuji Nagata, Jushin Liger, and Masahito Kakihara. Dave says he's in fear of watching that one, trying to imagine Chyna facing off with Nagata in a NJPW style match. In other matches, she's facing names such as Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kenzo Suzuki, Masahiro Chono, Minoru Tanaka, and more. In case that's not enough bad ideas for one tour, NJPW is also bringing in a fake Great Muta. Turns out they own the rights to the gimmick, so evidently they're planning to do their own version of the fake Diesel/Razor thing. "More Inoki insanity," as Dave puts it.
  • Big long ratings analysis deal. Dave talks about how the injury to Triple H and Austin walking out might have been the best things to happen for WWE in the long run because it's finally forced them to get serious about creating new stars. Smackdown in particular has shown good strides in trying to distinguish itself and build for the future. Lesnar is finally starting to really show star aura, mostly due to how he murdered Hogan a couple weeks back. Mysterio, Jamie Noble, Nidia, and John Cena are all getting pushes, Angle is being pushed as a serious top guy, and Edge is being elevated. Rock's most recent return has been kind of a ratings disappointment, but he's definitely helped anchor the ship in this last month or two. Raw is far more stale, with Triple H as the focus, 37-year-old Booker T, and established names like The UnAmericans and Goldust getting most of the TV time. The only "new" stars Raw has really pushed at all lately are Chris Nowinsky and Eric Bischoff. Dave also talks about the effect that the upcoming NFL season will have on Raw ratings and mentions that WCW used to always be more hurt by Monday Night Football than Raw was, because Nitro's audience was older while Raw had the benefit of attracting a younger viewership. That sentence sure feels relevant 18 years later. Rock is also leaving after Summerslam, which probably won't help either.
  • With the recent launch of TNA, Dave is somewhat surprised that WWE hasn't tried to raid their roster in any way so far, something that has been standard practice for decades now. In the 80s, Vince raided every promotion and ruthlessly drove them all under. In the 90s, it was a 2-way street, with WWF and WCW routinely poaching from each other. When XWF started, soon after their first set of tapings, WWE signed up Lawler, Hennig, and Hogan. So why not TNA yet? Well, for starters, TNA started at around the exact same moment WWE (a publicly traded company) began making major budget cuts and released a bunch of wrestlers as well as office staff. It's kinda hard to do that and then justify signing a bunch of TNA stars the next day, ya know? Furthermore, much like ECW, it may be in WWE's best interest to let TNA exist. So long as they aren't a threat (and they aren't even close), it doesn't hurt to have a place where future stars can gain experience and maybe build a name. In the last 2 months, several names have definitely raised their profile. But then there's the guys who WWE may not want. Ken Shamrock was heavily negotiating with WWE earlier this year before essentially walking away from the table because they wouldn't allow him to fight in UFC while under contract and it sounds like WWE may have felt a bit burned by Shamrock turning them down to sign with TNA instead. WWE also isn't going to want Scott Hall and probably not Jeff Jarrett. As for Ron Killings, he said he doesn't want to go back because he felt disrespected by how he was released the last time. But Dave says he's only 30 years old and when big money is on the table, people change their minds about that stuff quick so it wouldn't surprise Dave to see WWE go after him again some day. That being said, Killings hasn't been shy about publicly bashing Vince McMahon and Jim Ross over his firing, so who knows. Jerry Lynn, Vince Russo, Ricky Steamboat...all have previously left WWE on somewhat unhappy terms and Dave doesn't think they would be high on the list of people they'd want back anytime soon.
  • Which leads us to TNA's young stars. Christopher Daniels has been on WWE's radar for years but they've never pulled the trigger. AJ Styles was offered a WWE developmental deal not too long ago and turned it down because he didn't want to uproot his family and quit his day job for a $500-per-week developmental deal. WWE has looked at Low-Ki a few times before also but he doesn't fit what they want. Dave thinks Paul Heyman could probably turn him into a star if they put him on Smackdown. So on and so forth. Lots of guys who already had developmental deals at one point and got cut. And then there's Monty Brown. Dave thinks he's essentially the prototype of what WWE looks for in new talent. The only issue is that he's already 32, which is a bit old to be just starting out. But the dude clearly has something and out of anybody on TNA's roster, Dave wouldn't be surprised to see WWE go after him as soon as they possibly can, depending on his TNA contract situation.
  • Dave has these numbers every month and I usually skip past it, but just for shits and giggles, here are some comparisons between looking at July 2001 vs. July 2002. It shows just how badly business has collapsed in one year. Average attendance down 44.6%. Average gate down 39.9%. Raw ratings down 24.4%. Smackdown ratings only down 16.6%. In July of last year, they sold out about 30% of house shows. This July, only 3%. Kinda easy to see why Vince was throwing anything at the wall at this point. Watching your live crowds almost cut in half in one year would probably make anybody panic.
  • CMLL head Paco Alonso was asked about the possibility of bringing Konnan back to the promotion, but Alonso said he would close the company before he ever brought Konnan back (he held his word. Konnan reportedly tried to patch things up over the years, but no dice. Paco Alonso went to his grave never forgiving Konnan. To this day, he's never been welcomed back in CMLL).
  • WWC in Puerto Rico, which was looking to be on death's door a couple weeks ago, is suddenly getting a lot of mainstream publicity for an angle with Carlos Colon and popular TV host Antulio "Kobbo" Santarrosa. It appears the issue between the two men started as a shoot when Colon got into an argument with Santarrosa at the TV studio (this wasn't on television, it was behind the scenes at the offices and who knows what it was about) and it led to Colon getting taken out by security and legitimately arrested. That story made the media rounds. But then Colon and Santarrosa worked out their differences and decided to turn it into an angle for TV. The charges got dropped and they did a match where Santarrosa actually bladed for Colon and took a beating and then they did the Steve Austin/WM13 finish where Colon had him bloodied and in a figure four, but Santarrosa (again, a TV host, not a wrestler) wouldn't submit and passed out. The angle got over huge, with Santarrosa getting a ton of praise for going in there and actually bleeding and working like a real wrestler. It got a ton of publicity and lit a fire under WWC this week. As for whether the first part was shoot or legit, who knows. A real police report was filed, and Colon legitimately was arrested, but the charges were later dropped and some have accused Colon and Santarrosa of filing a fake police report to help drum up publicity for the whole thing.
WATCH: Carlos Colon vs. Kobbo Santarrosa - WWC 2002
  • The week before, WWC had another hot angle with Konnan turning heel on the Colon family in a unique way. The angle was Konnan had been romancing Stacey Colon, Carlos' daughter and it was all building up to where Konnan was expected to propose to her. She was in the ring and he had a guitar and was serenading her with songs and all that fun stuff, and then he turned and bashed her over the head with the guitar. The whole arena fell silent at first and then went nuts and police had to call for backup to stop what turned into a legit riot. The plan is for Carly Colon (Carlito) to go for revenge on behalf of his sister against Konnan at the anniversary show. Konnan has since been getting death threats and needed extra security at later shows. So 2 hot angles in 2 weeks have suddenly got WWC back in the game. (Good news! Not only does this video below have the angle, but it also has footage of the rioting crowd at the end!)
WATCH: Konnan turns heel + riot footage - WWC 2002
  • Ray Gonzalez is still trying to get out of his WWC contract so he can join IWA. But that's still being untangled by the lawyers. In the meantime, IWA still isn't using him because they don't want to risk getting in legal trouble, although there's some who are arguing that WWC is in such bad financial shape right now that they wouldn't have the money to take the issue to court anyway. Most people there think WWC will be folding soon (think again buddy). But IWA head Victor Quinones isn't risking it, so no Gonzalez there for now. But they are not-so-subtly hinting about him, with the belief that sooner or later, he's going to get out of his contract and be free to join.
  • Feels wrong to skip through the entire Japan section but there's no real news here from any promotion. Dave does recap the latest NJPW shows and calls them pathetic and says that the Tadao Yasuda push "must be stopped." Awful matches with him. Steiners are working the tour and Scott Steiner in particular looks awful. Yuji Nagata vs. Bas Rutten in the main event in yet another worked-shoot style match that isn't getting over with anyone other than Inoki. Just more of the same.
  • Bret Hart gave his first interview since his stroke to the Calgary Sun. He said he's getting a lot of movement back, but is still worried about his face paralysis, with much of the left side of his face still droopy and paralyzed. But Bret says he's determined to rebuild himself and will overcome these issues. He talked about how hard it's been, just mentally, and how he broke down when he needed a nurse to help him to the bathroom. He can left his arm but can't hold a book in his left hand for long. He's walking again but he can't drive yet because of weakened vision in his left eye and his voice is still weak so he has trouble talking for long periods of time. Another story in the Toronto Sun about Hart mentioned that he has spoken with Vince McMahon since his stroke. Dave hopes that's the first step in those two guys making peace because the beef between them has gone on far too long.
  • Shaun Assael, the author of the Sex Lies & Headlocks" book is working on a story about Davey Boy Smith for ESPN. Assael was in Calgary this week interviewing people. The initial toxicology reports on Davey Boy are back and showed no sign of street drugs in his system. Results regarding steroids or other prescription drugs may take longer, as they are being done by a lab in France. Speaking of, while we're on the subject, toxicology results also came back for Russ Haas awhile back and he had no drugs in his system either. His death appears to have simply been a tragic natural causes heart attack at a young age.
  • Bobby Heenan's book is coming out soon and he's making the media rounds to promote it. Dave expects to have a review in a few weeks, but he's pretty much heard the gist already. Heenan doesn't have anything bad to say about Hogan or Vince McMahon and in fact praises most of the wrestlers he ever worked with. However, he doesn't have many nice things to say about Tony Schiavone, Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff, Craig Leathers, and Scott Hudson. But that's about all he really knows so far.
  • The TV show America's Most Wanted is working on a story about what happened to former XPW wrestler Messiah. They were filming at a recent benefit show for Messiah to raise money for his medical treatment and they're attempting to get comment from XPW on the incident.
  • Speaking of XPW, they were attempting to run a show at the old ECW arena in Philadelphia and what a mess that turned into. They booked the building and started selling tickets but then someone pointed out that they don't have a license to promote wrestling in the state and they also need to put up a bond. So first they went to ROH promoter Rob Feinstein and asked to use their license. ROH turned them down. So then XPW went and tried to get the bond, but found out they needed a business address within the state. So they used ROH's business address without Feinstein's permission. When word got out, people were furious with ROH because they felt they were helping XPW. You see, people really don't like XPW because promoter Rob Black is a sick psychopath who does insane shit to get attention (Dave notes a recent incident where Black went online and claimed he was going to kill a dog and live-stream it, causing people to contact the police and the humane society. Black eventually claimed it was just a publicity stunt and he wasn't going to actually do it). So basically, shit like this is why ROH fans were outraged when they thought the company was helping XPW. Ring of Honor booker Gabe Sapolsky was furious that XPW used their business address to secure the bond for their show. In the meantime, XPW has managed to secure a license via some other means and the show at the ECW Arena is still a go.
  • Ed Ferrara has left TNA and will no longer be part of the broadcast team. Dave doesn't really give any details why, but everyone agrees the 2-man booth works better anyway, even though Don West isn't particularly great at it. But he's damn enthusiastic and is good at promoting the next week's show.
  • Notes from TNA weekly PPV: Low-Ki won the X Division title in a three-way over AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn in the main event in what was possibly the best match in the short history of this company. Dave gives it 4.5 stars and calls it "ROH quality." Opening match was hot too, but everything in between was hot garbage. Ron Killings won the NWA title from Ken Shamrock in a sloppy match with a totally blown finish that Shamrock fucked up. This was basically a way to write Shamrock out of the company because they pretty much can't afford his contract anymore (he's the 2nd highest paid guy behind Scott Hall). The crowd was cheering Killings over Shamrock anyway. They played up the race angle big, with Killings being proclaimed the first black NWA champion, which is true. But Dave hates that everything with Killings right now is playing the race card, since that's been the whole storyline with him since the company started. They also played it the opposite way, with Jeff Jarrett complaining that Ricky Steamboat, a Hawaiian, was favoring minorities and not giving Jarrett a title shot because he's white. Dave wishes they'd just stop. They also created a hardcore title "in one of the worst atrocities known to mankind" so it sounds like it was pretty bad. The "title" is a spittoon that somehow, both the Dupps won so they're co-hardcore champions. There's a complicated point system and everything. Dave can't fathom how this made air. Monty Brown beat Elix Skipper, and originally, Russo had booked Skipper to win because Brown is the one getting the big push and he figured it'd be a surprise (swerve bro!) to have Skipper get the win instead. Logic prevailed and Russo was overruled, thankfully. And that's pretty much the only noteworthy stuff from this episode.
WATCH: Low-Ki vs. AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn - X-Division Ladder Match - TNA 2002
  • Speaking of Monty Brown, Dave recounts a story from back in 1997 where Brown went to a radio station to meet Ric Flair and did some dead-on impressions of Hogan and Savage and talked about how he wanted to be a wrestler. Flair was super encouraging, but it never led anywhere. Dave is kinda baffled how Brown didn't end up in the business until now. He's built like a brick shit house, he's oozing charisma, he can talk his ass off, he's an ex-NFL star, and he wanted to get into the business at 27 years old and was reaching out to all the right people. But somehow, WWF, WCW, and ECW all somehow completely missed this can't-miss prospect back when he was trying to get their attention.
  • Scott Hall's TNA deal is said to be $3,000-3,500 per show and first class transportation. TNA is, naturally, trying to cut that back. Hall has agreed to fly coach, but they're also wanting to cut way back on that per-show contract and it remains to be seen if Hall is wanting to give that up. They're also looking at bringing in X-Pac and they could team him with Hall (although Vince McMahon owns the X-Pac and NWO names, so they couldn't use that). Speaking of, yeah, word is X-Pac is on his way out the door in WWE, and has either already been released or will be soon, though he may have a 90-day non-compete. Buff Bagwell also hasn't been brought back to TNA due to budget and attitude reasons.
  • In fact, while we're on the subject, a lot of TNA wrestlers were told their pay was being cut back, many of them being guys who weren't making all that much to begin with. They're also using less and less fly-ins. Basically, if you work cheap and you're willing to drive, they'll use you. But that's where they're at right now.
  • Various TNA news and notes: American Dragon is expected to be brought in soon (never happened). Ricky Steamboat asked to turn heel, it wasn't a Vince Russo idea, but it was Russo's idea to rush it (ends up not happening, Steamboat leaves TNA pretty much right after this and as a result, has never turned heel in his career. It was close though). Still no news on Shane Douglas coming in. Screech from Saved By The Bell is expected to work a show for them soon. They're also talking to other companies about DVD releases and video games.
  • One other note from TNA's most recent show, it featured Malice vs. Don Harris in a first blood match that ended when Harris accidentally got hardway busted open early on in the match. Dave also notes that Harris wore an SS shirt to the ring and Dave hopes he was just trying to get heat (nope, they got the tattoos too. Harris brothers are fuckin' Nazis). Anyway, no one noticed until after it aired and they started getting complaints, prompting TNA to issue a vague apology on their website without naming who wore the shirt or acknowledging what was on it.
  • About 15 front office employees were laid off from WWE this week due to budget cuts. The company is attempting to slash $20 million in expenses and this was part of that. As much as it sucks to see people lose their job, Dave gives WWE credit for making smart business decisions. So many other companies let problems linger and get out of control, but not Vince. At the first sign of trouble, he makes the necessary changes to keep WWE profitable, even if it means heads gotta roll from time to time.
  • Notes from Raw: the show did a great job building to Summerslam. Eric Bischoff killed the 24/7 rule for the Hardcore title, which Dave thinks was long overdue (and we wouldn't see the 24/7 rule again until they created the 24/7 title). Trish Stratus beat Stacy Keibler in a bra and panties mud wrestling match, which of course led to Howard Finkel ending up in the mud. Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy performed and were booed mercilessly, which was expected since Jericho cut a heel promo earlier in the night trashing the fans. So it was the desired reaction. Dave thinks Jericho's a much better wrestler than singer. Rock vs. Triple H in the main event in a no DQ match ended without a finish. "Nitro lives!" Dave jokes. Rock has been training at the Miami Dolphins camp and has lost a lot of weight doing conditioning training (yeah, this is around the time Rock almost looked like a normal person, rather than the steroid monster he is now). The show ended with a big Rock/Michaels/Triple H/Lesnar fiasco. Shawn seemed to be favoring his back and tried a dive over the top ropes, but didn't quite clear the top. But luckily, he wasn't hurt and they had a wild brawl to end the show. Dave has no doubt that Shawn is probably going to have a great match at Summerslam, but he hopes he doesn't re-injure his back in the process.
  • At the tapings for next week's Smackdown, Lita worked as a commentator for the Velocity taping portion alongside Marc Lloyd. From those who heard it on the live feed, they were horrible together and they'll have to re-do a lot of it in the studio. Stephanie was basically back to being a heel this week as GM, and since people don't want to cheer her anyway, maybe it's for the best. Mysterio hit the west coast pop on Angle and it'll look fine on TV, but live, it got messed up 2 times before he finally got it right. One of the time, Mysterio's knee brace cut Angle's head, causing him to bleed everywhere. But due to the magic of editing, it should be okay for TV. Funaki debuted as a backstage announcer, doing a stereotypical gimmick. Eddie and Chavo Guerrero teamed up and word is Heyman is wanting to push the Guerreros together as a team, freeing up Benoit to continue solo. Rock vs. Benoit was a great main event match and Benoit did a diving headbutt for the first time since his neck surgery (sigh).
  • Latest notes from Jim Ross' weekly Ross Report on WWE.com: talked about the cookbook he's working on. Talked about Hogan not appearing in Australia and blamed it on a back injury, which Dave says is part of the story but not all of it (the previously hinted-at money disagreements). Maven's broken leg and ankle injuries aren't healing like they hoped and he's still months away from returning. JR also said he doesn't like the names "Jamal" and "Rosie" for the Island Boyz, but that's what they're stuck with, so.....so be it. Ross also issued a veiled threat, writing, "I would think some talents with weight issues would be more inclined to personally address those issues, but, unfortunately, that does not seem to the case. More than one talent should use some self-discipline and get into game shape." Dave figures that pretty much has to be about Big Show. He also mentioned Hogan's book is coming out in November. Dave expects to spend the entire Observer issue that week reviewing it and, presumably, pointing out all the lies.
  • Nothing new on the Goldberg front. Relations between he and WWE are positive right now and they're talking but not really close to a deal. If Goldberg could have his way, he'd like to remain a free agent and cherry pick big shows to work in the U.S. and Japan. But WWE isn't gonna go for that kind of deal, either they want Goldberg exclusively under contract full time, or they don't want him at all.
  • This week's WWE Confidential was a "before they were stars" piece on Shawn Michaels. Only thing noteworthy is that Michaels talked about his trainer Jose Lothario and was dismissive of him, saying he only cares about making money. Dave says Shawn and Jose used to be close, but they went into business together on the TWA wrestling school during Shawn's retirement (the place where Spanky and American Dragon trained) and Shawn and Jose had a falling out during that time. So Shawn doesn't have a whole lot of nice things to say about Jose these days.
  • Latest on ECW bankruptcy proceedings was a motion that would see all remaining ECW assets going to video game company Acclaim. However, WWE filed an objection this week, claiming they are still owed $616,287 from ECW. The only thing left of the company with any value is the video library. Pioneer Video, the company that worked with ECW on video releases, also wants to put out more old ECW videos and is trying to stake a claim to the footage. But Dave suspects WWE will end up with the library when all is said and done.
  • Howard Stern claimed on his radio show that he spoke with Vince McMahon a few weeks ago about appearing at Summerslam. Stern said he decided against doing it, but he and Vince have continued talking and pitching ideas back and forth, so Stern in WWE may still happen someday. Stern also talked about starting his own wrestling company. Oh lord.
  • Various WWE notes: Lesnar went down to Florida where Rock lives this week so the two of them could work out their match for Summerslam. Shawn Stasiak's new finishing move has been named "the ratings drop" and Dave thinks that's a little too on the nose. Hogan and Vince are still having disagreements over money and his future direction, but Hogan is still under contract, so he's not going anywhere anytime soon, even if there was somewhere to go.
NEXT WEDNESDAY: Summerslam fallout, Brock Lesnar wins the WWE title, Shawn Michaels returns to the ring, Observer Hall of Fame, Tiger Ali Singh sues WWE, Bret Hart makes first public appearance since stroke, and more...
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Oct/24/2020 news wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ army publishes map of battlefield & positions \\ world media highlights Azerbaijan's war crimes \\ more details from Syrian jihadists \\ international response; sanctions; Artsakh recognition \\ demonstrations & donations \\ US terror alert

Prior events:
October 23, October 22, October 21, October 20, October 19, October 18, October 17, October 16, October 15, October 14, October 13, October 12, October 11 , October 10, October 9 , October 8 , October 7, October 6, October 5, October 4, October 3, October 2, October 1, September 30, September 29, September 28, September 27.

more details about Syrian militants // recruitment and betrayal in Azerbaijan // French Le Monde article:

Ankara was using these militants against General Haftar in Libya. Now they are aiding the Azerbaijani army in the Caucasus.
A source from Sultan Murad claimed on October 5th that 85 militants had been killed. The relatives of missing militants often refuse to talk about the topic. Over 150 have died according to another report.
24-year-old Muhammad, fighting in southern Karabakh, revealed that their commanders wanted to move forward as much as possible before a ceasefire. The battles were heavy and they weren't allowed to rest.
"May the Lord have mercy on them and curse those who sell their blood," screamed a relative of a deceased militant who buried the relative in Azaz, Syria earlier this month.
Activist Ahmed Ferzan (who was born in Russia, just as many of the militants who died in Azerbaijan) sees a betrayal and broken lives. He published a Facebook post about how poor men join wars without fully understanding their actions.
"The commanders lied to the youth and claimed they were being hired as border guards and policemen, and wouldn't participate in battles.
They don't have money to feed their kids. Often the greedy commanders keep the salary money to themselves. They only get paid 20% of the promised salary. Turks pay $800-900 per fighter but the commanders keep $700 to themselves.
The youth believe they're going there for 2-3 months and will return after earning lucrative $2k-$3k. But they end up in the front lines the first day, while the recruiting commanders buy cars and houses for themselves back in Syria.
This isn't our war. You won't gain any glory there [in Azerbaijan]; only death," said activist Ahmed Firzan in a message to potential recruits.
One of the main recruitment facilities is a large building in Khivar Kilis on the Syria-Turkey border. Dozens of militants, dressed in Azeri border guard uniforms, undergo a quick training before the deployment.
Some Imams were invited to make religious excuses, such as citing incorrect statistics about the Shia/Sunni population of Azerbaijan, to encourage Sunni Syrians to fight for non-Sunni Azerbaijan.

another report about Syrian jihadists recruited by Azerbaijan

Russian military correspondent says the Kurdish sources in Syria have identified 42 more terrorists who are being trained by pro-Turkish groups for deployment in Artsakh, as part of the Azerbaijani army. They are from the north and north-western parts of Syria, representing 12 jihadist cells.
The very first batch that was sent to Azerbaijan weeks earlier had included 150 policemen and militants from the city Afrin, Syria.
It has been documented that 1,200 militants from four groups were sent on Sep/23/2020 from Afrin to Azerbaijan.
The numbers aren't "final". The main recruitment is in Afrin. Recently, two Afrin-based groups conducted the recruitment of militants for Azerbaijan: the school of Amir Al-Gubari and the school of Azkhar Afrin ("private" school)

BBC article talks about Azerbaijan's war crime against Armenian POWs

"Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: 'Execution' video prompts war crime probe"
A video seemingly shows two Armenians being shot with their hands behind their backs. Armenian authorities have identified the men as Benik Hakobyan, 73, and 25-year-old Yuri Adamyan.
Europe's top human rights watchdog, the Council of Europe, has said it has received the video and will investigate all alleged human rights abuses.
One clip widely circulating on Telegram channels, that claims to show an Azerbaijani POW being shot dead by Armenian soldiers, is actually a video from Russia that first appeared on social media sites in 2013. Others lack enough detail to be verified.

documentary film "Unbroken Artsakh"

Russian journalist Timofey Yermakov presents "Несломленный Арцах". He traveled around the country to document the events and interview the locals.

October 24 / battlefield & videos / international response / demonstration and humanitarian aid

Last night MFA Mnatsakanyan was giving an interview to CNN about Azerbaijan's indiscriminate bombing of Artsakh civilians, while Azerbaijan was bombing capital Stepanakert and other settlements.
8 bombs were dropped on Stepanakert. 1 civilian wounded in Askeran region's Avetaranots settlements. 90,000 people have left Artsakh for safety.
Stepanakert after bombing: https://youtu.be/u1aM1ovvvVg
CCTV captured the strike: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=339278614026998
23:39: army released footage showing the artillery strikes against Azeri positions. Explosion near the soldiers.
00:03: yesterday several international scholars in Genocide studies had condemned the Azeri aggression and said that the Artsakh population is under threat.
Today the "Genocide Watch" organization has examined the reports of Azeri govt officials using racist language against Armenians, the ongoing indiscriminate targeting of ethnic Armenians in Artsakh, and decided to give Azerbaijan the score of "Stage 9- Extermination" and "Stage 10 – Denial"
The organization has urged the UN Security Council to place a weapons embargo against Azerbaijan and to end the conflict.
00:07: Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian urged the leaders of USA and Germany to take action and stop the war.
00:08: U.S. Representative Schiff has called for the official recognition of the Artsakh Republic. "The United States cannot stand idle."
00:19: on Wednesday, 14 members of the Los Angeles city council contacted one of America's largest PR companies "Mercury Public Affairs" to drop Turkey as a client.
Mercury has just canceled the $1m deal with the Turkish-American Council, led by Erdogan's ally.
3:31: yesterday the army attacked Azeri infiltrators in the southern front, south of the Lachin corridor, and threw them back further south. After two battles, a unit of Azeri special forces was dismantled. The survivors fled after leaving behind "9 destroyed and several functional armored vehicles".
The video shows the [presumably] functional seven armored vehicles captured by Armenians:
7:11: MFA Mnatsakanyan spoke during a meeting with the Atlantic Council. He mentioned Turkey's destabilizing actions near the Mediterranean and now the South Caucasus.
Full: https://youtu.be/9PmLgwEuF98
9:21: U.S. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo has also urged the U.S. government to use the Global Magnitsky Act to sanction the Azeri officials responsible for the attacks against civilians.
Congressman Jim Costa urged the govt to condemn the violation of human rights and implement sanctions as punishment.
9:50 army: the night was stable-tense. Some artillery shootout. Localized battles are currently taking place in all directions. The army successfully repelled the attacks, keeping the operative-tactical situation under control.
10:45: Canadian-Armenians held mass demonstrations across Canada, from Ottawa to Calgary. They demanded to speak up against the aggression, end any arms deals with Turkey, and to recognize Artsakh.
Videos: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032610.html
11:10: the Australian city of Ryde recognizes the Artsakh Republic and urged the govt to do the same. The municipality condemned the Azeri aggression. $5,000 was donated to www.HimnaDram.org
11:29: the army released footage showing the destruction of Azeri fortifications. Several soldiers get trapped between numerous artillery strikes. Others aren't as lucky and receive a direct hit.
11:57: Canadian company "Bombardier Recreational Products" has instructed its subsidiary, Austria-based Rotax, to stop supplying engines for Turkish drones.
"We have only recently learned that our components were being used in these military drones. All of our engines are certified for exclusively civilian use."
Another Canadian company had earlier suspended the contracts with Turkey after an intervention by Prime Minister Trudeau.
11:33 National Security Services: beware of the disguised Azeri agents who use Freelance.com to pay in exchange for photographing certain locations in Armenia and Artsakh. Do not rent/sell phone numbers to unknown entities.
11:36: Azeri soldier Nuraddin Yolciev Bakhtiyar oglu is from village Marzilli, Yevlakh. He was captured 20 days ago and has since been receiving medical care.
He was asked about the composition of his army unit. In the video, he says they were sent to capture northern Talish village.
"Many soldiers, including myself, were wounded during the shootout. The battles were heavy. I could not feel my legs and arms. I asked the soldiers and commanders for help, but I was left on the battlefield. I knew almost no one, most of the members of our group were not Azeris. They spoke another language.
I spent a day laying in a gorge until Armenians took me to their military base, from which I was transported to a hospital by ambulance.
I was treated well. I have been in the hospital for about 20 days. I had pain in the first days but now I am recovering thanks to the doctors. The doctors and the staff treat me well. I am satisfied with the food."
He is the second Azeri soldier to talk about the composition of their army units. The first soldier didn't mention mercenaries but said that Turkish commanders were in complete charge of the decision-making in their unit.
11:54 Artsakh Ombudsman: since September 27th, 37 civilians were killed and 118 wounded. Some people are missing. 10,500 homes, shops, other properties were damaged or destroyed. 1,100 vehicles were damaged.
The damages are heavy in capital Stepanakert where cluster bombs were also dropped on civilian areas.
In some areas, Azeri soldiers were intentionally wearing Armenian army uniforms. 40 dead Azeris in Armenian uniforms were found near Mataghis two weeks ago.
It could be done to confuse the Armenian soldiers, or cover up their own losses, or it could be the hired mercenaries, or it's an attempt to present them as Armenian bodies during a humanitarian ceasefire body-swap. In any case, when the time arrives to collect/exchange the bodies, a professional examination will answer the questions.
12:54: Australian-Armenians marched in Sydney's Central Business District to condemn the aggression and urge the official recognition of Artsakh.
13:00: what is a Red Balloon Challenge? People buy red balloons, which resemble the Turkish flag, and pop them in front of the camera in support of Artsakh.
13:55 MFA Mnatsakanyan to Nancy Pelosi: the aggression against Artsakh is accompanied by numerous war crimes. Civilians are targeted with bombs banned by international conventions.
Religious buildings are targeted. Terrorists were imported with the help of Turkey. The international community can counter this by recognizing Artsakh's right to self-determination.
14:10: Artsakh refugee kids describing the events.
Armenian soldiers received letters from school children. Video by Patrick Lancaster who covers the situation from Artsakh:
15:25: an Armenian soldier published a video from a recaptured trenches showing several Azeri bodies. He then shows a device and describes it as a syringe used by the Azeri/mercenary soldiers for numbing/performance.
Graphic video: https://t.me/infoteka24/9842
15:42: Netherlands Parliament MP Sadet Karabulut (Kurdish) shared the findings by the Human Rights Watch, which states that Azerbaijan used illegal cluster bombs against Artsakh civilians.
"Scandalous and unacceptable. The government must speak strongly about this, do something to stop Azerbaijan and Turkey. Every minute is important. Break the silence."
12:50: world-famous Russian-Israeli pianist Yevgeniy Kisin has donated the revenues from his upcoming concert to Artsakh children.
"Dear Armenian sisters and brothers. Now, in these difficult days, I sincerely wish you strength and, most importantly, unity. Take care of each other, be united, I will be with you too, regardless of the distance that separates us. Ցավդ տանեմ."
13:33: S&P Global Ratings downgraded the outlook on Azerbaijan's debt to negative. "The military confrontation could exacerbate Azerbaijan's economic, external, and fiscal vulnerabilities at a time when the economy has been weakened by COVID-19 and the collapse in oil prices," S&P said in a statement."
14:12: տեր ես, որդյակս? The Shushi church, which was bombed by Azerbaijan earlier, held a wedding ceremony today. Volunteer soldier Hovik Hovsepyan married Mariam Sargsyan. President Arayik congratulated the newlywed. International journalists were present to capture the moment.
Video: https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/2496736690624427/
14:56: the "School of Social Entrepreneurs" will provide a free 2-month business course to Artsakh refugees, while their children will attend handcrafting classes. The students will receive hands-on experience and a certificate.
15:04: the army has identified and published names of 36 fallen soldiers, bringing the total to 963.
Doctor Narek Mesropyan died while saving soldiers' lives.
15:21: army released footage showing the destruction of the Azeri TOS-1A heavy missile unit.
Video: https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/373073133816517/
15:31: army issued medals to several soldiers. Lt. Colonel Alexei Davtyan's precise artillery calculations threw the enemy attackers back.
Three Sergeants and Lieutenants will receive bravery medals for destroying one tank each, under extremely difficult conditions.
Several Majors and Privates got medals for destroying equipment, etc.
15:35: Armenian demonstrators shut down the Spain-France highway. They called for Spain to officially recognize Artsakh and to condemn the Azeri-Turkish aggression.
16:00: an Armenian demonstration was held in Minden, Germany.
16:37: the city of Sayaxché, Guatemala has officially recognized the independence of Nagorno-Karabaj.
Guatemalan Parliament MP Carlos Lopez had earlier wrote that he recognizes Artsakh's right to self-determination.
16:38 army: the Azeri reports of downing an Armenian jet is a complete lie.
[an Azeri outlet shared a photo of a 2003 air incident which can mislead the readers into believing it's the "Armenian jet"]
16:51 army: Azeris have so far lost 6614 soldiers, 6 TOS missile units, 600 tanks and armored vehicles, 24 aircrafts, 16 helicopters, 217 drones.
Their losses during the last day were 75 soldiers, 11 drones, 12 armored vehicles.
17:37: four-time Armenian chess champion grandmaster Maria Gevorgyan is inviting you to play chess tomorrow, between 12 pm - 5 pm, near the Tumanyan statue in Yerevan.
The attendance fees will be donated to Himnadram.org
17:39: president Sarkissian gave an interview to Egyptian Al Ahram Weekly outlet, spoke about the broken ceasefires and the civilian casualties. He urged "Armenia's friends to speak up."
18:19: U.S.-Armenian doctors donated a medical CT device to a hospital in Kapan to treat the wounded soldiers.
18:33: French-Armenian tenor Robert Amirkhanyan Ruben Elbakyan performed Robert Amirkhanyan's "yeraz im yerkir" song in French.
18:35: civilian settlement Martuni was bombed several times today. No injuries.
18:50: soldiers sent a video from the front lines
19:47 army: during the second half of the day, Azeris used military aviation to bomb Martakert. No injuries.
20:10 army: we shot an Azeri drone
Photo: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032663.html
20:58: Armenians held a demonstration in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Photos: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032667.html
21:03: a terrorist beheaded a French doctor over a cartoon. Macron suggested the promotion of non-radical Islam. Erdogan told Macron to get psychological help. Macron recalled the ambassador from Turkey.
"President Erdogan's comments are unacceptable. Excess and rudeness is not a method. We demand that Erdogan change his policy, because it is dangerous in all respects," wrote the French government.
Earlier today, the former commander of the French army criticized Erdogan for turning Turkey into an "Islamist state" and having dangerous ideas about the "Ottoman Empire."
21:16: French-Armenians held a demonstration near the Seine River in Paris. They called for official recognition of Artsakh and an end to aggression.
22:00 army spokesman's briefing: the battles resumed in the morning. The northern battles became fierce around afternoon, with heavy artillery shootout.
In the Central area between Martuni-Hadrut, as I've said earlier, there were operations to find and neutralize infiltrators in forests and nearby settlements. One more group was neutralized today. These battles continue.
The Southern battles weren't as heavy today. Azeris tried to attack settlements several times but were repelled and thrown back. They retreated in some locations. Several cars and armored vehicles were destroyed.
The battles generally weren't as fierce today. As I promised yesterday, I will now show you the map of the battlefield [8:06 minute in the video link below].
The map shows the area between Martuni-Hadrut. Localized battles are taking place in various settlements against infiltrators.
In the southern front, Azeri infiltrators used their maximum attack potential a few days ago to push north and reached the Aghavnatun and Arpagetik villages [south of Lachin corridor], but were subsequently pushed further south.
Further south, along the river valley (not Araks, but the one that stretches to the Lachin corridor), the battles continue.
All the way south-west, not far from the Araks River valley, there are localized battles near villages Vanatun and Alashkert [8km from Armenian border]. That's as far as Azeris were able to get close to the Armenian border [the map shows Azeris are retreating further east, away from the Armenian border]
[the map shows that the area south of Hadrut is under Azeri control, but Hadrut itself is an active battlefield]
[As for the Jabrayil area in south, the battlefield is between Cilən (Saralanj) and Jabrayil. Cilən is 5km north of Jabrayil. By judging from the map, which doesn't mention Jabrayil, it's probably safe to assume that Jabrayil is, for the most part, controlled by Azeris.]
Spokesman continues: The map can constantly change because battles are localized. There can be infiltrators with or without armored vehicles who will push forward. Azeris will try to present such infiltration advancement as a victory or success, but days later they can be thrown back. Vice versa can also be true; they can retreat but attack again.
When you hear news about our success or loss, don't assume the victory is easy or we're losing. The battles are heavy, but our soldiers are in full control of the situation. Our soldiers laugh at you when they learn about what some of you write on social media. We will win.
[Red indicates full control by Azeris. Blue dots are local battles against infiltrators: https://i.imgur.com/0d2SHg5.jpg ]
22:29 BREAKING: the U.S. embassy in Azerbaijan has issued a security alert for American citizens over credible reports about potential terrorist attacks and kidnappings against U.S. citizens and other foreigners in Baku, including against hotels such as J.W. Marriott Absheron and other locations.
22:38: Turkish economy is in trouble. Lira keeps devaluing; -30% vs Dollar so far this year.
Turkey is an importer country which causes problems because it doesn't have the required volume of currency. The Central Bank reserves went from $75b to $45b from earlier this year, but experts say those are almost all reserves owned by commercial banks and not the Central Bank.
Although Turkey has large gold reserves, another indicator of a worsening economy is Moody's rating for Turkey that's in-line with some African countries with not-so-good economies. It will go bankrupt unless the diving is stopped.
The latest record devaluation was on October 22nd (2%) when the Central Bank refused to lower the weekly repurchase rate from 10.25%. The rate had been increased in September to save Lira from devaluation.
Per Bloomberg survey, only 2 out of 27 expert groups predicted such behavior from the Central Bank.
More: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032672.html

COVID stats

+4,497 tested. +2,213 infected. +12 deaths. 425 healed. 23,332 active.
The Healthcare Minister urged the public to respect safety and hygiene, and to actively encourage others to do so. 800 patients are in serious or critical condition.

how to help Artsakh

www.1000plus.am (wounded soldiers' therapy and healthcare)
www.HimnaDram.org (global)
www.ArmeniaFund.org (U.S. tax-deductible)
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