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For non-premium members, you can gain up to 12 certs while offline (24 hours). Layer 2 Attacks and Mitigation Techniques session focuses on the security issues surrounding Layer 2, the data-link layer. For example you get around 125 exp for each kill in the game, so two kills will give you a cert point.

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PlayStation 4. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other. Aomei dynamic disk converter cracked wheat. Attacks in Planetside 2 can come from anywhere above, below, and behind, at any time and at any range. Anti-Vehicle MANA Turret - 1150 (Rank 2) This replacement for the Anti-Infantry Turret can be unlocked with either 1000 certification points or 700 station cash. TAGS: 1 hit kill hack planetside 2, deploy anywhere hack planetside 2, easy kills hack planetside 2, free hacks for games, get deploy anywhere planetside 2, get god mode planetside 2, get infinite ammo planetside 2, get infinite health planetside 2, get instant capture point planetside 2, get invisible mode planetside 2, get no recoil planetside 2, get no reload planetside 2, get planetside 2. Planetside 2 has a bug where if the the treads on the Prowler or Vanguard get hung up in the air, they have no RPM limit, causing them to spin at the speed of sound and produce an ungodly loud noise.


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You get 1 certification point per 250 XP. Tips and Tricks for earning Certification Points Playing as medic and reviving teammates, Playing as engineer with a max for a partner, Specializing in certain weapons and earning medals, Playing as heavy. Jay Flight Swift Camp Inn Caravan. This isn't the most fun part of the game and it's really just something for people who wants to buy that new gun in the game and have to get a lot of certs in order to obtain in. Idm 6.12 final build 22 full crack. Progression is horrendously slow for a F2P player. Wage war across the galaxy with three unique and powerful races.

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Marvel avengers alliance hack engine. For PlanetSide 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "150 exp for 1 cert point. Latest News Arma 2: Operation. For Linux or Oracle Solaris, a mount point directory can also be specified. If you are facing any issue dial our toll-free number +1778-3818-149 and get quick response from our experts. Nestled on 28 wooded acres.


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The patch is now available to download through the launcher and you can play PS2 in silky smooth glory finally. Oracle patch set firefox. New features have been added to create a safer hacking experience. Point Blank Population Zero Portal 2 Prey (2020) Prey (2020) Prison Architect Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. Latest folder lock full version with crack https://sa-mebel-ekanom.ru/forum/?download=8303. The trees can be accessed from the Certifications tab in the menu or from the Loadout page.

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Certifications 1.1 Command Comm. Each faction on Auraxis has its most elite soldiers, battle-hardened veterans who rise above the rest. Hover over the grade with your mouse to see the delta value. PlanetSide 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. It featured two 75mm tank cannons and carried 11 troops. Hack for jurassic world cast his response.


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Dragon City Cheats Engine 6.2 Youtube, Avg Antivirus 2020 Keygen. The buyable weapons are way OP and I can't get certs fast enough to be able to keep up with the guys who buy it. XP also increases a character's Battle Rank. Planetside 2 hack with aimbot Currently not working. The gameplay is full of opportunity: the strategic and tactical freedom given to the player grants an excellent dynamism. A passive cert gain that works if you are online or offline.

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Uniblue powersuite crack for gta. How many self-proclaimed "new" players needing cert advice do you know who are willing (or even able) to buy Station Cash? The game itself, which is to integrate the three nations to fight the other two is excellent, but choose a crowded server, if you get bored. The only things we are able to hack are values that are actually processed on our. What is your best known example of gaining huge XP/Certs? CONSISTENCY Consistency is a measure of how close your accuracies are to each other: ACC DELTA Deltas (sometimes called z-scores) are the number of standard deviations this player is away from average: ACC GRADE Grades are awarded by the players related delta or z-score for the stat given: HSR DELTA Deltas (sometimes called z-scores) are the number of standard deviations this player is away.


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Subway surfer hack iphone. He then studied engineering at Beilecki University's Martian campus, graduating with a. Getting certification points in Planetside 2 can be real pain some times, in this guide I will talk about a few ways you can grind and get cert points in a relatively easy way. Basically 4 boosts and 2 full alerts, one of which has to be winning, add up to a new weapon. Cert point hack planetside 2. One Cert Point is also awarded for every 250 experience points, the latter of which are doled out for just about anything you do.

Planetside 2's first performance update. - Tech News


Help me correct this info. I got blasted with mix info. Proofread please.

WARNING:Back up what you say, I am not gonna just believe you even if your a veteran. I got many people of all skill levels saying all kinds of things.
This was made to help new players but obviously has alot of errors that I don't see even when double check my info.
Thank you for your time helping me make this correct.
-----------------BELOW IS THE POST UNEDITED-------- (If you are on PC, please vist the PC version of this post)
(My PSN: Lowspot-)
---------------------WHAT IS PLANETSIDE 2?
Planetside 2 takes place in the future on a planet called Auraxis.
3 factions fight over the planet in a war over who is right and deserves to be the main power.
These 3 factions go as follow.
(Note:Even with these differences, they all play very similarly and all these things can be improved with upgrades. You will be able to try all 3 factions as well)
Terrain Republic(Red)
TR is about Loyalty and they are very patriotic. They look like a organized military with encouraging military music.
Most Weapons:Best mag sizes and best fire rate.
Vehicle:Fast and high damage but might die easier then the others.
Aircraft:The main fighter craft flys the fastest and decent at maunvering
New Conglomerate(Blue)
NC is about freedom over oppression. They look like a makeshift military with good armor and great rock and roll music.
Most weapons:Faster bullets velocity and can take the most hits
Vehicles:Can take alot of hits but doesn't do as much damage then the others.
Aircraft:The main fighter craft has the fastest boost but does not fly faster then the TR aircraft, does the most damage and is more maneuverable.
Vanu sovereignty(Purple)
VS believe Technology equals might and look futuristic with music that is a mix of rock, military and daft punk.
Most Weapons:Very accurate, quick reload speed and not much bullet drop.
Vehicles:Do lot's of damage and has good armor but is slow, it's main tank can climb up steep walls with it's fast boost. Hard to learn but powerful when used right.
Aircraft: It's main fighter craft has the smallest hotbox but it is not very maneuverable.
NS faction Don't worry about this faction as it's a membership only faction that will be free in the future and generally take alot more skill to play. They aren't a main faction and play in all 3.
-----------------------------------------THE CLASSES
After you choose your class, here is some basic things you will need to know.
There is 5 classes, here is the basic idea of them but if you want indepth information, look up commander cryious YouTube channel on planetside 2 classes.
--Infiltrator:The infiltrator can go invisible, if you like to snipe enemy's or get behind enemy's then this class is for you BUT you can be exposed with flashlights.
--Light assault:This class has a jetpack, there are different types of jetpacks depending on your playstyle but LA is good for flanking enemy's, getting to places other classes can't or destroying vehicles with C4.
--Combat medic:The medic has the ability is to heal themselves and people next to them. They also have a tool that can be used to heal individuals or revive dead people. The medic also has two of there own grenades you can buy which is the healing grenade or the revive grenade. Medics make the most XP.
(Note by default you have a explosive nade on all classes)
--Combat engineer:The eng has a repair tool that can be used to repair lot's of different things including vehicles. They have tons of gear, by default they have a deployable turret only you can use to shoot but works as great cover and they can drop allies ammo. The eng also has a repair grande, a expensive auto turret and a expensive covedoor barrier you can buy. The eng makes the second most xp.
(Note how the word combat exsits before the word medic, you are to clear enemy's before reviving dead people. Nobody wants to respawn and immediately die)
--Heavy assault:The ability is a overshield that can be used to sponge up bullets, they also have a rocket launcher and heavy machine guns.
--Max(Technically not a class)it's a big armored suit guy used for pushing points and is very tuff to kill. Besides the fact C4 insta kill them but if you have backup
(You can switch between all these classes while fighting at spawnpoints)
Note:While looking at the classes, you will notice on the bottom right, under gear, there is something called Implants. These are small buffs you can equip and upgrade on your class to improve yourself, you can buy/upgrade these implants with a currency called ISO which you can obtain through playing or doing missions.
(To buy a implant, pause, go to depot, go to implants tabs and you can see them all there)
-------------------------------THE ACTUAL GAME
When you load up the game, you will spawn in a social hub known as sanctuary.
You can find vendors but those aren't important yet.
There is 1 console which will show a campaign, ignore the campaign as that is meant for players that are use to the game and has to be bought with ingame currency. There is side missions tho that are like basic training objectives which will reward you with certs and XP that you should accept as it will be easy certs.
(Certs is the main currency of the game which you use to buy or upgrade many different things)
To get to the main game, you can do 2 things
Either find the console with the planet symbol OR go to the map and zoom all the way out to see all the continents.
In this game usually 1 or 2 continents are open for ps4. When you load into this continent you will find a huge map.
In this game, the 3 factions control certian bases all around the map.
You will see on this map a bunch of lines which are known as lattice lines. Each base is connected to each other all over the map and this decides what base you can take and spawn at. If a base is cut off from the rest of the territory, you can't spawn there.
You also can't capture bases that don't have a connected line with a base your faction owns.
Ok but where to actually fight? Well when you look on the map you can see orange spots which indicate a battle.
You can hover over that base to see if we are capturing a base or failing to defend a base.
You will see how many enemy's to allies there are, so you would want to choose a battle where the population is somewhat even or at least isn't extremely unfair.
How to get there? If you go to the map, you can press the redeploy button (won't count as a death stat wise) and you will be able to spawn anywhere on the map. OR you can fly/drive there. You may notice when looking at vehicles, you will see a blue pokeball symbol with a number. These are called Nanites, they are a balance system to prevent vehicles or maxes being spammed. You get 50 Nanites every 50 seconds but you still want to be careful with what you spawn or you might not have enough nanites for what you want for a few minutes.
(Holding the options button on the controller shows the socreboard of where you are at and when you will get the next deposit of Nanites and other stuff)
The game can be said like something of battlefield on steroids.
Each base can have 1-3 points. A, B and C. You have to hold each point to capture the base or keep it defended.
Since this is a open like game, you can either be on foot trying to cap points or in a vehicle destroying others or in the air.
In this game, there is a vehicle called the sundderer which can be deployed near a enemy base so people can spawn on it so it's viral to protect it.
I know this all sounds complex but really it's just, choose a faction. Choose a class you want to try and like then try to win. There is alot more to this game but I want to keep it basic enough and not overwhelm you. If you have any questions please ask in the replies. Note that this game has been out for 8 YEARS so you will be playing with all types of people and it will be ok if you die alot. It will take some learning.
Last thing I want to go over is outfits and squads, in this game you can join random squads. (Hopefully a good one)
They will show up a green teammates and usually the leader (a yellow start) will put a waypoint on a certian base for you to focus on with your teammates.
(Also note there is something called platoons, which is big squads seperated to alpha-delta so if you find yourself black(delta squad) or a different color. Focus on the specific color waypoint or just leave that platoon if your interested in going solo)
What's a outfit? Outfits are like the clan of planetside 2 and your proabaly thinking. Ok a community, yes but they are more then that.
Outfits have power, outfit leaders have resources gotten through playing ingame together with there outfit and can use it to build a giant airship known as Bastions or a giant tank known as the collousses which can also be used as anti air against Bastions.
So you want to join a outfit to not only experience being in a big fight but to be in a coordinated outfit. Unless you like being solo, it gets boring trying to figure out everything all alone and stressful.
So I wish you luck soilders. If I made any extreme mistakes I will be sure to repost this with corrections.
submitted by Lowspot- to Planetside

cert points in planetside 2

Am I doing something wrong, or is it way to hard to get cert points? I'm quite new to the game and I'm surprised how few points you get for anything. You can kill 20 guys, cap 2 strongholds and heal 8 people and you still only have around 30 points, a good weapon costs 1000. Are they serious, or is it my fault?
submitted by larostos to Planetside