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In addition to the main game, three DLCs have been released for ETS 2: Vive la France, Scandinavia and Going East, which offer new scenarios to drive the numerous trucks the game offers. And yes they got re-elected a couple of times -again even though no-one voted for them. Euro Truck Simulator 2 has had 2 updates within.


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Your job is to drive an articulated or artic truck. Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 for Windows to travel across Europe as king of the road, a trucker who delivers cargo across impressive distances. Truck driving simulation game for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Loading Unsubscribe from EuroTruck2? European [HOST]ion builds available in the game grid roads of the eastern part of Europe, with particular emphasis on Polish territory. Now that you've got your copy of Euro Truck Simulator, you've discovered that it's pretty unexciting right out of the box.

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Czech studio SCS Software. First of all, you have to download this version of the game (. You can expand default Euro Truck Simulator 2 map for free with these map mods.


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How To Activate Your Key: Click the Games Menu, Choose Activate a Product on Steam, and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. More Euro Truck Simulator 2 Trainers. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions.


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Flatten the Curve. Part 46. What Are Super Pollution Events? Burnt plastic smell. Chemical Odor Sickness in Dominican Republic. Over Night Respiratory Problems. Plastic Eating Microbes. Covid-19 Linked to Pollution. The New Normal isn't Normal. And it isn't New. But it is the Calm Before the Storm.

Read the Previous Post Here.
We don't have regular pollution in our New Normal. Nope. Not at all. Regular pollution isn't good enough these days, so now we have Super Pollution.
Wait. What? Yep. You read it right. Super Pollution.

Give a hoot, don't super pollute.

January 15, 2020 - Starting Dec. 21, the region's air exceeded federal safety standards for daily levels of particulate matter — microscopic particles that penetrate the lungs and can trigger heart attacks and respiratory disease — for six consecutive days. One of the region's air monitors recorded the worst air quality in the entire United States and registered in the "Code Red" range for several hours on multiple days. Residents complained that the air smelled like "rotten eggs," "sewer backup," "burning plastic" and "hospital waste," and reported symptoms such as wheezing, coughing and choking, nausea, stinging eyes and headaches through the SmellPGH app, which uses crowdsourcing to map smells and symptoms associated with air pollution.
Residents complained of rotten eggs, which seems to be happening world wide. Strange for strangers to these posts, but not strange for people who have been following. So let's dig in and see what all the stink is about.
The monitor that registered the Code Red sits near U.S. Steel's Clairton Coke Works plant, which converts coal into "coke" used in steelmaking by cooking it at extremely high temperatures. The plant — one of the region's primary sources of air pollution — is notorious for breaking clean air laws and sickening residents. But this time the facility was operating in full compliance with its permit, according to the Allegheny County Health Department, which oversees air quality in the greater Pittsburgh region. The unhealthy air was caused by a combination of U.S. Steel's emissions and a temperature inversion, which occurs during unseasonably temperate winter days when a warm air mass sits above a colder air mass, trapping pollutants that typically blow away close to the ground.
Let's see if we can make sense out of this New Normal logic. The unhealthy air was caused by U.S. Steel, yet the previous paragraph stated that the company was operating in full compliance with its permit.
Double your pleasure, double your fun, with new and improved Doublespeak.
Doublespeak is language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms, in which case it is primarily meant to make the truth sound more palatable. It may also refer to intentional ambiguity in language or to actual inversions of meaning.
So how did the unhealthy air get created this time? Who knows? Seriously. Because the article doesn't actually say. I guess an explanation doesn't have to make sense, it just has to give a reason that sounds good.
**"For the last at least 60 years we have data for, we can clearly see a trend of increasing temperature inversions in midlatitude regions," Shiliang Wu, an atmospheric chemist and associate professor at Michigan Technological University, told EHN. "I believe this trend will continue in the coming decades, which will likely lead to an increase in extreme air pollution episodes." Midlatitude regions are the temperate zones between roughly 30 to 60 degrees north or south of the equator. The midlatitudes encompass about 36 countries, including the United States and most of North America, and are home to more than half of the world's population. Wu co-authored a 2016 paper on long-term changes in extreme air pollution meteorology, which he believes was the first to look at six decades of global meteorology data, to learn how events such as temperature inversions and heat waves have changed over time. He found that heat waves in the summer and temperature inversions in the winter — both of which can lead to extreme air pollution events — have increased by up to 50 percent in the last 60 years in most midlatitude regions. Heat waves often lead to higher ozone levels, while temperature inversions tend to have a stronger impact on particulate matter pollution. Like particulate matter pollution, ozone also can cause chest pain, coughing, throat irritation and airway inflammation, reduce lung function and worsen bronchitis, emphysema and asthma. Particulate matter pollution is also linked to heart disease, heart attacks and premature death in people who already have respiratory or heart disease. Extreme air pollution events such as the one that recently plagued the Mon Valley also have happened in Salt Lake City, Paris, London and Beijing in recent years. Many of them were the result of either heat waves or inversions, and some have occurred despite relatively decreased emissions.
Hmmm. That's a whole host of respiratory problems. And hey, look, Paris to London, that means we have an explanation for the Rotten Egg smell that travels a really far distance really easily and over night. Pretty convenient, isn't it?
There's still some debate in the scientific community about the increase of inversions in winter, and about exactly how future changes in weather patterns will affect levels of particulate matter pollution. Wu believes the data from the last 60 years points to a clear and growing increase in wintertime temperature inversions, and that policymakers in urban areas should take note. "Certain geographical regions like those in a basin or valley and major urban areas are more likely to be affected by inversions and see this kind of extreme pollution events," Wu said. "What just happened in the Mon Valley is obviously not as deadly as what happened during the Donora Smog, but it's still a serious threat to public health when you have air pollution at this level."
There's still some debate? Really, you don't say? I wonder why? Maybe it's because the debate centers on how the rotten egg smell happened? See, that's a pretty specific smell. And the main cause is hydrogen sulphide. And yet H2S is heavily regulated, and it has been for some time now. So where did it come from? It doesn't say.
The article also goes to talk about the midlatitude region's that encompass North American wind circulations.
January 30, 2019 - On any planet that rotates, you’ll have an effect called the prevailing winds. As the atmosphere circulates around the world, planet Earth typically experiences three different types of winds, normally confined to three different latitude zones: • 0° to 30°: where we get the trade winds, which blow from east to west and converge at the equator. • 30° to 60°: which give us the westerlies, which blow from west to east, and rise up towards the Arctic (or down towards the Antarctic) circle. • 60° to 90°: the polar cells, which are normally confined to the highest-latitude regions on Earth. Source Here
Now, let's think about and double down on the New Normal Doublespeak. The smells are caused by atmospheric inversions. Those inversions are mainly in midlatitude regions. Those inversions are caused by climate change. All good. And then look at a map of the world and the Covid-19 outbreaks and you'll see something curious; they are centered mainly around midlatitude regions.
April 28, 2020 - Support for their arguments can be found in scientific research recently published in Italy about the coronavirus being found in abundance in air filters which may indicate that it is an atmospheric phenomenon: The research also points out the obvious fact that the highest occurrences of COVID-19 infections between December and April 2020, were all in the same belt of latitude. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the foci of infection outside China is that they are all located close to latitude 30-50 degrees N. Source Here
Oh. Curious, isn’t it? Slightly concerning too. Or alarming, depending upon a person's ability to reason.
Rotten egg smells. Burnt plastic smells. Climate Change inversions. Covid-19 worse in midlatitude regions. Air pollution makes COVID-19 worse. Wear masks inside. Air conditioning filters stores coronavirus.
And what about the burnt plastic smell?
June 30, 2019 - Staten Island: Update: We smell it, but the powers that be don't. "Smells burnt, but I can't describe it," said a reader who reached out to the Advance on social media. She added that the order was "similar to burnt plastic, but much worse." A woman who drives around the Island for work said the scent "smells like rotten garbage, like the back of a garbage truck." Source Here
December 4, 2019 - Nashville: Jack Henderson says he’s smelled a strange odor in the morning and evenings for about two weeks. “It’s really nasty. It smells like burning tires or burning rubber,” Henderson said. It’s not just outside either. "We've smelled it in our house as well,” Henderson said. Henderson knows he is not the only one. On social media, people from the Cleveland Park and the Highland Heights neighborhood associations have been talking about the stinky smell. Source Here
August 16, 2018 - The South Coast Air Quality Management District is investigating a chemical odor that spread throughout Orange County on Thursday night, officials said. Residents from Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda described the smell various ways. Some said it smelled like lighter fluid, burnt plastic or paint thinner. “We dispatched our inspectors,” said Patrick Chandler, a spokesperson for the AQMD. “They’re in the area investigating and monitoring to determine the source.” Air quality inspectors are working to obtain samples in order to determine what is causing the odor, he said. Sometimes, however, by the time inspectors arrive at the scene, the odor has dissipated, he said. [Source Here](The South Coast Air Quality Management District is investigating a chemical odor that spread throughout Orange County on Thursday night, officials said. Residents from Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda described the smell various ways. Some said it smelled like lighter fluid, burnt plastic or paint thinner. “We dispatched our inspectors,” said Patrick Chandler, a spokesperson for the AQMD. “They’re in the area investigating and monitoring to determine the source.” Air quality inspectors are working to obtain samples in order to determine what is causing the odor, he said. Sometimes, however, by the time inspectors arrive at the scene, the odor has dissipated, he said. Source Here
OK. There are more complaints about the burning plastic smell, but you get the point. And guess what? It's easy to dismiss it, but car complaints about burning plastic have increased as well. Across all the brands and companies. It must all be atmospheric inversions giving us back our man-made pollution, right? And yet we have a paper explaining about volcanic outgassing and Hydrogen Sulfide outgassing causing the rotten egg odor:
Grahn and co begin by discussing the method they used to tackle the mystery. They say the most likely culprit is the gas hydrogen sulphide, which is well known for its rotten egg smell. So an important question is how much hydrogen sulphide the volcano produced during its eruption and at what rate. This leads to an immediate problem. Geologists did not make any direct measurements of hydrogen sulphide levels during the Bardarbunga eruption. However, remote sensing satellites are able to measure the concentration of sulphur dioxide, which is also released in great quantity during eruptions. Grahn and co say that measurements from other volcanoes suggest that there is about 113 times as much sulphur dioxide as hydrogen sulphide by mass in volcanic gases and that this ratio does not appear to change as the cloud moves through the atmosphere. So they assume that the Bardarbunga volcano produced a similar ratio and that this did not change as the cloud dispersed. Another important factor is the state of the atmosphere at the time and in particular the direction of the winds in the following days. The results make for interesting reading. The model produces hourly predictions of gas concentrations in the regions of interest in Norway, Sweden and Finland over several days. Grahn and co say that sulphur dioxide levels over these areas were well below the olfactory threshold that humans can detect. “Based on our simulation results, we conclude that it is unlikely that SO2 is to blame for the foul smell,” they say. However, the model shows that the concentration of hydrogen sulphide would have exceeded the threshold, or was within an order of magnitude of it, at all the places that reported a foul smell. “We argue that the cause for the foul smell was hydrogen sulphide originating from Bardarbunga,” they conclude. Flatten the Curve Part 45.
How dare you, right Greta Thunberg? It's always humanity's fault.
September 29, 2016 - Power plants’ sulfur dioxide emissions dropped 64 percent statewide between 2000 and 2014, he said. Nitrogen dioxide, which harms the lungs and contributes to ozone, often called smog, fell 69 percent, he said. As some coal plants shut down, carbon dioxide — which warms the atmosphere — also declined. That’s meant cleaner air. Evansville-area concentrations of fine particles dropped nearly 30 percent over the past decade, EPA monitoring figures show. But the air here is still worse than in most of the country. [https://usatoday.com/90846584)
But the pollution is still worse. Uhm. Come on. Do your job and actually investigate, would you? Could you? You know, actually give us why it's worse, instead of going back to blaming factory emissions when you just said they were cleaner now? Maybe it has to do with all the underground coal seam fires raging in Pennsylvania? The same underground emissions that have been looked at as a possible cause for the End Permian extinction event? Nah. It's just us. SMH.
Now you'll find something funny when you look at results for Super Pollution events, namely, they go crazy in 2019 and get worse. There's only a few mentions that I can find before that. So what? Glad you asked. This is what is called behavioral manipulation. Plain and simple. They found the event to explain the smell. They aslo found the event to dismiss the smell as well, but that will be explained in a later post.

Plastic Surgery for a Plastic Planet.

October 11, 2018 - It has long been known that if you give a population of microbes a reduced level of food source and a lot of contaminants that they could chew on if they get hungry enough, evolution will do the rest. As soon as one or two mutations favors digesting the new (contaminant) food source, those microbes will thrive - they now have unlimited food, compared to their friends trying to survive on traditional sources of energy. It therefore makes perfect sense that the Japanese scientists found that evolution has achieved the same miracle in the environment of a waste plastic storage facility, where abundant PET exists for the dining pleasure of any microbe that could bust the enzyme barrier and learn how to eat the stuff. Source Here
April 17, 2018 - Scientists stumbled upon a plastic-eating bacterium—then accidentally made it stronger. The natural world is rapidly becoming a giant pile of plastic waste. There are literally six—six!—ungodly large garbage patches swelling in the ocean. Even areas as far removed from us as the Arctic are not safe. We're slowly suffocating a lot of natural ecologies with our trash. Fish, birds, and other animals all unwittingly consume the five trillion tons of plastic (and counting) strewn about the ocean, and doing so can kill them. Scientist are trying to come up with novel solutions to remedy the plastic pollution crisis, and they're thinking small—in a good way. In a new study to be published in the Proceedings of of the National Academy of Sciences this week, a team of international scientists illustrate how they created—by accident—a new enzyme capable of breaking down plastic bottles. This providential development could finally allow us to fully recycle plastic drink bottles for the first time ever, putting a much-needed dent in plastic pollution increases. The new study's origins are tied to the 2016 discovery of a bacterium in a Japanese waste dump that had evolved to use PET (polyethylene terephthalate), commonly used in the 1 million soft drink bottles sold every minute around the world, as an energy source. The team of scientists originally began running tests to see how the bacterium, Ideonella sakaiensis, managed to produce an enzyme capable of degrading PET. Those tests, it turned out, inadvertantly made the enzyme, PETase, even better at degrading PET. The resulting mutant PETase now takes just a few days to break down PET, compared to the 450 years it takes for the stuff to degrade naturally. Beckham and his team have already filed a patent with the hopes of making the enzyme stable and active at temperatures above 158 degrees Fahrenheit, where PET becomes rubbery and breaks down 10 to 100 times faster. Source Here
If you keep searching you'll find something strange, those scientists weren't the only researchers who found plastic eating microbes. German scie ntists did as well. So did high school students.
Also: Cambridge scientists have recently discovered a plastic eating bug that can break down the mass-produced and hard to break down plastic polyurethane. The bug was found at a plastic waste dumping site, The Guardian reports, and not only breaks down the plastic, but eats it, fueling the breakdown process.
So it seems we have a rapidly growing plastic eating microbe situation on our hands. That's a good thing, right?
2015 - The scientific name for this process is cell respiration, in which cells obtain energy stored in food accompanied by oxygen uptake and release of carbon dioxide and heat (Madigan et al. 2015). This is only one of the many simultaneous chemical reactions happening in a cell. All reactions are collectively called metabolism. All the chemical reactions in a cell either produce heat directly, or are coupled with a reaction that eventually produces heat. More thoroughly stated, “biological order is made possible by the release of heat energy from cells” (Alberts, et al., 2014). Some of this heat is harnessed in a way to perform work to build certain molecules in the cell, but some heat always escapes. This is the heat that keeps our bodies at a certain temperature. So how could these single celled organisms aid in starting a fire? Understanding microorganisms will help explain this occurrence. Source Here
Are you seeing the problem here? I am. Microbes make heat that causes spontaneous combustion. Burnt plastic smells being reported in cars. Cars catching on fire overnight. Cars catching on fire after owners smell burnt plastic. The worlds on fire folks, and it ain't pretty - there will be a follow up post to the pandemic pyromaniacs on quarantine parade soon - because the reports are out there, but as usual, aren't linked.
Let's look at one more thing today. Do you remember Flatten the Curve Part 28? The one I wrote about the deaths in the Dominican Republic in 2019?
June 26, 2019 - A Canadian woman who stayed at a Bahia Principe resort in the Dominican Republic in 2016 alleges that she fell critically ill after being exposed to a strong chemical odor in her room, and that she has battled multiple health problems ever since. Tina Hammell told CNN in an interview that the smell in her room at the Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana resort woke her and her husband from a nap. "It was so strong that I was burning and coughing, and it was very upsetting," she told CNN, adding that she was moved to another room, which made no difference. Hammell said that her symptoms quickly worsened, sending her into convulsions. "I remember my muscles, my hands all turned in and my legs came up, I just was spasming and I lost consciousness," Hammell said. Meanwhile, a Colorado couple has filed a lawsuit against the resort company, which is based in Spain, alleging that they fell ill because of pesticides while staying at one of its hotels last year. Their description of a strong smell in their room and the onset of illness bears similarities to what Hammell claims to have experienced. Source Here
Report after report says residents smelt a chemical odor or a strong smell. They had respiratory problems, kidney failure, heart attacks, plus more. One even threw up green goo. They linked it to pesticides, in house chemical usage, possible poisoning, and more. The CDC, FBI, THE WHO, all investigated. And then they declared everyone died from natural causes. Respiratory problems develop overnight in non smokers and still continue to this day. That's natural, right?
Keep Calm and Carry On.
Our next warning catchphrase? My money is on this: If you smell shit, talk about it.
We have a problem folks. And this problem is going to be kept secret for as long as they can hide and cover up the events. Trust me. Super Pollution discussion has been ramped up out of nowhere, and this isn't the only example I have dealing with preemptive programming scenarios. They prepare for the future with info dumps, and later on they start working backwards to have the facts either deleted, and the more we develop technology and AI, the worse it's going to get. It easy now that we don't have hard copies of information to keep on hand. Need to change the narrative? Call it fake news and the fact check with altered facts to support your argument. It's gaslighting on a worldwide level, brought to you by the digital revolution called the information age.
What can we do about it? Raise awareness now. Talk about it. Cause doubt and attempt to break the narrative. You don’t have to convince anyone, just plant a seed. Make them suspicious now and i guarantee most people will read more headlines and start to question the answers provided by TPTB. Because I don't care what the official version of events are, there is no way that people are smelling rotten eggs and getting sick after, others are smelling chemical odors and burnt plastic + getting sick after, cars are spontaneously combusting after smelling burnt plastic, we have volcanic activity, Cyanobacteria blooms in our waters, and both are emitting Hydrogen Sulphide and Hydrogen Cyanide.
Cyanobacteria have been linked with hydrogen cyanide, based on their ability to catabolize it by the nitrogenase enzyme, as a part of nitrogen fixation. Nitrogenase can also use hydrogen cyanide instead of its normal substrate, dinitrogen and convert it to methane and ammonia. In this study, we tested whether cyanobacteria are able, not only to reduce, but also to produce HCN. The production of HCN was examined in 78 cyanobacteria strains from all five principal sections of cyanobacteria, both non-heterocytous and heterocytous, representing a variety of lifestyles and habitats. Twenty-eight (28) strains were found positive for HCN production, with universal representation amongst 22 cyanobacterial planktic and epilithic genera inhabiting freshwater, brackish, marine (including sponges), and terrestrial (including anchialine) habitats. The HCN production could be linked with nitrogen fixation, as all of HCN producing strains are considered capable of fixing nitrogen. Epilithic lifestyle, where cyanobacteria are more vulnerable to a number of grazers and accumulate more glycine, had the largest percentage (75%) of HCN-producing cyanobacteria compared to strains from aquatic ecosystems. Source Here
Let's dive deeper.
Breathing small amounts of hydrogen cyanide may cause headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, and vomiting. Larger amounts may cause gasping, irregular heartbeats, seizures, fainting, and even rapid death. Generally, the more serious the exposure, the more severe the symptoms. Teatment for cyanide poisoning includes breathing pure oxygen, and in the case of serious symptoms, treatment with specific cyanide antidotes. Persons with serious symptoms will need to be hospitalized. Call your doctor or the Emergency Department if you develop any unusual signs or symptoms within the next 24 hours, especially: difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, or chest pain confusion or fainting increased pain or a discharge from your eyes increased redness, pain, or a pus-like discharge in the area of a skin burn.
24 hours. Strong odors. Went to bed and then woke up sick. Respiratory problems.
Strange how it sounds like the Dominican Republic deaths and sicknesses, isn't it?
The microverse of microbes is changing, adapting to new food supplies and doing what they do best, recycling products for food to create energy, and that energy is creating heat and starting fires, and it's also outgassing flammable fumes as a byproduct of heat created through the respiration needed to make energy. It's a small problem that is the biggest problem we've ever faced, and it will get worse as the environmental collapse picks up steam. And part of the collapse is because of the microbial balance. This is what they do, they recycle the earth, and keep the biosphere going. And since we've introduced petroleum products like plastic, microbes appeared to eat and breakdown the plastic and recyle it back into the biosphere. Just like the increased microbes are recycling the excess sulfur coming from hydrothermal vents in the ocean, and from fissures in the earths mantle being created through tectonic plates undergoing subduction. But the Rotten Egg smell is only because of Super Pollution and atmospheric inversion events.
Yep. Ok. Keep the Calm Before the Storm and Carry On.
The New Normal is all connected, and We're All In This Together. This is how normal ends, not with a bang, but with the New World Order.
Keep Your Head Up and Eyes Open. Talk soon.
submitted by biggreekgeek to conspiracy


Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 8th, 2020

  • 'REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NY' Hires Eboni K. Williams (TMZ) The "Real Housewives of New York City" is making a little history ... now that producers have hired their first Black cast member in the show's 13-year run. TMZ's learned the Bravo series hired Eboni K. Williams to join the Big Apple ladies for season 13, which is already in production. The attorney and TV host is ecstatic about her new gig, telling us ... "NYC is filled with successful and dynamic Black women. I’m excited to join this legendary franchise as the first Black housewife. Can’t wait to share a slice of life in this city that hasn’t been seen before." She added, "Anyone who’s aware of my work knows I don’t hold back. I’m going to keep it just as real here as I do everywhere else." The 37-year-old Charlotte native co-hosted "FOX News Specialists" before leaving FNC at the end of 2018. For a short time, Eboni co-hosted a talk show on WABC Radio in NYC and currently co-hosts "State of the Culture" on Diddy's REVOLT TV. Eboni earned her law degree from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law -- and she clerked for Louisiana's Secretary of State and the state's Attorney General. Bottom line ... she can hold her own in an argument, which should come in handy. As we reported, the show's producers also shot with Bershan Shaw, another potential Black housewife. In the end, they decided Eboni was the better fit as a full-time cast member. We're told it's still possible Bershan will make appearances."
  • Little video clip of Ramonja having a visit together (Queens of Bravo Twitter)
  • Shannon Beador on the Demise of the Tres Amigas and Starting Fresh on 'RHOC' (ET Online Exclusive) "Shannon Storms Beador is the last "amiga" standing on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and she's OK with that -- though it did take some getting used to for the 56-year-old. "I'm not gonna lie, at the very beginning of filming I was a little concerned, because I didn't really have close relationships with any of the cast," Shannon tells ET over video chat from her Newport Beach home. "But you know, what has been nice about it is that I have been able to develop those relationships now that Vicki and Tamra aren't there." Shannon says what Tamra and Vicki have put out there is simply not true (re: the demise of their friendship), at least not her truth. She suggests she didn't know how they were feeling because the women went to the press first, instead of to Shannon. "I dispute what they've said," she says. "I am not the person to sink down to a level to argue with people -- that I consider close friends -- in the press or on social media. That's not who I am, that's not what I'm made of, so I just feel like I have a little bit more decorum than they do. I don't wanna engage with them, except to say that the things that they've been saying, especially Tamra, it's a laundry list of things that aren't true." Shannon, who is now RHOC*'*s longest-running current star (she joined in season 9), says she has no contact with her former "BFFs," with no plans to change that in the near future, either. "It's interesting when people say, 'You can pick up the phone….' What moron would pick up the phone when someone's been bashing them for months on end?" she asks. "I mean, it almost got to a point where it was weekly, where yet another untruth [would come out] and, you know -- I take the high road in those situations, and I'm gonna continue to do that." "I really have no reason to be around them anymore," Shannon adds. "We live, like, 45 minutes away from each other, so it's not like we're in the same social circles or anything like that. I don't know when I would ever potentially run into them again." "I suppose I should never say never, 'cause I'm one of those people that have said, 'I'm done!' And then we're friends, and Kelly Dodd might be an example of that. So, never say never, but for now I don’t, I have no desire.” Shannon says Kelly, her frenemy on the show for five years now, actually helped her process the end of her relationship with Vicki and Tamra, who was publicly upset when Shannon shared a photo posing with Kelly. "It just hurt my feelings," Tamra said to ET. "She was always the one telling me last year, 'Don't hang out with Kelly, don't hang out with Kelly, don't hang out with Kelly,’ you know?” Shannon says her opinion of Kelly was largely based on Tamra's experience with the outspoken Housewife. The pair sparred for years, especially in Tamra's final season, sharing below-the-belt jabs back and forth episode after episode. "I'm a very loyal friend, so if you attack my best friend, in my eyes you're attacking me," Shannon explains. "I had some revelations after she kind of explained what she was doing. Now, do I think her intentions towards Tamra were kind or nice? No. But I took them personally, that she was going after me, as well, and she explained to me that she wasn't and what she said made sense to me, so when I hear that, I'm going to give her another chance." Shannon and Kelly’s journey toward friendship will be a central part of the early episodes of *RHOC'*s 15th season. The women are now neighbors, living within walking distance of one another. "I don't like to argue with anyone," she adds. "I do have opinions -- always -- and I have no fear of expressing them. That being said, I don't like to be in arguments with people, I just don't." Kelly’s behavior during the coronavirus pandemic has sparked much controversy in the Real Housewives fanbase. The 45-year-old spent much of the first few weeks of California’s lockdown orders traveling the country, hopping up and down the East Coast with her fiancé, Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal. Amid her travels, the reality star frequently went on Instagram Live to share her non-expert opinions on the state of the virus, even suggesting everyone should go out and catch COVID-19 "like chickenpox," among other comments. She's apologized for some, but Kelly's never stopped posting on social media about the virus, often sharing false information. "I don't necessarily agree with a lot of things that she said," Shannon says of Kelly’s pandemic activity. "She puts her foot in her mouth a lot and it's not good. You know, when this pandemic first hit, I was petrified. Like I couldn't sleep. I was a mess, and so people are still dying from it. It's a serious illness and you don't know if you're going to be seriously affected by it or not." Shannon and her three daughters -- Sophie, 18, and twins Adeline and Stella, 16 -- contracted the virus over the summer. They documented their battle with the disease for RHOC, and Shannon says some of Kelly’s comments have been “horrible.” Kelly continues to spark more controversy with her seeming lack of interest in, or concern for, the call for racial justice in America. She recently defended wearing a hat emblazoned with the phrase "Drunk Wives Matter," stylized to look like the Black Lives Matter logo. Fans should expect to see the cast discuss both the pandemic and the reckoning on racism with Kelly onscreen this season, most likely by way of Braunwyn Windham-Burke. The season 14 newbie has been outspoken on social media about the social movement and the 2020 presidential election. Shannon seems to have mixed feelings about Braunwyn this season, even though they spent most of season 14 in a good place. Judging by the trailer, Braunwyn finds herself at odds with most of the women in her sophomore season. "She just kind of, I feel like, came in guns blazing and I think you see from the trailer I'm not pleased with some of the things that she's done," Shannon shares. "I think you'll see in the season some of us kind of perplexed a little bit about what's going on with her." "All of us kind of have our antennas raised with Braunwyn this season," she teases. "Was the love shack real? Was it really?" There's also a new girl this year, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, and historically, Shannon has not gotten along with the new cast members (for reference, see: Meghan King Edmonds, Peggy Sulahian, Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily Simpson and, most famously, Lydia McLaughlin). "She's a lot, Elizabeth Vargas is a lot," Shannon admits. "I had fun with her … she was fun, but you know, we kind of had a little something, too. She's a very complex person and I'll just leave it at that. There's a lot of layers to peel off." Fans can judge Elizabeth for themselves -- and everything else that unfolds in season 15 -- when The Real Housewives of Orange County premieres next Wednesday, Oct. 14, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo."
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  • Erika Girardi Claps Back at Critic Who Questioned What Her Son Would Think of Her Lingerie Photos (people.com) "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently clapped back at an Instagram commenter who used her 26-year-old police officer son, Tommy Zizzo, to shame her photos. “Hum, whats your son think about these types of photos you post and all his fellow officers seeing it?” the user wrote below photos Girardi shared of herself posing in lingerie and heels. Girardi, 49, then responded, “They have more important things to worry about than me. Nice try.”
  • RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna, 57, shares incredible bikini snap after being shamed by trolls for posing in lingerie shoot (The Scottish Sun) "Lisa Rinna has hit back at trolls who told her she was too old to pose in lingerie by posting a snap of herself in skimpy bikini - and offering a political PSA. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 57, posed in a rainbow sequin bikini and captioned the snap by suggesting she was going to offer up her exercise and diet routine. But instead, she wrote: "I start by voting as early as possible for #joebiden and #kamalaharris and all of the other democratic candidates. "Then try isaacboots Torch’d class which will tone dat ass so then you can kick some white supremacists ass cuz the president is racist." Lisa concluded: "This was inspired by zoeisabellakravitz 🙌🏻 #vote." The post came after she shared behind the scenes video of a lingerie shoot but was attacked by fans for her lack of "self-respect."
  • ‘RHOBH’: Thom Filicia From ‘Queer Eye’ Has the Inside Scoop Behind ‘Puppygate’ (cheatsheet.com) "Filicia got the scoop when he did Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and Kyle Richards from RHOBH was a co-guest. “I was on with Kyle and everyone loves Kyle,” Filicia recounted on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “So I was super excited to meet her,” he recalled. “Because I thought she was going to be this amazing person and so great. And I watched the episodes and I have to say her husband’s like, I love him. He seems like a really great guy. And a great dad and he’s kind of hunky. I’ve actually seen him at Aspen with his daughters. You know, because I’m a big skier. But I have to say, I didn’t think she was super savvy. Because I couldn’t believe that she bought this story about the dog.” “The interesting thing about that dog, which I can’t believe I’m talking about it because I couldn’t believe how boring the whole thing was,” Filicia said. “But Dorit and her husband, I think she just wanted that dog because it was like a good storyline. And she got the dog and they don’t really want a dog.” “And so what I found out behind the scenes, which was not talked about on Watch What Happens Live is that what was posed to me was that,” he added. “And I don’t even want to repeat how it was said because I think it was one of the tackiest things anyone has ever said to me.” “But what it was, it was about how it was $5,000 to return the dog to [Vanderpump Dogs] you know, shelter or whatever,” he said. “So to avoid the $5,000, that’s the real reason that the dog was put where it was put, but no one wanted to talk about that on television.” "I don’t know if that was ever talked about, but I do know in the green room behind that, I was told, ‘Look, I’m rich, but $5,000 is $5,000.’ And I was like, ‘We’re talking about a dog. We’re not talking about a house plant.’ You know what I mean?” Filicia said. “And if you sign a contract, just follow the rules, you know, and it’s like they all live very excessive lifestyles and I’m just like, I’m sure $5,000 is a dinner.” “So just do the right thing,” he said. “Be an elegant person. Step up to the plate and you know, be real. So I was just kind of like, huh?” Filicia added, “They said ‘I can’t believe that she was trying to be kind of difficult about this.’ And I was like, actually, she was kind of nice about it on camera, but like I said, but apparently, she was defending Dorit at this time.”
  • Brandi Glanville slams Ramona Singer on her ‘mortifying’ behaviour! (realhousewivesfranchise Instagram/Brandi Glanville unfiltered podcast) "On her Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast on October 2, Brandi spoke with former RHONY cast member Barbara Kavovit about Ramona. Brandi noted that she met Ramona in Los Angeles when Kristen Taekman, invited her to dinner with them. “I was mortified. I had two of my girlfriends with me, she was so rude to them, she was rude to the waiter, she was rude to everyone and I was just like, I come to this restaurant all the time, I know the waiter’s name, he’s nice, you can’t treat people like shit,” Brandi said during the podcast. Although Brandi was less than impressed with Ramona’s behaviour at dinner, she did admit that Ramona makes good TV. “I do like to watch her delusion,” Brandi laughed. “She really believes all of this stuff that she’s saying! I can’t say that I don’t enjoy her on the show because I do, I love a crazy person. She believes everything that she says, she believes everything that comes out of her own mouth and it’s just … I don’t even think she listens to other people. It’s just her way or the highway.”
  • RHOP star Wendy Osefo talks her first season as a housewife: My kids keep me grounded (Champagne and Shade) “It has been a journey, to say the least,” Wendy said of the path to becoming the newest Real Housewife of Potomac, noting that after friends and family gave their blessing for her to join the cast, she knew she would regret not joining while she had the opportunity. “I was asked to join the cast, and at first I didn’t want to do it,” But Wendy continued that over time, and with the encouragement of her family, she decided to do it. “I did not want to be 90 years old and look back on my life and be like ‘Oh, what would have happened if I did this?'” Her first introductions to the group were through Candiace Dillard Bassett and Karen Huger, even though we know how Karen handled that. “‘Good terms’ is an interesting word, we’re not friends,” Wendy laughed when asked if she was on good terms with Karen at the time. She added that there is no ill-will towards Huger, but they are not friends. On that same note, she explained that watching Karen’s interviews on the show was eye-opening. “If you notice, everything Karen has said about me has been in her confessionals. There hasn’t been anything that she’s said to me to my face so that was interesting watching it back. You know, where all her comments about me were in her confessionals.” As far as favorite moments from her first season as a housewife, Wendy says that the sip and see for her daughter, Kamrynn, was the obvious choice. The party was done in a way to welcome baby Kamrynn to the world in a traditional Nigerian way. That will certainly be a memory their family can look back on forever. It also sounds like Wendy’s boys both have enjoyed watching their mom join the show. When discussing ways she uses to unplug from the whole “housewives” world, Wendy credits her family for keeping her grounded. “My kids keep me grounded,” Wendy confessed. “You have to know what is a priority in your life and who is a priority in your life, and for me, my children are definitely that.” (more in article)
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  • Jill Zarin says she’s not married after posing with boyfriend at wedding (Page Six) "Jill Zarin isn’t ready to become a “Real Housewife” again. The former “RHONY” star, 56, clarified that she and her longtime boyfriend Gary Brody did not say “I do” despite posing for adorable photos at a wedding. I am NOT married! I would wear a white dress! We just went to my nieces joannawexler beautiful wedding in August in Westport. My sister lisawexler.radio daughter!” she told her fans via Instagram. “But I love all the love today!” Page Six first spotted Zarin and Brody together in June 2018. They began dating after she lost her husband Bobby Zarin to cancer in January 2018. Things became serious quickly for the couple, as Brody was spotted ordering an engagement ring in June 2019 and they moved in together in August of that year. She told us in November 2019 that she is open to marrying again, but she “doesn’t know” if she would do a televised wedding."
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  • Gabourey Sidibe Still Feels Bad About Shading Porsha Williams From ‘RHOA’: ‘I Think About It All the Time’ (cheatsheet.com) "She was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and said something she truly regrets. According to Sidibe, she commented on Porsha Williams of RHOA. Now, she’s more careful when on podcasts and shows that discuss real people. “It’s really hard to talk about these housewives. I was on Watch What Happens Live and I said something that later I felt so bad. I said something about Porscha, insinuating that she was not very smart, and I think about it all the time … I feel bad.” Sidibe knows what it’s like to be talked about. It’s part of being an actor, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. “All the time, I’m just sitting here and all of a sudden somebody will say some sh*t about me on TV. And I’ll be like, ‘I was just sitting here! Why’d you do that? I don’t know you!’ I would never want something to feel that way.” She feels bad that she may have done that to Williams, so now she’s more careful about what she says."
  • Real Housewives star looks stunning in her wedding dress as she says 'I do' for the second time (Manchester Evening News) A Real Housewives of Cheshire star has revealed she's walking down the aisle for a second time as she shared a glimpse of what to expect from the new series. Nicole Sealey looks stunning as she poses in her white Philip Armstrong bridal gown in photo shared on her Instagram. "Preparing for our vow renewal Are you ready to join me and joe_sealey1 to celebrate!!" she captioned the snap from their big day. And her smitten husband Joe told her: "You should celebrate marrying me twice," adding a winking emoji."
  • Video: Emily Spivey on WWHL being asked to compare SNL cast members to housewives (WWHL youtube) Here are the answers she gave: Tina Fey = Bethenny Frankel, Amy Poehler = Kyle Richards, Kristin Wiig = Lisa Vanderpump, Ana Gasteyer = Luann De Lesseps, Rachel Dratch = Caroline Manzo (Emily did a pretty good Caroline impression here lol), Molly Shannon = Lea Black, Maya Rudolph = Erika Jayne
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