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Streetrace rivals struggles with originality and fails to deliver an everlasting experience for the player. It is the sixteenth installment of the NBA 2K franchise. The newer version of the Papa Pear Saga Cheats Tool has been made. Hold down the left mouse button, space bar, or anywhere on the touchscreen to accelerate, and release to. Crystal saga hack 2020 browse around these guys. Streetrace rivals hack v3.2.rar.

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An opinion about FH4 from a first time Forza player.

TL;DR: Cars: Excellent, Customization: Good, Gameplay: Really good, Drivatars: Ford Focus, Winter: Boring, Online Races: Garbage, Free Roam Rush: Ass, Graphics and performance: Really good.
Hi guys,
like the title mentions I have never played a Forza game before and I got FH4 and already clocked over 100 hours and reached rank Prestige 1 Rank 90. I just wanted to put out my opinion about the game and for that I'll use the Sandwich method. First I'll tell something that I liked, than something that I didn't like before I'll close with something positive again.
One important note is, I have no knowledge about previous titles, so I don't know if some problems are new or if they persisted throughout the franchise.
The positives:
  • Cars: The amount of cars and the variety in this game is insane. Especiall when you consider the details they put into the car, e.g. the interior and the cockpit dashboards of each car.
  • Customization: I think it has the right amount of customization, especially the paint jobs are ridiculous. More bodykits for more cars would always be better but considering the amount of cars the customization is so good in this game! I already spent a few hours just customizing the cars that I drive on a regular basis.
  • Driving Gameplay: I like the feeling of the driving gameplay and it's really good to drive with a controller. The options are plentyful and you can change the settings to your needs and go as hardcore as you'd like while also giving more rewards if you chose to go more hardcore compared to other games like F1 2018 where driving without assists is almost a punishment.
The negatives and peculiar things I've noticed:
  • Drivatars: The drivatars are effing garbage and it's so obvious that the AI is cheating. I noticed it pretty early on that something is wrong when the first two cars always took off like planes if they had wings, even with the most shit cars. There are so many better ways to make a better AI. An easy proposition would be depending on the difficulty setting the AI is going more for a racing line and use the Throttle and Brakes more efficiently, then there would be no need for such obvious cheating.
  • Winter Season: For me, the winter season was the least amount of fun in this game by far. It's just a pain in the ass to drive anywhere and race in races. Especially when it comes to business or story quests. It becomes so obvious that those missions are normed for seasons which are not winter, e.g. Fastest Rental Quest with the Aston Martin Vulcan and the Speedtrap, during winter it's impossible to get 3 stars because you can't properly accelerate in the snow. And I can imagine that some people will say that I then should just wait for the next season. But to be honest I want to play the quests when I want to play it and don't want to wait a week or more for the season to change.
  • Race variety: The race variety is okay I guess, but when playing online it feels like I'm always racing on the same tracks and then the feeling of "There are only 10 tracks in this game!" appears. I don't get why all races are for all the seasons. Why are there not 4 different sets of race events for all seasons aside from seasonal events? It's more fun to drive a race in winter if it was conceptualized for winter rather than a track which was obviously made for summer. I'm already getting bored because I did all the races, all the signs and zones so there is little to do.
  • Rivals, which let's be honest is Time Trial: I can't comprehend how in a time trial mode there is randomized traffic on some tracks and other tracks are barren. Either have the traffic fixed for all players so there's no difference or just remove it in time trial, the amount of traffic ruining a good corner because you have to evade = throwing a new best out of the window is insane and very frustrating.
  • Online Team-Adventures: It is beyond me why I'm not able to chose what races I want to race. In the majority of time me and my buddy want to do Streetrace and the amount of Dirt and Cross Country coming up is ridiculous. We instantly nope out if anything besides Streetrace appears. Why can't we chose what we want to race? If you have to shove gamemodes down the throat of players by forcing them to play certain gamemodes says a lot about why people might not want to play said mode.
  • Online Races - Ramming: It's no complaint about people ramming because I knew what I was getting into when I watched Youtube videos before I got the game, but there are two things which rub me the wrong way and I hope someone can give more explanations on how this mechanic works. One thing is the weird ghosting of either me or other people, I don't get how the game decides on who, where and how long someone is getting ghosted. While being ghosted you can just overtake all the people and can't be blocked. I didn't notice any consistency which makes it impossible for me to anticipate it. The other thing is I don't get touching in general. I don't understand how opponents in much lighter and sometimes with weaker engines can push me to the side when my car is much heavier and/or has more power. I permanently get shoved of the track, even though I'm countersteering.
  • Online Races - Wallriding: I've read online that people have similar opinions to mine when it comes to wallriding. Main issue is that people use the Horizon Festival walls that appear only during races to wallride. I think this can be solved by increasing the friction between the car and the wall when the car touching the wall is above a certain speed threshold while in a corner to slow them way more to make wallriding more disadvantageous.
  • Online Races - Freeroam Rush: I despise this gamemode. I get the idea and I think the idea is pretty cool to drive to the next race location but I despise this implementation so much I don't even want to play online races. To me it is just gambling on whether or not I'm going to hit a tree/rock/house/some other bs. Why those races are included in the scoring is beyond me. Exclude it from the scoring and make it Best of 3's. Give the winning team of a Freeroam Rush extra credits and standing that way you don't kick people in the teeth who use their time and make tunings for their cars or people who want to use RWD.
  • Not a negative point but I think might be worth it to point it out: So far I had a sizeable amount of new players either in my team or the opponents team that were driving stock cars. I think it might be a good idea to put a Note when you start playing ranked or online in general for the first time which expalins how the various classes work (D Class to X Class) and to tune your cars for the various classes. I think independent from how good a player is, if they are driving stock cars, especially A or S1 class, they tend to be smoked so hard its not even funny.
Let's close with some positives:
  • Graphics: The graphics in this game are so good! I really like the different areas of the map and the variety of the environment you can drive around in. I like the colorfulness and the "good atmosphere".
  • Performance: I'm playing on PC and the performance is really good. I remember when people where upset about the UWP performance of the Windows store, but I can't agree whatsoever. Stable performance all around except for 1 crash during all my hours played.
My Rating: 7/10 Could easily be 9/10 or 5/7, if you will, if they'd improve Online mode and increase the track variety and most importantly get rid of Freeroam Rush.
submitted by Yachiyo1 to forza

WISHES Raise Money for Street-Racing Film

Hello, we are the DriftBomb Productions team. We are starting a YouTube channel where we will be uploading short/ full films with various categories.
Our first film, which we'll begin filming in August, is a street-racing film. We need help to raise a small budget of around $50,000 to help buy some equipment and vehicle modifications, such as cameras, drones, props, microphones, car performance mods, car body mods, and maybe a JDM car legend. We've already found the actors and the CGI team needed for the film. We're just waiting for the script to be completed and for some equipment to be bought.
Until August, we need help raising the target money.
~ DriftBomb Productions team
submitted by DrezZone to gofundme