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Darius build guides for S10 Patch 10.21.

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[Guide]Support and General Strategy Guide (Season 16)

[Guide]Support and General Strategy Guide (Season 16)


Early Season 16 is the Support META.
This meta doesn't mean that Supports became Carry or more important than core roles. However, drafting, banning and strategies accommodate them the most. Utility intensive heroes like Valir, Selena, Diggie, Nana and Jawhead are priority picks or banned as of writing of this guide. The most important factors that shaped this meta are the changes made to the Red Buff, nerfs to MMs, and Flameshot.
The current meta heavily favors anti-dive, warding, hard crowd control, debuff, purify, knockback and displacement to protect the Red Carry - usually a marksman or the assassin who takes the red buff. Previous seasons, tanks and fighters are expected to breach the enemy frontlines or punish unsafe positioning to take out the carry. With Flameshot, diving tanks are crippled heavily and heroes without CC are able to do new outplays.
Using Support to climb pre-draft ranks (Grandmaster and below) is NOT recommended since the lack of draft makes them under-utilized.
Like tanking, Support is about adjustments and objectives. Not all Supports are played the same way but I believe they all have something in common which brings us to the Principles of Support:
  1. Your place in the team depends on the current META
  2. Your do not prioritize kills
  3. You fill what’s needed, you do not do others’ jobs
  4. You do not work alone
  5. Your carry’s survival come first than yours
  6. You do not make tank’s job harder by needing to be protected
  7. You do not slow your team down.
  8. You do not take the gold, the buff, and the experience points.
These laws or general guidelines are things we keep in mind for the rest of the guide.

I. What is a Support?

Pure Support class is the smallest in ML, and it’s very tricky what exactly qualifies them as one. In League of Legends, as far as my knowledge goes, Support is tied to bottom lane heroes to accompany the Marksman, but in ML it’s not always the case.
"Support" in Mobile Legends has expanded from those labeled as such, to heroes that can equip Roam Items to maximize their laning partner’s farm and leveling.
Here is a Support table I made to summarize the function in ML

Pure Support Rafaela, Estes, Angela, Diggie Utility intensive heroes.
Frontline Support Kaja, Lolita, Minotaur, Carmilla. This includes all second tanks and Support-capable Fighters like Chou, Minsitthar, Jawhead, Silvanna, Badang Can withstand damage (to some extend) or fulfill tank/initiator functions, offer peeling or crowd control
Mage Support Faramis, Nana, Carmilla. This can include crowd-control mages like: Valir, Selena, Aurora, Gord, Pharsa among others. Provides sufficient magic damage for the team. Carry mages can be used as Support with Roam items as long as they have utility. Utility intensive heroes.
The usual functions of Supports are the following:
  • Sustain/Heal - The first thing that comes to people’s minds when Support is mentioned due to the traditional RPG roles.
  • Buff - Good status effects you can provide to your ally like speed boost, purify, and shields.
  • Ward/Vision - Allows your team to see beyond their range, what’s inside the grass area, and concealed enemies. Some wards also act like traps that can damage opponents and force them to retreat.
  • Zoning - Similar to wards, it’s about denying space to opponents. Zoning skills are not necessarily cast on enemies but on area.
  • Poke - Offensive function that is low cost and low cooldown.
  • Crowd Control - Any slow, stun, knock-up, root, suppression that you can provide for your team. CC have different levels of magnitude, some are “soft” and non-fatal while some will incapacitate or hit several enemies. Suppression is the hardest form of CC as it cannot be purified.
  • Pick-off/Displace - Similar to crowd-control, this function allows a hero to isolate or lock an opponent and displace them from their current positioning.
  • Debuff - Bad status effects you can inflict to your opponents like lowering their defense, damage or movement speed, or magnifying the damage your allies inflict.
  • Peel - Protecting ally from melee attackers, making enemies unable to gap the distance or forcing them to retreat.
  • Frontline - What Tank role is about. This function can be fulfilled by a Support once the tank dies or gets bypassed.

II. META and Strategies

Supports are conditional to the META.
META (Most Effective Tactics Available) changes fast due to new heroes, items, adjustments, jungle and heavily dictated by the top squads. Supports are sensitive to the meta and there are seasons where they are drafted minimally. Depending on the meta they can be replaced by another Tank, Assassin, Fighter or Mage.
Support meta is not necessarily the same as previous seasons and in Season 16, a lot of strategies are actually viable. In my opinion, this is the most balanced season since I started in Season 4. All strategies depend on the draft and don't work all the time and each team must learn to adjust accordingly if the situation calls for it. Here are some strategies where Supports are utilized:
Strategy What to do Risks
Standard (1-2-2) Covers the widest range of heroes and the safest for uncoordinated teams. Toplane will hold and push, midlane will gank, zone and take objectives, while botlane is for farming. Support’s role is to go bottom lane to protect the marksman. If faced with more than two enemies midlane that are properly drafted and coordinated, your team might get overwhelmed or suppressed, opening the possibility of getting invaded.
Hypercarry (1-3-1) Goal is to have a Purple Carry (Blue and Red Buff), aggressively take objectives, and keep the Carry alive through strong peeling and zoning. The Support goes midlane to assist the Midlaner and Tank. Your sole mid carry, and the midlane trio need to execute this properly because otherwise the whole team falls apart. Your tank needs to rotate properly and fast. If your mid carry can’t dominate or perform poorly, you may have no carry left to win the game.
Trilane (1-3-1) Goal is to feed your Blue Carry and gank with two Roam items wearers to support. This allows the Red Carry to farm botlane alone. Support goes midlane to gank with the Midlaner and Tank, but if necessary, the Support can help bottom lane if it’s being attacked and the Tank isn’t present. Same risks as Hypercarry. The failure to zone the bottom lane might allow the enemy to feed on your Red Carry and cripple his farm.
(Blue) Invade Blue Invade was a crucial strategy during the height of Blue Mage carries (Gusion, Lylia, Esmeralda). This can still be used to cripple mages and assassins in Season 16 depending on team line up, but not necessarily the best strategy. You’re going to risk an early death and possibly feed the enemy instead of naturally leveling up your carry. Do you really need to invade their buff?
(Red) Invade In some instances this is done by the Offlaner. A strong, coordinated early game draft can also overwhelm midlane and steal Red. Most likely your enemy already went to the Red Buff first. You’re going to risk an early death and possibly feed the enemy instead of naturally leveling up your carry. Do you really need to invade their buff?
Note that these strategies aren’t necessarily exclusive to one another. Your team can do some of them simultaneously or adapt depending on the enemy choices. You need to switch and adapt strategies if needed.
  • Crowd Control Meta - Seasons where priority picks are those that can provide the hardest CC, including suppression. Crowd control chains encouraged the use of Purify and sustain for prolonged fights. This META is not necessarily obsolete but CC heroes like Kaja, Franco, Minotaur and Minsitthar fell out of favor to new ones. Flameshot has been used by players to mitigate the lack of CC abilities.
  • Sustain Meta - Outdated meta as of writing of this guide. Healers are utilized to support roaming midlaners and fighters to successfully conquer early game. Sustain meta heavily favor Fighters, Tanks or early game carry heroes like Kimmy accompanied by Rafaela or Estes. Revitalize is used for additional sustain. Sustain fell down due to Red Buff, Burst damage and because of other Supports that can easily equip anti-heal early game.
  • Fighter Carry - Team relying on Fighters like Leomord, Aldous and Guinevere to Carry. This can still work lower ranks especially pre-draft pick, but not very effective as you climb higher.
  • Note to Filipinos: PLEASE STOP BANNING ESTES. Stop living in 2019.
Old meta also isn’t necessarily an automatic loss as long as your team can implement your strategy properly. Better to have a strategy than none especially if the draft is already in place.

III. Drafting, Laning and Gameplay

I’ve written it in several of my guides but I have to stress what a traditional team composition is for a Support player to know their place.
  1. Midlaner (Blue Buff) - A hero with early game damage and better equipped with speed to gank lanes or invade. They are usually Assassins or Mages as they reach their power spike early.
  2. Tank (Roam Item) - Tanks are the primary frontliners and main decision maker in teamfight engagements. Due to their position, they lead the rotation and taking of objectives.
  3. ADC (Red Buff) - Usually the Marksman, but can be Assassins or Fighter too. In Season 16, Marksman and Assassins are meta over Fighters. A lot of heroes that belong to this class don’t reach an early power spike unliker midlaners but are able to inflict massive damage after completing core items.
  4. Solo LaneOfflaner - Traditionally, they are Fighters with high independence, good wave clear, and split push capable that can defend or win lanes alone. In some cases, they can be mages or assassins. The new offlane meta made durable bruisers like Uranus viable.
  5. “Support” (Roam Item) - Now this is where Support’s place, but teams can either put a Second Tank, Offtank Fighter or Utility Mage depending on META.
There are non-traditional team compositions like tankless teams, two supports, three fighters etc. They are generally not recommended unless you're in a five man with friends.
As we talked about what kind of strategies work and what team composition is needed to do it, a Support player should be aware of the different laning strategies that your team can use:

1-2-2 Standard It consists of a Fighter (toplane), Tank, Mage & Support/Tank (midlane), Marksman/ADC & Support/Tank (botlane).
1-3-1 Hypercarry Hypercarry heroes include Claude, Karrie, Granger, Kimmy, Lancelot, Ling, Hayabusa (midlane)* accompanied by two Support type heroes (Tank/Fighte Support and a Zoner). Would require two solo laners to hold top and bottom lanes.
1-3-1 Blue Trilane Midlaners would be Tank/Initiator, Support, and Blue Carry. Toplane will be an offlaner while botlane is an ADC/Marksman.
2-2-1 Reversed Support/Fighter and Mage (toplane), Tank and Midlaner (mid), and solo lane ADC (botlane). A niche strategy with assassins like Helcurt, Natalia and Hayabusa to replace a MM. May also work to counter 1-2-2 to suppress the enemy MM.
1-3-1, 0-4-1, 0-3-2 Invade Requires heroes with strong level 1 capacity that can overwhelm enemy depending on the draft. Most popular invade heroes are Grock, Kimmy, Selena among others. Invade is not always feasible and again: it depends.
Note: Removed Esmeralda among hypercarry because she cannot compete with the ones meta.
How do Supports assist these roles?
Support is supposed to fill what your teammates cannot do. You make sure you know your place and not attempt duplicate roles. Like everyone else, you should not feed. While it’s better for a Support to die instead of a Carry, it’s better to have zero deaths.

Teammate Their job Your job
Midlaner Carry Leveling up fast, ganking, taking control of objectives located in the midlane (Litho, Blue Buff and Turtle). Equipping Roam Item, warding, providing vision, healing, peeling, assisting in jungle, giving them the last hit in secured kills. If you’re midlane you follow their rotation
Red/Botlane Carry Leveling up fast, farming, surviving from ganks and pushing the bottom tower. When farmed enough, they join teamfights while the FighteOfflaner takes over split pushing. Equipping Roam Item, warding, providing vision, healing, peeling, assisting in jungle, giving them the last hit in secured kills. In botlane your job is to make sure your Carry is safe but you may gank midlane if needed, help with Turtle, but otherwise it’s your priority to protect the botlane Carry.
Tank Frontline:they decide the engagement or initiation, but also lead retreat when necessary. Tanks dictate rotations with the goal of taking objectives. Hiding behind them and generally avoiding being attacked by the enemy first. If you’re midlane you follow the Tank’s rotation. Providing extra vision is important like putting wards on grass or locations where the tank might not see.
Offlaner Holding a lane alone, stealing enemy jungle, pushing lanes, defending lanes, clearing minions waves. Leave them alone. You can help them as long as it does not compromise assisting your Carry (in cases where they’re dead or recalled), or if other lanes do not need defending.

When do you NOT Draft Supports
  • When their skillset isn’t meta. (Will be expanded later)
  • If your team does not have ADC/Marksman There is no point in picking a Support in this meta if none of your team can deliver high damage and push.
  • If your team has two tanks already. Two tanks need three damage dealers and ranged carry (ADC fighter or splitpusher, Mage and MM). Even two tanks will die if your team doesn't have enough damage.
Who are the priority pick Supports?

Meta picks Pros Cons/Risks
Diggie Anti dive, anti-CC and anti-tank. Has wards for vision and can scout after death. Purify is crucial against an enemy team comp reliant on crowd control to work - Johnson, Minotaur, Tigreal, Akai for example. He can also mess up positioning and peel divers away from his carry. Purify skill not optimal as counter-pick if enemies don’t have CC. Can’t purify suppression enemies like Kaja and Franco.
Nana Anti dive/anti engage, and debuffer. Has wards for CC and vision. Hurts dive reliant carry like Leomord, Esmeralda or Gusion. She can also mess up short ranged kiters like Wanwan, Granger or Karrie, or can interrupt a tank's engage and soften the frontline through Molina’s debuff skills. Might not be optimal if enemies are not dive reliant.
Valir Anti dive/anti engage, very low cooldown crowd control, displacement through knockback. Hurts dive reliant carries and tanks. Easier for tanks to protect due to his Purify skill. All the weakness of a burst mage: helpless when skills are in cooldown.
Selena Can set up wards, has low cooldown single-target hard and long-ranged crowd control. Her traps and are excellent in providing vision. Strong early game damage and mobility. Difficult to use effectively. Requires strong accuracy and good placement of traps due to high margin of error. Has no dedicated ranged ability for poking and terrible in wave clear.
Jawhead Pick-off/displacement at level 1, mobility and strong early game damage. Can be flexible and assume a FighteOfflaner role in the laning phase but still support in teamfights. Vulnerable to anti dive skills, being zoned by the tank and ranged attacks.
Note: Other Supports and Support-type heroes can still work and are not necessarily obsolete compared to ones listed above like Carmilla, Lolita, Chou, and more. Burst mages that are Carry types like Pharsa and Cecilion are also prioritized because they can equip Roam to be "support." It depends on the draft and there are many strategies outlined above where they will shine. As long as the hero that took the Roam Item knows what to do as a Support player and what it takes to win, then it would still be sufficient.
And yes, sadly Rafaela and Estes are currently NOT meta as of March 2020, as I explained why Sustain is not the best strategy nowadays. Sadly, Kaja also fell out of the meta due to excessive nerfs and Flameshot. Rafaela may still be used as counter-pick against Natalia, and generally good for Grock and Kimmy.

IV. Builds, Emblems and Spells

There is no standard build except to buy Wooden Mask first and basic Boots or two mana necklaces at the beginning of the game. The rest of the build can be for mana, cooldown reduction, or durability/survivability. The game doesn’t have an exclusive Support items tab.
Generic items that are recommended for Backline Supports.
  1. Courage Mask if your tank will build Shadow Mask. Can be completed after boots or first item depending on the hero and your preference.
  2. Necklace of Durance - Anti-Heal, good against Estes and regeneration/shields heavy heroes like Uranus and Esmeralda.
  3. Fleeting Time - Reduces ultimate skill cooldown every time there is an assist or kill. Good for Supports like Diggie, Angela and Estes.
  4. Ice Queen Wand - For extra slow effect, but not essential.
  5. Tank Items - the more durable a Support is, the easier time it is for the Tank. Also surviving a teamfight means you can unleash your skills again after cooldown.
It is best to check individual hero guides for builds. I’d like to say this build is due to my preference and I have no means to confirm if this is the best configuration. It's also best to adjust depending on enemy composition.
Generic Pure Support build:
The priority of Fleeting Time depends if he is specifically drafted as counter-pick. My Diggie style is Pure Support, some play him as an aggressive Mage.
And Generic Build for Mage-Support
There are tons of Valir builds and this is only a preference, not necessarily better than the rest of Valir builds.
For Melee Supports, besides Roam items they generally build Tank items. It’s better to check individual hero guides.
Emblems for Supports
  • Support Emblem - Best with Hybrid Regeneration and Movement Speed. All talents work depending on your preference.
  • Mage Emblem - Can be used for Mage Supports. Some players prefer mage emblem even on pure supports for extra damage.
  • Tank Emblem - Generally recommended for Fighter Supports, but can be used for backline supports if you don’t have the two emblems above.
  • Magic/Physical Emblem - Not a good emblem, but better than nothing.
  1. Flameshot - Most recommended spell as of date, until it gets nerfed (who knows). This spell provides knockback and generally good for the anti-dive meta, for defense, for assisting kills, and eliminating opponents.
  2. Revitalize/Sprint/Aegis - If you do not have Flameshot yet, these are good spells for Supports.

Just some words

Everyone, let us support each other in this COVID-19 pandemic. Please stay inside unless you need to go out for work or to buy food for survival. My grandfather died in the last pandemic in 2009 known as the H1N1 virus. In that pandemic, the fatality rate was a mere 0.03% but it still took away someone irreplaceable to me. You may be young, healthy and want to go YOLO, but think of the people you can possibly infect.
A lot of us now are quarantined at our homes and facing something we are never prepared for. Mobile Legends has always been populated by all kinds of people. A lot are playing the game right now because they’re bored, but we might also be playing with or against people who lost their jobs, are sick, hungry or suffering due to this crisis. On a personal note, emotionally and mentally this year has been my worst since my grandfather died, and also financially draining too due to the pandemic.
We know it can be frustrating and highly competitive and games end up toxic even if we don’t want to but this is the opportunity for us to expand your friendships online to lessen the stress. Who knows maybe you can be friends in real life? Find people to play with and earn each other’s trust. Learn from each other and improve together. If you haven’t experienced that yet, why not try?
Thanks for reading.
submitted by pinkpugita to MobileLegendsGame

[Misc] Update Megathread! Notes, Feedback, and glitches!

You can make individual posts too, but feel free to share your thoughts and abby issues you notice here!
Release notes

The Spring Update Is Here!

The Spring 2020 Update for Clash of Clans is here! With this update we are introducing a ton of new features, new levels, and Quality of Life improvements to make Clash of Clans better than ever. Below you will find the patch notes for this super cool update!

Introducing: The Super Troops

There is a new structure in the Village that sits next to the Trader. When you click on this barrel-shaped building you can see which Super Troops are available. Super Troops is an all-new feature that allows you to temporarily power-up existing Troops into Super versions of themselves. Each Super Troop will have a special ability that sets them apart from their normal version, adding a whole new dimension to your Home Village.
Your village must be at least Town Hall 11.
Troops must meet the level requirement in order to be powered up into their Super version.
Once your Troop has been Super’d, that Super Troop is available for one week.
While active, your Super Troop replaces the normal version in the Barracks. You can only train the Super version if that power-up is currently active.
You can donate Super Troops as reinforcements to Clanmates.
Once the Super buff has expired, the unused Super Troops will remain in your Barracks until they are used or donated.
After the 7 days have passed, you will not be able to use the same Super Troop again for another 7 days. However, you may still turn your other available Troops into their Super versions.
Only one Super buff is available at a time.
Every Super Troop has an available trial mode that allows you to perform a special practice attack using that specific Super Troop so you can test drive it before you commit to the Super buff.
With the release of the Spring Update, 4 different Super Troops will be available; however, we will be adding more in future updates!

Super Barbarian

A stronger, faster version of the Barbarian who starts off Raged for 8 seconds after being deployed
Special Ability: Speed and damage are increased for the first 8 seconds
Favorite Target: Any
Damage Type: Single Target
Targets: Ground
Housing Space: 5
Movement Speed: 20
Super Cost: 50,000 Dark Elixir
Level Town Hall Level DPS HP Training Cost Training Time
8 11 180 1000 1500 Elixir 25s
9 12 200 1100 1750 Elixir25s

Sneaky Goblin

This Goblin has clearly been working out. A beefier version of the Goblin, he starts invisible to defenses for 5 seconds after being deployed.
Special Ability: Invisible to defenses for the first 5 seconds
Favorite Target: Resources (Damage X2)
Damage Type: Single Target
Targets: Ground
Housing Space: 3
Movement Speed: 32
Super Cost: 50,000 Dark Elixir
Level Town Hall Level DPS HP Training Cost Training Time
7 11 160 270 600 Elixir 21s
8 12 190 320 750 Elixir 21s

Super Wall Breaker

Looking for a big bada boom? The Super Wall Breaker rides into battle atop a Giant Bomb and is guaranteed to explode when he either reaches his target or is destroyed along the way. His explosion will break any Wall regardless of level.
Special Ability: Bigger bomb that never fails to go off
Favorite Target: Walls (Damage X40)
Damage Type: Area Splash
Targets: Ground
Housing Space: 8
Movement Speed: 28
Super Cost: 55,000 Dark Elixir
LevelTown Hall Level DPS Damage When Destroyed HP Training Cost Training Time
7 11 78 213 350 7200 Elixir
8 12 100 250 400 8000 Elixir
9 13 120 288 450 8800 Elixir

Super Giant

A scrappy brawler whose sole focus in life is to crush masonry in his massive hands. Super Giants deal extra damage to Walls and can carve through them like a Giant Cannon goes through Sneaky Archers.
Special Ability: Deals increased damage to Walls
Favorite Target: Defenses
Damage Type: Single Target
Targets: Ground
Housing Space: 10
Movement Speed: 12
Super Cost: 60,000 Dark Elixir
Level Town Hall Level DPS HP Training Cost Training Time
9 12 130 4200 9000 Elixir 1m

New Upgrade Levels

We have added new levels to upgrade for your Village’s Defenses, Troops, Buildings, and Spells.

Town Hall 9:

3rd Dark Elixir Drill can be constructed
Freeze Spell can be upgraded to level 2

Town Hall 11:

Gold Mine level 14
Elixir Pump level 14
Dark Elixir Pump level 8

Town Hall 12:

Barbarian level 9
Goblin level 8

Town Hall 13:

Archer Tower level 18
Mortar level 13
Bomb Tower Level 8
Minion level 9
Valkyrie level 8
Poison level 7
Additional X50 level 14 Wall pieces

New Practice Levels

Town Hall 12 practice level for Yetis
Town Hall 13 practice level for Siege Barracks and Royal Champion

Quality of Life Improvements

Clan Castle reinforcements are now sorted by the following criteria in order:
Lowest housing space first
If housing space is equal, additional behind the scenes data will sort
Lowest level first
New Hero Skin selection screen that is much easier to select which skin you want to apply to your Hero.
All Heroes will display in their selected skin under the Player Profile tab.
When acquiring a new skin, the UI to select the skin will automatically open.
Some selected skins will be able to be purchased outside of the Gold Pass.
Research Potions now boost the Laboratory speed by 24x instead of 10x.
The price for Research Potions has been increased from 70 Gems to 120 Gems in the Trader’s Daily Deals.
We’ve added an easier way for Content Creators to create a link to share with their viewers in order to use their Creator Code.
Introducing Friendly Challenge-specific Clan Castle Troops. Like Legend League, once they are set they will remain unchanged until you replace them.
Allow the use of Home Village layouts in Friendly Wars even if the layout is blocked by obstacles.
New option in the Settings menu to disable screen shake.
To help combat spying during the Clan War League seasons, players not on the roster or without a role in the Clan may not see the War League screen.

Game Balance

Modified Grand Warden’s AI to be less likely to follow Yetimites.
Eagle Artillery will be less likely to target Yetimites.
Modified Grand Warden’s AI to be less likely to follow Heroes.
Healer AI has been modified to be less likely to heal Golemites.
Defensive Ice Golem’s Freeze duration is reduced by 0.5 seconds.
Yetimite splash damage radius has been slightly reduced to avoid hitting adjacent buildings when attacking a 2x2 structure.
Yetimites no longer trigger deploying Clan Castle troops.
Yetimite damage against resource storages (including Town Hall) has been reduced by 50%.
Number of Wall Rings required to upgrade Walls has been reduced for certain levels:
Level 11: 2 -> 1
Level 12: 4 -> 3

Builder Base

Builder Base battles will now feature a tiebreaker. If both players achieve the same destruction and Stars, then the player with the most remaining time left will be the winner.
Training time from Builder Base Troops has been removed and can be used in an attack immediately.
Regeneration time for the Builder Machine has been removed.
Troops may still be trained even if the Barracks are being upgraded.
Clock Tower has been changed to the following:
Multiplier increased from 8x to 10x
Boost duration has been increased from 3-11 minutes to 14-30 minutes.
Cooldown time has been increased from 7 hours to 22 hours but the Gem price to skip the cooldown has been reduced.

Bug Fixes


Remove double heal from Hero abilities when activated manually and automatically at exactly same moment
Fix issues with Royal Champion not throwing her shield if ability is enabled while frozen
Fix forced retargeting after the following attack after destroying a Wall
Make Grand Warden able to do something sensible while his group is frozen
Make Grand Warden consider retargeting more frequently if he's not following any group
Fix Wall Wrecker getting stuck on Walls
Alert defending Royal Champion like other Heroes when enemies are approaching the altar
Fixed Electro Dragon sometimes targeting the same target twice within a single lightning chain (could happen when forced to retarget while the chain was still active)
Fix Royal Champion attacking non-defense buildings in rare cases

UI and Art

Show visual boost effect for O.T.T.O hut when Clock Tower is active
Do not show CC spells in CC troop area in attack confirm screen if someone donates spells while the screen is open
Show purple Hero level icons properly in attack confirm screen if Hero Potion is active
Show boosts properly when opening attack confirm screen via War or Friendly Challenge scout view
Gray out Join Clan button if the player has insufficient Town Hall level to join the Clan
Fix flawed graphics offset for Lava Hound and Healer. Their real position was not based on the middle point of the shadow
Fix visual effect targeting for many flying troops


Fix inconsistencies with situations where multiple boosts which affect movement speed, attack speed and damage (Poison, Rage, Haste, Barbarian King ability, Archer Queen ability, Baby Dragon) are active at the same time.
Don't show Hidden Teslas in Builder Base village preview of player profile.
Show gear ups, building attack modes and Sweeper aim angles properly in village preview.
Show correct frame of Eagle Artillery and Air Sweeper instead of showing the last frame which would show that the Eagle is out of ammo.
Show hidden objects such as Tesla's and Traps properly in player profile when viewed by the member from the same clan. Previously they were always removed from player profile view.
Fix visual rounding error for Gold and Elixir when using a rune for some specific amounts of resources (for example 17999999)
Fix a bug where if a player finished their last Clan Games task and went offline until after the Games ended then they could miss out on being eligible to claim the extra reward for maxing their score quota.
Fix Hero healing timer in training overview screen. The timer wasn't calculated properly when boost was active and boost timer was shorter than Hero heal timer. (+ Same fix for troop & spell timers)
Remove artificial limitation of 20 for minimum clan level in Clan Search
Do not spawn Tall Grass from stashed Ancient Barbarian Statue.
Stay safe, and Clash On!
The Clash of Clans Team
submitted by DragonBard_Z to ClashOfClans