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Hydroid Rework/Balance Ideas

So I've pumped quite a number of hours (just hit 4k hours of my life wasted...) and for as far as I can remember, Hydroid has been at the bottom of my own Warframe rankings. Recently, because of all the attention, I decided to take him out for a spin in Steel Path, and I noticed a lot of his shortcomings and places where his kit just doesn't make sense. So here are my observations and proposed changes.

1st Ability: Tempest Barrage

This ability is... inefficient to say the least. The range only affects explosion radius, so cc is not that great if you're surrounded, and the augment got an undeserved nerf with the corrosive changes. And honestly, I found the charge mechanic from the last rework more of a nerf as it becomes less spammable, not to mention the ability doesn't scale that well damage-wise in the first place. But despite these things, I found it a must when fighting against armored targets with the augment. Hydroid isn't tanky enough to wait for procs to start stacking, so he needs a way to do that from safety (his puddle).
First, I think his ability should become part of the exalted weapon family. We can just say that they are exalted cannons. The cannons will scale off power strength, damage, crit, and status mods, and will proc elementals of the primary weapon. And perhaps multishot could influence barrage density.
Second, the charge mechanic needs tweaking. If his barrage scales off the primary weapon, then there's no need for the 200% damage. Rather, I'd change it so that charging increases the barrage radius so that a cc-focused build becomes more viable.
The augment will need to be changed as there's no point in it. What I was thinking would be it'd change the characteristics of the barrage, as well as give it adaptive damage for damage builds. Perhaps it could reduce the barrage radius, but increase the size of the projectiles as well as the base damage so a crit does even more damage.

2nd Ability: Tidal Surge

Quite possible the worst ability in the game. Playing through steel path, I have never thought "Oh, I should use Tidal Surge right now". There's no use for it, even as mobility because it's uncontrollable and clips on stuff. Even in the Plains or Orb Vallis, I wouldn't use it because there's archwing. And for shorter distances, I would use spoiler mode's void dash because Magus Lockdown will cc everything at my target location.
Honestly, I'd just get rid of this ability. There's really no need for it. Same with the augment because you could just go into spoiler mode or your puddle. But of course, having more options is better than less. So rather than stripping it from his kit completely, I'd combine it with his puddle. More on that later.
So if Tidal Surge is combined with his puddle, what would his new ability be? Playing through Steel Path, the thing I found lacking the most for Hydroid is damage mitigation. Basically, I had to abuse the shield gate invuln with rolling guard, and use that time to hop in my puddle and heal/regen shields. And since Hydroid is pretty squishy in the first place, this meant a lot of time in my puddle.
Of course, it'd be quite boring to give damage reduction because then he'd be Ember but water. And a shield like nezha or rhino feels too "selfish" for his kit. So rather, I'd opt for a water barrier of some sort, because water is very good at slowing down projectiles (even more so with space magic). Seeing as how Hydroid struggles with absolute cc (as in enemies may dodge tentacles and cannonfire), I think his barrier should be a 3d shape. The sphere makes the most sense, but that's Frost's territory. But the nature of water is fluid, so his barrier could be too.
My idea is this: To cast the ability, you must hold the button down. Whilst the button is held down, you may trace a line on the ground using your crosshair (to a maximum length). For ease of implementation, let's say that the "ground" is just the horizontal plane at the level of Hydroid's feet. After the line is drawn, a wall of water immerges that follows the line and extends upwards and downwards for x meters (haven't thought about specifics yet).
So with this, you could spin in a circle to make a cylinder, make a line for a wall, and really make a flexible barrier to suit your needs. Of course, it would be power-creep if it did anything else, so enemies would be able to walk in and out without any effects.
I have no idea lol.

3rd Ability: Undertow

This is Hydroid's bread and butter. I don't care about what anyone says. The tentacles are nothing, the barrage is nothing. Puddleframe 2020. Jokes aside, Undertow is Hydroids only form of reliable self-preservation (and sustain with augment). And honestly, the augment is a must if you don't have Magus Repair. The puddle is your safe place where the baddies can't harm you, and you can attempt to cc everything before coming out of your shell.
First and foremost, the augment Curative Undertow should just be a part of the ability. Of course, the heal percent should be nerfed down to 10% (or 5% if it scales with power strength). The sustain is just so integral that I couldn't imagine Undertow without it.
Next, enemies shouldn't be sucked in to the puddle just by walking on it, for reasons I'll explain in the ability synergies. Of course, that means you lose out on a bit off cc, so I think it would be enough if enemies on the puddle are constantly knocked down (like running on a slip n slide). Also, it makes it so that Hydroid has less griefing potential. Because while you can shoot into the puddle now, occasionally there's that guy hidden at the far ends of the map with the last enemy inside him and no one knows.
Also, when in his puddle, pressing shift would make you do Tidal Surge instead of just exiting the puddle. So if you really want to stay in the puddle the whole game, you can. And we might as well pull the status resistance from the augment as well, though it'd work more like Oberon's Hallowed Ground rather than give a lasting resistance (meaning once you're off the puddle, you lose resistance).
Finally, I won't change the tentacle pull mechanic, again for reasons I'll say in ability synergies.
So since Undertow now has Curative Undertow as a base mechanic, I think it'd be an opportunity to have some fun and change the mechanics of how puddle works. So puddle is a channeled ability. But what if it was duration based? And what if you could have more of them?
With the augment, you'd be able to place puddles (to a cap) instead of turning into one. To enter a puddle, you'd roll. And of course, you wouldn't be able to perform Tidal Surge with these smaller puddles. The puddles would similarly have the regen characterstic, and you'll be able to pull enemies when inside them. But it changes some ability synergies which I will get to later.

4th Ability: Tentacle Swarm

Though this ability is technically Hydroid's ultimate, it doesn't really feel like it. I found myself spamming it alongside Tempest Barrage simply for cc. The tentacles are pretty buggy as well, so it isn't really a consistent cc. That being said, it's an integral part of Hydroid's ability, and could definitely be viable with some changes.
I actually wouldn't change Tentacle Swarm's base stats/mechanics that much. I would only say that rather than magnetic damage on first contact, it deals adaptive damage. The biggest change would be in ability synergies.
Nothing different here.

Ability Synergies

Tempest Barrage + Undertow (+Augment)
Nothing to change here. Barrage will continue to damage submerged enemies.
Water Wall (name pending) + Undertow
While within a puddle, casting the water wall will instead make Hydroid send a avatar made of water to the puddle's surface. The avatar is invincible and can use Hydroid's weapons, but cannot move or melee. Also the drain will increase to about the same as Valkyr's Hysteria.
Water Wall (name pending) + Undertow+Augment
If the line drawn connects with a puddle, the distance left to draw is refreshed. This would allow you to make massive wall with the tradeoff being setup time.
Tentacle Swarm + Undertow (+Augment)
When cast within a puddle, tentacle swarm will now drag enemies into the puddle and then despawn. If enemies are grouped, it is possible for a tentacle to take more than one enemy. If the augment is used, the tentacles will be spread out among the puddles.
Furthermore, the damage for submerged enemies will change. Because it can be assumed that the kraken lives within the puddle, we can also assume the kraken will be the one damaging the submerged enemies. So submerged enemies will receive the 2% max health damage as well as the true damage done by the kraken. Enemies will be thrown out of the puddle either when they are dead or the duration of Tentacle Swarm is over. Tentacle Swarm being recast does not refresh the previous cast's duration, nor does it override it. Ending Undertow will preemptively eject all enemies and end the Tentacle Swarm.
Yeah that's basically it. I think with these changes, not only will Hydroid be a lot more viable and versatile, he will also be a ton of fun to play. Of course, I haven't gone through all the specifics, but I'm no expert in balance and that can be flesh out later.
submitted by Dakkadence to Warframe


Tips to Follow in Mobile App Design in 2020

Original Source: written by Lena Kryshtal on Django Stars Blog

Why You Should Care: The Importance of Mobile App Design In 2020

Nowadays, everyone is overwhelmed with a constant flow of information, so it’s become much harder to create attention-grabbing products. Moreover, your product may be valuable, but if it’s difficult to use, nobody will waste time on finding out how to do it.
Simple, human-centered design is the key to long-lasting client relationships. Not so long, having an attractive and unique product design was enough. But things have changed. The human-centred approach has completely replaced system-centered one to become the main trend in 2020.

Modern design should reflect the latest tech innovations, so let’s dive deeper into the main technological advances that are gradually changing our lives.

Tech Reasons for Modern Mobile App Design Trends

UX/UI design should always harness the best of technology, that’s why it’s essential to use the latest software and hardware design. Let’s review what’s hot right now:
1) Mass transition from 4G to 5G mobile data transfer
The era of 5G is already on the doorstep, and is projected to evolve by the end of 2020. The highest maximum speed of 5G will be 2.7 times faster than 4G and will have a huge impact on design: boring loading screens will no longer be relevant, and detailed data visualisations (which is impossible at current speeds) will become a reality.
2) The growing popularity of instant apps
Today, you don’t need to download a fully functional app just to access a certain tool it offers. Therefore, UX/UI design should be adapted to instant apps and not overwhelm the user with features they don’t need.
3) Internet of Things adoption
According to global statistics, the average person owns 6.58 Internet-connected devices. And it’s not only about phones, tablets or even smart watches. Refrigerators, slow cookers, security cameras, door lighting systems are only a small part of the so-called Internet of Things. Of course, applications for appliances and wearable devices have different purposes, but both of them are big trends in 2020.
4) Cloud solutions
The integration of cloud solutions in mobile apps is forecasted to grow in 2020. Apps that run in the cloud will significantly save the memory of our devices. What does it give to designers and developers? Cloud solutions will decrease development costs and allow more resources to be directed to functionality and the user interface.
5) Passwordless login
Entering data into fields during the login process is a thing of the past. All modern devices use FaceID or fingerprint authentication, so there’s no need to remember your passwords and interrupt your interaction with the app. This is one more step forward towards a simple, uninterrupted UI.

Best Practices in Mobile App Design in 2020

Now that you know how technology dictates changes in design, let’s look at this year’s best practices in mobile app design.

Animations and microinteractions as the part of immersive design

Dynamic and functional animation is the main trend in mobile application design in 2020. Let’s review its benefits:
Animations and microinteractions catch attention and create the right mood, so there’s no need to add clutter or extra text
Animations make applications more “alive”, as users take part in a two-sided conversation between them and application. Even such minor animations as changing the color of the active block or decreasing the title size while scrolling can improve the user’s interaction with your app.
Personalized animation is another trend that creates connection between your product and the user
With personalized animation, the elements on the screen change according to the user’s behavior. Modern analytical algorithms allow us to define the type of user and differentiate those who need detailed info from those who are just wandering around.
Here are many strategies – including A/B testing, market analysis and customer segmentation – for design adaptation and personalization. But the main goal of user-oriented UI is to adapt to customer needs, depending on their pain points and the stage they’re at in their customer journey.

3D objects

As we’ve mentioned, new data transfer speeds provide a lot of opportunity for creating realistic visual forms. Eye-catching and detailed 3D elements simultaneously perform such tasks as:
  • Saturating your product with futurism
  • Giving users a chance to observe, spin, and the size of the element, thus increasing the engagement and interest in your product
  • Communicating information faster and better than text
In addition, interaction with 3D models is similar to the offline experience, where the customer can view and touch the product. Such an approach evokes emotions and increases conversions.
The process of designing and developing 3D visualizations remains somewhat cumbersome. However, investing resources in it will pay off, because a unique interface with gamification elements makes your product more competitive in the market.

New skeuomorphism

Besides the 3D models of the products, we couldn’t help but mention the comeback of 3D as an interface style. Skeuomorphism is a design principle in which interface elements mimic real-world objects.
After numerous ups and downs, skeuomorphism has been reborn under the name Neumorphism. Detail, shade, and lighting all increase the immersive experience and remove the barrier between the user and the application.

Source: Dribbble / by Voicu Apostol for IKEA


Storytelling is a way to interact with users in an engaging, simple, and consistent manner. Ideally, the story is an integrated narrative incorporating illustrations, animations, text, typography and flow.
What makes an effective UX storytelling? It’s the combination of short texts, informative illustrations, and an uninterrupted UI that constitute a single story.
Storytelling will not be effective when the user has to take various actions to move through the buying journey. Uninterrupted UI is all about smooth interaction with the product. Here’s how you can achieve it:
  • Use short notifications on the page instead of pop-ups and overlays
People feel uncomfortable when they have to provide fill in personal information (especially sensitive info), so your task is to ensure users that their info will remain safe and sound.
  • Use dynamic UI
Modern design helps users interact with the app without any cognitive load. Give people a chance to change the product parameters, and add or remove goods without having to go back several steps. Dynamic UX is all about adaptive motions that focus on one goal.


VR and AR

VR and AR extend far beyond gaming and entertaining apps – their elements are now a part of ecommerce, health monitoring, and beauty apps. VR and AR give us a feeling of connection with the product and help build trust in it. AR is also a great example of immersion that speeds up information processing and goal achievement.
VR and AR are new technologies that are only starting to penetrate the market. If you want to impress your users and stand out among your competitors, don’t hesitate to make it a part of your design.

Source: Dribbble


According to statistics, the average attention span of humans has decreased, from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2017. And it continues to decrease. Now it’s more difficult than ever to keep someone’s attention and communicate necessary information. That’s why minimalism and simplicity are two UX/UI trends that won’t go away.
Here’s how you can make your application more minimalistic:
  • White space
White space is the main characteristic of minimalism these days (line spacing and larger “aerial” margins between the information blocks are just the thing ). Such an interface doesn’t contain many elements and makes it simple to interpret information.
  • Hidden navigation panels and bars
It’s become common practice not only to hide the menu categories under one small icon, but also to navigate through apps with the help of swipes, multi-taps, etc. The popular example of a buttonless solution is a liquid swipe, which provides a fully intuitive transition between pages and categories.


Applications with a dynamic UI

Applications with a dynamic UI change their form and appearance according to the device type and other external conditions. This, in contrast to a dynamic UX, where the interface changes depending on the type of interaction (not the look) and the user’s behavior (not external conditions). A dynamic UI makes the app look perfect on a variety of different devices, from wide screens to smart-watch faces.
Creating a dynamic UI is simple and can include a variety of design methods. One such method is a card-based interface with adaptive block cards (little containers for information).
Another example of UI adaptiveness is the automatic switch to dark mode at night-time. The alternative to dark mode is a custom-set dark mode and the opportunity to dynamically switch color options. Another example of a decorative dynamic UI is the shadow on app elements that changes according to the angle at which the device is held.


Screen alternatives

By now, we’re all used to having screens serve as mediators between the physical and digital worlds. But will this situation remain the same? While screenless wearables are only gaining in popularity and haptic technology is probably the element of the future, devices with voice control are already a thing.
Shipments of smart speakers shipment are steadily growing, as are technologies for the detection and reproduction of different languages. In the near future, voice interfaces will be commonly used in e-commerce, streaming services, and news apps. The chatbots that became popular several years ago have turned UI /UX into a live dialogue between the app and the user. As the adoption of voice interfaces grows, this dialogue will reach a completely new level.

Source: Dribbble / by Gleb Kuznetsov

Trendy Mobile UI Styles In 2020

Trends in visual style in 2020 will center on typography. In previous years, applications mostly used simple sans-serif fonts. This year, old-fashioned serif fonts are in.
This doesn’t mean that sans-serif fonts are a thing of the past. Quite the opposite: they will continue to be used to create simple and comprehensible texts.
However, if you want eye-catching headlines, serif fonts are what you need. A combination of different fonts better structures the text and singles out short information blocks from longer ones. Moreover, old-fashioned fonts draw the attention of users who quickly scroll down a page.
Another new tendency in the world of fonts is variable fonts. Variable fonts are single font files that allow for different variations in the style, proportions and weight of glyphs. These variations can be made at the design stage as well as in the feature, which will become a great element of customization.
Let’s outline other visual elements that will grow in popularity in 2020:
1) Gradients
Gradients haven’t lost ground for years. In 2020, it’ll be trendy to use soft shades, smooth transitions and more variable colors. Designers often use 2 or 4 main colors and their hues.
2) Translucency
Translucent colors saturate elements with lightness and allow you to single out different visual blocks without any additional load.
3) Rounded forms
Organic, soft, and asymmetric lines evoke feelings of comfort and safety. They’re especially beneficial in products that people associate with stress (such as finance, e-commerce, real estate, and construction).
4) Bright neon colors
Futuristic shades of purple, pink, blue and green add the thrill of progress and novelty to the product.


Mobile App Design Tips to Follow In 2020

  1. Make it responsive and adaptable to wearable devices
  2. Use animations and microinteractions. Let the design interact with the user.
  3. Show, don’t tell.
  4. Stay minimal.
  5. Sometimes new is an overlooked old. Use Neomorphism and Serif fonts tastefully.
  6. Make use of faster mobile speeds for 3D graphics
  7. Add a voice interface.
  8. Increase personalization options.
  9. Go VR and AR. Break down the barrier between digital and offline reality: go VR and AR.
  10. Build an uninterrupted interface – from the first touch to the final goal.


To make a long story short, today’s mobile app design trends are all about focusing on the customer and finding the best user-oriented solution. Try not to blindly chase trends, but find out what works best for your business and target audience. When you place your customer at the center of your design strategy, you earn trust and gratitude and build confidence in your product.
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