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Warcraft III | Introduction | Beginner Guides | Community Links

1. Subreddit Info

Welcome to warcraft3, the official Blizzard recognized subreddit for all related topics. Content and discussions can range from the base game, campaign/lore, custom games, competitive ladder, memes, esports, modding, art, and more! Please see the rules on the right hand side.
Official Discord: Warcraft 3 United - Players and representatives from hundreds of WC3 communities gathered in one place!

2. Basic Game Info

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002) is a real time strategy game set in the fantasy universe of Azeroth. The game combines classic RTS mechanics with RPG elements as you play through the Human, Orc, Night Elf, and Undead campaigns. Warcraft III: Reforged (2020) acts as a graphical remaster accompanied with major infrastructural upgrades and many new features.
2a. Gameplay and Game Modes
Warcraft III presents itself as an accessible yet highly dynamic game. Besides the melee mode, there exists many different ways of playing the game - solo or in multiplayer with up to 23 other players. It is a fusion of lore-heavy campaigns, competitive match-based gameplay, a diverse custom game selection, a thriving esports scene, endless modding and artistic possibilities, and more.
2b. Standard or Melee
  • RANKED MODES: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and FFA
  • OBJECTIVE: Gather resources, build a base, train your army, level your hero, and totally destroy the enemy base and army.
  • SPECIFICS: Balance micro (swift decision making, individual unit control, movement, ability usage, hero exp/items) and macro (resources, buildings, army upkeep, expansion). The high level of competition has led to WC3 becoming a prominent esport that still has a thriving to this day!
  • RTS GAMES FOR BEGINNERS: Finding the Fun
2c. Custom Games
  • CUSTOM GAME TYPES: Genres include hero arenas, campaigns, strategies, RPGs, tower defenses, mini-games, and even the unique shooter or 2D platformer.
  • SPECIFICS: Popular maps include DotA, Footies, Wintermaul, Legion TD, etc. Thousands more maps can be played competitively, creatively, or casually. The World Editor, WC3's modding tool, has allowed maps to essentially become unique games within the client. It is famous for the creation of DotA which has pioneered MOBA genre.

3. Guides, Tutorials, and FAQ

In addition, the Classic War3 Battle.net site provides explanations and statistics for all the gameplay features and races in the game.
The guides below are largely based on introductory concepts relating to each scene, so they are beginner friendly under the assumption that you've already familiarized with the base game. You'll also find more niche and advanced guides if you dig through the websites hosting the provided links.
3a. Competitive Melee and Ladder Guides
3b. Modding and Map Making
3c. Custom Game Guides
  • There are an endless amount custom game tips and pointers that would suit your needs for each map, whether it be for DotA or your favorite TD. Your best bet is to visit communities that specialize in the custom game you are interested in!
3d. FAQ
  • Where can I play online? The built in battle.net is the official server excluding China. There are 3rd party servers that are not supported by Blizzard, in which warcraft3 does not support nor condone.
  • Where/how to Play Reforged? You need to have purchased the game. In the BNetApp at the WC3 tab you have the Install/Play button.
  • How do I host? HOSTING IS INSTANT NOW. No port forwarding, no bots (on Reforged).
  • Is Reforged worth it? That in the end is up to you, we suggest that you look into the maps/modes you would like to play. This post have some comments about events from a veteran player's point of view. Also as previous mentioned if you have the Reign of Chaos you already have access to the Classic(SD) version and if you do buy the Reforged version and don't like it you can easily Refund it here.
  • How do I find games? You can checkout game lists like: w3maps/w3stats or use the ingame search/filter function ingame (the box where game names are).
  • What is PTR? PTR also known as the Public Test Realm is what one might call a beta-server. Where players can test incoming patches and provide blizzard with feedback. The old PTR had a separate installer but now it's a "drop-down" option beside the main game and server options.
  • Where can I download the latest patch? Current patches are downloaded automatically through battle.net if you have an official copy. Also see patch history.
  • Is Blizzard's new ladder done/working yet? At the moment no it's still in the works. However W3Champions is a community made ladder that a lot of players use.
  • Which realms are more populated? For ladder, the Europe (former) Northrend realm has the highest activity but Americas (former) Azeroth & Lordaeron can be more during American times. 1v1 and 4v4 are the most active ladders. Custom game activity is huge and is and can be played on all realms.
  • Anyone know name of [blank] map? When asking this question, please provide as much information as possible. Things like describing the gameplay, the theme, terrain visuals, and possible names should be considered and described to the best of your ability to increase the chances. Don't forget to check map databases on your own first, though!
  • Is the community alive? Yes, it is absolutely bustling. See below!

4. Community Directory

Here you can find communities, websites, social media outlets, and content creators whom have elected to post in our affiliate section on discord. There are few exceptions to communities that are not partnered with us that could be considered essential that have been included. Visit our discord for more information on these communities, or visit them yourself! TIP: USE CTRL+F to search!
LFG = Looking For Game is a term used for any arranged gaming. Clans are by nature LFG groups, but are generally more specialized and tightly nit. Streamer = Used for most types of Content Creators.
4a. Melee, Ladder, and Esports
-------------Website / Community------------- ------------------Media Outlets------------------ ----------------Brief Description----------------
Back2Warcraft.com Discord Twitch YT FB Twitter Esports, broadcast team / streamer
Warcraft3.info Discord Twitter Esports coverage, league, guides, articles
Liquipedia.net (for WC3) Esports coverage, statistics
WC3 Gym Discord LFG
Warcraft 3 Melee Discord LFG, 4v4
wc3 Esports, competitive discussion
Play.Eslgaming.com (for WC3) Discord Esports coverage, tournaments
tft.w3replayers.com Replays
FFAmasters.net Discord YT Twitter LFG, forums, FFA
Clan P4K Discord Clan, 3v3, 4v4, FFA
Clan 1uk1 Discord Clan, 1v1, 2v2, 4v4
ena1337 HOT Community Discord Twitch Twitter Clan, streamer
Grubby Twitch YT FB Twitter Streamer
WTiiWarcraft Twitch YT Twitter Streamer
KnOfFs Club Discord Twitch Streamer
Warcraft 3 Reforged North American Community Discord FB Clans, LFG
Ark's shack Discord Twitch Streamer, tournaments
Emo AntiFa (WC3 info) Discord Clan
ReplayTool Discord Replays
W3Booster Discord Overlay tool
W3Champions Discord Ladder-addon

4b. Maps and Modding
-------------Website / Community------------- ------------------Media Outlets------------------ ----------------Brief Description----------------
HiveWorkshop.com Discord YT FB Twitter News, modding, maps, forums, LFG
EpicWar.com Maps
ChaosRealm.co Discord Modding, maps, forums
WC3modding.info Discord Modding, maps, forums
WC3c.net Discord Modding, maps, forums
TheHelper.net Modding, forums
WC3maps.com Map hosting statistics
ModDB.com (for WC3) Modding, maps
WC3Stats Discord Statistics
maps.w3reforged.com Discord Maps

4c. Custom Game Based
-------------Website / Community------------- ------------------Media Outlets------------------ ----------------Brief Description----------------
Angel Arena Eclipse Reborn (Hive) Discord LFG, Angel Arena
Battleships Discord LFG, Battleships Crossfire
BMGANG DiscordTwitchYT LFG, streamer, WitP
Bosses of Warcraft (Hive) Discord LFG, BoW
City TD Solo (Hive) Discord LFG, City TD Solo
Clan GHS Discord Clan, War of Races
Clan TDG Discord Steam Clan, LFG, variety
Clan wTc (w3m info) Discord Clan, Hero Push, Footmen vs Grunts
Coming of the Horde (Diplo) Discord LFG, CotH
Curse of Time Nevermore (Hive) Discord LFG, CoT RPG Nevermore
Custom Hero Footies Discord FB LFG, CHF
Custom War Games & Chill (Hive) Discord LFG, Build and Brawl, Strat & Chill
Daemonic Sword Discord LFG, Daemonic Sword ORPG
Escape BuildeForest Defense (Hive) Discord LFG, Escape Builder, Forest Defense
Final Fantasy Epic RPG Discord LFG, FFE RPG
First Blood Gaming Discord LFG, DotA, LTD
Footmen Apocalypse Discord Twitch YT LGF, Streamer, Footies
Footmen Frenzy Reforged (mapsW3R) Discord LFG, Footies
Fortress Survival Discord LFG, Fortress Survival
Fugatsu World RPG Discord LFG, Fugatsu World RPG
Gaias Retaliation Official (Hive) Discord LFG, Gaias Retaliation ORPG
HellHalt Discord LFG, Hellhalt TD
Green Solo TD Discord LFG, Green Solo TD
Helm's Deep Discord LFG, Helm's Deep
Hero Wars League Discord YT LFG, Hero Wars League
Impossible Bosses (IBCE) Discord Wiki LFG, Impossible Bosses, forums
Island Defense Discord LFG, Island Defense
It's Tree Tag Time Discord LFG, Tree Tag, statistics
Jungle Dungeon Community Discord LFG, Jungle Dungeon
Reforged Creations (Hive) Discord LFG, Fantasy Life
Marsh's Sanctum (WH) Discord LFG, LTA, LTF, KTA
Masin RPG Discord Wiki LFG, Forums, Masin RPG
MineralZ / OriginZ (Hive) Discord LFG, MineralZ, OriginZ
MyMGN Discord Forums, hosting, DotA
Naruto Ninpou Discord LFG, Naruto Ninpou
Naruto Shippuuden: Akatsuki War Discord FB YT LFG, NSAW
Pokemon Legends Discord LFG, Pokemon Legends
Sedonia (Hive) Discord LFG, World of Sedonia RPG
Sheep Tag Discord Wiki LFG, Sheep Tag
Sunken City (Hive) Discord LFG, Sunken City
Survival Fans Discord LFG, Survival, forums
SWAT: Aftermath Discord LFG, SWAT: Aftermath
The Black Road 1.3 (Hive) Discord LFG, The Black Road
The Black Road 3.0 (Hive) Discord LFG, The Black Road
The Maulbot Spot Discord WM1 LFG, WM1, WMW, WCM, Green TD
The Old Guard (Diplo) Discord LFG, strategy maps
This Vampirism (Hive) Discord LFG, This Vampirism
Trollforged GCTD (mapsW3R) Discord LFG, Trollforged TD
Vampirism Beast (Hive) Discord LFG, Vampirism Beast
Vampirism Fire Discord LFG, Vampirism Fire
Warhaven.org (BotUoS) Discord Clans, forums, LTA, strategy maps
Warlock Brawl Discord LFG, Warlock
2P Reforged (Hive) Discord LFG, 2Player Campaign
Alphas Unite (AU) Discord Clan
Alternative Future Discord LFG, Alternative Future
American Colonization Discord LFG, American Colonization
Angel Arena Allstars Discord LFG, Angel Arena
Azeroth Wars Legacy Reborn Discord LFG, AW LR
Battle Tanks Discord LFG, Battle Tanks
Blood Arena Discord LFG, Blood Arena
Bringer of Maps / Digital Druids (BOM) Discord Clan, LFG, Custom Castle Defense
Broken Alliances Discord LFG, Broken Alliances
Capital Z Discord Twitch YT Streamer, LFG
Castle Fight Union Discord FB LFG, clan, Castle Fight
Choice Battle Discord LFG, Choice Battle
Clan AHOI Discord FB Clan, Battleships
Clan AUS Discord Clan, DoTa
Clan Null Discord Clan, Ice Escapes
Clan TNO Discord Clan, strategy maps
Clan PASS Discord Clan, LFG
Clan WP Discord Clan, modding, variety
Commanders TD Discord LFG, Commanders TD
Custom Warcraft Discord LFG, Troll & Elves
Damned Survival Discord LFG, Damned Survival
Darkness Reborn Discord FB LFG, Darkness Reborn
DBZ-Fighters Discord LFG, DBZ Tribute
DBZ Tribute Hollow Discord LFG, DBZ Tribute
Digimon the Revolution Discord LFG, DtR
Eclipse ORPG Discord FB LFG, Eclipse ORPG
Eden RPG Discord LFG, Eden RPG
Egod123 Discord Twitch YT FB Streamer, Modding
Eras Zombie Invasion Discord LFG, Eras Zombie Invasion
Farmer vs Hunter Discord LFG, Farmer vs Hunter
Fellowship Quest Discord LFG, Fellowship Quest
Fishy Bois Discord Twitch Streamer, TDs
Forge of Origination Discord LFG, WotA: The Sundering
Gem TD+ Discord LFG, Gem TD
Hero Siege RPG Discord LFG, Hero Siege RPG
Island Troll Tribes Discord LFG, Island Troll Tribes
Kalimdor League Discord LFG, League of Kalimdor II
Kirian Tor Discord YT Streamer
LF Community Discord Twitch YT Streaming, Legion TD, Survival Chaos
LiMie's Club Zero Discord Twitch Streamer
Line Tower Wars: Reforged Discord LFG, LTW: Reforged
LoaD's Domain Discord LFG, Life of a Dragon
Lords of Arkanova Discord LFG, Variety, Strategy Maps
Lords of Europe Discord LFG, Lords of Europe
Medieval Zombie Apocalypse Discord LFG, Medieval Zombie Apocalypse
Medieval Zombie Onslaught Discord LFG, Medieval Zombie Onslaught
Monster Master RPG Discord LFG, Monster Master RPG
MrGannicus YT Server Discord YT Streamer, LFG
M.Z.I. Series Discord LFG, Medieval Zombie Invasion
Night of the Dead Discord LFG, Night of the Dead
NOTD Aftermath Discord LFG, NotD Aftermath
Nox RPG Discord LFG, Nox RPG
Official Risk Discord LFG, Risk
Okami Legion Discord LFG, modding, variety
One Piece RD Discord LFG, ORD Eng ver
Orc Gladiators Revenge Discord LFG, Orc Gladiators
Pyro TD Discord LFG, Pyro TD
Shadows of the Future Discord LFG, SotFRP
Spirit's Lair Discord LFG, AoH, tWoW
Star Wars Empires Discord LFG, SW Empires
TBR 2.0 Discord LFG, The Black Road
The Burning Crusade Discord Wiki LFG, TBC
the dimmerdome Discord Twitch Streamer, Vampirism
The Sacrifice RPG Discord LFG, Sacrifice RPG
Ultimate Dragonball Discord LFG, Ultimate Dragonball
Vamp Zero Reloaded & Other Discord LFG, Vamp Zero
Vampire Hunters Discord LFG, Vampire Hunters
Vampirism Fire Gaming Discord LFG, Vampirism Fire
Vampirism Speed World Discord LFG, Vampirism Speed World
Vampirism Zero Gaming (VZG) Discord LFG, Vampirism Zero
VimpGamingYT Discord YT Streamer
Warcraft Discord LFG
Warcraft III: Enjoy Discord LFG, archives
Werewolf Transylvania Discord LFG, Werewolf Transylvania
Wintermaul Wars Discord LFG, WMW
W3FUN Discord LFG
Zoator Community Discord LFG, Zoator TD, Switch TD, Sprout TD, Essence TD

4d. Other + Non English
-------------Website / Community------------- ------------------Media Outlets------------------ ----------------Brief Description----------------
BNetDocs.org Discord Blizzard/Battle.net docs and files
dz.163.com (Netease) Blizzard's Chinese server / distributor
Alone直播室 Discord Twitch Cantonese, LFG, modding, streamer
Warcraft 3 - FR Discord French, LFG, modding
ReadMore.de Discord German, esports coverage
Eurobattle.net Discord subreddit FB 3rd party server, DotA, multi language
iCCup.com Russian, 3rd party server, DotA
M16 Server Discord Korean, 3rd party server
warcraft3.eu Discord 3rd party server, Castle Fight
IrInA HostBot Discord Russian, hostbots
Rubattle.net Russian, 3rd party server
RGC 3rd party server, DotA
ENTGaming (Shutting down) Discord 3rd party server, hostbots
Warcraft Community VN Discord YT Streamer, Vietnamese
Heaven Heart Discord French, LFG
Warcraft & Friends Discord Twitch YT Czech, Slovak, Streamer, LFG
Warcraft 3 entre français Discord French, LFG
The Unofficial WC3 GR Discord 3rd party server, LFG
Quenching Mod YT Twitter Modding, Chinese
Warcraft 3 GameRanger Discord 3rd party server, LFG
submitted by wTcJediMaster to warcraft3

2020 Holiday Gift Guide. Read this if you have no idea what to get your giftee.

Hello! Have no idea what to buy for your significant othesibling/child/parent/friend? This guide will cover the different types of products that are available for you to buy this Holiday Season.
I previously wrote a gift guide last year, which you can see here. I’m going to change up the guide this year and give two separate ratings per product: one for how playable it is and one for how good of a product it is. The reason I’ve decided to do it this way this year and that there are products that are fairly worthless, BUT are actually very good at having a decent play experience. With all that has gone on this year, The Gathering part of Magic: The Gathering is a very important aspect of the MTG experience.
Remember, I have no idea what your giftee actually wants. It's best to ask/probe them to get a better idea of what they want. This guide is here to provide a reference for you, but it's up to you to figure out what they actually want.


Okay, you don't want to read a wall of text. What should you buy? A box of Jumpstart would make a great gift, but it is in short supply. Commander Legends is also a great buy that is more widely available and it contains cards, both old and new, that players would want. A Draft Box is a good gift, but if you want to spoil your giftee, then a Collector Box is also an even better gift.
A gift card for their local game store or TCGplayer is always appreciated.
You can also watch this video by Tolarian Community College where he goes over most of the products that I listed here.
If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I or one of the many helpful members of our community can help answer any questions you may have.



There are a bunch of different types of Magic players, so it's really hard to figure out what each player wants.
If possible, find out what colors or color pairs your giftee likes to play and what formats they play. Popular formats are: Standard, Draft, EDH/Commander, Modern, and Pioneer. Another possible angle is figuring out what types of creatures they like (Angels, Dragons, Demons, Vampires, Zombies, Humans, and Elves are generally popular). There have recently been a lot of support for a more diverse cast of creature types like Pirates and Unicorns. It’s very likely your giftee has a favorite tribe that appeals to them.
Probe, probe, probe!


If your giftee plays at a local game store, I heavily recommend buying from there (in secret if you don't want your giftee to find out). One big thing about the Magic community is supporting local game stores since that is where we play. Thanks to all the events of the past year, stores are struggling to stay afloat. Another great thing is that if your giftee plays at a local game store often, you can ask the store for help about what they think your giftee would like. Game store communities are generally close-knit, which is why we play there.
A gift card to a local game store that your giftee may go to often is a GREAT idea.
If you don't have a local game store, you can find a lot of products at a big store (called big box stores) like Target or Wal-Mart. Alternatively, you can also buy products from Amazon or TCGPlayer. Amazon will have most of the sealed product, while TCGPlayer will sell individual cards.


You will see a lot of sets when you are at the game store. The current Standard sets (which I will refer to when I explain the MTG Products) that will be usable in most tournaments are as follows (in order from oldest to newest):
Throne of Eldraine - This is a fairy themed set crossed with Arthurian knights.
Theors: Beyond Death - This is a Greek mythology themed set with a sub theme of the Underworld.
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths - This is the giant monster themed set and includes some Godzilla crossovers in several products.
Core Set 2021 - This is a Core Set which doesn’t really have any theme, but the face of the set is Teferi, a Planeswalker who uses time magic.
Zendikar Rising - This is an adventure themed set that revolves around the Party mechanic which represents an D&D like adventure party.
Some older sets you may see (in order from newest to oldest):
Core Set 2020 - This is a Core Set which doesn’t really have any theme, but the face of the set is Chandra, a Planeswalker who uses fire magic.
War of the Spark - This is a set that revolves around planeswalkers and is basically the MTG version of Avengers: Endgame.
Ravnica Allegiance / Guilds of Ravnica - These sets revolve a city of 10 guilds who vy for power.


I'll give a brief rundown of the products, their functions, and the maximum price you should expect to pay for the products. You should not pay more than what I list and it’s very easy to find products that are well below what I list. Prices are also assuming you are in the United States; other countries will have higher prices thanks to other factors, so I cannot speak about those. Each product may also be tied to a certain set, so please see the SET section for more details.
I will also assign each product two ratings: one for playability and one for utility. Playability ratings are included so that gifters determine if they can use a certain product to play and/or learn MTG with their giftee. Here are the criteria:
1: For playability, a 1 means the product is not possible to play with at all. For value, a 1 means the product is not very good value for your buck and will have a product that is strictly superior to it AND will likely not have cards inside that come close to matching the value of the product.
2: For playability, a 2 means the product is possible to play with, but you will either need additional product to play with AND/OR players will need some working knowledge of MTG to make it a decent experience. For value, a 2 means that the product will have decent value for your buck AND will have relevant cards for players. A 1.5 means that it will be missing one of the two criteria for a 2.
3: For playability, a 3 means that the product is completely playable right out of the box OR players will not really need working knowledge of MTG to make it a decent experience. I am saving 3s for products that you, someone who doesn’t really have any knowledge of MTG, can actually play with your giftee. For value, the product is the best in value of it’s class and either has a good chance for the value inside to exceed the amount paid OR the value you can expect in the product is guaranteed to be very close to the amount paid.
Welcome Decks (Free; Playability: 3; Value: 1) - You can walk into any game store and pick up two of these. These decks are free and are used to teach new players how to play. If you want to learn the game with your giftee, this is a great tool and costs nothing. There are better products to pick up if your goal is to play MTG with your giftee. Value is a 1 despite being free because the cards inside aren’t worth anything to begin with.
Arena Starter Set ($11; Playability: 3; Value: 1) - This is another product designed to teach players how to play, but it costs money. The only benefit that this does have is that it comes with a Code that lets you get all the cards on MTG Arena, an online way to play MTG. Given that is difficult to meet in person to play, if your giftee wants to play MTG, but does not currently play MTGA, this is a way to get a jumpstart on their MTGA collection. The code is the main selling point of this product as the cards within do not have much value.
Standard Draft Booster Packs ($4; Playability: 2; Value: 1 or 2 dependent on set) / Standard Draft Booster Box ($120; Playability: 3*; Value: 2) - These are for Standard sets. See the SET section for which sets are included here. Booster packs are great stocking stuffers and they are probably the cheapest thing you can buy. A booster pack contains an assortment of random cards and MTG players always get a thrill whenever they open a pack to see if they hit a valuable card. No Magic player will be sad to receive booster packs. A booster box contains 36 booster packs in it and is generally better bang for your buck, but it does cost $100. Booster packs are the backbone of MTG, so there isn’t much to explain here.
*The booster box playability of 3 will require you to have some knowledge of the game, but cracking packs with your giftee is still a pretty good experience which is why I will give it a 3.
Double Masters Draft Booster Packs ($13; Playability: 2; Value: 1 or 2 dependent on set) / Double Masters Draft Booster Box ($300; Playability: 3*; Value: 2)
Commander Legends Draft Booster Packs ($7; Playability: 2; Value: 2) / Commander Legends Draft Booster Box ($140; Playability: 3*; Value: 2)
Jumpstart Booster Pack ($6; Playability: 2.5; Value: 2) / Jumpstart Booster Box ($140; Playability: 3; Value: 2) - Jumpstart is a unique experience. Each booster pack comes with 1 of 121 random 20-card half decks. Players grab two booster packs, shuffle them together to create 1 40-card deck and battle against each other. A booster box is probably one of the best ways to play MTG with someone since you will have a Cube of different themes and you and your giftee can continuously mix and match the different packs to create new gameplay experiences without having to go buy more packs. The only downside with Jumpstart is that Wizards had issues with printing this set and it will be difficult to find it at a reasonable price.
Bundles ($45; Playability: 2; Value: 2) - A Bundle contains 10 Booster Packs as well as some extra goodies like basic lands and a spindown dice. With regards to bang for your buck, a booster box is still better, but this is a good intermediate level where you want to give something more than loose packs, but not a booster box. The bundle also doubles as a storage box. If you are interested in playing with your giftee, I recommend getting one bundle for your giftee and one for yourself. This way you both can crack packs and then use the cards you opened to build your own decks and play against each other. You will have enough cards such that even if you mess up building your deck the first time, you can completely change your deck to a different one. Bundles are only available for Standard sets and each set has its own Bundle.
Deck Builder's Toolkit ($30; Playability: 3; Value: 1) - A deck builder's toolkit has a variety of semi-random cards and 4 booster packs. This product is only generally good for new players as a lot of cards in this will be generally useless. Even if a player is new, I think the Bundle would be a better purchase since the both of these will fulfill a similar purpose. This is a cheaper version of it, however, so if you want to play with your giftee, but you don’t want to shell out for two Bundles, this is a great alternative. Deck Builder’s Toolkits are only available every other set, but Core Set 2021 did not have one, and the most current one is Theros: Beyond Death.
Planeswalker Decks ($20; Playability: 2; Value: 1) - A Planeswalker deck is basically a preconstructed introduction deck for new players. It has a nice shiny card on the front of it and does come with two booster packs. This is geared towards newer players and if your giftee just started out, this may be a good purchase because the deck is playable out of the box. Like the previous products, if you want to play with your giftee, you can buy two different Planeswalker decks, have your giftee choose one, you get the other one, open them up, and play them against each other! Planeswalker decks have been discontinued outside of Core Sets and have been replaced with a new product, which I recommend over these. The last non-Core set to have Planeswalker decks is Theros: Beyond Death, but Core Set 2021 has Planeswalker decks..
Commander Series Decks ($50; Playability: 2; Value: 2 for most, 3 for Timeless Wisdom or Mystic Intellect) - A commander deck is a 100-card deck. You'll notice it right away by the large oversized card on the front. This is a great purchase for any player as the decks can be played out of the box and the cards inside are generally useful. This is also a multiplayer format, so they can play with more than one friend at the same time. Commander 2020 is the latest in the series and you can’t really go wrong with it. This is a great gift for players who play regularly with their friends as it is a stepping stone into the most popular format of Magic, Commander. More experienced players can take the decks and break them down to get single cards they need for their Commander decks. If you see Timeless Wisdom or Mystic Intellect on the shelves for the same price as the other decks, I recommend picking those over the rest as they have some expensive cards in them. If you wish to play with your giftee, I don’t recommend this as these decks can be overwhelming for a new player. There are other Commander decks that are released with sets which are slightly different, which I will go over next.
Set Commander Decks ($30; Playability: 2; Value: 2) - These are pretty similar to the Commander Series, but the decks are weaker since these are supposed to be like an intro Commander deck. These are the products that have replaced Planeswalker decks and are pretty superior to them. Notably, you can tell a Commander deck is not part of the Commander Series since it will not have an oversized card on the front. There are currently only two sets that have Commander decks associated with them: Zendikar Rising and Commander Legends. These are a bit easier to play with your giftee than the Commander Series decks so you can pick up two of these (from the same set), open them up, and play together.
Brawl Deck ($30; Playability: 2; Value: 2) - This is a 60-card preconstructed deck for the Brawl format. Just like the Planeswalker and Commander Decks, these decks are made to be played out of the box. If you want to play with your giftee, this is the best product to pick up as not only are the cards in these decks valuable, they are also simple enough so that a newer player can play with it. These are similar to the Set Commander decks, but the Set Commander decks have more relevant cards.
Collector Booster Packs ($25 / $30 for Commander Legends; Playability: 1; Value: 1) or Collector Booster Box ($280 / $300 for Commander Legends; Playability: 1; Value 1.5) - This is a special unique premium booster pack filled with shiny cards and cards that have alternate frames that cannot be found anywhere else. This is a straight up lottery ticket product. If you buy this product, understand it can be akin to setting your money on fire because the chance for your giftee to pull a card more expensive than the booster is very slim. This is literally a lottery ticket. And just like a lottery ticket, opening it will give a real adrenaline rush. I’ve given this a low Value score because this is a very high variance product. Some boxes and packs will be real hits, but some or most of them will just have you opening nothing of any value. With the warnings out of the way, I can definitely recommend this product solely as a gift because it really is an exciting, albeit short-lived, product to open. Each Standard set starting with Throne of Eldraine has these available. Commander Legends also has these available as well. If you want to pick this up, I heavily suggest going either with the Zendikar Rising or Commander Legends ones.
Bundle Gift Edition ($60; Playability: 2; Value: 2) - This is a special edition of the Bundle product that I described above. It is exactly the same as a Bundle except it has a Collector’s Booster, and a shiny box. The Collector’s Booster is basically the reason for the increased price. If you’d like to splurge a bit and upgrade from a Bundle, this is a reasonable upgrade, but because the upgrade is basically just the Collector’s Booster, double check to see whether or not it’d be cheaper to buy a regular Bundle and a Collector’s Booster separately before buying this. If you’d like to play with your giftee and have a bit of money to spend, you can also use this product in the same way as you would the Bundle.
Signature Spellbook ($25; Playability: 1; Value: 2) - This is a collection of cards centered around a certain character in Magic. There are currently three types of Spellbooks out: Jace, who is Blue, Gideon, who is White, and Chandra, who is Red. If your giftee likes one of these colors, this will make for a nice gift. The Jace one has more valuable cards in it, but it is older so it will be harder to find at a decent price.
Magic Game Night ($40; Playability: 3; Value: 1.5) - This is a multiplayer product that comes with 5 preconstructed decks. If there is a board game version of Magic, this is it. This is perfect for a game night where multiple people just want to sit down and play some simple Magic games. If your giftee hosts board game nights often and has friends that kind of know how to play, this is a great pickup. I recommend picking up the 2019 edition over the 2018 edition as the 2019 edition has more expensive cards.
Unsanctioned ($50; Playability: 3; Value: 1.5) - This is a multiplayer product that comes with 5 preconstructed half decks. Players will select 2 half decks each to build one deck and will put them up against each other, making it a bit like the Magic Game Night. However, what’s unique about this product is that it is silver-bordered, meaning that the cards inside are not normal cards, but are essentially parody cards. If you think your giftee would enjoy gag and joke cards, this would be a good gift for them.
Secret Lair ($30-40; Playability: 1; Value: 3) - This is a collection of small sets of cards that are being sold directly by Wizards. Each set has a theme and has special alternate art and comes in a nice looking box. Most of these will either come in nonfoil versions for $30, or foil versions for $40. These will be preordering from November 30 to December 14. Here is where you can buy them when they go on sale. You can also purchase multiple of these as a bundle to save some money. Unfortunately, this may not be a great gift because these are being sold as preorders and your giftee will definitely not get the gift in time for the Holidays.
Here are the sets along with their link to purchase them:
A Box of Rocks (Foil here) - A collection of mana rocks, which are artifacts that generate the player mana used to cast spells.
Artist Series: Seb McKinnon (Foil here) - Seb McKinnon, one of the most popular MTG artists, illustrates every card in this bundle. His aesthetic is quite unique so I recommend checking it out to see if it's something your giftee would enjoy.
Happy Lil Gathering (Foil here) - These are basic lands featuring artwork from world-famous artist, Bob Ross.
Party Hard, Shred Harder - Metal sounding cards with metal inspired artwork. Nonfoil only.
We Hope You Like Squirrels - Literally squirrels. Foil only.



Okay, a lot of Magic products are geared towards newer players, so let's also cover supplies. I'll go over this very briefly, but supplies are generally good for most players of any level. Figuring out if your giftee needs these should be obvious. Look at what they're missing when they play and buy accordingly. Prices for supplies are generally all over the place, so I'll just give a range. When it comes to supplies, the more expensive a product is, generally, the better quality it is.
I recommend buying these from a local game store. Not only can the store help you figure out your needs, you can also save the receipt and have your giftee exchange your gift for a brand they may like. Certain people like different things and while they may appreciate the effort you put in, having the option to exchange it for something they prefer is great too.
If your giftee doesn't have any of these, buying them one would be a safe bet.
Sleeves ($3-$13) - Card sleeves protect your cards. If your giftee plays Magic without sleeves, BUY THEM SLEEVES. You can buy your giftee Ultra Pro Eclipse or Dragon Shield Matte sleeves. These are all durable sleeves that should hold up for quite a while. I personally use Dragon Shield sleeves and they have some high quality sleeves that have artwork on the back of them. Even if your giftee has sleeves, extra sleeves are ALWAYS useful.
Playmat ($10-$20) - A playmat provides a clean playing surface and makes it easier to pick up cards. I see a lot of draft players without playmats, so it could be likely that your giftee does not have a playmat. Ultra Pro makes decent playmats and they have Magic art on them, so you can buy one you think your giftee will like. You can also get a custom playmat made as well. Inked Gaming makes quality custom playmats. If your giftee already has a playmat, I would not get them another one.
Binders ($10-$30) - A binder is how Magic cards can be stored and shown off to others . Ultra Pro makes serviceable binders that are affordable, but there may be other brands at your local game store. Binders come in various sizes, so that should be considered a well. An extra binder won't hurt, so if your giftee has one, a second one could have it's uses.
Dice ($3-$10) - Dice are dice. Chessex sells bundles of dice in mini-towers and these are always useful for any Magic player. You can never have enough dice, so it's okay to grab one of these if you are unsure about whether or not your giftee has some.
Deckboxes ($5-$25) - Deckboxes are how decks are stored. I personally recommend Ultra Pro Satin Towers, which cost about $10 and have room for 100 cards and a dice compartment and these can be found in most local game stores. For a more compact deckbox, the Ultimate Guard Boulder is also a very popular and durable deckbox. I'd try to stay away from any plastic deck boxes made from Ultra Pro, but I use them to store loose cards. Like dice, you can never have too many deckboxes, but it should be obvious whether or not your giftee needs one of these.
Boogie Board (Varies) - Boogie Boards are a great way for players to track life totals and, best of all, they are completely reusable. If your giftee does not have one of these, these are very useful and easy to carry around in their bag.


Here are some items that are different from the others, but are definitely not for everyone
Art Prints ($10+) - Getting your giftee some art of their favorite magic card to hang on a wall is definitely a great idea. These come in a large variety of sizes and you help support the artist. However, if you don't know what your giftee likes, here is where knowing what their favorite creature type could come in handy. You can use Google for the purpose of finding prints, but not every card will have an art print. Original Magic Art has a large collection of prints for sale.
Altered Cards - You can also get cards altered by artists. There are a lot of artists that will alter cards and they frequently post their work on this subreddit. Use the search bar to search for them so you can see what their work looks like and you can DM them directly to see if they will do commissions.
Custom Cards - If you have some decent MTG knowledge, you can create a custom MTG card for your giftee. MTG.Design is a custom editor that you can use in your browser, or you can use Magic Set Editor if you prefer to use custom software. Create your card, print it out, and then put it in a sleeve with a real card behind it. If you want feedback on your card, /custommagic can help you, but please follow all of their subreddit rules when posting.


I mentioned at the very top about singles. I heavily recommend buying singles if your giftee plays a lot. Buying singles is a lot more personal, but, like personal gifts, you might miss on what your giftee actually wants, so keep that in mind. Hence, as a non-magic playing gifter, I'd stick to buying sealed product listed above.
Because you likely don't know much about the game, it's going to be hard to buy exactly what your giftee needs. Hence, it's especially important to ask them what they want if you are considering singles. However, if you know their favorite card, you should consider buying them a Foil version of the card. Personally, I already have multiple copies of my favorite card, but if someone gifted me a foil version of my favorite card, I know that I would cherish that gift.
For buying singles, as I mentioned at the beginning, use TCGPlayer. Each card has its own page on TCGPlayer. On its page, it shows you the card and lists the Market Price. The Market Price is the current price of the card, so you can use this as a benchmark for buying the card. Then, the page will list all the sellers with that card listed. They also have Filters. I would filter by card condition to be only Near Mint and Lightly Played. Then, you can select which vendor you want to buy from. To protect yourself, I'd only buy from either TCGplayer Direct or a Gold Star seller.
If you need help deciding what singles your giftee would like, feel free to comment below and one of our many helpful community members will help you.
You can also buy a TCGPlayer gift card here.
If you are in Europe, use Cardmarket instead.
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