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Each one has a white and black rare counterpart. UK stocked and supplied worldwide to picture framers, photographers, sign makers and galleries. Guild Wars 2 also gives you a Black Lion Chest Key as a story reward for finishing Living World Season 2, Heart of Thorns Act 3, and personal story levels 10, 40 (Setting the Stage), and 60 (The Battle of Claw Island).

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Sir Michael Palin "I want to dedicate this award tonight to someone who taught me more about television than anyone else, my dear friend and erstwhile Python. I qualify for a free License Key because I am a freeware/opensource coder, a member of a non-profit organization, or a student. Hardware graphic acceleration for fifa 07 cd-key https://sa-mebel-ekanom.ru/forum/?download=440.


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Luka recognises and reads over 20, 000 English picture books, and over 70, 000 Chinese titles. Lionguard Lyns offered keys for Captain's Council Commendations from her arrival in Lion's Arch until the start of Wintersday Key farming was limited to once per week by September 15, game update. It opens with explosions and shootouts, then sees its characters trapped in a single location while predators surround them, then closes with white text on a black background informing us about illegal lion farming and how awful it is. You know, after we just saw a lion maul a half-dozen people to death.

OCLC Classify -- an Experimental Classification Service

This chest is account-bound and can be. Imathematics pro cracked apk index. Guild Wars 2 - Black Lion Key Farm - Fairly Optimised and Maybe the Fastest -P Details Category: Gold Farms Published: Sunday, 14 January 2020 11: 05 Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire - Domain of Istan Gold Farms with Custom TacO Markers Details Category: Gold Farms Published: Sunday, 10 December 2020 09: 06 Guild Wars 2 - Let's Make Some Quick and Easy Gold - Daily Alt Parking Spots Details Category.


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I seem to remember there being a service using your API key that lets you know if you've done your black lion key farm this week. Hacks, Call of Duty Hacks, Gunz Hacks, Quake LIVE Hacks, WolfTeam Hacks, America's Army Hacks, Battlefield 2/2142 Hacks, Battlefield Heroes Hacks. By Zanandi Botes November 22, 2020 36 Advertisement.

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Years After the Pilgrims, Corn Is More in Demand Than Ever. Heath Benefits With an uptick in a health-conscious population and more Americans looking for meatless protein options, oyster mushrooms fit perfectly into the equation. When provoked, Black Knights are surprisingly agile and can easily catch a player off-guard with a flurry of high damaging attacks.


The key to farming on Mars might be breeding parasitic

In reverse chronological order and purely subjective. There are three main animals for Lion: the Lion, Lioness, and Lion Cub. Often in Southsun Cove, you will find small groups farming Karka Shells.

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Xbox, PSN cd-keys and much more! The following tables outline various facts and figures about egg production, consumption, market breakdown and other industry data. Disclaimer] This guide has been updated as of June.


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The daily progress is reset each day at 00: 00. Electric cart rental key west. A choice of 235 of the best horror movies released from 2020 to 2020.

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LOL Mode: Right click mouse for movement, use keyboard to attack and skillshot. Navigation CurrencyRate CurrencyRate. Chance from the reward for map completion in core Tyria, Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire maps, except for city maps and Southsun Cove.

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The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects. Key ring linux kernel click reference. Within those contrasts there is a wide choice of things to do. The landscape gives rise to some of the best grassland in the world, along with beautiful apple and pear orchards and fields of vegetables.


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Aicte gpat 2020 answer key online. A white couple was captured on video as they kissed the boots of a black supremacist group in order to apologize for being white. The farming is most optimal in groups of 4-5 people, in order to quickly kill the karkas without upscaling them much.

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There was a six-hour wait time for voters in one South Carolina city. 7 days to die cracked programs. I have not looked into how scaling works tbh, so I am not sure how much better Ascended gear is instead of Exotic or.


GL Monthly Outlook - July

Welcome to another GL Monthly Outlook, a thread that does not wOw ThE wOrLd unlike GuMi...
This time we take a look at the possible banners/events for the month of July!

Forecast Tracker

Month Story Event Unit FF Series Collab Others
July CG Charlotte CG LightningFuture HopeZackYuffie - -
August Sol Light Warrior KrileDark Mage ExdeathDawn Warrior Galuf(CG) Light Warrior BartzLight Warrior Lenna PrimroseOlberic -
September Faisalith Magitek Warrior TerraAdventurer LockeGreat Mage KefkaAssassin Shadow Lilikin YunaLilikin Squall Kimono Fina
October CG Hyou re-run Wild Rose Swordsman FirionDark Knight Leon - Holy Night Amelia & Emilia
November CG Majin Fina CG Warrior of LightGarland v2 - Chocobo FinaSweet NicholSweet Luka
December CG Aldore King Rain CG Onion KnightHeinCloud of Darkness v2 - Fina & Dark FinaJake & Lid
January (2020) CG King Lasswell CG NoctisLunafreyaGentianaRegisArdyn - ArieCafe Charlotte
February Madam Edel Paladin CecilPalom & PoromWhite Mage Rosa - -
March Elnath CeodoreUrsula DuranAngela -
Disclaimer: This table only serves as a guide and Gumi may modify the updates at their own discretion. If you’re using this to decide who to hoard for, proceed with caution; whether you're chasing a story event unit or a FF series unit as they’ve proven that even story units can be swapped at their whim and fancy!

Literal Reference:

Month Story Event Unit FF Series Collab Others
July CG Charlotte CG Lightning/ Future Hope/Zack/Yuffie - -
August Sol Light Warrior Krile/ Dark Mage ExDeath/ Dawn Warrior Galuf/ CG Bartz/ Light Warrior Lenna Primrose/Olberic -
September Physalis CG Terra/ Adventurer Locke/ Great Mage Kefka/ Assassin Shadow Chibi Yuna/Squall Kimono Fina
October CG Hyoh (re-run) CG Firon/Leon - Holy Night Amelia & Emilia
November CG Dark Fina CG Warrior of Light/Garland - Chocobo Fina/Sweet Luka/Sweet Nichol
December CG Aldore King Rain CG Onion Knight/Hein/Cloud of Darkness - Fina & Dark Fina/ Lid & Jake
January (2020) CG Hess King Lasswell CG Noctis/Lunfreya/Gentiana/Regis/Ardyn - Arie/Café Charlotte
February Madam Edel CG Paladin Cecil/Palom&Porom/White Mage Rosa - -
March El Nath Ceodore/Ursula Duran/Angela -
Looking at the above forecast, we are drawing closer and closer towards the pioneer of the Summon Festival in JP – CG Dark Fina. Will GL follow JP’s footsteps or will the meme “GL is a different game” finally materialize into an actual concept? Find out in ~4 months’ time!

Banner Info Compilation

NEW: For all upcoming banner info, please check out my Banner Compilation List. It provides information for the banners in JP to help you prep in advance for the units that you are looking to pull. I’ve sorted them accordingly based on Story Event Units, KM Units, Raid Units and Summon Festival Units for ease of navigation. I’m actively maintaining this thread to keep up with the latest banners in GL/JP.

Banner 1 – Anniversary Units

We are only a couple of days away from GL’s 3rd Anniversary! JP had the following units for their anniversary though it is questionable as to whether we we’ll get them or some GLEX banner.
Dress up Eileen Dress-up Aileen (5★- 7★)
TMR: Materia (+60% ATK when equipped with Gun & +100% Blind/Sleep/Paralyze Resist)
STMR: 2h Gun (+180 ATK, Damage Variance: 1.3-1.7x)
Summary: Dress-up Aileen chains with both PD and AT families. She has on-demand W-cast and unlocks T-cast through her abilities. She can imbue herself with either earth/light and imperils earth by 75%. Her maxed LB at 7★ provides her with 100% machine/stone killer while boosting the damage modifiers on some of her skills. Aileen’s innate passive yields a 150% with her own Trust Ability. What’s special about her is that she can W/T-cast her attacking abilities together with Entrust. This is huge especially if you’re running units that are heavily reliant on their LBs for damage like Esther for example or if you need an LB like LM Fina’s for a quick safety net when her CD is down.
Kimono Ayaka Kimono Ayaka (5★- 7★)
TMR: Robes (+22 DEF +68 SPR +30% Light Resist, Skills: +10% ATK/DEF/HP/MAG/SPMP Equipped Esper)
STMR: Hat (+8 DEF +94 SPR, Skills: +20% MP & Gain 2 LS per Turn)
Summary: Kimono Ayaka is quite different from the OG Ayaka. Her LB is now a physical attack that scales with 100% SPR as MAG that also buffs herself with 200% SPR. She loses Curaja and Re-raise in her white magic kit too. K.Ayaka comes with innate dual wield and dual wield mastery (6x chain cap bonus) while gaining ATK/SPR% when equipped with Staves and MAG/SPR% when DW. She chains with AT/GC families and can imbue herself with either light or fire. One of her AT skills also debuffs ST by 60% DEF/SPR. K.Ayaka also comes with on-demand W-cast for most of her abilities.
DU Aileen and K.Ayaka was available through a special banner deal in JP where you get either of them guaranteed through a 5,000 Lapis (10+1) pull and is limited to one per player. More info on their banner found here

Banner 2 – FFVII (2)

This is the second part of the FFVII banner through a raid event featuring Zack and Yuffie. However, we got the elusive SD3 instead for our monthly raid! So this banner will most likely be pushed to next month.
Zack Zack (5★- 7★)
TMR: 2h Greatsword (+145 ATK, +50% Accuracy, Variance: 1x~1.6x)
STMR: Materia (+40% ATK w/ Greatsword, +25% Accuracy, +100% TDH)
Summary: Zack, another iconic soldier in the FFVII series, is a very powerful finisher. He is capable of dealing W-casting a 30x mod skill that increases to 34.5x in between LB uses and is one of the highest solo physical DD in the game. He’s able to reach both ATK% and TDH% cap easily, making him gear-friendly as well.
Yuffie Yuffie (5★- 7★)
TMR: Materia (+30% ATK, +20% ATK w/ Clothes, +1 LB/Turn)
STMR: 2h Throwing Weapon (+172 ATK, +69 MAG, +50% Phys Damage to Birds & +100% ATK when HP falls below 80%, +50% Acc, Variance: 1x~1.6x)
Summary: Yuffie was one of the reasons why Fixed Dice was nerfed lol. She literally broke the game upon release in JP. She’s a finisher who can imbue herself with fire/ice/thunder while imperilling them at the same time! Her innate passive ATK% from equipping a throwing weapon is what makes her an ideal FD user. She also does more damage against birds. This is her making some Takoyakis before the damage formula was revamped.
This second FFVII is also on a 25k lapis banner at max 3 laps with a guaranteed Zack/Yuffie on the last step. More info found here There was also a FFVII Premium Box bundle during this banner at a cost of 10k lapis with 1 guaranteed random 5★ FFVII unit, 1x 5★ EX Ticket, 20x Rare Summon Tickets and 2x 10% Trust Moogles.

Banner 3 – FFXIII

CG Lightning CG Lightning (5★- 7★)
LB Animation
TMR: Materia (+100% TDW)
STMR: 1h Sword (+169 ATK, +50% TDW & 1.3x LB Damage)
Summary: CG Lightning was supposedly the original TDW pioneer, ushering the new meta in JP back then. However, Zeno has stolen her limelight in GL! Her TMR is similar to Cloud’s TMR, except that its TDW instead of TDH and will most likely be unstackable in GL. Her STMR is a 1h sword with additional 50% TDW and boosts LB damage by 1.3x. Lightning also has TDW Mastery and benefits from a 6x chain cap instead of 4x.
Her LB sits at a max of Lv 40 instead of 30 so it’ll require a lot more Burst Pots to max it out. It has a 120% lightning imperil and boosts the modifiers of her chaining skills. She mainly chains with the AT family while also capable of ADR chains. She can imbue/imperil thunder through a single ability similar to Esther (though at 80% imperil instead of 100%). Like Zeno, she also has permanent 10% damage mitigation. Lightning also comes with on-demand W-cast for her abilities. Overall she’s a strong upgrade for anyone who didn’t pull on Zeno/Esther banners. Plus she has other nifty utilities like 60-70% debuffs, full raise and even Curaga in her kit.
Future Hope Future Hope (5★- 7★)
TMR: 1h Dagger (+18 ATK, +117 MAG, +65 SPR)
STMR: Materia (+50% MAG, +30% MP, +100% Light Resist)
Summary: Hope’s LB imperils for 100% across all elements for 1 turn and also strikes the enemy with an all-out octo-elemental attack. He has –ga levels of green magic for fire/thundewateice and a 5T ribbon buff. Hope can also imbue thunder onto any ally for 3T. He chains with Quake/GC/AT families and has on-demand W-cast. Unlike MS Nichol who debuffs his own team mates, Hope debuffs the enemies while buffing the team and these abilities can be W-casted. He can also prevent stop while covering 100% light/dark resistance and has innate confuse/stop resist. His CD ability is an AoE 4T 180% stat buff + 40% damage mitigation on a 7T cooldown. Hope’s quite the support unit but depending on what you need more for your team in a trial, MS Nichol/Sylvie/Zarg may be better.
CG Lightning and Future Hope are guaranteed units on a 25k Lapis banner in JP. There was also a separate 3k Lapis banner with 2x 5★ unit rates. More info found here.
Note: Sazh and Snow are bonus KM units during this event! Keep multiple copies of them if you aren’t planning on pulling for the featured units.

Banner 4 – CG Charlotte Story Event

CG Charlotte Charlotte (5★- 7★)
LB Animation
TMR: Hat (+200 HP, +50 MP, +25 DEF, +50 SPR, +10% HP/MP)
STMR: Heavy Shield (+68 DEF, +118 SPR, +20% HP/SPR & +50% Ice/Light Resist)
Summary: The ultimate magic tank has arrived! Charlotte’s main selling point is her extremely high levels of damage mitigation values while incorporating all the key traits of a great magic tank. She has innate 50% draw, Guts, Provoke and magic cover ability. Charlotte’s LB costs only 22 LS and not only boosts damage mitigation by 50% but it also refreshes her magic cover! She has on-demand 30% magic damage mitigation and has a 40% chance of countering magic damage which is further boosted by her maxed 7★ passive by 1.3x. This allows her to generate plenty of LS crystals which work in tandem with her LB. Unlike Awakened Rain, she does not have a passive cover at all! With trials getting more punishing, you need not worry about her screwing your team over by randomly covering an ally. She can even chain with the GC family and her kit covers light/ice imperil (80%) if you need her to do something else other than covering magic attacks. Charlotte is a prime candidate for UoC and shines against heavy magic hitting trials like Scorn of the Bloody Moon.
Friese Friese
TMR: Heavy Armor (+40 DEF, +101 SPR & 5% MP/Turn)
Summary: Superb TMR that boasts MASSIVE SPR. This is just 9 points short of Wilhelm’s STMR! Friese’s TMR works wonderfully on Charlotte and on any other unit that scales off SPR for damage like Summer Folka/Citra.
Shepard Shepard
TMR: Materia (+30% WateWind/Earth Resist & +15% HP)
Summary: 30% Triple elemental coverage with 15% HP? Sign me up!
Charlotte was on both a 11k & 25k lapis step up banner in JP. Banner info here.
For anyone who wants to start early prepping for Charlotte Story’s Bonus Stage, these are the monsters’ information- Excerpt from JP megathread
  • 1st Wave: Io Lv99 & 2x Security Eye (Machine). Io Vulnerable to ATK/MAG debuffs. Uses Lightning magic attacks and normal attacks. It summons the Security Eyes on T3.
  • 2nd Wave: Erinyes (Demon). Uses pre-amptive Reflect. Vulnerable to ATK/MAG debuffs. Deals mainly light damage. The damage it deals is reduced by attacking it with lightning attacks.
  • 3rd Wave: Oriax (Demon). Vulnerable to MAG/SPR debuffs. Uses very strong non-elemental magic attack on T1. Subsequent attacks are all elemental-based.

Upcoming Trials

No. Chamber of Fallen Chamber of Indignant (Scorn/Kai)
Next in Line Shinryu Lich
2 - Glacial Bird
3 - Bloody Moon
4 - Elafikeras
5 Aigaion
6 - Iron Giant
7 - Bomb Family
8 - Demon Wall
9 - Tiamat
10 - Great Malboro and Malboro Queen
Series Boss Battle (SBB)
SBB is a new set of trials released together with a specific FF series. This started with FFV. Completing these trials unlocks special abilities for the relevant units.
No. FF Series Series Boss Battle (SBB)
Next in Line FFV Neo Exdeath
2 FFBE Chaotic Darkness
3 FFVI God Kefka
4 FFII Emperor
5 FFI Chaos
6 FFXV Ardyn
No. Esper
Next in Line Black Dragon
Note: Black Dragon Esper was introduced as part of the Kokuryu Sake collab in Japan. Expect this to be different in GL.

Upcoming Collabs – Octopath Traveller

And we come to the most exciting speculation corner – Collabs! A place where we have to work extra hard for time-limited rainbows!
Seiken Densetsu 3 finally made it to GL! It was a one heck of a wait. But were the units actually worth it apart from pure nostalgia? Does this mean we might also get to see the likes of Riesz, Kevin and Hawkeye?! Let’s not forget that we are also due for Octopath Traveller!
In other news, JC3 is confirmed for a re-run while Tomb Raider did not make the cut.

Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler is a turn-based role-playing video game developed by Square Enix, in collaboration with Acquire, and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The game was released worldwide on July 13, 2018 and was collaborated with FFBE JP almost simultaneously.
These are the units:
Primrose Primrose (5★- 7★)
TMR: Accessory (+16 DEF, +40 SPR, +40% SPR, +100% Petrify Resist)
STMR: Materia (+30% MAG, +60% SPR & 80% Chance Ignore up to 1 Fatal Attacks when HP above 40%)
Summary: Primrose is like Soleil v10. She’s is an insane buffer with 200% stat boosts in her LB along with AoE HP/MP heals over time and AoE LB fill. She comes with on-demand W-cast for her dances. Her regular dance moves provide 130% stat boosts and her CD ability comes with 40% damage mitigation that unlocks 160% stat boosts. She can even provide charm protection as a bonus. Her kit also includes killer boosts for Beasts/Dragons/Plants/Spirits, dark imbue (which can be W-cast) and dark imperil. The only thing she really lacks is an assortment of elemental resistance buffs. Other than that, she is a solid buffer for any team.
Olberic Olberic (5★- 7★)
TMR: Materia (+40% HP, +20% DEF, +100% Paralyze Resist)
STMR: Light Armor (+1000 HP, +62 DEF, +55 SPR, +20% ATK/DEF)
Summary: Olberic is a physical tank with innate provoke and 50% draw. His LB has a 40% damage mitigation. His CD unlocks a better cover ability with up to 80% damage reduction. As a plus, he can chain with the AR family which AoE debuffs by 80% wind/earth and he is capable of ST breaking for 60% value. His STMR has an insane 1,000 HP with decent DEF/SPR stats and a 20% DEF boost. Considering how we didn’t get Gabranth whose STMR is a helmet with +1000 HP +18 ATK +81 DEF and +20% HP, this can be considered a great addition for anyone building up the ultimate beefy tank.
Therion Therion
TMR: Accessory (+12 ATK, +26 DEF, +30% Camouflage, +20% Physical Evade)
Summary: TMR is excellent for dodge builds if you didn’t farm Twenty-sided Die or don’t have Ring of Lucii.
Tressa Tressa
TMR: Materia (+15% ATK/MAG, +25% EXP gained from battles)
Summary: A good addition to EXP items for levelling units.
Octopath Traveler had a ticket campaign where players would receive 1 Primrose/Olberic Ticket for every 10+1 summon done and can exchange for a Primrose/Olberic of choice with 5 ticket pieces. There was also a one-time 5,000 Lapis with a guaranteed either Primrose/Olberic. You don’t get any Primrose/Olberic tickets for this one though. More info found here.

TomAto’s Longshot Collab!

Finally time for the long awaited collab with Secret of... Evermore! Who needs Seiken Densetsu 3?
Guaranteed to be a GLEX as JP never got the game!
5★ - Toaster Dog
4★ - Poodle Dog
4★ - Wolf Dog
3★ - Armor Shop Owner Cecil
Fun fact: This was Jeremy Soule's first video game soundtrack!
-courtesy of TomAto314

War of the Visions: FFBE

This is the next big game that's coming soonTM. It draws various aspects from FFBE and features a 3D tactical RPG gameplay system.
This is the story of Ardora, a continent of Lapis. A tiny spark here ignites the flames that would embroil an entire continent in conflict. A continent later spoken of as the War of the Visions.
A total of 5 nations engulfed in war with one another:
Leonis: Ruled by the Red Lion Monarch, possesses the power of Visions as well as twin princes.
Hourne: The great western kingdom governed by a policy of peace and its wise king.
Fennes Where the king of the savages has organized the barbarian tribes into Ardora's mightiest militant state.
Wezette: The great eastern kingdom, over which reigns its icy despot.
Crystal Sanctum A religious city-state with believes throughout Ardora, founded by one who claims to be God.
Each burdened with its own dignity, thus is the curtain drawn on a struggle in which the fate of nations rests. All is for One's Homeland...
War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is currently in development.

Relevant Links:


Other Events - 39M Download Campaign

These are JP's goodies:
  • 11 Rainbows Pull + 2,500 Trust Coins for a 10,000 Lapis
  • 1x STMR Ticket
  • 3x Free 10+1 Pulls (Summon Festival Units included)
More info found here

Upcoming Hype – August 2019

Banner 1 Units
FFV Light Warrior KrileDark Mage ExdeathDawn Warrior Galuf(CG) Light Warrior BartzLight Warrior Lenna
FFV with a set of exciting reworked units is en route!
Banner 2 Units
Sol’s Story Event [SolHeliakEclipsaPelteira
Totally CG Sol with his incredible backstory is also looming right ahead!


That wraps it up for the upcoming month of July! See ya next month!
- A Man Has No Name
submitted by amhnnfantasy to FFBraveExvius


Animals of the Northern Siberian Pleistocene (Research) Park

The Northern Siberian Pleistocene Park area is 16 km2 or 6 sq mi
Reindeer(Rangifer tarandus): Present before the project started (although more are being brought to help simulate Pleistocene conditions). They mainly graze in the southern highlands of the park. This territory is not affected by spring flooding and dominated by larch forests and shrubland. Reindeer rarely visit the flood plain. Besides actively grazing (especially in winter) they browse on willow shrubs, tree moss, and lichens. (Numbers in park in September 2020: 20-30)
Elk/Moose(Alces alces): Present before the project started, although in low numbers. Immigration from neighboring areas is stimulated. Due to poaching the density of moose in the region has substantially decreased in the last 20 years. To increase moose density in the park, special constructions were added to the fence in several places that allow animals outside the fenced area to enter the park, while not allowing them to leave. Besides that wild moose calves are being caught in other regions and transported to the park. It is the largest extant species of the deer family and one of the largest herbivores in the park today. (Numbers in park in September 2020: 5-15)
Yakutian horse (a domestic breed of Horse): The first species to be introduced for the project, they were imported from the surrounding Srednekolymsk region beginning in 1988. Yakutian horses have developed a range of remarkable morphologic, metabolic and physiologic adaptions to the harsh environment of Siberia, including an extremely dense and long winter coat, a compact build, a metabolism adjusted to seasonal needs, and an increased production of antifreezing compounds. In summer they grow very large hooves, which they wear down in winter scraping away snow to get at food. Despite their size, they proved to be dominant over the wisents, who often fled from them. Yakutian horses are purely grazing animals – they eat only grass species and visit the park's forests only during the spring flood. In the spring of 2015, ten more Yakutian horses were acquired to increase genetic diversity. (Numbers in park in September 2020: approximately 40)
Muskox(Ovibos moschatus): Muskoxen arrived at the park in September 2010. They were brought from Wrangel Island (itself repopulated with animals from North America). They are doing well and are now fully grown. Unfortunately only males could be acquired, after an attempt to get both males and females was thwarted during the expedition when a polar bear broke the fence to eat one of them ,and the Zimovs are now urgently looking for females. The introduction of more muskoxen is planned for 2019. (Numbers in park in July 2017: 3 males) A new expedition to go to Wrangel Island was planned to take place in late 2020, but ultimately cancelled due to various delays by the time they had the boats ready, including by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Wisent(AKA European bison, Bison bonasus): During the last ice age, wisents were the most cold-adapted of the Bison species and thrived in the glacial grassland-steppe biome. Their dietary needs are very different from the American bison. Year-round 10% of their diet necessarily consists of trees and shrubs, and they will ignore their main forage (grasses, sedges and forbs) in favour of woody forage to reach this quota. Without supplementary feeding in winter, the yearly average may rise to 20% even in countries with mild winters. Five wisents, one adult male and four juvenile females, were introduced in the park in April 2011. The wisents were brought to the park from the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve near Moscow. The transportation was more complicated and took a longer time than originally thought, but all the animals recovered rapidly after the trip. Unfortunately, the wisents did not sufficiently acclimatize in the first months. They started to moult in November, when temperatures already were down to –30 °C (–35 °F) in Cherskii. The four juveniles died; only the adult bull survived. He is now fully acclimatized. (Numbers in park in September 2020: 1 male)
Domestic yak (Bos mutus grunniens): Ten domestic yaks acquired in Irkutsk Oblast were introduced in Pleistocene Park in June 2017; two calves were born a few days after the arrival. Another calf was born after that. Yaks are adapted to extreme cold, short growing seasons for grazing herbage, and rough grazing conditions with sedges and shrubby plants. Wild yaks once lived in western Beringia.[citation needed] (Numbers in park in September 2020: approximately 8)
Edilbaevskaya sheep (a domestic breed of sheep): 30 domestic sheep acquired in Irkutsk Oblast were introduced in Pleistocene Park in October 2017. The sheep are from a breed that is adapted to the Siberian cold. They belong to the breed group of fat-tailed sheep; their fatty rump evolved to store fat as a reserve for lean seasons, analogous to a camel's humps. (Numbers in park in May 2018: approximately 35)
Kalmykian cattle (A domestic breed of cattle): A population was introduced to the park in October 2018.
Plains bison (Bison bison bison): Twelve yearling plains bison, nine males and three females, were acquired and would have been introduced in the park once the United States’ FAA gave clearance for the flight. The plains bison were bought from the Stevens Village Bison Reserve near Delta Junction in Alaska; as the climate there is comparable to that of Siberia, the young bison were expected to thrive. Plains bison are grazers of grasses and sedges. Unlike wisents, plains bison are almost pure grazers, which will consume other plant material mainly in time of need. While wood bison were the preferred choice of subspecies, they are not easy to acquire; plains bison simply are the subspecies that could be brought to the Park most easily. They got bison from Denmark, from the Ditlevsdal bison farm. The bison began travelling on 7 May, and officially arrived safely in the park on 9 June. (Numbers in park in June 2019: 12)
Non-ungulate herbivores to be found in the park are the mountain hare (Lepus timidus), the black-capped marmot (Marmota camtschatica), and the Arctic ground squirrel (Spermophilus parryii), as well as the muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) and diverse species of voles.
Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx): Present before the project started. It is an important predator of medium-sized herbivores like hares and roe deer.
Tundra wolf (Canis lupus albus): Despite the original low concentration of ungulates, the area was home to a wolf family already before the project started. This arctic subspecies of the gray wolf is widespread from northern Scandinavia to the Kamchatka Peninsula.
Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus): Present before the project started. Well adapted to living in the arctic environment, its fur changes color with the season: white in winter, brown in summer.
Eurasian brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos): Present before the project started. Currently the largest predator in the region.
Wolverine (Gulo gulo): Present before the project started. A stocky and muscular carnivore, the wolverine is a powerful and versatile predator and scavenger.
Red fox (Vulpes vulpes): Present before the project started. Red foxes are omnivores with a highly varied diet. In the former Soviet Union, up to 300 animals and a few dozen plant species are known to be consumed by them.
Sable(Martes zibellina): Present before the project started.
Stoat(Mustela erminea): Present before the project started.
Wood bison (Bison bison athabascae): Better adapted to life in the Far North than the plains bison. Mainly a grazer of grasses and sedges, seasonally supplements this diet with other plant material like forbs, lichen, and silverberry and willow leaves. Wet meadows in bottomlands (like the Kolyma river plain) are an important habitat for wood bison. The original plans for the rewilding of Bison had called for the introduction of wood bison as an ecological proxy for the extinct steppe wisent, Bison priscus. These plans did not work out and wisents were acquired instead.
Altai wapiti (Cervus canadensis sibiricus): Had been introduced in April 2011. The wapiti made their way to the park all the way from the mountainous regions of Altai in central southern Siberia. Wapiti are very good jumpers and all six escaped within the first two years. The fence has been strengthened to cope with future introductions.
Wild yak (Bos mutus): Could be brought from the Tibetan Plateau. Along with the bison, horse, and reindeer, the species could contribute to the further proliferation of grasses in the region.
Snow sheep (Ovis nivicola): Immigration from neighboring areas is encouraged. Especially rams may be lured to the park by domestic ewes in rut.
Wild Bactrian camel (Camelus ferus) or Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus): Either of the two-humped camel species could act as a proxy for extinct Pleistocene camel species, whose fossils have been found in areas that once formed part of Beringia. The camel evolved in the high arctic as a large boreal browser; its hump presumably evolved to store fat as a resource for the long winter. Bactrian camels will eat almost anything, preferably any plant material such as grass, shrubs, bark, etc., but in times of need also carrion. In the winter they will dig under snow to get at forage. The wild Bactrian camel is critically endangered and is only found in some few areas of China and Mongolia.
Siberian roe deer(Capreolus pygargus): Immigration from neighboring areas is encouraged.
Saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica): Introduction is in the planning stage. Its presence would be critical for the regulation of poisonous plants in the region that can be digested by the saiga but are harmful to other herbivores. Currently, free saigas can only be found in Russia in the Chyornye Zemli Nature Reserve.
Orenburg fur goat (Capra aegagrus hircus): Introduction is being planned. Its presence is necessary due to their ability to eat anything. Only difficulty with acquiring them is due to them being only found in Orenburg, due to veterinary services not allowing shipping out of that region.
Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris tigris): Introduction planned for a later stage, when herbivores have multiplied. Endangered and reduced to the Primorye region. As the largest feline alive, the Siberian tiger could play a key role in regulating the numbers of the largest herbivores.
Woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius): In January 2011, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported that a team of scientists from Kyoto University were planning to extract DNA from a mammoth carcass preserved in a Russian laboratory and insert it into egg cells of elephants in hope of creating a mammoth embryo. If the experiment succeeded, the calf would be taken to the park along with others to form a wild population. The researchers claimed that their aim was to produce the first mammoth within six years.
Cave lion (Panthera spelaea): The discovery of two well-preserved cubs in the Sakha Republic ignited a project to clone the animal.
Steppe bison (Bison priscus): The discovery of the mummified steppe bison of 9,000 years ago could help people clone the ancient bison species back, even though the steppe bison would not be the first to be "resurrected".
Woolly rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis): Similar reasons of bringing back as the woolly mammoth.
Irish elk (Megaloceros giganteus)
Cave bear (Ursus spelaeus)
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