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Asktransgender Archive: isleepinahammock, June 10, 2013: As Promised, My SRS Thread

This is an archive post on asktransgender. Original here
Full comments here
I did one of these for FFS, and I figured I would do one for SRS as well. This thread will be a diary thread periodically updated every so often with new entries. This will document my experience with SRS in Bangkok, Thailand. All posts, unless otherwise noted, are in local Bangkok time. The two people going on this trip are myself and my boyfriend. I'm scheduled for SRS, him for top surgery.
6/11/2013, 4:00 AM: Woke up this morning to the first morning in Bangkok. We left Houston at 4 PM local Houston time on Saturday, and made it to Bangkok at 4 PM local time on Monday. There's a twelve hour time difference in there, but still quite a trip.
The trip almost died before it even began. We arrived at Houston IAH airport around 12:30, 3.5 hours before the flight. I had tried to print off boarding passes the previous night, but it gave me some sort of error. We went to the counter to get our tickets, but they said they couldn't find them. We went to another counter, and the rude lady looked it up.
She told us that our tickets had somehow been cancelled. We got the tickets back in April. Originally there was some trouble with my credit card, but we were able to straighten it out then. Lufthansa successfully charged my card and the charge is still on there.
Well, when we got to the airport, the Lufthansa people were inexplicably claiming our tickets were cancelled. The lady at the counter refused to look much into it, and told us to just call the customer service number.
I did, waited through an enormous hold time of a half hour before talking to a human. The person on the line gave an impossible story. They said that my credit card company had disputed the charges and that Lufthansa had issued a refund for the tickets.
This was impossible as no refund ever showed up on my account. Additionally, a credit card company cannot simply issue a dispute, only the actual cardholder can. The rep on the phone could not give me any reason why they would cancel tickets without informing me, they just told me to call my credit card company.
I think what really happened was there was a mixup with their system and they were trying to pass the buck. They offered to let us purchase two completely new tickets at the current rate, $4500 per ticket! That was completely impossible. No way to afford that. They said they simply didn't have the ability to offer the tickets at the original rate (total lie.) When I asked for a supervisor, the supervisor said the same thing. When I asked for her supervisor, she gave some BS line about their being no higher supervisor (again impossible.)
Anyway, so it was now an hour and a half before the plane is scheduled to leave. I've lost all hope at this point. A friend of ours, however, hasn't. He and his wife had given us a ride to the airport. When they heard we were having trouble, they came back to the airport and started helping us out. I have no idea how the hell he did it, but he was able to resolve the issue. He got on the line, immediately went through several levels of "let me talk to your supervisor", threatening to go to the media, and was somehow able to get it straightened out. I still can't figure out exactly what they changed.
They told him that they would charge my card at the original rate, but no such charge has shown up on my card. I think they might have just realized their error and issued tickets to correct it, but I still haven't figured it out yet. Anyway, somehow we were able to get our tickets. We got through security and got on our flight.
The trip was two 10-11 hour flights. One was between Houston and Frankfurt, the other between Frankfurt and Bangkok. Tried to get what sleep we could, though very little was possible on the plane. We spent most of our Frankfurt layover snoozing on the seats in the gate. Sleeping mask and earphones, sleeping the day away at noon local time. The flight to Bangkok went a little better as the seat next to us was empty and we had some extra room. Still, we arrived in Bangkok dead tired. Hadn't slept for more than an hour or two at a time for the entire trip.
We arrived at 4 PM or so. Got picked up by the driver without any problem. Arrived at the hotel, registered, and got settled in. Room is nothing fancy, just your basic hotel room, but it will do. Went to bed early and woke up early. Still trying to get adjusted to the local time zone. We have our first consultation with Dr. Chettawut scheduled later today.
6/12/2013 1 PM: We started the day yesterday with breakfast at the hotel. We really pigged out, me especially, as it was the last day of regular meals for me. All sorts of nice breakfast food. At 10 AM, we left for the consult with Chet.
We met Chettawut for the first time. Everything seems fine. He did an exam for me for SRS and for my bf for top surgery. I might end up needing a groin skin graft, so he asked permission to do that. If he needs to, it's an extra $1000. :/ Oh well, do it once, do it right. He and his staff are very nice, very professional. We filled out misc paperwork, had our consultation, etc.
In the afternoon, we went to a local hospital to get some miscellaneous medical testing done. We could have done this in the US, but it's far cheaper over here. We had blood drawn for various blood tests, including HIV screening. Chest X-Ray to test for tuberculosis. We also each had a quick psych consult as required by Thai law for SRS. We got a clean bill of health and went back to the hotel.
We had planned to do some more stuff last night, but around 5 PM or so we got back and just laid on the bed for awhile. We had been up since 2 AM, still adjusting to the time zone switch. I just rested my eyes a bit, and woke up around 2 AM the next morning. T_T I took a sleeping pill, got some extra sleep, and woke up around 8 AM. Hopefully we're back on schedule now.
We had breakfast, well in theory anyway. Aiden had breakfast, I had "breakfast." I'm now on an all-liquid diet for the next three days. So breakfast was a bowl of soup broth and five glasses of various juice. T_T My surgery date is on Saturday. His is Friday.
Today we went to the mall across the street. We exchanged a few hundred dollars for baht and did some shopping for a few basic things at Tesco. From the quick look around the stores, electronics are the same or perhaps a little more expensive than the US, but clothes are way, way cheaper.
6/12/2013 4 PM: All liquid diets officially suck. You can get a fair amount of calories and nutrients from juices, broths, and such, but it doesn't help with the hunger. :/
6/13/2013 6 PM: Second day of all-liquid diet. Went to the store again, stocked up on a bunch of munchables for when we're both stuck in the hotel room recovering. You know how hard it is to walk past dozens of stalls and shops selling tasty, dirt cheap food and not be able to eat a bit of it? I do. :/ Today I subsisted off juice, soda, and water. The closest thing I had to food was the miso soup at the breakfast buffet. Had five bowls of it! At least that helped keep the edge off the hunger, unlike yesterday. Tomorrow Aiden goes in for his top surgery and I do the worst part of the whole bowel cleansing stuff - I get to take Swiff, the human draino. :/
6/14/2013 1:15 PM: Crazy day. Got up and had breakfast, a few bowls of miso soup broth. Took the awful Swiff stuff, diluted it like 15x in sprite and drank the first dose at 9 AM. Will have the second dose at 5 PM. Basically hung out in the bathroom all morning. Did laundry. The hotel has a laundry service, but it's really expensive, like $2 to wash a pair of underwear. Just washed everything with hand soap and hung it up to dry. So hung out in the bathroom, alternating between washing clothes and jumping on the toilet. :/
But that's nothing compared to what just happened. I just went down to the lobby to see Aiden off. Can't come with him to the surgery center, I'm stuck here dealing with my own pre-surgery stuff. Lots of hugs, goodbyes. Didn't really start crying until I got to the room. Now I'm alone in the room, 10x more worried about him than how my surgery will go. I requested that they give me a call when he gets out of surgery safe, and I'm going to refuse to go into surgery tomorrow until I can see him and make sure everything is ok. Damn I love that guy. If anything happened to him...God. SRS is canceled at the very least. I know I worry too much. But damn, ya know? Our two year anniversary is Monday, June 17th. ;_;
6/14/2013 7:40 PM: Got the phone call. Aiden made it out of surgery fine. He's in recovery now. Meanwhile, I'm back at the hotel room dealing with major major runs from the stupid SWIFF (human draino) crap. ;/
6/15/2013 11:30 AM: Aiden got back. He was in pretty bad shape at first, but he seems to be rapidly improving as the drugs flush out of his system. First thought I wouldn't be able to leave him. Now looks like he'll be fine. I leave for surgery at 1 PM.
6/16/2013 12:30 PM: Survived surgery. Brain in fog. In and out of sleep. Typing is hard. Catheters royally suck.
6/17/2013 5:45 AM: Made it through second night in hospital. Was just in and out of sleep all day yesterday. Yesterday had the fluid IV removed. Still in the recovery room, will move to a regular hospital room later today. Slowly getting my strength back. Able to stay awake for longer and longer periods of time. No pain to speak of except some discomfort from the stupid catheter. Still on an all-liquid diet.
I've been sitting in the hospital bed for the last 36 hours. Legs spread apart as to not put pressure on the groin area. On my legs there are these things that are difficult to describe. They're large mechanical pressure garments. One leg tightens, then the other leg tightens. They go back and forth. It's like those pressure cuffs you use to take a blood pressure reading, but over the whole leg.
6/17/2013 1 PM: Got moved from the recovery room to a regular hospital room. Much quieter. No big leg cuffs on. Will stay here for another two days. It's Aiden and I's two year anniversary today. <3
6/18/2013 10:15 AM: Sleep cycle is all kinds of mixed up. Went to bed at 5 PM last night. Woke up at 10 PM. Surfed a bit, slept again from midnight til 4 AM or so. I get out of the hospital tomorrow. Get the vaginal packing removed Saturday. Should get the evil catheter out on Monday. Right now I'm just passing the time away, trying to be as still as possible, not move my legs too much. Did a casual IMA to help pass the time. Sent some emails to my coworkers this morning, let 'em know I survived surgery. Passing the time on reddit and watching various movies at TV shows. Currently watching the Fifth Element. :P
6/18/2013 2:15 PM: Feeling better today. Had enough energy that I filled out a credit card dispute form. I looked into the situation, and it seems it's all Lufthansa's fault. No one at my credit card ever called to dispute the original tickets purchased in April. Lufthansa did however charge for the tickets a second time, on the day of the flight in June. So I filed an actual dispute to the original charges. My account currently shows the same tickets charged twice.
6/18/2013 6:40 PM Had some solid food for the first time in a week today. Just creamy soup and some crackers. Digestive system is starting up again, and getting lots of random gas. :/ FML Tomorrow I'll get the tube drains and the epidural taken out. The catheter and packing will stay in for a few more days. Will go back to the hotel and pretty much just hang out there, but at least Aiden and I will be able to keep each other company. :)
6/19/2013 10:15 AM: Got out of the hospital. Got the epidural taken out, got some tube drains removed (OW!). Still have the catheter in. They took a lot of the bindings off the bottom. Got a first look at the results. Looks good, but really, really swollen. Will be able to take my first shower on Friday. Got taken back to the hotel. Got a big bag with medication to take, various supplies, and this big pink donut butt pillow to sit on. Still a bit groggy from the meds.
6/19/2013 5 PM: First real meal in a week. Nothing but cream soup and crackers at the hospital. Mmmmm pasta. :D
6/20/2013: 1:15 We find Chettawut's aftercare to be severely deficient. They have two nurses that travel around on a part-time basis to multiple patients. i don't know how many patients he has at a time, but this is far, far too low to provide any level of basic nursing care. Aftercare seems to be essentially non-existent. I do not recommend coming here unless you have someone there to take care of you in the time after surgery.
Originally I wanted to do Aiden and I's surgeries one week apart. I would do my SRS one week before his top surgery. He would be able to help me out during my first critical week of healing, and I could provide assistance after that. This was the original plan.
Chettawut however insisted on changing this. For whatever strange reason, he wanted to do our two surgeries back-to-back. He assured us this would not be a problem.
Well it turns out it is. His aftercare is a joke. A nurse comes by once per day for a cursory five minute visit. From discussing with Aiden here, it seems he was basically dumped in the hotel after surgery. I was extremely anxious to go into surgery after seeing what state he was in, but they assured me he would get plenty of care from the nurses.
He was in bad shape after surgery. He spent several days alone, struggling to breath, unable to eat. Luckily he only ever had to urinate, not deficate, while I was away, as he is unable to go clean up without assistance. While in the hospital, I repeatedly pleaded with them to make sure he was okay, and they simply said it was ok.
It seems Dr. Chettawut or his staff have a severe misunderstanding of the severity of FTM top surgery. They don't seem to get the concept that you essentially lose the use of your arms for two weeks after surgery. They say disturbing things like, "don't worry. don't worry. It's a minor surgery."
I am back in the hotel room now and have to offer what aid I can to him. However, I have to worry about my own aftercare, and am really worried about moving too much and damaging the skin graft that is still healing. I had to help him clean up after using the restroom earlier today.
When the nurses came, they offered only the most minimal level of care possible. They took a quick look at Aiden's tube drains and inspected how my surgical site is healing. We could use some basic nursing care, but they don't provide it. I asked them to help Aiden wash up. He needs a simple sponge bath, just a wipe down with a washcloth from the sink. I was washed in such a manner while I was in the hospital, but Aiden has been alone and has not received such care. I told them that he needs washing, but they refused. They said they did not have time and that he could do it himself. They said his surgery was minor and that he's fully capable of helping himself. They're completely ignorant about the FTM top surgery recovery process. They also can't seem to grasp the concept that my boyfriend is a "he" not a "she." Constant misgendering.
I think we'll be able to get through this, but I really have to caution people. Do NOT come to a doctor like this unless you have someone to take care of you after surgery. You WILL be essentially alone after surgery and will receive very little basic nursing aftercare. You are one your own.
6/21/2013 9:30 AM: Might have overreacted yesterday, was in a pretty emotional state. I guess I'm really not in too bad a shape, it's really Aiden who's been neglected the most. I can take some hardship myself, but when something happens to him, I really start to freak out.
We have improved one thing that really helps. We let the staff at the hotel staff know that they can simply knock on the door and come on in when we say "come on in!" It sounds ridiculous, just walking to the door being such a big deal, but it actually is. The goal is to just sit in bed and move as little as possible. I've moved some stuff near the bed so I don't have to get up as often, and this seems to have helped. I just hope everything heals up well, the skin grafts take alright, and nothing is damaged.
As an aside, I've been watching way to much The Walking Dead lately. I've been going through the series, just episode after episode. This is fine, except that last night and the night before, I've had dreams involving zombies. :/ Last night was really weird, like the actual SRS trip merged with the zombie thoughts. For some reason I was worrying, "how the hell are we going to get back to Houston? Won't the Bangkok, Frankfurt, and Houston airports be overrun with zombies? Should I even bother going home, my house is in a very poor position to defend against a hoard of zombies. Wouldn't surprise me if Houston is completely overrun. Are the airlines even operating flights anymore???" :D
6/21/2013 2:00 PM: The nurses came again today. Aiden's tube drains were removed, getting rid of the biggest source of pain for him. They took the vaginal packing out. That was strange. It was like one of those magicians with the scarves in their sleeve. Just seemed to never end. They input a stent and found the initial depth - a full 6", 7" to the edge of the outer labia. Things are healing up quite well. No tears, no graft failures, and the swelling has gone down a lot. It actually looks like, well, any other vagina. Spectacular results I think. :)
Tomorrow the nurse will return and show me how to do the first dilation. That is going to hurt. Not looking forward to that. The catheter is still in, and it will turn out on Monday.
6/22/2013 3 PM: Things are going well. Still confined to the hotel room until the 26th. After that I'll be able to wander about the hotel. Settled into a routine. Breakfast in the morning, through the middle of the day just have some snacks of various sorts, then have dinner at night from the room service menu.
Today a nurse came and I had my first dilation. Went very well. The key is just to relax, focus on a TV show or some other distraction, stay calm and let it happen. Still wearing pads and blood still shows up on them. Small amounts of blood came out when I removed the stent. The sutures are healing well, but I still just need to move slowly, not bend my legs much, and not stress the wound. Won't be doing yoga for awhile. :D
Oh, also finished watching through season three of The Walking Dead today. Need to find something else to watch now...
6/23/2013 high noon: just finished watching Forrest Gump. So many waterworks. Damn movie. I can watch episode after episode of a zombie series, watch someone's face get gnawed, and feel nothing in particular. I watch Forrest Gump once, and I'm crying left and right. The feels. ;_;
Need to do two dilations today. Will be my first attempt to dilate by myself. We'll see how it goes.
6/24/2013 1:45 PM: Finally got that horrible catheter out today! Took a big dose of pain medicine this morning, and the nurse got it out without any difficulty. Still won't be dancing or jogging around any time soon, but damn it feels good to get that out.
Had my first urination. Didn't burn and didn't have to force it, but it was definitely...interesting. It was not any kind of stream, it was just a huge dribbling stream that went everywhere. Bleh. Oh well, will get better with time. About to take my first shower in nine days. T_T Other than that, just chilling in the room, eagerly awaiting the results from the Supreme Court.
6/25/2013 12:15 AM: damn. No decision on the big cases. Better luck tomorrow. Moved from the number one to the number two dilator, and wow. T_T After two dilation sessions using the bigger one, I'm definitely feeling rather...stretched out. T_T
6/25/2013 7:50: woke up too late this morning. Need to set an alarm. Woke up at 11 AM, too late to order breakfast to the room. :/ Had to order lunch and dinner from room service. To save cost, we've just been having a big breakfast, which is included in the room, munching on some snacks during the day, then ordering dinner at night.
Had dilation this morning. Used the number 2 dilator again. Then the nurse came, and I got a stern talking to. Apparently I wasn't supposed to move up to the larger dilator yet, could cause damage. So I've moved back to number one for now.
Oh, sent a note to ameliabee. Would be good to post it here for record. This is at the Dusit Princess Srinakarin hotel:
Oh, one thing I need to tell you. LAUNDRY
There is a laundry service available at the hotel, but it's absurdly, stupidly expensive. I have no idea why it costs so damn much, but it's so expensive as to be unusable. They charge per item, and it's like $6-7 to wash a pair of jeans, $2-3 to wash a pair of underwear, $4-5 to wash a t-shirt. It's fucking ridiculous.
So, plan accordingly. Luckily I brought a ton of underwear, that's the only thing that really gets dirty. Since most of the trip I'm just hanging out at the hotel, my clothes really don't get that dirty, so I'm just wearing bottoms and tops 2-3 times. Even cleaned some laundry by washing by hand the day before I left for surgery.
So seriously, plan accordingly. Either bring enough stuff that you won't have to do laundry, or bring things that can easily be washed by hand. Don't plan on paying for laundry. I bet it would literally be cheaper to walk across the street to the mall, by underwear, wear it once, then throw it in the garbage than it is to pay for cleaning underwear here.
6/26/2013 2:30 PM: Just another day here, waiting for the big Supreme Court decision at 9 PM local time. Everything's healing well. Dilation going well. Today is the last day I'm confined to the hotel room. After today I can wander about the hotel. Watching through Breaking Bad. At season 3 episode 9 now. Missing American food. Would kill for some Pollos Hermanos right now.
6/28/2013 5:30 PM: Some interesting times. As of yesterday, we're free to wander about the hotel. Can go eat at the restaurants, visit other rooms, etc. In the last few days we met and have been hanging out with Amelia, u/ameliabee. She's awesome. :) She has surgery tomorrow, and we've commiserated a bit as she's been surviving the Swiff stuff today. :( Best of luck Amelia!
The only exciting thing today was the plumbing leak. This morning, was using the restroom. Didn't use it, didn't touch it, but when I flushed the toilet the metal hose for the bidet sprayer burst and started spraying water out everywhere. We moved our stuff out of the way and made an emergency call to the front desk. Thankfully the water flowed out into the hall instead of back into the room, but still was a big mess. Had a bunch of housekeeping people in who helped clean things up. The maintenance guy fixed the leak, and everything was back to normal within an hour or so. Gave the housekeeping ladies a really nice tip today. T_T
6/28/2013 8:00 PM: Learned something interesting about Thai culture. We were talking about it, Aiden thought he remembered something about it, and we looked it up.
Apparently in Thailand it's actually illegal to export a Buddha statue from Thailand. We were discussing possible souvenirs, but apparently this one is one you can't do. The only Buddha images you can take out of Thailand are the small ones meant to wear around your neck.
You might think it's just something to prevent cultural looting and the theft on antiques, but it goes further than that. It's not only illegal to export ancient Buddha statues, it's illegal to export brand new ones.
It comes down to a matter of culture, in a way that's very strange to my American background. I was raised Catholic. To put a statue of Jesus or the Virgin Mary in your backyard, on a shelf, or by your front door, is seen as a sign of respect. It's a positive thing.
In Thai Buddhist culture, this not the case. If you were to put a statue of Buddha out on your front stoop, it would be seen as disrespectful. A Buddha statue is not to be just put on display as a decoration. In their culture, a Buddha statue should only be displayed either in a temple or in a household shrine.
As such, the only way you can export a Buddha statue is through a whole bunch of paperwork. You either need to be a monk yourself, or you need a letter from a Buddhist temple saying that you are Buddhist and that you will be using the statue for religious purposes.
7/1/2013 2:00 PM: Not much going on in the last few days. Just sitting around healing in the hotel. On Saturday, Ameila went off to SRS, heard from her she got through it fine. So that's good. :)
Let's see. On Saturday we left the hotel for the first time. The nurse cleared us to go on short trips around the neighborhood, so we went to the nearby mall, bought a few groceries and got some dinner at McDonalds of all places. Out in front of the McDonalds is a very interesting Ronald McDonald statue, apparently all the McDonalds in Thailand have Ronald's like this.
Medically not much going on. Have the final consultation with Chettawut this Saturday, the 6th. The nurse is going to try to bring us the documentation before that so we can go to the embassy to get it notarized. Got cleared to move to the larger size dilator, I started using the number two dilator today.
Just slowly healing, feeling better and stronger each day. We've met two good friends here, both Amelia and one of the waitstaff we've gotten to know quite well.
Mainly just passing the time on reddit and watching TV. Made it all the way through Breaking Bad, now watching a mix of Dexter and Star Trek The Next Generation.
7/6/2013 1:00 PM: Been too long since I posted an update. The internet has been extremely spotty for some reason, so sometimes we get connections, sometimes not.
Let's see. This last week largely just much of the same. We're no longer confined to the hotel. We've been frequently walking across the street to the huge Seacon Square Mall. We'll wake up in the morning, get breakfast down in the hotel restaurant, hang out in the room for a bit, then later go out and do some shopping and get dinner at the mall. The prices are really good, so it's tempting to shop too much. I would love to buy a bunch of clothes, but I need to hold back. This trip is breaking the bank enough as is. Mostly just getting a few gifts for family and friends.
Medically, everything is fine. Dilation is going well for me. I'm using the second dilator size, will start with a 10-15 minute session with #1, then half hour to an hour with #2. I'll either do three half hour sessions or two one hour sessions each day. The nurse still comes in daily to check up on us and perform a basic examination of my parts.
On Wednesday I got my final surgery letter from the doc, listing the procedures I've had. I needed to get it notarized to change my birth certificate, so we hired a translator experienced with doing this. Doctor Chettawut's staff recommended him. Yesterday, he accompanied us down to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, took care of the whole process. We would have been really lost without him. Totally worth paying for. His fee was 6000 baht, the Ministry charged 1200 baht, and cab fares and road tolls brought the total cost to about 6000 baht, or about $200. Totally worth it if you need the doctor's signature to be certified.
Today we went to see Chettawut one last time for the final consultation. I had to change into a hospital robe, sit on the surgical table and get in the stirrups. He performed an exam with a speculum. He then performed the first douching. Oh so much fun. :/ Turns out everything is healing very well. No skin grafts or sutures have failed. Everything is as it should be. Dilation has been going well.
Aiden also had his follow-up exam, just inspecting the surgery site. Unfortunately, this was complicated by his condition. He's been inexplicably nauseous this morning. We're guessing some of the sushi we had last night must have been prepared wrong, as he seems to have a stomach virus of some sort. He'll get through it. It seems like one of those things that will be there and gone in a day. Still, while I was getting my exam he was sitting in Chettawut's office bathroom throwing up. :/
Other than that, not much left. We have another three days to do as we please. If we're feeling well, we might try to make it to a temple or something. But it's hard, as it hurts me especially to be on my feet too long. Our flight leaves late Wednesday night.
7/12/2013 12:15 PM Central Time: Finally got home last night.
The last few days in Thailand were fairly uneventful. Just finished up with the regular routine. Got up for breakfast in the morning, the nurse came by after that for an exam, and we would hang out in the room and usually hang out at the mall a bit in the afternoon and evening. We got some gifts for friends and did a little shopping for ourselves. Great clothing prices! Medically everything is healing quite well.
Before leaving, I was really concerned about dilation and the return trip. From the time we left the hotel room to the time we got back to our house took about 36 hours. That's 36 hours I couldn't dilate, and I was worried about damaging things. I asked the doctor and nurses if this was OK, and if maybe I should try to dilate at the airport or something. They assured me it would be fine and it's pretty normal. I could just do a long dilation session before and after, and everything should be fine.
On Wednesday we said our goodbyes. Said goodbye to Amelia as well as Morgan, a trans gal from France we met while there. We packed everything up and got ready. Our flight was at 11:55 PM Bangkok time. We left the hotel around 8 PM, and I did a long dilation session from like 4:30-7:00 PM. When we finally got home, things were a bit tight and it hurt, but no real damage done. I think all the flights did was set the dilation schedule back a bit.
The flights themselves were just long and bleh. Dr. Chettawut gave us a letter which did help quite a bit. The letter requested that we be given seats with extra leg room, for medical reasons. They upgraded us to a bulkhead seat on the flight from Bangkok to Frankfurt, and we got a free upgrade from economy to economy plus from Frankfurt to Houston. The flights were still rough, but it helped. Took some sleeping pills on the first flight, but unfortunately we were surrounded by a half dozen infants and numerous toddlers. Sleep for a half hour, get woken up by a screaming kid. Sleep for another half hour, get woken up by a screaming kid. I don't know what people are thinking taking infants on 11 hour intercontinental flights. T_T
It was rough, but eventually we did make it back. We're back home now, I start work on Monday. Can't ride my scooter for another two months, so Aiden will be giving me a ride to work for awhile. Severely jet lagged, internal clock all kinds of messed up, but I have a few days to adjust.
And with that, I suppose that's it. SRS trip is done and this long diary is finally done as well. Hope some folks out there can get something from this. Overall, I think we had a really good experience. There were some big bumps along the way, such as the initial flight nightmare and the troubles Aiden had right after surgery, but we got through it. We met some wonderful people over in Bangkok and I can definitely recommend it to anyone considering SRS. Chet and his staff are wonderful, and I think I made a great choice going there. If anyone reading, now or in the future, has any further questions, feel free to message me and I'll be happy to respond. :)
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Mid tier build check with room for upgrades

Hello everybody,
I'll post the build with the reasons why I picked these particular parts. I've been sitting on this build for a while now (alert: long post ahead).
General info: I live in the Netherlands and I'll be buying my parts here as well, budget is around €1500/1750, screen included.
Goals/questions of/about this pc: - 1440p ~50/60fps for games like rdr2, metro exodus, fallout 4 and cities skylines. - Some music production on FL studio. - Mini-itx. - Compatibility of parts (I've already done a lot of research but you can never be sure enough). - Room for upgrades to rtx 3070/ryzen 4000 later on.
I would really like some advice on the RAM, PSU and overall compatibility.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU *AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor $174.89 @ Walmart
CPU Cooler *Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition 42 CFM CPU Cooler $35.99 @ Amazon
Thermal Compound Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver 3.5 g Thermal Paste $6.37 @ Amazon
Motherboard Gigabyte B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard -
Memory *Crucial Ballistix 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory $97.99 @ Amazon
Storage Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $99.99 @ Amazon
Storage Samsung 860 QVO 1 TB 2.5" Solid State Drive $124.99 @ Best Buy
Video Card Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 6 GB OC Video Card $239.99 @ Best Buy
Case Fractal Design Define Nano S Mini ITX Desktop Case $80.99 @ Newegg
Power Supply SeaSonic CORE GM 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply -
Case Fan be quiet! Pure Wings 2 120 PWM 87 CFM 120 mm Fan $20.11 @ Amazon
Case Fan be quiet! Pure Wings 2 120 PWM 87 CFM 120 mm Fan $20.11 @ Amazon
Case Fan be quiet! Pure Wings 2 120 PWM 87 CFM 120 mm Fan $20.11 @ Amazon
Monitor LG 27GL850-B 27.0" 2560x1440 144 Hz Monitor $499.00 @ Amazon
Mouse Logitech G305 (Black) Wireless Optical Mouse $49.99 @ Best Buy
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1470.52
*Lowest price parts chosen from parametric criteria
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-06-25 14:28 EDT-0400
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 The 3600 because has 2 cores over the 3300x with comparable performance. I plan to OC the 3600 to 4GHz (if that's even necessary with amd's precision boost overdrive). I feel these 6 cores are important for future 6/8-core based games and the music production I will be doing. Besides that, the 3300x is almost impossible to buy. Next ryzen 3000 upgrade for me would be 3700x, but that's almost twice the price for a lot less than twice the performance. 3600x is about 25% more expensive for me, but it doesn't add enough performance for me to justify buying it.
Mobo: Gigabyte Aorus B450 I Pro WiFi This mobo is around €120, ryzen 3000 compatible out of the box, is mini-itx, supports 1 Pcie3.0x4 as bootdrive and has wifi (not essential but nice to have). I already have a external sound-card, although the Realtek ALC1220-VB soundchip on this mobo is nice to have. Also, all b450 boards are ryzen 4000 compatible, so if I plan to upgrade in a couple of months (which I'll probably will) that is possible. Ryzen 5000 will most likely have a new socket, buy hey you can't have it all. The only real upgrade in b550 is PCIe gen 4, which I'll not be using really, so that will be money wasted I feel like.
Graphics card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Super OC 6G A 1660 super would be perfect, it's entry level 1440p, and can play almost anything at ultra in 1080p. The 1660 and 1660TI almost have the same performance for the same amount of money so I feel like there is no need to chose either and the 1660 super is a nice 'in between' solution. I'm really looking for a ~€250/€300 Nvidea-card because I plan to upgrade this card to a rtx 3000 series card down the line. I'm not feeling comfortable with a AMD card right now because of the driver issues (in the past) so its only Nvidea cards for me.
RAM: Crucial Ballistix BL2K8G36C16U4B I'm looking for 2x8 (16) GB, 3600MHz, cl 14/16 mem kit that is ryzen 3600 compatible. I'm not specifically looking for the cheapest ram, but the ram with these specs that will give me the best performance for around €100/110. 3600Mhz would be nice for the 1800MHz IF clock for a 1:1 ratio. It would be nice to push those last ~5/10 fps by ram OC, but I'm not an real OC enthusiast so I'm not sure if I really want to manually tighten timings.
PSU: Seasonic Core Gold GM 650 I really dont want to cheap out on this one so I want to buy a good PSU. The electrical protection features are really nice, as well as the 7 year warranty. I know 650watt is enough for the current build, but will it be enough if I upgrade to 3700x/4700x or a rtx 3000 card?
Boot drive:Samsung 970 EVO 500GB My pick here is the samsung 970 EVO 500GB. The Samsung Magician Software looks really nice so this is the reason I only chose samsung storage in this build. This will be the bootdrive/steam drive/word/excel/chrome/fl studio etc drive. I could go with a regular ssd, but the price difference is about €20 so yeah... why not go nvme.
Storage drive: Samsung 860 QVO 1TB This drive will be for games, general files/installs and music samples. Currently I only plan for 1 1TB ssd storage drive. Expanding is always possible so I don't feel the need to imediately go for 2TB. I won't go hdd, the performance difference of ssd is too tempting to resist.
Screen: LG 27GL850 Zwart I'm looking for a 27",1440p, 144hz, max 5ms reaction time, matte IPS screen with at least 1000:1 contrast, 6/8bit color and g-sync. Im aware this is an really expensive screen (around ~€500) and that the g-synch adds about €100 to this price. Does the current build demand this screen: no. Do I want to invest in the smoothest gaming experience with possible future part upgrades that will make 1440p gaming more viable: yes. If there is an cheaper sollution I would like to know about it though.
CPU cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition The soundperformance is below 30db, it fits the case, fits the CPU and the black color is a nice bonus. There seems to be enough ram clearance but I'm not really sure. Max €50.
Case: Fractal Design Define Nano S black Window This thing looks dope. Besides that, because it doesn't have a mesh front, I wonder if there will be enough airflow in this case from the front (I plan on placing 2 fans here, and one in the back of the case). Max €80.
I hope my post isn't too long for you all to read. Some input would be great :). I want to take any oportunity to make this build bettemore compatible.
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