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If you try and step up your strategy without having a firm grasp of how the controls or functions work, these tactics will likely seem very difficult. DDTank, one of the most popular web games around world in the olden days, is now back in 2020 with classic artillery aiming system and years of testing and refinement, here it is a brand new version that has better and different PVP system and best suited for mobile gameplay -Multiplayer Dungeon: Daily. Arenas, Duels, and Guild Battle offer PvP challenges for even the most skilled.

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DD tank is a free to play online multiplayer game published by Aeria games. A Piranha belongs to a household of predatory and omnivorous freshwater fish which are indigenous to the South American rivers and lakes. Bomb Me comes back with a big update!


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Anyway second time out, it was making a terrible rubbing/grinding noise when I was cocking it so took 3 shots and stopped. Kongregate [DDTank] Halloween Topup Offer -Suit Giveaway Oct 29-Nov 1 (GMT-8), post your thoughts on the discussion board or read fellow gamers' opinions. This game has been developed by Game Hollywood and as you can see, it received a lot of downloads.

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Please update leveling progress. NEW IDEAS to make the game more attractive

First of all, sorry if in some point my English sucks. I'm from Brazil and I'm just posting it cause I feel we can make this game better with some simple ideas.
Well, let's start.... Who doesn't feel leveling up in Brawl Stars kind sucks? I mean, if we analyze till 3000 trophies We would probably agree that is fair enough, but in my opinion, from 3000 trophies I think it is very boring to motivate to continue to conquer good achievements cause there isn't good things. From 3000 trophies the rewards are worthless. I mean, you can't put mega boxes one thousand by one thousand and expect people will continue to motivate playing because some of them doesn't even are capable of achieving it, I mean between those 1000, probably on 500 you guys should a medium reward. I will leave an attached image to illustrate how disappointed I feel to continue playing, because, as I currently have 6126 trophies, my next reward are measly 50 coins and a simple box. Do you have the slightest notion how difficult it becomes to level up now without spending money to buy mega boxes and more coins? It's almost impossible, and the seasons awards? It's useless.
Well, I think it's clear I'm pissed off and I hope I am not the only one. So, now let's focus on ideas that maybe could fix it and the ideas bellow are just my opinion and I suggest you also comment with your ideas so maybe we show to the developers what we could do to fix it, ok?
List of ideas to implement: 1. Rebuild all the trophy road. How? 1.1 implement new boxes. If now there are the simple box, medium and the mega box I would recommend we implement more 2 boxes or even more. If you guys decide 2 new boxes, we could put one better than the mega box and another better than the medium. So, those boxes could be used as rewards on the new trophy road. I belive in the same way clash royale has lots of boxes with different interactions, I belive you guys could also inspire on it. 1.2 add new cosmetics. You guys could create more simple skins for characters that could be used as rewards on the thropy road and also on boxes. Maybe, we could also think in about the possibility of emoticons that could be used before the match starts, when a characters dies, when happens to a goal or when the match is finishing. 1.2.1 it would be also a nice idea having the possibility of having also skins for the weapons of the characters that changes the color and effect of the attack and supers of the characters. It would also create thousand of possibilities of rewards on boxes, thropy road and also on the seasons awards. 1.2.2 I know it's crasy but one another possibility is also exploring the possibility of the character using extra cosmetics attached to its body such as wings, backpack, hat and etc. Like we see on the items of Fortnite, the old ddtank and etc.
  1. Change the way of Season rewards. Just giving stars for in the end receiving simples boxes it's not a good reward for someone that played a lot. So, how could we change it? Here we go: 2.1 normally on games such as League of Legents, people want to level up their rank to receive a season rewards that they can show to others that they participated on the journey of the game. I mean, who never tried to impress someone on league of legends showing a skin that was only possible to receive on season one to those new players that started on the 6th season, for example? So, my suggestion is using the ideas that I gave before about the cosmetics and, instead of giving stars as rewards, you would totally better to give cosmetics such as skins to give more value to the season and make it memorable to the ones that participated on it. Wants some example? Add a skin for some character, add an emote, wings, hats or anything else that the old players will be able to show that they participated on the journey of the game. But I would highly recommend to distinct the rewards and make since the more simple skins, till the more rare and beautiful for the ones that achieved more trophies. Like I remember that happened on season 1 on pubg mobile where using ranks they added skins of hat, clothes such as t-shirt, pants and etc as rewards tk Cooper, silver, gold, diamond rank and etc.
Well there are thousand of things we could do to make the game better and it's very important you guys comment bellow about your ideas or if you like ideas as the ones I gave so maybe we could make the developers watch it and bring it to the next seasons.
If someone wants to add me and play together, add me there. My ID is: guituto
That's it guys. Have a good day
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Castle Clash! What I know bout it..

Ok. So I started not long ago and I think the game is alright. It's not one of those really fun games like League of Legends but it's like one of those game that you have to get back to everyday to collect stuff like DDTank.
That said. My friends call me an addict. Lol. I go on everyday to collect my money and do the HBM. My friends showed me HBM not long so and I really got into it. It recharges every 3 hours and can hold 4 so you can do 4 challenges in 12 hours. The main reason I do it is for the shards. Although I also do it to level my champs. What I do is that I leave barracks empty. I either kill them all in raids or dungeons then start the challenges with just my heroes. Why? Because if the barracks were full, they're going to die. But if they weren't, I'm still going to win without wasting my army on HBM.
Most effective way of getting shards is through HBM but sometimes I also do dungeons (usually too lazy). What are shards for? Most people use the shards to buy legendary heroes. I recently bought myself a Druid. It does really good heal and decent damage but hey, all legendary are good heh? I've been getting lucky with my rolls too. Next thing you know, I start rolling out a Ninja, Succubus, and a Snowman!
You can roll out champs by using honor badges and gems. So far, the legendary heroes I have received are only through gems. You can get free gems by doing the free offers that they have like installing an app and opening it. I just install and uninstall after I open it lol. I just got my Note 3 and don't wanna ruin it hehe.
Oh right. There's guild. My friends told me to create a guild because I'm the one with the highest might but I have no idea what to do with it lol. I donated 1300 shards and got it to level 2 and bought some flags but we only have 8 people!! Lol can't use them all up. We recently just did a boss fight just for fun and fail miserably haha but it was fun. So yeah if you wanna join us, I named us Stormbreaker. So far there isn't much of a big requirement because we are new. Just 1k might because my friends just started too.
So if you feel like joining us. Just apply. I check applications everyday. It's always nice to learn new things from one another ^ Right now I'm saving my shards up for Thunder God but I contribute just as much. I'm in no hurry for it because I already have 5 legendary. Which means I will contribute just as much to the guild!!
So yeah that's pretty much all I know. What I want to learn about is how to raid people. I'm really bad at positioning and stuff. I rarely win 100% now because my might is too high. ; ( For arena, I'm getting 70-80 an hour. What I have doe the defense and attack are Pumpkinhead, Ninja, Succubus, Snowman, and Swain(Druid). I don't think they are that good though. I welcome any comments and tips like where I should place them and especially how to raid!! Lol~
Ps. Oh yeah one more thing. I forgot to add how I build my home defense. I have them all in the corner because of the HBM. When they come to attack me, I have my towers guarding everything and when they are in the corner, it's easier and faster so no one gets stuck on the walls. Also this welcomes more raids from other players. When I log off I make sure to use up all my gold or most of it and put out weak heroes to defend. Then I leave a huge chunk of mana to bait other players to raid me. Hopefully the raid was successful and I get the shield. That way when I get back, I will have more gold and not be worried about getting raided. My ign is Smellies so if you ever see me, say hi~ lol .^
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