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[US-NY] [H] Polaris, Artisans, PayPal [W] PayPal, Artisan Trades


Polaris 60% Timestamp
Unless otherwise indicated, all prices include fees (for US buyers) but not shipping. Bundles encouraged & take priority, so not FCFS. If it's not listed, it's no longer available. Prices can be negotiated, so feel free to ask. When purchasing an item, kindly include your location.
ai03 x kevinplus Polaris - WK Burgundy red case, case foam, plate-PCB foam, PCB, brass plate 7u layout. No flaws, no defects, no dings/scratches, etc. Gaskets placed on case interior; extra gaskets, PCB stabilizer spacers, and extra screws/allen keys included. PCB desoldered once and tested on VIA. - $650 + shipping OBO (or best offer) [You can also get an additional POM full plate (7u layout) from me for an additional $36; can also be coupled with a build commission from me and you can save some money there on shipping] Sold
Artisans - All MX-stem compatible, unless otherwise indicated. Sold and traded as shown.
Artisans Pt 1
Position Maker Sculpt Color Price Notes/Status
A1-3 Jelly Key Fusion (series of 3) $170 / Trades bundled, split if all accounted for
A4 Jelly Key Umbrella White $80 / Trades
A5 RPTR R1 Blank Gone
B1 Nightcaps Fugthulhu Mutagen $150 / Trades
B2 Nightcaps Smegface Tainted Love $150 / Trades
B3 Nightcaps Idyllwild Textbook $80 / Trades
B4 Nightcaps Smegface Seer's Sage $135 / Trades
B5 Nightcaps Shelthulhu Spalted And Fused - Tainted Variant $85 / Trades
C1-2 Bludgeoned Kaps Dante + jAnus Bread Hayter $155 / Trades
C3 Hunger Work Studio Meet Popsi-Skull Memory Leak $100 / Trades
C4 AeroKeys Aerophant Trans/Glitter Purple $35 / Trades
C5 DC Caps Mini Reaper Patriot Gone
D1 ArtKey Raiju Hydra Gone
D2 ArtKey Skudu Predator $135 / Trades
D3 Navacaps Taka v2 $55 / Trades
D4-5 CYO Keycaps Packet_Pilot + Blank Hype Refused $75 / Trades (includes blank)
E1 PupKeys Bone Blank Hyperfuse Gone
E2 Ko Caps Blank Hyperfuse Gone
F1 Polymer Salon Murray Goblin $80 / Trades GID
F2 Polymer Salon Murray Love Sick Gone
F3 Polymer Salon Murray Stacked $80 / Trades
F4 Polymer Salon Murray Malk Gone
F5 Polymer Salon Murray Creamsicle $80 / Trades
G1 Polymer Salon Murray Tundra Gone
Artisans Pt 2 (trades only)
Position Maker Sculpt Color Price Notes/Status
A1 GAF Caps Trash Panda Hash Colorswaps/Trades
A2 GAF Caps Typebeast Ecto Drooler Colorswaps/Trades
A3 Nightcaps Eggface V1.ii Dragonbone Stax Trades
B1 Hello Caps Bongo Cat Watermelon Colorswaps
B2 Booper CMYKeydelic Blank PCYM Trades only for YMPC or MPCY or similar Booper blanks
B3 Wildstory Caps Lola Clown Trades
C1-C3 Bludgeoned Kaps Dante RGB Trades
E1 Polymer Salon Murray GID Trades Topre
E2 Bro Caps BBv2 Nightscape Trades Topre
E4 KeyKollectiv Snackey FR Banana Trades Topre, LF Kiwi v1 Topre
E5 KeyKollectiv Snackey FR Coconut Trades Topre, LF Kiwi v1 Topre
PayPal for items with prices. They can also be used towards trades. PayPal ready and waiting for any items you might have from wants listed below.
Artisan trades -- please refer to my wants list here
Especially want to buy/trade for Grimace v1, Clacks, Nubbinator, Bongo Cats (Mango, Peach, and all non-fruits), Orxplorers, and Booper caps.
Moonblanks Wishlist
  • OTD 356mini (any ver., any color)
  • Linworks Whale (Alu WKL)
  • Topre Realforce ANSI keysets - pink printed, blue blank, green blank.
Cherry Profile Keycaps - ABS Doubleshots and PBT Dye-subs:
  • Cherry G81-1281 SAW - Polish Programmer layout
  • Cherry G81-3000 series: SAA (Arabic), SAQ (Greek), SAM/HAM (Danish)
  • Cherry G80-3471HPMDE
  • Cherry G81-3054HAQ (Greek)
  • Cherry G80-3000HAQ (Slovenian)
  • Any other interesting vintage doubleshot or dye-sublimated keysets in Cherry profile.
Cherry Keyboards with original keycaps: Cherry G80-2000HAD, G80-2100HDU, G80-0832H.
Please comment on thread before PMing (not chat - More Options > Send Message).
Feel free to ask questions. Thanks!
submitted by LightningXI to mechmarket


[Artisan] VoxelMods - Coiled MDPC-X USB Cables - Ready-to-ship | Commissions

Hi! I’m VoxelMods, your friendly neighborhood cable artist! I'm an artisan who creates ultra-premium MDPC-X cables for mechanical keyboards and other enthusiast electronics. I'm here today to offer custom commissioned cables, as well as ready-to-ship pre-made cables.
Find my recent work here (imgur)
I offer over 25 colors of MDPC-X PET-based sleeve, 10+ colors of techflex, 10+ colors of heatshrink, and a growing range of cerakoted aviators and YC8 push-pulls. For USB, I offer USB C, Micro B, Mini B, Lightning, and more. I now make Type C to C cables as well!
Available YC8 colors: Black (1 left), White, Red, Rose Gold, Blue, Purple, and silver
Available GX16 Aviator colors: Black, White, Teal, Brown, Acid Green, Pink, Purple, Rose Gold, Shiny Gold, Silver.
Please visit my recently updated website to see all my sleeve, techflex, heatshrink, aviator, and USB options! New techflex options arriving Friday the 13th (Beige, Black, Shimmer, Dark Purple, Neon Blue, Green, and more)
I have a lead time of 5-7 working days, though I aim to deliver as quickly as possible.
Please reach out via discord @ VoxelMods#6175 or through reddit direct messages with a description of the cable you would like me to create! If you have a specific colorway or theme you want to match, let me know and I will make suggestions of colors to use to achieve that.
Social Media:
Instagram| Youtube (tutorials coming soon) | Discord Community Server

Ordering Details:

Base spec of any cable is a 6 inch coil (device side) with a 4ft host cable, USB C to Aviator to USB A. Default orientation is Right-Exit, meaning the host cable exits the coil in a line, as opposed to Rear-Exit, where the host goes towards your monitors.
Any coil length, host length, orientation, USB type can be requested through this type of commission. The primary option that affects pricing is the type of detachable connector you select.
Shipping is a flat $10 ConUS. If you are outside the US, please make sure to tell me so that I can get you current rates.
Commission order of operations:
  1. Browse color options
  2. Discover which cable orientation is best for you
  3. Comment "DM" or similar on this post before Step 4.
  4. Contact me with a description of your request (Discord or reddit PMs). Reference photos help me tailor suggestions.
  5. Upon request, 1-2 samples can be made per cable and photos sent to you. I usually add any applicable existing samples so you have more options. Please only ask for samples if you are seriously considering a purchase~
  6. Exact specs are decided and finalized (Lengths, colors, orientations, special requests, etc)
  7. Paypal invoice is sent once we agree on the final price.
  8. Once that is paid, production begins! I will send photos of the working progress if you like, and a final photo will be sent for approval prior to shipment.

Commission Options:

Option Price (6in Coil, 4ft Host)
Silver Aviator Starting at $75
Gold/YC8 Starting at $78
Cerakoted Aviator Starting at $85
Cerakoted YC8 Starting at $88
Multi-tone Coils Dual +$3
Phone Cable (Charge speed depends on wall brick's power delivery) 3ft ($20) 4ft ($22) 5ft ($24) 6ft ($26)
(1)Straight Host Cable (5ft default) Starting at $30 USD
(2)Straight Device Lead (4in default) Starting at $20 USD
(1) + (2) will make one full cables set

In-Stock and Ready to Ship Cables:

Theme Coil Length (Inches) Host Length (Feet) Aviator Color Photo (More in All Photo Link) Price
GMK Samurai (3/8in coil) 6 4 Crimson Link $83 USD + $10 Shipping
Spartan Red 6 4 Gold Link read descr. $70 USD + $10 Shipping
Serika Yellow/Black 6 4 Black Link $80 USD + $10 Shipping
My previous personal tri-tone cable 6 4 Teal Link read descr. Pic on desk $90$70 USD + $10 Shipping
Electro Punk 5 4 Black Link $70 USD + $10 Shipping
Red 6 4 Silver Link $65 $61 USD + $10 Shipping
Orange 6 4 Silver Link $65 $61 USD + $10 Shipping
Yellow 6 4 Silver Link $65 $61 USD + $10 Shipping
Blue 6 4 Silver Link $65 $61 USD + $10 Shipping
Indigo 6 4 Silver Link $65 $61 USD + $10 Shipping
Violet 6 4 Silver Link $65 $61 USD + $10 Shipping
Dawn 5.5 4 YC8 Link $73 USD + $10 Shipping
Ready-Made Cables will ship within 24-48 hours of ordering.

Pricing Details:
This pricing structure allows you to spec the cable that fits your budget. Maybe you want a cable but dont want to spend over $75, or maybe you want the most ambitious cable you can imagine - I have options that can work for most! That being said, my prices tend to be higher than average, but I believe my quality and QC justifies it.
Prior to sending the PayPal invoice, I will send a complete description of the cable you are purchasing for approval - to ensure that everything is documented correctly on my end.
6 in 'XXX White' "MDPC-X XTC" USB-C Coil w/ Teal TechFlex - 4 ft "The Turquoise" MDPC-X Host Cable using No TechFlex w/ White Cerakote GX16 to USB A - White Heatshrink - Right-Exit 
Further Details:
I exclusively use MDPC-X PET sleeving, and techflex where applicable. I generally use gold plated connectors, high-quality, US-made 28awg USB wire, and text-less 3:1 ratio heatshrink. I also use cerakoted aviators and YC8s coated by fellow cablemakers, and am starting to phase out aviators with excessive barrel screws.
Each cable is meticulously hand-crafted, using what I consider to be the highest quality materials. I use precise workflows that are constantly being honed for better, more consistent results. I will not sell a cable that I am not happy with. I aim for S-stock, and will quickly downgrade a cable to B-stock if I'm not satisfied with the quality.
I oven bake my coils and reverse them. This results in a tight, sturdy coil. They are springy yet stiff, and are meant for straight and level desk placements. I do not recommend arching the coils, and will not replace cables that have been mishandled. While I believe these will stand the test of time, the longest lasting coil is one that moves as little as possible.
Each cable is tested using a v1 Drop CTRL keyboard set to full brightness solid colors. This is a notoriously power hungry RGB filled board, and is the only one I have on hand. I have not had a single cable fail or dim noticeably. I cannot guarantee that your high power draw board will function with the longer cables, but my results are very positive. However, Drop ALTs have been much more picky in my experience. If you are concerned, please specify a shorter length of host cable/smaller coil.
Common Questions:
Q: Why don't you use paracord?
A: MDPC-X is the gold standard of sleeving material, in my humble opinion. I just don't like the physical properties of paracord, and prefer using PET based sleeving. As such, I do not offer ANY paracord options. In the end, it's just my preference. Some perks of MDPC-X: vibrant colors, excellent expansion properties, no inner core, and great melting capablities (for sealing it to the cable or fusing)
Q: Do you offer free shipping? Where do you ship to?
A: It's simply not economical for a small-time maker like myself to offer free shipping. I charge a flat rate of $10 for ConUS. I can ship anywhere, provided you are willing to pay shipping rates/import fees where applicable.
Q: How are your packages packed?
A: I ship using 12x9x2 in boxes, using 6+ sq.ft of bubble padding throughout the package. The connectors are all wrapped with lil' bubble wrap socks for protection. Please be gentle and careful when removing the bubble wrap from the four ends of your cables. Try to undo the tape rather than cutting or pulling it off. This is all for the goal of delivering your cable in perfect condition.
The host cable is secured with a reusable silicon/wire cable wrap. (No zip or velcro ties)
Also, stickers and banana laffy taffy!
Sale Details:
Paypal. Currency is USD. $10 shipping in ConUS.
In the rare event that an error occurs during production, you will be contacted with details. I would rather remake the coil/cable than ship a product that wont meet the exacting standards I set for myself. This is a recent example where I happily remade the commission due to a cosmetic defect that formed during baking.
Tracking info will be provided through PayPal/USPS. Packages will ship from Portland, OR.
These cables are not toys, and are intended to be treated with a gentle touch. Do not pull sharply, bend excessively, hold vertically at one end, or do anything that would contrast with common sense. Do not attempt to undo any connectors. I will not replace any cables that show signs of mishandling.
Reminder that while I have tested these cables using a high power RGB keyboard, your mileage may vary, based on things like the power output of your motherboards USB ports, and things that I cannot account for.
Different cable makers use different wire orders. Do not attempt to mix and match a VoxelMods coil or host cable with another maker's work. Damage may occur, and I am not liable for such.
Personal Background:
VoxelMods is now a full-time operation! I'm a visual effects artist by training, and have spent the last 5 years doing 3D modeling and project management for high-end home furnishings companies. I have been modding and watercooling PCs since 2017, and used to make full custom PC sleeved cables before moving to keebs. I'm happily married to the love of my life and best friend. My wife assists me behind the scenes by sleeving cables and helping with colorways. We have two leopard geckos and a bearded dragon! I am also a teacher who loves learning and sharing knowledge and techniques. My favorite color is purple, and I have long been engaged in the "Pursuit of Purple''. Purple all the things please!
Thank you for reading!
submitted by voxels-box to mechmarket