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SUPER creeped out by ExamSoft right now

NY bar taker here. I was restarting my laptop (2017 MacBook Pro running Catalina if that matters) and the login screen had the Exam Soft background for some reason instead of my wallpaper. I haven't clicked on examsoft recently and I HAVEN'T EVEN DOWNLOADED THE MOCK EXAMS YET. Anyone else dealing with this?
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Guide and tips for CCGTV

Hello everybody well with all the free time on my hands i figured i compile a little guide if you will about useful things you can do with CCGTV. So hope you all enjoy and may get some use of.
New to side loading and installing?
First you need to go to settings/system/about/ click on android tv os build until it says you are now developer. Now install a file explorer from play store on CCGTV.
Install Send Files To TV on both phone and CCGTV. Download apk you want on phone and send it to CCGTV via Send Files to Tv. Once its transfered on CCGTV open up file explorer go to downloads and you will see apk you sent click on it to install.
Apkmirror](https://www.apkmirror.com/) is great source to get safe apks
If you have an Android device you can also use Easy Fire Tools to install apps you have installed on your Android device can also install apks you have in download folder of Android device.
Once installed go to settings in Easy Fire Tools under fire ip address put in CCGTV ip. Go back to sideload click on icon in top right corner to connect. Click on app you want to install.
To find CCGTV ip go to settings/system/about/status It will be bottom number ie 192.168.x.xx
Looking for 3rd party launcher here is one not in play store.
Appstarter is one of original 3rd party launchers for fire tv. It is no longer being kept up but still works great.
Features are as follows:
*Date and time
*All apps installed will show up
*Can change app icon size
*Sort order of icons on home screen
*Use own wallpaper for background
*Can hide/show apps
*Best of all shortcuts for settings, Play Store, Google Play Movies, Games.
To get Play Store, Google Play Movies, Games shortcuts under settings check show system apps. Go back to apps then back to settings that way they register in hidden apps. Now go to hidden apps check all boxes you want to hide just leave the google play shortcuts unchecked. When done click ok.
Want to have your launcher be the default launcher and boot on start of CCGTV?
Then use Ftvlaunchx this is another app made for fire tv. This was designed so you could choose your 3rd party launcher as default home. Also makes chosen launcher boot on startup. This needs permissions to work using adb. Using adb type in the following command hint enter
pm grant de.codefaktor.ftvlaunchx android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
Bug: when you go to play store you cant see my apps click on search go back and my apps will appear.
Have a side loaded app that doesn't show up on your launcher?
Package name is com.android.vending    
This website https://atvlauncher.trekgonewild.de creates a shortcut for apps that don't show up on launchers.
Also creates shortcuts for web bookmarks from TV App Repo.
You will need a png for icon and banner. To get icon/banner png you're gonna need to open the apk. You will need to use your file explorer. If you have the apk file itself you will need to long press apk file and open with package installer. If you dont have apk file if your file explorer has an applications manager use that to find app and browse it to find icon. You will need to look in the res folder. Usually under drawable xhdpi or similar folders. Copy icon to different folder somewhere so you can use it with https://atvlauncher.trekgonewild.de
You will also need the package name of app. Go to settings/apps find your app to the right under version is what you want you put in.
Generate, download and install on CCGTV and you will now have that app appear on home launcher.
Wanna create a home launcher shortcut for your favorite website?
You will need to install Tv App Repo on CCGTV.
Open TV App Repo choose web bookmark enter url you want. Click generate shortcut, then create shortcut. In about 20 secs you will see download complete and prompt box to install. Go ahead and install it.
You will notice on stock home launcher there is no banner. On replacement launcher the icon is same as TV App Repo. To resolve this follow https://atvlauncher.trekgonewild.de steps above.
For web bookmarks the app package will be something like de.eye_interactive.atvl.xxxxx.
Need to connect to CCGTV with ADB?
To connect via android device use Remote Adb Shell
Via windows or mac you can use Adblink http://jocala.com/
To find CCGTV ip go to settings/system/about/status It will be bottom number ie 192.168.x.xx
Want to control CCGTV via phone?
Here are some android remote control apps.
Android TV Remote gives you basic control of ccgtv and has keyboard, touchpad is shaky according to posts.
Cetusplay you need to install on phone and on ccgtv found on playstore. Gives basic controls, keyboard and mouse functions.
Android Remote Box you need to install on phone and on ccgtv found on playstore. Gives basic controls keyboard and mouse functions.
Want to remap buttons for remote control?
Button Mapper well worth getting paid version if you are using 3rd party remote. Found on CCGTV Play Store.
Keyboard/Button Mapper this is free not as straightforward as Button Mapper.
For those who are using a non CCGTV remote like a harmony ( i suspect nvidia remotes and fire remotes would work) you can use mouse toggle app. But you will have to do a work around because those who used it on shield know to disable mouse mode you need to hit home. So the work around is use button remapper and have home single tap as no action.
Also for harmony users yes you can use shield, fire tv, or pc as devices to control CCGTV but enter button doesn't always work ie while typing in play store letters would not show up hitting enter. So you will need to add CCGTV as device in the activity you use and snag select button from CCGTV.
If you want menu button which is handy in for sideloaded apps you can add fire tv as device to do so. Even if you don't have fire tv. Just add it as a device on next page where it asks to connect to bluetooth hit the next button. Let it sync. No need to create activity. Then go to your CCGTV activity choose rerun add fire tv. Finish rerun let it sync. Then map the menu button from fire tv on remote.
For more great tips with Harmony go here thanks SuperSam64
Update 10/21
  • I removed launcher hijack because for whatever reason it made netflix narrate and say my movements and read descriptions.
  • Also the launcher i had linked because it is pirated. Thanks Teutonjon78
  • Added create icons for apps that dont appear on launcher. Thanks Not-so-Friendly_Elk
  • Added Keyboard/Button Mapper. Thanks redross79
  • Added more harmony tips.
Update 10/22
*Added link for harmony tips
*Added play store shortcut Thanks Not-so-Friendly_Elk
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