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My husband’s mother and sister are driving me crazy

Long time lurker, first time poster.
I thought about posting this in justNOfamily, but I don’t want advice or input, I simply need to get this off of my chest.
Grab a coffee or tea, this is a doozy.
TL;DR: SIL and MIL have codependent relationship that is super unhealthy, keep pulling my husband into it. SIL and MIL are both pathological liars, not sure if even .002% of what they have told us is true, but the drama is driving me crazy.
My husband “L” and I have been together 7 years, we got married 3 years ago. We have a 14 yr old daughter “S”, that he’s legally adopted. We also have a lovely home, cute pets, and stable lives. We have our issues, but basically we are a normal enough family.
When L and I first started dating I saw the “red flag” of “pay attention to how he treats his mother because that’s how he’ll treat you,” and I was really concerned with he fact that he didn’t have a great relationship with his mom. (I’m in the US, if that matters) I was concerned that they talked monthly and his comments were more to placate than actually engage. I genuinely felt bad for his mother that L was so distant.
We discussed and he told me about his parents divorce, how his sister (older than me by a few years) still lived at “home” with mom, they live on a trust and state aid, mom has never really worked and her idea of parenting was to yell and scream. The kids were basically there to entertain and serve.
Fast forward three years. I meet sister and mom for the first time. Both severely overweight, house is so gross with animal fur, dust, trash not taken out, and just the smell and look of neglect. The house they are living in was Grandpa’s house, he built it and loved it. It’s on five acres in Texas. It should be a lovely home. Fully walled in, gated, lovely entry (if overgrown), but the bones are really good. Mother and sister don’t ever leave the house. Everything is delivered because “there are blacks” in the neighborhood...”um, what??????” Seriously? No.
Ok, I’m never going back to Texas to see those crazy people. I didn’t take time off work to spend 4 days in a house covered in animal waste and sadness. Also, getting bit by the senile Great Dane was NOT ok, nor was getting pee’d on by the cat because that’s “just what he does”...painful and gross. (No real injury done by the Dane except a bit of shock, first time in my life getting bit by a dog.)
Another year goes by, L get’s a call that SIL is in labor. Apparently, she got IVF and is having twins. She’s never had a relationship, never been intimate with anyone, but MIL and SIL decided that two unemployed women should spend their money on buying babies.
As you can assume, this isn’t going to go well.
There is no “bed time,” L starts getting calls weekly about what “antics” the twins are up to, smearing poop on the walls, moving furniture, jumping off of stuff, taking off diapers and peeing on the couch, running down the street naked (remember this is a WALLED and GATED property, so WTF?).
SIL goes to work, has completed her PhD in “Play theory,” promptly gets fired from 4 jobs. Last job she gets fired from was “inappropriate relationship with a student”. Apparently (hold on to your hats for this one), she had gone to the hospital where he was admitted after getting beat up by his brother and sat by his bedside for days. The school administrations considered that to not be appropriate or professional. I don’t know all of the details, I’m 100% certain there was more that happened including favoritism, etc. The kid is 16, brother is mid 20’s. SIL starts dating 20 year old abuser guy who is apparently also a drug dealer, but a “nice guy once you get to know him.” Cue SIL being “addicted to cocaine”. OK, now babies are living with MIL, SIL is out doing drugs and dating for the first time in her life at 38 a guy basically half her age, who she knows beat up his brother.
MIL starts calling L almost daily about how awful it is to raise the twins and that she’s too old and L has to adopt them “because they are blood”. Twins are now 3.5, not potty trained, not going to school, have no schedule.
SIL calls and tells L about how awful MIL is being now that she “has her own life” and everything is just so hard. She “needs the drugs” because the kids have no schedule, they don’t go to bed until 4am, MIL screams at SIL to watch the kids when SIL just wants to sleep. Now that SIL is not working they “have no money” because it all went to the IVF. So they start hitting L up for money, he doesn’t send any, but he sends diapers, toys, and occasionally delivery.
Things get worse in Texas, MIL threatens to evict SIL and put the “babies” up for adoption; L is a terrible person because he is raising “someone else’s child, but won’t take care of his own “blood””.
SIL gets picked up shoplifting to pay for her drug habit, sent to county for 30 days. Calls L daily, L accepts calls and charges. Typical remorse “so sorry, hate myself, etc”. NO withdrawal symptoms from the “drug use” no shakes, fevers, issues. From a supposed multiple time a day cocaine use. SIL tells L she needs money for dentist because she got hit in the face and tooth knocked out by other inmate. L says he’ll help with the issue when she gives him the dentists information. Silence.
MIL, during this 30 days, is calling L daily, telling him what a good boy he is and how he’s always been the best. This was after she kicked him out at 16 to “fend for himself because he was old enough,” and how she wishes the babies were more like he was when he was a kid. MIL giving L the sob story of how hard it is to raise babies at her age (mid 70’s) and she’s just going to evict SIL and adopt the babies, because SIL is trash, etc...
So, lots of drama about eviction and police. More drama about SIL coming back to the house, with no missing teeth, and stealing debit card, checkbook, and ID. Stealing the car keys and the car. MIL apparently leaves the house to recover the stolen car from a “known drug neighborhood.” This from a woman who wouldn’t leave the house a few years ago? Huh...ok.
Car recovered, license and debit card still missing. SIL taking the daily max from the account. MIL can’t call bank because internet is shut off?
Now SIL is sneaking into house with BF at night because MIL as evicted her and can’t hear her come in? House is 2,000 sq ft, if that. They have 11 dogs that ALL bark. But, SIL is sneaking around with BF who forced her to shoplift from WalMart. MIL says she called the police to have SIL arrested, still a warrant in neighboring county for shoplifting.
SIL never ends up back in jail, but says she has a lifetime ban from WalMart (which is the most hilarious thing on so many levels).
L suggests that MIL call Child Protective Services about SIL and the twins because of all of the issues. MIL finds that number easily.
Now CPS is a weekly visitor. MIL claims to have adopted twins.
MIL calls cops on SIL because MIL is hitting twins for “not listening”.
MIL calls L at 10pm because “they have nothing to feed the babies, can he send them a pizza,” I say no, L ask’s probing questions.
I am now a terrible person for “wanting the babies to starve.”
SIL starts texting me about how sorry she is for everything and how much she wishes we had a better relationship.
I text back telling her to focus on her children and family and to stop only calling L when she needs something.
SIL tells me to “f- off” it’s none of my business how she treats L.
I block her number. MIL immediately calls L to tell him how unreasonable I’m being. They are family and “blood” and deserve his support.
So, somehow SIL has been evicted, but still lives in the house. MIL apparently has no ID or money, but keeps paying the phone bills, AND has adopted the twins without ever going to court or having ID.
L told her to go to DMV to get new ID, MIL claims security at the DMV turned her away for not having an ID. Says the twins have eaten her birth certificate and social security card (I don’t not believe this, but come on!). I offer for L to order her a new birth certificate, because it’s totally do-able, MIL says no, because she has no ID to pick it up, which makes no sense if we are ordering it and having it sent to us to send to her, but ok.
MIL is now threatening to off herself because it’s all just too much. SIL is now “friends” with new drug dealer who she claims has killed former boyfriend/drug dealer and wont deal to her because “she’s a good person”.
They are still living together. MIL now wants to sell grandfather’s house and move to the country because neighbors are too annoying for calling the police because the, now 4 year old, twins are running down the street naked on a daily basis and the dogs are getting out and terrorizing the neighbors.
SIL calls yesterday morning and says MIL has called CPS and Animal Control to take the kids and the dogs away. SIL tells everyone that MIL is just overwhelmed and all is ok?
MIL calls L and tells him HE’s responsible for the twins because he’s “blood” and doesn’t have any children or family of his own.
Now we wait to see what new crazy arises.
I don’t want any advice, I just had to share my crazy with you lovely internet strangers.
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