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Super Mario 63 - The Best Fan Game I've Ever Played

Please take note before reading this that there are still many fan games I have not played. Please don't kill me for my opinion.
A few weeks ago, after finally finishing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, I had a lack of games to play. The Switch was still a few weeks out (I still don't have one though) and I had completed every other game I had (besides the Megaman Legacy Collection, which I don't think I'll ever complete). With this deficiency of Nintendo goodness at hand, I decided to try out a few fan games that were out there, of various qualities.
However, out of them all, one stood out as a game with obvious care put into it. A rather large fangame know as Super Mario 63. It's a great game with a lot of care put into it, while still feeling definitely like a fangame. Well, now here I am to tell you why you should check it out.
Super Mario 63 is a "2D remake" of Super Mario 64 with improvised levels, a new-ish plot, and various other details taken from Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.
One of the main features of the game is the FLUDD Pack from Super Mario Sunshine. It's featured in nearly every level of the game and lets you rethink the conventions of a level. I won't bore you with an intense breakdown of each FLUDD mode, but, to put it simply, FLUDD allows you a great sense of mobility copied directly from Super Mario Sunshine.
In addition, this game has a rather impressive scale for a fangame. While the art is rather amateurish, often stemming from either ripped assets from Yoshi's Island or basic Paint-like shapes, the game is able to create some great and even, at points, memorable set pieces.

Ready for a shocker?
Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach and keeps her in his castle.
To be fair, the plot does somewhat progress a bit later in the story, after you fight Bowser a second time, but the story is still rather shallow, comparable to the story of Super Mario Galaxy, including the ending.
I guess I'll just lump the dialogue and stuff into it as well. It's fine, if a bit too pop-culture reference heavy when talking to the various Toads dotted around Peach's Castle. It doesn't help I'm playing this game 8 years after it first came out, especially when it came to the encounter with the Obama-loving Toad.
I feel the creator of the game could have avoided this by taking the approach Paper Mario: Color Splash did, by using humor that can't be dated as easily, as well as more references to Mario games, which is strangely absent from Super Mario 63.

The gameplay is where Super Mario 63 really shines, literally. Unlike the Nintendo-made Mario games, Super Mario 63 feels like 3D Mario game on a 2D plane. This Mario is much more agile, with very loose controls.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing either. This Mario is fun to control and experiment with and is very easy to understand. His moves, while basic, can be used to a great effect when used together, such as using a Triple Jump, then using FLUDD to cross long distances.
However, this very floaty Mario does cause some problems when paired with the level design, in that he doesn't mesh perfectly with the two major types of platforming found in the game. Due to the floatiness, a lot of platforming in the levels that are 2D recreations of Super Mario 64 stages are effortlessly overcome. However, this is also not great for the other type of platforming thrown into this game: small-platform platforming.
Mario is not one to stop in this game. When he lands on a platform, he'll often keep moving a small amount. In addition, bouncing off an enemy will cause Mario himself to bounce a comical distance forward, off the platform you're currently on more often than not. I feel the creator of this game could have used a bit more time tweaking the physics of this game, so that Mario doesn't move as much to be more similar to his 2D platformer roots.
Even with these flaws, Super Mario 63 is an absolute joy to play. The levels are varied, with multiple objectives just like its 3D counterpart. The game is even able to preserve the exploration aspect of Super Mario 64 by making its levels maze-like and with a large focus on vertical platforming, encouraging you explore each level for every single Shine Sprite and Star Coin. That's not even to mention how good the final levels are, with the best platforming in the games as well as some clever puzzles (at least for a basic platforming).
This game is pure fun. The platforming is fun, the bosses are fun, just exploring these deliberately crafted levels; it's pure fun. It captures the essence of Mario better than I've ever seen a fangame do, because Mario is one thing: pure, unfiltered fun.
What's a Star Coin, you might ask. Well, these coins hailing from the NSMB series are used to unlock secrets such as another Shine Sprite, a new playable character, and more, most notably: Tiles for the Level Editor.
How's that for a segway?

Yes, this game even has it's own level editor and let me tell you, it's a blast. You can make levels that closely match levels found in the main story (minus the scripted events, NPCs, bosses, etc). There's a large variety of blocks from every level in the game, along with many interactive items to use. I've already spent countless hours try to perfect my Super Mario Galaxy-esque level based off Space Junk Road. Some amazing levels have been made using this as well, which I know because this game has online level sharing. Yes, in a fangame from 2009.
I've already played some amazing, (and not so amazing) level from this community. It really reinvites the maker's spirit that was thriving inside of me a year and a half ago when Super Mario Maker released. This feels like that game, but even more flexible to use (though it's way more cumbersome due to individually placing each tile, as expected).
I will warn you though that you need to get 43 Star Coins (not Shine Sprites) to unlock all the tiles in the level editor, including background tiles that don't affect the foreground. I'm sure there's some cheat or something to unlock them all immediately. I don't know.
Super Mario 63 is an underrated gem of a game made by somebody who understands the charm of a game like Super Mario 64 and created something distinct from it. I highly recommend anyone to check it out. Despite the small flaws in the physics, this Mario adventure is more than worth playing.
Link to the Game on Newgrounds
Link to the Developer's Site
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[USA-CA] [H] Various games for the following consoles: Gamecube, Gameboy, GBC, GBA, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, Wii, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. As well as various consoles and accessories. [W] Paypal, Local Cash, OEM Gamecube Disc Holder

Hey everyone!! Back with a new post and updated prices. These prices are WITHOUT shipping. I will provide a quote for you, but it usually isn't more than $5 unless the items won't fit in a regular bubble mailer.
Everything has been personally tested by me and is confirmed to be fully functional. I can provide pictures upon request.
PLEASE NOTE: I am open to all offers. The worst I can say is no!
LOCAL: 91325
If you'd prefer to see my google sheet - Game List
Here's everything I'm currently selling:

System Title Price Details
Nintendo 64 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time $35 Loose, grey cart.
Nintendo 64 Monopoly $17 Loose.
Nintendo 64 Pokemon Snap $22 Loose.
Gamecube 007 From Russia with Love $15 CIB.
Gamecube Animal Crossing $25 Loose.
Gamecube Beach Spikers $14 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Custom Robo $45 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Def Jam Vedetta $25 CIB, black label. Box and cover art are damaged on the side.
Gamecube Geist (Have two copies) $30/$22 Both black label, one cib,other is disc and box only.
Gamecube Go! Go! Hypergrind $350 CIB.
Gamecube Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (Have two copies) $25 Both CIB, black label.
Gamecube Hulk $6 CIB, black label.
Gamecube King Kong $6 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Luigi's Mansion $30 Loose.
Gamecube Mario Golf Toadstool Tour $20 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Mario Kart Double Dash $50 Manual, box, and disc only. Black label.
Gamecube Mario Party 4 $63 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Medal of Honor Frontline $5 Box and disc only. Comes with cool Toys R Us receipt from 2002!
Gamecube Medal of Honor Rising Sun $8 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes (Have two copies) $95/$90 Both CIB, black label. One copy has no cracking on both front discs, other copy has some cracking on the front of disc 2.
Gamecube Metroid Prime (Have two copies) $24 Both CIB, black label.
Gamecube Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Have two copies) $40 Both CIB, black label. One has sticker from where I bought it from on the inside cover.
Gamecube Namco Museum $9 CIB, player's choice.
Gamecube Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 $12 CIB, player's choice.
Gamecube Need for Speed Most Wanted $15 CIB, player's choice.
Gamecube NFL Street $20 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door $100 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Reign of Fire $8 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Resident Evil 1 $18 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Shrek 2 $9 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Sonic Heroes $20 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Soul Calibur II (Have two copies) $22/$20 Both CIB, one player's choice and one black label. (art on player's choice is a little rough)
Gamecube Splinter Cell $8 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom $18 Box and disc only, black label.
Gamecube Super Mario Sunshine (Have two copies) $55/$45 One copy CIB, black label. Other copy is player's choice and is missing it's manual.
Gamecube Super Monkey Ball $27 CIB, player's choice.
Gamecube Super Monkey Ball Adventure $15 Loose.
Gamecube Super Smash Bros Meele $50 CIB, black label.
Gamecube The LOTR: The Return of the King $12 CIB, black label.
Gamecube The Incredibles $3 CIB, player's choice.
Gamecube The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventure $55 CIB, black label.
Gamecube The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker $50 CIB, black label.
Gamecube The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time/Master Quest $55 CIB.
Gamecube The Sims (have two copies) $9/$8 Both CIB, one player's choice, one black label.
Gamecube The Sims 2 $17 Missing manual, black label.
Gamecube The Simpsons Hit & Run $33 Loose
Gamecube The Incredibles $3 CIB, player's choice.
Gamecube True Crime Streets of LA $7 Box and disc only.
Gamecube Turok Evolution $8 Box and disc only. Comes with a cool receipt from 2007.
Gamecube Viewtiful Joe $30 CIB, black label.
Gamecube X-Men III $4 CIB, black label.
Wii Just Dance 2 $5 Loose.
Wii Tatsunoko vs Capcom $31 Box and disc only.
Wii Wii Play $5 Loose.
Wii Zack & Wiki's Quest for Barbaros' Treasure $12 CIB.
Gameboy Alien vs Predator $15 Loose.
Gameboy Arcade Classic 2: Centipede and Millipede $7 Loose.
Gameboy Arcade Classic: Super Breakout and Battlezone $30 CIB. (Box is nice)
Gameboy Batman Forever $6 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle $7 Loose.
Gameboy Donkey Kong Land $10 Loose.
Gameboy F-1 Race $6 Loose with manual.
Gameboy II Boxle $25 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Final Fantasy Legend 2 $23 Loose.
Gameboy Game & Watch Gallery $9 Loose.
Gameboy Jurassic Park $12 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Metroid II Return of Samus $15 Loose. Has pretty rough yellowing on cartridge. Plays and saves perfectly!
Gameboy Pokemon Trading Card Game $17 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Shadowgate Classic $8 Loose.
Gameboy Space Invaders $10 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Spot the Cool Adventures $10 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Star Wars $10 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Star Wars Super Return of the Jedi $12 Loose with manual and poster.
Gameboy Super Mario Land $15 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Super RC Pro-Am $5 Loose with manual
Gameboy T2 The Arcade Game $5 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Tamagotchi $9 Loose.
Gameboy Tetris $7 Loose.
Gameboy The Jungle Book $7 Loose with manual.
Gameboy The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening $20 Loose
Gameboy Color Frogger $6 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Color Lego Alpha Team $3 Loose.
Gameboy Color Metal Gear Solid $90 Loose. (Nice and clean label, saves perfectly.)
Gameboy Color Pokemon Blue Version $17 Loose. (Label is faded. Battery works well and saves perfectly.)
Gameboy Color Pokemon Crystal Version $65 Loose. (Nice clean label and new battery)
Gameboy Color Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue $5 Loose
Gameboy Color Spy vs Spy $10 Loose
Gameboy Color Star Wars Episode 1 Racer $10 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Color The Grinch $4 Loose.
Gameboy Color Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 $5 Loose.
Gameboy Color Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance 007 Everything or Nothing $7 Loose
Gameboy Advance Backyard Football $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Banjo-Kazooie Grunty's Revenge $17 Loose
Gameboy Advance Batman Begins $8 Loose
Gameboy Advance Battlebots Beyond the Battlebox $6 Loose
Gameboy Advance Board Game Classics $4 CIB. Box is a little rough.
Gameboy Advance Breath of Fire $26 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Advance Cartoon Network Speedway $5 Loose
Gameboy Advance Classic Nes Series Pacman $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Contra Advance Alien Wars $30 Loose
Gameboy Advance Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure $7 Loose. Has some label damage, some of the label is torn off.
Gameboy Advance Disney's Aladdin $50 Loose. (Nice and clean label, saves perfectly.)
Gameboy Advance Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure $3 Loose
Gameboy Advance Donkey Kong Country 2 $15 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure $60 Loose. Label is nice and clean.
Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury $20 Loose
Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku I & II $26 Loose
Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku I $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku II (Have two copies) $15 Both loose
Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors (Have two copies) $12 Both loose
Gameboy Advance Family Feud $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Final Fight One $20 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Fire Emblem $60 Loose. (Nice and clean label, saves perfectly.)
Gameboy Advance Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones $45 Loose. (Nice and clean label, saves perfectly)
Gameboy Advance Frogger's Adventures Temple of the Frog $7 CIB, box is nice.
Gameboy Advance Gekido Advance Kintaro's Revenge $26 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Golden Sun $25 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Golden Sun: The Dark Age $25 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Grand Theft Auto Advance $35 Loose. (Nice and clean label, saves perfectly)
Gameboy Advance GT3 Advance Pro Concept Racing $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Gumby vs The Astrobots $13 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire $5 Loose
Gameboy Advance Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban $10 Loose
Gameboy Advance Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup $10 CIB, box is a little rough.
Gameboy Advance Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town $22 Loose
Gameboy Advance Hot Wheels World Race $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Lunar Legend $25 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Madagascar Operation Penguin $3 Loose
Gameboy Advance Mario Kart Super Circuit $15 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Max Payne $20 Loose. Nice and clean label.
Gameboy Advance Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo Dual Cart $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Mouse Trap/Operation/Simon $1 Loose
Gameboy Advance Namco Museum $3 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Namco Museum 50th Anniversary $10 Loose
Gameboy Advance Need for Speed Carbon Own the City $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed $5 Loose
Gameboy Advance NFL Blitz 2003 $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy and Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom Dual Cart $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Pac-Man Collection (have two copies) $5/$3 Both loose, one copy has a faded label.
Gameboy Advance Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl $4 Loose
Gameboy Advance Pitfall The Mayan Adventure $10 CIB (box is nice)
Gameboy Advance Pokemon Emerald (Have five copies) $250/$80/$70 All five have very nice labels. One is cib, one is loose with a good battery, and three are loose with dry batteries.
Gameboy Advance Pokemon FireRed $55 Loose. Label is nice and clean. Saves perfectly.
Gameboy Advance Pokemon LeafGreen $50 Both loose. Both labels are nice and clean, both save perfectly.
Gameboy Advance Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team $15 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Pokemon Ruby $40 Loose. Label is nice and clean. Saves perfectly.
Gameboy Advance Racing Gears $40 Cartridge and original box.
Gameboy Advance Rainbow Six Rogue Spear $12 Loose
Gameboy Advance Scooby Doo $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Snood (Have two copies) $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Sonic Advance 3 $14 Loose
Gameboy Advance Spider-man Battle for New York $8 Loose
Gameboy Advance Spongebob Squarepants Movie $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Spyro Season of Ice $5 Loose
Gameboy Advance Sudoku Fever $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Super Mario Advance 2 $12 Loose. Label is a little rough.
Gameboy Advance Super Mario Advance 4 $12 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Texas Hold Em Poker (Have two copies) $4/$2 One CIB (box is nice), one loose.
Gameboy Advance That's So Raven $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance The Sims 2 $12 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 $8 Loose
Gameboy Advance WarioWare Twisted $40 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Warioware, inc Mega Microgames $35 Loose.
Gameboy Advance World Championship Poker $3 CIB, box is nice.
Gameboy Advance Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeondice Monsters $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy $20 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Yu-Gi-Oh! Eternal Duelist Soul $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters $15 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 2004 $6 Loose.
Nintendo DS Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright: Justice For All $22 CIB.
Nintendo DS Ace Attorney Pheonix Wright Trials and Tribulations $30 Sealed.
Nintendo DS Animal Crossing Wild World $18 Missing manual.
Nintendo DS Band Hero $10 CIB
Nintendo DS Big Brain Academy $2 Loose.
Nintendo DS Bleach The Blade of Fate $10 Loose.
Nintendo DS Brain Age $5 CIB.
Nintendo DS Charlotte's Web $4 Loose
Nintendo DS Cooking Mama $10 Missing manual.
Nintendo DS Dragon Ball Origins 2 $23 Loose
Nintendo DS Dragon Ball Z Attack of the Saiyans $30 Loose.
Nintendo DS Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates $15 CIB.
Nintendo DS Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars $15 Loose.
Nintendo DS Guitar Hero on Tour (Have two copies) $5 CIB.
Nintendo DS Imagine Babyz $2 Loose.
Nintendo DS Inuyasha Secret of the Sacred Jewel $50 Loose.
Nintendo DS Lego Batman The Video Game $4 Loose
Nintendo DS Madden 06 $2 Loose.
Nintendo DS Mario & Luigi Partners in Time $40 CIB.
Nintendo DS Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games $7 Loose.
Nintendo DS Mario Hoops 3 on 3 $15 CIB, has original receipt!
Nintendo DS Mario Kart DS (Have three copies) $15/$10 One CIB, and two loose.
Nintendo DS Mario Party DS $15 CIB.
Nintendo DS Megaman ZX $18 Loose.
Nintendo DS Meteos Disney Magic $5 CIB.
Nintendo DS Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Naruto Ninja Council 3 $7 Loose.
Nintendo DS Need for Speed Most Wanted $7 Loose
Nintendo DS New Super Mario Bros $9 Loose.
Nintendo DS Nintendogs Lab & Friends $6 Loose
Nintendo DS Petz Catz 2 $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney $25 CIB.
Nintendo DS Pokemon Heartgold $110 CIB.
Nintendo DS Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor $55 CIB
Nintendo DS Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey $60 CIB, soundtrack bundle in cardboard box with soundtrack CD included!
Nintendo DS Simpsons Game $15 Loose
Nintendo DS Skate It $10 CIB.
Nintendo DS Sonic Colors $10 Loose.
Nintendo DS Sonic Rush $10 Loose.
Nintendo DS Spiderman Shattered Dimensions $8 Loose
Nintendo DS Starfox Command $10 Loose.
Nintendo DS Suite Life of Zack & Cody Tipton Trouble $2 Loose
Nintendo DS Super Mario 64 DS (Have three copies) $25/$10 One CIB, two loose.
Nintendo DS The Sims 2 Pets $6 Loose.
Nintendo DS The Urbz Sims in the City $14 Loose
Nintendo DS Tom and Jerry Tales $5 Loose
Nintendo DS Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam $5 Loose
Nintendo DS Yoshi's Island DS $10 Loose
Nintendo DS Zoo Tycoon DS $4 Loose
Nintendo 3DS Dead or Alive Dimensions $20 Loose with manual
Nintendo 3DS Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon $25 Sealed. Nintendo Selects.
Nintendo 3DS Mario Kart 7 $15 CIB, red box.
Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Moon $15 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Sun $19 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Pokemon X $30 CIB
Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Y (Have two copies) $30/$20 One CIB and one loose.
Nintendo 3DS Regular Show Mordecai & Rigby in 8-bit Land $10 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked $100 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS (Have two copies) $15 CIB.
New Nintendo 3DS Xenoblade Chronicles 3D $45 Sealed.
Nintendo Switch Luigi's Mansion 3 $41 CIB.
Nintendo Switch My Friend Pedro $20 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu $35 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure $68 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 $38 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Super Mario Maker 2 (Have two copies) $39 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Ultimate $41 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes $15 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Wolfenstein II $19 CIB.
PS2 Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 $20 CIB.
PS2 Evergrace $16 CIB.
PS2 Family Guy Video Game $8 Disc in a general case, cover art is not original.
PS2 Grand Theft Auto III $3 Loose.
PS2 Ratched Deadlocked $6 Loose.
PS3 NBA 2k18 $17 Loose.
PSP Aeon Flux: Complete Animated Collection UMD Video $5 Sealed.
PSP Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles $35 CIB.
PSP Chili Con Carnage $25 CIB.
PSP Death Jr. $26 Sealed.
PSP God of War Chains of Olympus $10 Loose. Comes in gamestop box.
PSP Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions $25 Sealed.
PSP Killzone Liberation $3 Selling as not working, my PSP is long gone to test it. CIB.
PSP Obscure The Aftermath $23 CIB.
PSP Rapala Trophies $6 CIB.
PSP Silent Hill Origins $25 CIB.
PSP Underworld Evolution UMD Video $5 Sealed.
PSP X-Men Legends II $11 Loose. Comes in gamestop box.
PS Vita Attack on Titan $30 Sealed. Japanese Version.
PS Vita Corpse Party: Blood Drive $29 CIB.
PS Vita Final Fantasy X X-2 HD Remaster $20 CIB, includes art cards!
PS Vita Freedom Wars $13 CIB
PS Vita Persona 4 Golden (Have two copies) $45 Both CIB.
PS Vita Resistance: Burning Skies $19 CIB
PS Vita Silent Hill: Book of Memories $40 Loose.
Xbox 360 Alan Wake $30 Limited Collector's Edition. Includes everything as far as I can tell.
Xbox 360 Dragon's Dogma $4 CIB.
Xbox 360 Earth Defense Force 2017 $8 CIB.
Xbox One Minecraft $6 Only disc and case, no cover art.
Xbox One Monster Hunter World $6 CIB
Xbox One Rock Band 4 (Have two copies) $8 CIB.
Xbox One Titanfall $1 CIB.
Nintendo DSi Fair $30 Matte Black color. Includes OEM stylus and a usb charger. Has some scratches on the outside shell, but otherwise in fair condition. Screens are nice.
Nintendo 3DS Nice $85 Cosmo Black color. In nice condition. Includes OEM stylus and a usb charger. In overall nice condition, both screens are nice as well.
Nintendo Switch Lite Minty $185 Yellow color. CIB. Very nice condition. Also comes with a protector grip case.
Game Boy Advance Nice $100 Was a custom build, orange color reshell and has a nice backlit screen. I'm not 100% sure of the specs, I bought it used.
Game Boy Advance SP AGS-001 Fair $35 Silver color. In fair condition. Screen and buttons are nice. Does not include charger.
Game Boy Advance SP AGS-001 Nice $50 Silver color. In nice condition for it's age. Has some minor scratches on the outside shell, but nothing too major. Screen is in excellent shape. Comes with OEM charger.
Game Boy Advance SP AGS-101 Fair $80 Spongebob edition. There are definitely signs of use but it is otherwise in fair condition. Will include OEM charger!
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rough Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team Rescuers Guide
Pokemon Trainers Survival Guide Rough Author is Mac MacDonald
Metroid Prime and Fusion Good Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Pokemon Yellow Guide Rough Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Take all the above strategy guides for $35 + shipping.
OEM Nintendo Game Boy Carrying Case $10 Very nice condition.
OEM Nintendo Game Boy Color Carrying Case $10 Very nice condition.
Nyko Game Boy Worm Light $10 Blue color. Nice condition, works as it should.
OEM Game Boy Link Cable $10 Don't think it's ever been used, looks brand new.
OEM Game Boy Four Player Adapter $10 Don't think it's ever been used, looks brand new.
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $60 Like new condition. Comes in the super mario odyssey box (code has been used) Does not include oem cable.
OEM Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP Faux Leather Case $10 In very nice condition. Holds all your SP goodies!
OEM Gamecube Serial port covers $10 All three covers in black color. Selling the three as a set.
OEM Gamecube Memory Card $10/$7 One black 251 block cards, and three 59 block silver card.
3rd party Madcatz gamecube memory cards $8/$5 One white 1019 block card, 2 translucent black 59 block memory cards, one white 59 block memory card, one translucent blue 59 block memory card.
OEM Gamecube to GBA Link Cable $20 In nice condition.
OEM Gamecube Controller $35 Two platinum color, Two Indigo color and two black color. All in nice condition, stick is nice and tight on all.
OEM Gamecube Wavebird Wireless Controller $60 Platinum controller. In nice condition. Comes with working receiver.
OEM Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak $20 In nice condition, includes battery door.
OEM Dualshock PS2 Controller $15/$10 One translucent blue color, the other silver color. Both in nice condition.
WANTS: Looking for one of those OEM gamecube disc holder pouches. Any color is fine, let me know what you have, thanks!
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