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You can create images of your optical disks and access them through a clear catalog. Nero 9 full crack vn-zoom forum why not check here.

ZombieTrackerGPS version 1.03 released: GPS and fitness tracking for Linux

Version 1.03 of ZombieTrackerGPS has been released. ZTGPS is a Linux+KDE native PIM application satisfying the same purpose as Garmin's "BaseCamp" software, which does not run on Linux. ZTGPS provides sophisticated query and sorting capabilities for GPS tracks. It is targeted at cyclists, runners, hikers, light vehicle use, and anyone collecting GPS tracks from handheld units, particularly if you prefer data storage on your own computer to cloud based storage. A feature description and FAQ is available on the web site below. Binary packages for several popular distros are available under the Downloads tab of the web site.
Version 1.03 has new track editing features, usability improvements, bug fixes, new track tags, and compilation fixes for the latest Qt version. The full feature set is below.
A note about GPSD: there have been several requests to support the linux GPS daemon for live data capture from GPSD supported devices. This feature is in progress, but wasn't far enough along to include in this release. I hope to have it ready for version 1.04, though it will first appear as an experimental feature since I'm not well equipped to exercise it.
This is a personal project to fill what felt like a weak spot in the OSS ecosystem: fitness tracking software for Linux which supports local data storage.
Version 1.03
  • Multiple tracks can now be merged into a single track using the "Merge Selection" menu or tool button.
  • Tracks with excessive sample points can be simplified using the "Simplify Selection" menu or tool button. For example, there's little need to sample a hiking track once per second, and it adversely impacts storage and map performance. You can simplify multiple tracks at once from a track pane, or segments or point ranges of a single track in a point pane.
  • Clicking in the line chart will now center the nearest point in the Map Pane, and select it in the Track Point pane.
  • "About" dialog links (EFF, OSM, etc) now open in a web browser. Previously they were broken.
  • The resource files now build no matter the user's desktop locale setting. Previously this failed under certain locales.
  • Undo/Redo now display a descriptive statusbar message.
  • Some missing tooltips and statusbar tips have been added for buttons and menus.
  • Convenience: double clicking a GPS device in the import dialog now functions identically to clicking the "Import" button.
  • Importing a FIT track with empty segments no longer crashes.
  • Compilation fixes for Qt 5.15 on Arch linux to fix uses of APIs removed in Qt 5.15. Thanks to Arch users on gitlab for reports, testing, and patches.
  • The program startup process is now better at re-applying the most recently used track filter, so the expected tracks will be displayed in map panes after startup.
  • New tags under Seasons: Autumn, Spring, Summer, and Winter. Useful to augment activities which are not season specific, such as winter vs summer hiking, or viewing all winter activities regardless of sport.
  • New tags under Misc: Firefighter and Wildfire. Useful for Hotshot crews, fire aviation, etc, as a nod to those fighting recent wildfires in Australia, Russia, Western USA, and other locales.
  • New tags: Cold, Warm, Hot under Weather.
  • Minor startup improvements to remove redundant track refreshes in map panes.
  • Improvements to track selection on device import.
  • Added "About" window and web site donation links for Inkscape and GIMP. Both are used in the creation of ZTGPS.
Version 1.02
  • Fixed crash in "Split Segment(s)" menu in Track Point Panes.
  • Added configuration option under the "Map Display" tab to draw track lines only when the map is still. This can improve interactive performance if you have many tracks. This is located under the "Interactive Movement Behavior" box. There is another option controlling whether to draw track points during interactive movement.
  • Added Wind icon to Weather set.
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Megathread: install methods, anticheat, problems/bugs, posting rules and more...

The aim of this thread is to accumulate all the major topics and issues that come up regularly in this sub in an attempt curb the amount of redundant threads posted here and give a clear, easy starting point for those who might be lost. If you feel I've missed something or need clarification then please let me know in the comments. I will keep this as up-to-date as possible when new information, fixes, etc. are brought to my attention. Therefore I would suggest checking up on this post from time to time as it will be edited, refined and improved. This thread currently covers:
  • Install methods
  • Optimizations and wine-lol
  • "Anticheat in 2021/soon?"
  • Can I get permabanned for playing League on Linux?
  • Garena client
  • Common issues
  • Rules moving forward
  • Best posting practices and capturing verbose logs
  • Template issue report
TL;DR while I recommend everyone read through this thread carefully (it's all important, relevant info and I've spent a lot of time collecting and refining this thread), the essentials are:
  • If you are installing for the first time, read:
    • Install methods
    • Optimizations and wine-lol
  • If you have an issue, read:
    • Common issues
    • Best posting practices and capturing verbose logs
    • Template issue report
  • If you are interested in the League of Linux meta, rules for this subreddit, or other non-technical info, read:
    • Can I get permabanned for playing League on Linux?
    • "Anticheat in 2021/soon?"
    • Rules moving forward
    • Garena client
Install methods
The most common and supported method for installing League on Linux is via the Lutris client. Lutris is a GUI game library frontend that makes managing Wine configs and install scripts per-game super simple. You can find installation instructions for your distro of choice here.
Before installing League of Legends, make sure to follow the prerequisites instructions found in the Lutris wiki, specifically:
Once you have completed those steps, you can then install League by:
  • Heading to the main League of Legends Lutris page here and click install on the main launcher titled Standart (Launch Helper) version
  • Follow the instructions in the script and be careful of the following items:
    • Wait for BOTH downloads to finish. There are two downloads one after the other: the client download (~200MB) and the game download (~3GB).
    • Do NOT enter your login details and login
    • Let the two downloads finish fully, then exit the client and continue with the Lutris instructions
Please note that the client can take anywhere from 2-4 minutes to load fully, please be patient! Do NOT login or click 'Play' during the initial install. Wait for the installation bar to finish downloading and then quit the client to allow the Lutris script to finish properly.
Additionally, there are other methods to install and play League on Linux. However, these methods are less common and less supported. You may run into undocumented issues and have trouble finding fixes for bugs that arise:
  • For those running snapd there is an install at sudo snap install leagueoflegends --edge. This option is not recommended as it is updated less frequently than the Lutris scripts and is more difficult to configure and tweak
  • Manually running League of Legends with Wine or another compatibility layer. This option is only recommended for those who are experts with Wine and Linux
  • Streaming from nvidia's GeForce Now service. This option has is very rarely recommended as it has significant drawbacks including: immense increase in ping (upwards of an additional 80-100ms in many cases), requires a paid subscription to use regularly (free tier requires waiting in queues and time limits of 1 hour per session) and this is essentially just playing in a Windows VM with less steps so it's not truly playing "League on Linux"
Optimizations and wine-lol
The League client is poorly optimized even on Windows, but there are some tweaks that can help make the experience a bit nicer, both in client and in game:
  • MOST IMPORTANT: everyone should enable the option inside the client settings Enable low spec mode. This option disables a lot of the lengthy and resource-taxing animations inside the client, particularly related to champion select
  • For machines with low RAM: enable the option inside the client settings Close client during game. This will make post-game lobbies load slower, but will make in-game performance better. If you are not experiencing RAM limitations then it's best to not enable this option
  • Download and install Feral Gamemode, then enable the option in Lutris Configure>System Options>Enable Feral Gamemode. Gamemode is is a daemon/lib combo for Linux that allows games to request a set of optimisations be temporarily applied to the host OS and/or a game process
  • Change in-game video settings:
    • Window mode == Borderless
    • Graphics == Depends on your machines specs. If you're not sure, test different settings and tweak as you play. In general the most intense settings that should be reduced first are Shadow Quality and Environment Quality
    • Character Inking == False
    • Frame Rate Cap == If you have a weaker machine set this to your monitors refresh rate, this eliminates wasted CPU cycles by not rendering frames that your monitor can't display. If you have a powerful machine set this to double your monitors refresh rate (eg. 60hz monitor == 120 FPS cap), this is a decent middle ground between curbing wasted CPU cycles and not giving up too many input frames
    • Anti-Aliasing == False
    • Wait for Vertical Sync == False
Optionally, instead of using the versions of Wine built into Lutris you may wish to use M-Reimer's wine-lol which is a patched version of Wine specifically designed for League on Linux. To use this version of Wine with Lutris:
  • Download and install wine-lol from his info page here
  • In the Lutris configure dialogue click the box Show advance options and then in the Runner options tab chose:
    • Wine version == Custom (select executable below)
    • Custom Wine executable == /opt/wine-lol/bin/wine
"Anticheat in 2021/soon?"
Vanguard is the proprietary closed source kernel-level anticheat used in VALORANT which is currently incompatible with Wine and thus Linux as a whole. Despite the rumors and FUD, there have been NO concrete confirmations or timelines from Riot's side when it comes to Vanguard being implemented in League of Legends. There is always the potential that it may come to League sometime in the future, of course. The topic is most likely an ongoing internal discussion at Riot. However, those claiming that Riot will be bringing anticheat to League "soon" or "in 2021" ARE WRONG. The only answer anyone outside of Riot can provide right now is simply "We don't know". There are other facts that we do know, below a summary of what we know so far:
  • Official Riot /dev/null article on anticheat: this was the initial article on Vanguard from Riot. There is only one reference to the fact that it has the potential to come to League and it does not give a confirmation or a timeline, only a reference to Vanguard's potential to be implemented in League after VALORANT (Project A, at the time): "Disclaimer: This post is kinda tech-heavy and concerns anti-cheat tooling that won’t be exclusive to League of Legends. Other games (like Project A) will be protected by the referenced upgrade before LoL is."
  • Rioter gave us a glimpse of internal Linux player data: Rioter mirageofpenguins shared both supposed internal information from Linux players, "~6000 games a day played by ~700 Wine users" (note: this was posted in Feb of 2020 so numbers have most likely shifted since then), as well as their personal opinion on kernel-level anticheat. Full thread includes more info, however a notable highlight is: "So, the driver component wouldn't be on LoL for at least a year (if we even decided to utilize it)"
  • Lead Designer of TFT confirms Riot have no plans to bring Vanguard to TFT: while not entirely apples-to-apples, TFT and League of Legends are the only two games to share the main League client and are more closely connected than any of Riot's other IPs. See the related subreddit thread and discussion here. In response to the question "Any information on if Riot Vanguard will be implemented for TFT?", he answers "I don't believe so, I would be shocked if we did that."
With all that being said, while we do NOT have any confirmation that Vanguard will come to League yet, it it still a very real possibility that it may be implemented in the future. We have no guarantee either way. Therefore it is suggested that if are not open to potentially someday dual booting or play in a Windows VM, you should NOT spend money on or become too invested in League of Legends.
Can I get permabanned for playing League on Linux?
No you will not get permabanned for playing League on Linux. While accidental bans are possible, they are extremely rare. Riot have stated that playing League on Linux is not permaban-worthy and they actively try to make sure that their anticheat doesn’t immediately flag Wine users as cheaters. The Rioter linked in that comment also plays League on Linux and has frequented this subreddit in the past. Rioters have also stated in the past in multiple forums that any accidental bans related to playing on Linux will be reverted, you just need to contact Riot Support.
While playing League on Linux is not officially supported (that is to say, no native client or supportdesk help), Riot do not take any active measures against legitimate Linux users. Personally I’ve been playing League on Linux for years. During that time I have never been banned and have only see a small handful of accidental bans, every single one of them being reverted within a couple days. More often than not, the posts claiming to be legitimate users being banned are script kiddies who're just salty they got caught.
Garena client
As of writing this there are no known methods of running the Garena client on Linux. Players from the SEA regions must either play on other regions or find solutions such as VM gaming or dualbooting. Should this info change, please notify me immediately so I can edit and adjust this post. There is an outdated Lutris installer here that is reported to be broken and several reddit threads discussing the matter:
There is ongoing work and investigation being done to solve the current issues in this thread here. If you are able to assist or provide insight into the issues, please contribute to that thread. Due to the nature of Garena's platform, it's very difficult for non-SEA residents to test the scripts. Any help in this regard would be immensely appreciated, thanks :)
Common issues
  • If the client runs okay, but the game itself crashes, or you receive the A Critical Error has Occurred pop up trying to start a game, you can either:
    • Option 1: Close the game entirely and run the command sudo sh -c ‘sysctl -w abi.vsyscall32=0’, then retry playing
    • Option 2: Install and use M-Reimer's wine-lol. Steps can be found in Optimizations and wine-lol
  • If your GPU is not Vulkan-capable then you must untick Enable DXVK/VKD3D in the Lutris configuration or League will not load
  • If you have other DXVK or Vulkan issues, check the page How to: DXVK
  • If you're having ESync issues and are not using M-Reimer's wine-lol, check the page How to: ESync
  • At the time of writing this, kernels 5.9 and above are NOT compatible with nvidia drivers above 450. It is recommended to downgrade either your kernel or nvidia driver in this case. Thanks to users in this thread and this thread
  • Chat and friends list take a look time to load in the client: this is unfortunately unresolved as of now. The chat and friends list is slow for everyone on Linux, it is believed to be due to the League Client not playing well with websockets implementation in Wine
  • In general, the game and client run (mostly) smoothly on Linux, however patches have been known to entirely break installations in the past. For more information on the recent issues, please visit this sticky thread
Rules moving forward
When issues arise, this sub sees an influx of the same or similar posts detailing identical issues. This makes it very difficult for newer users to find adequate solutions to their issues as solutions are scattered between multiple threads and the cycle continues. Therefore we will be removing any and all redundant posts that have already been presented solutions in other threads. Before you post, please make sure to check:
  • The most recent threads on the front page of the sub: there's a good chance that if you're currently experiencing a new issue without having made changes yourself, someone has already recently reported the issue too. If they have, comment on that thread instead of making a new one
  • The search bar: many previously documented issues or common installation issues are already thoroughly documented and reported (eg. the 9S issue, the "unable to connect to authentication servers" issue, the "game still in progress"/client freezing issue, etc.)
Additionally, issues that do not provide enough info will be removed and you will be asked to resubmit a new post with more verbose information. All the people who help out in this sub are volunteers and we don't want to spend our time asking for the same essential information in every new post. To get the quickest and best help, please copy/paste the template found at the bottom of this thread.
This sub also serves as a place to discuss playing any one of Riot's IP's on Linux, including Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and the recently teased Ruined King. This community is already rather small so I don't see a point to fragmenting it further by limiting it solely to League of Legends. However, posts not related to playing any of the IPs on Linux will be removed. Discussions related to other F/LOSS operating systems, such as the BSD family of distros are fine. However, this is not a support forum for Windows or MacOS.
Best posting practices and capturing verbose logs
IF you have thoroughly checked through both above and you still cannot find a solution to your issue, then creating a new thread is the next step. When you report an issue, please make sure to provide as much information as possible so that others can help you as easily as possible without having to ask in the comments for essential information. When you create a new thread, please include the below information, see the bottom of this thread for a template you can copy/paste:
  • OS/distro version (eg. "Ubuntu 20.04", NOT just "Ubuntu")
  • Do you have all the prerequisites (drivers, Wine dependencies, etc. see the above section Install methods)?
  • What hardware are you running? Specifically double check to make sure your hardware is compatible with League and it's prerequisites, notably with DXVK
  • Do you have logs? Pastebin them.
  • What is your installation method? (eg. Lutris, snap, manual, etc.)
  • Have you already checked the sticky summary thread, most recent posts and used the search bar?
  • If you have tried solutions already, which ones have you tried? What have been their outcomes?
By default, Lutris does not log enough essential information. To capture more verbose logs, follow these steps provided by the Lutris Discord:
Select the game, click "Configuration" button, select "Runner" tab, scroll to the bottom, find Output debugging info and switch its value from Disabled to Enabled. Close Lutris completely. Then, open your terminal application, execute lutris -d and try to reproduce your issue. After that, you need to copy the output in the terminal and share it with us (all of it). It's recommended to use this ad-free paste service: https://paste.ubuntu.com/
Template issue report
Copy and paste the entire below block into new threads and fill out the information so that others may easily help you without having to ask for essential information in the comments:
**What is your issue:** [your issue here] **OS/distro version:** [your distro version here] **Are the prerequisites installed? Including Wine dependencies, drivers, etc.:** [yes/no, check the megathread steps] **Hardware specs:** [your specs here] **Pastebin logs:** [your pastebin link here] **Installation method (if Lutris, specify which launcher you used):** [your method here] **Have you already checked the sub for similar issues? Including the sticky post, most recent threads, search bar, etc.:** [yes/no, check the megathread steps] **Screenshots (where applicable):** [your screenshot links here] **If you have tried solutions, which ones have you tried? What are their outcomes:** [your previous solutions here] 
submitted by TheAcenomad to leagueoflinux