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It debuted on November 9th, 2020, and is currently ongoing.

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Older Macs and updates (A1398 in 2021 - how long will it be cared about by Apple)?

According to one of my favorite content creators, Louis Rossmann, famous for repairing Macs and telling people what is wrong with them instead of letting people be ripped off by Genius Bar, made a video a year ago about "if you really do have to have a Mac - these three are okay".
Only his words made me really consider MacBook Pro, normally I would have bought a ThinkPad.
So, basically, Mr. Rossmann takes every model and says whether it is worthy or not.
As for me, the A1398 late13/mid14 with quad i7 (not some undervolted potato), 16GB of RAM and GT750M is powerful enough for me, for I am interested in studying, some virtual machines, and maybe like League of Legends and GTA V if I really have a moment to waste.
GT 750M is, sadly, Kepler and not Maxwell microarchitecture, so it has died already or will die in like months. But this I can take, at least I hope. I am much more focused on newest Apple updates.
Yeah, but now, how long is Apple caring for their MacBook Pros? Can I still buy Mid 14 MBP and get updates for next 5 years? As I have aforementioned, no further hardware updates are needed in my case.
I remember four years ago I met a guy who had plastic MacBook with Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz. Even though it was really old, it still got most recent updates and there was no endangerment of ending support anytime soon. I do not remember how old it was four years ago nor which model exactly was this.
Is the A1398 worth buying in pretty much 2021? Every aspect of why this certain one is in the linked video.
Thanks for any kind of help!
Kind regards,
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0am Thu 17 May 2012 - /r/gaming

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