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Amazon's Study Hall - Daily Questions Megathread (11/22)

Here you can ask questions/seek advice about Azur Lane; help each other and grow together!
Helpful Resources
Azur Lane Wiki
Azur Lane Official English Twitter
Quick Beginner's Starting Guide by Ruvicante (Ignore "Grind stage X until level X" advice)
Azur Lane Community Discord Server
Azur Lane Official English Discord Server
Other Megathreads
Littorio's Luxurious Lounge - Gacha, Dorm Screenshots and Discussions


JP players can bind via binding code or Twitter account; EN players can bind via Twitter account, Facebook account or Yostar account. These options are in Settings.
Use at least one account bind option; use multiple if you want to be safe. If your device is lost, damaged, or a game update breaks the app and forces you to reinstall you could permanently lose your account. EN accounts are easiest to recover with an account bind; make sure to bind your account in the settings and only use the login screen binding buttons to reconnect your account. Using the login screen buttons without a bound account will create a new account for you and effectively erase your progress with no way of recovering it outside of contacting customer support. JUST DO IT.
NOTE: It's also a good idea to remember your server and take a screenshot of your resume so that customer support has an easier time recovering your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I reroll? How do I do it?
No. There are a few reasons for this:
  • Names cannot be reused.
  • Ships are constructed with non-premium currency that you can easily get through gameplay.
  • SSR ships are NOT required for progression.
  • High value ships are often stage drops and cannot be built.
Is X ship good?
Take a look at this gallery that shows good, permanently available ships or this tier list for a general indication of any ship's power. For research ships there's also a list showing off how useful they are depending on their development level.
All ships are usable with proper development; just know that some ships/compositions are far less viable in later Worlds.
Should I be spamming Construction or saving cubes?
Saving cubes is crucial as you'll want a large stockpile of them to attempt limited constructions that appear during events. Outside of events, spend 1 cube per day (4 on Sunday) to satisfy the daily build mission; in doing so you'll complete the weekly mission which gives 6 cubes.
However, players starting out should spam construction for the first 2 or 3 days in order to expand their options for fleet setups.
Should I keep duplicate ships?
  • Duplicates of ships you use: Keep for limit breaking and retrofitting.
  • Duplicates of ships you don't use, Rare or higher: Retire for Medals of Honor (in Build menu).
  • Duplicates of ships you don't use, Normal rarity: Consume for enhancement of used ships.
I'm struggling on X stage, what should I do?
  • Level up and limit break your ships; Level advantage makes a difference.
  • Check your equipment; equip Purple/Gold/Rainbow rarity equipment and upgrade it.
  • Adjust your fleet setup; you may need a tanky frontliner to soak more damage or a battleship in the backline to deal more damage.
  • Enhance your ship's stats with common rarity ships.
How should I set up my fleet?
Main Fleet (Backline)
Aircraft Carriers (CV, CVL) - Clears the screen of enemy projectiles and weaker ships; Airspace Control Value (ACV) improves damage dealt by your carriers and reduces hostile encounters.
Battleships, Battlecruisers (BB, BC, BBV, BM) - Concentrated damage better suited for high-value targets; secondary gun protects backline from suicide ships.
Vanguard Fleet (Frontline)
Destroyers (DD) - Cheap; low gun damage with high-damage torpedoes; high evasion with poor armor and HP; speeds up your fleet and helps avoid ambushes.
Light Cruisers (CL) - Balanced stats with high anti-air capability.
Heavy Cruisers (CA, CB) - Expensive; high damage and/or large HP pool; some utility.
For the frontline position put your tankiest ship on the left and second tankiest on the right; for the backline try to have your strongest ship in the middle (flagship) position; battleships with a barrage skill should be in the center because it greatly improves their aim.
Make sure that your support (yellow) skills are useful to the rest of the fleet; most only affect certain class, nationality or weapon types and often don’t stack.
While at the beginning it doesn't matter - in fact you'd be better off using both of your fleets equally to level them up - your two fleets should eventually be split up into a mob-killer fleet and boss-killer fleet; the mob-killer fleet sacrifices firepower for sustain so use (self-)healing ships to survive the 4-7 fights needed to summon the boss for the boss-killer fleet.
When should I Limit Break?
This depends on your playstyle; Limit Breaking increases a ship's stats and capabilities at the price of increased Oil costs. Therefore:
  • If you lean towards casual play and don't sortie much, Limit Break as soon as possible.
  • If you lean towards hardcore play and sortie frequently, Limit Break only if you are struggling to progress.
These guidelines only apply to your main use fleets; farming fleets will have a different approach as explained in the next question.
NOTE: Regardless of your playstyle, Limit Break when your ships are approaching level cap (70/80/90) to avoid losing XP.
What are good fleets to use for farming?
Farming fleets are designed to clear stages with as little fuel use as possible. Therefore:
  • Use fewer ships. The minimum is one backline and one frontline ship (1:1). Over-level your ships as level difference matters.
  • Use ships with no/few limit breaks since LBs increase oil costs.
  • Use upgraded equipment and level up skills.
  • Complete the stage several times with stronger fleets to lower its threat level.
  • Use ships of lower rarity since they're cheaper: Common (gray) > Rare (blue) > Elite (purple) > Super Rare (gold)
  • Use cheaper ship types. For the frontline: Destroyers (DD) > Light Cruisers (CL) > Heavy Cruisers (CA, CB). For the backline: Monitors (BM) > Battlecruisers (BC) > Battleships (BB) and Light Carriers (CVL) > standard Carriers (CV)
Popular vanguard ships: Phoenix, Leander, Cassin, Downes, Fletcher DDs Popular main fleet ships: Erebus, Terror, Nelson, Rodney, Tirpitz, Duke of York, Yorktown
For high-level farming add healers (Akashi, Vestal, Unicorn, Shouhou, Ryuuhou, Arizona) and a strong boss-killer fleet.
When farming for gear blueprints/ships/event points, is it better to full clear a stage or just clear enough mobs until the boss spawns?
Except when getting the third star on a map, you should always go for the boss as soon as it spawns. Only the boss fleet and event elites can drop SR gear blueprints, and the boss has a chance to drop two. Only boss fleets can drop SR ships/boss-only ships, and clearing the boss fleet with an S-rank guarantees a ship drop. Killing the boss fleet is what gives points (specialized cores, core data, event points, etc.); the amount of points is bound to the map, not to the amount of mobs killed.
What should I be equipping?
You can try following these guides. Otherwise, use what you have.
How do I get more Oil?
Oil in Azur Lane is equivalent to stamina in most mobile games; your Canteen generates Oil and you can get more from mission/commission rewards. If you run dry consider running less ships in your fleets, running ships with lower rarity/fewer limit breaks and taking a break.
How do I get Coins?
Aside from generation via the Merchant, large coin drops come from Daily Raids and the 8-10 hour commission (costs 800+ fuel). A popular method is farming map 7-2 until all the "?" nodes appear, collecting the nodes and retreating.
What should I spend Gems on?
Priority list:
  • Dorm slots (max 5)
  • Dock capacity
  • 2nd Floor Upgrade for Dorm
  • Promise Rings
  • Skins
  • 3rd Tactical Classroom slot (depends on your needs)
Spending Gems on anything not listed here isn't recommended (ESPECIALLY Oil/Gold). However, it's mostly personal preference.
What should I spend Medals of Honor on?
Buy the featured SSR if you want heneed a duplicate for limit breaking. Otherwise, solid purchases are gold and purple Bulins (if needed), T3 Skillbooks, T2 Retrofit Blueprints (T3 if needed), PR Blueprints and Dorm food; anything else isn't recommended though your needs may vary.
What are Retrofit Blueprints? How do I use them?
Retrofit Blueprints are used in retrofitting and consumed in the Retrofit tree found in ship details. Note that not all ships have a retrofit. It's recommended to save your blueprints and only retrofit ships you plan on using as higher tier blueprints can be hard to come by.
What is the best use of Core Data?
You'll want several Oxytorps and Black/White shells, the F4U Corsairs) are currently the best fighters in the game. Other useful items include Fairey Swordfish 818) which slow enemies on hit and the Homing Beacon for synchronizing airstrikes. The Seal of the Four Gods, improves Anshan class ships but otherwise is not worth buying.
All of the ships currently in the core shop are obtainable through war archives and/or aren't useful to a new player.
Why can't I rank up past Captain?
For Rear Admiral Lower Half and higher in addition to meeting the rank score requirement you must be high enough on the player leaderboards to rank up. For Rear Admiral Lower Half that means you need to be in the top 1000; all ranks and thresholds can be found here.
When is the daily/weekly reset?
[EN] Daily reset is at midnight PDT; weekly reset is Sunday at midnight PDT.
How to get Akashi?
Tap on her 30 times in the shop menu to get started. And you might want to hold on to 10 purple and 5 gold Sakura tech packs.
How do I unlock the last few memories in X event?
After clearing B3/D3/the last of the non-EX stage of the event, try beating it a few more times.
How do I earn Tech Points?
Tech Points are gained by obtaining, max limit breaking and max levelling (level 120) ships. You can see how many points each ship will give you in the Lab > Fleet Tech tab. As a rule of thumb big ships such as CVs or BBs will give you more tech points than little ships regardless of rarity. MLBing a ship gives you the largest amount of points out of the 3 step process; PR1 ships requirements are generally easier to meet than PR2/PR3 ships' fleet tech thresholds.
How do I earn experience for research ships?
PR EXP is only earned through oil-consuming PvE content with the ships specified under the EXP objectives in the Shipyard. PvP matches, Dorm EXP, Lecture EXP and commissions do not count. The EXP goals are rather large; be prepared for a long grind. Ships who are at an EXP/level cap (i.e. 70/80/90/100~120 depending on limit break, cognitive awakening or EXP hard cap) will still contribute EXP to PR EXP objectives, even if it displays +0 EXP in the combat results.
What types of researches are best?
Here is the list for the best researches for earning PR blueprints. There is also a list for those who are looking to grind gear blueprints specifically. Note that PR ships are an endgame goal; investing cubes and coins into research projects early on will greatly impede your progress with little benefit so free researches are a better option while starting out.
What is the drop rate of X?
The only known drop rate is for Akagi & Kaga; each have a 0.75% chance to drop after defeating the boss of 3-4. No other drop rates are currently known.
Is X getting a rerun?
Most major events get a single rerun per region. You can check the Azur Lane Wiki to see if an event has already reran on your server's region. Reruns generally occur at least a year after the event's first debut; after the rerun is concluded ships from that event will slowly come to permanent construction pools. The exception to this rule are collaboration events which - so far - haven't seen any reruns due to licensing deals.
How do I get retrofit items for Sandy/Warspite/X?
UR retrofit item are acquired through limited-time events. They will have reruns, if you missed them you will have a chance to obtain them in the future.
What is the next big event? Is there an event roadmap?
There is no known roadmap for any of the regions; big events are usually announced a week or two at most before the event itself is released.
submitted by AutoModerator to AzureLane


It's time for the Masters community to finally take a stand against the stamina system

Follow-up thread to Timeline of the stamina system "trial" in Pokémon Masters: 6 months of ignored feedback and increasing monetization.
Today's "developer letter" has shown that DeNA has no intention whatsoever of removing the system that severely limits playtime and the ability to obtain a reasonable amount of items without using real money.
Stamina was presented as a trial system that would help players power up their characters more easily, but six months later it's obvious that it was neither a trial nor something genuinely meant to help the playerbase. Skip tickets were the only actual improvement for some players, and most seem to agree that they could stay without issue if stamina were to be removed. The stamina system is simply an excuse to monetize the game further while the bare minimum effort is put into it, as shown by the recent lack of meaningful content updates.
Taking this into account, the community has to take action and send a clear message:

We want the stamina system removed from Pokémon Masters, and DeNA to stop charging money for previously free features.

Main points against this stamina system:
  • It doesn't help players obtain items: in fact, it sets a hard limit on the amount of items that can be obtained, and said amount is made low on purpose so players feel compelled to cave in and use real money on a game that already locks its characters and other means to enhance them behind gacha.
  • Co-op battles, which don't use stamina, have been neglected for nearly a year due to the developers refusal to allow players obtain extra items without paying.
  • In a game where limited battle attempts are common in both events and the Training Area, stamina is not only redundant but unnecessarily limiting.
  • Other minor issues that stem from this system, such as the inability to replay content for enjoyment, players being punished for choosing the wrong battle, newcomers struggling more than veterans did to catch up with endgame, etc.
How DeNA should approach the removal of stamina:
  • Keep Skip Tickets so players who spend little time on the game remain unaffected.
  • Repurpose Player Rank so it provides extra daily Skip Ticket uses (in case this has to be limited), more saved team slots, extra egg Pokémon slots, multiple Sync Grid configurations for the same characters, additional energy for Sync Grids, extra friend slots, etc.
  • If cheating is a real concern for some reason, implement an anti-cheat system as other mobile games already do.
  • If additional microtransactions are necessary for the future of the game, opt for other features that don't get in the way of gameplay such as paid cosmetics.
What to do as a player:
  • Request the removal of stamina via ingame feedback (Poryphone > Other > Customer Support > Feedback). If you have already done so in the past, do it again. They will be forced to reconsider (see what I did there?) if there is a strong backlash, as it happened with Rayquaza's Legendary Event.
  • Let them know what you think on social media (Twitter / Facebook) by replying to their posts and raise awareness by doing so. If you are good at making neat charts, take a page from The problem with Pokémon Masters EX and post it everywhere.
  • Use Google Play and App Store reviews to make your opinion known. Don't "review bomb" for the sake of it or write disrespectful messages as this doesn't help.
  • Obviously, don't spend a single cent or ingame currency on stamina refills and politely advise other players against doing so.
Please, if you somehow don't mind the stamina system in its current state: don't dismiss the concerns of other fellow community members by insulting or using strawman arguments against them, such as "there are other problems in the game" (there are countless other threads about them), "did you enjoy autoing battles over and over or using autoclickers" (Skip Tickets and the risk of a ban render this pointless), or "Skip Tickets and stamina go together" (there isn't a strong argument reinforcing this, whereas co-op is certainly being ignored since the introduction of stamina to limit the amount of items players get, and that is far worse).
Thank you for reading and let's make ourselves heard once and for all.
submitted by Otul to PokemonMasters