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First Post After Lurking for ...10 years?

Hello all,
I've spent so many years reading posts on this subreddit that I figured perhaps it would be more enjoyable (or slightly less lonely) to participate and contribute. So a little about me...okay, this list is long so #15 I'll try to summarize up to the present. Please forgive me/offer constructive writing criticism.

  1. I have a third nipple, or as I like to call it, a "thnipple". Wikipedia the term "supernumerary nipple", Mark Wahlberg has one and somehow makes me feel cool through nip association
  2. I'm left-handed with drawing and writing. However, I play sports and instruments with right-hand dominance.
  3. I'm legally blind as shit (-8 to -9.00 in both eyes)
  4. I was born with X-linked ichthyosis, which means I have to slather my entire body in lotion every day in order to not look like a human reptile with sandpaper skin.
  5. Due to strict Asian parenting and my less-than-stellar academic performance in elementary school, I wasn't allowed to have video game consoles. Instead, I was given a Windows 98 computer the year they came out. Three cheers for Nintendo emulators, Napster, Final Fantasy VII, shitty realplayer videos of DragonBallZ overdubbed with songs by Blink 182, accidentally discovering Hentai, and the general deviance associated with using the internet unsupervised as a kid...perhaps they should have just gotten me the video game console?
  6. Grew up getting my ass kicked at home while attending public school after the height of 9/11 as a brown kid...is this why I listened to so much Korn and Slipknot in elementary school?
  7. An entrepreneur at heart, I got suspended in middle school for selling pirated watches and DVDs. Oddly the teachers who bought my fake Rolexes were not punished. Perhaps the $20 fake Rolex that stopped working after two days was enough punishment..
  8. Got my first guitar in 7th grade. My strict brown parents gave in after I played "Aerials" by SOAD on a $10 Hawaiian ukelele 500 times a day for months.
  9. Start smoking weed every morning at 15. The Mars Volta sound amazing on my $10 Wal-Mart CD player. My entrepreneurial spirit leads me to begin my drug-dealing career, buying my first ounce of beasters for $120 from a relative, bringing it home and selling 8ths for $40 because the other 15 year olds say its "chronic". Man, beasters, mids, chronic...don't y'all 90's babies miss the terminology and pricings for weed that were around before everything became medical? WHERE DID ALL THAT BEAUTIFUL HYDRO GO
  10. Shrooms at 16, you know how it goes...laughing at 3 AM listening to E 1999 Eternal, only Bone Thugz can go from talking happy barbeques to doing drive-bys. Watching Sasha Grey porn while her nipples and belly button appear to be a face, usual shroom shit.
  11. Age 17: Adderall, Ritalin, Cocaine. Pre-Amphetamine SAT score: 1680; Adderall 30 mg XR SAT score: 1920; 54 mg Concerta ACT score: 32. Not bad for a lifelong C and D student! Commence life-long amphetamine addiction.
  12. Age 18. Two separate class-mates give me their ADHD meds every morning before class for free (why did they do this? lol) Nothing quite like seeing a 90 pound 6 foot tall high schooler "speed" walking around on both a 30 mg Adderall XR and 54 mg Concerta every day for a year...unsurprisingly my $10 walmart CD player goes from Prog Rock to HOUSE MUSIC 24/7 OONTZ OONTZ BISH
  13. When you're a depressed college freshman (probably partially the result of abruptly ending a year-long run on Ritalin and Adderall), it may seem like a good idea to take a 10-strip of LSD every weekend, in search of some life-altering epiphany. Unfortunately, it just exacerbates how awful the world is while giving you tracers and visual hallucinations that persist for months. You may record amazing music though! Cue psych-ward visit.
  14. Age 19, 2010...a year defined by consuming and selling large bags of Xanax bars, large shipments of BK-MDMA, and large jars of dispensary bud. Become disturbingly addicted to sniffing mountains of methylone alone in my room, usually upwards of a half gram every weekend. Have one of the worst overdoses of my life when trying to eyeball 20 mg of 2C-C after sniffing a gram of bk-MDMA...eyeballing anything is stupid, but even more so when you're eyes are wobbling into another dimension. I ended up consuming 200-250 mg of 2C-C, in a capsule mixed with 200 mg cocaine and 500 mg bk-mdma...downed with grapefruit juice because I'm an idiot. This is after having already sniffed a gram of BK-MDMA. Still not sure how I survived that, to be honest.
  15. This list is waaay too long, so I'll compress 2010-present here. Sold pounds of methylone until a kid tries snitching on me. Become completely sober for 9 months before relapsing by using heroin for the first time. Then meth. Then resume my addiction to drug dealing by ramping up and adjusting operational security, proceed to sell a quarter-pound of MDMA every weekend, hundreds of Dutch E pills, benzos. Become a heroin addict, start dealing shit to my hood-ass dope dealer. Over time I lose my personality, patience and kindness, becoming a sociopathic drug dealer with a disturbing appetite for substance abuse. Spent a decade fluctuating between what felt like two personalities, the empathetic thoughtful sober version of myself, and the cold, heartless persona that fiends for lethal polysubstance combinations and large drug transactions, with zero remorse or consideration for others.
So after some considerable time sober, I was completing my last year of undergrad in 2017-2018. I had a brief, 2-week relapse on heroin in late November. After recovering from that withdrawal, I knew I had to be more proactive in confronting my issues with PTSD/anxiety/depression, so I started attending therapy. Things were going well until March of 2018, when a friend handed me an ounce of cocaine for free (a story in and of itself). Despite never having cared much for the effects of cocaine, all it took was one stressful situation at home for me to start using the coke to keep myself numb to my self-doubt/loathing. Out of all the drugs I've abused, cocaine has to have been one of the most quickly debilitating drugs with respect to mental and physical health...and this was from only using 0.3 to 0.5 grams of washed cocaine that tested around 87% every day.
Over the course of a few months, I went from 145 lbs to 117 lbs, would contemplate shooting myself in the head every morning, was always depressed/anxious/irate, and would constantly feel like I was going to have a heart attack or stroke due to vasoconstriction (my daily intake of 40 mg vyvanse and a juul pod probably didn't help). Despite all the negative effects, I could not handle the soul-crushing depression of coke withdrawal with my school/work schedule..few things are as bad as feeling as though something is very close to killing you, yet not being able to handle the effects of quitting. In desperation, I decided to use heroin to help cushion the blow of depression that comes with using cocaine daily for 6 +months.
That was January 2019. From January until August, I was living a one-day loop, a Groundhogs day sorta thing. Selling drugs constantly to support my gram a day heroin habit. Being dope sick, doing embarrassing shit like projectile vomiting in restaurants. Waking up on the floor from overdoses. Over the course of those months, my mental health slowly deteriorated into a state of delusional thinking. I was disappointed in myself, deeply unhappy to find myself yet again in active addiction while every meaningful aspect of life fell to the wayside. After mindlessly eating an 8th of shrooms one day, I became suspicious of everyone, and started thinking they had ulterior motives for interacting with me. With no heroin left (and no energy left to continue the cycle) I locked myself in my basement and started sniffing coke and ketamine in hopes off alleviating the severity of the heroin withdrawals, which somewhat seemed to work despite being a moronic idea. In my delirious state, I failed to look at my phone or even think about the rest of my family, who had been calling each other all over the world trying to figure out what was happening to me (if I was alive).
Finally the cops broke down the door and entered the basement with my dad, seeing me half-naked/unintelligible, coming out of a K-hole while on day 2 of heroin withdrawals, surrounded by blister packs of pills and pill bottles full of powders. Miraculously, the police didn't arrest me and left my father and I alone. Having experienced a lot of physical violence with my dad during my upbringing, I braced for impact. Instead, for the first time in my life, I saw my father cry. Granted, it was for like 5 seconds before he regained his composure lol, but somehow it finally opened my eyes to what I was doing, not only to myself but to all the people around me. From the age of 15 until 27, I'd traded my aspirations, relationships, and goals for fast money and hard drugs, and I was finally sick of it. I didn't want to be that person anymore. I quit my heroin, cocaine, and klonopin addictions cold turkey that day. Hoooly shit was that withdrawal surreal, I literally couldn't walk for a week. One thing that really impacted me during my withdrawal was watching the film A Beautiful Boy. To me, that is the most accurate film depiction of addiction I'd ever seen. Even though the protagonist's situation and drug use was different from mine, it felt as though I was looking into a mirror watching how it affected his interpersonal relationships and life goals. The film also lets you see addiction from the perspective of the addict's family, which is deeply sobering. Makes you realize how much of a self-absorbed ass you were as an addict. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for anyone struggling with addiction or substance abuse.
Since that event, I have continued to take a 30 mg Vyvanse every other day, although I hope to slowly wean off over the next few years (have gone from 70 mg down to 30 in the past two years!) I've used THC distillate, just one or two puffs around bedtime. While it has been tremendously useful in withdrawal, becoming THC-free is my last goal. After 5 years of chain-smoking, and two years of constant Juuling, I am nicotine-free as of this past Friday, October 25th. I gotta say, nicotine withdrawal is definitely on par with coke or heroin withdrawal, really struggling with the mental fog/depression/anger. But I'm three days in, and physically I already feel so much better!

If you've actually read this far, wow, I don't think I would've written all this if I wasn't fiending for my juul. But yeah, I have a great interest in (and a whole lotta experience with) addiction, recovery, mental health, neuroscience/pharmacology...my friends like to call me a cockroach, because I have survived some unbelievable scenarios and drug combinations, so looking forward to telling the crazier stories and experiences over time. Ima stop typing now.
TL:DR, First time poster, long time polysubstance abuse and dealing, currently in the process of getting clean and living a meaningful life!
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My 10,000+ Swagbucks Day

Now that the contest is over, and I've submitted my entry, I want to say that yes, my claim was true that I made over 10,000 SB yesterday. Some were curious as to how I did it, so I'm going to try and give a brief overview.
Let me start by saying that I've been a member of Swagbucks for 6 years now, so I'm pretty competent at earning. However, lately, I've pretty much just been doing mobile videos and a few other things. I haven't done a lot of special offers in a while, so I think I had some that others might have already done.
Additionally, I didn't have work yesterday. I was up at roughly 6AM Eastern Time, and didn't stop until around 10PM Eastern Time. I also have a desktop and a laptop, which helps a lot.
In saying that, here's a rough breakdown of how I did it:
The Dailies: 4 Easy Ones + 10 for Games
Mobile Vids: Maxed out to 126
Swagbucks TV: 132 - I got tired and was still doing these, trying to get the max of 150, but ended up stopping.
Encrave: 252 - Did these on my laptop pretty much all day, making sure to keep the window active as much as I could.
Surveys: 735 - Every once in a while I would try a new survey. I ended up completing 12 of them, got 2 points from profile questions which I had never done, and was disqualified from 29 of them. Something people might not know is that even if you are DQ'd from Peanut Labs surveys, you get 1 point even if you've failed 5 Swagbucks surveys for that day.
Offers: 9321 - Obviously the bulk of my points came from special offers. As I mentioned before, most of the offers I did were profitable. I spent about $7-10 total. I don't know the exact amount because I didn't keep perfect track, but it was no more than $10 for sure.
Most of the offers that I did were from the same company. They included the "Star Trek Club", "Family Bible Films", "Baked & Delicious Collection", "Rules of the Road", "EarlyMoments.com Elmo's Learning Adventure", "Learn Our History", & "Disney Cakes & Sweets Co". Most of these types of offers I would never do because even though they are profitable (you have to usually pay about $4.95 and get 500 Swagbucks), $0.05 is usually not enough for me to go through the hassle of cancelling them. However, for the contest, I chose to do it. A couple of these were around 5.95-$7, but worth the cost for the contest, I'm hoping.
Another big offer I completed was for Jewel Scent. It was on the front home page and was 1300 swagbucks. Using a discount code on the site was allowed, and my total with shipping for what a bought was $13.90. Again, a small loss, but hopefully for a bigger gain with the contest. Plus, my other gains for the day well out-paced my losses.
A few other offers I've done were for insurance, which I actually do need for a couple things, however I normally wouldn't do them through Swagbucks. My phone has been bombarded yesterday and today from phone calls.
Finally, I did a few others like FuboTV and MyLife and a ton of 1, 2, and 3 point offers for quizzes, slideshows and the like. Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of which offerwalls they were from, I am sorry about that, but if you browse the walls you might find them. A lot of offers I also found by simply continuously scrolling the home page of Swagbucks.
One tip I would give about special offers, is that if you fine one that you can do, make sure to check EVERY other wall for the same offers. There are usually duplicate offers on several walls, and they aren't always for the same amount.
At the end of it all, I now have 16 reminders on my Google Calendar for offers that will renew after a week, 2 weeks, or a month that I'll have to cancel.
It was a long day where I basically watched YouTube and movies while I did Swagbucks.
Feel free to ask my any questions!
EDIT: I'd also like to give a big shout out to Swagbucks Support. I had two ~500 offers that didn't credit after I finished them, and within about an hour of reporting each one, they credited me. I don't think I would have been able to break 10k without their help!
EDIT 2: I was asked to put together a list of the offers I did. Here's the ones I have saved from my email. Like I mentioned before, some are barely profitable, and some are not at all, and some might end up being a real hassle to cancel...
  • Freescor.es
  • truBrain
  • Vetz Petz
  • MyLife
  • Disney Cakes & Sweets Co.
  • EarlyMoments.com Elmo's Learning Adventure (There's also a Dr. Suess one, but I did that in the past)
  • Family Bible Films
  • FuboTV
  • Baked & Delicious Collection
  • Star Trek Starships Collection
  • Rules of the Road DVD
  • Learn Our History Ladies of Liberty
  • JewelScent
  • Purifier.cc
  • Realplayer Cloud (I've seen a few of these, I think it was the 900SB for 4.99 a month)
  • Holsted Jewlers
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