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Free Song Lyrics Artist List; Tell a Friend About US; Lyrics Pages Bookmark; Words for Over 62 000 Songs This site is dedicated to all the Young Upcoming Future Pop Idols All Bands and Musicians List Cant find the Song You are Looking For Try Search our Lyrics Database. I've been strong for so long that I'm blind. Walk in the mall by all the stores bitch get on. Bob Marley - Hallelujah time lyrics. The event, "In The House, " will take place over the course of three days, beginning this weekend on Friday, May 15 and running through Sunday.


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Hallelujah 3. My trust is in you All by David G. At age seven, Keys began to play classical music on the piano. Andrew Lloyd Webber: Memory (from Cats) - Barbra Streisand. Latest SIMON COWELL, 60, shocked fans back in early August when it was revealed he had broken his back in a bike accident.


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How to smartdraw 2020 keygen helpful resources. Bob Dylan - Expecting Rain is one of the pioneer sites on the Web dealing with Bob Dylan, his music, influences, records (including unofficial ones) and the latest concert reviews. This song is on CONSTANT repeat on my phone and in my head. April 29, 2020, but was later postponed first indefinitely and then to October due to the COVID-19.


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Browse for Hallelujah Salvation And Glory song lyrics by entered search phrase. Others to take the stage included Sia, Kane Brown, Swae Lee, Khalid, Luke Combs, Bad Bunny, Dojo Cat, Alicia Keys, Post Malone and Brandy. Short Summary 2 Full Summary 3 Cast 3.1 Main Cast 3.2 Guest Stars 3.3 Co-Starring 4 Medical Notes 4.1 Andrew DeLuca 5 Music 6 Notes and Trivia 7 Gallery 7.1 Episode Stills 7.2 Behind the Scenes 8 Quotes 9 See Also When one of Grey Sloan's own lands in the hospital, Bailey tries to figure out what. Lyrics to "Hallelujah" song by Alicia Keys: There's a hole in my heart I've been hiding I've been strong for so long that I'm blind Is there a p.

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Then browse to a site you want to post, select some text on the page to use for a quote, click the bookmarklet, and the Pages posting window will appear with the title, text, and any embedded video or audio files already filled in. After your purchase, you will see an option on your download page that will let you choose your free beats! Y'all, me choosing to be makeup free. The group's original line-up consisted of Dave Gahan (lead vocals, occasional songwriter since 2020), Martin Gore (keyboards, guitar, vocals, chief songwriter after 1981), Andy Fletcher (keyboards) and Vince Clarke (keyboards, chief songwriter 1980–81).

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Alicia keys hallelujah chief. Hallelujah harmonies from the sister trio in their 2020 Treeline Stage performance. Vues au Total, 2 Vues Aujourd'hui. Son has been out of print on vinyl since its initial 2020 release, but Get On Down is excited to bring.


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Hi, I'm back for another little history lesson. If you missed my one before, here is a history on country pop music. It's p lit. Today I'll be talking about something else that I'm obsessed with: Saturday Night Live. Most Sunday afternoons this sub gets two new posts, of both songs the musical guest did on SNL the night before. Most weeks the musical guest goes on, performs two songs as promotion for their album, and that's it. This is not always the case though.

The Glory Days (1975-1980):

The first episode of SNL was on October 11, 1975. The show follows a very specific formula, but this took years to achieve. The first episode actually had 2 musical guests: Billy Preston and Janis Ian. Billy Preston performed Nothing From Nothing as the first ever song, and also performed Fancy Lady. Janis Ian performed At Seventeen and In The Winter. A fun little fact about this episode is that although George Carlin is the first person to ever host SNL, he did not appear in any sketches. He was nervous and backed out of any sketches he took part in, however he did perform 3 stand up monologues throughout the episode.
The second episode strayed even more from what is now the average formula. An SNL staple Paul Simon hosted the show, and there was 11 musical performances - which is still the record for the most. Paul Simon brought out Art Garfunkel for a surprise Simon & Garfunkel reunion. They played The Boxer, Scarborough Fair, and My Little Town. while they each also did solo slots later in the show. Simon performed 4 more songs, and Garfunkel played 1. The thing is, they weren't technically the musical guest this episode. Randy Newman and Phoebe Snow were. So, Randy Newman also performed a song, as well as Phoebe Snow. Snow also performed a duet with Paul Simon.
Hung up over the 11 musical performances the week prior, the third SNL episode did not have ANY musical guests. However, cast member John Belushi did perform With A Little Help From My Friends* while impersonating Joe Cocker.
I wouldn't want to be Candice Bergen or Esther Phillips! They were the host/musical guest for the fourth episode, and to this day it is the lowest rated episode of all time.
On January 17, 1976 (S01E10) The Blues Brothers make their debut. John Belushi and Dan Akroyd performed I'm A King Bee in their killer bees costumes with Howard Shore And His All-Bee Band. For those unaware, the killer bees was a recurring sketch on SNL in the early years. It's very iconic and super funny, but just in case you're wondering what any of that meant.
So, you would imagine the first person to be the musical guest on SNL multiple times would probably be some sort of icon, right? Well, sorry but in my opinion it is not. Phoebe Snow, who was on the second episode, was the first person to become musical guest for a second time. She was the musical guest on the 18th episode of season 1, just a little under 6 months after her first time on the show. She sang the songs All Over and Two-Fisted Love
On November 20, 1976 (S02E08), both Paul Simon and George Harrison were musical guests. However, George Harrison wasn't actually there. He had two performances, and both of which were pre-taped. By this time, SNL had sort of found its groove and while still being innovative, had become formulaic in which there was only ever one or two musical guests anymore. By the third season SNL pretty consistently only had one musical guest, except in special situations.
December 17, 1977 (S03E08) gives us our first BIG SNL controversy. Elvis Costello was the musical guest and wanted to debut his song Radio Radio. The song mocks the commercialization of rock music, and because of this NBC would not allow him to play it as it went against their image. Because of this, NBC and his label said he would play Less Than Zero instead. Here's the thing: Less Than Zero is about British Union of Fascists leader Oswald Mosley. Costello figured the American audience wouldn't understand (and honestly he was probably right). During the show, Costello played the first 10 seconds of Less Than Zero, but then stopped his band. He then said "I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but there’s no reason to do this song here." and then started to perform the banned song Radio Radio. For going against him, Lorne Michaels banned Elvis Costsello from ever performing on the show. However, Michaels lifted this ban in 1989 when he had Costello on the show. On the show's 25th anniversary special, The Beastie Boys were about to perform, and Costello came out and interrupted them 10 seconds into their song. They then did a joint performance of Radio Radio.
On March 11, 1978 (S03E13) Art Garfunkel hosted. He performed the song Scarborough Fair, making this the first time a host has performed the same song twice. On April 22, 1978 (S03E18) The Blues Brothers were the official musical guest. This is the first time the SNL-formed band was the official musical guest. They performed Hey Bartender and I Don't Know.
On October 21, 1978 (S04E03) Frank Zappa was the joint Host and Musical Guest. He had such a terrible show that he legitimately is banned from ever coming back on. You think you know bad episodes? Leslie Jones continuously flubbing her lines has to be worse, right? Well, MULTIPLE times Zappa mentions to the audience that he is reading from cue cards. He also played to the camera throughout the entire episode, and went off script a couple times.
March 15, 1980 gave us the show's 100th episode (S05E14). They did not actually have anyone host this episode, and instead had a bunch of cameos from people. However, the musical guests were a tour de force. They had Paul Simon and James Taylor perform Cathy's Clown, Sunny Skies, and Take Me to the Mardi Gras, and David Sanborn performs Anything You Want.
On May 19 of that same year (S05E20), Paul McCartney came out and debuted the music video for his song Coming Up, which no one had done before.

The Slump (1980-1985):

Starting in season 6, Lorne Michaels was no longer Executive Producer. He was burned out and tired of it, so he wanted a year off. He was led to believe the show itself would also take a year off. However, that was not the case. NBC hired stone cold bitch Jean Doumanian to be his replacement. All of the cast and writers quit when they learned Michaels would not be doing the show anymore, and that she was his replacement. She had to hire a whole new cast and crew of writers. This is regarded by everyone as the worst SNL has ever been. As far as musical guests go, she didn't change much. She just made some choice decisions. Kid Creole & the Coconuts were the musical guest for the season 6 opener. SNL has always tried to get bigger names for the premiere episode to draw in viewers. Maybe Kid Creolo is bigger than I think he is, but considering Aretha Franklin was the musical guest two weeks later it just seems like a choice. I know scheduling of artists also comes into play, but this is really just a sign of how the 80's went for SNL. Anyways, the episodes were so bad that Doumanian was fired after 12 episodes. The show took a month break after she was fired, and hired Dick Ebersol. They came back for one episode just for the 1981 writers strike to happen, and the rest of the season be cancelled. Overall, a big mess of a year for SNL.
Season 7 started on a brighter note. They had Rod Stewart as the musical guest for the premiere, and he even brought out Tina Turner as a surprise guest to sing Hot Legs. This honeymoon phase only lasted for 4 episodes though. John Belushi was currently working on the film Neighbours and fell in love with the band Fear. Belushi tried to get Fear to do the soundtrack for the movie, but the producers wouldn't let it happen. Since Belushi was buddies with Ebersol, he begged him to let Fear be the musical guest. It's basically like if you were friends with Lorne, and begged him to let your main pop girl on the show. Fear was Belushi's main pop girl. Well, Ebersol caved and let Fear on the show. Fear was the musical guest on October 31, 1931 (S07E04). Fear brought along with them a group of "slamdancers" (basically moshers). One of them was John Belushi, who was just fangirling the whole time. The first song went fine for them. The second song they started by saying "It's great to be in New Jersey", which gained them boo's from the audience. SNL is filmed in New York City and a big part of SNL's charm is it's love for the city. So, the audience was already pretty pissed about this. The "slamdancers" then got way too wild during Fears performance. Fear played I Don't Care About You, Beef Bologna, New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones, and started to play Let's Have a War when the telecast faded into commercial. The band and "dancers" ruined camera's, a piano, and left a bunch of rotting pumpkins on stage (which ???). It was basically one big stage riot. This cost $20,000 in damages. However, the lead singer of Fear brags about it and has said he cost SNL $500,000 in damages. This incident led to most clubs not wanting to hire Fear for gigs since they'll ruin your club. Fear obviously was never invited back to SNL.
On April 17, 1982 (S07E17) Johnny Cash hosted the episode with Elton John as the musical guest. Honestly, there's nothing newsworthy about this episode but I just wanted to point it out. Think of how iconic those two are. Elton John performed Empty Garden and Ball & Chain, while Johnny Cash performed Man In Black, I Walk The Line, Folsom Prison Blues, Ring Of Fire, and Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down in a medley. Also, I lied. There is a cute little fun fact that involves this episode. Elton John holds the longest span between episodes of all time. He was musical guest for this episode, and would not return until he was musical guest 29 years later in 2011.
September 25, 1982 Queen was the musical guest for the season 8 opener. They performed Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and Under Pressure. This would be Queen's final live performance in America with Freddie Mercury before his untimely death. On January 22, 1982 (S08E10) the musical guest was Pervis Hawkins. No one really had heard of Pervis before. It turns out, Lily Tomlin would go and sing two songs dressed as a black man with a beard. She sang two soul songs in the vein of Marvin Gaye. For straight up doing blackface, she didn't really receive any criticism. Honestly, as far as musical guests go, nothing newsworthy happens for the rest of this era.

Revival (1985-1990):

In 1985 we had a nice return to form. Lorne Michaels was hired back as executive producer. It was for the best, his reputation had never been worse, but NBC liked him for him. His first episode back he had Madonna as host, and Simple Minds as musical guest. Madonna didn't perform anything, but Simple Minds performed just one song: Alive And Kicking. On January 18, 1986 (S11E07) The Replacements were the musical guest. The first performed Bastards Of Young. The were noticeably drunk. They were seen mouthing profanities into the camera, and dropping their instruments. For some reason they were allowed to do a second song. For their second song they performed Kiss Me On The Bus. This time they came out and had all changed clothes amongst one another. They were still drunk messes for this performance. SNL banned them from ever performing again, and they were not on another SNL program until 2014 when they were on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon - 28 years after the incident. March 22, 1986 (S11E13) had Phillip Glass as the musical guest. Phillip Glass makes chamber music, and had recently released the album Songs from Liquid Days. Phillip Glass and his ensemble performed two pieces of music, one from Songs from Liquid Days, and another from his album Glassworks. Instead of using the shows opening theme, they used Phillip Glass's Façades, which is a somber piece from Glassworks.
The March 28, 1987 show (S12E15) has Metallica as the musical guest. It was pretty hype. However, two days before their performance Metallica frontman James Hetfield broke his wrist. They had to cancel their spot, and instead Lorne managed to get jazz musician Wynton Marsalis to replace them. Two polar opposite acts, in hindsight.
Season 13 had nothing super noteworthy happen on the music front. However, there was another writer strike in 1988 so the season was cut short by about 9 episodes. What's really tragic about this is original cast member Gilda Radnor was scheduled to host, but due to the writers strike it was cancelled. Gilda had never hosted SNL after her departure, and died a year later due to cancer.
Season 14 had the return of Elvis Costello (S14E15) since his infamous Radio, Radio fiasco mentioned earlier. On April 15, 1989 (S14E17) Dolly Parton was the joint host and musical guest. Honestly, there is absolutely nothing noteworthy about this episode but I want some sort of continuity between my last post and this one.
September 24, 1898 SNL had a 15th anniversary special. This special had performances from Prince and Paul Simon, and also showed clips of past musical performances from David Bowie and Elvis Costello.
December 16, 1989 had Tracy Chapman as the musical guest (S15E09). She performed All That You Have, and Give Me One Reason. This all seems normal, except Chapman would not release the song Give Me One Reason until 1995 - SIX YEARS after this performance. Imagine Dua singing a major unreleased bop when she's on, only for her not to release it for SIX YEARS after.

I Need A New Header Because That Was Getting Too Long To Be Called Revival (1990-2000):

The years go by, and while a lot happens on SNL (new cast members, cast members leaving, etc) as far as musical guests go, nothing super noteworthy happens. On January 11, 1992 (S17E10) Nirvana is the musical guest.The first song they perform is the iconic song Smells Like Teen Spirit. The second song they play is Territorial Pissings. Once they finished played Territorial Pissings, the entire band went on to trash their instruments.
Time for arguably the most iconic and controversial thing to happen on SNL of all time. On October 3, 1992 Sinead O'Connor was the musical guest (S18E02). O'Connor's first song was Success Has Made a Failure of Our Home, and her second was a cover of the Bob Marley song War. During the dress rehearsal, at the end of War O'Connor lifted up a picture of a Balkan child as a protest of child abuse in war before bowing and leaving the stage. The episode's director said it was actually very touching. The live show went differently, however. During the song, O'Connor replaced the lyrics in War from "fight racial injustice" to "fight child abuse" as a protest against the cases of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church. During the song, she held up a photo of Pope John Paul II while singing the word "evil", before tearing the image into pieces and saying "Fight the real enemy". NBC had no idea this was going to happen and they were shook. They purposefully did not light up the applause sign after her performance, so it ended in silence and somewhat awkwardly. Tim Robbins who was the host for that episode and was raised as a devout Catholic, refused to acknowledge O'Connor at the end of the show. NBC received a TON of complaints about this. The phones were off the hook with people complaining. Protests against O'Connor happened outside the 30 Rock building over the next week, and they even had a steamroller come and crush O'Connor albums. The next few SNL episodes had the hosts say they didn't agree with what O'Connor did, and there was multiple sketches mocking her. Obviously, O'Connor has never been allowed on SNL again. NBC to this day refuses to show that musical performance again, and only has once in 2016 on The Rachel Maddow Show when Rachel Maddow was interviewing Sinead O'Connor.
January 16, 1993 (S18E11) had Madonna as the musical guest. The first song she sang was Fever, and the second being Bad Girl. During Bad Girl, she imitated Sinéad O'Connor's actions and ripped a photo of Joey Buttafuoco and yelled "Fight the real enemy". April 16, 1994 (S19E18) had Pearl Jam as the musical guest. Just 8 days previously, Kurt Cobain had been found dead. During the goodbyes, Eddie Vedder lifted his jacket to reveal the letter K on his shirt as a tribute to Kurt.
December 3, 1994 (S20E07) had Adam Sandler perform The Chanukah Song for the first time on Weekend Update. What would start as a cute novelty song, would go on to be one of Adam Sandlers most famous bits and become a staple in SNL history. The song actually hit #80 on the Billboard Hot 100.
April 13, 1996 had Rage Against The Machine as the musical guest (S21E17). The host that episode was presidential candidate Steve Forbes. Rage Against The Machine were not in agreeance with Forbes political stance, and wanted to make a statement. They hung two upside-down American flags from their amps. Before they went on stage, stagehands tore the flags down. Rage Against The Machine were told to leave the building immediately. Following this, the bassist Tim Commerford, went into Forbes dressing room and tore the flag up and threw the pieces at him. Rage Against The Machine have not openly been banned from SNL, but they have not ever been on the show again.

The New Millenium (2000-2009):

The season that brought in the new millenium just happened to be the 25th season. Before the season started, they had a special 25th anniversary special. This special was super iconic and brought out the best of SNL over the past 25 years. But, seeing as this is a music sub I'll focus on that. Beastie Boys, Elvis Costello, the Eurythmics and Al Green all performed on the special. Other SNL musical guest staples attended, such as Garth Brookes, David Bowie, Paul Shaffer, and Paul Simon.
Remember Chris Gaines? I hope not! Chris Gaines was Garth Brooks weird rock and roll/pop alter ego he had for one album. Anyways, in the November 13, 1999 episode (S25E05) Garth Brooks hosted and Chris Gaines was the musical guest. Inevitably when Donald Glover hosts, it'll be just like that.
The last show of the millenium had R.E.M perform The Great Beyond and Man on the Moon, where as the first of the new millenium had Blink-182 perform All the Small Things and What's My Age Again?.
Kind of music related: on April 9, 2000 (S25E16) Christopher Walken hosted. This is the episode that spawned the iconic "More Cowbell" sketch. December 8, 2000 was the 20th anniversary of John Lennon's assassination. U2 was the musical guest the day after (S25E7). U2 performed Beautiful Day, and mixed a verse of All You Need Is Love into it to pay tribute to Lennon.
Season's Greetings From Saturday Night Live (Christmas is Number One) is a song sung by Horatio Sanz, with Jimmy Fallon on keyboard, Chris Kattan holding the keyboard, and Tracy Morgan dancing in place. It is played just about every holiday season on the show. The first time this sketch took place was December 9, 2000 (S25E07).
The first show after the 9/11 attacks was hosted by Reese Witherspoon with Alicia Keys as the host. This show was HIGHLY anticipated, people had no idea how SNL would approach the subject. When talked about, people always talk about Mayor Giuliani showing up with the NYC Fire Department. Lorne asks Mayor Guiliani if it's ok to be funny, and Guiliani says "why start now?". However, people never discuss how the cold open also had Paul Simon playing The Boxer. Alicia Keys performed Fallin', and A Woman's Worth this episode. In this same season on May 10, 2003 (S28E19) Adrien Brody was the host, while Sean Paul was musical guest. Prior to Sean Pauls performance of Get Busy, Adrien Brody introduced him wearing fake dreadlocks and mumbling in a Jamaican accent. SNL had no knowledge of this, and Adrien Brody has been banned from SNL for being problematic and as Michaels says "possibly racist".
Alright, now what you've all been waiting for: Ashlee Simpson. On October 23, 2004 (S30E03) Ashlee Simpson was the musical guest. She performed her first song Pieces of Me perfectly. When she went out to perform her second song, Autobiography, the vocals for Pieces of Me began... while the microphone was still at Ashlee's waist. Doing what might be the worst thing she could ever do, Ashlee Simpson did a little jig, then ran off stage. At the end of the show Simpson said "I feel so bad. My band started playing the wrong song. I didn't know what to do so I thought I'd do a hoedown.". 2 days later Simpson said she was lip syncing because she had severe acid reflux and her doctor advised her not to sing. Apparently, her drummer hit the wrong button which made the wrong track be played. Lorne Michaels was unaware she planned on lip syncing, and has said multiple time he would not have let her on the show had he known. On November 20, 2004 U2 was the musical guest (S30E06). At the beginning of their first song Vertigo, lead singer Bono said into the microphone "live mic, live mic" to basically throw shade at Ashlee Simpson, which incident had happened one month previous.
System Of A Down was the musical guest on May 7, 2005 (S30E18). System Of A Down told SNL they would not censor themselves. Being the vulgar band they are, censors were on hand to bleep out everytime they said "fuck". However, during their song B.Y.O.B. the lead singer Daron Malakian randomly yelled out "Fuck Yeah!" during the song. The censors did not catch this because of how random it was.
December 17, 2005 (S31E09) gave us the iconic digital short "Lazy Sunday". While not directly related to music, it is a song and is the first musical SNL Digital Short from The Lonely Island. Fun fact though: the first SNL Digital Short wasn't Lazy Sunday. Lazy Sunday was the second one. The first one was 2 weeks earlier, but was cut during dress rehearsal.
Season 31 Episode 14 had the Arctic Monkeys as the musical guest. During their performance of A Certain Romance, the lead singer Alex Turner became noticeable mad during the song. The audience wasn't as into it as he had wanted. He even pointed at a member of the audience and yelled "That man just yawned!". Now, if there is one way to get someone to like you, it is to single them out and embarrass them and force them to like your music.
December 16, 2006 (S32E09) gave The Lonely Island their second viral hit: Dick In A Box with Justin Timberlake. This went on to win them an emmy in 2007.

The Present (2009-2017):

The highest rated SNL episode of all time happened in 2010. After a Facebook campaign, Betty White hosted the show with Jay-Z as musical guest on May 8, 2010 (S35E21). For the first set, Jay-Z performs a medley of Public Service Announcement, On to the Next One, 99 Problems, 03 Bonnie and Clyde, and Empire State of Mind. During 99 Problems, Jay-Z's band samples Points of Authority by Linkin Park. For the second set, Jay-Z performs Young Forever with Mr Hudson, which he dedicated to Betty White.
Captain Beefheart, who performed as musical guest in 1980 died December 17, 2010. The episode a day later had Jeff Bridges host (S36E10), and ended with Bridges yelling "Rest in peace, Captain Beefheart!" during the goodbyes.
gannade really wanted me to mention Lana's performance during this time but like why would I do that lol.
I don't really know if this fits in here, but Mick Jagger was the host and musical guest for the season 37 finale (S37E22). This was also Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg's last episodes as cast members. As a farewell to the departing cast members (but literally just to Kristen, Andy was highkey snubbed) they did a little sketch at the end that mimicked a high school graduation. During this, Mick Jagger with Arcade Fire played a medley of She's a Rainbow and Ruby Tuesday as Kristen danced with the cast members and cried and it was all very emotional.
Following the results of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14, 2012, the December 15, 2015 episode (S38E10) had the New York City Children's Chorus performs a rendition of Silent Night in remembrance of the victims to open the show. Paul McCartney was the musical guest this week, and also had the choir out to sing Wonderful Christmastime with him.
Justin Bieber was host and musical guest on February 9, 2013 (S38E13), and many cast members have stated he was one of the worst hosts to work with of all time. Kate McKinnon has gone on to say he was visibly annoyed by her impression of him, and Bill Hadar said "I really didn’t enjoy having Justin Bieber around. He’s the only one who lived up to the reputation. I think that’s the only time I felt that way in eight years".
Justin Timberlake joins the five-timers club on March 9, 2013 when he pulled double duty (S38E16). He sang Suit & Tie with Jay-Z, and Mirrors. We love an icon!
Velvet Underground singer Lou Reed died on October 27, 2013. The episode on November 2, 2013 (S39E05) replayed a Velvet Underground performance from when they played on season twelve as an in memoriam.
The episode on November 1, 2014 had Prince as the musical guest (S40E05). Instead of doing two sets, Prince chose to do one long set that was a medley of Clouds, Plectrumelectrum, Marz and Anotherlove. This would be Prince's last television performance before his death in 2016.
I'm sure most of you remember SNL40. SNL40 was an event and was a special celebrating the fact that SNL had been on for 40 years. It took place on February 15, 2015. This special had Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, and Taylor Swift in sketches. Paul McCartney sang Maybe I'm Amazed, Miley Cyrus sang 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, Kanye West did a medley of Jesus Walks, Only One, and Wolves (with Sia), and Paul Simon sang Still Crazy After All These Years.
/popheads idol Carly Rae Jepsen was the musical guest on April 4, 2015 (S40E17). She sang I Really Like You and All That. There is nothing else to add to this, because there was nothing noteworthy about the performances.
Ariana Grande pulled double duty as host and musical guest on March 12, 2016 (S41E15). During her opening monologue she accidentally said the word "shit". This was supposed to be edited out for the west coast feed, but it was not. She performed Dangerous Woman and Be Alright.
Drake did his second episode as both host and musical guest on May 14, 2016 (S41E20). This is the last time someone pulled double duty as host and musical guest. He performed One Dance and Hype.
SNL has been very vocal about politics, and especially with their dislike of Donald Trump as president. The same week Trump was unexpectedly elected president, icon Leonard Cohen passed away. The episode episode that week (S42E06) opened with Kate McKinnon doing her Hilary Clinton impression, singing Cohen's song Hallelujah at the piano. It ends with her saying "I'm not giving up, and neither should you".
Main pop girl Maren Morris was the musical guest on December 10, 2016 (S42E09). She performed My Church and 80s Mercedes. Buy Zedd's The Middle featuring Maren Morris and Grey on iTunes now.
I can't go a post without tagging my boys the_chainsmokers. They were musical guests on April 8, 2017 (S42E17). They performed Paris with Emily Warren, and Break Up Every Night.
After the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas shootings, and the death of Tom Petty on October 2, 2017 the show on October 7, 2017 (S43E02) opened with Jason Aldean (the performer during the Vegas shootings) covering the Tom Petty song I Won't Back Down in tribute to both.
The 42nd season ended with Katy Perry as musical guest (S42E21). The only reason this is noteworthy is because it gave us this gif from her performing Swish Swish and this gif from her performing Bon Appetite.
Alright, well that's that. Before all of you go commenting saying I didn't mention your faves performance on SNL or I missed such and such, this show has been on for 43 years and I am sorry that I missed it but I just covered the basics. Now why did I do this? Was it all elaborate promo for Maren Morris's future crossover smash The Middle? Was it so you all watch Chris Stapleton slay this week? Did I just genuinely enjoy writing it? That's up for you to decide. SNL has given us countless iconic performances over the years, and I'd love to hear of your favourites. Also, sorry I didn't link to performances but SNL performances are a bitch to find online. What makes it harder is that most of them are for US only, and as a Canadian this is racist and annoying to deal with so I just didn't.
Anyways, if you read this: thank you but get a fucking life lol [2].
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Alicia Keys - Hallelujah (Audio)

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