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Alicia Griffith - Lakeside Murder Walkthrough

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Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Joe Cocker with Steve Miller Band, Rush, John Mellencamp, Rascal Flatts with Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, and the Stone Temple Pilots were the acts on the main stage. Alicia Silverstone 'cried inside' when her son cut his hair. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire at Discogs.


[OC] [Starfell] Chapter 1 - The End

Check out original cover art for this story!
See our Characters and some of our Alien Breeds! - Spoilers!
February 23rd, 2022 7:59 AM
Silas opened his eyes moments before the klaxon began its cry, the terror of his dream barely fazing him. It was the same dream every night. Dreams of the beginning, and of the end. It had no effect on him anymore.
Before, he would wake, screaming and in a panicked sweat, a thousand dying faces floating before his eyes but now, now it hardly mattered. They were all long dead phantasms. Remnants of a world which no longer existed. A world they had stolen from him.
Dim light filtered through the filthy, cracked window of his room, illuminating the rotting paint of his apartment with a pallid gray. A slight pattering reached his ears, and the faint scent of petrichor calmed his nerves momentarily. Rain. A better morning than most, then.
He sat up without a word, rubbing his face with his hands. he thought as he felt the dirt caked there.
came a soft and sybillant thought, one which was not his own.
Ignoring his inner demon, Silas rose from what passed as his bed slowly and made his way across the creaking floor to the wash bin, dunking his hands and rubbing them across his face, chest and arms in an attempt to scrub away the filth that seemed to be sunken into his very pores.
Removing what little he could, he dried his hands on the towel hanging by the mirror, the rough fabric pulling at his skin, a dozen existing stains melding with the filth he rubbed away. He splashed his face once more and then stared at his reflection, watching the water run down his high cheekbones, comparing it to the man he’d seen in the mirror the day before it had all begun.
Same face. Different eyes. He could count every battle, number every hard decision and relive every life taken by looking into his own eyes. The screams of a thousand, slaughtered by his hands, echoed in his mind. He remembered everything. All of it. His enhanced mind could not relinquish a single detail. He would never be rid of it. What he'd done and what he'd allowed himself to become would haunt him until he the day died. If he died.
Slowly, still watching his reflection, he rubbed his face with a towel, wicking away the cold beads of water.
The voice’s emotions touched his own as he quietly reminisced on all he’d done. Sympathy.
he snarled.

Stomping away from the mirror, shaking dust from the rafters of his hovel, Silas threw his towel aside and kicked open his front door, banging it against the brownstone outside.
Stepping out and shivering as the cold rain washed over him, he greeted the drab, broken concrete of the buildings which regarded him with their usual half-hearted slump. Old apartments and lean to's stretched as far as the eye could see in either direction. People sat defeated, in the gutter, oblivious to the water running down their faces, mud caking their features.
A line of broken and huddled people marched slowly past his door, making their way to the mess hall. Without a thought, he stepped into the line, cutting between two people.
The woman behind him made a small noise of protest, but Silas put an end to any further argument by turning, squaring his shoulders and giving her an icy stare. Terror registered in her expression as she recognized who she had been about to launch a verbal tirade upon; she averted her gaze quickly and made no further comment.
Returning to face the front of the line, Silas was greeted with a pleasant surprise. A short man with ruddy, heavily scarred features stood before him. Mark. His one and only friend in the world.
Looking around to see what the commotion was, Mark smiled a broad, toothy grin when he realized who occupied the space behind him. He winced as his cheeks stretched the plasma burns on his face, lessening his smile to a more manageable position before speaking. “Hey Silas. How’s it going this morning? Any plans? Beyond scaring people this early already?”
“Morning Mark,” Silas replied, returning the grin. He ignored the remark. “Think I’m gonna go on aquifer duty this morning. Water’s been turning up muddy. Need to go clean it.”
Mark shuddered. “I don’t know how you do that.”
“I volunteered for it, I can’t really complain.”
“You’re the only one crazy enough to do it.”
“Someone has to. We need fresh water.” Silas held his hands up, letting the rain splash on his palms. “Rain only goes so far.”
They shuffled forward a few steps as the line moved.
“Yeah, but you always come back just, so… So...” He rolled his shoulders uncomfortably as he looked for the words. “I dunno man, you always come back with something dark in your eyes. What happens out there? You can’t run into them every single time.”
Silas shook his head and remained silent as his mood darkened even further. Sensing he had distressed his friend, Mark made another pained expression as he shrugged apologetically and turned around once more, moving forward in the line until they finally passed through the door of the mess hall.
The atmosphere inside was somehow even more depressing than the rain outside.
People sat in silence, shoveling what passed for nutrients into their mouths. Grabbing a plate, Silas moved into the protein line, where they slopped an unidentifiable brown substance on his tray. One of the men behind the counter pointed at a pan of battered sticks. “Fried fingers? Just chopped last week, been frozen. Fresh as they’ll get. You missed the thigh and rump roasts last night.”
“Pass,” Silas said. “I like to see the faces of the people I’m eating.”
The man balked and shrank back, avoiding Silas’ gaze.
Cannibalism had long become a staple of mankind’s diet. With limited resources, they had turned to eating their dead. It was the only steady supply of food they really had.
In truth, it made Silas’ stomach turn and he had only partaken of human flesh in his most desperate moments. He had little need of it, as he could hunt far more efficiently than any normal human being. But the cook would gossip about their exchange and it would further suit Silas’ solitary lifestyle.
He looked around the room, searching for an isolated spot where he could eat in peace. People eyed him nervously as he moved through the room, spreading out so there was no room on their benches. As he passed a group of newcomers, he saw someone lean into them and whisper something. He caught the word “crazy” and smiled broadly at them with his eyes wide as he could get them to go.
Reaching a corner table with only 3 other people sitting, he set his tray down and gave his new companions a hard look. Muttering, they stood and found seating elsewhere.
he thought to himself.
He preferred people left him alone. Mark was really the only one who talked to him, and he liked it that way.
As if Mark had heard Silas’ thoughts, he slapped his tray down on the table, gravy spilling over the edge, and sidled up next to Silas. “Keeping the crazy to yourself this morning? Haven’t heard you shout at someone yet.” Silas struggled to hide a grin. “Keep it up and you’ll be the first one of the day.”
“I ain’t scared of your ass.” Mark laughed. “You ain’t that tough.”
“Oh yeah? I heard there’s a running bet on how long until I snap and kill you for getting too close.”
“Nah. I know better,” Mark chuckled into his goop. “I’ve seen you, you know.”
Silas set down the bite he was about to eat, a feeling of dread coming over him. The voice’s emotions touched him again – panic. “Seen me what?” Silas asked cautiously.
Mark stared at him a moment before answering, chewing his food and swallowing. “This tastes like ass.” He raised his slop soaked bread aloft. “And what I mean is; You’re a big softy. You put on those rags at night to hide who you are and go help at the med.” He waved his fork in Silas’ face. “I don’t think you’re actually crazy, because when you’re at the med you’re as soft-spoken, intelligent and compassionate as they come. No outbursts, no talking to yourself.”
The panic fading from his stomach, Silas grunted. “Dunno what you’re talking about.”
“And you are damn good at the job, too. What were you before all this? Med student? EMT? And, and, I’ve also seen the way you go up to the wall at night and stare at the stars.”
“Jesus, man,” Silas exclaimed. “Are you stalking me?”
Mark laughed and shook his head. “No. I’m just observant. And it’s good to know I have a friend here who isn’t only out for himself. You’re a good man, Silas. I don’t know why you insist on letting people think you’re just some crazy fuck that’s willing to do scut work for room and board.”
“I’m not a good man,” Silas said darkly, staring at his plate, appetite suddenly missing.
“Well, that’s gonna have to be a difference of opinion, my friend.”
“No, it’s not. You’re wrong. And I’m not hungry for ass,” Silas replied, pushing his tray towards Mark, the brown slop spilling over the side. “You want this?”
“Fuck yeah!” Mark said, snatching Silas’ tray and dumping the contents onto his own. “Hey, no fingers? What the hell man. You vegan bastard.”
Standing, Silas regarded his friend for a moment before bidding him farewell. “Time to work. Later.”
Mark mumbled what passed for a goodbye through his already filled mouth, choking a moment before waving Silas away disinterestedly.
Silas paused before he turned away and gazed at Mark wistfully. He cared about this man. But were they really friends? Silas might never come back. He knew that. Mark knew that. And yet, their goodbye was as impartial as two strangers leaving a bus after having shared a seat.
Nobody had any real connections, not really. Not anymore. This world wouldn’t allow it. Why make a friend today when they might vanish tomorrow?
Silas stared into the well, watching the river swirl and froth fifty feet below. He frowned for a moment, realizing he had spoken to the invader without thinking about it. It was happening more and more frequently. It was something he needed to work on. He shook his head. Maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal. He was stuck with it after all. All it could do was talk.
Making sure nobody was watching and finding no prying eyes, Silas climbed up on the lip of the well and jumped, ignoring the ladder on the side.
He hit the bottom of the river within seconds, gasping as the icy water washed over him. Kicking against the silt and stone, he swam back to the top, fighting the current. Bursting above the white water he grabbed for the ladder and heaved himself onto the riverbank, crouching for a moment to catch his breath.
said the voice.
Silas laughed before he could stop himself, and a warm glow of emotion emanated from deep inside.
the voice asked.
Silas replied.
The voice sounded offended.
Silas shook his head. Sighing, he relented. The voice remained silent for several moments before giving his sheepish reply.

Silas nodded as he made his way along the bank.
Something caught Silas’ eye.
He peered through the darkness looking for anything unusual, the cavern laid bare by his inhuman vision. Everything sparkled and shone as miniscule amounts of light caught the edges of the minerals exposed by a billion years of erosion. Pipes led upwards from the shoreline and disappeared into the mantle above. Irrigation systems, much further under the earth than anything prior to the war would have been.
The technology they had been able to reverse engineer had proven very useful in some respects. Not many, but some. Not because of the usefulness of the technology - but because of how vastly beyond their understanding it was. The laser drills had been simple enough though, and someone had had the wits to think of using it to find aquifers. No fresh water remained on the surface. Even the rain had to be filtered and boiled before it was palatable.
Finding nothing along the shores, Silas turned his gaze upward and finally located his target. Against the far end, above where the water bubbled up from deep underground, fresh rock was exposed.
He pointed.

He swan-dived into the water with a superhuman grace and swam to the pile of earth, coming to a rest on its slopes. His keen eyes examined it for a moment in an attempt to make sure the rest of the cave was structurally sound before he began to dig it out.
Satisfied, he easily powered through the chest-high water, reached into the rubble and tugged at the largest rock he could find, wrapping both arms around it.
The boulder creaked in protest at his attempt. Already irritated with the day, Silas’ eyes flashed with a violet light as he threw all his strength into the task, and with a crack, the massive stone flew free and slammed into the cavern wall, shattering into a thousand fist sized pieces.
The work went quickly afterwards. Within minutes, Silas had several piles of stone along the cavern wall, arranged according to size, many larger than himself. His muscles rippled under his skin as he worked, easily tossing stones weighing several hundred pounds over his shoulder with a single hand. While he hated what he had become, it did have an advantageous side to it.
said the voice.
Silas complied, sitting back for a moment and resting, letting the sounds of the cavern wash over him, straining for anything out of the ordinary.
said the voice.
Silas agreed, breathing deeply through his nose, searching the air for a scent.
And there it was. The unmistakable scent of one of them. Just under the smell of deep earth and water – a pungent aroma, like burnt meat and juniper berries. His eyes narrowed. The hairs on his neck stood on end, electric with fear.
Holding his breath, Silas sank beneath the waves. After waiting several minutes so as to be sure that the source of the footsteps would be close enough to sense, he reached out with his mind, telepathically probing the surrounding area.
The Viral recoiled when his mind touched it’s own, instantly lashing out and jabbing back at Silas.
He winced as the mental energy coiled around his mind, but pushed back even harder, trying to discover what the creature was up to.
Frightened, the creature thrashed about, but Silas was too much for it. Its thin defense shattered and Silas invaded its mind, seeking, searching and examining its thoughts. What he found brought him immense relief. It had no Hive link.
A Renegade, then. If it had been a Hiver, his evening might have gone much differently than he had previously planned. But Renegades were harmless if approached the right way.
Erupting from the water, Silas yelled at the top of his voice, “Get outta here! Go on, this is my water!”
The creature, still panicked from the mental violation, stood dumbfounded for a moment, staring at the human which had so boldly challenged it. It tilted its head, drool dangling from one of its long fangs, its glowing violet eyes searching for Silas’ face.
Silas grimaced as their eyes met, high above his own. It was a Grinner. A basic soldier unit; it was as ugly a specimen Silas had come across. Towering over a normal man, even slouched over, the lowermost of it’s four arms nearly dragging through the dirt. It hissed in surprise.
He mentally assaulted it once more. “I said get the hell out of here!”
The creature’s six eyes narrowed as it tilted it’s box like head side to side, curious about this brave human that dared to challenge it. It pointed a single clawed finger at him. Six more slender, multi-jointed fingers drew blue blood from its palm as it clenched in anger. said the voice.
“Howww…?” The creature asked him in a harsh, guttural voice.
“Don’t you worry about how. I’ll kill you, you ugly fuck. Get away from my water supply. Are you the one that caused this mess?”
“It was an accident. I nent no harn. I cane here to renove the devree. We want no issues with your settlenent. Vut there is no other water nearvy.”
Its nearly non-existent lips curling around massive, pointed teeth twisted the words to the point of being nearly unintelligible.
said the voice.

The Viral didn’t seem to think Silas was a threat. Its mouth curled into the sneer which gave them their namesake as it spoke. “We have a right to life jusst as nuch as you.”
“You don’t have a right to my water,” Silas retorted.
“It is the ssource of all life,” the Renegade argued. “All living things have a right to it!”
“Well you don’t have a right to my fucking planet!”
At this, the Renegade drew to its full height, towering over Silas, its grey, muscular body shining with moisture. It pointed at him once more with one hand while setting the other three on its hips, and it sneered at him once more. “I could crush your skull here and now. You are little nore than a child.” Silas rolled his eyes, unimpressed with the display, causing it to narrow its eyes in anger once more.
Taking care, it spoke concisely to him. “This vlanet velongs to no one anynore. We are as losst as you. We will leave your ssettlenent in veace. Vut we will not give up this water. We need it too.”
Silas shook his head and this time, he replied to the creature mentally.
Light dawned in the eyes of the Renegade and it hissed, taking a step back, the word dripping with fear.
Silas raised an eyebrow.
she asked.
the Invader translated for him.

Several moments passed with them sizing one another up. Silas didn’t want to resort to violence, but he would if necessary. Renegades were far and few between and he was not one to spit in the face of fortune.
“Don’t eyeball me.” He spat on the riverbank. “You’ll lose. I promise you that. Just don’t come here during the day, when other humans might be about. The only one you’ll run into here after dark will be me. And I won’t harm you if you don’t harm me.”
said the Renegade, her mental voice soft and sibilant, completely different than when she spoke aloud.
Silas replied.
The Renegade stared at him for a moment before nodding, jumping into the water and wading over to stand beside Silas, throwing herself into the work as earnestly as Silas had before her arrival.
How strange it was to have them working side by side.
His mind drifted again, to his dream. To the day it had all began.
August 23rd, 2019 11:14 AM
Silas heard the door creak open at the same time that he realized his skull was filled with fire ants. "No... Please..." He begged silently. "Not again."
“Rise and shine, bud!”
“I don’t wanna get up. Go away!” Silas shouted, pulling his pillow over his head. Even with his eyes closed, he could feel the world spinning around him.
“C’mon’, let’s get you out of bed…” Lucas cooed, laughing, tugging at Silas' blanket.
“I hate you,” Silas moaned.
“I’ll dump this worda on ya head, son,” Lucas threatened, holding a bottle of water over Silas’ bed, his thick Australian accent twisting the words.
Silas sat up, rubbing his head and running his hands through his hair. His eyes felt like they were on fire and his skull felt as if it were about to split. “This is your fault. Oh my god.” He rubbed his eyes. “Why do I always let you do this to me?”
“I don’t do anything to ya,” Lucas laughed. “Ya put the alcohol in ya mouth all by yer lonesome, and ya know it. I just make a convenient scapegoat. Looks like it paid off anyway, aye?” He pointed to the space behind Silas.
Turning, Silas noticed there was someone in the bed with him. “Jesus!” he exclaimed, jumping out of bed and leaning uneasily against his nightstand, his balance not quite yet caught up from the night before. “Who the hell is that?” Lucas smiled. “The person who seduced ya and then stole one of your shirts by the look of it. Think her name was Lacy? Lucy? I dunno mate.”
“It’s Lily, actually.” Her voice made them jump as she stretched and rolled over to see who was talking, her shoulder length dark hair fanning out behind her, framing her pale features in the bright afternoon light. “Hi boys,” she smiled.
“How was your evening?”
“Excellent, Lily, ma’am,” Lucas replied, slapping his chest. “I can actually hold my liquor, unlike mah friend here.”
The girl looked at Silas coyly. “And you? How was your night?” She winked. Silas glared at Lucas before replying. “Dunno. Can’t remember. This bag of smashed assholes can’t hold his liquor any better than I can, he just doesn't drink much, but he sure does pour shots down my throat.”
“Oh,” she said as she stood up. She touched Silas’ arm and gave him a kiss on the cheek before pulling on a pair of pants from the edge of the bed and walking out of the room. “What a shame,” she called from the hallway. “I had a great night. Later boys.”
They listened to her walk down the hall and heard the front door shut before saying anything. “Hoohoo!” Lucas shouted, clapping his hands. “You don’t remember that? You sorry son of a bitch!”
Silas slowly sank down and sat on the edge of his bed, rubbing his temples. “Shit. I’m hungover as fuck, man. Well, whatever. There’s another party tonight, right? Sure I can snare another bunny then.”
“Yessir. Now get dressed. Classes is gonna start soon. And put some fuckin’ pants on this time, ya drongo bastard.”
“Take your pill today, mate?” Lucas ran up behind Silas, shouldering his pack.
“No. Crap.” Silas sighed. “I guess I’ll go back.”
“No worries. I figured ya would forget. Here ya go.” Lucas reached out and dropped a small white pill into Silas’ hand. “Here’s some water.”
“Thanks babe,” Silas replied, popping the pill in his mouth and taking a swig from the bottle.
Lucas shifted uncomfortably as he paced himself next to the slightly shorter Silas. “That’s weird man.”
“What?” Silas exclaimed. “Dude, we’ve been making people think we were gay for each other since we were thirteen. If it made you uncomfortable, you’re about ten years too late in telling me.”
“It’s not that,” Lucas replied. “It’s just… Well…” He toyed with something around his neck.
“Oh, Jesus wouldn’t approve? Cuz he hates gay people?”
“Jesus doesn’t hate gay people, Silas. Jesus don’t care what ya stick ya dick in. And it ain’t about Jesus. It’s… Uh.”
Silas stopped in his tracks. “I swear to God, if this is Emily talking again, I’m gonna smack the ever-loving shit out of you.”
“She don’t like it, man. Sorry.”
“C’mere,” Silas said, reaching for Lucas’ face.
“Fuck, no,” Lucas protested, ducking as Silas’ hand flapped about.
“I said c’mere!” Silas shouted, smacking at the air around Lucas’ head. “I told you I’m gonna smack the shit outta ya!”
“Fuck off mate!” Lucas shoved Silas. “Jesus!” Silas stumbled momentarily before catching himself.
“Sorry.” Silas looked at the ground and tucked his hands into his pockets, feeling slightly guilty. “It just kinda feels like she’s coming between us sometimes. I know you’ve been with her for a while now, but… I don’t know man. Maybe it’s that time.”
“Nah,” Lucas replied. “It’ll never be that time. You’re my brother. Always will be. But we’re adults now, man. Lives, jobs, girlfriends…”
Silas snorted. “Maybe for you.”
“Ya gotta grow up sometime, Silas.”
“You always were the responsible one.”
They walked together in silence for another minute, taking in the sunlit campus before Lucas turned to walk down a different sidewalk. Pausing, he looked at Silas. “See ya at the party tonight, right?” He smiled, his curly blonde locks falling in front of his bright blue eyes.
“Right,” Silas replied, rolling his eyes exasperatedly. “Where else would I be?” He spread his hands wide as he walked backwards and smiled. “You know me. Smoke like a fish, drink like a chimney.”
“Silas! Lower the lights as you come in here, please.”
Blearily, Silas passed his hand over the switch as he walked by.
“Good, thank you. Now! Good to see you could make it. If it weren’t for your test scores last week, one might begin to think you don’t care much for astronomy.”
He waved at his professor as he sat down, acknowledging the remark. “Long night,” he grunted. “Sorry Professor McCarinn.”
Satisfied that her favorite student had shown up, the professor continued with her lecture. “All your nights seem to be long. Hope it was worth it! For those of us just joining us, we have an interesting phenomenon occurring today. We will have several near earth misses this evening. What makes this interesting?” She glanced around the room, waiting to see if any of her astronomy students had paid attention to the field recently. Receiving no answers, she rolled her eyes before continuing.
“Seriously? None of you? What makes this interesting is the fact that we just noticed these objects this week, and that we have absolutely no idea what they are made of.” She clicked a remote and an ancient projector rattled on from the back of the room, casting an image to the board where the professor stood. The image was a high contrast observatory photo of Jupiter. The gas giant filled most of the frame, with Io peeking in at the corner. In front of the planet was… Silas squinted through bloodshot eyes, unable to make out the specks they were observing.
“As you can see here,” the professor tapped the center of the image where Silas was focusing, and which contained several masses of distinct nothingness. “We have roughly five or six ‘objects’ here which absorb all radiation which comes into contact with them. Upon further inspection, each object appears to be a ‘cloud’ of smaller objects. Each object is about a quarter mile in size.” She clicked the remote again and flipping to a new slide, this one zoomed in on the objects in question.
“They aren’t even in Jupiter’s orbit anymore. Whatever they are, they move very fast. What you’re looking at right now is actually fairly close to us. In a week’s time, they have moved from Jupiter to just a little over the distance from us and the sun. Tonight, they will be passing by the moon, affording us a good look at what they are. We, and the rest of the astronomical community will be observing them.”
Silas tuned the lecture out, focusing on his hangover and personal life.
He and Lucas had been friends forever. Met in rehab as toddlers. Done everything together ever since.
And then Lucas met Emily. Neither of the boys had ever been particularly religious, but suddenly, Lucas began wearing a silver cross, talking about the greatness of the love of God and trying to get Silas to come to church. Silas wanted nothing to do with it.
Slowly, over the course of several months, Lucas had stopped drinking as much, quit smoking marijuana and eased himself off the narcotics they’d both been addicted to since they were toddlers.
Which was fine. Silas was happy for him. He just wished Lucas would stop trying to convince Silas to do the same. Silas enjoyed his life. Minus the hangovers. Those were all on Lucas and his parties. Hey may have quit drinking like he used to, but he certainly loved the social aspects.
“God, my skull…”
He shook his head and tried to focus on what the professor was showing them.
“What’s interesting,” she was saying, “Is that we have no idea what could be causing the non-reflectivity we see here. Our only alert to their presence is their absence of visibility. We cannot see them using modern methods. This is why tonight, the astronomical world, ourselves included, will be trying to get a glimpse of them using the old-fashioned method. Telescopes, class!”
Silas groaned. He was going to have to choose between a definite killer party and getting laid - and possibly catching a glimpse of something new and unknown in his chosen field.
“Now,” the professor continued, “Here on my desk I have a stack of papers, each containing an outline of things I want you to look for and what we know about these objects so far, as well as the current theories on what they might be. You can do this on your own or you can meet me as a group at the usual spot tonight. Class dismissed.” As one, the student body rumbled, stood and began moving towards freedom. “And remember people,” the professor yelled over the clatter of feet and bags heading to the door, “this could be something which completely changes the way we understand the universe!”
Silas shook his head again, temples splitting as he did so. “Fuck.”
August 24th, 2019 12:38 AM
It was a beautiful night over the ocean. The moon glowed in all her soft glory as the stars glistened and shone without a single cloud to obstruct their light from reaching the Earth’s surface. The waves twinkled and danced in the distance, lending a fey feel to the landscape. A night of magic and wonder.
It was Silas’ favorite scenery, but he found himself unable to focus on it.
What he was looking at through his telescope defied conventional description. He could definitely see the objects, but when viewed with the naked eye, they just looked like a congregate of small asteroids, perhaps two hundred altogether, maybe two hundred and fifty, flying in clumps of no more than fifty or so.
There was something weird about the shape of the individual objects, though.
They all looked the same. Dull. Gray. Lumpy. And all nearly perfect replicas of one another. Some were bigger, some were smaller, but still – all too similar. To anyone else, that might be just run of the mill, but for Silas, who knew about asteroids and their formation, it bothered him in his deepest parts. And the way the group was moving… It seemed almost too slow for a group of asteroids.
They twisted and spiraled, but none pulled ahead of the other, none ran into one another. In a cloud of asteroids, one would expect collisions. He stared intently. His phone rang, causing him to jump, smacking his eye into the rim of his scope. “Mother ffff… Hello?”
“Hey! Where are ya, mate? I came to wingman for ya again.”
“For the love of…” Silas sighed. “Don’t you check your texts?”
“No,” Lucas replied. “Dunno why you keep sending them.”
“Because that's kind of our generational thing, bro. We're supposed to live on our phones. Anyway... Super important astronomy assignment, man. Possibly a new kind of interstellar body.” Silas gave his friend a brief description of what they were doing before explaining that there was something very odd about what he was looking at.
“Maybe it’s aliens,” Lucas laughed. “Wouldn’t it be sick if it’s aliens?”
“It’d be pretty cool. Would love to meet one.”
“Intimately?” Lucas asked coyly. “I could always wingman you an alien.”
“You fucking weirdo. Go home to your girl.” Silas hung up and went back to looking through his telescope, peering at the sky once more, taking notes. As he looked, he realized that every few moments, light would emit from the end of every single object at the same time. A reflection from the sun? Gas? Could these be young comets? No… No, they would already have tails. They were too close to the sun to not have tails.
He made another small note and then called out to the rest of the group. “Is anyone else seeing the refraction off the outermost end of these things?”
“Yeah,” someone yelled back. “I see it. It almost looks like the beginning of a comet tail.”
“I don’t see any other comet-like features, though,” someone else shouted.
“And they’re too close to the sun to not have tails right now,” Silas called back.
Professor McCarinn came over to Silas’ scope and picked up his notepad, glancing over it. “Good stuff here Silas. Condensed by gravity in having passed by a black hole? I like the thought. Might explain the uniformity and yet still moving so quickly. Buuuut, I don't think you're on the money here. You have to remember, Astronomy is half Physics, and your Physics are incorrect.” She gestured at his telescope. “Do you mind? I do love your scope.”
“No,” he replied, stepping back and grinning. “Go right ahead.” As she bent and looked through the scope, Silas couldn’t help but admire her form. The moon in the sky wasn’t the only one that was full that evening.
“Hey!” She exclaimed. “Are they changing direction?”
Any thought of his professor’s figure left Silas’ mind as he processed what she had just said. If anyone else had said it, he’d take it as a joke. But Professor McCarinn wasn’t known for making astronomy jokes. She took the subject very seriously.
“Changing direction? Let me see that.”
“Look for yourself,” she said, stepping away and gesturing for him to take back his scope.
As Silas looked up at the heavens, what he saw chilled him. More than a hundred asteroids, changing direction, light flaring from their sides as they slowed and turned, spreading further and further apart from one another.
“Oh my god,” a girl exclaimed. “They’re breaking up. Drifting apart.”
“And gaining speed!”
“And they’re headed right for Earth,” said Professor McCarinn, having grabbed someone else’s telescope. “But that means… Oh, my, God.”
“C’mon, man, pick up the fucking phone!” Silas was running across campus towards the frat house, trying to call Lucas.
Again, no answer. Again, no answer. “Fuck it,” he exclaimed, breaking into a full sprint, bowling people over as he pushed his way through. “Outta the fuckin’ way!”
He burst into the house, looking around frantically. Not immediately seeing Lucas, he yelled at the kid on the couch. “Hey! Joe! Where’s Lucas?”
“Shit man,” Joe said tiredly. “I dunno. Think he’s at the sorority with Emily." He lazily offered the pipe in his hand to Silas. "You wanna hit off this bong? You look like you could use it.”
Ignoring the question, Silas demanded Joe toss over his keys.
“Why, man?”
“Just do it Joe, or I swear to God I’ll steal your stash. I know where it’s at; you keep it in your vent.”
“What the fuck man,” Joe complained as he tossed over his keys. “Now I gotta move it. Dick move, man…”
Running back outside, Silas rapidly pressed the alarm button on the fob, listening for the wail of the horn. Locating it, he quickly jumped in the car and tore onto the main road, heading away from the campus, grinding gears in his haste. “Why is the sorority so far away?!” he raged to himself.
After Professor McCarrin saying aloud she believed they were witnessing an entire fleet of alien ships heading for Earth, all hell had broken loose in the astronomy group. Silas had immediately left, needing to reach his friends and family.
His family. He pulled his phone from his pocket, speaking to it. “Hey Google! Call MOM!”
The phone rang several times before his mother answered. “Hi sweetie! How are –”
Silas cut her off, waving his hand around as if she were actually in front of him.
“Mom, stop talking and listen to me. I need you to take Kendall and Alicia and get somewhere safe.”
“Silas, what’s going on?” A hint of concern crept into his mother’s confused tone.
“I don’t have time to explain. I just need you to get to someplace safe. A bomb shelter would be best. If not, drive out to the cottage. Just go before everyone else tries to get there. Please, just listen to me.”
“Silas, I don’t unders-“
“Mom! Just go! I’ll meet you when I can!” He hung up the phone, hoping his mother would listen. He had a very bad feeling about what was happening. It was going to be a long thirty-minute drive across town.
As he drove in silence, he went over what he knew and what he had observed. This fleet of alien ships first appeared around Jupiter, which made it likely that they had hidden behind the gas giant on their approach into the solar system.
They were made of a material which defied all means of detection, except the fact that they made a “hole” in scans wherever they were. And they had waited to show that they were anything but an astronomical oddity until they were practically in Earth’s orbit.
None of those facts put Silas at ease. In fact, most of it sounded like war tactics to him. Nothing about it was good. An advanced interstellar species on silent approach? The knot in his stomach grew.
His phone rang again. Glancing at it, he saw it was Lucas. “Hello? I’ve been trying to call you. Where the fuck are you?”
Silence. And then… “Silas? Are ya watching the news?” Lucas spoke in a hushed tone.
Silas’ stomach dropped. Whatever Lucas was looking at; it couldn’t be good. “No. Why? Is it the asteroids?”
“I was just kidding when I suggested it was aliens, man… They’ve got the whole planet surrounded. They’re just up there, hovering.”
“What? How the fuck did they get here so fast?” Silas strained to look up through the windshield, but all he saw was the familiar night sky.
“Yeah. They spread out and they’re all around the planet. We’re trying to speak to them. No answer though… Where are you?”
“I’m on my way there. Hold tight. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”
The line went dead as Silas threw the car in low gear and stomped on the gas pedal, tires squealing and smoking as he sped into the night.
And that's the end of Chapter 1! Head onward to Chapter 2 below!

Author's note:

What do you think of our character's so far? Any notes on progression or character interaction?

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So wwe has a healthy amount of women on the main roster they are filled with fire with BOWER but wwe just looks at them and is like nope im good. I love women’s wrestling and i think most of wwe’s women’s division could be built even as the men so with this let us begin im going one by one members of raw and smackdown so let's start.
Alexa bliss: so bliss yeah she's not the best in ring worker but promo and gimmick i think is almost just fine but a little tweaking for 1 bliss should be just a heel just solo heel we’ve seen her using others just to turn on them it's ben overdone so have her be a very cocky heel she thinks she’s the goddess.
Alicia fox: so fox isn't good at times she’s almost a danger in the ring with that head removing axe kick but i like her crazy thing so simple fix send her back to nxt to have her work on in ring. Just i've got almost nothing………….. It's fox what do you want?
Becky lynch: becky a simple one have her be this badass anti authority badass yes yes she might get compared to stone cold but is that really a bad thing? I mean it worked for him and i think it could work for becky.
Dana brooke: ok dana again not the best in ring but i see some stuff with dana so have her be a humble person she fights for the right thing she’ll go against whoever is doing the wrong thing she’ll fight for whats right even in the face of death. Something along those lines i think would be fine.
Lacey evans: o boy ok evans could work COULD and here's how i think it could. Evans believes she is what a true lady should be what a true prim and proper lady should be she's lady like she's sweet she's so much true lady. If you build her fued with becky around becky isn't acting like a true lady she's more of a guy than a lady.
Naomi: i've got nothing. Love naomi feel the glow more of that im ok.
Natalye: ok nati so what to do with her? Well i wouldn't say make her a pure clone of bret but i don't know or have her be heel and think since she's apart of the heart family she's better than every other women in wwe.
Nia jax:................................... Don't like nia just don't like nia simple fix SEND HER TO NXT SHE CAN'T WORK FOR SHIT SHE'S GREEN AS GRASS. But if that's not the move pure monster quick second long matches just fine.
Nikki cross: nxt nikki cross please.
Ruby riott: o yes fella fella so ruby how to book her better? Well make her a cactus jack really build her as a hardcore woman have her be more cruel more savage weapon matches extreme she's the anti woman riott kick is a bit meh so submission love me a submission rings of satren renamed the rings of riott.
Sarah logan: o boy fella so logan build her up as a crazed dark psycho have her be more war raiders facepaint crazed bloodthirsty logan yeah.
Tamina:.................. again it's fucking tamina i guess maybe bodyguard? It's not much to do with her she's wood she's just bad not shit i see stuff but don't really know fella fella.
Asuka: simple again skull reaper drop the whole kobki warrior shit make her a heartless killer bring kana.
Bayley: 2 things 1 build bayley as the biggest smackdown baby face or 2 and what i want to see heel bayley yes yes i know i know heel bayley not this shit again but hear me out. Bayley has always ben face make her heel i think could give her free life you have her reason for turning heel she's sick of being thrown to the side she's sick of everyone throwing her to the side divas like bliss the bellas women like them and from this you have 3 heel ways 1 a tommaso heel she’ll do anything to keep her title 2 dark twisted smart heel if she's against a woman she can't beat with her power or skill she uses her brain like asuka she would use her mind to outsmart asuka make her get pissed spit in her face to make her snap or 3 and my fav crazy heel she's gone crazy full on joker.
Iconic: make them kinda low key female edge and christan.
Carmella: more mella and truth.
Charlotte flair: she thinks she's the best since breating she's a flair by that she's the best.
Ember moon: a badass baby face a warrior goddess. More ember please just that yes.
Kairi sane: the sky princess nxt style NO PAIGE.
Lana: ummmmmmmm mmmm………………… rusev?
Liv morgan: shockly moved to smackdown alone ok we can save this build her as a crazy jokeharley quinn like she just escaped a mental hospital.
Mandy rose: ok this is by far the simplest one for me what you do is this.https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/bcujmx/booking_the_rise_of_sonya_deville_and_mandy_rose/ don't know what that is……… it's a link. That link could lead you anywhere.
Mickie james: she's a legend of the women’s division 2 ways to go this 1 she believes all these new women are trying to replace her take her spot 2 classic mickie james hardcore country.
Sonya deville: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/bcujmx/booking_the_rise_of_sonya_deville_and_mandy_rose/ again just a link………… that link could mean anything………
So that was me rebuilding or just helping the main roster women’s division so um let me know how i did this is a strange booking not really full storyline just booking all the main roster women. So let me know how i did.
submitted by itsyoboi325 to fantasybooking