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Naveen chandra (dalam & andala rakshasi) and Rahul Ravindran(nenem chinnapillana, vanakkam chennai) under. Midhuna ends up on the hospital bed. The mortarboard is generally believed. These mandalas are more than just symbols; they re present man's unknown subconscious and unconscious. Story of the Ilnd Chapter of the Gulistan.

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Respect Kasak Rajof (Kubera)

Respect Kasak Rajof

Character Bio:

Kasak Rajof is a Vritra Half, or a human with at least 50% Sura blood.As a Half-blood, Kasak possesses Sura and Human body parts, lives 4 times longer than normal humans, and is physically stronger than quarters and humans, and able to use transcendental skills. As a Vritra Half, Kasak is rather cold and emotionless in personality, although he cares immensely for his daughter Agwen and tries to protect and aid her at any cost.
As a Vritra Half, Kasak has the rare ability among halfs to take Sura Form, which makes his immensely stronger. All feats below consider Kasak in his Sura Form unless otherwise specified.





Dodging Speed
Travel Speed
Striking Speed


Fighting Ability



Notes on Kasak's Transcendental Skills:

Kasak's Transcendental Skills are nonverbal abilities that he possesses as a Vritra Half from his own power. Kasak doesn't use calculations when using transcendental skills.

Crescent Gate:

Pre Yuta Development
This transcendental skill allows Kasak to travel faster within the same realm by creating a portal to the void between realms, travelling within the void, and then creating a portal to travel out of the void to arrive at a different place.
Some feats of Kasak regarding the Crescent Gate are:
Post Yuta Development
The Crescent Gate ceases to be an effective way of travel when Yuta developed to his 3rd stage due to the fact that the Taraka Suras inhabiting the void between the realms have become strong enough due to Yuta's development to prevent Kasak from leaving the void between realms. However, the Crescent Gate still functions as a one way portal to the void between realms.
A feat of Kasak regarding the Crescent Gate is:

Cosmic Blast:

This transcendental skill allows Kasak to fire a massive energy blast that is almost impossible to avoid, and can only be tanked by a person with high transcendental resistance.
A feat of Kasak regarding Cosmic Blast is:

Cosmic Ray:

This transcendental skill allows Kasak to fire either one targeted energy beam or 12 random scattering energy beams.
Some feats of Kasak regarding Cosmic Ray is:

Dark Vermillion Chaser:

This transcendental skill allows Kasak to fire multiple projectiles that are best suited for attacking multiple scattered enemies, due to its high vigor usage.
A feat of Kasak regarding Dark Vermillion Chaser is:

Dark Vermillion Flash:

This transcendental skill allows Kasak to shoot red and black streaks from rifts in the sky that spread around a target and deals slashing and burn damage to a target. It requires low vigor to use and has a wide area of effect, but is easy to evade.
A feat of Kasak regarding Dark Vermillion Flash is:

Dark Vermillion Vortex:

This transcendental skill is a better version of Dark Vermillion Flash that has great precision and speed in exchange for requiring more vigor to use.
A feat of Kasak regarding Dark Vermillion Vortex is:

Destructive Breath:

This transcendental skill allows Kasak to fire an invisible fire projectile, generally from his mouth.
Some feat of Kasak regarding Destructive Breath are:

Gehenna Blaze:

This transcendental skill allows Kasak to initiate as fire projectile that deals a significant amount of heat damage, although to scope of the attack is fairly limited.
A feat of Kasak regarding Gehenna Blaze is:

Heat Burst:

This transcendental skill allows Kasak to shoot glowing crimson beams at multiple selected targets, which upon contact will explode and melt the surrounding area, causing damage.
A feat of Kasak regarding Heat Burst is:

Unknown Movement Blocking Transcendental:

This transcendental skill involves rushing at an opponent and blocking their movement. The mechanism or the name of this skill is unknown.
A feat of Kasak regarding the transcendental skill is:
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The Ikeda cult "sanitizing" that problematic Bodhisattva Quan Yin chapter (25) of the Lotus Sutra

Apparently, no one in SGI realizes that the Quan Yin chapter of the Lotus Sutra recommends a practice - repeating this bodhisattva's name! ["Nam gwan shi yin pu sa"] Nowhere in the Lotus Sutra will you find any recommendation to simply repeat the title of the sutra like a brain-dead dumbass.
But thanks to a very kind contributor who sent me some "Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra" books (I'm still looking for that reincarnation reference, BTW), I found the section where Ikeda and his goons give Chapter 25 the business.
Let's take a look, shall we?
First of all, the Engrish translation of "Quan Yin", "Guan Yin", "Kuanyin", "Kannon" - all this Boddhisattva's names - is "Perceiver of the World's Sounds". The Sanskrit is "Avalokiteśvara", translated as "Hearer of the Sounds of the World", according to this translation. I'm going to be working off the Burton Watson translation and cross referencing his (somewhat garbled) translation with this translation.
Did any of YOU realize this? Does anyone in SGI? My sources say NO.
By using an unfamiliar name for this bodhisattva, the Soka Gakkai's Deception Department Study Department is apparently hoping that the reader will simply lump this bodhisattva in with all the other irrelevant bodhisattvas in the Lotus Sutra ("Inexhaustible Intent", for gods sake, and "Wonderful Sound", for example) and kinda bleep right over it. Using her REAL name might arouse a seeking spirit that asks questions and we can't have THAT, culties, CAN WE?
This bodhisattva is VERY well known, perhaps the best known of any of the bodhisattvas. Quan Yin started out as a dude, but gradually transitioned to a woman (yay trans!) and is now regarded as something of a "mother goddess" figure along the lines of Christianity's Virgin Mary, as she hears the laments of the world's suffering masses.
There are numerous legends that recount the miracles which Quan Yin performs to help those who call on Her.
The Goddess of Mercy is unique among the heavenly hierarchy in that She is so utterly free from pride or vengefulness that She remains reluctant to punish even those to whom a severe lesson might be appropriate. Individuals who could be sentenced to dreadful penance in other systems can attain rebirth and renewal by simply calling upon Her graces with utter and absolute sincerity. It is said that, even for one kneeling beneath the executioner's sword already raised to strike, a single heartfelt cry to Bodhisattva Quan Yin will cause the blade to fall shattered to the ground. Source
There are many beautiful depictions of this bodhisattva, as here and here, and to my knowledge, she is NEVER referred to as "Perceiver of the World's Sounds". By using that translation instead of one of her popular names, these Soka Gakkai spin doctors Study Department minions could acknowledge this chapter while giving it the "Nothing to see here - move along" treatment. If they skipped over it altogether, surely some eagle-eyed intellectually-inclined SGI member (who was actually reading this dreck) would say, "Hey wait a minnit! WHERE'S CHAPTER 25???" So they had to manipulate it so it didn't take away from their Ikeda-centric message or raise any questions.
Thus far, everyone who claims familiarity with the Lotus Sutra has expressed surprise at the contents of Chapter 25, because it's exactly as I say. I suspect that what happens while one is a devout SGI member is that one kinda mentally "skips over" the problematic content, the way so many former Christians realize they did with so much of the nasty stuff about the jeez. It's right there in black and white, but the devout have their antiprocess shields locked down and can't see it.
But WE can.
This comes from "The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra: A Discussion", Volume VI: Examining Chapters 23-28, Part III, pp. 71-98. The authors credited are, of course, Daisakoober Ikeduhhhh, and, in a fascinating twist, Katsuji Saito, Takanori Endo, and Haruo Suda. There are abundant references such as I'm describing; I'll just pull out a few.
First of all, the title should raise an eyebrow or two: "Universal Gateway". "Universal" means "for EVERYONE" and a "gateway" is what one passes through. That means ALL CAN ENTER. Alternatively:
Why is this chapter (Chapter 25 of the Lotus Sutra) called the Universal Door? Because this practice is so easy, it can be done by anyone – so it is universal:
Is this starting to sound familiar?? It should O_O
You don’t have to be intelligent enough to understand the Sutras and all the subtle, deep, profound meanings within them to practice this. Source
See? Even complete dummyheads can play!! EVEN IDIOTS LIKE YOU!
I love it when the religious talk down to me :D
So, starting on p. 71, Our Heroes begin by obfuscating:
Ikeda: Compassion is the basic prerequisite of a leader. This is all that really matters. To be a leader is to cherish and protect each person. The "Universal Gateway of the Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds" chapter calls to mind the image of such a compassionate leader.
"Like MEEEE! Everyone should now be thinking about MEEEE just like I am!! Always thinking about MEEEE!!"
Note: This chapter is NOT about "leadership".
Saito: Indeed, Perceiver of the World's Sounds displays a kindness that resembles motherly love.
Endo: This bodhisattva is also sometimes referred to as the "merciful mother Perceiver of the World's Sounds".
Ikeda: We all think fondly of our mothers.
Two pages in, despite linking this bodhisattva to mothers, they ALL refer to QuanYin as "him" despite this bodhisattva being widely acknowledged as female throughout the world:
Endo: I think this quality of motherly compassion explains why Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds has enjoyed such popularity.
Suda: The SGI treasures each member with a kindness that is, in a sense, even greater than that of a parent. No matter what a person going through, SGI members support one another, sharing another's worries and offering encouragement.
GREAT one, Mr. Suda! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That's HILAROUS! But can we get back to what we're actually TALKING ABOUT???
Ikeda: Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds is so named because he listens with great compassion to all sounds and voices in the world, to the voices of suffering people, and he embraces and responds to them. He listens, understands and takes action in response to the true feelings of each person.
Notice how Ikeda so often describes himself using those exact terms... He's making this all about himself.
Ikeda: Isn't this boundless kindness exactly what identifies Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds? This is why he is so widely revered.
Saito: This bodhisattva is so well known that, in the East, even people who have never heard of the Lotus Sutra are familiar with Perceiver of the World's Sounds.
Not by that name they aren't!
Suda: In India, China, Korea, Japan and many other Asian countries, no bodhisattva is better known. The number of shrines built to him also far exceeds those built to any other bodhisattva. People have continually entrusted their hopes to Perceiver of the World's Sounds.
In that lost email I spoke about peace in the Mideast. How could people there have dialogue when it's clear there's that immovable object colliding with the unstoppable force. How do even whispers get heard in all the cacaphony?
Oops - sorry. Continuing:
Endo: That's because he is said to save people from all dangers and difficulties at all times and in all places.
Oh, how silly those Orientals are! Look how irrational they are!
They're making this out like it's some sort of cultural lore or mythology instead of being EXACTLY what the Lotus Sutra STATES!
Have a look - this is a translation by Burton Watson, and he's feeding into the confusion:
Chapter Twenty-five: The Universal Gate of Bodhisattva Kanzeon
He uses one of Bodhisattva QuanYin's less-common names in the title, but the rest of the chapter, he uses "Perceiver of the World's Sounds" - which is supposedly the same thing - but nowhere does he correlate the two.
"Suppose, in a place filled with all the evil-hearted bandits of the thousand-million-fold world, there is a merchant leader who is guiding a band of merchants carrying valuable treasures over a steep and dangerous road, and that one man shouts out these words: 'Good men, do not be afraid! You must single-mindedly call on the name of Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds. This bodhisattva can grant fearlessness to living beings. If you call his name, you will be delivered from these evil-hearted bandits!' When the band if merchants hear this, they all together raise their voices, saying, 'Hail to the Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds!'
Note that one translation of "Nam myoho renge kyo" is "Hail, Glorious Sutra of the Wonderful Law and another is "to devote oneself to the Wonderful Law of the Lotus Sutra".
And because they call his name, they are at once able to gain deliverance. Inexhaustible Intent, the authority and supernatural power of the Bodhisattva and mahasattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds are as mighty as this!
Here is the other translation:
When a caravan leader travels on a dangerous road together with his fellow merchants, carrying precious treasures in a great manifold cosmos filled with evil robbers, if there be a single person who says:
O sons of a virtuous family! Do not fear! You should wholeheartedly chant the name of Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara. This bodhisattva bestows fearlessness upon sentient beings. If you chant his name, you will be free from these evil robbers.
“Now, if those merchants chant loudly in unison, saying: Homage to Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara!
“Then, by chanting his name, the caravan will immediately gain deliverance. O Akṣayamati! The transcendent power of Bodhisattva Mahāsattva Avalokiteśvara is as great and mighty as this.
Hm. Back to Burton Watson:
"Suppose there were a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, a million living beings who, seeking for gold, silver, lapis lazuli, seashell, agate, coral, amber, pearls, and other treasures, set out on the great sea. and suppose a fierce wind should blow their ship off course and it drifted to the land of rakshasas demons. If among those people there is even just one who calls the name of Bodhisattva [Quan Yin], then all those people will be delivered from their troubles with the rakshasas. This is why he is called [Quan Yin]."
Notice how similar in wording and intent that is to this from an earlier Ikeda "guidance":
When I think of the hellish picture of the sinking Titanic, I wish there could have been some who chanted daimoku. Source
psshhhh As if that would have changed anything at all... But let's proceed:
Here's another translation:
If they were adrift on the great waters, by chanting his name they would reach the shallows. There are hundreds of thousands of myriads of koṭis of sentient beings who enter the great ocean to seek such treasures as gold, silver, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, agate, coral, amber, and pearl. Even if a cyclone were to blow the ship of one of these toward the land of rākṣasa demons, they would all become free from the danger of those rākṣasa demons if there were even a single person among them who chanted the name of Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara. For this reason he is called Avalokiteśvara.
That's pretty clear, isn't it? HOW did Nichiren miss this?? WHY did SGI-paid Burton Watson choose the wording he did?
"If a person who faces imminent threat of attack should call the name of Bodhisattva [Quan Yin], then the swords and staves wielded by his attackers would instantly shatter into so many pieces and he would be delivered."
"Though enough yakshas and rakshasas to fill all the thousand-million-fold world should try to come and torment a person, if they hear him calling the name of Bodhisattva [Quan Yin], then these evil demons will not even be able to look at him with their evil eyes, much less do him harm." Lotus Sutra Chapter 25
It goes on like that for, basically, the entire chapter. "Call on Bodhisattva Quan Yin!"
Yet in the Soka Gakkai treatment of this chapter, they do not acknowledge the "calling on Bodhisattva QuanYin's name" aspect AT ALL! Not even ONCE! This is what the Lotus Sutra ITSELF says that everyone is supposed to do, and Ikeda and his duplicitous cronies IGNORE it!
Imagine if I text my husband, saying, "On your way home from the kids' soccer game, please stop at the store and pick up a gallon of milk" and he tells them, "Mom says we can stop for ice cream on the way home!"
Saito: He is so famous that in China he is revered as a Taoist deity. It seems that the attraction people have toward this bodhisattva transcends even the boundaries of religion.
"But WE want nothing whatsoever to do with evil Taoism, do we, SGI members? Of course not! Look away...look away..."
You're going to love this next part:
Endo: It must be his kindness that people are drawn to.
Suda: His face definitely displays warmth and gentleness.
AND femininity! O.O
Ikeda: Nothing is as powerful as kindness. Nothing can better win over a person's heart. No eternal flame is as strong or as bright. Its brilliance illuminates people's hearts. It ignites the light of hope. Kindness is true soft power.
Oh brother. So why hasn't a single person you've paid for held a dialogue with converted and become your "disciple", Daisucky? The eternal flame at your monument to yourself, the Sho-Hondo at Taiseki-ji has been snuffed out. And the SGI, which is exactly as authoritarian as you have specified, is hemorrhaging members.
Note that this "discussion" happened some time before 1995; the Sho-Hondo wasn't torn down until 1998, so Ikeda may have been alluding to that with his "eternal flame" comment, about how the Sho-Hondo was to be the place where all peoples of the world would make a pilgrimage to pay homage to the Dai-Gohonzon.
And that "soft power" bullshit is what Ikeda's infamous "Harvard (non)speech" was all about. Kinda think I need to revisit that - perhaps tomorrow.
Carrying on:
Suda: Yes. Hard power clearly does not attract people.
Oh, that mirror needs a polishin', I'm thinking!
Ikeda: Soft means compassion, power is force. It is the force of compassion.


Ikeda: The foundation of culture, peace and education is compassion - kindness toward human beings. The soft of soft power implies limitless kindness, which gives rise to limitless strength.
uh...NO - it means having RESPECT for others and their rights and their CONSENT!
Ikeda: Also, underlying kindness is strength; without strength, we cannot be kind to others. Behind the beautiful kindness of Perceiver of the World's Sounds is his courage to seek and spread the Mystic Law without begrudging his life.
NO! It's NOT! It doesn't say that ANYWHERE IN THE CHAPTER! This bodhisattva has supernatural powers and is IMMORTAL! There's no "life" to "begrudge"!
From the Lotus Sutra:
"If there should be living beings beset by numerous lusts and cravings, let them think with constant reverence of Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds and then they can shed their desires. If they have great wrath and ire, let them think with constant reverence of Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds and then they can shed their ire. If they have great ignorance and stupidity, let them think with constant reverence of Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds and they can rid themselves of stupidity.
Yet NONE of these stupids refer to this very clear instruction about reverence!
"Inexhaustible Intent, this Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds has succeeded in acquiring benefits such as these and. Taking on a variety of different forms, goes about among the lands saving living beings. For this reason you and the others should single-mindedly offer alms to Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds can bestow fearlessness on those who are in fearful, pressing or difficult circumstances [sic]. That is why in this saha world everyone calls him Bestower of Fearlessness."
That [sic] sentence translates this way in the other translation:
“O Akṣayamati! This Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara displays such qualities, wanders through many lands in various forms, and saves sentient beings. For this reason you should wholeheartedly pay homage to Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara. This Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara bestows fearlessness in times of fearful calamity. For this reason everybody in this sahā world calls him Abhayaṃdada (Giver of Fearlessness).
The Bodhisattva Akṣayamati addressed the Buddha, saying: “O Bhagavat! I shall now pay homage to Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara.”
Hm. REALLY odd that Nichiren completely missed this, isn't it?
But there's no excuse for Ikeda et. al. to be glossing over it to the point that they don't even MENTION it. It's the whole point of the chapter!
Enso: To pray to Perceiver of the World's Sounds without believing in and accepting the Mystic Law would be putting the cart before the horse.
Except that that's what the Lotus Sutra says to do. No other requirements; that's why it's called "UNIVERSAL Door"!
Ikeda: Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds is encompassed in the life of the original Buddha from the remote past; that is to say, in the Gohonzon. The function of Perceiver of the World's Sounds is just a small aspect of the beneficial power of the Gohonzon - of the Mystic Law.
"Which means you should all just not worry your silly little heads about any of this."
Ikeda: There is even a history of people placing their faith in this chapter as an independent sutra.
Perhaps it was:
Nothing is known about the authors of the Lotus Sutra. Given the content of the text, however, scholars assume that they were monks associated with the Mahayana Buddhist movement. The Lotus Sutra as it is known today is a pastiche of several distinct works, written at different times by different people for different purposes over a period of several centuries. Source, p. 374.
These texts insist that they are the word of the Buddha. That insistence (along with a host of other factors) has led scholars to conclude that they are not. The Lotus is particularly famous in this regard, constantly exhorting its devotees to copy it and preserve it, with the Buddha offering all manner of future rewards—including buddhahood—for those who do and threatening horrible fates in hell for those who don’t.
Still, you have to sympathize with the authors of these sutras. The Buddha’s enlightenment is said to encompass all knowledge, and he is said to have taught everything that was necessary to reach enlightenment. He left no successor, and it will be billions of years before Maitreya, the next Buddha, comes. From that perspective, when he passed into nirvana the canon was closed. Yet religions change and innovations occur. How can those who seek change, who have a new vision of the path, articulate that vision without placing it in the mouth of the Buddha? Source
The 25th chapter, which describes the glory and special powers of the great bodhisattva of compassion, Avalokitiśvara (Chinese Kuan-yin; Japanese Kannon), has had an important separate life under the name of Kuan-yin Ching (Japanese Kannon-gyō). Source
5.1 The position of the Lotus Sutra in the history of Mahayana Buddhism
As I have written elsewhere, I assume that the Lotus Sutra was shaped gradually to its present form. Based on results of the research of our predecessors as well as my own, I have tentatively divided the process of formation of the Sutra into four stages as follows:
(1) Tristubh-Jagati verses, found in chapters from the Upayakausalya- (II) to the Vyakarana-parivarta (IX)
(2) Sloka verses and prose, found in those chapters
(3) Chpaters from the Dharmabhanaka0 (X) to the Tathagatarddhyabhasamskara-parivarta (XX), as well as Nidana- (I) and Anuparindana-parivarta (XXVII)
(4) The other chapters (XXI-XXVI) and the latter half of the Stupasamdarsana-parivarta(XI), i.e. the so-called Devadatta-parivarta
While exact dates of formation are impossible to determine, I assume that the Sutra came into existence in this order, apart from some exceptions such as the verse portion of the Samantamukha-parivarta(XXIV) which probably existed as an independent text but was later incorporated into the Lotus Sutra. Source, p. 171.
Continuing on:
Endo: Shakyamuni replies that if there are beings experiencing suffering of any kind and they hear of this bodhisattva and single-mindedly clal his name, "then at once he will perceive the sound of their voices and they will all gain deliverance from their trials." In other words, they will be saved just by intoning his name. The fact that his help can be gained so easily would seem to be one reason for the spread of belief in him.
Endo, you're such a pill! Sensei has to constantly clean up after you!
The book then quotes from the Burton Watson translation; note that "Think on the power of that Perceiver of Sounds" is translated as "contemplate the power of Avalokiteśvara", which suggests meditation in a way that "think on" does not, in my opinion.
Ikeda: Of course, from the standpoint of Nichiren Buddhism, calling the name of Perceiver of the World's Sounds means chanting the name of the "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo Thus Come One," the original Buddha of the remote past who is the source of Perceiver of the World's Sounds' power. It is the practice of chanting daimoku.
If that were the case, why did the Lotus Sutra not say that? What Ikeda's explaining is that you can go to McDonald's wanting a Big Mac sandwich, and if you order, say, "a Filet-o-Fish", you'll get a Big Mac!
Ikeda: Nichiren Daishonin says, "Those who attained enlightenment by listening to the six chapters from the 'Medicine King' chapter on are merely those who had remained unenlightened after gaining blessings from the verse section of the 'Life Span' chapter." Citing this passage, President Toda would often say, "The 'Perceiver of the World's Sounds' chapter is really nothing but the leftovers from the 'Life Span' chapter."
That's ONE way to steer people away from it, isn't it?
Ikeda: Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the source from which Perceiver of the World's Sounds derives his strength.
Evidence? Didn't think so. Saying it's so doesn't make it so, you know.
Ikeda: Therefore, the Daishonin declares, "Now that we have entered the Latter Day of the Law, the benefits Nichiren and his followers enjoy in their chanting of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo are as far above those conferred by Perceiver of the World's Sounds as heaven is above earth or clouds are above mud."
Suda: The Daishonin is saying that even though the benefits enumerated in the "Perceiver of the World's Sounds" chapter are vast beyond belief, they cannot compare with the benefit of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. This is quite a statement.
Yes, indeed - it is quite a statement. But notice that Nichiren started with garbage - nothing but his own opinion. Why should anyone take him seriously? Nichiren even admitted at the end of his life that he had been wrong all along. And we can look at the "actual proof" of the people who chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and see that they're typically doing worse in life than those who don't chant anything at all! The practice of worshiping the Bodhisattva Guanyin remains widespread; the Nichiren practice has never come anywhere close to its popularity, despite Nichiren's promise of more and better benefits. Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo simply does not deliver - that's why most people quit. They simply don't want to waste any more of their time.
And they don't go back.
Ikeda: All of these could be summed up as the benefit of achieving an accident-free and tranquil life. This is why the "Perceiver of the World's Sounds" chapter is also referred to as the "Chapter for Removing Misfortune and Prolonging Life."
President Toda described these benefits in terms that we can easily understand, saying:
1) If you are running a business and trying to earn a profit, some calamity may befall you. At such a time, if you place your trust in the Gohonzon, you can avert disaster.
Yet Toda's "credit cooperative" failed and he was indicted on criminal charges, leading to his quitting his leadership position within the Soka Gakkai!
2) If someone decides to cause you trouble or you experience a major loss, trouble will instead befall that person and your loss will turn into gain.
Nope. That's never a guaranteed outcome and more often than not doesn't occur.
3) When you are suffering due to earthly desires or illness, if you place your faith in the Gohonzon, earthly desires will turn into enlightenment and the devil of illness will be powerless.
Tell us again about your favorite son's untimely death from a stomach ailment that is rarely fatal, Ikeda SCAMSEI.
4) Should you fall from a cliff or have a car accident, if you believe in the Gohonzon, you will not be injured.
What a load of crap! I knew someone in the SGI while I was still "in" who had lost her leg in a car accident! She claimed her "benefit" was that the doctors were able to save her other leg O_O
5) If someone tries to get you fired from your job, if you believe in the Gohonzon, that person will instead be forced to quit and you will keep your job.
6) If someone hates you or tries to harm you, if you have strong faith, he or she will have a change of heart.
I wouldn't count on that!
7) Even if you face execution, if you have strong faith, you will be let off. This is what is meant by "the executioner's sword will be broken to bits." This is the principle that the Daishonin himself demonstrated.
Is this sort of "get out of consequences free" card good for society, though? Do YOU want the murderer next door getting off instead of being placed safely behind bars where they can't get YOU the next time they get a hankerin' for some murderin'? And that reference to the Daishonin is a pile of baloney. Nichiren never said that the executioner's sword broke, but that's what all the artwork about the incident shows. Liars and their lying lies.
8) Even if you face imprisonment, if you have strong faith, you will be exonerated and sent home.
Tell that to all the Soka Gakkai members who took the fall for Ikeda for election fraud - they didn't get off:
The Komeito succeeded in reducing to eight the number of Soka Gakkai members who were indicted by the public prosecutor. All of these were convicted; Takashi Miyamoto and Akio Sunagawa (both chapter level Soka Gakkai leaders) served time in jail, and the remaining six received suspended sentences. The Soka Gakkai claimed officially that those members convicted were acting out of their own volition and were not carrying out organization policy. Source
9) If someone tries to poison you or if you are vilified, the perpetrator will find himself in the exact same situation. This is what is meant by the principle that the injury rebounds upon the originator.
Oh, you mean how Ikeda claimed that someone's child's DEATH was a "punishment for sin" (that and another child's death are described here), and then Ikeda's OWN son died young?
10) Even in a powerful storm, those who have strong faith will not be harmed.
Ha. Riiiiiight...
Endo: Mr. Toda's explanation is very clear.
ALSO very wrong!
Ikeda: Though this wonderful state of life is available to all, many people don't seem to want it! Instead, they seem desirous of anything else and content themselves with pursuing immediate gain! And then if they are subjected to the slightest insult, they begin to doubt the Gohonzon!
No! Say it isn't so!!
Praying with doubt is like trying to keep water in a bathtub with the plug pulled. Your good fortune and benefit will drain away. A passage from the "Perceiver of the World's Sounds" chapter reads, "from thought to thought never entertaining doubt!" A confident prayer will reverberate powerfully throughout the entire universe.
Easy to say, of course. But what of Chapter 1 of the Lotus Sutra, in which we find THIS?
 Having rained the Dharma, The Buddha will satisfy those seeking the path. If there is anyone seeking the three vehicles Who still has any doubts, The Buddha will completely remove them, Extinguishing them with none left over. 
So why should we believe it's entirely up to US? "The Buddha" is supposed to convince us! And that isn't our responsibility!
Ikeda: While the "Perceiver of the World's Sounds" chapter speaks of the benefit of offering obeisance and alms to Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World's Sounds, this of course means praying and making offerings to the Gohonzon.
"Of course". Wait - what??
Were you nodding along half asleep by this point? I think that was #GOALZ.
That's probably enough for now - the whole thing is just dumb. But hopefully you can see how Ikeda and his minions twist things so that they can be taken to mean something entirely different from what the words say.
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