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Hey, I'm using a V20 & G6, and I've noticed that everything is incredibly slow, and laggy and choppy. I often find myself pressing and app at least 2-3 times to get it to open, and when it does, it takes it's sweet time loading the app up. My phone also gets very warm randomly even when *READ BELOW*

... even when doing a basic task like scrolling through Reddit, YouTube Instagram or even WhatsApp calling (especially calling since it makes the area around my ears sweat, but keep in mind I live in a hot country).
I'm running around 100-110 apps on each device, out of which 90+ are background restricted on each, and they aren't any resource demanding apps either, the most resource demanding is PUBG, and Call of Duty Mobile, but I barely use them.
In almost every app and task, I'm getting an average of like under 15-10 frames (my guess is I'm getting less than 5 most of the time, but sometimes my phones are better than usual and I'll get maybe 10 to 15 if I'm lucky, but rarely the full 60 like they should be doing) per second, and these phone aren't outdated hardware wise, since my 5 year old Galaxy S5 and Moto Droid Turbo do everything really smoothly and at full 60fps.
I do install APKs but I've run several virus scans but it shows nothing and I'm so confused and pissed off since this phone isn't old or outdated what so every but it can't run simple apps and tasks properly, which is embarrassing.
Some of my settings which not everyone enables:
  • All animation speeds are at 0.5x
  • Bluetooth is on always
  • Play Store auto update is disabled
  • Location is always on
  • Find my Device is activated (activated on my old phones too, but doesn't affect performance on them at all)
  • I'm using the stock launcher, since on Nova and Lawnchair performance was way worse
Please don't ban me for asking about my G6 here, I've been waiting for quite some time to get approval on the lgg6 subreddit and I've even contacted the moderators of that sub but I was given no response. I'm asking here because both phones are essentially the same, except for the processor and cameras and screen sizes.
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Apple TV+ on CCGTV

Just wanted to report, the Apple TV+ website works and streams in the Firefox for Fire TV app.
It's kind of clunky to work with but it does work. In particular the Apple TV+ website is just a stack of banners with no search functionality. So finding the show you want can be annoying.
EDIT: So just to clarify something, why am I specifically recommending Firefox for Fire TV APK here? Apple TV+ website is not compatible with all third-party Android browsers because it has specific DRM requirements. However Firefox is one of the ones that it likes, even this light TV version. And this one is mostly leanback-friendly. You can totally use Chrome or the full Firefox but you need a Bluetooth mouse for that.
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