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Wave XI Speculations

Hey guys, just speculating about some of the new Wave XI unique pilot/upgrade cards that we can partly see on the announcement article released today.
Auzituck Gunship Pilots: PS5 Pilot - •Low... (Lowhhrick?) Ability - Wh[en]... Ran[ge]... spen[d]... th[e]... Thoughts - not enough info...
PS7 Pilot - •Wull... (Wullffwarro?) Ability - W[hen]... n... Dam[age card]... ro[und]... Thoughts - not enough info... sounds like it might be either offensive or defensive modifications to damage cards though.
Upgrades: Card - •Selfl[essness] Slot - Elite Talent Ability - SMALL SHIP... When a[n]... at Range... attack, y[ou]... this ca[rd].. uncanc[eled]... instead o[f]... Might be - SMALL SHIP ONLY. REBEL ONLY. When an enemy ship at Range 1-3 performs an attack, you may discard this card to suffer 1 of the uncanceled hit results instead of the target ship. OR SMALL SHIP ONLY. REBEL ONLY. When a friendly ship at Range 1 is the target of an attack, you may discard this card to suffer all uncanceled hit results instead of the target ship. Thoughts - Range is obviously debatable, but it sounds like it might be a souped up version of "Draw their fire" with possible one use only? If so, maybe 0 or 1 point?
Card - Br... Spec[ialist] Card - Crew Ability - When you... Damage ca[rd]... 1 reinfor[ce]... facedown... its effect)... end of th[e]... are dealt... card, flip... resolv[e]... Might be - When you are dealt a Damage card, you may remove 1 reinforce token to flip it facedown (without resolving its effect). At the end of the round you are dealt 1 Damage card, flip it face up and resolve its effects. Thoughts - I'm pretty confident that I have the first part to it figured out, the second part of the ability is trickier... any thoughts people?
Scurrg H-6 Bomber Pilots: PS6 Pilot - •So[l Sixxa] Ability - When... use(?)... ??? Thoughts - No idea on this guy... can't see enough...
PS8 Pilot (Scum) - •Capt[ain Nym] Ability - You ma[y]... friendly [ship]... maneu[ver]... token... Thoughts - sounds like it could be a very situational personal ability or support ability. Being a bomber it may have something to do with bomb tokens instead???
PS8 Pilot (Rebel) - •Capt[ain Nym] Ability - Once p[er a round,]... frie[ndly ship]... Thoughts - no idea really...
Upgrades: Card - Cruis[e] Missil[e] Slot - Missile Ability - ATTACK (Tar[get lock):] Discard thi[s]... perform th[is]... You may ro[ll]... attack dice... speed of th[e]... executed... maximum of... Might be - ATTACK (Target lock): Discard this card to perform this attack. You may roll additional attack dice equal to the speed of the maneuver executed by you, to a maximum of 3 additional dice. Thoughts - Definitely sounds like P-Rockets on crack. Using speed as a bonus to your attack instead of agility value.
Card - Min... Ma... Slot - System Ability - During setu[p]... Forces" ste[p]... any number... bomb upgrad[e]... correspond[ing]... the play ar[ea]... of... Thoughts - can't quite decipher this one... sounds like it'll be something to do with placing bombs during setup perhaps...?
Card - •Cad Bane Slot - Crew Ability - no info yet... Thoughts - no idea here...
Card - •Bom[blet] Gener[ator] Slot - Perhaps a Modification or Bomb? Ability - no info yet... Thoughts - I'm thinking this upgrade will have something to do with those 2 new bomb tokens. Perhaps it'll be a dual card that recharges bombs similar to the arc cannon coming out.
Card - •R4[-E1] Slot - Salvaged Astromech Ability - no info yet... Thoughts - I'm assuming something maneuver or action related but obviously it's hard to say...
Card - Lig[ht] Re... Slot - Unknown (definitely not a modification or title though) Ability - no info yet... Thoughts - no idea...
TIE Aggressor Pilots: PS4 Pilot - "Doub[le Edge"] Ability - Once p[er a round,]... secon[dary weapon]... not h[it]... Thoughts - I would like it'd be something along the lines of getting a free action or attack if you miss when shooting with a turret secondary weapon.
PS 7 Pilot - Lieuten[ant K]... Ability - Whe[n]... 1 foc[us token]... defen[der]... Thoughts - Obviously a focus related ability but not much more info to go on than that...
Upgrades: Card - Intensity Slot - Elite Talent Ability - SMALL SHIP ONLY. DUAL CARD. (Side 1) At the end of the combat phase , you may spend 1 focus or evade token to flip this card. (Side 2) unknown... Thoughts - probably an ability similar to Rage with the card flipping at the end of combat instead of getting stress. But costing an evade token or focus is quite a cost to use it again, making it only useable once every 2 turns assuming you don't lose your action from bumping or stress OR have the spend the token from... with all the draw back and costing 2 points I would hope the ability on the other side is AMAZING!
Let me hear your thoughts! Curious to try and work a few of these cards out. :)
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