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Answer To The Dev Letter

Hello Pubg Corp,
why are u doing like this game didnt existed before 2018? I know u started of with a private beta before even going early access. This should mean, u should be focused since over a year on building a team for the game’s ongoing development - not just since u put the 1.0 label on your game.
What youre trying to tell us instead, sounds like u had no clue about how to fix the network issues. So u went to building content, like miramar and sanhok, microstransaction, fpp & vaulting + some "quality-of-life improvements" like a map-selection.. because this was feedback from the community since day 1. not a shooting range, or many other things (plane-sound adjustment, red-zone, ... MOD-SUPPORT?).
And its really funny, ever since pointing the horrible netcode out. Iam getting comments like:
"u just cant simply throw money on the netcode, and magically hope it will fix anything". and yeah iam fine with that response.
But why do they think, this will work out if you throw money into trashy anti-cheat solutions? Idk, please try to explain this to me.
Because i really think, they tought they could just outsource anti-cheat systems and magically "fix it" by throwing money onto it.
"We believe we’re winning the battle against cheating, but we won’t stop fighting until we’ve eliminated it."
I mean, u cant just read that and think that this will ever happen. People will exploit your software, it doesnt matter if its a game like yours, or anti-virus/anti-cheat software, your OS or any other device connected wo the www. You introduced a bunch of anti-cheat improvements, thinking it will stop people from "hacking". LOL didnt u unterstand, that this is what makes them see that as a challenge? You probably stopped few kids from mpgh using public mods, but everyone who wants it, and is willing to pay for will get "hacks" for this game. And there is abosutely nothing you can do about it. Its not enough to just slap in a "variety of encryption based solutions" and hope cheaters will dissapear. While destroying the little rest of performance, this game had before messing around with "encryption based solutions".
"We’ve heard your voices, and as a result we believe that the biggest issues which deserve our attention are performance, server-side optimization, and cheating."
Iam sry, i do not wanna sound like a dick, even if i do probably. But tell me, didnt u saw the posts about performance and server-side optimization ever since u launched into early access? I tought it was clear for you, since day 1. That this game with its netcode isnt playable by any meaning and it should be the only point u should focus on, before ever doing anything else (tournaments? you literally created the "esports-ready" meme by yourself).
Get this game and its netcode to work properly. How can u be so shameless, and be selling since 1,5 years a game that is so terribly broken, that u still need a big shit show on reddit + steam-reviews before even touching or addressing the optimization-part.
"Over the past few patches, we’ve seen a big increase in complaints about performance problems"
Yes, probably because your new anti-cheat solution is sucking everything out of our CPU with your realtime "encryption based solution". Its even so funny to see u writting, u made "the most progress" with your anti-cheat. because that is the part where u dont need engineers and u just go and buy stuff from other companys. well done.
This game ran very poor in the past, u made it now even worse. Just to be able to address, u can make it a little better again. LOL The base-line is just tremendously distorted.
"We’re planning to push updates to live servers whenever fixes are ready, instead of simply waiting for major patches."
Ahh, yes. I remember that day u pushed back your weekly bug-fixes and stopped to give us monthly performance updates. It was before gamescom, u where focused on hyping that event along with the crates.
Its ironically that u more or less didnt improved the game - network-wise - since then any further. While knowing that this game is poorly designed/optimized/polished and everyone, was the whole time asking about when youre able to fix FPS and network-latency.
I dont even wanna touch most of your optimization points, because they are pointless and i bet with you, it wont change much. sadly.
I mean, they really think they can combat hacking/cheating. They totally lost their minds. lets just move on.
submitted by tetratryforce to PUBATTLEGROUNDS


Sharing my knowledge about future content

Beware, this will be a long post!
In the past 3 weeks I literally spent all my free time examining the data structure of cubeworld via CheatEngine, and what I found was mindblowing. The amount of unused data and potential of this game exeeded all my exectations and gave me hope for an update or at least custom patches:
  • character model/look
  • character states
  • bars (interface)
  • skills (the 4th skill slot)
  • miscellaneous
please remember that this information is only based on unused data I found in the game and are heavily combined with assumptions that have never been confirmed by wollay&pixxie in any way*
Character model/look
The character body consists of several objects (hands, feet, chest, head, ect) put together with a specific movement pattern that cannot be changed. However, not all pieces included by this pattern are visible: A few days ago for example I made a post (click) about playing as a dragon. What I did was basically making the wings and the tail of the character visible by simply changing the model of these body parts. However there is one more body part: I couldn't find out about what it was, all I found were the modifiers for size, position and rotation, but no model (which is why I can't figure out what it is). I assume that this will be the helmet, because there are some helmet models in the data1.db file.
(click to see me wearing an obsidian helmet by changing the face model).
Now why am I so sure about the existence of this if I can't even figure out what it is? go to the next part of the post.
Among the equipped items I found a small unused region with the size of exactly one item, located right above the "neck" slot. Again I assume that it belongs to the helmet.
I know that there are alot more unused items (for example mana potions or quest items), but since these are a bit more popular I won't go any further into this (click for a list of all items in the game including the unused ones).
Character states
This is probably the most interesting section: I don't think "states is an accurate name for this but my english is not good enough in order to find a better name. The state data-region is about what the character is doing and in what state (e.g. sleeping) he is currently in.
It is mainly handling the skills you are using (more to that later). The other part of this region is about spirit effects (wind & ice), combat effects (stun & rolling), and of course skills based states (e.g. sniper).
There are 2 unused states, one that simply doesn't work at all and one I don't know anything about. my assumption is knockback, because you can't fight while being in this state and your movement speed is heavily decreased. This is what it looks like: click
This part is about the bars on the interface like HP, MP, xp, stamina, stealth, block power, cast time ect.
I found a hidden bar (located beneath the xp bar) which consists of, well, I don't know how to describe this, just have a look and let me know your opinion: click.
To me it looks like mana cubes. It seems like there is already a purpose for this bar (since there is a code that constantly reads from that address), but I couldn't figure out what.
EDIT: Piedro0 just proved that they are actually mana cubes. For more information and how to get them go to his post -> click
Skills the 4th skill slot
Since the release of the game everybody wanted to know the purpose of the 4th skill slot, and here is what I found out:
Some people already found the unused skill icons inside the data3.db file (e.g. airstrike) and a few hackers also discovered that it is actually possible to allocate skill points to the unused slot, but doing this has no effect exept of wasting skill points.
In fact, what nobody realised is that there also a 5th slot, but I'll come to that later.
As I showed a few weeks ago in my video about the hidden skills there are also some unused skills (no airstrike, sry), which actually match the unused icons.
There is no connection between the 4th and 5th slot and the unused skills/icons, which means I can't tell which class will have which skill. But:
I am currently working on enabling one of the unused skills and I am already close to success. I will later on try to make a custom patch so everybody will be able to use it. The skill I will add will be the beam, because this one is the most advanced (and my favourite :D): It already has a cooldown and mana consumption (30MP) and it's colour varies depending on your class (fire mages have a yellow/red beam, water mages a blue beam ect).
Btw the actual name of the beam is "fireray", as seen when casting it.
The fact that the skills, the icons, the slot on the interface and the possiblity of allocating skill points to it makes it very likely to be part of the next update (and please guys, don't start raging about whether there will be an update or not, we have enough other posts for that).
Now how do I know that there is a 5th slot? simple: In the data region of the allocated skill points I didn't find 1, but 2 empty addresses, and both were consuming skill points.
  • the character model region can be used to turn yourself into anything, for example a spike creature or even a house, without doing any remodeling.
  • you can remove the blue fog (and this way the "please wait" screen), for further information click.
  • There are alot of unused materials (like ice crystals, obsidian, bone, parrot feather, ect) which can be used to create awesome looking gear. You can find these in the data1.db file.
  • You can use existing skills for completely different purposes, for example locking your current action to the skill "smash" and freezing the skill timer at 200ms looks like skiing -> video
That's it for now, I will update this post as soon as I find new stuff.
To the moderators of this subreddit: Getting all this information was over 150 hours of work, and since there are many posts about guesses for the next update I assume this is very valuable information. Therefore I'd like to kindly ask whether you can make this post sticky.
I am kinda upset right now because you guys put me under big pressure. For some reason everybody thinks I want to keep my knowledge for myself (???). I really don't know what you want me to "share", since I didn't examine a file or something like that, but a data structure in the RAM that gets created when running the game (and deleted when closing it). All I did was playing around with the addresses one by one to find out their purpose ans functions.
I have explained this a couple times already, but my CT is what you are looking for then here is why I don't want to upload it: Yes, this CT would be very helpful for oother people trying to create custom patches, but don't forget that there is also a downside - it can easily be used for hacking and even ruining servers (keep in mind that the average cubeworld player is very young).
I purposely described the location of the addresses in the structure dissect so others (who actually have the CE knowledge for creating custom patches) can easily find them.
If you are impatient about my custom patch, then imagine what would happen if I would do it Wollay-style (releasing my custom patch RIGHT NOW): First there would be huge hype because we finally get to see new content. Then, a few days later people would start raging about all the bugs and the fact that it is very messy and incomplete. Yet again people would flame me because I can't provide updates fast enough, instead of being thankful for the new content because that is how humans work. This is exactly what happened with cubeworld itself after wollay released the alpha.
Sorry for being offensive, but I am getting really tired of this.
submitted by chris20194 to CubeWorld