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26F Looking For Online Friends

I've been lurking on this sub for a while now, but I'm a very shy person in real life, so I hesitated to post anything here, but here goes nothing~
I live on the east coast of the US, so my timezone is EST.
I'm super introverted, so it's been very difficult for me to make friends in real life. I don't think I have more than 5 close friends that I actually know (not internet-only friends, I mean). Those real-life friends barely talk to me, and only respond when I text them first. I made a total of zero friends in 4 years of university, and it's been even more difficult to meet new people when I started working.
I have several internet-only friends from playing mobile games together (Million Arthur and Ayakashi Ghost Guild, if you're interested) and we've kept in touch even after those games have shut down. I probably talk to them more than my real-life friends...which some people may find sort of sad, but I'm actually happy to have people who have similar interests as me to chat with.
I have a younger sibling with whom I have a pretty big age difference, and we used to be very close until she started college, and we've drifted apart. Now we don't even talk when living under the same roof again (due to quarantine), and it's really painful for me. That's why I decided to look for more friends here.
I would really like to find more people that have similar interests as me, who I can chat about anything that comes to mind. It can be any normal day-to-day things like everyday life activities or lengthy intellectual debates/rants. I think a lot of real-life people I know personally are very sensitive and get offended easily by the smallest comments, so I prefer talking to someone who is open-minded and can also help me expand my worldview as well.
I don't know any ace people in real life, so it's hard to tell my family who doesn't understand that I don't want to get married and settled down, like I'm expected to for my age. I think I'm also aro as well, since I have never been in a romantic relationship with anyone and don't really plan on it, since the idea of it sounds exhausting.
I'm a simple person who just wants to have some freedom to be myself without worrying about how complex life is sometimes.
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Gender: Cisgender Female
  • Personality: INTJ, very reserved normally but I can be silly when I know someone better. My chat/text style is multiple rapid-fire texts of sentence fragments and an abundance of emoticons, which I'm told is very annoying since they receive too many notifications at once. I'm not a fan of typing long blocks of text in texts/messages. I reserve that for my internet rants. I'm a creative person and have a wild imagination which is bad for me regarding the horror genre, since my mind will come up with far more terrifying things that what I've watched/read/heard, so I try to avoid horror as much as possible. I'm not sure if I have a typical sense of humor, but people seem to laugh at things I say or do? I'm a pretty good listener, but I don't know if I give good advice, since very few people come to me for that. I'm a very loyal person, and I expect that same kind of loyalty in people who are close to me, but sadly, a lot of the people around me only use me for their own gain, so I've been betrayed and taken advantage of several times in the past.
  • Hobbies: I enjoy reading, watching TV, playing video games, listening to music. I also like to draw, although my drawing skills haven't improved much due to lack of practice. I put a lot of my favorite activities on hold since I need to focus myself on accomplishing bigger things that I've been holding myself back from for the past couple of years, so I guess I haven't really enjoyed the past couple years of my life. I actually dislike writing, because it's very difficult for me to concisely write down the numerous thoughts I have in my mind in a way most people will actually read and understand, so you will gets walls of texts and essays like this one if I ever seriously sit down to write something. I like to cook but I don't do it often since I hate the cleanup that comes afterwards. My kitchen is poorly organized and always lacks several essential ingredients for recipes I want to try so I usually don't end up making the thing I wanted to. I'm a social hermit and dislike going outside and speaking to people, so honestly, the quarantine hasn't affected me at all emotionally or mentally like most people have been.
  • Physical appearance: I am not very fond of how I look, and I always avoid taking photos of myself or getting my photo taken. I'm a average height, average-looking Asian who wears glasses. Very plain and easily missable and mistaken for someone else, usually.
  • Games: I own a PSP, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, 3DS. I also have a Nintendo Switch that I haven't pulled out of its packaging yet. I don't play many PC games, since my computer can't handle the newest games. I enjoy RPGs, especially JRPGs. I also like visual novels, point-and-click games, simulation games. Some games I've enjoyed off the top of my head (most of these are old since I haven't played much recently): Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, FFXIII, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Time Hollow, Blackwell, Unavowed, Ni no Kuni. Most recent game I've played is Remember Me. I dislike sports games, racing games (since I drink like a drunk in them), shooting games like FPS (because my aim is awful), and MOBAs like LoL (played several times to see the hype, never liked it). I used to play MMORPGS when I was younger, like Runescape, but I have no idea what's popular anymore recently due to having a crappy computer that probably can't play them anyway. But I would love to play a MMORPG again when I have time and a better computer.
  • Books: I haven't read many books recently either, due to lack of time. Books I've enjoyed off the top of my head are: Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Deltora, Charlie Bone, Hunger Games. Most recent book I've read is And Then There Were None. I enjoy the fantasy genre the most, since that's all I really read growing up. I don't mind sci-fi, but haven't really read much of that genre. I also love mysteries and thrillers. I'm thinking of reading more books in the future, so I'm open to suggestions/recommendations.
  • Manga: I still read manga on occasion since it's a quicker read than an actual book, and I always love good art plus a good story. Manga I like off the top of my head: One Piece (until the timeskip, then I haven't read much of the chapters after), Boku no Hero Academia (not keeping up with it though), Beserk of Gluttony, Fushigi Yuugi, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Liar Game. I read any manga, shoujo, shounen, seinen, I'm not picky at all.
  • Webtoons: I read more of these lately since it's so much easier on the eyes when I'm on my phone. I've been keeping up with several Korean and Chinese webtoons, there's so many, I can't list them all. I enjoy Goddess Creation System, I'm a Child of this House, Feng Qi Cang Lan, Shen Yi Di Nu, etc. Also not picky when it comes to which genre of webtoon, I'll read it. But I definitely appreciate good art. I'm fond of the new trope of villainess isekai, and I love it when the story makes me cry a little when the MC is misunderstood and hurt. I also keep up with Let's Play, but I think it's been seriously declining recently.
  • TV Shows/Movies: I mainly like watching reality TV nowadays since I can have it on while I'm doing other stuff. I've enjoyed: Bizarre Foods, Kitchen Nightmares, Masterchef, Masked Singer, Hotel Hell. I also love procedural crime/mystery shows, such as Criminal Minds, Psych, Lucifer, Bones, Houdini & Doyle, Limitless, Second Chance (alas, some of these got canceled too early). I do like The Big Bang Theory and I've watched Young Sheldon as well, although I'm not too fond of the the latter. I also like House. I don't really watch anything plot-heavy since I don't have the time to get emotionally invested in the story or characters at the moment, so I haven't watched Game of Thrones, but I would like to in the future. As for movies, I like to watch Disney movies, especially the old animated ones, such as Mulan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan. I've also watched everything in the MCU so far. When I'm feeling nostalgic, I like to pop in the Harry Potter movies. Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my absolute favorite animated TV shows, although I don't care much for its sequel.
  • Other TV Stuff: I used to watch KDramas, but haven't been keeping up with it. I've watched Boys Over Flowers, Coffee Prince, Couple or Trouble. I'm open to suggestions/recommendations, I don't mind watching some old KDramas. I love CDramas, and the oldies are my absolute favorites, such as Journey to the West and Princess Returning Pearl. I've also watched Meteor Garden (the newest one), Love in Han Yuan, Bu Bu Jing Xin, Qing Shi Huang Fei. HKDramas are also my go-tos, especially the classics like Heart of Greed, Moonlight Resonance, Forensic Heroes 1&2, and I absolutely love the wuxia ones such as The Four, Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion, and Face to Fate. Some of my favorite anime are: Detective Conan, Noragami, Inuyasha, Your Name, Koe no Katachi, and most of the Studio Ghibli movies (especially Spirited Away).
  • YouTube Stuff: I enjoy watching Conan O'Brien's videos, I love his sense of humor. I've also started to watch Stephen Colbert and Seth Mayers, but I don't think they're particularly funny, I watch their videos to hear their commentary on current events. I still follow Nigahiga, whose channel was my first YouTube subscription. I also liked watching PewDiePie's reactions to Slender and Five Nights at Freddy's, but I don't follow him.
  • Music: KPop (but nothing recent, my favorite band is TVXQ! from when they were 5), JPop, Mandopop (especially JJ Lin and Anson Hu), Pop Rock (like daughtry). I enjoy beautiful voices. My favorite male singers are JJ Lin, Anson Hu, Xiah Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Dimash, Vitas. I'm always open to hearing more beautiful voices like those. I don't really know any female singers whose voice I like, besides alan.
I think that's basically most of the things I like, I probably left lots of things out but I think this wall of text is pretty intimidating already, so I'll stop here. I would be really surprised if anyone actually read the whole thing above haha. Thank you for your time and I hope that I can find some more friends I can chat with about various topics. (I also have zero initiative, so I'll never be the one to start a conversation...please send me a message if you'd like...) Have a nice day~! *bows*
submitted by julyfire100 to r4rAsexual

Several Noragami Questions

Is it possible to have more than one Blessed Regalias?
It seems that evolving further than the common Shinki requires strong willpower to protect one's master. As seen with Yukine, he sacrificed himself and protected Yato with his name on the line. Does this mean that other gods, say Bishamon-ten who has a lot of Regalias mean that they're (Regalias) do not fully give 100% of all their self to their masters? Also if a Blessed Regalia becomes a Nora, are they still a Blessed Regalia to other masters?
If a Master removes a Blessed Regalia, is it still a Blessed Regalia?
I am currently in Chapter 50, with that said I want to question his race. According to Yato he is human. A person who wished for him to be born. But this kinda contradicts his claim namely that he can wield Mizuchi (Nora) who is a Shinki. IMO, I believe he is a god who resents gods. He is hiding himself to all the gods due to his unrevealed past but I believe this involves a certain lover that made him hate them. He was punished and is hiding to the gods?
Nora (refer to this link, http://img.mymanga.me/19238213307441222871385197380.jpg)
Is she even a shinki? It seems that she ages in a sense that the link I gave to you it shows that she was small but taller than child yato. Is it an error to the author's part or it shows something different? (She's some kind of half?) How can she even control those masked Ayakashi without blighting her masters?
I am not knowledgeable about Shinto but it seems that normal humans can attain godhood like Tenjin. But what are the criterias? Who is the head of Shinto Pantheon?
Noragami Shipping How do you view Yato and Hiyori's relationship in the future? It seems that the gods were right about Hiyori not involving herself with them. Something that will take her toll in the future. Which was shown with the destruction of the Iki Hospital. Both love each other but can't express it enough. Hiyori being human doesn't help that much. Being a god who is in love with human seems hard.
Minor: How do you see Bishamon x Yato pairing? They're kinda cute. Especially the fanservice the author gave wherein Yato indirectly? kissed Bishamon.
That is all!
submitted by faniella to Noragami