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A list of RS3 YouTube creators

Note that some links in this post will immediately start playing a video, be cautious of your volume, as it will vary from creator to creator.
I really like RS3 content, and feel like as a community we should make an active effort to support them more. It's one of the best grassroots ways to build the game, and they have a lot to offer us as a community.
Here are a bunch of the RS3 YouTube channels that I've found - this is not a curated list of the best of the best, but just whoever I found while searching. Some may be your cup of tea, others not as much - check some of them out and find out.
Let me know if there's any active channels you'd like to see added to the list - including, or perhaps especially, your own channels!
Thanks to Waswere for a couple of these channel suggestions.
Anyway, here's the list in no particular order -
Channel Sub count Video count Content type
Spidermash 180 4 Challenge account - Twitch channel here
Nuzz Nuzz 1200 58 Money making, PVM guides, "Road to Partyhat"
Waswere 2980 81 PVM guides/discussion, a couple of series such as "minimal maxing"
Laser Shark 6260 82 Discussion, money making videos, guides, max-an-account-in-365-days challenge
Tonix RS 21000 448 "Loot from", road to 200M arch, road to rich, here's a creator spotlight CalfightKing made about him ~1 year ago and here's Tonix's own introduction
Yann 4650 1613 Music
Manatee Gaming RuneScape 16400 400 Money making, flipping, general happenings, live streams
ProtoxxGaming 41200 537 General happenings, some non-RS content, guides
The RS Guy 43600 489 Solo only HCIM series, testing new equipment, high enrage Telos/PVM, here's a creator spotlight I made regarding him a ~1.5 years ago - and here's his Twitch, which as I understand it he will be focusing more on than his YouTube
Couchy 3960 95 High enrage Telos / high end PVM speedkills and challenges
Evil Lucario 4810 172 High enrage Telos / high end PVM speedskills and challenges, guides
Base Tank 4130 447 High enrage Telos / high end PVM speedkills and challenges, guides
Umare 34 104 HCIM series
Fausty 4720 17 OSRS player tries out RS3
Maikeru RS 54500 781 General happenings, challenge series, guides, stream highlights
Init Yeah 2720 123 General happenings/discussions, Road to ALL T92s/T99 prayers, PVM stuff
Silenced 13800 286 Road to 120 slayer, discussions, "Loot From" videos, guides
Charis 701 76 RS3 vlogs, money making
OhItsDylan 8070 361 Road to ALL T92s, ironman, PVM stuff
ThatRSNerd 460 38 Road to trimmed comp, road to IFB, loot videos, guides, streams on Twitch
Wardelicious 7240 54 "All of nothing" series -> get a boss pet, he has to sell his bank and stake it, aims to get all T92s
SaintOh 1530 132 HCIM, Binding of Isaac, "Loot From"
Wulf 1510 21 Road to max cash stack from scratch, ironman to max
Brillymister 2580 236 Guides, top 5s, "Loot from"
MrAdelaideRS 13600 1420 Ironman, discussions
DarkWorldOrder 19800 196 Ironman, other games
Large Gats 3780 1000 Discussions/news
RunescapeOmid 4670 100 Patch note/podcasts/news rundown
MrKathaar 736 45 Desert only HCIM
Ironman Rail 378 41 Desert only IM
Ravlar RS 9630 63 Discussions, tips and tricks, Twitch streams (link to that, he seems more active on there these days)
Trissle 8060 22 Note: hasn't posted in 2 years - PVM guides, "loot from"
iTrolledU 3370 61 Note: hasn't posted in a year, but actively streams Twitch link - HCIM / SNAIL content explained here
Wazzy 2910 185 High enrage Telos/PVM Also check out his Twitch
Hanannie 4450 122 OSRS trying out RS3
rswillmissit 69100 512 Discussions/skits
Bizuda7 3750 1019 Discussion, HCIM
ZowskiiRS 3710 258 Ironman / HCIM "taskman"
TripleDylanRS 4460 200 Treasure Trails loot
Aura and Sushi 1940 247 Treasure Trails loot, road to full elite log
RSCC interviews 219 90 Interviews with content creators, discussions
OrbScape 466 416 Assorted "Lets Play RuneScape" content
ChillzRS 5750 138 IM progress, HCIM road to big goals (IFB, trimmed comp)
No Sofá com Tusoroxo 2500 171 Portuguese, guides, discussion, lore
The Junesong 13200 169 Note: hasn't posted in 2 years - guides, DPS, collecting collections, discussions
Serean 1650 18 PVM guides for beginners, general PVM content/guides, song covers
Grimm Dutch 4070 266 Clue scrolls, Tetracompasses
Decided RS 179 30 Progress videos
Bardock Rs 133 233 Speedrunning DG
ImSikovit 59200 365 Quest guides
Regicidal 46800 546 Freshly back from a long break from YouTube, discussions, "True Facts" videos
Patronising 618 18 Ironman progress, high end PVM
RuneScape 249000 1272 Literally the official RuneScape channel, patch notes, content previews, streams, news, skits, etc.
Diggy Mole 2520 46 Progress videos
KashStack 4700 120 Telos from scratch, making money
How To Runescape 390 75 Guides, skits, podcasts
Defiler 604 63 Ironman series
Jona than 2950 94 Clue caskets, high end PVM, efficiency strats
Society of Owls 413 103 Lore discussion, quests, podcasts
StrongAllan 527 81 "Loot From", Tetracompasses/clues, money making guides
NightmareRH 20500 1833 Double EXP gains, vlogs, OSRS content
Dexxon 2870 141 Guides for quests, arch, AFKing bosses, skills, and more
Jujinjao 84 4 Road to max RuneScore, testing wiki money makers
Yeps RS 101 17 Guides for money making, POF, slayer, herb runs, AFK money, and more
Tonicized 9 3 RuneScape music arrangements and transcriptions
Hybridclaw 470 12281 Your one-stop shop for poking content
WalessRs 17400 254 Road to IFB, loot tabs, "Loot from"
UrgntJustice 23600 480 High end PVM, discussions, achievements
Manlover 583 138 EXP grinding, ironman
Rainy 10700 76 Cinematic quest guides, arch beginner guide
Friggity Frank 174 65 Speed kills/speed KPHs
FlagArmada Productions 1460 122 Skits
Galaxyshark 554 51 RuneScape lore
Tedious 38000 92 Mostly OSRS content, but also has "Taskmania" - streams RS3 on Twitch on Thursday/Sunday, OSRS Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday
Marcus Hooper 3030 7 Compares OSRS and RS3
The Cook's Assistant 26 1 Real world RuneScape food
The Realscaperz 13900 194 Skits and real world stuff, including some videos with jmods
Runescape Reorchestrated 1800 1165 Remixes of RS3/OSRS music, transcribes music to midi, and unofficial music
Fraksu - RuneScape 951 57 Quest guides, previously ironman
Lildogdog Guides 12200 325 Note: hasn't posted in a long while - quest guides
MickeyThaGamer 557 280 RS3 Tackman
Captain Smash 4 2 HCIM series
Exogor 305 44 High enrage Telos guides, PVM speed kills
munclesonky 85000 818 Note: hasn't posted in 4 years GWD2 guides, rebuilds, ironman, skilling guides, and tons of other content all now quite nostalgic
JuliusRS 2220 154 Note: hasn't posted in an year ED3 speed guides, other high end PVM, discussions
questogood 17400 331 Note: hasn't posted in two years HCIM series
Gawkie 113 15 Original compositions in RuneScape music style
Auguste_RS 42 3 Note: hasn't posted in almost 3 years "Loot From" IFB, real life video
ZCore 125 18 Animated videos for various topics, including RuneScape - also check out their deviantart - they're a personal favourite of mine
Kibbium 19300 18 Note: hasn't posted in a year - Turboguides
The Sn Man 2810 43 Note: hasn't posted in a year - high end ironman progress videos
Iron Sam 12 5 Ironman progress
Heavens Soul 346 47 Road to 5.6B
millerandybr N/A N/A Twitch streaming ironman
rsn jesper 239 ? Wilderness adventures, Streaming hard clues/Telos
Dat James 68 233 DG speedruns / PBs
Lereel RS 71 16 "Loot from", guides
P U P 196 61 Speedkills, PVM guide, DG speedrun stream
Jaxyys 272 2 Story mode RuneScape
ClareBear_CB 1320 338 Road to Max, quest guides, Minecraft
KenyRs 56 20 High tier PVM achievements
Edit: added more YouTubers at suggestion / from finding, and adjusted the table to allow for proper sorting by subscriber count and video count
Thanks to everyone who has commented so far giving more recommendations - I think the list has more than doubled tripled quadrupled in size since I posted it.
If I've counted correctly there is now 101 content creators listed.
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100K Giveaway - Taste the Rainbow--but, like, not in a weird way.

(It's a pun, see? Because it's common to say someone has good "taste" in fashion...and it's a "rainbow" reissue, get it? You remember those old Skittles adverts, right? Do you get what I'm trying to do here?)
Expectation vs. Reality: Styling the 2020 Métiers d'Art Chanel Reissue
Ok, so, 8-year old Cool would have dressed like a damn Polly Pocket if my parents had allowed it. You would think once I got a job, apartment, and bills of my own, I could do whatever I wanted, but alas. Turns out adults have to adhere to "social cues" and follow "rules of decency," so I can't show up to work looking like an anthropomorphized cupcake despite my inner desires. With that in mind, sneak a peek at what styling this bag would look like in my dreams, juxtaposed with the all-black wardrobe I actually wear.
This is my last rep for 2020! The kid has achieved bag peace, so I and my bank account are safe once more.
  • Item - Chanel Medium Reissue
  • Seller - TS Alisa
  • Factory - Kata Factory
  • Price - 1895 CNY
  • Photos - Album
  • Nitty Gritty - Love this bag! This colorway is SO pretty and my dear, sweet, patient fiancé keeps looking at me like I've gone insane because I've worn it around the house since it arrived. I know a lot of people have reviewed the mini size, but I think the different color blends really shine in the bigger size (plus I need another mini bag like I need another...well, literally any bag, if we're being honest). It was an absolute hassle to receive it (I'll detail that experience in a full review soon), but now that it's in my grubby little hands, I'm over the moon.
  • I'm really surprised by how much I like the chain; the mademoiselle detailing is a subtle detail that really pushes the bag over into 'love it' territory and while I was initially worried about it digging into my shoulder, I haven't had any issues at all.
  • One caveat, if you're considering purchasing: this bag does not feel luxurious. This is my first (and likely last) Chanel bag, and when I first received it my initial impression was "That's it?" I'm accustomed to how fantastic Celine and Bottega leathers are and, uhhh, this ain't it, Chief. How the leather is treated makes the texture feel like nothing special at all. I've used two coats of conditioner and it's better than it was initially, but I still am not that impressed. Condolences to anyone that paid full $6500 retail for it. The color though? Next level. If you're into color and pretty things in general, this is more than worth the almost $300 I threw at it.
Is it practical? No. Is it classic? Also, no. Am I getting used to the second flap? ..no. Do I know what to do with the zippered pocket on the inner flap? You guessed it, no.
Would I buy this bag again and am I considering getting another one just to see how many color combinations I can collect? YES. Will I actually do it (if it pops up in the 11/11 sale)? ...we'll see.
For a bag that's fun to look at and a (pseudo) one of a kind piece, I don't think you can go wrong.
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Rainbow Thangs:
Goth Lifestyle:
For all vibes:
Thanks for reading and Happy October!
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