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LB194 - Genocide Determination Bill - Amendment Reading

Genocide Determination Bill

Allow cases to be brought to make a ruling that on the balance of probabilities that genocide is being perpetrated if said ruling is made to compel the secretary of state to refer the facts of the case to proper international bodies.
BE IT ENACTED by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows –
1 - Interpretation
In this Act unless context requires otherwise the following terms have the corresponding meanings-
‘The 1997 Act’ is the Civil Procedure Act 1997
‘genocide’ has the meaning given in Article II of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.
2 - Act to bind the Crown
This Act binds the Crown.
3 - Adjudication
(1) A person or group of persons belonging to a national, ethnic, racial, sexual or religious group, or an organisation representing such a group, may bring a case to the High Court for it to make a preliminary finding on the available evidence as to whether genocide has been committed against that group.
(2) The Lord Chancellor may by regulations make rules of practice and procedure under section 1 the 1997 Act in considering cases brought under this Act.
(3) The Court may only find in favour or against making a motion to make a preliminary finding that Genocide has occured.
(4) The Court should agree to a motion asking that a preliminarys finding that Genocide has occured on the balance of probabilities based upon the evidence presented.
4. Referrals to the International Criminal Court or a Special Tribunal
(1) Where the High Court has made a preliminary finding that genocide has been occured against a group of persons, the Secetary of State must refer the finding—
  • (a) to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, pursuant to Article 14 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, or
  • (b) to the United Nations Security Council, with a view to tabling a resolution for the Security Council to refer the situation to the International Criminal Court pursuant to Article 13(b) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, or
  • (c) to the United Nations Security Council, with a view to the Security Council establishing a special tribunal pursuant to Chapter V, Article 29 of the United Nations Charter.
(2) The Minister shall make whichever of the referrals in subsection (1) they deem most expedient.
5 - State immunity and cut off
State immunity may not be relied upon under cases brought under this act.
6 - Extent, commencement, and short title
(1) This Act shall extend across the entire United Kingdom.
(2) This Act shall come into force 2 years after receiving Royal Assent.
(3) This Act may be cited as the Genocide Determination Act 2020.
This Bill was written by The Baron Blaenavon OBE KCMG PC as a Private Members Bill, and is cosponsored by the Libertarian Party!
[Meta: This Bill is based upon the one submitted by the Baron Alton in the UK House of Lords https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/lbill/2017-2019/0061/lbill_2017-20190061_en_2.htm#l1g2]

Opening speech:

In signing the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide we made a promise one you may here time and again in eloquent rhetoric throughout the years in this chamber and the other place.
That promise that never again would the horrors of genocide visit this earth Madam speaker,
Sadly it was not the end of genocide and now some 70 years on we are confronted by its continued threat and terror.
The objective of this bill is to improve the robustness of international institutions and norms that serve to prevent and respond to cases of genocide. The international community has while well intentioned been slow to respond historically to cases of genocide, with only two cases of enforcement under the 1948 convention. While welcome in the instances of Srebrenica and Rwanda to differing extents those rulings have been argued to be incomplete and influenced by realpolitik.
Even madam speaker, the case of the rise of Daesh and the genocide they perpetrated against Christians, Kurds and many other groups in northern Syria and Iraq, brought a delayed response where it was not until 2016 over two years after the last Christian left Mosul the city received in the bible as the great city of Nineveh that we began to see action. Following the jihadists ultimatum of convert or die, with the flame of religious liberty extinguished on our very television screens the world still watched and waited for a time.
It is clear that we must look soberly at the mechanisms by which we interact with the convention and reform them. For consistently we have been too slow to avoid tragety.
That reform is the object of the bill it creates a mechanism for a preliminary finding in the question of genocide. It is my hope that such a finding if made properly under the rules established, it would speed the international response and serve to by virtue of being made by the independent and well respected judiciary of the United Kingdom to an extent to depoliticise genocide determination both nationally and internationally and thereby I hope to create better consensus for action in both spheres of policy.
My most endearing hope is that a determination would make it more likely that the international community more able to fulfil the promise of the 1948 convention and aim to say never again if ever the horrors visited on Kigali, Srebrenica or Mosul return.
The time to submit amendments ends 27 November 2020 at 10pm GMT.
Debate on proposed amendments is not in order at this time.
submitted by lily-irl to MHOL


D100(or more)Non-Violent Quests

Hey, so my old account got compromised and due to some issues I couldn’t fix it. So I’m reposting from where I left off. Feel free to suggest more than 100 since we were nearly there anyway.
  1. Convince a loan shark to forgive a mans debt
  2. Helping a poor lad win a race so that he can win the heart of his crush.
  3. Babysit for a friendly fey power-couple whose magically-gifted children love playing games like "the floor is made of lava," "don't let the balloon touch the ground," and "freeze tag."
  4. Light all the sacred shrine lanterns along a deserted mountain trail.
  5. Investigate the site of a meteor crash in the deep woods.
  6. Track down a cow that broke free from the herd and return it to the farmer (alive)
  7. convince someones child not to become a soldie adventurer.
  8. Convince someone's parents that they should allow their child to be a soldier or adventurer.
  9. Take a lesson from a BARD and make a performance.
  10. Use your spells to aide in a Play or performance.
  11. Look into strange happenings around town. (It's just restless kids/ teens playing pranks)
  12. Take some food/ supplies to the orphanage outside of town.
  13. Help gather food for the upcoming celebratory feast (fruit from the orchard, grain or vegetables from the fields, herbs and mushrooms from the forest, etc. Choose what makes most sense in your setting)
  14. Harvest honey from a certain beehive with the sweetest honey. The bees there are notoriously ornery.
  15. Gather rare medicinal herbs to help the local healer brew a salve for Little Timmy who's sick.
  16. The town's blacksmith has broken his arm. Figure out a way to keep the town supplied until he's back on his feet.
  17. An NPC's party is a total snooze fest. Liven it up. Let your players interpret that as they wish...
  18. Negotiate with the local kobold tribe over mining rights and dues.
  19. Spy on the populace for a local lord, to find the insurrectionists.
  20. Convince a proud weapon smith to make plow shares, instead of his legendary blades. (The blades end up sentient and cursed after so many battles.)
  21. Infiltrate a thieves guild, to unmask the new “Puppet Master.”
  22. Rebuild a home destroyed by bandits
  23. Help a local cleric move a sofa
  24. Re-light a signal fire on top of a mountain
  25. Participate in a talent show
  26. Challenge the village bullies to a game of basketball
  27. Deliver secret letters for two star crossed lovers from rival houses.
  28. Solve the murder mystery.
  29. Find the elven queen and get magical soil and seeds to heal the recently cleaned blighted forest.
  30. Win a tournament of carnival games.
  31. Win a pokecard/dice tournament.
  32. Deliver a love letter.
  33. Take a group to the school prom.
  34. Fix up a bunch of broken items in the shopkeeper’s place.
  35. Be a member of the jury for a very grey case
  36. Set up trade agreements between competing guilds to help alleviate the amount of sabotage in the business.
  37. Train a group of guards in how to anticipate the often unpredictable actions of adventurers.
  38. Host a support group for "I think my child might be turning evil"
  39. Resolve a miner’s strike for the local magistrate.
  40. Save a servant’s job by finding the missing silver and prove she didn’t pilfer it.
  41. Raise funds from the tight-fisted local aristocracy to build an orphanage for the children orphaned by the recent war, to which the local aristocracy was heavily called upon to financially support by the Baron/Duchess/Queen, etc.
  42. Perform a puppet show for the children of a fey court to keep them entertained and out of mischief while their parents/guardians attend court.
  43. Collect living magical beasts for the local Countess’s Mystical Menagerie.
  44. Take the Baroness’s teenage son on a “heroic adventure” as he is enamored with adventurers and longs for an epic quest, but is socially awkward, bad with weapons, clumsy, and so far unable to learn even cantrips. They are forbidden from placing him in front of any real threat. Do they put on a completely faux adventure or attempt to build his confidence and teach him skills?
  45. Prove the innocence of a man accused of theft of a noble's jewels
  46. Find a way to repair a large windmill that helps drive the town
  47. Put on a play for a group of orphans after the local actor troupe quit
  48. Interview witnesses of a possible murder
  49. Interview applicants for the job of henchman
  50. Get alchemical supplies for healing potions to a remote town dealing with a disease outbreak
  51. Deal with a noble's son bullying and throwing his weight around
  52. Plan security for a festival. They have to be careful, too tight and it's no fun. Too loose, and it can get out of hand. Include different areas where things can go wrong (party boats, shooting range, stuff for kids in the morning).
  53. A local orphanage is going to be shut down. The only way to keep it open is to win the cash prize at the local talent show/battle of the bands.
  54. A series of combat fake-outs where a siege turns out to be a festival, but the party needs to convince them to clear a path from the front gate. Then some marauders attack but it turns out they're just larping, but they are still bothering travelers, etc.
  55. Help Catsy Cline the tabaxi farmer do chores around her farm with lots of unusual creatures.
  56. Help a group of mourners put on a funeral. You'll need to play music and cater food.
  57. Try to beat the Fairy Godfather at a casino game to win a magic item.
  58. A woman's flock of prize chickens were spooked away by last night's storm. They look to be a different breed than most other chickens in the area. Help her round them up safe and sound and she'll give you a warm meal and a small reward.
  59. A young boy asks for help to find his runaway family dog. He gives you a shabby old blanket covered in fur and tells you it was her favorite. Under the smudges of mud and dead leaves, you notice finely embroidered clothes that suggest that he comes from a wealthy family.
  60. A performer who was supposed to make an appearance at the tavern the party is staying at hasn't shown up yet. Either find them or stall for time so the crowd doesn't get bored!
  61. A house party in the city has been getting lots of noise complaints. Break it up and send the drunk guests home.
  62. A little girl's direcat got stuck in a tree.
  63. A wizard's familiar is going on strike. Apparently it doesn't like dying so much.
  64. Find a very small lost item.
  65. Be bodyguards for someone who just wants them for the prestige. They are incredibly irritating but under no threat of violence.
  66. Retrieve a blink dog or semi intangible animal.
  67. Write a diplomatic letter for an inept ruler to prevent disaster.
  68. Help out local farmers before the first frost rolls in.
  69. Babysit a powerfully magical infant.
  70. Rescue a cat from a giant magical tree (its near the top)
  71. Find and bring back a child lost in a maze (the maze changes and uses illusions)
  72. Fill in for some performers who are unavailable (sick, hurt, left). Could be a play, stunts, music, etc. (lots of role playing, write an outline of challenges they'll encounter during it)
  73. Help someone find a loophole in a contact with a demon / fey
  74. Gather rare ingredients for a particular perfume, poison, or potion for an alchemist.
  75. Help the local blacksmith with their next armor piece.
  76. Baby sit a bunch of old time adventures with dementia. Their class abilities are still intact, they're just senile.
  77. Someone seeks help in solving a magical puzzle box they inherited from a family member.
  78. Plant some false information, either by rumour, or in letter form. Make sure the correct people learn this information. Bonuses for making them believe it comes from an enemy of theirs, not the player, and is supposed to be secret.
  79. Help a local chef win a cook off by gathering his necessary exotic ingredients (marketplace, dark market, going and getting them yourself from the wilderness)
  80. Go with a dragon studies professor to study a dragon's habits.
  81. A changling has a sword pulled on them by their friends after telling them they're a changling.
  82. Declog a sewer pipe in the sewers beneath the city. There is a homeless werebeaver living there that is unknowingly building a dam, causing the blockage, during full moons.
  83. Track down a cowardly sentient ooze with a magic item.
  84. Win a poetry competition in a cave of intelligent pacifist orcs
  85. Help a lone forest dweller unblock the mountain path from storm debris
  86. Help an astral dragon return to its home plane.
  87. Help with rebuilding an intricate shrine so the settlement it's built around can receive the blessing of its god(s) once more. Proper reconstruction probably requires it to be partly made of rare materials using exotic techniques.
  88. Help the festival planners in preventing an important festival competition/election/nomination from being rigged.
  89. Accompany a famous explorer(s) as they seek to catalog new sights with the aid of 'fresh yet experienced perspectives'.
  90. Rescue a merchant caravan trapped in a stormy mountain pass.
  91. Tutor a newborn demigodlike being in mortal matters, so that it can blend in with the mortal family it is raised with.
  92. Help the local government investigate and assess candidates for an office of high esteem, requiring specific traits e.g. unwavering loyalty, honesty, a propensity for pragmatism, etc.
  93. Bring a renowned artist to somewhere they've never been so they can become inspired once more.
  94. One of the locals owns a hyperactive blink dog as a pet. Recently they hurt their leg so need someone to take it for a walk. WCGW.
  95. Recover several missing sandbags and get them to the town before the coming storm.
  96. Be lab rats for a potion maker
  97. Cooking contest
  98. Help out with a concert by a traveling bard by doing behind the scenes stuff
  99. Be actors in a play
  100. Help extinguish a large fire
  101. Give a lecture on adventuring to some students
  102. Find a way to open a mysterious old door that's been locked for centuries.
  103. Retrieve a bunch of magical animals for a wizard
  104. Broker a peace treaty between two warring kingdoms.
  105. Help a lost child find their parents.
  106. Rehabilitate a criminal seeking redemption back into society.
  107. Fix the town's well
  108. Mend the relationship of two old friends who were partners in a vital business to the village
submitted by dndalt2 to d100