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Personal Log 5.1

First and foremost I'd like to thank u/Aathole for reminding me to get off my ass and write. I much appreciate it.
Personal Log 5.0 Personal Log 1
And if you haven't read anything of mine, this is the story that started me off Wuulphie/Human Bonds


+++17 FEBRUARY 2925+++
As we walked through the large double doors, which I noticed swung inward instead of sliding open like the majority of the doors here, I couldn’t shake the feeling like all of this was for show. The whole interior of the building was tall. The walls looked like white marble with gold and silver inlays. All along them were holo-transmitters depicting the various species in the Galactic Commonwealth. Behind each holo-transmitter were spheres made of various stones that I’m guessing was a representation of each home world of each of the various species. Every sphere was made out of multiple types of stones. All representing what I could only assume were the land and water masses of each planet.
To say the foyer we were walking through was extravagant would be the understatement of the year…um…or cycle or whatever. Chandeliers with various glimmering stones and light fixtures that projected the light in such a way that the room looked like it was shimmering by the chandelier’s stones. Like a disco ball that didn’t move and had more colors.
Scroll turned around and said, “The minister very rarely has anyone come to visit, but when he does, he likes to make sure the true beauty of his home is on display. He doesn’t like to admit it, but he really is fond off showing other species what his people have collected over the megacycles.”
“His people?” I asked, “How many of his people are there? There seems to be only on of his kind that I’ve seen within the Beacon.”
“Always only two, the Alpha and his Progeny.”
“Like the master and the apprentice?” asked Langley, “Is there a ‘Rule of Two’?” Langley starts grinning.
Lee chimes in, “Yeah, is the apprentice learning the dark ways of the –”
“Shut it,” Spillman said. They shut it.
Scroll, obviously not getting the reference or the joke said, “Yes, a master and apprentice. The apprentice must learn all of the most current history and events off every species in the Commonwealth before taking his seat as the Chair of the CGC.”
“Not past history?” asked Ambassador Galindo
“Past history is genetically passed down from the previous Alpha to the next Progeny after death. Anything that has happened between death and the 20 cycles before mental maturity must be learned as well as all customs and courtesies of every species that is part of the CGC. Not just those that hold a seat on the Committie, but all the ones that rely on trade and react with the CGC as well,” replied Scroll, “Now that there is a possibility of Humans being added to or reacting with the Commonwealth, Minister Alkfr Twkr and Progeny Alkfr Twls have a lot of work to do to familiarize themselves with the vast histories of Terra and surrounding colonies.”
“How far into the histories and current events will they delve into?” Ambassador Galindo asked. I noticed the tone in his voice changed just lightly and Chief noticed that I noticed, looked at me, and gave me a very small shake of his head that said, “Leave it alone.” I left it alone.”
“All of it,” said Scroll, “and please don’t worry Ambassador Galindo, regardless of a species’ past and current history, the Minister does not judge. It helps him better understand and relate to your species as a culture instead of as just another space faring animal. There isn’t a species in the Commonwealth who haven’t rose to power by any means necessary. Your regime isn’t the first to do it in the known universe and it isn’t the last.”
I saw Ambassador Galindo release the tension in his shoulders. I’ve always had my opinions about my regime, but like a good soldier, I kept my mouth shut. I always feel that when I see someone in power have these kinds of reactions, it just affirms what I’ve been thinking, but what do I know? Guys like the Ambassador have always made me want to watch my back beause I’m sure a knife is about to end up in it.
We walked through the foyer and through a hallway that ended up in a large den area. All of it was still the white marble looking material and inside were chairs and couches of various sizes. Holo-pics, physical pictures and what looked like paintings covered the walls from floor to ceiling. Every different picture each had a different style. Some were landscapes while others were portraits much like the kind you’d see of world leaders and dignitaries. In the center of the left-hand wall was a landscape I knew very well.
“That’s Terra,” I said. I was one of the two people on this detail who were actually born on Terra and I’d seen the remnants of that tall green statue a couple times on weekend trips and school field trips.
“Yes, it is,” said Scroll, “This holo-pic is a copy of the original photograph taken from your planet 300 years ago. Before Terra’s Integration Wars.”
“How did you get it?” asked Ambassador Galindo.
Scroll replied, “Ah, well, we had acquired it when we were given access to your museum archives. All the proper protocols were followed according your customs to obtain a copy of your…what do you call it…copyrighted material.” It had tilted its’ floating orb to one side. It looked very human when it did it and I couldn’t help but wonder if it had learned that action in order to better communicate with us.
Scroll continued on, “Before I leave you hear, Minister Alkfr Twkr and Alkfr Twls have both asked that you do not bow, salute or perform any form of genuflection. They want to come up and greet you individually as per your custom and shake your hands. I hope this is satisfactory.”
“Scroll,” started Ambassador Galindo, “we do not want to offend the Minister and his Progeny. It would be nothing for us to—”
“Please do not,” Scroll interrupted, “this is not a formal dinner full of protocol and proper customs and courtesies. This dinner is amongst what the Minister will hope will be friends for many megacycles to come. Please follow this simple request.”
Scroll floated away through a port above the door. As he was leaving, Langley asked, “Can I take one of those home with me?”
Spillman beat me to it. He responded with. “The only way you take one home is with it shoved at least three feet up your ass.”
Lee butt in, “Challenge accepted.” He and Langley burst out laughing. Spillman and I were trying not to laugh and I could tell the Chief was suppressing a smile. Ambassador Galindo looked disgusted and I don’t think the Lt was paying attention, either that or she was pretending to not hear a thing. Sometimes I can’t tell if she’s really that dense or really smart for pretending to not listen but knowing when exactly to interact. Better than the captain that was supposed to join us. He was an idiot and didn’t know how to do anything. Not really sure how he made it out of the Academy.
Sorry for the tangent…So we are sitting around for only a couple minutes when we hear a set of footsteps. They are quick and light. Suddenly the main double doors open and we see someone walk in.
He’s a little taller than Spillman but rail thin. He stands very straight. He has the same long face, large eyes and small nose as the Minister. As he walks in he just stares at us in awe. I mean like the first time you see Mars eclipse with Phobos and the sun. You can see the wheels turning in his head as he was processing this and finally composed himself. “Greetings,” he said, “my name is Alkfr Twls, Progeny of the Minister Alkfr Twkr. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He walks up to Ambassador Galindo and extends his hand. You can see the extra finger. Even though he has it, his hand looks no wider than mine. The Ambassador stretches out this and accepts the handshake even bringing his other hand along with him to give a full two hand shake.
Alkfr Twls looks like he’s even more amazed than before. The handshake seems to last a little long before he realizes it isn’t customary to hold one for that length of time and releases his hand from Ambassador Galindo. We all stand in a row as Alkfr Twls comes to each of us and shakes each of our hands.
“I’m really excited to meet you all,” he says, “It has been so long since we’ve had visitors. Not since I was young and fresh from my Second Hatching.”
“Second Hatching?” asked the L.T.
“Ah, yes. So, when the Alpha dies, the egg that holds within it toward the end of its life span is surgically extracted from the body. The hard carapace that holds the egg is then put into a containment chamber filled with a sort of embryotic fluid. The press of the fluid is increased until the carapace cracks open. This is the First Hatching. The new Progeny is then kept in the containment chamber until its body has absorbed all the embryotic fluid. The Progeny should then be strong enough to break out of the containment chamber on its own. The breaking out is called the Second Hatching.”
As Alkfr Twls was explaining, his eyes glazed over as he was almost reading it from an optical data feed. When he finished reciting, his eyes came back into focus. We all just stared at him in amazement.
“So, let me please inform you of this evening’s activities,” Alkfr Twls clasped his hands together as he spoke, “We will be having a dinner consisting of Fluufshi salad as an appetizer, followed by a Terran meal of chicken marsala, and ending with one of the Minister’s favorite desserts. It is a frozen treat similar to your ‘ice cream’. After dinner the Minister would like to take the Ambassador, Lieutenant Jarro and Chief Saber up to his study while I will take the rest of you to one of our entertainment platforms.”
“That sounds marvelous,” said Ambassador Galindo, “And when should we be expecting the Minister?
“We are actually going to make our way to the dining hall to meet with him now. I was just sent to greet you first and make sure there were no problems with your trip here,” replied Alkfr Twls.
“Excellent, when shall we depart?”
“As soon as you all are ready.”
So off we went. We took a right after we came through the hallway. And it was just as ornate and beautiful as the rest of the place. Even Langley and Lee were quiet. They just kept staring at the sculptures and holo-pics all over the place. Everything was old and from more worlds than were in the CGC. More statues of species that I did not see but these were not as vibrant as the others. They looked worn down and unkept.
“Excuse me, Progeny, but why are these statues not as well kept as the other ones in the main foyer?” I asked.
“Because these species have gone extinct,” he said, “the Galactic Commonwealth has been around for many megacycles and it is unfortunate, but sentient species go extinct for many different reasons. Whether it be war or disease or even planetwide natural catastrophe. Their statues move away from the center foyer and they fall into obscurity much like the species does into the history of time.”
“That’s kinda sad,” said the Lt.
“It is what it is,” replied Alkfr Twls, “Every species in the universe is susceptible to time and death. Even the Creators were unable to avoid it.”
“If the Creators even existed,” said Ambassador Galindo.
“Riiiight….” said Alkfr Twls, “If they existed.”
I looked Alkfr Twls in the eyes. His look spoke volumes, but I felt that now wasn’t the time to ask. I’d have to wait until my group was alone with him. It really peaked my curiousity. The Creator Race, I’d heard stories about it from the Crous and Drumphites, but they were recognized as old religious myths. No different than Zeus or Yahweh.
We made our way into the dining hall. Standing there at the head of the table very “Vader-like” was Alkfr Twkr. He smiled broadly and walked toward us.
“Good evening everyone,” he said, “please come in and make yourselves feel at home.” He walked up to us and shook each of our hands as Twls had done before. He was definitely much older than Twls and his shoulders were broader and hands were wider. His grip was definitely weaker and you could almost see what looked like arthritis in his hands. He looked like he didn’t have much time left if you asked me, but I don’t know how long they live so he could still have 100 yrs left, so who knows.
As the Minister is shaking everyone’s hands I realize I’ve become very curious of Alkfr Twls’ reactions. He just continues to look in amazement as we each shake the Minister’s hand, like he can’t believe what he’s seeing. I keep thinking back to a few days before when everyone else was forced to bow and I keep wondering if that is why Alkfr Twls is amazed. I’m starting to wonder if there is nothing in our bodies that forces us to do it. I don’t know, I have so many more questions now.


Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this. I'm gonna finish up 5.2 here soon since I already know where it is going. then back to the CGC meetings for a bit. I hope you enjoy and as always all criticism and critiques are welcome. Might still need an editor...

Edits: Spelling and grammar
submitted by cunvikted to HFY

Planetside 2 Developer Stream - Summary if you missed it! - 5/29/2020

Here's the summary for the Colossal Dev Stream today!
Link to previous Dev Stream summary: https://www.reddit.com/Planetside/comments/gafw8u/planetside_2_developer_stream_summary_if_you/

1. Return of the War Correspondent!
- Robert Stoneman's quality videos have returned to Auraxis.
- Check out Episode 9 of the War Correspondent here: https://youtu.be/fAJzVyZ5WVs
- May in fact be an ongoing video series for each update!

2. Outfit Wars Changes
- One more Alpha Cycle planned for additional changes, and then the full seasons will begin.
- Some organized playtests with outfits will be planned going forward.
- There may be a month break in the OW cycle to give the developers time to fix some things.
- Qualifications were pretty good, a little too long.
- Bracketing of Large Outfits is on the table.
- Reward structure for OW is to be reworked: different levels of placement will accrue different levels of score, and then an end-of-season final war will occur to decide the season winner.

3. New weapon: The NS-66 Punisher
- Some changes added!
- Default underbarrel is fragmentation grenade launcher
- Heavy Assault has Havoc underbarrel that prevents repairs on vehicles momentarily.
- Infiltrator EMP underbarrel has it's shield effect removed.
- Medic underbarrel is a cleanse - takes away any debuffs.
- Engineer underbarrel will increase maximum health for mechanical targets and will repair over time.
- The Punisher is a Planetside 1 relic! As such, a special edition of the Thumper will be released on this update.

4. Auxiliary Spitfire Replacement - Ordnance Dampener
- Auxiliary Spitfire Turret replaced with Ordnance Dampener that buffs nearby troops by giving them rank 1 Flak Armor and can assist in holding points.

5. Facility Modules
- All old facility benefits got rolled into modules.
- Can be crafted and placed on regions similar to war assets.
- Will buff everything in the region depending on its type.
- When hovering over a region, you can see what buffs are currently there, and you can extend them further.
- Tech plants are no longer required for MBTs, because modules can create the same buff.
- Displays the outfit currently providing the benefit.

6. The Colossus
- Outfit War-Asset tank that is individually customizable
- Merit is used to customize (prevents new players from spending certs on it, and encourages outfit play)
- Model has changed somewhat significantly
- Able to deploy
- Only spawnable in Tech Plants and Warpgates (tech plants still relevant after Facility Modules)
- Lots of verticality is available.
- When deployed, reticles appear on Bastion Fleet Carriers that are easily hit from the ground by the Colossus.
- Has a cortium-powered shield that is strong but limited without resupply.
- Will be a group-oriented vehicle - needs repairs, resupplying, people to man the turrets, etc
- Very satisfying sounds
- Balances continue!

7. PS4 Updates
- New programmer has been making good progress on porting Escalation to PS4.
- FOV slider will be added to PS4 as well
- Expect this release, barring surprises, sometime in the next month or two. Most features should be completed in 3 weeks, and then testing will begin.
- Next dev stream will have more information.

- Content Creator submissions end Sunday! Voting will begin shortly after that next Friday. Over 50 submitted so far!
- Congratulations to Mentis2k6 for the first 1 million kills! He has received a lifetime membership and there is a secret easter egg to find somewhere on Auraxis! This homage to Mentis will be interactable, and that's all that's being disclosed for now. It'll be on PTS soon, and finding it first may warrant you a prize.
- Patch-notes will be released after the stream.
- The update is slated for a few weeks from now after proper test-server testing.
- Final round of Russian and Chinese translations are coming in on the 5th of June.
- More frequent developer streams planned! Next dev stream will be sometime mid to late next month.
- Lane-smash is happening!

9. Bug Fixes
- Vehicle gates fixed!
- Construction placement nodes are back!
- Major performance decrease with Heavy Assault shield was revealed and has been removed! Frame-rate drops of 60-100 FPS have been brought down to 5 FPS drops when Heavy Assault shield is activated in first person.
- Chat-box font is changed to support different language characters.
- Tech Director is looking deep into the Voice Comms bug to try and see why they've been unreliable. Some improvements have occurred but are still far from ideal, and as soon as there's some more concrete updates they'll announce it. Hopefully in the next few days! They know the importance of the Voice Comms in Planetside 2 and are focused on trying to fix it.

The following features are planned not for the upcoming June update, but for a later, larger update.

10. WIP - Missions
- Campaigns, missions, directives coming. Mandate system rebranded to the Mission system.
- Current mission system sucks, so this will be the new replacement.
- Daily challenges and campaigns - telling a story and evolving the lore in-game.
- Campaigns contain Chapters which contain Missions, which each show in-game story and lore.
- Characters, world-building, new information will be told within the Missions in-game.
- Outside of the Campaign's portion is the Mission Board. This board will have many options for what you want to do with your session - exploration, low-key combat, fight at one singular base, move resources, etc.
- Some missions are harder, more intense, and take longer. Some are relaxing and low intensity. Different mission givers will give different missions: NS gives you different missions than black market dealers which gives different missions than VS or NC or TR.
- Adds a specific focus to your session. Celebrates different styles of play, and gives the developers control over reward systems.
- Directive screen will be rolled into this menu as well.
- Events will occur on Auraxis around these missions - Planetwide changes.
- A new writer has been working on the lore to implement it further in-game. Building out the world is a key goal!
- Teasers coming out in the next few months!

If I missed anything, let me know!
EDIT: Stream screenshots courtesy of u/Battleg00se : https://imgur.com/a/q95jWIj
submitted by BarberanF to Planetside