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A Firefox guide, the one mech who bests them all

too lazy to edit a vid so here, now we all know Firefox is about the firepower, that is the basis, but what makes or breaks a fox is its dash, master the dash and you master the fox
"how do i dash?" you may ask, a lot of factors go into that, but first i'll make it clear that fox is a 1v1 specialist, trio may have better dps, but fox has all the tools it needs to win any 1v1.
now there are two rules: 1- never dash to initiate the fight 2- in a fox vs fox the one who dash's second wins.
-now you have to keep a mental note of the enemies capabilities, ie how much dmg can they deal to you? can they escape you/capable of staying out of reach? do they have their skill ready and can you shrug it off?.
-lets take an example, you're fighting hotsteel, now hotsteel requires that you unload the whole minigun clip into him (rockets are disadvantages as they take longer to dish out their dmg), now hotsteel can easily kill you, unless you dodge two or three shots, generally most hoststeels have six shots, once you're certain your enemy cannot kill you, then you can just sit there and burn them "what about the dash?" you may ask, well you save it to counter hotsteels dash, as fox you need to pay attention a lot, you're playing a game of chess, if you see the hotsteel raise its gun, that means its reloading, easy kill but if it lowers it, its gonna charge you, in that split second you must dash and secure victory -lets take trio for another example, same thing except you dont want to mess with his ar, you have to dash in the middle of his clip, but dont dash around or closer, you must always dash away, trio's charge gives him a big speed boost, the closer you're the harder to aim.
-learn your enemies, save your dash know where to go if the unexpected happens, and most importantly:
-master your enemy: no two arthurs are the same, some are aggressive and you need to play defensively, some are reserved so you have to push up to pressure them, some players are experienced enough to predict your moves, some are so oblivious it throws you off.
time and perseverance are necessary
on to you weaponry, its a common misconception that fox is about the missiles, hell no, what did ning spend all her time and budget on? its those miniguns, anyone foolish enough to underestimate them will die in 4.5 seconds, they are second only to trio's AR, train yourself to track your enemies, after that start tracking their head, i'm guilty of not focusing headshots, still they are the difference between life and death. FIREFOX DOES NOT FALTER, fear has no place, you take the incoming damage head on with full confidence you will kill the enemy first.
-The rockets: they are a great tool to kill pilots, they are also easy to hit, they deal good damage but its slow and should not be used to ambush an enemy unless you're planning to hide after many players resort to them subconsciously because they are easier to hit, im also guilty of this sometimes, but never doubt your miniguns
-picking your target:
your roles are an assassin, an ambusher, and a jester,
you first analyse your surroundings, can someone spot you popping out? who's the enemy least capable of surviving the assault? which one is the most threat to your team? which one is the most threat to you?
now, "threat to you" doesn't refer to someone that can kill you without you being able to fight back, ie a skylark or an andromeda, by a threat i mean someone that also specialises in burst dmg forcing you to retreat.
out of a team of sky, hotsteel, kuma, gabe, and hurri. you first target should be hotsteel, after is hurri, after is kuma, after is gabe, and forget about sky.
once you attract the attention of two enemies, try to pull the third along and use your dash to swiftly run away.
to recap, save your dash, make sure you can kill your enemy while they cant kill you, make sure no one else can interrupt, and already visualise your escape route.
in the odd case that your field awareness slips up and an enemy ambushs you..
DO. NOT. THINK. just jump and dash to the nearest cover WITH an escape route behind it. OR jump and dash backwards to meet your enemy if you identify what mech shot you from the sound and shells hitting your mech
FIREFOX is all about strategy, planning and muscle memory/reaction time. good aim is a must for any mech but its a needed asset here.
know who can and cant kill you, fear no pain, turn every fight to your favor with one perfect dash, no mecha can rival fox,
FIREFOX a basic industrial chassis, given life by a little girl's unyielding will, she placed everything she had into his strength, putting all her faith in his own resilience, two commonplace souls yearning for power...
that is how a god that triumphs over anyone with SHEER UNMATCHED FIREPOWER was born to reign terror upon the super mecha championship
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Auto Expo Sends Adrenaline Levels Soaring

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With its gates finally opening towards the public, the next day of the 11th Auto Expo awoke to a rousing welcome as Pragati Maidan witnessed India's desire for wheels but another surge of footfalls. A multitude of new items and upgrades await the anticipating crowds as exhibitors aspire to get a positive with an enthusiastic response from potential customers and auto buffs. CII Director General Chandrajit Bannerjee said, "Bringing together numerous automakers in one location has become a successful endeavour and it has set making use of for integration and alliance between manufacturers, suppliers and key strategists. The favorable results of the exposition can be judged from the tremendous turnout they have garnered". Going the green wayIn tune with the theme "Mobility for All", Firefox Bikes today launched the Trek Elite 9.9 SSL bicycle. With a full carbon frame and costing Rs 4.25 lakh, it's touted being the more expensive cycle in the country but may be described as a viable substitute for save resources. Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dixit as well as Managing Director of GM India, Karl Slym, drew back the covers from the new Chevrolet E-Spark - another step towards promoting an eco-friendly way of life. Maruti Suzuki's electric car concept Eeco Charge is an additional offering that seeks to lessen the carbon footprint. Carmakers pitch to the long rideVolkswagen, the German automobile giant, targets as well as sought-after SUV market with new versions of the SUV, Touareg as well as the small car Beetle. It also unveiled its concept hybrid car XL 1.Renault also introduced its latest concept, DeZir - a two-seater built to touch 100kmph in five seconds. The two-wheeler reigns supremeItalian heavyweight Ducati showcased its Monster 795 to the Asian market among 13 other models like the Hypermotard and Super Bike. Fending off competition from Harley Davidson and Triumph, the M795 has been aggressively priced at Rs.6.99 lakh. Domestic players rise for the occasionForce Motors exhibited the Traveller-26, declared being the earth's largest monocoque van. Also on display are two CNG versions of Traveller and Trump as well as the Traveller Hybrid which houses onboard energy harvesting technology. Trucks make their presence feltIntroducing its truck series, PACCAR showcased its premium DAF CF trucks today. Equipped while using PX-6 180 horse power engine, the look could be used for tractor and vocational configurations. PACCAR in addition has established its new technical center at Pune in partnership with KPIT Cummins to accelerate cool product development. This undertaking advances India's emergence as being a globally preferred destination for engineering, IT and component sourcing for worldwide productions and aftermarket operations. Mr. Arvind Kapur, President ACMA, mentioned that, "The auto components industry in India has witnessed robust growth in the domestic sector but there is no denying that fortunes can also be linked equally to the global marketplace. Auto Expo 2012 is the ideal platform for cross-pollination of ideas and widening of business opportunities. Delegations from Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, Malaysia etc will be visiting in vast quantities to understand more about opportunities of engagement using the Indian auto component industry. The representatives through the auto component bodies will probably be trying to fulfill the component sourcing requirements from India." SAFE - Society for Automotive Fitness and Environment and SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) in association with Delhi Traffic Police and Bajaj Auto Ltd took the unique initiative of organizing Road Safety Training Program and Health Check Up for three wheeler drivers, today. The Road Safety Training Program was organized with the faculty support from IIJT Education Pvt Ltd and Hubert Ebner India. Mr. S Sandilya, President, SIAM said "Three the situation is of prime importance. Three wheeler drivers must receive etiquette training, proper health visit and safety training. Overtaking in the wrong side, red light jumping are major factors which cause road accidents. Through this programme we might try and benefit more drivers and realize the value of not simply safety and defensive training, but additionally etiquette training." With emphasis on research and development and the increasing should develop sustainable energy options, brands are not zeroing in on that niche area but you are catering to the masses using their new range of technologies. The current trend of expansion and experimentation also allows for diversification of operations as manufacturers gear up to supply tailor-made automobile solutions for that Indian market.
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