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Yoseob cracks of my broken heart ing. YOSEOB WAS GOING TO SELL HIS DOG [03: 48PM] yeah. I will wait for you until the day I die. Stata mp 12 keygen. No group is tagged just for show, and if you don't know the groups don't worry! He wanted to give him the chocolate before.

[Announcement] Kyrru Steps Down as Support for IVG

Hi, I'm Kyrru, the now ex-Support for IVG. Though I have chosen not to remain on the starting roster, I have not yet broken ties with the Intervention Organization. I had made an announcement earlier today that I was planning to be a coach for IVG's B-Team, however that does not appear to be the case. This situation also brings to light a major overhaul in our B-Team roster, in which I have decided to play as the team's Support. Here is the unconfirmed roster for IVG's secondary team, currently dubbed "Intervention Elite".
Top Lane: Tony "AuraShadow" Sun
Jungle: Paolo "BrbHungry" Sanchez
Middle Lane: Undecided (Danko or YoseobNike)
ADC: Undecided (YoseobNike or MajesticDude)
Support: Kyle "Kyrru" Moreton
EDIT: B-Team Title confirmed as "IVG Elite".
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Idol Room E3 | 180526 | Highlight

Idol Room | 아이돌룸

Idol Room is a South Korean comedy variety show presented by Jeong Hyeong-don & Defconn that focus on K-Pop Idol. The show serves as a platform for Idol to promote their music release. It consist of various segments of interview, dancing, singing, mini games or challenges.
  • Jeong Hyeong-don
  • Defconn
  • Highlight
Official Stream
Stream Source Note
VLIVE Video Link Live Studio Broadcast (Teaser)
VLIVE Playlist Link Full Episode
VLIVE Playlist Link Pick-Dol Cam
Stream Note : Let me know in the comment if i miss any VOD / Unaired segment link.
Full Episode Segment Link
1 of 11 2 of 11 3 of 11 4 of 11 5 of 11 6 of 11 7 of 11 8 of 11
[9 of 11](Missing) 10 of 11 11 of 11
Pick-Dol Cam Segment Link
1 of 6 2 of 6 3 of 6 4 of 6 5 of 6 6 of 6
Segment Note : Highlight have missing VLIVE Segment, this is not an error. Hover your mouse over the link to see the description. All link description auto retrieved from VLIVE Title.   Known Issue : A broken stripped word is expected due various reason. You can read more about it in this wiki   Please help fix and expand the segment link description. Submit link description by following this simple guide.
Unofficial RAW
Source Magnet Subtitle
720p NEXT magnet:?xt=urn:btih:834affbba2fd904a4cd09110317645823f6c928f Addic7ed / Subscene
Release notes : Highlight have missing VLIVE segment, i check every early subtitles that i can find, none of them have that missing segment. So this is a problem from the start. Nothing i can do about that. I strongly recommend to use Addic7ed link; Any correction, new line, new translation will be updated there.
Broadcast date AGB Nielsen
May 26 0.400%
  Source : Wikipedia
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