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FilePlanet is the safest place to download free PC Games, Mods, Demos, Patches, Betas and Maps. Pros - This is the most realistic rally game out there - Clear pace note instructions although takes some getting used to what gear you. This is the version patch for the Richard Burns Rally racing game. The game propels you into the heart of the 2020 World Rally Championship and offers you to embody the drivers and take orders for official cars. Grand theft auto san andreas ios hack click this link now.


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Richard Burns, rally driver: born Reading 17 January 1971; RACMSA British Rally Champion 1993; FIA World Rally Champion 2020; died London 25 November 2020. TAGS: counter-strike source, counter-strike 1.6, counter-strike nexon zombies, counter-strike global offensive free edition, counter-strike condition zero, counter-strike vr, counter-strike for kids, counter-strike online 2, counter-strike global offensive, counter-strike animation, counter-strike all weapons, counter-strike a brief history, counter-strike anthology, counter-strike apk. RBR Dashboard on mobiles and tablets Android Game modes compatibility in Richard Burns Rally Game - Rapid Rally - Richard Burns Rally Challenge - Season Rally - Replays (spectator only) Compatible plugins - RSRBR For others, please let me know. Use Symbaloo as a homepage on any browser or Internet-enabled device. Richard burns rally english language patch.

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How do you change the language in Richard burns rally? Mobil 1 rally has more views than just 1st person - chase view, bumper view, hood\bonnet view and the inside camera located just above the handbrake. Only two things to remember of porridge mods: 1) you have to set RBR's pacenote language to French*, and 2) the mods have to be (re-)installed on top of a clean unmodified copy of Pacenote Plugin, not the other way round. This update patch brings your. Don't know how dated it would look now, but it was great back in the days.


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DiRT 4 is a better rally game than DiRT Rally because it has improved career progression, better multiplayer, randomized rally routes, and some casual-friendly options. NSA's ineffective key generator the default option) A. Free Game Downloads Download: Games, Game Demos, Patches, Trainers, Wallpapers, Mods. In 1943, 11 Australian commandos, all white, disguised themselves as Malay fishermen by dyeing their skin brown and boarding a fishing boat. Richard burns rally [all] no intro fix (kb) Search for related No-CD & No-DVD Patch No-CD & No-DVD Patch troubleshooting: The most common problem getting a No-CD/No-DVD patch to work is ensuring that the No-CD/No-DVD patch matches you're game version, because the games exe is changed when a patch update is applied previous versions won't work.


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Audio feature State Notes. So in the last year I've held a rallying speedrunning marathon based around the Colin McRae Rally/DIRT Series and this time we are back for a third installment with McRaeathon 3. Install RBR Patch SSE. The best recreation of real life rallying seen to date, Richard Burns Rally is simulation gaming at its most precise. Conversion between the file types listed below is also possible with the help of Richard Burns Rally.

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In collaboration with the most prestigious car manufacturers, Assetto Corsa ups the simulation stakes with a focus on pure driving realism, with pin-point accuracy across every aspect of the game. Tennis elbow 2020 1.0c crack. Login Store Community Support Change language View desktop. I've been playing Dirt Rally, Dirt Rally 2.0, Dirt 4, WRC 5, 6 and 7. I'm still chasing that elusive feeling that only Richard Burns Rally seemed to bring. Free download richard burns rally game for pc full version direct link free download richard burns rally game for pc full version direct link type, racing language, english platform pc turbo bit download link: click here to download or deposit files download link: click here to download or uploaded download link click here to download passowrd.

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Learnings and tips

I posted a part of this some weeks ago in the other sub, I updated it and want to know what you think. Sorry about my English, it is not my first language.
I am playing since 265 days at server #1139 My power is at 41M with my main account and about 6M with my farm account. City Hall level is 25 All of my epic commanders have maxed skill I have too many messed up legendary commanders, because I did not know what I’m doing in the beginning, but my Richard, Martel, Alexander and YSG are all at least 5/5/1/1 I spent maybe 200 euros
Good to know:
  1. You will get a free nation change item at city hall level 10, so I would recommend to choose the start nation only because of the commander and not because of the bonuses (e.g. France for Joan or Britain for Boudica)
  2. You have a gathering speed bonus inside your alliance territory
  3. The talent tree of the second commander does not matter, only the skill level matters
  4. If you hit a barbarian together with multiple armies, you will get multiple rewards
  5. If you hit barbarian without returning to the city, the AP cost will be reduced for the next hit (2 AP per barb, maximal a reduction of 10 APs)
  6. You can camp a troop outside if you hit the button with a tent
  7. If you cancel a barbarian attack before you hit the target, you will get your AP back. If you want to cancel a barbarian attack and directly get your AP back, just pressing the tent button won't work as it only pauses the march, you only get the AP back when you press return to city.
  8. If you attack a city, some of your troops will die, even if you have an empty hospital
  9. A jumping account helps in the beginning (there are some guides out there)
  10. A farming account helps a lot (except you are a big spender)
  11. If you attack your farm account to transfer the resources you pay 30% taxes, so normally it is better to use the trading post (you will have some death from the attack, if your farm account has a tower)
  12. You can zoom out the map and then you have some filters on the left side. E.g. resources or one you see all the villages and cages to explore (its named explore? Not sure sorry). Use this filters to find all the cages/villages
  13. An other alliance can only attack your flags/fortress/Altars.. if both of your territory are connected
  14. Because of point 13 -> The safest place to park troops outside your city is in a flag, pass or altar, which not boarder another alliance.
Some general tips:
  1. If you aren’t a whale, accept the fact that there is always a stronger guy out there
  2. There are plenty of YouTube guides, you should not trust everything you hear there, and some own testing is never wrong.
  3. Find the strongest and most active alliance
  4. Use your gems wisely
  5. Make some friends, don’t attack everything you see on the map
  6. Always try to get the five reward chests for daily quests, it is worth it
  7. Siege units are for farming or city attack, not for open field battles or barb forts
  8. Best unit for gathering is T1 siege, because its cheap and fast
  9. Do not forget to push your expedition, long-term you can get many epic or Aethelflaed heads from it.
  10. Buy every resources and speed ups in the shop which only costs resources
  11. Buy every week the things in the vip shop where you only need resources (e.g. Action Points)
  12. A full AP-Bar is a waste of resources/experiences
  1. Always rush your city hall until level 22 (only upgrade the buildings you need for next upgrade)
  2. Important city hall levels are 16 (for T3 units), 17 (4th march), 21 (T4 units) and 22 (5th march)
  3. After you get a new city hall level, push your academy to the next level, you will need it anyways and you get new technology ready
  4. In the early game focus on military technology, because you can get the economy technologies from villages
  5. Use speed ups to level up the military buildings and the academy to have less idle time
  6. (Late game) save your speed ups for events
  7. Push the research where you get research speed and building speed (e.g. mathematics)
  8. For the big upgrades/researches use runes (you need to pick them up before you start the upgrade)
  9. After Lost Temple, wait for kingdom buffs and ask for title before you start a big upgrade/research (depending on the server if this is possible)
  10. (mid/late game) Plan your upgrades, if you going to bed/work and a building needs 30min to finish, use speed ups and start a new one
  11. Before using speed ups for research/building ask for help and if possible wait until u get the max amount of help
  12. A good alliance center level will save you a lot of time
  13. Almost every building upgrade from level 24 to 25 cost an master blueprint (you need to buy it for 2k gems)
There are many possibilities to spend your gems, and a lot opinions what the best option is. I tell you some option here, but in the end you have to decide by your own where you get the best profit.
  1. Books for castle upgrade (This will definitely be a bottleneck on your way to T5)
  2. Master blueprint to upgrade a building to level 25
  3. Vip level (Vip 6 = permanent second building queue, Vip 10 = 1 legendary sculp per day)
  4. Wheel of fortune: way to get Richard, YSG, Khan, Alexander, also the rewards are not bad in my opinion, If you have the gems I would do at least 10 spins to get the first reward box (You get 1x free spin, 3x 50% spins)
  5. Other Events like Christmas/valentine (if you can complete the event -> get the Christmas tree to level 25, the 7k gems for the second rewards is really worth it, -> you don't need to buy it before you complete the levels, you can buy it at the end)
  6. Speed ups from merchant- or vip-shop (maybe that is helpful in the beginning to push your power to get in a strong alliance)
  7. Arrows of resistance for watchtower upgrades -> This is only needed if you are not very active or don’t like to kill barbs otherwise you will get enough of the arrows especially during lohastrategic reserve events
From time to time there is an event "more then gems" where you have to spend gems (does not matter for what you spending), this event is of course more for the p2w players, but you can get some nice rewards as a f2p player too if you save your gems. Full reward you get at 25k gems, the event reset after first day, so to complete it you need 50k gems :) Sometimes this event shows up at second day of a wheel event, so I always wait for second or third day till I spin the wheel (be aware about the max spins per day)
  1. Always check which event is running and try to complete it, normally it is worth it.
  2. I don’t really like the mightiest governor event, because the rewards are really low, except you can be in top25 for overall ranking,
  3. Save some AP-Reserves and gems for events (e.g. karuak)
  4. For Strategic reserve and Lohar event, the level of the barbarian does not matter.
  5. The most efficient way to spend your AP during an barbs event (e.g. Lohar) is to use an commander with an AOE skill. (But it is more time consuming)
Kill Event during mightiest governor
The last 2 days of MG event is a kill event
  1. Every server has some rules for this event (e.g. no fights in zone 3 or not city burning), don’t be stupid and accept this rules
  2. Be careful with farming during this event,
  3. Gatherer in an alliance resource center can’t get attacked, but the enemies see when the center is almost empty and then they maybe come and kill your leaving farmers
  4. If you want to farm during this event, there are 3 possibility
a. Only gather if you can be online and recall your troops if you see an enemy close to you
b. Farm with (small) groups of T1 units, the can easily be killed, but you don’t have a lot of healing costs and time
c. Farm with full troops and fighting-commanders, I do not recommend this except if you are online and want make a trap. Don’t do it if you go offline, because people searching for kills will attack you with multiple marches and then the only thing you get are tons of healing costs and time.
  1. Attack guardians don't cost any APs
  2. Good way to gain exp for your commanders
  3. Guardians reset at fix times, I think its twice per day
  4. Guardians gives rewards for the events like strategic reserve
  5. Be careful if you hit guardians alone, depending on server some people get really pissed if you hit their guardians, for example in my server, we have specific times to hit the lost temple guardians, all alliances in zone 3 know when and then come and kill the guardians together twice a day.
  1. You need at least two participant in the rally, you cannot solo one.
  2. The AP-reduction talent in the peacekeeping tree also affect the rallies (Barb fort, Lohars)
  3. If you join a rally, your commanders don’t fight, only your troops will fighting, so best combo to join a pve-rally is a high level peacekeeping commander as primary (high level = more troops, peacekeeping = AP reduction) and someone with a skill for more troop capacity (e.g. Scipio)
  4. The damage you make does affect the rewards for barbarian forts (but not a huge different)
  5. The damage you make does not affect the rewards for Lohars, (it is just random), so do not send full armies for those, send smaller armies because then more people can join. (of course you need enough troops to win)
  6. Do not start a rally and then go offline/afk, except you are sure you will win the fight.
  7. If you cancel a rally, you will get your AP back.
  8. Check the troops you need before you start a rally (e.g. do not start a level 5 barb fort with a castle size of 500k)
  9. You can call your troops back as long they don’t reached the city of the rally leader
  10. You cannot call your troops back, if they reached the city of the rally leader
  11. You can reinforce a rally on the map, as long as you have not already a march inside it.
  12. Check the commanders of the rally leader and send proper troops (e.g. send cavalry to a Mina/CaoCao combo)
There are soooo many possibilities to play; you will find many different opinions what the best setup is. I think every epic/legendary commander has his value and can be useful for a certain situation. You need to experiment and test a little bit by your own, find your playstyle; also, every server is different and need different setups.
  1. The most important thing about the commanders (you will read this sentence many times) Never add stars to an epic/legendary commander before you maxed his first skill. (Because the first skill is normally the best one), sometimes it is also better to wait for second skill befor unlocking skill 3 and 4
  2. There are some exceptions:
  3. Lohar (With a good alliance, he is very easy to max, so no need to wait, especially if you want to use him for leveling other commanders -> you need 3 stars for this)
  4. Cleopatra (She is only good for gathering, so get her to 2 stars for the gathering-skill)
  5. Joan if you want to use here as a gatherer (Same reason as Cleopatra)
  6. Maybe your starting commander (you will get him to max, it’s still better to wait for first skill, but not that important)
  7. It is never wrong to upgrade your gatherers, you will need 5 of them longterm. (Sharka, Gaius, Centurio, Constance, Joan or Cleopatra), level 37 is the point where the gathering speed is maxed, go for level 40 if you want some marching speed for siege units
  8. Get some peacekeeping commanders. The best are Lohar and Boudica (only the lower path of the peacekeeping-talent-tree is important -> AP reduction, more exp., marching speed and maybe some extra resource packs)
  9. Never use universal sculptures for Lohar (as I mention before, he is easy to max)
  10. Use all of your blue universal sculptures for Constance until she is maxed, don’t buy her sculptures from expedition shop, use the coins there for epics/legendary
  11. Don’t use to many universal sculptures for your starting commander, because you will get a lot of his heads from the “city hall quests rewards”
  12. Do not use too much exp. Books for green or blue commanders, except for gatherers and maybe Lancelot (cheap mobility commander). You will not use them mid or late game.
  13. If you are low-spender focus on 1 or 2 legendary, use your epics, they are good enough
  14. Minamoto is a good commander if maxed (at least max his first skill), and by far the cheapest legendary hero to max -> about 250 dollars (not sure, didn’t max him)
  15. You cannot use universal sculptures on Minamoto or Hannibal, those are only available in VIPs packs
  16. You cannot use universal sculptures on Aethelflaed, those are only available in expedition shop/rewards
  17. Some commanders you get as a reward in mightiest governor event but not in gold chest (e.g. Saladin, Constantin) you can use your universal sculptures to upgrade them.
  18. Some commanders you get as a reward in wheel event but not in gold chest (e.g. Richard, YSG, Khan, Alexander) you can use your universal sculptures to upgrade them.
  19. In King of cards event it is possible to get some commanders after their MG- or wheel- event is finished
  1. If someone says, “focus on one troop type” does not mean you should not produce the other types (if you have enough resources). Just use your speed-ups for those you want to focus.
  2. Cavalry has a bonus against Archer, Infantry has a bonus against cavalry and archer has a bonus against infantry
  3. Every nation has a unique special units, so you should choose a nation with a special unit type you want to focus (e.g. Germany or Spain for cavalry)
  4. Now the most people still focus the cavalry, especially early/mid game, the big pro about cavalry is the marching speed, because if you are the fastest man on the map YOU can choose which battle you want to fight and in which situation you want to run.
  5. Siege units are really a bad choice for open field battles
I’m not a big spender, so I can’t tell you many things here..
  1. In the beginning I would buy some vip packages, until at least Minamotos first skill is maxed (you will get some books for castle upgrade too)
  2. Then I would invest in Gem supply
  3. And Growth found
  4. And buy all special offers you get after you find a new legendary hero (for the universal sculptures)
submitted by SirSubito to CommunityRoK


List of sim-racing websites & resources

List of sim-racing websites & resources
(This is probably 0.01% of the sites that are out there)
Whatever you're into, no matter how old (GP2 anyone?) there's someone still racing it.
I'll start with NoGrip as that it's the one I'm most familiar with.
This site has had a couple of variations on the URL over time, but was founded in Feb 2003.
NoGrip Racing
European focus, although has members in US and Australia
Has one of the biggest downloads sections around.
  • GT Legends: 300+ tracks
  • GTR2: 380 tracks
Forums, downloads and leagues for: * GT Legends
  • Power & Glory
  • GTR2
  • GTR Evolution
  • Race On
  • Race 07
  • rFactor
  • Colin McRae Rally Series (incl Dirt/2)
  • Rally Trophy
  • Other Rally
  • Richard Burns Rally
  • iRacing
  • NetKar Pro
  • NFS: Shift (and other NFS)
  • Consoles
Also includes sections for:
  • Real Life Motorsport
  • Computech
  • DIY (making/installing your own cockpits etc)
  • Videos/Pics
  • Modding
"The BUDEs"
The "budes" are German-based sites that support both German and (mostly) English language. These guys are techno-wizards and have produced "auto-downloaders" to keep you up to date with the latest tracks, cars, skins etc
FYI: "...bierbude" translates roughly as "...beer shack". They enjoy themselves :)
GT Legends focus
GTR Evo & Race 07
Black Hole Motor Sports
American Focus
Forums, downloads and leagues for:
  • Lots, like NoGrip, also including:
  • NASCAR (yeehaw)
  • EA Sports games
  • Grand Prix Legends
  • Live For Speed
  • Race Driver
** Some Sites that NoGrip has interactions with**
We're a friendly bunch:
"How about an inter-league race this weekend? You guys versus us?"
"Um... our race-server's down, can we borrow one of yours?"
"You're out of bandwith and need a download hosted? No problem."
Yes, that's what it really is like :)
Gamers Crib
The "Fun group" (but still bloody fast)
  • GT Legends
  • Power & Glory
  • GTR2
German site, multiple sims
Danish site, GT Legends league mostly
Other resources
rFactor Central
Everything rFactor
Inside Sim Racing
A weekly online tv show (yes TV SHOW) about news in sim racing
submitted by _psyFungi to simracing