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Here to answer a few questions you may have concerning Cathook. Not endorsing the cheat by any means.

I will not comment on anything that could break the rules of this sub. Also, doxxing isn’t cool. I’m going to be civil, so you should respect that. Understand few cheaters, let alone CH users like doing this sort of thing.
Don’t know what cathook is? It is the cheat and it’s sister projects that turned 2020 into a bot epidemic of TF. Similarly to 2017 except now with even more capabilities. The cheat that gave people the ability to host bots on a large scale of any flavor (and with any agenda). Most of the bots active pre-April were so alarming to Valve’s public image that they were forced to come back to TF and carpet bomb f2p accounts from communicating in casual.
The cheat itself, however, remained hot and undetected. Which is very unfortunate for legit f2ps. Having been thrown into the crossfire of something they had nothing to do with. This change is most likely not permanent, and may be rolled back if Valve distributes a newer anti-cheat system. Or drops a massive upgrade to the current, but horribly obsolete, VAC.
My history with Cathook is short, I used it briefly to understand how it worked and the community behind it. Relaying the information to those who’d be of interest understanding what is happening behind the scenes. Unfortunately, I’m not here to comment on anyone I communicated with or “who is hosting xyz bot?” questions.
Also, to be clear, my bots lasted only 15 minutes. They were pyros that had aimbot disabled. I think I named them “pyro bot test” or “pyro test bot”. Something like that. All of it was just to build a solid understanding of what we’re dealing with here. I didn’t need them to run aimbot sniper to know that.
So, I’ll try to answer a few questions you may have about this all. As long as it fits my conditions above and doesn’t break this sub’s rules.
I’ll end saying, where something is found to be exploitable, you best bet, someone is going to exploit it until it no longer can be. This is true for all walks of life.
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Cryopod Refresh 250: The Battle Brothers' Resurgence!

Tarus II, the Eastern Front.
Zamiel, the older but shorter of the Battle Brothers, raises his fists and grits his teeth. His opponent, Kar, the Sphinx, casually strolls toward him with a huge smile on his gator-face. Behind Kar, the Wordsmith stands casually, his arms crossed and a relaxed expression on his face. The Wordsmith appears uninterested in taking away Kar's shot at ripping Zamiel apart.
As Kar begins stomping toward Zamiel, a look of terror appears on the Battle Brother's face.
"This... this isn't fair! Wretched crocodile! You were supposed to be down for the count! And the Wordsmith wasn't supposed to be here either! How is any of this possible?!"
Kar rears his fist back. "Hurgh! When you meet the Creator, ask HIM!"
Zamiel summons a massive warhammer and tries to crush Kar into a pancake before the Sphinx can land his punch.
He fails.
The Sphinx blasts Zamiel in his face, spinning the Battle Brother through the air. He careens helplessly to the side and crashes into the dirt, spraying soil out and away from the impact zone.
"Aargh!" Zamiel crows. "You... you fucking- ACK!"
The goatee'd demon's pupils shrink to pinpricks as he spots the Sphinx leaping toward him from the sky. He feebly raises an arm to shield himself from the blow, but it does little to stop Kar's savage assault.
Wham! Bam! Boom!
Over and over, Kar grabs Zamiel and thrashes him from side to side, beats him black and blue, and flings him into the dirt. The Sphinx pulverizes the Baron with ease, showing his prowess as the unmatched champion of Tarus II.
"Kahuck! Gah! Aaah!"
Zamiel shrieks and cries, but the Sphinx doesn't let up. Eventually, after breaking Zamiel's arms and legs, Kar slows his onslaught and drops Zamiel to the ground beside his fallen brother, Duriel. Both demons lie motionless in the dirt, with Zamiel's eyes fluttering weakly, while Duriel's appear permanently closed.
"Cough... cough... damn... can't win... the fucking Wordsmith hasn't... hasn't even made a move... little bro, help me... get up, man..."
Kar stands with his arms crossed. He towers over Zamiel's broken form and smirks. "Hurgh. For my revenge to come this easily, you were never my opponent. A weakling though and through."
Zamiel doesn't answer.
His eyes flick around erratically, the result of severe brain hemmorhages ravaging his mind.
Damn. Can't feel my arms or legs. Whole body feels like it's on fire. Is this the end?
As Zamiel lies helpless on the ground, his head lolls to the side, allowing him to get a better look at his unconscious, beaten and defeated brother.
"D-Duriel... bro... come on, don't be a little... cough... a little bitch..."
Zamiel's eyes refocus. He tries to wake his brother up, only for his gaze to fall not on Duriel, but on the blood-soaked ground where he landed.
Huh? Blood?
The Baron blinks slowly. His thoughts come, slowly and groggily.
That's not Duriel's blood. It's human blood. We killed a bunch of fleshies before the Croc and Wordsmith came. What the hell? How come Duriel hasn't healed, yet? He's lying in a goddamn bucket of fleshbag blood! That lazy bastard...
A creeping realization crawls into the back of Zamiel's mind, all while the Sphinx stands over and continues to taunt him.
That makes no sense! I don't even need to think to heal when touching human blood. The same is true for Duriel! Why hasn't little bro fixed himself up?!
Zamiel closes his eyes. He ignores Kar's words, even as Kar starts to lean forward and grab him.
Something ain't right. My little bro might be dense, but not even his stupidity would stop him from healing! That can only mean... the bastard on the ground ain't Duriel at all!
...He's a fake! An illusion!
Zamiel's eyes bolt open. Multiple realizations rush into his mind as the crocodile grabs him by the neck and lifts his broken, defeated body into the air.
"Hurgh! Nothing to say? After all the pain you've caused? You're trash! Today, your life ends here!"
A glint appears in Zamiel's eyes. "Krrgh! The hell it does!"
The older Battle Brother flicks his finger, activating a special power from within his body. All of a sudden, the pools of human blood on the ground leap toward his back and seep into his armor, making Kar blink in surprise.
Zamiel gnashes his teeth with rage. As the human blood enters his body, his bones rapidly repair themselves, while his other life-threatening injuries quickly disappear as well.
"Stinking crocodile! Die like the rest!"
Before Kar can react, Zamiel kicks him in the chest, allowing him to break free of the reptile's grip and fling himself to the ground. Zamiel lands on his back and skids for a second before agilely pushing himself to his feet with a thrust of his hands.
"I knew something was off!" Zamiel snarls. "You... you ain't the ding-damn croc! And that fucker over there ain't the Wordsmith! Spawn of a Broodmother, you almost got me!"
The Battle Brother cackles maniacally. "Hahaha! Show yourself, you fairy bitch! Do you think you can fool me with these little tricks?! You're wrong! I saw how you dealt with Bael and Artorias, using your illusory projections! Stop hiding in the shadows like a coward!"
Several seconds pass, while Zamiel pants like crazy.
Slowly, Kar's smile disappears, and a solemn look replaces it.
"Hmph. So what if you figured it out? Are you an idiot? Do you think that just because you called me out, I'll appear? Imbecile. Now that I know you've seen through my illusions, I won't have to hold back anymore."
Jason, the Wordsmith, vanishes. He reappears next to Zamiel, startling the Baron. His fist crashes upon Zamiel's face, sending the demon sprawling to the side.
"What a fool. You should have stayed quiet," 'Jason' says. "If you hadn't announced your genius discovery, you might have caught me offguard. Now, you won't."
Zamiel, sprawled in a puddle of blood, absorbs it into his body. A wicked grin spreads across his face as he feels his body not only repair itself, but also strengthen ever so slightly.
"Foolish fairy. I don't need to cheat or play dirty to beat the likes of you. If the Wordsmith were actually here, I'd probably lose... but he isn't! All you are is a hack! An imitator! You can summon projections to attack me, but you can't pull off the fearsome feats he has! You're not even a tenth as frightening!!"
Feeling emboldened, Zamiel's morale skyrockets! He jumps to his feet and pounds his fists together, summoning a wall of hammers above himself. Fifty weapons hover above his head, conjured by the Baron's magic.
"Where the hell is my little brother, you witch?! Let me guess! You separated him from me with an illusory wall! I can't see or hear Duriel, but he's still here somewhere, nearby! Isn't that right? Hahaha! I've fought your kind before! I know all your tricks!"
Kar and Jason's expressions harden, and they speak in unison.
"We will see."
A fearsome battle, ten times scarier than before, explodes inside Blinker's illusory space. No longer does Zamiel hold back. Instead, as Blinker summons several other copies of Kar to attack the Battle Brother, Zamiel's eyes glow with ravenous energy.
I have to give it to this bitch. She nearly got me! I let my guard down, all because I believed the Wordsmith had actually shown up! But he didn't. Now that I understand the reality of my situation, I know the fairy queen only beat me because my will was lacking! However... no more. I'll grab that little maggot and squeeze her into bloody pulp!
Blinker and Zamiel trade hundreds of blows. The explosive detonations of her projected phantoms meeting his fists and weapons rings out across the entire battlefield. Sometimes, Blinker one-ups Zamiel and sends him flying, but no matter where he lands, there's always blood nearby, allowing him to heal.
Blinker watches from afar. Her expression distorts as she keeps her true body hidden with an illusory barrier.
"Damn... how does he keep getting back up? Is he a freaking vampire or something? I know demons love blood, but this is ridiculous."
Zamiel doesn't hear her whispered words. Instead, he slashes down with his weapon and cuts through one of the illusory Wordsmiths, causing a terrible backlash to shoot into Blinker's body.
The fairy's illusions shimmer and lose focus for a second before returning to normal. Zamiel doesn't miss this detail.
"Hehe... as expected! You're weakening, aren't you, little woman?! How many phantoms have you sent to fight me? Twenty? Haha!! Each one will require more of your attention! You're sure to slip up somewhere-"
"Shut up!" An illusory Kar roars. He bashes the back of Zamiel's head, catching the Baron by surprise. However, as Zamiel stumbles to his knees, he flicks his finger and calls down a hammer from above.
The summoned weapon crashes against the phantom Kar's skull, exploding the reptile into particles of light. Blinker howls in pain as another mana backlash hits her body, making her legs weaken and her wings lose some of their strength.
The pressure on the Fairy Queen increases noticeably. She wipes a few tiny drops of sweat from her forehead with a trembling hand. "Damn! Trying to fight two monstrous Barons at once isn't as easy as I expected! These jip-japping-jerks are both stronger than Dukes! What the heck is their secret?!"
Blinker's eyes flick away from Zamiel, toward a second illusory space sealed off by a false wall. Inside it, Duriel battles another copy of Kar and Jason, but unlike Zamiel, the fool has yet to figure out their identities.
"I'd rather kill myself than lose to you, Wordsmith!" Duriel yells. He swings his fist at the Wordsmith's projection, but Jason dodges with a Word of Power.
Once again, the Wordsmith easily evades Duriel's attack, causing the younger Battle Brother to hit nothing but air. Enraged, he calls down a hailstorm of swords from the sky and sends them flying at Blinker's projections. The illusory combatants disappear for a moment, then reappear after his attack misses, making Duriel curse again.
"Shrakh! How do you dodge every time?!"
Jason shrugs. "Magic, my good fellow."
"Magic, my ass! You're a slippery little dick! Why don't you stand still for a second and accept my attack like a real man?!"
Jason smirks. "That's because I'm not a real man, you addle-brained simpleton. You wouldn't understand."
"Ha! At least you admit it!"
The incredibly handsome Jason, his projection far more incredible-looking than the real one, flips his hair to the side with a flick of his head. "Every minute you fight me is a minute you're not helping your troops. The longer this battle lasts, the better it is for me."
"Like I care," Duriel grunts. "You think I give a damn about these dipshits? The other demons can burn! I'm only here for me, myself, and my big bro. Kill the others if you want, idiot!"
The Wordsmith, Sphinx, and younger Battle Brother resume their combat, but Blinker's heart grows heavier.
The great thing about projections is that they can injure and kill physical beings. I also don't have to focus too hard to control them, because they have their own egos. The problem is that they still consume a lot of freaking mana! Not only that, but when they get killed, it's ME who gets badly hurt! If these Battle Brothers continue ripping my projected boys to pieces, I'll almost certainly die.
Blinker's eyes flicker around as she starts to worry and fret.
What should I do? I could just leave. I came here thinking I could kill Kar's worst enemies with ease, but the frigging doodoo-heads hid their real strength! If I leave, they'll kill more of my friends... and I can't allow that to happen!
Zamiel's attacks multiply in strength and ferocity. While Blinker frets over what action to take, the older Battle Brother grabs the massive warhammer off his back, rushes toward a Wordsmith's projection, and swings it upward, blasting the phantom Jason's chin with all his strength. The projected being explodes into particles of light, sending agony into Blinker's body a moment later.
The fairy loses control of her magic for a moment, causing all of the illusions and the illusory wall separating Zamiel and Duriel to flicker. For a brief instant, Zamiel and Duriel catch sight of one another before the projections repair themselves.
Duriel blinks. "Huh? Wait, was that my big bro?"
He glances behind himself, at the body of his 'big bro' laying on the ground, beaten and broken. Just like how Zamiel say his little brother get 'defeated' earlier, so too did Duriel see Zamiel's crushing loss to the Wordsmith.
The younger Battle Brother stares in shock as several gears slowly turn inside his mostly-empty head.
"Sh... shit! That punk ain't Zammy-boy! It's a fake! Don't tell me I ain't been fighting the ding-damn Wordsmith and Sphinx this whole time, but some posers?!"
As Blinker regains her bearings, she notices Duriel's words, causing a chill to build inside her heart.
Damn! They both figured it out! This isn't good! Zamiel already knows the weakness of my projections. If Duriel realizes it too, then...
Blinker's head explodes with pain mid-thought as Duriel lunges forward and attacks Kar's projection, blasting it with his fist. The projected Sphinx doesn't immediately break apart, but its pain still transmits to Blinker and nearly makes her faint.
"Gah! I... I can't take it... much longer!"
Too weary to continue, Blinker desummons all of her projections, causing the illusory space to disappear. Both Battle Brothers spot one another as the invisible barriers separating them fade away, but Blinker still keeps herself hidden within a concealed barrier.
"Bro! You're alive!" Duriel yells. "Haha! Lemme guess, it was that Fairy Queen, wasn't it? I knew she was behind it the whole time!"
Zamiel struts over to Duriel while flicking his eyes around to look for the invisible fairy. "Tch. Don't lie to me, you big galunk. You only just figured out that bitch was pulling your strings. Admit it!"
"Heh, you got me! Now where's that tiny little bird go, eh?" Duriel says, as his menacing gaze sweeps around the area.
"She's still here, but don't bother wasting your time. If we had a big area-attack, we could blast the world to pieces and catch her in the crossfire, but that ain't our specialty. You hear that, little fairy?! You're getting off easy! Next time you show up, I won't be so nice! Bahaha!"
Blinker shivers. She lowers her head and flies away, deep shame etched into her face.
Dang it. I'm so stupid! I shouldn't have come here alone! I couldn't even stop two measly Barons by myself...
As she leaves, the Battle Brothers turn toward the humans, all of whom have spotted them and quickly surrounded the Barons.
"Targets sighted! Where are Commanders Kar and Hiro?"
"I saw them fighting the Barons! Did they lose? Is that possible?"
"I don't know, but it doesn't matter. Open fire! Kill them while they're distracted!"
Just as the troops level their weapons toward the Battle Brothers, a female voice takes over the intercom.
"Commander Hiro speaking. All troops, hold your fire. I'll fight the Battle Brothers myself."
Phoebe Hiro, leader of the Tarus II resistance, orders her troops to fall back. A blip appears on the Eastern Front's radar as they spot a massive, heavily armored exosuit-wearing trooper jump into the sky and fall toward the Battle Brother's positions.
"Mother of- what the heck is that exosuit?! Is that the Commander?!"
"It's gigantic! It must be fifteen feet tall!"
The soldiers transmit to one another, their voices inaudible outside of their helmets. The Battle Brothers suddenly raise their eyes skyward and turn slightly pale as they spot the bipedal machine falling toward them.
"Shrakh! Look out!"
Zamiel and Duriel jump apart just in the nick of time, right as Phoebe Hiro's experimental exosuit crashes where they stood only moments before.
An explosion of dirt and dust erupts from the impact zone, spraying both Barons with filth. From the center of the small crater, a ten-ton metallic biped rises to its feet, towering over the Barons with a menacing presence. Its blood-red coloration, mixed with black outlines and a golden helmet, makes it resemble a dark blood-god, one that has come to reap demonic souls.
A triple-barreled minigun sits inside the massive biped's grip, held by its left hand. The other hand holds a tremendous kite-shield, one half as big as the machine's entire body. Atop its head, two 'small' revolver-sized gun barrels aim wherever the pilot gazes, allowing them to fire smaller, more precise shots at enemies.
Finally, attached to the gigantic exosuit's back, two jet-thrusters rest, making it capable of leaping skyward and traveling great distances in a single bound.
The pilot, Phoebe Hiro, speaks. "Looks like I got here just in the nick of time. You pipsqueaks must think you're hot stuff. Unfortunately for you, you won't kill another human today, or ever again."
Her voice booms across the nearby battlefield, amplified by her exosuit's auditory systems. The nearby troopers cheer in their hearts, excited by their Commander's strong words.
However, a few of them worry about her condition. Didn't she get shot out of the sky by these same two demons? Is she alright? Did Belial heal her?
Zamiel smiles. "Hah! The Hero's Wife! Great. Now we don't have to go looking for you. Dumb bitch! A bit of metal won't protect your soft, squishy body from the likes of the Battle Brothers!"
Duriel pounds his chest. "Yeah! What big bro said!"
Not far away from the three combatants, Blinker, still hidden within an illusory space, flies behind Phoebe.
Ack! Phoebe, what are you doing?! I can't leave if you show up! Grr!! I'll just have to help you from the shadows, then. Silly woman!
Blinker examines the massive exosuit from behind and frowns.
What the heck IS that thing anyway? It's gigantic! I've seen lots of Phoebe's exosuits, but this thing is crazy! It's way scarier looking than anything she's revealed before. Has she been hiding this thing the whole time?
Suddenly, Phoebe swings her triple-barreled minigun toward Zamiel.
"Think fast, little Baron."
A hailstorm of bullets blasts out of the weapon, startling Zamiel. He jumps aside an instant before the weapon fires, only for his eyes to bulge out of his head as he spots huge clouds of dirt and mud rocketing into the atmosphere from the bullet impacts.
Shrakh! If that weapon hits me, I'm a GONER!
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