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"Banned by operator" appears even when not banned

So 2 days ago I joined a minecraft server, I logged in, was able to move for like 5/10 seconds and then I was banned. Thing is I talked to the admins and mods and they say I'm not banned, I'm on the whitelist also. They tried actually banning me and unbaning me and I still get the error.
It's a regular survival 1.16.1 server with basic plugins like 1 player sleep, tp and sethome. Only thing I got on my client is Vanilla Tweaks but only the texture pack and the durability ping.
If anyone has any idea what the error could be I'd really apreciate it.
Error message I get
submitted by Rogther to MinecraftServer

Wanted to post this suggestion list just so there is a list of all things in one place.

- BlockFly (AAC Downward Modes)
- NCP Bypassing Downward Blockfly
- AAC NoSlowDown
- Entity Speed customizable speed for it
-Rideble Entity (without saddle)
- Jesus AAC Bypass
- High Jump Mineplex bypass
- AAC Long jump
- Add Baritone, Automine, .goto, autoFarm (Ai mode)
- Add Glide (fly)
- Xray Add old Sigma's Xray option to see blocks (opacity)
- AltManager Direct Login for alt manager
-AltManager Direct connect(If you click on a server in alt manager unbanned list it connects automaticly)
-Random Alt when you get bannned (Alt Manager automaticly chooses alt that is not logged as banned)
- Sigma Cape Add sigma capes for premium users
- Chunk Glitch Fix the invisible blocks glitch people are having.
-Crash issue with texture packs
- Chams Add them
- Add back Crosshair
-Add rainbow block outline when you look at block it has rainbow outline instead of black
- Fix Nametags (There's a glitch where u can still see the furnace info even if the setting is turned off)
- Update Notification (Makes it so if the player is in-game it will let them know there's an update)
- More BlockFly Modes (Type)
- Add Replay mod
- Step add "Jump" to step modes
- Add .say
- Add ScoreBoardChanger Changes information about the scoreboard (Used for youtube)
- Fix Skeleton Esp
- Add Antibookban (Used for 2b2t)
- Add 2DEsp
- Add fake hacker
- Add Mini Player model
- Add Item ESP
- Add 2b2t Queue Skipper (if possible)
- Playlist for Jello Music
- Fix InvManager (Not dropping stuff)
-Make free version of inventory manager
- Add themed Main Menu background images
- Add AutoGHead
- Add Auto Reconnect
- Fix Sigma Account reset
- Add auto soup
- Make Marked as banned (When you get banned it marks that alt banned from that server)
- Add AutoReconnect with alt
- Add Sigma launcher (maybe in the future???)
- Add the .invsee exploit
- Add account list checker Checks if the alt is working
-Add inport option for premium and cracked accs
- Add Killaura player hud
- Add customizable NoSlowDown
- Fix Nuker with the blocks
- Add Anticheat Detector
- Add teleport module
- Fix lag, when you tab out of Minecraft (It will look like your game lags when your on another tab)
- Add a HypixelDestroy Disabler where it disables some checks (packets)
- Fix in video settings how it says of.options.
- Add Sigma Emotes
-Add option to see other sigma users in tab and chat
- A way to change from the 2 different client modes (Sigma, Jello, NoAddons)
- Add NoScoreboard (Hides the scoreboard)
- Add keybind configs
- Add RAZER Chroma support (Will show your keybinds)
- Add Egg breaker
- Add Auto Response (Can be used for cracked register servers)
- Fix Antivoid ban for Hypixel
- Add .pluginfinder
- Add Proxy Changer in alt manager or something like that
- Add AutoLogin and AutoRegister for cracked servers
- Fix AutoMLG (doesn't collect the water sometimes)
submitted by Hackerokuz to SigmaClient