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LMAOBOX heavies are still ridiculous: tf2

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R/tf2 - CRAZY new demo sticky hack, never have I seen this

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The types of Gibus players you will encounter in Team Defense Fort 2

The Gibus player, also known as Noobicus gibusci, is a common sight on many servers, as even though they have an almost complete lack of spatial awareness and ability to aim, reproduce in large numbers, especially after TF2 went Free to Play. Today, I will tell you the most common Gibus players you will find.

The Nine Classes

Every class has its own Gibus counterpart.

Gibus Scout

Under the belief that because he is the fastest and therefore unkillable, Gibus Scout roams most servers, picking off one or two low health stragglers before getting killed instantly. He can't run and shoot at the same time very well, so he usually is either Crazylegs McJumpspam or an immobile shotgun.
Predators: Sentries, Pyros

Gibus Soldier

A rare Gibus to encounter, Gibus Soldier has not figured out to rocket jump well yet. Gibus Soldiers tend to be very bipolar; they will either go all in every time or run to resupply the second they take more than a quarter of his HP. Unfortunately, this subspecies is very endangered.
Predators: Basally anyone with decent aim

Gibus Pyro

The crowned King of W+M1. In the wild, Gibus Pyros relentlessly chase down their prey with flamethrowers, not even looking anywhere but the person they are trying to kill. They have yet to discover right click as well, as they(almost) never airblast anything or extinguish teammates. Gibus Pyro is most likely the most useful of all Gibuses, as he is happy to run directly into the entire enemy team for some burn damage.
Predators: Scouts, Heavies, Soldiers

Gibus Demoman

He is even more endangered than Gibus Soldier. Although he understands the basics of stickybombs, Gibus Demo cannot sticky jump well, and will sometimes put down more than 2 Stickies to sticky jump. He only puts stickybombs on objectives. His Grenade Launcher is the reason why he doesn't go extinct, as it has the strage ability to always crit at the best possible moment.
Predators: Hitscan(it can destroy Stickies), Pyros

Gibus Heavy

Having the highest amount of heath makes you unkillable right? Well that's what Gibus Heavy thinks. He likes to stick close to the cart, and can pull off some plays every now and then. But he is extremely paranoid of Spies and Snipers. He'll take the long route, as well as use the Huo-Long Heater. Don't expect a Sandvich from him.
Predators: Spies, Snipers

Gibus Engineer

Gibus Engies tend to group together, as they believe strength is best in numbers when it comes to Sentries. He is determined to keep his Sentry alive, even if that means to build far from ammo packs and not turn his back. Their nests are most common in intel rooms and on final points. Strangely, Gibus Engie will constantly whack Sappers off his Sentry instead of killing the Spy spamming them.
Predators: Spies, Demomen

Gibus Medic

Sadly, they are almost completely extinct. They are extremely paranoid and suffer from tunnel vision. Gibus Medic overestimates the power of the Syringe Gun, and refuses to heal others unless his patient has fancy hats. They also tend to Uber way too early or die before they pop Uber.
Predators: Everyone

Gibus Sniper

The most heavily populated type of Gibus. Gibus Sniper has literally zero spatial awareness whatsoever, and cannot headshot. Like Gibus Engies, they like to stay together, and will be in small groups in the wild, permanently scoped. Some also wear the Razorback, to "prevent" them from dying to Spies. There is a very, very rare version of Gibus Sniper, but we'll go over that later.
Predators: Spies, better Snipers, people outside their scope vision

Gibus Spy

The second most populated type of Gibus. Always think his disguise fools everyone. Gibus Spy has yet to realize that you have to hit someone's back to backstab them, and have adopted the strange strategy of just running directly at people, swinging his Knife instead of just shooting them. They are also quite clumsy, constantly bumping into enemies and running out of cloak at bad times. Although they are solitary, Gibus Spies will still be highly concentrated in one server.
Predators: Pyro, people with their backs turned

Rarer Gibuses

You don't see these Gibuses too often, but it is amazing when you see one of these in the wild.

The Compassionate Gibus

Although still a Gibus, they have evolved a sense of mercy, and will not kill friendlies, nor will they steal health packs from people who need it. They are still not the brightest creatures, but the Compassionate Gibus knows who and who not to kill.

The Ironic Gibus

They are actually good at TF2, but wear a Gibus to make others underestimate their skill. These creatures tend to be especially merciless, living off taunting after every kill and making people rage quit the server. In general, they suck.

The Hacking Gibus

These Gibuses, almost always Sniper or Heavy, have sold their consciousness in exchange for being "better" at the game. The very scourge of TF2, they will be looking at the sky and spinning for no apparent reason, instantly snapping to and slaughtering everything that pops into their view for even a millisecond. They only say a few things, but the Hacking Gibus seems to be telling people about an "LMAOBox", whatever that sinister thing may be. Their existence is short-lived, though, as they are soon kicked from the servers they terrorize.

The COD Kid Gibus

The rarest Gibus of them all. Always a variant of Sniper, they believe that TF2 and COD are the exact same things. Most easily characterized by shooting windows and their staic-filled, squeaky voices in voice chat, they are somehow dumber than the average Gibus Sniper and think that they are an "Xx_MLGQu1ckSc0p1ng_XX God". As easy to lose as they are hard to find, they usually leave servers quickly to play COD.
Thank you for reading, and I wish you a great day searching for wild Gibuses!
submitted by Shelf-Life3 to tf2


Valve really needs to re-evaluate their decisions regarding about TF2

Let me just say firstly that this is in no way an attempt to slandeanger Valve. This is me reiterating public knowledge, and some personal opinion, that me, and many others of the TF2 community have expressed displeasure with so we can discuss it in a mature way. I believe that the TF team at Valve are some great people going by how nearly polished most updates released are, and a fair amount of updates are great at drawing in new players and reigniting the interests of some veterans. All that being said, let’s look at some of the issues that popped up since the Meet Your Match update. Wall of text ahead, you have been warned:
A lack of communication
This is the biggest offense throughout the many years for a long time. The biggest consequence of this was how Meet Your Match turned out: In the 200+ day update drought, the only form of communication came in the form of:
  • The Competitive Matchmaking Public Beta
  • The infamous “(MYM) will be neato” quote on Facepunch
Note the inclusion of the Public Beta, was, at most, for stress tests which is to see if the game was able to handle multiple players being matched at a time. Actual playtesting to balance weapons accordingly for the 6s format, not so much, as evidenced by the little weapon balancing added in the update itself. More on that later.
Also, infamously, Valve refused to reveal the detailed patch notes for MYM until a few hours later for no reason. In contrast to it’s current competitor, Overwatch, Blizzard is seen being active on Overwatch-related discussion boards answering questions that address bugs, future patches and updates. Also noted was Blizzard’s decision to show changelogs before updates drop, with their own reasoning about certain changes. This has rarely, if not never, happened to TF2’s updates.
A suggestion Valve could do to improve this aspect, as stated by this comment here by u/Refinery_Sundown, is to open up communication, in which Valve should make proposed changes, note the opinions of both the casual and professional scenes alike to the changes, and make further changes accordingly. Of course they can't just take the balancing ideas directly from one side without consideration for the other as both sides tend to view the game differently than the other, but in the end, as TF2 is still Valve's IP, it is still up to them to act appropriately to what is suggested by the community and make needed changes to improve this game while not upsetting the two sides of the TF2 playerbase.
Little action taken against script kiddies
Yet another major issue, except this has been bugging TF2 since the inception of the infamous LMAOBOX series of scripts. (Out of respect for actual hackers, the term ‘script kiddies’ will be used to refer to Archonet and the hundreds of manchilds with the LMAOBOX scripts.) Script kiddies have ruined pubs, official and community alike for years. The worst hit was on Valve servers, where a lack of moderation meant script kiddies could go on hour-long steamrolls with no consequence.
A year ago, Valve made a change that prevented weapon spread from being modified client-side, the first of a few victories against script kiddies that stopped some time later. A month ago, the first VAC wave struck TF2, banning many script kiddies and caused others to question the legitimacy of LMAOBOX’s promise of being ‘the #1 undetected cheat for TF2’.
And then the victories stopped.
With TF2’s status as a free-to-play game, script kiddies can simply create alternate accounts and resume their reign of terror on public matches. The situation got worse with the decision to add an Access Pass that allows players to get past the strict Mobile Authenticator requirement that would have otherwise banned them. While having a high price, it is evidenced, from the presence of script kiddies in CSGO (a game that goes for $15 by default and $7.50 during sales), the price of owning LMAOBOX premium and the high-value backpacks of hackers such as Archonet and (formerly) Max Box, that a paywall means little when hackers are willing to throw any amount of cash to continue having their own definition of ‘fun’ while ruining games of others.
In contrast to CSGO, another Valve title with a history of cheating like TF2, Valve has set several deterrences against hackers, the most notable being the CSGO Overwatch (no, not the competitor) which allows high-ranking players to review demos of CSGO competitve matches from the perspective of hackers and judge the accused accordingly, and frequent VAC waves/active VAC system on Competitive matches. TF2 can take away a few of CSGO’s methods of dealing with script kiddies and use it for it’s own competitive and casual modes to deal with another wave of script kiddies re-emerging from the ashes of the last VAC wave.
(Suspected) Little understanding/playtesting of their own game
While there is little evidence to back up this claim, this can be proved from a few examples: the Crit-a-Cola and the Righteous Bison.
  • Crit-a-cola
The Crit-a-Cola for the Scout was shown, in the competitive beta, to be terribly OP, which turns the Scout, an already powerful class in the 6s format, into a more dangerous glass cannon by giving him 6 seconds of minicrits and a 35% speed boost at the cost of taking 25% more damage while active. Valve’s response was to add a 2s mark-for-death attribute, which any high-level Scout main would be able to escape from before it comes into play, and changes little to what is otherwise a powerful Scout playstyle.
  • Righteous Bison
This is not made because of the tears from bisonmasterrace, but rather because of what many perceived to be an odd choice for the rebalance. Previously, the Bison’s ability to hit multiple targets was proved to be an intended feature as evidenced by the presence of a loading screen tip that mentioned this ‘bug’. Meet Your Match’s patchnotes, oddly, list this as a bug and was removed, alongside a projectile speed nerf and damage fall-off for every enemy the projectile passes through. While the latter may be deemed as necessary, the projectile nerf made the Bison a weak Soldier secondary choice, limiting the weapon choices for Soldier to his banners and the stock shotgun.
Other changes were just as questionable, such as the passive Medic buff of being able to match the speed of a Scout just from pocketing one via other medi-gun, a feature that was previously exclusive, and the other selling point of the Quick Fix sidegrade.
Players have long lamented for the return of the inactive TF2 beta to allow players to help playtest weapon changes and additions, which may be something Valve might want to consider given the interest of players wanting to help improve the game and spot imbalances quickly before an update rolls out.
The many issues of Ranked Competitive
This isn’t something I could speak much about as I mostly play TF2 on a decent PC. But from what I understand, the following graphical flaws are present:
  • Locking viewmodels to 54, and disabling the ability to turn off weapon viewmodels in Competitive.
  • Forcing a set of graphical options (which is set to high) to standardise the TF2 experience, supposedly to cater to stream viewers who might wonder about the differing graphics from their own.
  • Disabling FPS-improvement configs while playing Competitive
And as for gameplay?
  • Abandoners are currently punished too lightly, and others are punished too severely. A ragequitter, or a person who unexpectedly loses connection mid-way will receive a 30 min ban for leaving a game before a game ends while the players who stayed from start to finish receives nothing. This is an issue that was known to be persistent even on the Matchmaking Beta.
  • The matchmaking service being unable to match people correctly via their skill. You can queue as a Rank 3 and still end up on an unbalanced match where everyone except you and 2 other guys at ranks above Rank 1.
  • The inability to choose the maps they want to play; something that was present in CSGO’s, but is oddly absent in TF2.
  • High punishment for losing, and low rewards for winning. This example here shows it in progress.
(Previous) and current issues on Casual modes
Up until last Friday, a lack of a votekicking system, and difficulty to join games in progress, made Casual a difficult replacement for the former Quickplay system. As mentioned earlier, script kiddies can go on long stomps and face no consequence because players can’t vote-kick the cheater, and abandoning the match is not an option because of the 30-min ban. As for the latter, you can join a horribly unbalanced match of 3v11 on Casual and you can do little about it but hope for more players to get dropped in.
These issues, while thankfully fixed with Friday’s hotfix, was terrible as it has the possibility of turning away new players and returning players who just wanted to hop in and play and not get stomped and get unhappy.
Withholding rebalances to the two classes that needed it the most
Probably just a personal opinion, but Heavy vs Pyro should have never happened and both classes' rebalances should be released alongside MYM together instead. Especially since these two classes are currently unviable for the 6s format that Competitive MM is based on. As for new weapons, Valve should hold back from adding more until the current weapon pool is tweaked to be balanced, the main reason why there were weapon bans before official matchmaking was a thing.
I get needing some kind of community event would re-ignite some interest in TF2, but this should only be done when they key features of the main update were in it’s final polishing stages. Having to further split the TF team to focus on both fixing MYM and pushing out Heavy v Pyro will only slow down progress for both updates and anger the community more.
Anyway, these are some issues that I, and many others are unhappy about. I know this might anger some players and turn off some Valve employees and I wouldn’t be surprised if I got witch-hunted/ignored for this. But hopefully the community and Valve can sit down and discuss about these glaring issues maturely.
submitted by ANoobSniper to tf2