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TL;DW 488 - Runescape Updates


Desperate Measures (Quest) - July 27th

Digging deeper into Gielinor's past, teaming up with some of Runescape's best known heroes, giving you chance to explore the secrets of the Dragonkin on Anachronia for some sweet rewards.
  • Desperate Times, Anachronia Base Camp tutorial
  • 50 Agility, 50 Archaeology.
  • ~75 in Combat.
Concept Art
  • It continues along the story line of Desperate Times with you teaming up alongside Thok and Charos once more.
  • Ties in with Archaeology allowing you to learn some historical and recent lore.
  • Rewards: Enrichments to Archaeology.
  • Development began around March, however initial designs which since changed began way back.
    • There will be more streams in the future to give insight on the development.
  • Satisfying ending leaving you with questions with more to come as it leads into other content related to the elder gods.

Update Schedule Format

This is just a plan/goal which means it isn't a 100% guarantee.
Current Plan: Monthly release cadence.
  • A more frequent/tighter cadence allows us to manage predictability better.
  • Weekly updates will still occur.
  • Minimum guarantee of content every month.
  • Mixture of Update sizes - Start off small and then pepper in medium/larger pieces of content.
  • Cater to all the different player groups: Area, Bossing, Skilling, Questing.
  • Themed months.
  • Roadmap constantly changes behind the scenes and I don't think I can keep it in a spot you'd feel happy with.
    • There won't be a roadmap of what we are doing every single month.
  • When we are far enough along we will be comfortable with mentioning it to bring momentum to the update.
    • Things are usually 3-4 weeks out when we start teasing it.
  • We are not in a position to make Archaeology level content, it isn't feasible.
  • Within each team focus on building a monthly cadence while having multiple teams working in parallel.
  • Timbo and Osborne have been pumping out design briefs.
  • We are very committed to the lore narrative of the game and will be addressing it more in our plans.
    • We won't be at our peak questing time period.
  • In the past we were reactive. But there are exciting times in the future with ambitious pieces in the next year.

Future Updates

Update Dev Stage Notes
Beach July 20th New outfits/pets. New and returning activities including Clawdia.
Desperate Measures July 27th See above.
Mystery Anniversary Update September 12th year anniversary of a piece of content.
Alchemical Onyx Content Development New piece of content following the success of Alchemical Onyx.
GWD3 Development A team is working on it.
Activity Pets Creation 2 pets are done, 2 are receiving final touches. Still on the backburner for now.
Orthen Dig site Design Similar to other dig sites but with innovation on features.
Halloween Event Design Looking back at past successful events to form this one.
Christmas Design Looking to do more.
Lunar Spellbook Ninja/Feedback Working on recreating it. Suggest what spells you'd like to see in the Ninja Dojo.
Clue Scrolls Ninja/Feedback Suggest improvements in the Ninja Dojo.
Clan Updates Ninja/Feedback Top of our mind, let us know what we should focus on.
Quest TBD Possibly another quest by the end of the year.
Expanded Notes
  • Beach Newspost on Friday
  • GWD3 will receive more heat once the monthly cadence is in progress.
  • You'll hear about Activity pets in future livestreams when they are ready.
  • There are discussions around skill training methods, Osborne has been doing a lot of work and looking where to focus on it.
Ninja Team
Current Focus: PAG Strike, Lunar Spellbook, Clue Scrolls, Clan Updates.
  • Let us know what major themes of updates we should focus on.
  • Currently produce 2 strikes a month.
Dig site - Orthen
  • Dig site of Anachronia, Dragonkin, Elder gods and ties in core elements of our storyline.
    • Focuses on the past like normal but also on the upcoming story as well.
  • A milestone beyond Warforge. Won't feel smaller compared to other dig sites.
  • Innovate on mechanics: Excavations, discoveries, and mysteries.
  • Kick-ass rewards: Might not be ancient rewards but it will be significant.
    • Addresses problems players have with Archaeology such as with relics.
Holiday Events
  • Looking back at previous successful Halloween content such as 2014 Death's door or Broken Home.
    • Chatting about what we can do to add a bit more depth to it, working on designs at the moment.
  • Christmas - Bring Winter weekends back, and better quality of content for the Christmas event.
  • Easter event didn't go smoothly so we will look back at that and make improvements.
  • Would like a Mobile stream to discuss the entire situation around it.
  • Rundown: Beta phase for iOS, Apple log-in added a couple weeks ago.
  • We are still working through all the iOS compliance requirements.
  • Concept: Reinvigorating establish content with new graphics, QoL, New challenges/content.
  • This had bled into what we do currently such as the Shattered World Ninja Trike.
    • You may also see it with Archaeology alongside Orthen, but for now nothing to shove in your face.
Resizable Interface
  • Completed most of the development/engineering work for the technology to do it.
  • Handed it over to content devs who are going to focus on the most impactful interfaces to improve on.
    • Most likely ones that support the new player experience.
    • There are over 3,000 UIs in the game, and they can't possibly focus on all of them.
Yak Track
  • Overall we've made some great progress in the recent version.
  • Next one links in D&Ds and clue scrolls and other bits of content like it.
  • Continue to implement feedback changes:
    • Players feel the grinder elements are still too intense.
  • Cosmetic quality concerns:
    • Female variants has been brought up previously but we already had stuff in production.
    • I realize you're still waiting for it to happen.

Jagex Structure

COVID-19 Status
  • Impacted everyone differently due to their unique circumstances in their personal life.
  • Some aspects are working well while other aspects are more of a challenge.
    • It's difficult not being able to interact with each other in person.
    • Launching updates or transferring files/art can be slow as data pipes aren't as equipped.
  • Warden has been checking in and making sure everyone is being taken care of and is comfortable,
    • In some cases ordering furniture to accomplish this.
  • We've had other things that have popped up that we weren't expecting (BLM, Me Too movement) and have taken time out of our work weeks to address it.
Internal Approach
  • The team is looking for the opportunity to improve with these smaller pieces of content and increased cadence.
  • Everytime we make a pivot it's a planning cycle for us, we want to take out the risk and ensure delivery and be happy with what we are delivering.
New Hires
We usually don't talk about new staff since it's boring, but it's important as it provides more certainty.
  • New Lead Producer - Formerly at Remedy Entertainment working on Control. Also Eve Online and World of Darkness.
    • Significant major hire who has been in the process of being on-boarded.
  • New Art Director - Currently wrapping up his work at King, and he's been working on Call of Duty Mobile.
  • New Content Development team and a New Producer.

Player Communication

  • We took to heart the feedback around the lack of communication.
  • This stream is something we are looking to do more of, it's a dialogue.
  • We want to bring you closer to the development and keep you informed but we also want to make sure what we are working on meets the quality bar we previously talked about and find the right time to announce something.
    • Determine a good middle ground
Player Advocacy Groups (PAG)
  • Ninja PAG provided a lot of ideas which players will start seeing in the next few ninja strikes.
  • PAGs are not meant to replace feedback, just add another layer of feedback.
  • No plans to announce a future PAG yet, but we are looking to do more.
    • They wouldn't be suited for a quest, but rather something like Orthen where archaeology orient players could get involved.
Player Involvement
We will 100% involve players in determining what we do.
  • Hopefully get the annual survey out in August.
  • Ramp up PAGs to look at some planning by the end of the year.
  • Players have been joining in on our design and brainstorming sessions.
  • Players can influence our backlog by speaking loudly about certain things they'd want to see improved.
    • Not a fan of a voting system.
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[The Beatles] A rare recording of a Beatle singing gets questioned.

The Beatles are arguable the most important group in the history of 20th century music. The story of John, Paul, George and Ringo have become a mythology of sorts in the world of rock music. Even so, their mythology expands beyond the 13 core albums and eight year history between Please Please Me and Let It Be, with myth and fact often getting confused. This is one of those stories.

Part I: The Bass Player Before Paul

Despite being best known for his bass work, Paul McCartney was not the original bassist for the Beatles; rather, he was a guitarist alongside John Lennon and George Harrison. The role of bassist was delegated to Stuart Sutcliffe, a friend of Lennon’s from art school. After winning some prize money in an art contest, Sutcliffe was convinced by Lennon and McCartney to buy a Hofner President 500/5 bass and join the Beatles (then called the Silver Beatles) for a tour of nightclubs in the German city of Hamburg. During this time Sutcliffe also booked the band’s gig back home (until the arrival of manager Allan Williams) and - along with Lennon and Lennon’s girlfriend Cynthia - came up with the name “Beatles”.
Sutcliffe stayed with the band for about a year before leaving in 1961 to focus on his art career in Hamburg, where he lived with his fiancée Astrid Kirchherr until his sudden death by a brain hemorrhage a year later, a death that had a major impact on Lennon’s life. The other three guitarists then discussed who would take over, leading to the bass duties falling on Paul. The rest, as they say, is history...
By all regards Sutcliffe was not a spectacular bass player, sticking to root notes and chords. Some recordings of him playing appear on the first Anthology; however, none of these involved any vocals from Sutcliffe - something that made him one of the more popular Beatles during his short stint.
After death, however, Sutcliffe became a part of the Beatles lore, appearing on the cover of Sgt. Pepper and all three parts of Anthology as well as John’s solo album Rock and Roll. Yoko Ono said that she “felt I knew Stuart because hardly a day went by that John did not speak about him.”

Part II: Love Me Tender

In 2011, the Stuart Sutcliffe estate announced that they had come in possession of a recording of Stuart singing. This was somewhat of a big deal in the Beatles fanworld, as (like mentioned before) no audio clips of Stuart singing had come forward.
This recording was a cover of the Elvis Presley track “Love Me Tender”. This is a key part of the drama, which we’ll get to later.
The post from the estate explained that they had acquired the recording from a private anonymous collector sometime in 2009, but had known of it as early as the 1990s.
While the song was confirmed to be Stuart by his sister Pauline, that didn’t stop it from being approached with skepticism from the Beatles community.
”Here's a guy who was cajoled into playing in a band. A visual artist, not a musician who, by all accounts, was so uncertain of his abilities that he performed with his back to the audience. Now a recording surfaces that nobody has heard before, with Sutcliffe fronting an unknown band, singing a song with confidence? They might believe it's him. Maybe they found an unlabeled tape in his possessions but, nah.... I don't buy it.” writes BeatMichael of the Steve Hoffman forums, a board focused on music production and mastering.
“Complete bull. Listen to those early, early Beatle recordings. Ramshackle, beat all over the place, sound like they are beamed from Mars. This is some 80s tascam-4-track cassette job. Saturday morning in a pub somewhere...” adds user William Shears.
Reddit user u/mayor-of-awesometown added in a later comment on a post regarding Sutcliffe that ”"Love Me Tender" probably isn't a Stu recording. There's no documentation or contemporary evidence of the session, nobody who would have been there remembers it and there's a drum machine on the recording.”
In response, the Sutcliffe estate released pieces by two Beatles historians covering the authenticity. They can be found here and here.
Next, we’ll cover the reasons for and against the recording’s authenticity.

Part III: The Magical Mystery Tour

Let’s first talk about what this recording has going for it.
First and foremost, we have Pauline Sutcliffe saying that it is Stu’s voice. Letters from the time of the purported recording date (estimated to be in 1961, but after Stu left the Beatles) confirm he was working on a musical project, and it is known that he played with a band known as the Bats for a brief period.
Second, it is not unlikely that Stu would record himself singing this cover, as “Love Me Tender” was generally considered his number and a highlight of the Beatles’ Hamburg gigs, as noted by Beatles biographer Bob Spitz. These are also backed up by the films Backbeat (which had its accuracy praised by Pauline herself as well as Paul McCartney and friends of Stu) and Birth of the Beatles (which featured former drummer Pete Best as a consultant), but the versions in these films are somewhat different than the recording.
Pauline’s reasoning on why it was Stuart was, according to an interview with the Examiner was pretty much the same as what was said in the official post from the estate.
Now, let’s cover what arguments there are against this recording.
Arguably the most damning piece against the recording is a cover of “Love Me Tender” by the Boston Show Band, which sounds identical. It’s a few beats slower and more full-sounding, but it clearly sounds exactly like the Sutcliffe recording.
Others, particularly the Steve Hoffman forum, have noted similarities to a later version of the song by Percy Sledge, most notably in the melody.
Aside from this, a big problem with verifying the recording is that most people who knew Stuart are no longer with us. For a run-down:
  • John Lennon was killed in 1980.
  • Astrid Kirchherr refused to talk about it until her death earlier this year.
  • George Harrison passed away from cancer in 2001.
  • Allan Williams, the Beatles original manager, died in 2016.
  • Cynthia Powell Lennon died in 2015.
There are only a handful of people remaining who can verify or deny this recording’s authenticity. Here’s who:
  • Paul McCartney, who hasn’t said a word.
  • Pete Best, former Beatles drummer, who hasn’t said a word.
  • Bill Harry, founder of Mersey Beat magazine, said he wasn’t sure.
  • Klaus Voorman, a friend of Stuart and the Beatles (as well as the cover artist for Revolver), said he didn’t think that was him.
  • Any surviving members of The Bats. Their whereabouts are unknown.
To this day, the recording is up to debate (albeit not as much as when it came out), and for what it’s worth it may never be known whether or not it is actually Stuart.
TLDR: A rare recording of a Beatles member may not be him. No one can truly confirm it and fans argued about it for quite some time.
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