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Introduction for Pathfinder2E in Foundry VTT

You might have seen posts about Foundry on here lately. This is what the fuss is all about.


VTT - Virtual Tabletop - is a way to play tabletop games over the internet. Foundry VTT gained a lot of popularity lately with combination of reasonable pricing and great feature set. It has a lot of systems available, but I will focus solely on Pathfinder2E in this post.
As GM you purchase Foundry once for $50 and get a server license. You need to host it somehow: rent a server or just use your own PC for free. This is all you pay for it, no additional costs. You set up everything for the game and players connect via regular browser.

What you should and shouldn't expect

In foundry with pf2e system you get:
  • Support for system and every book for free. Foundry PF2e system is open-source and developed by the community, and this means you get support for every rule bundled in.
  • So far system was developing super fast, with a new version every week or so. APG support was added in just three days after release, for example. New modules pop up often.
  • Maps have lots of tools: dynamic lighting, doors, hidden doors, weather effects, distance calculation, different types of walls.
  • Gorgeous character sheet. Loot sheet is automated: will calculate AC, HP, attacks, skills, bulk and more for you.
  • Most of aonprd is already backed into the system. Bestiary, NPC, monsters from adventures, items from different books, actions, deities, iconics etc
  • Journal system with decent text editor
  • Rollable tables so you can roll random deity, random loot, random name or random terrain - with ability to create your own tables.
  • Good interface
  • Exclusive content - not a huge lot, but Foundry have some nice maps and music sets available for free. It expands over time.
  • Macros system which allows to automate a lot of things.
  • Hundreds of mods to extend functionality. I'm not exaggerating.
What you shouldn't expect, at least for now:
  • No art. It has some nice icons for items and spells, but most of the monsters are just default picture. You will have to add art for your monsters manually.
  • No character builder. The system wouldn't check if you added additional feat or have impossible stats.
  • No full automation. A lot of things are automated between modules and macros, but far from all of them. You will have to do some things the old way, like you are playing at the table.
  • No official content. You couldn't buy prepared adventure from Paizo and instantly run it. But you have some ways to make preparation easy - see at the end.


About hosting

After you buy Foundry you should host it somehow. You have three main options.
You could host it yourself on your PC. This is free, but would require some router setup and might not be possible with some ISP.
You could use partner foundry hosting. For now prices range from $4.49 to $12.99 per month for GM only. Probably easiest method.
Or you could host it on a general purpose web server. Gives you most control, prices could be very different.
Hosting guide has more details.

First steps

Read this guide for general interface.
In short: install PF2e system, create a new world with pf2e system, login into the world. Create accounts for your players, set scenes, create PC, set up NPC, add journals, music and modules as you see fit. You are ready to go.
Pro tip: go to "Compendium packs" tab. You will see all bundled stuff you can just use in your game. Press "Compendium browser" in the bottom to bring up the interface with sort, filter, multi-compendium search and other goodies.

Creating your map

To prepare map you need to create new scene and set map image as background.
After it you should draw walls.
Walls could block both vision and movement (normal walls), block only movement (invisible walls, perfect for windows), or block only vision(Ethereal walls). With terrain walls players can see an object, but can't see behind an object.
Normal doors can be seen by players and can be opened by players if they are unlocked. Secret doors could only be seen by GM.
Pro tip: you can set wall as one-sided in wall setting. Works super well for different levels of terrain.
Check the official walls guide for more
The next thing you should do is add lighting. Check "Global illumination" in scene settings if you want to just light up everything, perfect if your map is outside in a day. For more complicated cases draw your own light sources. Change setting like size, angle and color as you see fit and of course see official lighting guide for more.
Pro tip: if you have same light sources in a scene just copy-paste the first one. Also works with just about everything you can put on the map.
Pro tip #2: Create journal entries with rooms description and drag-and-drop in every room for quick reference.

Creating monsters

You do not have to create your own monster most of the time - official monsters are included in compendiums. In case something is missing Monster import UI module can help you fix it fast. You also can apply "elite" and "weak" templates with one click.
What you do need is to add art and tokens to your monster. Compendium image mapper could help you add an existing art collection to bestiary fast, and with VTTA Tokenizer you could create pretty tokens from art.

Creating PC

Create actor with type "character". Search for feats and drag-and-drop them into character sheet, fill everything what could be filled. It wouldn't check for feat compatibility or correct proficiency for this level. This adds a little bit of a chore, but also means system supports a lot of homebrew content and some variant rules without any changes.
If character has darkvision go to "prototype token" and set "dim vision" for something like 500. For things like torches/light cantrip you can modify "emit light" fields or install something like Torch module.


Select every token participating in combat, right click - toggle combat state. You can see everybody in combat tracker, players and gm can roll initiative and fight begins. Players can select a different skill for initiative from character sheet. For more details on combat use the official combat guide.
Pro tip: right-click on combat tracker icon to turn it into the nice draggable window with initiative.


If you want to automate something you will probably need to use macros for it. Some basic macros included with the system. For more selection you can go to wiki - Players section, GM section.


As I mentioned, Foundry has lots of modules. Here are some modules which in my opinion deserves a special highlight. Go to link to see gifs and images with the demonstration:
Polyglot - in-universe language support. Say something in Draconic and only characters who know Draconic will understand. For everybody else it will be gibberish.
Dancing lights - modifies light to be even more dynamic. Even one torch looks exiting with it. It's better you just see it. You can see some sample videos on github page or here is amazing demonstration provided by Pudding#8224 in discord. This is not an animated map; it's all done with foundry lighting engine and this module.
Token Mold - random name generator for enemies. Could generate whole name, add adjectives like "clumsy bandit" or "tall bandit" and do a bunch of other stuff.
Token action hud - overlay menu with character actions. With it interface gets out of the way and players can focus on playing.
Other cool modules I haven't mentioned in other parts of this post: GM Screen, Combat Enhancements, Easy Target, Deselection, Dice tray, The Furnace, Health Estimate, Less Fog, Quick Rolls, Pings, Playlist importer, GM Token-Drag Visibility, Token Info Icons, Turn Alert, Turn Marker, Teleport.
This is only modules I constantly use. This is far from the full list. I highly recommend spending time and look through PF2E-oriented module list. You probably will find other modules which fit your playstyle well.

How to play Paizo adventures

You can't buy official adventures for foundry VTT. But you have a couple of alternatives.
PDF to Foundry module works like a charm: it takes your bought watermarked PDF and makes Foundry adventure from it. It extracts maps, sets walls and lighting, add location notes - does most of the boring preparation stuff for you. It's not perfect, and it supports only Age of Ashes, Fall of Plaguestone and some PFS scenarios for now.
This Extinction Curse maps remake is another approach to the same problem: of course you would not get location notes and such, but fun-remade maps are better for VTT use - and have walls with lighting included. You might have seen posts from LiosLionheart with them.
If you play something else you will probably have to prepare everything yourself.


You probably get by this point - the best thing about foundry is community. If you have problem - good chance it was already solved by somebody or a solution will emerge soon. Discord is a really nice place to get help.
I wanted to end this with a little thank you to all developers who put so much effort in system and modules. Some I encountered personally, and wanted to thank personally: fryguy, nikolaj-a, TMun, LiquidSonic, Putty, Shandyan, Foundry creator Atropos and Foundry developer Anathema. Everybody here, everybody who worked on modules and Foundry - thank you.
I haven't affiliated with the foundry. I bought it for full price, used for 2 months for my own games and involved with development of a couple of modules mentioned.
submitted by Ustinforever to Pathfinder2e


The Case of Fate/Prototype Fragments Subplot - Part 1

Hello, young detectives in training. It has been three months since our last case which was released just before the Fate/Requiem Collab Event. That isn't to say that there has been no work done in these three months!
Today I propose to you all the idea of a Prototype Fragments Subplot within FGO. The core ideas are as follows:
  • Servants from Prototype Fragments, of the Tokyo 1991 and 1999 Holy Grail Wars, are continuing their story in FGO. Most of them retain their memories from 1991 and/or 1999.
  • They continue their story throughout multiple side-story materials in FGO.
  • This is all written by Hikaru Sakurai. Therefore we must assume that Sakurai has intentionally left us a trail of breadcrumbs for us to identify and uncover a mystery. As such we need to give a critical eye to these breadcrumbs - that is, these fragmented interludes.
  • Each of these servants have a thematic arc, and will reach their conclusions at the end of this Subplot in a future story event.

Reading Materials

This will be an extremely extensive investigation such that it will be posted in a series, starting with Arthur's Trial Quest. As such, it is prudent to have reading material so that we may be on the same page. Do not be concerned with reading the entirety of the Fragments LN before reading this post, I shall supply concise summaries for each character accordingly. However, this post is intended to be read side-by-side with the FGO material compilation document linked below as we go file by file.
1) Volume 1 Complete PDF + Volume 2 Full Translations Up To Part 2 Act 2 + The Rest of the Translations all by the wonderful PhoenixRising on Beast's Lair.
2) Fragments FGO Material Compilation, all interludes hand-typed by me with exception of Arthur's Interlude Translation by u/kanramori
3) Valentines Compilation by u/Prof_West
Without further ado, let's dive in! Don't forget to open the Material Compilation doc to follow along!

File 1 - Arthur Pendragon Trial Quest - Someday, To Save The World

Character Synopsis:
Arthur Pendragon. Red Dragon. Knight from Another World. The Saber Class Servant of Manaka Sajyou in 1991, and of Ayaka Sajyou in 1999. Hailing from an alternative timeline, Arthur's Camelot is described to be in a state of decay and destruction thanks to the invasion of the Picts, Saxons, and the Scots; along with their Demonic Beast forces. Much like Artoria, Arthur made a deal with Alaya in the last moments of his life and participated in the 1991 HGW with the wish to bring Salvation to his Camelot. Under the command of Manaka, he was to defeat the other 6 servants, and win the Holy Grail. Except...it's actually a Cauldron supplied by the Holy Church, specifically the Templar branch. The Templars counted on Manaka, the girl connected to the Root since she was born, to win the Imitation Grail War and activate the Cauldron. The mechanism would birth Beast 666, seeing Manaka as its Mother Harlot, and grant her wish. However, since her wish is solely to grant Arthur's, she would need Arthur alive. To make up the missing dead servant to activate the Cauldron, Manaka enlisted Serenity and Paracelsus to gather more than 600 virgin female sacrifices to make up for Arthur so he could remain alive for his wish. The other Masters are either gullible dummy masters supplied by the Mage Association under threat of the Holy Church, or random civilians of Tokyo - they are not intended to win, they never were. Arthur, however, is not aware of this and earnestly fights the other servants of the War. Most, if not all, of the Servants realize the threat of Manaka, Potnia Theron, and actively targeted Manaka and/or Arthur to eliminate the threat they posed. It wasn't until after the death of Arash and Ozymandias that Arthur began to start doubting Manaka and the legitimacy of the Holy Grail.
He then marched into the underground system where Manaka was nurturing the Beast by providing it the remaining sacrifices, little 8 year old Ayaka being the last one. He defeated Serenity and Paracelsus, both of whom were manipulated by Manaka to aid her. Arthur back-stabbed Manaka, and slayed the Beast of Revelations as it birthed from the Cauldron while keeping the young Ayaka Sajyou safe in one hand. Arthur was then returned to his historical time, as a bloody mess under the tree by which Bedivere met him. After telling him to toss Excalibur into the lake, he disappeared once more, to participate in the 1999 Holy Grail War. There, he answered Ayaka's call and allied with Proto Gilgamesh and Proto Cu to defeat Manaka and Beast 666 a second time. He successfully defeated them again, and that brings us to now-
FGO Dissection:
This trial quest is written very much in the same style as the Fragments LN - fragmented scenes that add up to a larger narrative when you piece it together at the end. We first begin with being separated from our group during a Singularity clean-up mission with our communications jammed, and Arthur saving us from a demonic beast attack. As they face an oncoming wave of beasts, Arthur curiously mentions a sort of hierarchy among the beasts that will be important later:
Arthur: A herd of beasts and their king are coming this way. I doubt we can reach a peaceful resolution.
Moving on, Arthur agrees to help Guda reconnect with their group so they can go back to Chaldea. The interlude then cuts to another fragment, of Guda in Chaldea after Arthur helped them find their group. Guda is talking of the incident to Mordred, who brings up that a Bounded Field was what separated Guda from the group in the singularity clean-up mission, especially noting how this remnant got so bad it was "on its way to becoming a full-blown Singularity." As they are discussing of the mysterious swordsman, Jekyll arrives and mentions the following, which will also be important later in the trial quest:
Jekyll: I was rechecking the calculations on the Rayshift coordinates. And I found some points that concern me. Actually, the one who made the discovery was Mr. Babbage.
After informing us, Mordred comes along and bullies the poor lad:
Jekyll: Sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt...Hey! Ow, ow, ow!!!
Mordred: Stop overreacting. I just gave you a little poke. Ugh, this is why you’re such a loser.
Jekyll: Well, that was actually...Ungh...No, never mind. Nothing. Haha.
This excerpt will become important later with the context of [Jekyll's Interlude Analysis]() and in [Arthur's Interlude Analysis.]()
Moving on once more, Guda encounters Arash who is drinking beer and is informed of Guda's latest journey:
Arash: ...I knew it. You met HIM. I get it. I guess this is what you would call fate. I didn’t think he was in the Throne of Heroes. No...He isn’t...So? What’s your take on it?
This confirms Arash having memories from Fragments, and adds to the lore of Arthur not being registered as a Heroic Spirit, but is acting as a human in a Servant Container just like Artoria was in the Fuyuki Grail Wars. This is brought up later in the Trial Quest in the following quote by Arthur:
Arthur: I’m a Heroic Spi- I am currently a Servant who possesses a Spirit Origin.
Back to the topic of the scene, Proto Cu comes along and Arash lets him in the know and tells him to keep it a secret from other select Prototype characters - Ozymandias, Brynhildr, and Paracelsus. And so the Dog has become privy to Arash's schemes.
The scene cuts to Arthur in the singularity remnant presumably after sending Guda off.
Knight: ...I thought there was something sinister this time around...but I don’t sense the noxious gas of L or the lingering scent of R. Things aren’t going as planned. I guess I have no choice but to search more thoroughly. Yeah. It’ll be all right, Merlin. I will accomplish my goal, and then return to where I belong. Soon. One of these days.
Here we are introduced to the idea of the two aspects of the Beast that Arthur is chasing. The noxious gas of L and the lingering Scent of R. It is to note however that these aren't titles, but merely adjectives. By courtesy of Fallacies on Discord:
  • Lの瘴気 = the miasma of L
  • Rの残り香 = the remaining / lingering scent / fragrance / aroma of R
Miasma and Noxious Gas are interchangeable, and rather than a proper nouns or titles, these adjectives denote a sense of "Ah, the smell of the hunt can be sensed". There are certainly two distinct entities, L and R. However, it is not confirmed whether it is a similar case to Beast 3 L/R, Kiara and Kama. So by all accounts, all we have to go on is that Arthur is chasing two entities that he is aware of and identifies, and is capable of hunting them down.
The interlude now cuts to yet another fragment - Arthur speaking to his world's Merlin in Avalon after he completed the 1999 War of Tokyo and before he encountered us. He is under the presumption that he has defeated the Beast and that his role has been completed, and he may now step onto Avalon.
Knight: Why stop me now? I just arrived here. I did what I needed to do, and ended everything. I finally reached the place..the promised place. Just as the legend to be passed down through the ages said. I thought I was going to form a contract with the world...But that is not how it went. I got my answer, and then my life ended.
There is a lot to unpack here. Let us first begin with Arthur's personal timeline in chronological order up to this scene:
  • Battle of Camlann. Heavily injured from Mordred's assault, carried himself under a tree attended only by Bedivere.
  • Whisked away to fight the 1991 Tokyo HGW.
  • Returns under the tree where Bedivere finds him. Arthur instructs him to toss Excalibur in the lake.
  • Whisked away to fight the 1999 Tokyo HGW. Found his Avalon as the "Witch's Garden" that Ayaka's mother passed onto Ayaka. Arthur threw away his wish for the Salvation of Camelot and found his answer of "The Promised Place" in Garden instead, fulfilling the Pendragon Prophecy.
  • Defeated Beast and Manaka a second time, most likely.
  • Has arrived to Avalon expecting entry.
  • Denied entry to Avalon as he has not finished his role in defeating Beast 6.
Female Mage: ...Hehe. You have the appearance of a young man, yet you speak like an old man. No, I wonder. My king. Britain’s eternal king and wielder of the sacred sword…There must be many things you have left undone. I’m sure you know already, right? You have yet to truly and finally defeat that which you are destined to destroy. Once in 1991 A.D. Once more in 1999 A.D. Twice you struck it down, but the devourer of cities is persistent. It’s not over yet.
In regards to "Devourer of Cities", there is a particular line from Manaka in Fragments when explaining Beast to Paracelsus:
Manaka: “Sodom’s Beast: The being that will devour this city. No, it won’t end with just this city, please devour all of my belongings.”
It is mentioned that this Beast of Revelations brings ruin to civilization, consumes and devours it. Furthermore, when Manaka says "my belongings", it is referring to the entire world as mentioned by Paracelsus:
Paracelsus: One girl was made into the shape of the Root that lives in all things, and could be likened to the world itself. Manaka Sajyou.
In short, Merlin's message here is most certainly referring to the Beast of Revelations that has come back once more.
Female Mage: Great child of Uther…My beloved red dragon! That’s right, this situation is terribly irregular! Yes, it is a state of emergency so severe, you were roped into this the second you arrived at Avalon! It should have ended the second time. But somehow, it’s back for round three! It’s unfathomable! Hehe. Perhaps an Original Species awakened somewhere?
Unfortunately, it is not quite clear what Merlin meant by "Original Species" here. Further investigation is required there.
Female Mage: You still need to continue your journey. Whether it be in your world, or in another universe. You may travel through dimensions or even phenomena. Anywho, yeah, hang in there. Why? How, you ask Well..Yeah, I wonder...I can’t say for sure. This could be a deep-seated curse put on you as the wielder of a sacred sword, or it could be something that was sprung on you right before a long break...it may be the great Grand Order.
It IS rather peculiar why Arthur is here with us today with his Excalibur even still, even after Bedivere has tossed his sword back into the Lake. Perhaps that has to do with the "curse" Excalibur brings to Arthur and his intrinsic role in slaying the Beast so long as it lives?
On the topic of "Grand Order", there is speculation that each and every individual has their own personal "Grand Order". Below are some examples.
Cu: What does that mean? Do you know something?
Salter: Eventually, you will come to know, Ireland's Child of Light. Grand Order...And the battle over the Holy Grail has just begun.
Goetia: O Master who overcame seven Singularities in seven worlds... Your Grand Order is all about the Incineration of Humanity.
Kirschtaria: This is my Grand Order. The ideal to which I've dedicated my life.
I truly wonder...is Merlin referring to Arthur's journey as his personal Grand Order? His ideal and goal to which he has quite literally dedicated his life to? Is that how it ties back to Excalibur "cursing" him and pushing his fate to slay the Beast?
Moving on!
Female Merlin: Listen...I’m going to say this again: your journey has not ended. It can’t end. For her sake as well. What did you feel from her? Light? Radiance? Affection? Or all of them? They might all end up in a whirlpool of gluttony. If you don’t want to continue your journey, that is.
This is referring directly to Manaka Sayjou. She is described as the Princess of the Root, a pretty young girl that shines in radiance and is enamored in affection with Arthur. Both her radiance and her affection is gluttonous, in wild excess. All those near Manaka often fall prey to her Mental Pollution and become enamored with her, similar to how she is enamored with Arthur. Furthermore, her gluttonous features are further expanded upon through various scenes in the LN where she cooks for Arthur and sees the Holy Grail War as merely a meal to cook, with the sacrifices therein as the ingredients, and all of it to serve her beloved Arthur. Even moreso, the Beast of Revelations that Manaka nurtures is gluttonous in nature, as it is the devourer of cities and civilizations, and is described as the following in the LN:
Darkness was there. It was a gluttonous lump which opened its jaws widely, and continued to pulsate while swaying in the gap between an entity and a non-entity. With the Tokyo Underground Greater Grail as its shell.
It concealed a vast exciting amount of prana within it. It was flesh-like mud which squirmed as it made despair its friend, in the depths of the 3D magic circle where not even light could reach it. Though it, still, did not have a head yet.
It had just taken in 2 out of the 3 remaining crowns, having obtained up to 4 of them a long time ago. It had no choice but to wait now, to seemingly sprout up as much it likes for there were 7 Heroic Spirits’ souls, 7 messengers who were in charge of 7 crowns. If it was allowed to devour, crunch, and eat a bit more of the innumerable sacrifices which had been handed to it in place of the 7th Servant, 7 heads having 10 large horns would probably take form.
Thus, now. As it had neither a head nor eyeballs, it had no choice but to look up as a faceless fleshy sea.
At its kind mother’s return. Yes, that’s right.
It’s mother. It had a mother.
It which was crawling around underground wasn’t aware that his creator was an almighty father. The one who turned their gaze kindly, with their same as ever smile, whoever it was, was its mother. Their appearance seemed to be of a young girl.
When she came back down to underground, its mother, this omnipotent girl who was beautiful and even gorgeous, would always, carry in a new sacrifice. Without a brain in its body, its fleshy sea of squirming darkness, without having a substitute organ prepared to govern its thoughts, regardless of whether it shouldn’t have existed, it shivered in delight.
It was impossible to rearrange it as a language, but if he had to express it would it be like this?
――――Welcome back, Mama. I’ve been a good child. When you weren’t here, I drew in lots of the sacrifices, and devoured their souls. I ate, a lot, a lot, a whole lot. So praise me, Mama――――
Mother: “Good child.”
The girl who was its mother said, while showing her form on the cliffs of despair. On the far off upper regions. Judging from the squirming flesh to the deep depths there was a considerable distance, however, the girls’ voice which was like a whisper could accurately reach it.
There was no doubt about it. Her delicate clear voice which was like a fairy’s song could reach the faceless being with no hearing, and her figure which was like an incarnation of loveliness and ephemeralness could reach the faceless being with no sight.
Taking these LN excerpts into account with what Female Merlin has mentioned, it seems to be definitive that Manaka and her Beast are extremely intrinsic in their gluttonous qualities. That is their Sin. If Female Merlin is warning Arthur in regards to Manaka, she is undoubtedly still alive and looking for the best place to rebirth the Beast. We can now perhaps extrapolate from this analysis that the two entities that Arthur is chasing is Beast of Revelations and Manaka. One is L, the other is R.
Neither of them particularly have attributes of "miasma" or "lingering scent", which supports our previous theory that these are not titles or descriptors, but merely Arthur going "I cannot get a whiff of my targets." However there is plausibly deniability as these two phrases are repeated by Arthur again later.

The scene changes once again to Arthur talking to himself in what seems to be another singularity remnant.
Knight: ...I have yet to meet another you, Merlin, but I haven't forgotten what you said. For now. This is yet another world that has gone to ruin. Pruning Theoretical Phenomenon, was it? No, destruction and pruning have nothing to do with each other. I suppose scenes like this are commonplace for any phenomenon that gets pruned. The decay of a civilization...The destruction of a city...No matter how many times I see it, I still can’t get used to it. But then again...it’s still too early for me to give up. Right, Merlin?
Here it seems Arthur is theorizing whether Beast has crossed here, and shakes it off after affirming that while the Beast destroys and devours civilizations, it is still distinct from the state of a world timeline before it is pruned.Although his search seems fruitless in this land, it provides us some clues nonetheless. Firstly, Arthur is presuming that the Beast and Manaka are already active, and may possibly be moving from place to place, timeline to timeline.
Does the Beast perhaps have a preference of pruned timelines? If Arthur is running through timelines to be pruned, does that mean our timeline is at risk for being pruned as shown at the end of the Lostroom OVA?
Anyhow, we once again crash next to Arthur who is immediately worried of our well-being, citing how "this land’s atmosphere is poisonous to living creatures!" and "the air is pure poison". Since Arthur deduced that the Beast could not have crossed this area, is the poisonous air simply a property of the land, and why it was designated for pruning? Though it is very tempting to go "Oooh! That's the miasma of L!!!", we do not quite have enough to go on, I'm afraid.
Arthur: (Thinking back to what happened last time, could this child have gotten caught up in my warps?)
Arthur wonders whether contact with Guda has intrinsically tied Guda to himself, and the misfortune of the path he has chosen. If you all remember from before, Arthur's Excalibur is noted to "curse" him to a chosen path and fate.
Is it plausible that it is Arthur's Excalibur that has similarly "cursed" Guda?
Thematically speaking, Guda already has a starkly similar journey as Arthur. Just as Arthur was whisked off to the 1991 HGW near the end of his life, Guda was whisked off to a singularity remnant Arthur was in. The two had temporary respite to their original time and place, before being whisked off again to the 1999 HGW and the second singularity remnant, respectively.
Arthur: No, I should at least tell you what I can. Though the ruler of this land is sure to approach me soon...Okay. We have at least some time to talk.
Now, if we remember from the beginning of the Trial Quest:
Arthur: A herd of beasts and their king are coming this way. I doubt we can reach a peaceful resolution.
In these two singularity remnants, one of which that is designated for pruning, it is a land ruled by beasts and they both have a "King" as described by Arthur. The Alpha beast, so to speak. There also seems to be an implication that in certain situations, a peaceful resolution could be managed? Furthermore there is another peculiar line in relation:
Arthur: ...We’re done. Good work. It wasn’t the Beast I was looking for, but at the very least, its death should halt this place’s deterioration. I’m not entirely clear on how all this works. But apparently this is what my journey entails.
This certainly confirms there being multiple to-be-pruned timelines with a King for beasts in each of them, which Arthur either finds a peaceful resolution with, or defeats. Doing so will temporarily halt the theoretical pruning phenomena.
If there is a common trend of a King of beasts of the singularity remnants that Arthur is investigating and this is what his journey entails, could this possibly be a microcosm of the endgame? Manaka's wish through the Beast of Revelations is to enact Arthur's wish of the Salvation of Camelot. Similarly, the Beast of Revelations heralds the "New Jerusalem" in the Book of Revelations, which is also referenced directly in the Fragments LN multiple times.
There raise not the dead. There cannot recover lost things, never again. Even the greatest miracle can only affect the living. In the final days, salvation can be found once more. The Holy City of Jerusalem shall reappear. The kingdom accepts all. From yonder distant waves, seven heads, and ten crowns shall appear. O’ you who art sinful. Thy name is the enemy. Thy heart is of greed. Thy praises shall morph into blasphemy and rage over the earth. In the foundation of a universal miracle. There is no proof of our lost lord’s love, for it is a paradox here.
Will Manaka and Beast make this new Camelot, this new Jerusalem, and make itself its King? Only time will tell, I suppose.
The rest of the mentioned scene has Arthur introducing himself to Guda properly and telling him of the time he met Romani under the Fuyuki Bridge some time after the 2004 Fuyuki Holy Grail War in the Grand Order timeline. We can presume that this was a "random" warp much like many of Musashi's adventures that simply have no rhyme nor reason, but is indeed quite convenient to the plot and narrative, so why not?
Romani introduced Guda to Arthur through his limited Clairvoyance, as such:
Romani: Someone who carries love and hope...Someone who keeps aiming for tomorrow, for the sake of a yesterday that has been lost!
And later in the scene when Arthur hypes us up as we encounter the King of the beasts on the land:
Arthur: No, would you like to fight alongside me? The one who fights to save the world. You, the one to whom that man entrusted everything…I want to engrave the sight of you into my memory once again!
Just as Guda had a similar journey to Arthur in this Trial Quest alone, Guda is designated as "the one to save the world" just like Arthur was and is. It is incredibly interesting how intrinsically tied Arthur and Guda have become through these thematic similarities.
Moving along to our conclusion, Chaldea is able to find Guda for a second time and rayshift them. However, they are unable to see Arthur besides Guda.
Arthur: Perhaps my Spirit Origin does not exist in your world. If the King Arthur you know is female, that means she’s me, but not me. I don’t exist. At least not in your world’s history. You may need to ask Merlin for details, but yeah. I’m sure that’s what it is...Oh, or maybe it’s because my warp has already started?
We don't seem to have any basis for one over the other, as the only other similar situation is Miyamoto Musashi, who we encountered within our dreams and outside of Chaldea's observation. It could be either or, but personally I am leaning towards the former with Chaldea being unable to observe him due to being from a different timeline. I wonder, if the same is applied to the Alien Priestess we first met in Anastasia Lostbelt, where Chaldea also couldn't observe her? That's a discussion for another time.
Miss Da Vinci fills us in on some peculiar information of our circumstances during these events. Before I bring attention to that, allow me to go back to the beginning of the trial quest to something Jekyll mentioned:
Jekyll: I was rechecking the calculations on the Rayshift coordinates. And I found some points that concern me. Actually, the one who made the discovery was Mr. Babbage.
Da Vinci: ...Uh, ahem. Hey. It’s me, Da Vinci. There was a...tiny snafu in the program that handles the Rayshift coordinate calculations. It wasn’t a mistake that just developed out of nowhere. It was there from the beginning. Let’s just say that there was a shortcoming in one of the formulae. The result itself doesn’t change. But yeah, it’s a bug. That’s what was causing all the problems. It was Rayshifting you, and only you, to weird coordinates.
Da Vinci: Anyway, simply put, it was just a bug. I’m sorry, really! It wasn’t that I made any mistakes in the design stage; it was just me being negligent as a manager! Oh, and it’s not Romani’s fault either. It’s my fault, since it’s all under my jurisdiction. I’m really sorry! Babbage was the one who found it after doing some calculations because he had nothing better to do. I guess you really can’t give those analog folks flak.
Peculiar. Extremely peculiar. Is it truly a bug if it specifically sent Guda to Arthur directly? While Sir Babbage surmised that it is potentially a bug, it is important to note that he is not aware that this "bug" sent Guda towards Arthur. It is important to note that this discrepancy originally concerned him. I truly wonder, what was his original hypothesis? Was this an intended "bug"? If so, who planted it? Could it have been Marisbury, who is theorized to desire the birth of Beasts?

The trial quest ends with Arthur wishing Guda off with the following quote:
Arthur: And when we meet again under the same sky, someday, someplace…Let’s fight alongside each other again. To save your world. To save tomorrow.
And of Da Vinci speaking to Romani of the time he spoke to Arthur under the bridge, which ends in:
Da Vinci: Eh? You made a wish? To the King Arthur you saw in Fuyuki? What did you wish for…? No. Yeah. It’ll be much more interesting if you don’t tell me right now. Maybe tell me tomorrow…Or maybe someday far from now…
This is simply thematically fascinating. Arthur is a relic from his time that wished to clung to the past and for its salvation. Yet through Ayaka, he learned to look towards tomorrow. To save tomorrow. Just like Guda is. And that, my fellow readers, is the main thematic point for why Guda and Arthur are so intrinsically tied with eachother, in both of their journeys.
Surprise Valentines Scene Dissection!
Indeed, Sakurai has given clues and hints throughout even the Valentine Scenes of the Prototype Servants. It isn't anything too lore-heavy, but really nice details that we can all appreciate. Let's do a quick dissection!
The scene begins with Guda finding Arthur training in the simulator. We sneak up and surprise him, before being ambushed by a Soul Eater that is quickly annihilated. They return back to the Control Room in Chaldea and Guda presents them with chocolate.
Arthur: ….is this… for me? This is–… I see, I see. Valentine’s Day…February 14th. I see. Now that I think of it… that’s it. During that previous Holy Grail War, I–…
Fun fact! The 1999 Tokyo Holy Grail War did take place during February! So it is entirely plausible for Ayaka to have given Valentines chocolate to Arthur. Though I wonder if she provided to Proto Gilgamesh and Proto Cu as well...
Arthur: I won’t be able to give it right away, but, yes. Tomorrow morning, I shall give you something in return. So please, look forward to it.
And so, we continue Arthur's procrastination tendency to save the world and return a favor. Arthur....
Moving on the CE, it is a delicious Macaroni au Gratin he cooked himself
Valentine's return gift from Arthur Pendragon.
It's steaming hot. It's gratin straight out of the oven.
The cheese and macaroni are store-bought, but the cream sauce is homemade. This may be news to you, but he's actually really good at cooking.
Did macaroni gratin exist in fifth century Britain, you ask? Or does the Holy Grail also give Servants knowledge of recipes?
It is neither. He might actually tell you by the time you finish eating it. He might tell you about memories and knowledge that have been irregularly passed down...such as the Holy Grail War from a different world.
...So, eat up, for now...Before this oven-fresh gratin gets cold!
How lovely. Some fun trivia here is that gratin is mentioned as a dish that Manaka made for Ayaka in the 1991 HGW which she thoroughly enjoyed on account of it being Manaka's cooking. Arthur perhaps learned how to cook from Manaka, and her tendency to make heaping meals for him out of her love. The poor lad probably thought that is how modern humans eat, and took up the same mannerism while he was Ayaka's servant.
Is this perhaps a nod that Arthur still had fond memories of Manaka, regardless of all she has done? That he still wishes to save her from the whirlpool of gluttony she is becoming?
I suppose we will have to wait and see.
I thank you all for reading the first part of the Prototype Fragments Subplot theory! I have tired you all enough with this massive post, and I bid you all farewell with some teasers!

Next Time, on Fate/Prototype Fragments Subplot Theory (Wow that is quite a mouthful) !!!!

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