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Compilation of all Lore regarding the Tsaesci

So because I have nothing better to do at this time of night (except sleep, but to sithis with that) I've scoured every reference I can find to create a compilation of all physical and written evidence of the Tsaesci people of Akavir. Zero speculation here, just cold, hard facts. If I've missed anything by any chance please let me know and I'll add it.
I also have done something similar with the Kamal of Akavir and all other information on Akavir as well that I will link here.
EDIT: This post hasn’t been updated for ESO; Elsweyr.
Compilation of all Lore regarding the Kamal
Compilation of all Lore regarding Akavir
Physical Evidence - Primary Source
• Commander Mishaxhi is a ghost NPC in TESIV who is a Tsaesci, he has two legs and is dressed in Blades Armour. His code shows that he is an Imperial.
• Undead Akaviri (Tsaesci) Soldiers can be found at Fort Pale Pass in TESIV, they have two legs and fight with Blades Weaponry
• A Tsaesci Burial Mask can be found in TESO, its features are inhumane and snakelike with no nose, evidence of Tsaesci burial rituals. This item is described to bear the likeness of 'a hissing serpent devouring the dragon Vuljotnaak'
• Cloud Ruler Temple and Sky Haven Temple are built in Tsaesci architecture style, also possible origin of similar names
• Alduin's Wall which was built by the Tsaesci Dragonguard shows the Dragonguard bipedal with Armour
• The Ring of the Vipereye, a Tsaesci artefact can be found in TESIV
• The Tsaesci may have Dragon Blood as evident by the Dragonknight ability known as 'Dragon Blood' but this is unlikely given how Argonians and Khajiit can use the ability despite an inability to crossbreed
• The Sidri-Ashak Runestone found in TESIV was the creation of Potentate Sidri-Ashak, a Tsaesci. The abilities and appearance of the Runestone may be Tsaesci in origin although similar Runestone also exist that were created by Reman and Hestra
• The Tsaesci sword Dawnfang/Duskfang does not look like most Tsaesci swords with a very unique design
• An item called the 'Akaviri Cultural Infiltration Document' can be found in TESO. It is written entirely in Akaviri and might be about the culture and heritage of the Bosmer. The title suggests that the Tsaesci were involved in infiltration of other races.
• Several different Emblems of Akaviri writing can be found at Sky Haven Temple. Three of their translations are read by Esbern. Notably they look different to the writing seen in the Akaviri Messengers Diary. 1. A triangle with a circle within it below a pair of downturned horns means 'King'. 2. Five circles together with points on the side means 'Warrior'. 3. A heart shape with a downward arrow means 'Dragonborn'
• In TESO the emblem of the Dragonguard can be found. It resembles the Amulet of Kings and the Banner of the 2nd Empire.
• An item called the 'Draconian Madstone' can be found in TESIV. Possibly evidence of Tsaesci jewellery or Magic.
• The location of Sky Haven Temple was forgotten by the Blades and was not used since the Second Era.
• The Blood Seal located at the entrance to Sky Haven Temple is of Tsaesci design and acts as a lock that only opens when the correct blood is dropped into it (blood referred to multiple times) (the seal is magical as evident by how it glows on activation, evidence of blood magic)
• Tsaesci art found in Sky Haven Temple in the form of bas-reliefs. These particular artworks have some Nordic influence however.
• The Akaviri word for 'Shout' is written on Alduins wall (but the resolution isn't good enough to see it properly but I use Oldrim so correct me please)
• Blades Armour (with boots) can be found at Sky Haven Temple despite it being never used by the Blades and only the Dragonguard.
Dialogue Evidence - Secondary Source
• Esbern claims that the Tsaesci are not very straightforward and that everything is couched in allegory and mythic symbolism.
• Esbern claims that prior to the First Alaviri Invasion and the Dragonguard there were still many dragons hiding in Skyrim's mountains until they were 'cleansed' by the Tsaesci.
• Esbern claims that Sky Haven Temple was constructed near one of the old military camps of the Tsaesci during the First Akaviri Invasion.
• Thurindil is an NPC in TESIV who claims that he is the son of Mohi-Titona the Queen of Akavir, this is most likely false
• Narina Carvain says that the Draconian Madstone looks like a serpent coiled around itself.
Mysterious Akavir - Secondary Source
• Tsaesci translates to 'Snake Palace' in their language
• The Tsaesci look like snakes, they are tall, beautiful and golden coloured
• The Tsaesci 'ate' the Men of Akavir, what 'ate' means exactly is unclear and may be a mistranslation
• The Tsaesci look like the men they 'ate'
• The Tsaesci are described as being 'Vampiric' and 'Immortal' although this is debatable and may just be hyperbole
• The Tsaesci enslave Goblins from islands near their homelands for labour and blood
• After the Tsaesci 'ate' the men of Akavir they tried to 'eat' the Dragons, managing to enslave the Red Dragons but not the Black Dragons.
• The Tsaesci have the most powerful navy on Akavir
Pocket Guide to the Empire, 3rd Edition - Secondary Source
• The Tsaesci invaded Tamriel in 1E 2703 and were defeated by Reman Cyrodiil and then incorporated into the Empire
• The Tsaesci were raised to Potentates of the Empire and after the death of Reman III became the rulers of the Empire
• The Tsaesci have a different language to the Imperials which is acknowledged may have led to mistranslations in documents (note the word 'ate' in Mysterious Akavir)
• Uriel V invaded Tsaesci and was defeated in 3E 290 (see Report: Disaster at Ionith)
• The Septim Emblem is of Tsaesci origin
• Akaviri pirates were known to plunder Dwemer ruins in Hammerfell before the arrival of the Ra Gada.
Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition - Secondary Source
• The Reman Dynasty kept a household guard of Tsaesci
• The Tsaesci are described as being 'slaves', whether this term is literal is debatable
• The Tsaesci were responsible for forming many administrative and military structures of the Reman Empire
• The Tsaesci have forging styles/techniques called 'Dragonscale' and 'Daikatana'
• The Armour and Colours of the Blades originate with the Tsaesci
• The Tsaesci used Red Dragons as Mounts, often for war, how they managed to do this is unknown seeing as how Dragons would never let that happen
• Tsaesci surnames and facial features are prized in Cyrodiil, confirming that Tsaesci and Humans can interbreed unlike all other beast races
• The city of Rimmen in Elsweyr was founded by Tsaesci refugees from Cyrodiil following persecution by Emperor Attrebus who wanted to banish the foreigners
• The Khajiiti name for the Tsaesci is 'Rim Men' which is where the name Rimmen comes from. Evidence that the Tsaesci resemble Men
• By the late 3rd Era there are almost no Tsaesci left on Tamriel. Some communities still practice the culture and are descended from the Tsaesci.
Report: Disaster at Ionith - Primary Source
• Tsaesci the Realm is located in the Southwest of Akavir (By Ysmir why did they call their homeland and their race the same thing? That's like renaming Skyrim to 'Nord', not even 'Nordland' just 'Nord')
• Tsaesci live in organised settlements with farmlands/agriculture which also shows that they are omnivorous
• A Tsaesci settlement known to the Imperials as Septima is located at the mouth of a river in a fertile valley, this river valley has little to no trees
• The Tsaesci knew of the Imperial invasion force before its arrival and were somehow able to remove all people from Septima before its landing
• The Tsaesci shadowed the Imperials with Mounted Scouting Patrols, what they are mounted on is unknown; Horses, Dragons or some other large creature?
• A Tsaesci settlement known to the Imperials as Ionith is located upriver of Septima and is larger
• Government of the Tsaesci is unknown but have the capability to produce diplomats, nobility and emissaries. Possibly ruled over by a King
• Tsaesci realm is a temperate environment with seasons and even blizzards, although these weather patterns are strange with hot, dry winds from the east which resulted in crop failures and the river drying up.
• Blizzards, Hot, Dry Winds and Storms at Sea possibly could be caused by Tsaesci Weather Manipulation Magic?
• Tsaesci manipulating the magic of Imperial Battlemages making them exceptionally weak
• A Mountain Range lies to the north of the River Valley
• The Tsaesci possibly outnumbered an Imperial Legion by several times, debatable source
• Tsaesci appear to have no Navy which contradicts other sources
• Coral Reefs and Small Islands dot the coast of the Tsaesci Realm
The Story of Lyrisius - Primary Source
• The Tsaesci use Chariots in Battle
• Tsaesci slavers raid the coasts of Tamriel
2920, The Last Year of the First Era - Secondary Source
• Tsaesci religion is different then Imperial with less complex rituals
• Tsaesci religious rituals possibly involve sparring and acrobatics?
• Tsaesci have yellow scales on their skin, to what extent is unknown (full body or partial)
• The Tsaesci hiss when speaking
• Tsaesci have tails, most likely a sort similar to Argonians
• Tsaesci Martial Arts involves quick attacks, acrobatics and lots of maneuvering
• Tsaesci weapons include Katanas and Wakizashis
• The Tsaesci don't use shields in war and find them strange. This conflicts with other sources.
• The Tsaesci focus on perfecting blades rather then armour, whether this means they fight unarmoured is debatable
• Examples of Tsaesci names;'Versidue-Shaie'; and 'Saviren-Chorak', notably these two are father and son which brings up the question of missing surnames
• Versisue-Shaie was born on Tamriel and was not present during the Tsaesci Invasion
• Tsaesci movements described as 'Slithering' which contradicts other sources, possible hyperbole
• The Tsaesci wear ornate headdresses and jewelry
• The Tsaesci have a celebration of 'Wintertide' where they sing carols (A weeb snake man celebrated Christmas with Vivec. This is canon.)
History of the Fighters Guild - Secondary Source
• Another named Tsaesci; 'Dinieras-Ves'
• 'Syffrim' is the Tsaesci word for 'Soldiers'
• The Tsaesci are incapable of wearing and using Tamriellic Armour. Why this is is unknown and could be because of physical restriction or cultural restriction.
Akaviri Messengers Diary - Primary Source
• Appearance of Akaviri Writing
• The Tsaesci use and make books
• There are not enough symbols on the page to match up to the translation if it was an Alphabetical language which means that it is a Pictorial language (like many East Asian languages). This is supported by the symbols found in Sky Haven Temple which translate to full words.
Akaviri Diary Translation - Primary Source
• More confirmation that Tsaesci are bipedal
• The Tsaesci seem to be familiar with Wolves
• Tsaesci names 'Sylaj', 'Vata' and 'Xhaferi', these names notably are different to other Tsaesci names
• In the Akaviri Messengers Diary the page is divided by a margin on the right hand side. Above the margin are a series of dots and dashes preceded by a 't' shape. In the Akaviri Diary Translation the two entries available begin with 'Day 3' and 'Day 7'. If you turn the dots and dashes on the two available pages into binary code (dots into 0 and dashes into 1) they read '3' and '7' respectively. This means that the Akaviri/Tsaesci numerical code is in Binary.
Book of the Dragonborn - Secondary Source
• Confirmation that the Blades and by extension the Dragonguard are of Tsaesci origin
• Tsaesci Invaders described as 'Crusaders'
• The Tsaesci during the invasion were searching for a Dragonborn who they found in Reman Cyrodiil who they submitted to
Rise and Fall of the Blades - Secondary Source
• Yet more confirmation that the Blades and Dragonguard are Tsaesci in origin
• The Arrival of Dragons on Tamriel may of just been refugees from Akavir after the Tsaesci 'ate' them and the Tsaesci invasion was a hunting party looking for them, although the timeline does not completely match up and clashes with other sources
• At the Battle of Pale Pass when the Tsaesci heard Reman Cyrodiils voice they dropped to their knees and said "We were not Hunting, we have been searching for you."
• Other Tsaesci built temples include 'Storm Talon Temple' near Wayrest and 'Wind Scour Temple' in the Alik'r
• Blades are led by a Grandmaster, a title which may be Tsaesci in origin
Legacy of the Dragonguard - Secondary Source
• The Dragonknights (as seen in ESO) were those taught in the martial arts of the Tsaesci. This suggests that all abilities available to the Dragonknight class in ESO including things such as Lava Whip and Firebreath are abilities the Tsaesci have access to
• The Dragonguard was disbanded by Potentate Versidue-Shaie in 2E 1 for their failiure to save Reman III however many remained in the Empires service
The Annotated Anuad - Secondary Source
• The Tsaesci are said to be descended from the Wandering Ehlnofey, just like the races of Men. They are even directly referred to as a race of Men. Possibility that Tsaesci are a race of altered/cursed Men?
Children of the Sky - Secondary Source
• Mention of an ability possessed by the Tsaesci called a 'Kiai' which is comparable to a Thu'um. This could either mean they have access to the Thu'um under a different name or it is the word for the magical martial abilities the Tsaesci use (Dragonknights)
Crafting Motif 53; Tsaesci - Primary Source
• Interchanges use of 'Akaviri' and 'Tsaesci'
• Claim that many Imperials have Tsaesci decent, may be over exaggeration
• The Tsaesci hold many secrets from the Tamriellic people's that they do not share outside of the 'true bloodlines'
• Tsaesci have access to a kind of blade-proof fabric that they use in their armour
• Description of Tsaesci shields which clashes with other sources that claims that the Tsaesci don't use shields
• Tsaesci bows are painted with Tan and Red stripes that represent the duality of life and death, possible Tsaesci religious symbolism?
Ardent Flame: Draconic or Endemic? - Primary Source
• Further confirmation of interbreeding between Humans and Tsaesci
• Mention of a War fought between the Tsaesci and the Dragons in the First Era (notably after the Nordic Dragon War)
• Assertion that Dragonknight Abilities come from 'Dragon Magic' (Thu'um) (evidence of a connection between Kiai and Thu'um)
The Infernal City - Primary Source
• The City of Rimmen in Elsewyr houses a shrine built by the Tsaesci called the Tonenaka that contains ten thousand statues, possible evidence of Tsaesci religion?
Emperor Kastav's Epitaph - Primary Source
• Another Tsaesci name; Sadineras-Kor
• Possible Tsaesci practice of ritualistic suicide (SEPPUKU!!)
Crafting Motif 18: Akaviri - Primary Source
• Tsaesci shoes look like Imperial Sabatons or Sandals
•Tsaesci greaves appear as extensions of the boots
• The Tsaesci have a love for swords compatible to the Redguards
• Tsaesci Maces are round with spikes
• Akaviri staves are made with a dense flexible wood that is not found on Tamriel that is so strong it can deflect an attack from a Greataxe. The staves are decorated with gold leaf and red gemstones. The Akaviri are very proud of their staves. (It is unknown if the Akaviri in question are Tsaesci or Kamal)
• Tsaesci shields have symbols on them that look similar to the crests of their helmets
Chronicles of the Five Companions 8 - Primary Source
• More confirmation that the Tsaesci have both scales and feet
Crafting Motif 29: Soul-Shriven - Primary Source
• Some Tsaesci seen in Coldharbour
Pocket Guide to the Empire, 2nd Edition - Secondary Source
Note: This source is considered Non-Canon since it was never published in game. Please keep that in mind going forward.
• The Reman Empire established a naval base on the island of Llénnöcöcönnèll to intercept any Tsaesci attempting to flee back to Akavir. No Tsaesci were caught however.
Forged in the Heart of Mundus - Primary Source
• Dragonknights' power is derived from Nirn and Mundus itself
Mythical Beast, Real Powers -Primary Source
• Assumption that Dragonknights learnt their abilities from Dragons
• The Dragonguard were Dragonknights
Remanada - Secondary Source
• Those outside of Cyrodiil despised the Tsaesci and wishes them gone. They saw Cyrodiil as their realm. Possible reason for invasion of Cyrodiil in Three-Banners War?
• A group of unnamed knights said to be Tsaesci or part Tsacesi were primarily responsible for defending the Heartland after the fall of the Reman Empire
• Tsaesci said to have 'Painted Eyes'. Whether this refers to a physical characteristic of the Tsaesci or a cultural practice is unknown.
• A Tsaesci Knight called the Chevalier Renald helped Jarl Cuhlecain ascend to Emperor. He only did this to aid Tiber Septim.
• The Tsaesci are claimed to live for 'ages' because of their Vampire Blood
• Versidue-Shaie is titled 'The Coiled King' which I think is awesome
• A Tsaesci named Vershu was the protector of the 'Northern-West' at the time of Savirien-Choraks death (Possibly Colovian Highlands?)
• The Title of 'Renald' may have been the leader of the Dragonguard?
Reman II: The Limits of Ambition Questions - Secondary Source
• The Akaviri Potentates held positions on the Elder Council
• Sidri-Ashak wrote a book called 'Recollections of a Humble Potentate' (which doesn't appear in-game)
The Tsaesci Creation Myth And we ate it to become it - Secondary Source
Note: This source is considered Non-Canon since it was never published in game. Please keep that in mind going forward.
• Evidence to Tsaesci Religion and belief systems
• The 'Striking' in the myth parallels the birth of Creation by Nir in the Anuad
• The 'Biting' in the myth parallels the destruction of the 12 worlds of Creation by Pandomay in the Anuad
• Reference to the 'Biters' which may be related to Vicec Sermons, 14
• The 'Slithering' in the myth parallels the Wandering Ehlnofey and the Ehlnofey War
• Repeated reference to something called 'The Random Sequence' which is most likely an important aspect of Tsaesci religion
• Names appear to be important in Tsaesci society/religion and are connected with the 12 worlds (one [name]for each world)
• The Myth refers to Ehlnofex as 'dead-talk' and languages they do not understand as 'non-talk'
• The names that did not survive the Slithering and/or the Biting became 'calculation powder' which became the Dreugh
• References to 'edible communication' which may allude to Tsaesci gaining knowledge by consuming
• A map of 'variations' was formed by stomach signals that is known as the Dai
• Multiple references to Eggs
• The Tsaesci ate the final name which was 'Tsaescence' and they ate it to become it (Ah! They said it!)
Interview with Three Writers - Secondary Source
Note: This source is considered Non-Canon since it was never published in game. Please keep that in mind going forward.
• Allusion to the existence of letters written by Uriel V Septim while he was in Akavir, not available to read
• The writer of '2920, the Last Year of the First Era' allegedly learned of the appearance of the Tsaesci from first hand sources
• The Tsaesci are both snake-like in temperament and physicality
• Redguard/Yokudan Myths and History may allude to the Tsaesci (Yokuda and Akavir in contact?) (Oh great, now I have to sift through Yokudan myths too!)
• Gaiden Shinji may have been a Tsaesci or influenced by them (most likely false as he appears in TESO as a Redguard)
• Sakatal and his cult may relate to the Tsaesci (snake imagery)
• Fang Lair may relate to the Tsaesci (more snake imagery) (most likely false)
Annals of the Dragonguard - Primary Source
• A map of Skyrim is present in the book designed in Tsaesci stylings. All text is vertical and written in a unique font. A seal is printed near the bottom of the page which whose meaning is unclear.
• Reference to an 'Old Calendar' set 1519 years before. Unknown origin. Might be Akaviri.
• The Tsaesci Dragonguard refused to sack Winterhold which shows they aren't heartless monsters
• The Tsaesci managed to secure a deal with the Reachmen for supplies showing somewhat good relations
Atlas of Dragons, 2E 373 - Secondary Source
• The Dragonguard reportedly slew 14 different Dragons including Grahkrindrog and Krahjotdaan
Grommock's Journal - Primary Source
• The Tsaesci Sword Dawnfang/Duskfang was found inside a locked box within the Alyied ruin of Trumbe (Contact between Tsaesci and Alyieds before First Invasion?)
• Dawnfang/Duskfang is described to have a blade that looks like teeth, a handle made of golden scales and a gemstone that changes between orange/red and blue/purple
• At Dusk, Dawnfang vanishes and is replaced by its counterpart and vice versa at Dawn (evidence of Tsaesci magic)
• Dawnfang/Duskfang is alive and can speak telepathically to its wielder (more Tsaesci Magic)
• Dawnfang is enchanted with fire damage and Duskfang is enchanted with frost damage
• Dawnfang/Duskfang drinks the blood of its victims which increases the magical power of its counterpart (more Tsaesci Magic)
There be Dragons - Secondary Source
• The author claims that other sources refer to the Tsaesci using special Dragon-Killing Spells.
• Claims that the Tsaesci used special Dragon-Killing traps.
• Claims that the Tsaesci used a kind of rare poison capable of killing Dragons.
Of Fjori and Holgeir - Primary Source
• The Tsaesci provided Fjori an antidote to a snake bite
Varieties of Faith in the Empire - Secondary Source
• It is believed that the god Z’en has some connection with the Tsaesci - possibly a god in their pantheon.
36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 17 - Primary Source
•Vivec and Nerevar allegedly traveled to Akavir.
•Vivec and Nerevar learned the fighting style of the Idiom Stroke from the Pillowbook of the Tsaesci King.
•The Tsaesci vowed revenge on Tamriel at least three times.
Wayrest, Jewel of the Bay - Secondary Source
Note: Two versions of this text exist, one in TES:II and one in ESO. The ESO version makes no reference to the Akaviri.
•Akaviri pirates were known to occupy the ‘islands to the west’ aka the Dellese Isles around 1E 800. These Akaviri may have have been Tsaesci.
•In 1E 2702 the entire population of Wayrest had to retreat to the Gardner Estate to escape the raids of Akaviri pirates.
A History of Daggerfall - Secondary Source
•An Akaviri Invasion supposedly halved the population of the Iliac Bay region. Most likely the First Akaviri Invasion is the one referred to.
c0da - ???
Note: This source is considered Non-Canon since it was never published in game. Please keep that in mind going forward.
•A group of Tsaesci, described as serpentine, assist Yagrum Bagarn a.k.a The Intellective in purchasing a Numidium.
Other Notes
• Savirien-Chorak was born after the First Akaviri Invasion in 1E 2703 and died in 2E 430, a period of 647 years, although it is unknown when he was born it can be approximated to have been between 1E 2723 and 1E 2900. He however was assassinated and died unnaturally. With this information it means that Tsaesci can live for at the very least 450 years but that number is most likely higher.
• A list of all Tsaesci names: Sidri-Ashak, Versidue-Shaie, Sevirien-Chorak, Kiasa-Veda Dir-Tonenaka, Sadineras-Kor, Dinieras-Ves, Vershu, Mishaxhi, Sylaj, Vata and Xhaferi. The last three appear to be of commoner origin while the former 6 appear to be of noble origin with the 4th and 5th latter being ambiguous (a second name added to distinguish nobles?) (maternal surnames?)
• The word 'Dir' appears twice, in the name 'Kiasa-Veda Dir-Tonenaka' (Tsaesci Armourer) and 'Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal' (Kamali King), the word always proceeds a place name (Tonenaka and Kamal) and always follows an individuals name (Ada'Soom and Kiasa-Veda). Because of this I hypothesize that 'Dir' translates to 'of' or 'from' in the same vein as the German word 'von'.
• The last Documented Instance of a Tsaesci on Tamriel was in 2E 854. This was the Chevalier Renald who aided Emperor Cuhlecain and Tiber Septim.
So that is everything in dot points with references. Did I miss anything? Is there anything you didn't know? What conclusions can you draw from these? Please make the time I wasted on this worth it!
submitted by Baronnolanvonstraya to teslore


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CHANGES: There are now 2 different pricing tiers: 1 for regular manga/anime and 1 for ex-library manga/anime. There is also a 5% discount for purchasing 10 or more items. It seems more fair that regular and ex-library items cost different amounts, and I save a little bit of money on shipping larger orders. There is no minimum order requirement, but the option for larger orders is there.
Most of the manga are in the grade range of G2-G4. Some of the manga have parenthetical notes about their condition and are generally in G1-G3 condition. Ex-library manga are listed separately and are automatically G1 regardless of their condition. I'm selling these manga cheaply enough that I don't want to answer 20 questions about each one.
I also have a small amount of anime available for the same price. Anime are either new in shrinkwrap or used but tested. Each one is subtitled or dubbed in English.
My inventory is separated into several categories: 18+ manga (non-yaoi), 18+manga (yaoi), regular manga, anime, ex-library manga, and ex-library anime.
After we agree to what you're buying in the thread, I'll need you to PM me your email address. Then I'll send you a paypal invoice.

  1. Regular manga/anime cost $2.80 each. Ex-library manga/anime cost $2.50 each.
  2. Shipping and handling: $3.50 for 5 or fewer items, free for 6 or more items.
  3. No international shipping.
  4. If you buy 10 or more manga, you will receive a 5% discount.
  5. If you live in Pennsylvania, please tell me in your PM. I have to charge 7% sales tax. Because I live in Allegheny County, it's 7% regardless of which part of Pennsylvania you live in.
* Starred manga are larger than normal, which matters if your shelves only have so much space. Smaller manga are NOT starred.

18+ Manga: (non-yaoi; a couple are 16+, but in series that are usually 18+)
7th Garden: 6
Astral Project: 1
Battle Vixens: 1 (small rip)
Between The Sheets
Biomega: 1* (small stain)
Blood Sucker: 2, 4 (moderate shelfwear)
Blood the Last Vampire 2002* [one shot] (slightly bent at spine)
Category Freaks: 1
Death At Death's Door: 1 (2 copies)
Dogs Prelude: 0*
Doll: 1 (hardback, moderate wear on slip cover), 3 (a couple small creases)
Flowers & Bees: 2
Happy Mania: 5, 8 (2 copies)
Hey Princess (small rip, spine stress)
High School of the Dead: 1
Jormungand: 4* (a page is ripped and creased)
Kami-kaze: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, a couple small rips), 4
Kannazuki No Miko: 1
Kikaider 02: 4
King of Wolves [one shot]
Maico 2010: 1 (2 copies, 1 with small rip), 4
Omamori Himari: 1, 4
Ooku The Inner Chambers: 5 (ex-library, dirty)
Orfina: 1*
Remote: 2, 3 (2 copies), 4 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Sacred: 1
Sensual Phrase: 1-2
Steel Angel Kurumi: 1 (plastic peeling at edges of covers, tiny stain)
Sword of the Dark Ones: 1, 2 (warped, missing first page, moderate shelfwear, creases, slightly dirty)
Sword's Edge: 1* (severe shelfwear, small stain, tiny stain, small rip)
Testarotho: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 4
The Dead Boy Detectives
The Young Magician: 1 (2 copies, 1 with slight-to-moderate yellowing), 3
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World: 2 (moderate shelfwear, several creases)
Tokko: 1 (moderate shelfwear, medium stain, slightly warped at 1 corner, creases/rips on spine, several small creases)
Tokyo Zombie*
Triage X: 1 (a couple large creases, small hole)
Warriors of Tao: 1 (2 copies, 1 slightly dirty)
Welcome to the N.H.K.: 2 (small stain, slightly warped at front of book, a couple small creases)
Yubisaki Milk Tea: 1 (2 copies, 1 is slightly bent), 2 (medium crease)

18+ Manga: (yaoi)
A Foreign Love Affair [one shot]
Alcohol, Shirt & Kiss* [one shot]
Barefoot Waltz* [one shot]
Because I'm a Boy [one shot]
Black Knight: 2 (moderate shelfwear)
...but, I'm Your Teacher [one shot]
Crazy Star* [one shot] (slightly bent)
Croquis [one shot] (sticker residue)
Dark Prince: 3
Delivery Cupid [one shot] (large crease)
Don't Rush Love [one shot]
Don't Say Any More, Darling [one shot]
Duetto* [one shot]
Hanky Panky [one shot]
Hero Heel: 1* (2 copies)
I Can't Stop Loving You: 1-2
Invisible Love* [one shot]
J-Boy: 1*
June Pride [one shot] (moderate shelfwear, slightly dirty)
Junior Escort* [one shot]
Just My Luck [one shot] (slightly dirty)
Kashinfu* [one shot]
Kiss All the Boys: 1 (multiple creases)
Little Butterfly: 2*
Love Circumstances [one shot]
Love Code* [one shot] (some browning on inside covers)
Love Stage: 5
Love Pistols: 1
Loving Gaze* [one shot]
Man's Best Friend [one shot]
Meeting You [one shot]
Melted Love* [one shot]
My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor [one shot]
Our Kingdom*: 5
Pet on Duty [one shot]
Picnic* [one shot]
Poison Cherry Drive [one shot] (slightly bent)
Shining Moon* [one shot] (slight browning on inside covers)
Shinobu Kokoro [one shot]
Skyscrapers of Oz [one shot]
The Art of Loving: 1* (2 copies, 1 with tiny stain and a few wrinkles, 1 slightly warped)
The Devil's Secret [one shot]
The Moon and the Sandals: 1*, 2*
The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy [one shot]
The Sky Over My Spectacles [one shot]
The World's Greatest Love: 2 (slightly warped)
Truly Kindly [one shot] (moderate shelfwear, small rip/crease)
Waru* [one shot]
Wild Adapter: 1
Wild Rock [one shot] (small rip)
Yaoi An Anthology of Boys Love Stories: 2
Yellow: 1* (slightly bent, moderate yellowing, slightly dirty)
You Will Fall in Love [one shot] (small rip)

Regular Manga:
+Anima: 1 (tiny rip), 2 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear, small rip), 3 (moderate shelfwear, slightly bent at spine, several small creases)
10, 20, and 30: 1
11th Cat: 1* (sligtly bent at spine)
9th Sleep* [one shot]
@ Large: 2
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: 2
A Midnight Opera: 1 (significant shelwear, medium rip), 2 (significant shelfwear)
A Perfect Day for Love Letters: 1
A Wise Man Sleeps: 2 (small rip)
Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade: 2
Absolute Boyfriend: 1-2, 3 (small dent), 4 (slight browning on inside covers, inappropriate text on survey card)
AI Love You: 1, 2 (medium crease), 3 (medium crease), 4 (moderate shelfwear)
AI Revolution: 1
AI Yori Aoshi: 1, 2 (medium crease), 3-4
Aion: 1, 3
Airgear: 1 (moderate yellowing at edges of pages)
Aishiteruze Baby: 3, 4
Alice 19th: 1, 2, 3, 4 (several creases, plastic peeling at corners of covers), 5, 6 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 7
Alice on Deadlines: 1
Alichino: 1-3
Alien Nine: 1
Amazing Agent Luna: 1-2
American Born Chinese* [one shot] (bent)
Amnesia Labyrinth: 1
Amulet: 1*
Angel Cup: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 4 (moderate shelfwear)
Angel Diary: 4* (large crease), 6* (several small creases)
Angel Sanctuary: 1, 2 (back cover is scraped up), 3
Angelboy: 1*
Angelic Layer: 1 (several small creases), 2, 4 (faded spine, moderate shelfwear)
Ani-lmo: 1, 5
Anne Freaks: 1-2, 4 (medium-to-large crease)
Antique Bakery: 1*, 3* (significant shelfwear, multiple creases, small stain, small rip)
Aoi House: 1
Aoi House in Love: 2
Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion: 1, 2, 3, 4 (slightly bent at spine, spine stress, moderate shelfwear, dirty, tiny stain), 5
Arana The Heart of the Spider: 1
Aria: 1
Aria: 2
Arisa: 1 (pretty creased up covers)
Ark Angels: 1-2
Armageddon: 1-2
Aron's Absurd Armada: 1* (moderate-to-significant shelfwear, small rip)
Arpeggio of Blue Steel: 1
Assembly [one shot]
Astro Boy: 1 (moderate shelfwear, slight-to-moderate yellowing, several small creases, plastic peeling at edges of covers), 9 (moderate yellowing, medium crease)
Attack on Titan: 1
Avalon High Coronation: 1, 2, 3 (creases in both covers)
Avatar the Last Airbender: The Promise Part 2*
Avatar the Last Airbender Cine-manga: 1
Aventura: 1
Baby Birth: 1-2
Babymouse: 12* (bent)
Backstage Prince: 1
Bad Kitty: 1
Bakegyamon: 4 (slightly bent), 5 (slightly bent)
Ballad of a Shinigami: 1 (many tiny stain spots along the top of the book)
Bamboo Blade: 1
Banya the Explosive Delivery Man: 2 (spine stress)
Battle Girlz: 2
B.B. Explosion: 4
Beast Master: 1
Beauty Pop: 2
Because I'm the Goddess: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 3
Beet: 3 (several creases, tiny stain), 4 (medium rip, medium crease), 5 (bent at spine, multiple creases, couple small rips, back cover bent)
Beyblade: 2 (several small creases)
Beyond the Beyond: 1-2
Bird Kiss: 2, 3 (moderate shelfwear), 4
Bizenghast: 1-2
Bizenghast The Novel
Black Bird: 1, 4
Black Butler: 1
Black Cat: 1 (a little plastic peeling at the edges of the covers), 2-3, 4 (writing/coloring, small-to-medium crease), 5 (medium crease, multiple small creases, 2 small rips), 18, 19
Black Sun Silver Moon: 4 (tiny stain spots)
Blade of Heaven: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, several small creases, small rip)
Blank: 1 (spine stress)
Bleach: 1, 2, 3, 4 (small crease, medium gouge), 6, 7 (several creases), 8 (slightly bent at spine, medium crease), 9 (several creases), 10-11, 14 (a couple small creases), 18, 19 (a couple creases), 20, 22 (slightly bent at spine)
Blood Alone: 2, 3 (piece of tape or something in the middle of the book)
Bloody Kiss: 1 (severe shelfwear, small rip, multiple small creases), 2
Blue Exorcist: 2
Blue Inferior: 1
Blue Monday: The Kids Are Alright*
BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo [one shot] (moderate shelfwear, slight-to-moderate yellowing)
Bogle: 1-2
Bombos Vs. Everything: 1
Bow Wow Wata: 1
Boy Princess: 9
Boys Be: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2
Boys of Summer: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Brain Powered: 1 (several small creases)
Bran Doll [one shot]
Brave* (stained at bottom of book, several creases)
Bride of the Water God: 1*
Brigadoon: 1 (moderate shelfwear, several creases)
Bring it On!: 2*, 4*
Broken Angels: 1-2, 4 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Bus Gamer 1999-2001 The Pilot Edition (moderate shelfwear)
Buso Renkin: 1 (several creases, gouges, and the subscription card is cut out), 2 -3
Butterfly: 1
By the Sword: 1-2
Cafe Latte Rhapsody [one shot] (some plastic peeling at edges of covers)
Cafe Occult: 1-2
Calling You: 1 (medium cut through back cover and several pages)
Can't Lose You: 1
Cantarella: 1
Captain Nemo: 1
Captive Hearts: 1, 2, 4 (small dent, medium crease), 5
Cardcaptor Sakura: 3 [pocket edition], 5
Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Cardcaptors [cine-manga]: 3, 6
Cardfight!! Vanguard: 2, 6 (last page stuck to back cover)
Case Closed: 1
Castle of Dreams [anthology] (moderate shelfwear, a couple small rips, slightly dirty)
Cat Paradise: 2 (light spine stress)
Central City: 1* (moderate shelfwear)
Ceres Celestial Legend: 1, 2 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 4* (medium-to-large crease), 5, 6
Cheeky Angel: 1-2, 5 (some creasing in back cover)
Cherry Juice: 3 (several creases)
Chibi Vampire: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear), 6 (significant shelfwear), 12
Chikyu Misaki: 1 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear, multiple creases,
Chobits: 1, 2 (light spine stress, a couple small creases, a few gouges), 3-4, 5 (wrinkles in plastic on spine)
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword: 1-2, 3, 5 (slightly bent), 6-13, 14 (small rip), 15
Chrono Crusade: 1, 7
Chunchu The Genocide Fiend: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (significant shelfwear)
Cirque Du Freak: 1 [Special Scholastic Edition]
Clamp School Defenders Duklyon: 1 (medium stain)
Clamp School Detectives: 1 (several tiny creases, plastic starting to peel at edges of covers)
Clan of the Nakagamis*
Clay: 1
Clean-Freak Fully Equipped: 1
Click: 1
Club 9: 1* (creases, slightly dirty)
Code Breaker: 1-2
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion: 1
Cold Mountain*
Colosseum: 1* (moderate shelfwear)
Comic: 4* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Comic Party: 1, 4 (several small creases, pencil marks on spine)
Comic Party Party Time: 1
Complex Age: 1* (small rip, small wrinkles in spine)
Confessions of a Blabbermouth* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Confidential Confessions: 1 (plastic peeling at edges of covers)
Confidential Confessions Deal: 1
Corrector Yui: 1
Countdown 7 Days: 1
Courtney Crumrin: 1*
Crescent Moon: 1, 2, 5 (small rip)
Cross: 1
Cross Break: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Crossroad: 3
Crown: 1, 2 (slightly bent)
Culdcept: 1, 2 (rip/dent in the bottom of the book)
Cy-Believers: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 3
D. Gray-Man: 1 (slightly bent at spine, several small gouges, several small creases), 2 (small rip)
Daemonium: 1
Dance Till Tomorrow: 2* (small-to-medium rips, many large creases, large piece ripped out of ad at end of book, slightly dirty)
Dark Angel: 1 (creases in covers), 3
Dark Edge: 8
Dark Goodbye: 1 (couple small creases)
Dark Moon Diary: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Dazzle: 1-3, 5, 6 (2 medium creases)
Dead End: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small rip), 2 (moderate shelfwear, small rip)
DearS: 1 (small rip), 2, 3 (tiny stain spots on edge)
Death Jam: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear, 2 large stains, slightly warped at back of book), 3
Death Note: 1 (several small creases)
Degrassi the Next Generation Extra Credit: 3-4
Delicious Seasons: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Deltora Quest: 6 (large crease)
Demon City Shinjuku: 1
Demon Diary: 1-3, 5 (moderate shelfwear), 6 (moderate shelfwear)
Demon Flowers: 3
Demon Love Spell: 1, 6
Demon Sacred: 1 (small rip), 2
Desert Coral: 1-2
Destiny's Hand: 1
Deus Vitae: 1-2
Devil May Cry 3: 1 (severe shelfwear, a couple small rips, several small creases)
Devil's Bride: 1
Di Gi Charat: 1-2, 3 (gray line on cover)
Di Gi Charat Theater Leave it to Piyoko: 1
Digiko's Champion Cup Theater (smudges/fading on back cover)
Dimension W: 1, 5, 7
Disgaea 2: 1
Disney Fairies: Vidia and the Fairy Crown (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Divine Melody: 1* (very bent, slightly dirty)
DNAgents: 1*
DNAngel: 1-3, 6, 9, 11 (moderate shelfwear)
Do Whatever You Want: 2
Dobeki Bride: 5
Dogby Walks Alone: 1
Dojin Work: 1
Dokkoida?:: 1
Dolls: 1
Doubt!!: 1 (wrinkled plastic), 2, 4
Dragon Ball Z: 1 (slightly bent at one corner)
Dragon Drive: 1
Dragon Hunter: 1-5
Dragon Knights: 1-5, 7
Dragon Voice: 1
Dramacon: 1-3
Dream Gold Knights in the Dark City: 1
Dream Saga: 3 (significant shelfwear, many creases, 2 small rips)
DVD: 1 (small rip, dent, and crease in front cover), 2
E's: 1-3
East Coast Rising: 1
Eensy Weensy Monster: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Eerie Queerie: 1-2
El Deafo* (ex-library, bent at spine)
Element Line: 1-2, 4
Elemental Gelade: 1 (moderate shelfwear, some writing)
Elf Quest The Grand Quest: 1, 6
Emperor's Castle: 1
Enchanter: 1*, 2*, 6* (slightly bent at 1 corner)
Enmusu: 1
ES Eternal Sabbath: 3
Et Cetera: 1-5
Eureka Seven: 5 (slightly dirty)
Evil's Return: 1-2
Evyione Ocean Fantasy: 1* (slightly bent)
Excel Saga: 1 (tape on corners of covers), 2-4
Faeries' Landing: 1, 2 (small rip)
Fairy Cube: 3
Fairy Tail: 1 (large crease), 3 (small rip)
Fake: 3, 4 (laminated covers), 6, 7 (moderate shelfwear, multiple creases)
Fall in Love Like a Comic: 1 (slight yellowing on inside covers), 2
Figure 17: 2
Firefighter! Diego of Fire Company M: 10, 14
Flame of Recca: 1 (a couple small rips), 2
FLCL: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, smudges), 2
Flock of Angels: 1 (small dent in spine)
Flower of the Deep Sleep: 1 (noticeable spine stress), 2
Fool's Gold: 1
Forbidden Dance: 1-3
Forbidden Scrollery: 1*
Forget About Love: 1
Foxy Lady: 1
Freak Legend of the Nonblondes: 1
Free Collars Kingdom: 1
Free Runners: 1 (slight browning on inside covers)
From Far Away: 2 (spine stress)
Fruits Basket: 2 (moderate shelfwear), 4-6, 9, 14 (significant shelfwear, tiny stain)
Fubar: 6*
Fujoshi Rumi: 1
Full House: 3
Full Metal Panic Overload: 1 (plastic starting to peel on front cover), 3, 5
Full Metal Panic!: 1 (moderate yellowing, small stain, dirty, a little plastic peeling on covers)
Full Moon: 1, 2 (slightly bent at spine), 3, 4, 5 (medium crease), 6
Fullmetal Alchemist: 1 (moderate spine stress, slightly bent at spine), 2, 3, 4 (several creases), 9, 11 (slightly bent at spine)
Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden: 1, 2, 4 (medium crease)
Fushigi Yugi The Mysterious Play: 1, 2 (slightly dirty), 3* (bent at spine, medium stain), 5*, 6*, 8* (multiple creases), 12 (bent)
GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class: 1*
Gaba Kawa (front 10% of book is "wavy" from water damage)
Gacha Gacha: 1, 2 (slightly bent at spine), 3
Gakuen Alice: 1, 11, 15
Gakuen Prince: 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 3
Galaxy Angel: 1 (slightly bent at spine, moderate shelfwear, missing survey card), 2 (moderate shelfwear, small rip), 5 (significant spine stress and small rip in spine)
Galaxy Angel II: 1
Garden Dreams: 1* (slightly bent)
Gatcha Gacha: 1-2
Gate [by Hirotaka Kisaragi]: 1
Gate Keepers: 1-2
Genshiken: 1, 3, 4 (several creases), 6 (slightly bent), 7, 8 (tiny rip)
Gestalt: 1, 5
Get Backers: 1 (significant creasing in both covers), 2-3, 5
Gin Tama: 4 (slight yellowing)
Girl Got Game: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2-3
Girls Bravo: 2
Glass Wings [one shot]
Go West: 1
Godchild: 1 (slightly dirty), 2, 3
Good as Lily* (moderate shelfwear)
Good Luck: 1, 2 (spine stress)
Gorgeous Carat: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear), 4 (slightly bent)
Gothic Sports: 1 (moderate shelfewar, small-to-medium piece ripped off back cover), 2
Grand Guignol Orchestra: 1, 2 (tiny stain)
Gravitation: 1-3, 5 (moderate shelfwear, medium crease)
GTO Great Teacher Onizuka: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Guardian Angel Getten: 3-4
Guardian Hearts: 1
Gunparade March: 1-3
Gunslinger Girl: 1-2
Guru Guru Pon-Chan: 1-2
Gyakushu!: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
.hack Legend of the The Twilight: 1-3
Haibane Renmei: 1
Haiyuki: 1
Hana-kimi: 1-3, 4 (several creases), 7-11
Hanami International Love Story: 1
Hand of the Morningstar: 5
Hands Off!: 1, 2 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear on spine), 3
Hannah Montana Secrets and Super Sneaks Cine-Manga (significant shelfwear, small creases)
Happy Cafe: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Happy Happy Clover: 1, 3
Happy Hustle High: 1-4, 5 (several small creases)
Happy Lesson: 1
Harlequin Violet Blind Date
Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time: 1, 2 (slight browning on inside covers)
Harukaze Bitter Bop: 1
Haunted House [one shot] (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Hayate the Combat Butler: 1, 2, 16
He Is My Master: 1
He's My Only Vampire: 10 (slightly bent)
Heaven's Will [one shot]
Heavenly Executioner Chiwoo: 2
Hellgate London: 1 (tiny stain on 1 page)
Hellsing: 3 (moderate shelfwear, several small creases)
Her Majesty's Dog: 1 (moderate shelfwear, moderate yellowing, several small creases, small rip)
Here is Greenwood: 2 (bent at spine), 3 (small rip), 4
Hero Tales: 2
Heroes are Extinct!!: 1* (a couple small rips, a couple small creases)
Heroman: 3
Hibiki's Magic: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 2
High School Debut: 1, 7 (moderate yellowing, medium crease)
Higurashi When They Cry Abducted By Demons Arc: 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwe ar)
Hikarou No Go: 1-2
Hinadori Girl: 1
Hollow Fields: 1-2, 3 (medium crease)
Honey Hunt: 1 (slight browning of inside covers), 2
Honey Mustard: 1 (medium crease in back cover), 2-3
Hoshin Engi: 1
Hot Gimmick: 1-9
Hybrid Child* [one shot]
Hyde Closer: 2 (slightly bent at spine)
Hyper Dolls: 1* (moderate shelfwear)
Hyper Police: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2
I Am Princess X [Light Novel] (moderate shelfwear, many creases)
I Hate You More Than Anyone!: 6 (slightly bent)
I Luv Halloween: 1-2
I"s:2 (medium-to-large crease), 14
I, Otaku Struggle in Akihabara: 1 (slightly brown inside covers), 2 (slightly brown inside covers)
I-Doll: 1
Ichiroh!: 1*
Id_entity: 1 (small rip, moderate shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3-6
Il Gatto Sul G: 2*
Imadoki!: 1 (several creases), 2, 3, 4, 5
Immortal Rain: 1, 2, 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, slight yellowing), 4 (slight yellowing)
Imperfect Hero: 1, 3 (moderate yellowing)
In Dream World: 1-2
Indian Summer: 1
Innocent W: 2 (moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Instant Teen: 1, 2 (a couple small creases)
Insufficient Direction [one shot]*
Inubaka Crazy for Dogs: 4 (several small creases)
Inukami: 1
Inuyasha: 1*, 2 (slight-to-moderate yellowing, large crease, small rip), 3 (several small creases), 5 (many creases, small rip), 6, 7 (slightly bent at 1 corner), 8, 9* (grey markes on covers), 10*, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
Inuyasha Ani-Manga: 3, 10 (slightly bent at one corner, a couple slightly dirty pages), 14 (a couple slightly dirty pages)
INVU: 1-3
Itsuwaribito: 2
Jack Frost: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Jim Henson's Legends of the Dark Crystal: 1
Jim Henson's Return to Labyrinth: 1
Jing King of Bandits: 1, 2 (significant shelfwear), 3 (significant shelfwear)
Jinki Extend: 1-2
Jiu Jiu: 4 (ex-library, several small creases)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: 7 (several creases)
Juline: 1* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Junk Force: 1-2, 3 (medium crease, shelfwear at top and bottom of spine, slightly bent at one corner)
Junk Record of the Last Hero: 1, 5, 7
Juror 13 [one shot]
Just a Girl: 2
Kagerou-Nostalgia: 1 (small gouges in front cover)
Kagetora: 1, 2 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 3 (ex-library)
Kamen Tantei: 1
Kamichama Karin: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2, 3 (several creases), 4 (significant shelfwear, several creases), 5 (several small creases), 6 (moderate shelfwear), 7 (small rip)
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne: 1
Kanna: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear), 4
Kanpai: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small crease)
Kare First Love: 1-2
Kare Kano: 1 (spine stress), 2 (slightly bent at spine, moderate shelfwear, slightly dirty), 3 (spine stress), 4 (large stain, moderate shelfwear, small rip), 5, 10
Kashimashi: 1, 2 (2 large creases)
Kasumi: 1 (multiple small creases), 2 (marker)
Kat & Mouse: 1
Kaze Hikaru: 1, 10
Kedamono Damono: 2-3
Kekkaishi: 1 (small stain), 23
Key Princess Story Eternal Alice Rondo: 1-2
Kids Joker: 1
Kieli: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Kill Me, Kiss Me: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3
Kim Possible: 3
Kimikiss: 1
King of Cards: 1
King of Hell: 1-2, 5 (significant shelfwear, small stain, small rip)
King of RPGs: 2
King of the Lamp [one shot] (medium hole in front cover, small holes in first 22 pages - barely affects reading)
Kingdom Hearts: 1 (medium crease), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear, small piece ripped off spine)
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: 1 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear, several small rips/creases)
Kingdom Hearts II: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (slightly bent at spine, moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Kissing* [one shot]
Kitchen Princess: 2
Kodocha: 1, 9 (spine stress, multiple small creases)
Kon Kon Kokon: 1
Kujibiki Unbalance: 1
Kurogane: 2 (moderate yellowing)
Kurogane Communication: 1
Kurozakuro: 2
Kyo Kara Maoh!: 2
La Corda d'Oro: 1, 6 (moderate browning on inside covers)
La Esperanca: 1*
Laddertop: 1
Lagoon Engine: 1-2, 3 (small rip and small crease in front cover)
Lament of the Lamb: 1, 3 (moderate yellowing at edges), 4 (name largely written on edge of book)
Land of Silver Rain: 3 (slightly dirty, small crease), 7
Last Fantasy: 3-4
Last Hope: 1-2
Laya the Witch of Red Pooh: 1
LBX Little Battlers Experience: 6 (ex-library)
LDK: 1-2
Leader's High!: 1
Legal Drug: 1, 3 (large crease, small crease)
Legend: 1*, 3* (moderate shelfwear), 6*
Legend of Chun Hyang [one shot]
Legend of the Eight Dragon Gods: 1 (small rip in front cover)
Legends from Darkwood: 1
Library Wars: 2, 3 (moderate shelfwear), 4
Life: 1 (several small creases)
Lights out: 1
Liling-Po: 1
Limit: 1
Little Queen: 1 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Lizzie McGuire Cine-manga: 6
Louie the Rune Soldier: 1 (2 small stains)
Love Attack: 1, 2, 3 (moderate shelfwear)
Love Com: 1, 3 (slight browning on inside covers), 5 (moderate browning on inside covers, some wrinkles in cover), 7
Love Hina: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 6 (tiny stain), 7 (moderate shelfwear, slight-to-moderate yellowing, small rip), 9 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear), 10, 14
Love Master A: 1
Love or Money: 1-2, 3 (small rip in front cover)
Love Roma: 1, 4
Loveholic: 1
Loveless: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear, moderate yellowing, medium crease), 4 (small piece ripped off spine), 5
Lucky Star: 1* (small stain, moderate shelfwear, several small creases), 3* (small stain, front of book is warped)
Magic Knight Rayearth: 1 (small-to-medium crease, slightly dirty), 2* (small rip, a couple small creases, slightly dirty)
Magical JxR: 2* (moderate shelfwear, several small creases, small rip), 3* (large crease, small rip)
Magical X Miracle: 1, 2, 3 (slightly faded spine)
Mahoromomatic: 1 (moderate shelfwear, slightly dirty), 2 (a couple small creases), 3 (several small creases), 4
Maid Sama!: 3 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Maid Shokun: 1
Maid War Chronicle: 1
Maison Ikkoku: 1
Manga Dogs: 1
Manga Mutiny* [one shot]
Maniac Road: 1
MAR Marchen Awakens Romance: 1-2
March on Earth: 1
Maria Holic: 1-2, 3 (significant creasing, moderate shelfwear), 4
Maria the Virgin Witch: 2-3
Marilyn the Story of a Woman* (medium stain, many creases, corners of covers coming apart)
Mark of the Succubus: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (small rip)
Marmalade Boy: 1-2
Mars: 5 (a couple small creases), 6, 7 (moderate shelfwear), 9
Masca: 1
Maus: 1* (slightly bent at spine, light-to-moderate shelfwear)
MBQ: 1
Me & My Brothers: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small rip, tiny creases), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 5 (moderate shelfwear)
Megatokyo: 1-4
Menkui!: 1
MeruPuri: 1 (a couple small creases), 2 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 4
Metamo Kiss: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Metro Survive: 2*
Mikansei No. 1: 1-2
Miki Falls: 1
Millennium Snow: 1-2
Million Tears: 1 (medium stain, moderate shelfwear)
Minima: 1
Mink: 2, 4 (moderate shelfwear), 5 (significant shelfwear, bent at one corner, creases, small rips)
Miracle Girls: 2 (slightly bent at spine, small rip), 3, 6
Missile Happy: 3 (small rip in spine)
Missing Kamikakushi No Monogatari: 1
Model: 1 (moderate shelfwear, wrinkles in spine), 2-5, 7 (moderate shelfwear, small rip, medium crease)
Momogumi Plus Senki: 3
Monkey High: 2
Monster Hunter Orage: 3
Monster Soul: 2
Moonlight Meow: 1 (slight yellowing of inside covers)
Mouryou Kiden Legend of the Nymph: 1, 2 (1 large crease, several smaller creases, and a little dirty)
Mugen Spiral: 2 (bent)
Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation: 1 (several tiny stains)
My Dead Girlfriend: 1 (significant shelfwear)
My Dearest Devil Princess: 1
My Heavenly Hockey Club: 1, 2 (medium crease), 3, 6 (moderate shelfwear)
My Love Story!!: 2
Nabari No Ou: 1
Nabi the Prototype [one shot] (slightly bent, moderate shelfwear)
Nadesico: 1
Najica Blitz Tactics: 1-3
Nana: 1 (stain on back cover)
NaNaNaNa: 1 (bent at one corner, small-to-medium stain)
Naruto: 1, 3-4, 6, 7 (slightly bent at spine), 18 (bent), 21 (large crease, wrinkled plastic on spine), 27 (slightly bent at spine), 28 (several tiny stains), 30 (tiny stain), 40 (slightly bent, several tiny stain spots, a couple small creases), 43, 44 (several large creases)
Naruto The Movie Legend of the Stone of Gelel (gouges and pinhole in back cover)
Naruto The Official Fanbook* (several tiny rips, slightly dirty on inside covers)
Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Perfect Collection: 2
Neck and Neck: 1-2
Negima: 1, 2 (medium stain, slightly warped), 3-6
Neko Ramen: 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion: 2 (bent, multiple small creases)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Angelic Days: 1
Neotopia: 1 (has staples)
Never Give Up: 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Night Head Genesis: 1
Night of the Beasts: 1 (significant shelfwear)
Nightschool: 1*
Ninja Girls: 1
No. 6: 1
No Man's Land: 1-2
No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular: 2 (several gouges)
No Need for Tenchi: 1-2
Nodame Cantabile: 2 (tiny stain), 5 (tiny stain)
Noodle Fighter Miki: 1
Nora: 1-3
Nosatsu Junkie: 1-2
Now: 1, 2, 3 (slightly bent at spine)
Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan: 1-2
Ocean of Secrets: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakasi: 6
Off Beat: 1-2
Oh My Goddess!: 1, 9*
Omukae Desu: 1 (small rip in spine)
On the Books* (small piece ripped off back cover and 1 page)
Once in a Blue Moon: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
One: 1-2, 7
One Piece: 1 (several dog-eared pages), 2 (medium crease, several small creases), 4, 5 (2 medium stains, moderate yellowing, several creases)
One Thousand and One Nights: 1
Onegai Twins: 2 [light novel]
Only the Ring Finger Knows* (wrinkles in spine)
Orange Planet: 1
Oresama Teacher: 7, 13
Orphen: 2, 3 (some creasing in back cover), 4, 6
Otazine Manga of Otaku Generation: 0 (large crease, small rip)
Othello: 1
Otogi Zoshi: 1-2
Otomen: 1
Our Kingdom: 1*, 3*, 4*
Ouran High School Host Club: 1
Outlaws of the Marsh: 6
Oyayubihime Infinity: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear)
Pandora Hearts: 1, 2 (several small creases)
Pandora in the Crimson Shell: 2-3
Pantheon High: 1 (large crease, writing on 1 page)
Para Para* [one shot] (medium crease, a few folded pages)
Paradise Kiss: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 3, 4, 5
Pastel: 1-2, 3 (spine is cut, but still intact)
Pavane for a Dead Girl: 1
Peace Maker: 1-2
Peacemaker Kurogane: 1 (slightly dirty, 2-3
Peach Fuzz: 1-2
Peach Girl: 1-2, 3 [pocket size], 4 [pocket size], 5 [pocket size], 6, 8 [pocket size]
Peach Girl Change of Heart: 2, 7-9
Pearl Pink: 1-3
Peigenz: 3
Penguin Revolution: 2-6
Peppermint: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2, 4
Persepolis 2*
Phantom Tales of the Night: 1* (slightly bent, back cover is very dirty, several large creases)
Phantom Thief Jeanne: 1
PHD Phantasy Degree: 1, 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 3, 4 (white lines on corner of spine), 5 (slight-to-moderate yellowing at edge of pages), 6 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, whiteout)
Pichi Pichi Pitch: 2, 4 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 5
Pick of the Litter: 1 (multiple creases in both covers)
Pieces of a Spiral: 1, 4 (tiny stain), 7
Pig Bride: 2*
Pilgrim Jager: 1
Pink Innocent: 2
Pita-Ten: 1 (slightly scraped up), 2-4, 7
Pixie Pop: 1
Planet Ladder: 1, 2 (slightly bent), 3-5
Planetes: 1 (bent at spine, small stain with ink washed away, moderate yellowing)
Platinum Garden: 1-2, 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 6 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Pokemon Adventures: 5, 7 (slightly bent at spine, several creases)
Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum: 1
Pokemon Arceus and the Jewel of Life [one shot] (slightly bent at spine)
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure: 1 (a couple small creases), 2 (medium stain, small stain, and a several small creases), 4, 5 (several tiny creases), 8 (slightly bent at spine, tiny stain, large crease, several small creases)
Pop Japan Travel - Essential Otaku Guide [one shot]
Popo Can: 1
President Dad: 1
Pretear The New Legend of Snow White: 2, 3 (a couple creases, plastic peeling at edges of covers)
Pretty Face: 1, 3 (a couple small creases)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: 1, 3
Priest: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (plastic starting to peel at edges of covers), 3 (large crease, small rip), 4 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 5-6
Princess Resurrection: 1 (small stain, several small creases, writing on inside cover), 6
Project Arms: 7, 11-12, 15
Psychic Academy: 1 (slightly bent at one corner), 2 (moderate shelfwear, tiny stain), 3, 4 (slightly bent at spine), 5 (bent at spine), 6 (slightly bent at spine), 7 (slightly bent at spine), 11 (moderate shelfwear, several small creases)
Psychic Power Nanaki: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Psycho Busters: 1
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: 1
Pumpkin Scissors: 5
Punch: 2
Purgatory Kabuki: 1*
Q-Ko-Chan: 1
QQ Sweeper: 2
Queen of Ragtonia: 1 (multiple small and large creases)
Qwan: 1
R2 [rise R to the second power]: 1
RA-I [one shot] (medium crease in front cover and a couple small creases)
Ragnarok: 1-2, 3 (a couple small creases), 4-8, 10 (slightly bent at spine, light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Raiders: 1
Ral Grad: 1, 3 (dog-eared pages), 4
Ranma 1/2: 1-2, 31 (ex-library, medium crease, small rip)
Rave Master: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2
Ray: 3
Re:play: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2
Re:Zero Chapter 1 A Day in the Capital: 1
Real Friends* [one shot] (slightly bent at spine)
Reality Check: 1-2
Rebirth: 1-3, 5 (bent), 6 (slightly bent at spine), 7, 8 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 9-10, 12 (moderate shelfwear)
Reborn!: 1-3
Rebound: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Red Angel: 1*
Red Hot Chili Samurai: 2
Red Prowling Devil: 2 (several small creases), 3-4, 7 (slightly bent at one corner)
Red String: 1-2
Redrum 327: 1
Return to Perdition*
Revolutionary Girl Utena: 3* (slightly bent at spine), 4, 5
RG Veda: 1-2
Rhysmyth: 1
Rin: 2*
Rin-ne: 1, 8 (several small creases)
Riot Act: 2*
R.I.P. Requiem in Phonybrian [one shot]
Rizelmine [one shot]
Road Song: 2 (moderate shelfwear, large crease, small rip)
Road Song: 1 (slight yellowing, moderate shelwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear)
Rock and Roll Love (3 small rips, medium crease)
R.O.D. Read or Die: 2 (shelfwear at top and bottom of spine)
R.O.D. Read or Dream: 3 (a couple small creases)
Roller Girl* (slightly bent at spine)
Rolling: 1
Rosario + Vampire: 1-3, 6 (large crease, a couple small creases), 7 (moderate yellowing, a couple small creases)
Rose Gun Days Season 2: 3
Rose Gun Days Season 3: 3
Rose Hip Zero: 2, 5
Rozen Maiden: 1
Runaways: 1
Rurouni Kenshin: 1, 2 (several small creases), 3 (slight-to-moderate yellowing, tiny stain), 4, 5, 25 (bent at spine)
Rust Blaster [one shot] (a couple small creases)
S*A Special A: 1, 4 (large crease, slightly bent at spine), 5 (medium crease, slightly dirty), 11 (slight browning on inside covers)
Saber Marionette J: 1-3
Saint Marie: 1-2
Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac: 2
Saint Tail [Smaller than normal]: 2 (small rip in spine)
Saiyuki: 1 (small rip), 2, 4-8
Saiyuki Reload: 3 (small chip out of bottom of spine)
Sakura Taisen: 1-2
Same Cell Organism*
Samurai 7: 1 (medium-to-large crease, several small creases)
Samurai Champloo: 2 (moderate shelfwear)
Samurai Commando: 1
Samurai Crusader: Sunrise over Shanghai [vol 2 #8 through vol 3 #5] (slightly bent at one corner)
Samurai Deeper Kyo: 1-3, 5 (slightly bent at spine), 8 (moderate shelfwear), 26
Samurai Girl Real Bout High School: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 2 (slightly bent, a couple small creases), 5 (slightly dirty)
Sarasah: 3*
Satisfaction Guaranteed: 1-3, 5
Saver: 1-2
Saving Life: 1
School Rumble: 1-2
Scion: 1
Scott Pilgrim: 1, 6 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Scrapped Princess: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 3
Scryed: 2
Sea Princess Azuri: 1
Sea View*
Seiho Boys High School!: 2
Seikai Trilogy Banner Of the Stars II: 3 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Seikai Trilogy Crest of the Stars: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear, a couple medium creases)
Sengoku Nights: 1-2
Sequence [one shot]
Seven* [one shot]
Sgt Frog: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear), 11 (moderate shelfwear), 18 (moderate shelfwear, large crease, a couple small rips)
Shades of Blue: 1
Shadow Star: 1*, 3* (large crease)
Shaman King: 1, 2 (many creases, medium stain), 3 (slightly bent), 4 (pretty creased up, several small rips, dog-eared pages), 6 (very bent), 9 (bent at spine, slightly warped at 1 corner), 10 (small-to-medium crease)
Shaolin Sisters: 1-4
Shiki Tsukai: 4, 5 (medium crease in back cover)
Shinobi Life: 1 (tiny rip), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Shinshoku Kiss: 1-2
Short Sunzen!: 1 (a couple small creases, small rip)
Short-Tempered Melancholic [one shot]
Shoujo: 1
Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro: 1* (significant shelfwear, slightly dirty)
Shrine of the Morning Mist: 1 (slightly bent at one corner)
Shugo Chara!: 1-2, 3 (slight browning on inside covers)
Sidekicks The Transfer Student: 1 (several small creases)
Sister Red: 1-2
Skip Beat: 1, 4, 10 (significant browning on inside covers), 16, 19-21
Sky Blade Sword of the Heavens: 1, 2 (slightly bent at 1 corner, slightly dented at 1 corner, small rip)
Skyblue Shore: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 2 (tiny rip)
Slayers [light novel]: 5 (moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Slayers City of Lost Souls
Slayers Special*
Smuggler: 1
Snow Blind: 1, 3, 4 (wrinkles in spine)
Socrates in Love [one shot]
Sokora Refugees: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Sola: 1 (slightly bent)
Someday's Dreamers: 1-2
Sorcerer Hunters: 3 (dog-eared pages)
Sorcerers & Sceretaries: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Soul Eater: 1 (small-to-medium crease)
Soul Rescue: 1 (a couple creases), 2
Soul to Seoul: 1-2
Spell Checkers: 3 (moderate shelfwear)
Spiral The Bonds of Reasoning: 1, 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 4
Spirit Warriors: 1
Splatoon: 5 (back cover pretty creased up)
Spy Vs. Spy Masters of Mayhem
S.S. Astro: 1*
St. Lunatic High School: 1, 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, tiny creases)
Stand By Youth: 1
Star Project Chiro: 1*
Star Wars A New Hope Manga: 1*
Star Wars Return of the Jedi: 3*
Steady Beat: 1
Storm Riders the Novel A Tale of No Name [light novel]
Strawberry Marshmallow: 2 (moderate shelfwear, moderate yellowing), 3 (moderate shelfwear, moderate yellowing)
Stray Little Devil: 1
Street Fighter II: 1* (slightly bent at spine, moderate shelfwear)
Sugar Princess: 1-2
Sugar Sugar Rune: 4 (slight browning on inside covers)
Sukoden III: 1, 4-5
Summoner Girl: 1
Sumomomo Momomo: 1
Swans in Space: 2
Sweat & Honey [anthology]
Sweet Rein: 1
Sweetness & Lightning: 1* (medium rip, several large creases, dirty)
Sweety: 2 (several creases in slip cover)
Switch: 2-3
Sword Art Online Fairy Dance: 1 (medium crease)
Sword Art Online Progressive: 1 (large crease)
Tail of the Moon: 1 (moderate yellowing, small rip, specks on bottom), 2 (tiny hole), 3, 5, 6 (slightly bent, slight browning on inside covers)
Takeru Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil: 1, 3
Tegami Bachi Letter Bee: 1 (large creases, small rip in spine)
Tena on S-string: 1
Tenchi Muyo! Sasami Stories
Tengai-Retrogical: 1 (severely bent)
Tengu-Jin: 1
Tenjho Tenge: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Tenryu The Dragon Cycle: 1 (couple small creases), 5-6
Tenshi La Nai!!: 1, 7
Teru Teru X Shonen: 3
The 9 Lives: 1
The Abandoned [one shot] (small stain, moderate shelfwear, small rip, dirty inside cover)
The Adventures of Johnny Bunko
The All-New Tenchi Muyo!: 1, 3
The Antique Gift Shop: 1* (slightly bent at 1 corner), 2*
The Asterisk War: 3
The Best of Pokemon Adventures Red (medium crease)
The Boss: 1
The Cain Saga: 1
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