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Cydia Impactor Alternative


[Discussion] Jailbreak Detection: Defragging the methodology

Hello everyone. Just a heads-up, this is going to be a long thread. In it, I’m going to share and detail the methodology used in some jailbreak-detection, with the purpose of enlightening some aspects on why some apps to this day remain intact with no bypasses, just as this will also serve the purpose of helping not just those who are new to development, but also to the users who may wonder how a jailbroken device is detected and why it is difficult to bypass it, most of the times.
I am also sharing some of the known methods that used (and are currently used, to some extent) to be applied by popular banking apps and some popular games (such as Fortnite, Pokémon GO, Animal Crossing, Switch Online, etc), and how these methods work.

1. Detection Methods

1.1 API Detection

In case you’re unfamiliar with what API stands for and what it is, take this brief explanation: an API, or, an Application Program Inferface is pretty much a set of protocols and tools that are used to structure a software application. An API is required to specify how certain software components should interact, both among each others, and with the software itself. There are also web-based APIs that work with URLs by performing requests to the web in order to establish its components.
Now, some apps take advantage of APIs to detect a jailbroken device. This is possible due to how APIs behave differently on jailbroken devices, and this makes it harder to be bypassed since the app performs API calls to jailbreak-check the device.
To understand how APIs behavior can be affected due to being jailbroken, we need to take into consideration process forking. Process forking isn’t possible on non-jailbroken devices since it is denied by the sandbox. Apps can check, through APIs, the returned pid on fork() to state if the process was successful or not. In case it was successful, it can be determined that the device is jailbroken.
Process forking isn’t the only thing that you need to worry about when checking for a jailbreak using APIs. Calling the system() function with a NULL argument on a non-jailbroken device will return 0, while on a jailbroken device it will return 1. This occurs due to the performed check of system() that will determine if /bin/sh exists, and I’ll elaborate further in this write-up how some developers have accomplished to bypass this.
One of the most used API-based detection methods is checking dyld functions and its libraries as well (which I’ll cover too later on). This is performed by calling functions such as _dyld_image_count() and _dyld_get_image_name() to check on what dylibs are currently loaded, and determine if it is a “third-party” dylib.

1.2 System Files Check

This is the most known jailbreak detection method, it’s one of the most basic methods and one of the easier to bypass, most of the times.
As you obviously know, a jailbroken device has different system files than a non-jailbroken device, which is a necessity when jailbroken, and some apps take advantage of this necessity to check for a jailbreak.
Some directories/files that are checked to determine whether a device is or is not jailbroken are the following:
/jb /private/vastash /private/valib/apt /private/vatmp/cydia.log /private/valib/cydia /private/vamobile/Library /Library/MobileSubstrate/MobileSubstrate.dylib /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.saurik.Cydia.Startup.plist /vacache/apt /valib/apt /valib/cydia /valog/syslog /vatmp/cydia.log /bin/bash /bin/sh /ussbin/sshd /uslibexec/ssh-keysign /ussbin/sshd /usbin/sshd /uslibexec/sftp-server /etc/ssh/sshd_config /etc/apt /Applications/Cydia.app
As you can see from the above example, which is still small, a lot of apps rely on reading directories and files to determine if your device is jailbroken. Some apps even go further as reading specific tweaks directories such as WinterBoard.app, iCleaner.app, CocoaTop.app, Flex.app, etc. Many other tweaks could be targeted as well, since these are just some of the ones that were previously targeted by certain apps/games.
Reading directories/files isn’t the only system-file based detection method. Some apps rely on the jailbreak detection by checking permissions in certain directories and files, which are changed upon jailbreaking, other ways of detection could be: dylib libraries, size of directories/files, specific paths, etc.
For example, we could use determine if a device is jailbroken by checking the size of /etc/fstab or /etc/hosts. Even without permissions to read these files, we can still base-check their size, which was a common technique used to determine a jailbroken device. Although this isn’t a viable method anymore since /etc/fstab can have its size modified by default entries upon updating the firmware of your device.
Take the following piece of code as an example of a system file detection technique:
bool check_jailbroken(){ string[] paths = new string[10] { "/Applications/Cydia.app", "/private/valib/cydia", "/private/vatmp/cydia.log", "/System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.saurik.Cydia.Startup.plist", "/uslibexec/sftp-server", "/usbin/sshd", "/ussbin/sshd", "/Applications/iCleaner.app", "/Applications/Flex.app", "/Applications/WinterBoard.app",}; int i; bool jailbroken = false; for (i = 0; i < paths.Length; i++) { if (System.IO.File.Exists(paths[i]){ jailbroken = true; } } return jailbroken; } 
The most common way to know if an app detected a jailbroken device (when it does not warn you with an alert) is when the app suddenly closes without previewing a single thing. Below you’ll understand how this is performed:
if(check_jailbroken()){ //If the device is jailbroken the void will return true, so if it is jailbroken, it will execute this code Application.Quit;//Quits the application, just an example } 

1.2.1 Symbolic Links Detection

When a device is jailbroken, some of the directories that were originally located in the small system partition are overwritten and relocated to a larger partition. To maintain the stability of your device as a whole, symbolic links are created to transfer the original path of these directories towards the new location, so it doesn’t fail upon checking for a directory in a previous path.
Some jailbreak detection methods take advantage of this and they perform a check on the existence of symbolic links in specific directories/files. If a symbolic link is detected, a device could be determined as a jailbroken device.
Some example-ish directories with symbolic links that are commonly checked are as follows:
/Library/Ringtones /Library/Wallpaper /uslibexec /usshare /Applications

1.2.2 Open-SSH Services Detection

This is one of the most flawed methods used in jailbreak detection. Basically, an app can detect if your device is jailbroken by checking background services running that belong to OpenSSH. This can be easily bypassed by changing the port used in an OpenSSH connection. Note that this is also flawed due to how slow the detection method occurs since this is not pre-installed upon jailbreaking and much likely isn’t running 24/7 unless you’re that kind of person.

1.2.3 Calling Cydia’s URL Scheme

Let’s say you’ve moved Cydia.app to some other location to avoid a jailbreak check, but you forgot one thing that also helps: cydia’s scheme URL. That’s right, some apps not only check the path and existence of Cydia.app, but they also check if you’re jailbroken by calling cydia:// from within their app. If this proves to be successful, the device is determined as being jailbroken.
While changing the Cydia.app path may seem easy, changing its scheme URL isn’t as quite as easy, but it’s still bypassable by simply removing Cydia from an app’s detection.

1.3 Loaded Libraries

When it comes to jailbreak detection through checking loaded libraries (dylib libraries), you need to take into account that some apps perform this on a low-level while other apps perform this on a high-level.
Take the game app Fortnite as an example, and Pokémon GO. They use this method to detect a jailbroken device, but this is done on a high-level. Not to mention that they also use other different detection methods alongside this one. Some of Nintendo apps like Switch Online, among others, also rely on loaded libraries as a jailbreak detection method.
This detection method is performed either by using the API-based detection or calling functions to check the current loaded libraries. This is why even when unjailbroken, some users still experience a detection in Pokémon GO. They do not only check dylib libraries, they also check system files, which some users still have these leftover files in their device from a malfunctioned removal of a jailbreak tool or residual jailbreak files from an iCloud/iTunes backup.
A simple example of this is as follows:
Application.sandboxType == SandboxBroken // Application is running in broken sandbox. 
If we dive deep into this method by checking the loaded libraries, we can check the way that Fortnite detects a jailbreak.
By defining and using MACH_TASK_BASIC_INFO, it successfully calls upon the virtual memory to allow a check on the loaded dylibs, the existing threads that belong in total_user, total_system; it can also perform a check on kernel memory in terms to define if it is alloc’ed_ or freed. Here’s an example of how this works behind the scenes:
#define TASK_ABSOLUTETIME_INFO 1 struct task_absolutetime_info { uint64_t total_user; uint64_t total_system; uint64_t threads_user; /* existing threads only */ uint64_t threads_system; }; typedef struct task_absolutetime_info task_absolutetime_info_data_t; typedef struct task_absolutetime_info *task_absolutetime_info_t; #define TASK_ABSOLUTETIME_INFO_COUNT ((mach_msg_type_number_t) \ (sizeof >(task_absolutetime_info_data_t) / sizeof >(natural_t))) #define TASK_KERNELMEMORY_INFO 7 struct task_kernelmemory_info { uint64_t total_palloc; /* private kernel mem alloc'ed */ uint64_t total_pfree; /* private kernel mem freed */ uint64_t total_salloc; /* shared kernel mem alloc'ed */ uint64_t total_sfree; /* shared kernel mem freed */ }; 
And in the case of checking the loaded libraries:
#define TASK_DYLD_INFO 17 struct task_dyld_info { mach_vm_address_t all_image_info_addr; mach_vm_size_t all_image_info_size; integer_t all_image_info_format }; 
I’ll provide the full documentation for task_info.h in the end of the thread. Or you can also check it on Apple’s developer documentation, specially since it is open-sourced and worth taking a look into.

1.4 Unity Engine & other Plug-ins

Some of you may or may not know, but Nintendo utilizes a very different jailbreak detection technique other than checking the loaded libraries. Nintendo wrote a jailbreak detection based on Unity Engine that gathers help from external plug-ins to detect if a device is jailbroken by submitting analytical data over the web, most similar to a web-based API detection method. Although I couldn’t find much on this, I was able to find some of the code written by Nintendo. This is the detection method used in Animal Crossing, which belongs to Nintendo.
This method utilizes an Unity Project ID (UPID) and the API key belonging to Unity Engine. It sends a request by calling the arguments startDate and endDate, which is a 31 day limited request. This request can be performed every time the app is started, keeping the data available in a RAW export sent to Unity Analytics.
An example to this request’s response is as follows:
{ "id":"8228d1e9-31b3-4a5e-aabe-55d9c8afa052", "upid":"beff3f49-b9ed-41a4-91ea-677e9b85e71e", "createdAt":"2016-05-10T10:10:10.100+0000", "status":"running", "duration" : 0, "request":{ "startDate":"2016-05-01", "endDate":"2016-05-02", "format":"json", "dataset":"appRunning" } } 
But let’s fast forward to where the jailbreak detection takes part. The piece of code written/modified by Nintendo was done in C#, making it impossible to hook with theos, or specifically, to DeviceInfoEvent due to it being compiled with il2cpp, and being a C# method.
This uses the boolean rooted_jailbroken, located in UnityEngine::Analytics::DeviceInfoEvent at the offset 0000000100C5AF70.
Take a look at how DeviceInfo performs this event:
{ "namespace":"com.unity.analytics.commons.schema", "name":"DeviceInfoEvent", "type":"record", "fields":[ {"name": "ts", "type": "long", "default": 0}, {"name": "appid", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "type", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "userid", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "sessionid", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "platform", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "sdk_ver", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "debug_device", "type": "boolean", "default": false}, {"name": "user_agent", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "submit_time", "type": "long", "default": 0}, {"name": "debug_build", "type": "boolean", "default": false}, {"name": "rooted_jailbroken", "type": "boolean", "default": false}, {"name": "processor_type", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "system_memory_size", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "make", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "app_ver", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "license_type", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "app_install_mode", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "model", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "engine_ver", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "os_ver", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "app_name", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "timezone", "type": "string", "default": ""}, {"name": "ads_tracking", "type": "boolean", "default": false} ] } 

2. Jailbreak Detection Bypass

Since not many jailbreak detection bypasses are open-sourced due to obvious reasons (to keep it unpatchable for as long as possible), I’ve taken the most common and used techniques for this demonstration, as well as a few open-sourced bypasses available to the public.
As shown in the source code of the tweak Shadow by jjolano, here’s an useful way of preventing an app from checking symbolic links in your device:
[_shadow addLinkFromPath:path toPath:resolved_path_ns] 
The full source code will be linked in the end of this thread, in it you’ll find the whole code detailed.
In the source code you’ll find various detailed ways that extend beyond symbolic links detection. You also have a majority of code written to prevent an app from accessing certain directories/files, its size, filters, permissions, etc. such as the following line of code that detects whether the app is soliciting to check the delete permissions of specified files:
- (BOOL)isDeletableFileAtPath:(NSString *)path 
Or the following example of how to prevent certain libraries from being correctly read by an app detection attempt:
%group hook_dyld_image %hookf(uint32_t, _dyld_image_count) { if(dyld_array_count > 0) { return dyld_array_count; 

3. Useful Links and Developer Documentation

If you have any other links that you may find useful for users to take a look into or for aspiring developers, please share them in the comments and I’ll add them here.

4. Final Remarks

I’m not an expert on the matter, so I apologize in advanced if something that I’ve stated here is incorrect or badly explained. If you’re kind enough, please do point it out to me in the comments and I’ll make the changes as soon as possible.
In case you have some questions about this whole write-up or you’re curious at some of the things that were stated in this thread, leave a question for me or for other people so we can try to help you and better explain it to you.
I made this write-up due to do interest in the subject and I thought about sharing it with the community so that some users may have an insight of how jailbreak detection has evolved and how difficult it is to bypass, in some cases. This is also supposed to help aspiring developers to better understand how these processes occur, and possibly to inspire them to try and challenge themselves by creating unique bypasses or by throwing in together some thoughts and ideas on how to better improve the creation of jailbreak detection bypasses.
EDIT 1: Added a documentation to useful links, on banking apps and its detection on jailbroken devices. This seems like an interesting read to further enlighten the detection methods used by banking apps. Link provided by u/_SarahB_
submitted by alex_png to jailbreak

[Tutorial] KernBypass for playing POGO

[Tutorial] KernBypass for playing POGO

This is for checkra1n users.

A lot of people seem interested in this topic or are having problems with it. I decided to give it a go and see if I could get it to work. My reason for doing it, is that I feel people should be able to use their device freely without being limited by app restrictions provided they're not pirating. EG: Jailbreaking for theming/ tweaks to enhance your device, only to be blocked from playing a game legitimately.
The steps below are what worked for me on both an iPhone X ios 13.3 and an iPhone 7 ios 13.6 both on checkra1n.
From cydia you'll need: AppStore++, AppData, Filza, newterm (or something similar)


You'll also need KernBypass. If you already have a version installed, I'd recommend uninstalling it and using this one. I tried every version I could find on cydia but none of them worked. (I was trying this for about a week) I eventually found a version that worked with the steps I was using. Here is a link to the DEB file from my Mega account: https://mega.nz/file/OXp1lJza#mQItuA6qg-bRf1YgJkPbgmzu4dLgRH8Oedw_Ulcz0_E (The next time you open Cydia, it will show an available update. Do NOT update or this won't work, I found that out the hard way)
Install the kernbypass file after downloading it.


Then, open newterm or the terminal you're using and type the following: su (press enter), then type your password (alpine if you haven’t change it, please note that when you're typing your password it won't show, this is normal) then press enter again.
(press enter after you type the following commands)
changerootfs &
disown %1
Now you can close the terminal.
Go to the appstore and search for Pokémon Go. Press and hold on "get" or "open" (depending on if you have it installed or not) then select Upgrade/Downgrade, then scroll down to version 1.141.1 and install. Also select Block Updates.


Close the appstore and go to your settings. Scroll to your tweak list and select KernBypass, then select Enabled Applications, scroll down to pokemon go and toggle it on.


Close settings.
Next open filza. Navigate to vacontainers/Bundle/Application/Pokémon GO/pokemongo.app/info.playlist. Find CFBundleShortVersionString and change the value to 99.99.99 then click the arrow at the top left (Info.plist) and then click on save at the top right. (This will stop the forced update in the pokemon app)


Exit Filza.
Finally swipe up on the Pokémon app icon and select clear caches. (This is what AppData is for).


Then open the app and you should be golden.


I don't play the game myself but I started an account just to try it and it worked perfect.
I hope this helps some of you who are stuck.
submitted by TheATheme to jailbreak