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Sentinels Nuzlocke: Day one. A BATTLE AGAINST TIME

Sentinels Nuzlocke: Day one. A BATTLE AGAINST TIME
For those just joining us, check out this post to see whats going on here.

Mission: A Battle Against TIME
Target: Baron Blade
Participants: Freedom Five Legacy, Freedom Five Bunker, Freedom Five Wraith, and Idealist.
Location: Mordengrad.
Briefing: The Sentinels have discovered that La Capitan has sold some temporal device to Baron Blade, and while the rest of them chase down the time traveling pirate, Idealist set off to share this information with the Freedom Five. Not certain what his plan might be, Legacy, Bunker, and Wraith head to Mordengrad, where he was reputed to be in hiding. While hesitant about bringing a child along, they begrudgingly allowed Idealist to come along, mostly because they knew that if they didn't, she'd find a way to come anyways and make things worse.
Mission Summary: "And what did you call this... device?" Legacy asks hesitantly as the three of them approach the Mordengrad border.
"A Temporal Interference and Manipulation Engine, or TIME!" Idealist rolled her eyes, "Seriously, you work with some of the smartest people in the world, this shouldn't be that hard for you to figure out."
"You know, in my day, we respected our elders," Legacy responded in a guarded tone.
"We're not in your time, gramp" Idealist shot back.
"Not yet, maybe," came a mechanical sounding voice, "If Stinson's theory about TIME is correct, it could be used to pull something as big as the moon back in time. Or forward, for that matter. Hold up, I'm getting a signal from Wraith. She must have found where the good Baron is holed up."
"Then lets go say hello." With that, the three set off, closing in on the Wraith's beacon.
The three of them quickly arrived at the beacon's location, only to look around confused at the seemingly empty warehouses around us. "Well, we're here. Does anyone see-"
"AH, YOU'RE FINALLY HERE, PARSON." a booming voice shouts over the intercoms, "I'VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU."
"Blade," Legacy hissed, "What have you done with Wraith?"
The three brace themselves, ready to dive to cover from the inevitable attack, but it never comes. "I SAID, FIRE YOU INCOMPETENT FOOLS! DO I NEED TO DO EVERYTHING?"
"Sir, t-t-the transmitter isn't working! Something's wrong!" a timid voice comes from the speakers, appearing to come from far away. As he speaks, a feminine shape emerges from the shadows, holding a small box in her hand. Idealist lets out a snicker, and even Legacy can't help but smirk.
"Sir, Wraith has-"
"Give up Blade," Legacy shouts out, "Its over."
"ON THE CONTRARY, MY AMERICAN FRIEND. WE'VE ONLY REACHED HALFTIME. I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO CONTACT MY SATELLITE FROM THE GROUND WITHOUT THE AMPLIFIER," As he speaks, the ground begins to rumble. As the baron's mobile defense platform rises from the ground, the baron steps towards its edge to face the heroes directly, "I won't need the amplifier for the signal to reach the satellite at fifteen thousand meters above the ground!" As the platform rose upwards, the heroes quickly moved after it. The space race had begun.
"We need to stop him!" Legacy shouted.
"No way can he outrun my omni-cannon," Bunker suggested, "but if I'm going to bust his platform, I'm going to need time to charge."
"Then we'll buy you that time!" Wraith replied, firing a grappling hook that just barely reached the rising platform, "Legacy, see if you can't distract the baron. Get him talking, I'll try and take down the shields from the inside."
"What do I do?" Idealist asked.
"Fire everything you've got at that platform!" Was Bunker's response.
The plan in motion, the heroes moved in to engage, but the baron had plans of his own. Several jet-pack armed blade battalion soldiers leapt from the ground in pursuit of the heroes, firing volley after volley. Though the heroes wanted to deal with the inconvenience, they knew the baron was the real threat. Giving the battalion anything more than a stern look was exactly what the baron wanted, so for now they would have to suffer the small arms fire.
With superhuman strength, Legacy grabbed onto the bottom of the ship, pulling back on it for several seconds. The baron managed to shake him off eventually, but the damage was already done-Wraith had managed to find a way in, unhindered save a handful of very persistent blade battalions that chased her inside.
From the inside of the platform, Wraith was able to do serious damage to its structure from within. And with the aid of her infra-red eyepiece, she was able to spot and preemptively disable the baron's toys before he even had a chance to use them. Even the timely arrival of some of the baron's engineers could to little to negate the damage the Wraith was doing. In just a few moments, the platform's shields were crippled enough for a...hedgy hog (?) to barrel through, shattering the shields and then chunking a small section of the platform itself. "Boom! Pshhh! Hedgehog noises!" Idealist shouted with glee as she surveyed the damage from below.
"I appreciate the enthusiasm," Legacy sighed, "but are the sound effects really necessary?"
"Parson, Blade Battalions coming your way!" Wraith shouted in warning, her eye having picked them up.
"I see them," Legacy confirmed, "Ignore them. If the Baron gets to fifteen hundred meters, then we're out of time."
Bunker, from his position on the surface, could do little but prep the Omni-Cannon, but spotting the shields had fallen already and unwilling to sit completely on the sidelines, he took aim with his grenade launcher. "Good thing I installed those long range ballistic enhancements," He muttered to himself before firing his explosive payload. The explosion took out only a small chunk of the platform, but also took out a few of the Baron's soldier's as well.
"Fools, the structural integrity of the platform is already below fifty percent!" the Baron shouts, "Drive them back!" more battalion soldiers poured out from the platform to engage the heroes, but a blast of adhesive foam from Bunker gunked up the hangar bay and put a quick end to that idea.
"Hear that?" Legacy calls out, "already halfway done. And we're barely four thousand meters up! Finish it!" Inspired by Legacy's presence, the team doubled their pressure. The explosions from Wraith's sabotage got louder with every passing moment and the volleys from Bunker and Idealist went from taking chunks out of the structure to chunking the structure.
The Baron could only shake his head in disbelief. How had it all gone so wrong so quickly? Perhaps if he-no, this ended now. "You, there! Take the helm. I have work to do." The baron had only barely enough time to turn around before a final blow, delivered by Legacy himself, very nearly cracked the platform in half. Wraith quickly jumped from the building, firing her grappling hook towards Legacy, who quickly nabbed it to keep his partner from falling to a messy death.
The forms of all the crewmembers of the vessel could be seen jumping out as well, donning jetpacks and trying to flee back to Mordengrad. A few persistent and loyal goons even tried continuing the fight. But the heroes only had eyes for one survivor, and soon, from the falling wreckage, he emerged.
Donning his iconic Blade Suit, the mad scientist flew out , weapons primed and ready. "Don't think for a moment that you've won, Legacy! I will-huh?" A bright light, and suddenly the baron was engulfed in plasma energies. When the smoke cleared, the baron's suit was left as nothing but a mechanical skeleton the baron frazzled but unharmed. With his free hand, Parson quickly reached out and grabbed the stunned villain before gravity caught up with him, allowing the suit to join his mobile platform in freefall.
"I charged my cannon," Bunker explained over communications, "I wasn't going to not fire it."
"Well done, everyone," Legacy smiled, "But it seems now the good Baron is without a place to stay. What do you say we find him some lodging at a nice American cell?"
"Woohoo!" Was Idealist's response.
"Wraith, do you want me to-" Legacy started to respond, looking down at the woman hanging from the rope around his arm, only to discover that she was no longer there. In bemused disbelief, Legacy could only shake his head and ask, "How doe she do that?"

Final Report: The classic Baron is one of the easier fights, but even he can catch you off guard if you're not paying attention. But between Legacy's two take-downs and Wraith's infrared eyepiece, Blade himself couldn't really get off the ground, pun intended. Incidentally, the environment ended up being the real threat, with a pair of blade battalion platoons arriving very early to put out consistent damage every turn. I chose to ignore them because the baron was already getting lowish by that point, but 4 damage to basically everything a turn could not have been ignored for long.
In retrospect, Bunker and Idealist might not have been the best choice here, as both struggled with awkward starting hands and spent the first two turns just drawing and deploying their key cards, but Wraith did work. An early razor ordinance, plus utility belt, let her put out some very consistent damage while still manipulating the baron's deck. Idealist did start coming into her own by turn three, and admittedly probably did deal the most damage of anyone once she started going, but Bunker was a bust. The only useful thing he did was adhesive grenade once, and then finish off the baron with a single charged omni-cannon shot, but by that point, Idealist was dealing nearly fifteen damage a turn thanks to inspiring presence. He did get a grenade launcher early that helped, but Wraith was doing more damage and controlling the villain. At best, Bunker shaved off a turn.

Well, this write-up ended up being longer than I expected. Dunno if the rest will be this long, didn't realize how much I had written until I actually stopped and reread it. In any case, I hope you enjoyed the read, and look forward to tomorrow's issue, when the Chrono-ranger calls in a favor from the Extreme Prime Wardens of Haka, Fanatic, and Captain Cosmic to chase down an old foe whose been a plague upon his life, and who recently escaped from Fort Adamant...

EDIT: just a few spelling/grammatical errors
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20 obscurish Chrom facts (and ‘facts’) for his birthday

  1. Chrom has character development! Mostly a joke to getting it out of the way but yes, while often overlooked, Chrom’s character goes through personal arcs that mirror the story. Chrom begins as a shepherd, patrolling the streets for any crime he can find, and killing the bandits who commit it. Seemingly noble at first, Chrom’s first instinct to many situations is a violent and rapid response. Even when fighting for peace; his mindset is that Gangrel must die for peace to be found But a later, older Chrom realizes that rushing in for the kill isn’t what makes a hero. He battled with a conqueror, and asks the conqueror to lay down his arms, so he isn’t forced to kill him. By the end of the game, Chrom is a mature leader able to handle negotiations with people he hates, see past his anger and resentment, and believes people deserve a chance for redemption, instead of a quick death.
  2. Chrom wears the fire emblem in his great lord class, but it is removed during chapters 21-23. He also gets an exclusive costume change when he performs the awakening and his Pref sword begins to glow orange with blue finish on the hilt.
  3. He is also the only awakening character to have a unique model depending on which way he was facing, some to show off the brand on his shoulder.
  4. Chrom’s name of course comes from chromium, but there may be another pun involved, taking the first syllable of Chromosome. Lucina is named after a goddess of fertility, so the theme may exist.
  5. Chrom’s great lord’s class’ shiny silver is possibly colored inspired by Chromium
  6. Despite being the lead character, there are 4 characters in awakening who use Chrom’s color pallet. Chrom himself, Lucina, Inigo, and Priam all use the blue, Chrom and inigo highlight with silver While Lucina and Priam use red.
  7. Chrom may have a last name. Before 3H, last names for fire emblem characters were pretty rare. However an OVA gave Marth the last name “Lowell”, and many fan artists allowed that to carry on to Chrom and Lucina. Nintendo never dispelled or directly confirmed this.
  8. Chrom was the first fire emblem character to join Monster Hunter...Almost. technically Lucina joined the same game but was shown seconds after him, so they joined simultaneously but Chrom was the highlight of the intro video.
  9. While Chrom was absent from Smash bros 4, he was added to 5 as Roy’s echo as many know. Sakurai himself has stated that Chrom was added primarily due to fan demand over seas. Of course, there are many rumors stating he was planned for smash 4.
  10. Despite awakening being 6 years old at the time, Japanese posters and magazines often used Chrom to advertise “Fire Emblem Switch”. This was before Byleth and the lords were shown.
  11. Chrom has a few admirers himself! While many people remember tharja for her stalker-behavior toward robin, and cordelia for her admiration to the point of obsession for Chrom, they often overlook another admirer of Chrom! Awakening reveals that Olivia is deeply in love with Chrom, but chooses to swallow her emotions as she knows (or ‘knows’, as Chrom can prove her wrong) that That can’t happen. While Chrom never gets supports with cordelia, we can see that Olivia makes a mumbling fool out of Chrom too, so her charms may work on him to some extent.
  12. Chrom wants a son! If Chrom is Inigo’s father, and he recruits inigo, we get the famous “I raised a philanderer...” but people often forget the second half (just like many popular sayings) where Chrom adds. “Well, he seems happy enough. Heh...a son.” -This is the only child recruitment Chrom has Where he exclaims excitement in this way.
  13. Chrom is basically Dimitri. When awakening was releasing, things were in more of a dire situation, so many elements of awakening got rushed or toned down, but in terms of color scheme, personality, preferred weapons, and character arcs, Chrom and Dimitri are very similar. Dimitri descends further than Chrom, but both share ‘that’ Major flaw. Also, both are prone to breaking training equipment, and both are nobles who speak properly but like to be among commoners and don’t believe nobility raises your status.
  14. Chrom is actually a brilliant tactician in his own rights. Many people know of rushing into the battlefield and say it’s dangerous but they forget his strong abilities to plan ahead. For example, Chrom is known to hate losing. So is his closest friend until he Met robin, Vaike. Vaike continuously loses to Chrom in during sparring matches. However determined to beat Chrom, Vaike challenges him to a cooking contest. And so, Chrom concord a dish so powerful and potent, that Vaike is knocked out cold, leaving Chrom as the last man standing and thus ‘technically the winner’. These master plans seem reminiscent of robin himself, but it all comes from Chrom.
  15. Chrom is either biromantic or very supportive of it. M Robin shippers rejoice. While Chrom is straight as far as who he is attracted to physically, his supports with Sully lead him to admit he doesn’t want her to act more feminine as she’s always been one of the guys, so in their marriage they will understand one another better. This mindset may show he is biromantic, but if not we know he is at least supportive of bisexuality and lgbt+ If that doesn’t convince you, there is footage of Chrom saying “Trans Rights” when Matt Mercer recorded the lines in Chrom’s voice and fans inserted the sound files into smash for pride last year.
  16. Switching gears, Chrom has absolutely no remorse for Grima. Wearing the face of his closest friend won’t fool Chrom, as he refuses to fall into that trap. In draglia Chrom even days that he doesn’t fear enemies wearing the faces of his friends, he will strike them down if it will save the people who matter to him.
  17. In an official survey, chrom got 2 pairings in the top 10! Despite vote splitting with many characters Chrom managed to get 2 up there. These are Chrom and F Robin (first place) and Chrom and Olivia (10th place). No other Chrom ships placed in the top 20, which were all that were listed. So we won’t know how the others fared.
  18. Chrom has the most cipher cards! I feel comfortable saying that the last pack won’t likely change that since everyone is getting cards. Cipher is Japanese only, so a heavier Chrom focus isn’t surprising since he is far more popular than even Ike in Japan. Still, Chrom has the most cipher cards..unless you combine Corrins genders. Due to corrin being the newest lord when cipher was made, and cipher counting Nohr and Hoshido as separate decks, corrin got a lot of Cipher attention cipher official stance is that male and female avatars are different characters and not to be tallied together, but people don’t always agree with the official stance. -Chrom also appears the most frequently on other people’s cards And has 4 joint art cards which is among the most
  19. Chrom is the first fire emblem character ever designed by KT, who made three houses. When Warriors was only a concept, KT agreed that if they do the project, Chrom is needed. They have multiple articles discussing how tricky he was to make due to having no Experience with FEwarriors or fire emblem characters, and Chrom was created before they had rights to make the game, to show Nintendo. Before Marth or the OC’s, KT created Warriors Chrom. This is why he got the amiibo (along with tiki)
  20. Chrom has been in the 2nd most amount of games, behind in my Marth. Chrom is seen as a mascot by many in Japan, and he is used in crossovers frequently. If you take their tally, 6 of Marths games were created before Chrom existed, so Chrom has been used more frequently ever since he was created!
Hope you enjoyed reading!
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