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WebEx and AppLocker in an enterprise environment

Does anyone have experience with running WebEx in an Enterprise which uses AppLocker and blocks downloads from internet? We have installed the WebEx software and created an AppLocker publisher rule but this doesn't seem to work completely. Do you need to create an AppLocker path rule to allow everything under %OSDRIVE%\USERS\*\APPDATA\LOCAL\WEBEX\WEBEX? Do you end up allowing WebEx downloads via the internet as well to get around the issues or is there a better way?
The issues are:
  • Blocking downloads stops users from downloading/running the WebEx temporary files needed to join a meeting.
  • Creating a publisher rule for WebEx does not fully work. There are always new DLL's being blocked as seen in the AppLocker Event Logs.
There are a few different WebEx flavours is seems. There are:
  • WebEx Meetings which is covered generally by installed the WebEx Meetings Desktop Application and the Cisco WebEx Extension for your particular browser
  • WebEx Events which doesn't have a separate install but seems to be covered by installing the Meetings Desktop Application and the Cisco WebEx Extension
  • WebEx Training which does have its own software also but may or maybe be covered by installing the WebEx Meetings Desktop Application and the Cisco WebEx Extension
There is also the WebEx Productivity Tools but I believe this only adds the plugins to Office apps, not sure if it's needed to open or join the various WebEx suite of products. Even when you have WebEx Meetings software and the extension installed and have whitelisted the publisher it will still block certain DLL's when trying to use different functions within a WebEx Meeting, like trying to share an application. Also, even with all the software installed it will block me from joining a WebEx Event.
Here are some of the DLL's and .EXE's I've seen blocked:
  • %OSDRIVE%\USERS\username\APPDATA\LOCAL\WEBEX\WEBEX\MEETINGS_01\ATJPEG60.DLL was prevented from running.
  • %OSDRIVE%\USERS\username\APPDATA\LOCAL\WEBEX\WEBEX\MEETINGS_01\WBXPDM.DLL was prevented from running.
  • %OSDRIVE%\USERS\username\APPDATA\LOCAL\WEBEX\WEBEX\MEETINGS_01\ATSHELL.EXE was prevented from running.
  • %OSDRIVE%\USERS\username\APPDATA\LOCAL\WEBEX\WEBEX\MEETINGS_01\ATJPEG60.DLL was prevented from running.
  • %OSDRIVE%\USERS\username\APPDATA\LOCAL\WEBEX\WEBEX\MEETINGS_01\ATJPEG60.DLL was prevented from running.
  • %OSDRIVE%\USERS\username\APPDATA\LOCAL\WEBEX\WEBEX\MEETINGS_01\WBXPDM.DLL was prevented from running.
  • %OSDRIVE%\USERS\username\APPDATA\LOCAL\WEBEX\WEBEX\MEETINGS_01\ATSHELL.EXE was prevented from running.
  • %OSDRIVE%\USERS\username\APPDATA\LOCAL\WEBEX\WEBEX\MEETINGS_01\ATJPEG60.DLL was prevented from running.
Cheers all for any advice/help.
submitted by AndrewJohnPorter to sysadmin

Looking for practice? Want to expand your AHK knowledge? I got you covered.

I made a reply a while ago to Swaggurttt (could you give us an update of how things have been going?)
He wanted to learn more about AHK. So I provided him a list of new things to learn past just "press button > send keys".
Hopefully, some people reading will take this opportunity to branch out and learn some new things that AHK is capable of. From stepping into the aesthetically pleasing world of GUIs to using RegEx to become a string manipulating master. From braving the cryptic DllCall() command that lets you embrace code from other files thus making your scripts much more robust and useful, to having a whole slew of problems and puzzles that will test your ability to utilize AHK's capabilities.

Practice, Problems, and Challenges - It's like fun homework

Let's start with 4 websites that will give you tons of practice. From easy to insanely difficult. Between these 4 sites, you should have more things to do than you could ever finish.
Code Abbey
The site I've spent the most time on. From the easiest "add two variables" all the way to "write an AI". It's a good place to learn core programming skills and develop logic. Parsing through data, calculating variables, using arrays, etc...
Funny thing is this website is the reason I'm making this post. It has been a while since I used this site and I couldn't remember the address. So I looked up this post and...here we are!
Rosetta Code
Another good site, though I like Code Abbey's layout, sorting, and input/output method more. Rosetta has its own pros, like showing you solutions in TONS of different languages. Very helpful if you're familiar with other programming languages.
Code Chef
This was suggested to me a while ago and I've only done a couple of problems. Not because it's a bad site, but because I just haven't had the time to try and nuke the list. I figured it was worth including.
Those 3 should keep you busy for quite some time. Plus...
The AHK Subreddit
This subreddit is a treasure trove of problems! I used to spend a ton of time just trying other people's problems, coming up with my own solutions, and comparing what I come up with to others. You can learn a TON doing it this way. And comparing answers afterward only teaches you newer and better ways of doing things. Consider the unbelievable amount of backlogged posts you can go through. Years and years worth.

How about some suggestions for parts of AHK to learn?

RegEx (Regular Expressions) - Master of Strings

This is a mini-language for manipulating strings. Learn it! If there's a discernible pattern to what you're looking for, you definitely can write a RegEx to find it. See: RegExMatch and RegExReplace. Bonus: It should be noted that RegEx is its own little mini-language with its own rules and syntax. BUT, once you learn it, you now know it for almost every other programming language (minus some discrepancies between flavors).
RegEx Resources:
  • Regular-Expressions.info is pretty much the authority on all things RegEx related.
  • RegExOne is another great resource that gives interactive examples as you learn the language.
  • Ultrapico.com is a user's site with their own 30 min tutorial and some other neat resources.
  • This RegEx Cheat Sheet is handy to have around, especially if you're newer and haven't memorized the metacharacters.
  • RegEx Buddy (Best RegEx Program Ever!) I encourage everyone to look into this program and consider buying a copy. For those who legitimately can't afford it, some careful Googling will land you a copy for $free.99. But, please consider supporting the developers of it.
  • RegExr is like RegExBuddy except it's free and online. Unfortunately, it isn't quite as robust as RegExBuddy. It'll help you learn, gives your place to build expressions, and a spot to test them. My biggest complaint is the site layout seems crowded. But, considering the price, availability, and what it does, it definitely deserves some respect (and to be bookmarked).
  • AHK's RegEx page AHK's own RegEx page with info to AutoHotkey, its flavor, options, etc...

COMs - Letting you interface with other shit one command at a time!

COMs are pretty amazing. They let you interact with lots of different things on windows. Microsoft lets you access things like Internet Explorer, Excel, Word, Access, (literally the entire office suite), shell, WIN HTTP, VBScript, etc... It lets you use those programs directly from AHK. This increases reliability near infinitesimally compared to blind clicking and typing. You can web scrape like a boss using the IE COM. You can manipulate Excel spreadsheets, get data from them, update them, and whatever else you want. COMs are handy.
There are also quite a few videos on YouTube that you can also check out.

GUIs - I feel pretty. Oh so pretty....

Learn to make and manipulate Graphical User Interfaces or GUIs. When you want user-friendly interaction with the users of your code, GUIs can be the perfect answer. A non-programmer isn't going to want to run scripts with switches or open up .ahk file or edit code to change settings. Enter the GUI!
The "Read This Before Posting!" stickied tutorial post has some good WYSIWYG suggestions. And it stands for What You See Is What You Get...that's really what they're called. Personally, I'm a fan of GUI Creator by Maestrith.
You'll spend a LOT of time trying to learn all the different things GUIs can do.
The AHK docs are the go-to for this stuff. Here are the pages you'll be visiting quite often:
I'd like to add a neat method I've started doing for tracking elements because it used to be a struggle for me. When I create a GUI, I like to keep everything inside of functions and I really don't want to create global variables for everything. I find myself making a single global Object in the AES. Then, whenever I create a GUI element, I always add the hwnd option to it and then immediately save that HWND to the array. Plus, you can logically name it so it's much easier to recall.
Global guiHwnd := {} NewGUI() MsgBox, % "Cancel Btn: " guiHwnd.CancelBtn "`nOK Btn: " guiHwnd.OKBtn ExitApp NewGUI(){ Gui, New Gui, Add, Button, hwndBtn gOKBtn, OK guiHwnd.okBtn := btn Gui, Add, Button, hwndBtn gCancelBtn, Cancel guiHwnd.cancelBtn := btn Gui, Show Return } 
GUIs are an excellent segue into DllCalls. Why? Because DllCall can let you fine-tune a GUI.

DllCall - Rule #1 of coding: Don't reinvent the wheel!

One thing we learn real quick in programming is you don't rewrite code that's already been created and thoroughly tested. It's a waste of time! That's why people will bundle up their code into these neat packages called DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) and then publish them for others to use. These let you call commands and functions outside of the native AHK language. Meaning you can interact with Window's internal functions directly from your script! This opens up a TON of possibilities for any script and unlocks some of the restrictions that come with AHK. Like changing things about GUIs that AHK doesn't have an option for. Or getting info directly from the operating system because we don't have an AHK command or function created to do so.
It's not just limited to Windows functions. It can access any DLL. As long as you know how to interface with it.
This MSDN link has a top-level link to all of the core things you need to learn about DLLCalling to windows.
  • Window Constants - These things are used all over in the MSDN documents. They're just built-in variables that contain info, usually a hex number. Thanks to g33kdude getting me a very handy file, I've hosted a list of (~53,000?) Window's constants on my GitHub for anyone to use. Ctrl+F is your friend.
  • Window Functions - These are the actual things you make a call to. There are tons of them and you'll find them as needed. There's a function for damn near anything you can imagine inside of Windows.
  • Window Macros - These are a handful of useful macros for manipulating windows function data. Like get hi and lo word. I just make my own and call them from inside the script...
  • Window Messages - These are the messages windows shoots back and forth after almost every event. These are how you make event handlers. See: PostMessage/SendMessage, OnMessage(), and AHK Window Message List (WM_*)
  • Window Notifications - All of these are window messages.
  • Window Structures - To put it easy, a structure is a variable that stores data in bit form instead of the form you're more familiar with in AHK. Each structure has its own "layout/map" of what each set of bits/bytes means. This way, you can send a lot of information without making big sets of data. Kind of like a compact way for functions to communicate. If you don't know binary, this will suck. Make sure you learn binary. (If one explanation doesn't click, find another. To get the lightbulb to click, some people have to have it explained the right way.) Use VarSetCapacity() to set the size of a variable, and then use NumPut/NumGet to set/get bits. These can be tricky until you get used to them. Don't get discouraged.

GDI+ - Giving you the ability to create and manipulate graphics on the Windows level

GDI is Window's Graphics Device Interface. A user named Tic (Tariq Porter) wrote GDI+ for AHK. It handles ALL the DllCalls you need to make to the GDI to manipulate graphics, draw shapes and objects, import pictures, etc. You know all the stuff you can do in Paint? You can do ALL that anywhere at any time on the screen using AHK & GDIP. Without having to ever load Paint. Please note the GDI+ repo also includes tutorials on how to use the library. It doesn't cover everything quite as in-depth as I'd like it to, but the examples will give you plenty to go off of.
Why are you still reading this? You should have gotten distracted way up top and started trying stuff on Code Abbey!
OK, one challenge I always like to give people.
Recreate the Window's calculator. And make it work exactly the same. Initially, it sounds easy! But, duplicating the functionality AND the aesthetics can be pretty tricky. This is actually a tough challenge with lots of parts. You'll have to make a GUI that looks as close as possible to calc.exe. Make the display function the same, make every button work correctly, calculations should work, memory buttons should function, etc. Don't forget to make an icon for it and also to disable the AHK system tray icon, just like the real thing. Oh! And recreate the menu, too. This will give you practice on TONS of different aspects. It's complex enough to be challenging but not so complex no one would ever want to do it.
If you can get this done and want to extend things further, try making the scientific version of the calculator!! There's a real challenge. The extra advanced math buttons each have to work correctly.
Go, try, learn. If you get stuck, come back to the sub and ask for help. Or hit up the Discord crew. While you're waiting for an answer, you can always go through some of the current questions on the sub.
I hope you guys enjoy this post.
submitted by GroggyOtter to AutoHotkey