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This is ridiculous.

I bought this game as soon as you could buy into the alpha, it was and still is a complete buggy WIP.
I don't doubt the devs work hard and I know developing a game or anything really is a complicated and in-depth process that takes a lot of dedication.
The game has been in this development stage for so long and for us to be seeing glaring issues with each patch it's getting out of hand. I've had less fun this patch than any other, which is backwards seeing as I should be having more fun with the plethora of more toys, better performance, and overall 'improved' experience.
I'm just gonna roughly list and describe what I've had problems with, as this is a rant.

Scavs are aimbots now, they're not 'fair', they're certainly not realistic by any stretch, and they have only ruined my fun. I don't care that they have better ammo and gear for players who kill them or player scavs. They shouldn't aim better than any twitch streamer I have ever seen play tarkov. They are getting to a point where they're unrealistically good at aiming. If you are in plain view of a Scav for longer than about 2 seconds without killing them, you are probably dead. They don't react to suppression, they don't become less inaccurate when wounded, they just keep chugging along and shooting until you die.

-Scav Bosses:
Why? Why would you ever make this game into a boss fighting game? I understand the lust to have a high value target on a map and I love the idea of it. But why would you ever.. ever.. ever.. in a realistic game that in all it's time in development the goal has been to create a game with REALISTIC SHOOTING MECHANICS would you introduce TANKY AIMBOTTING KILLING MACHINES. The appeal to these bosses is that they carry good gear, so they should be hard to kill, thus it's fair to buff them. That to me is complete and utter bullshit. They are criminal bosses, maybe some are ex-military, but holy fuck man Shturman has shot me dead me within nanoseconds of seeing the atoms of my hairline peaking over to the fucking logging area. This game isn't fantasy, it's not a developed RPG even if it's intended to be, and it's not fun getting killed by these super human AI. They should get better guns, better armor, making them harder to kill because they are more capable overall, they should not get skill increases to such a degree. They can be better than Scavs, but fuck there's not much room for that right now.

-Reserve extracts:
First of all, fuck you if you think this is a good idea, it's complete horseshit and it shouldn't be in the game.. YET. A lot of these implementations that have been getting added are good in theory for a complete game with all the mechanics in place, but it's fucking over the current state of the game. If the mechanics won't be supported, it should probably wait for a bigger update. Reserve extracts suck. It's not Labs where I'm basically paying to go in and it's this crazy locked down place, no it's a fucking military base in the middle of fucking nowhere and THERE'S ONLY ONE EXTRACT THAT MIGHT BE GUARANTEED ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
I go into a raid, navigate basically the entire map, loot many scavs, loot many fallen PMCs, I feel good. I explore a bit, looking to leave, so I go towards the radio station to where Cliff Descent is. Huh, you need gear for that, okay fine. I'll go to the Sewer Manhole instead, because surely there's nothing that can block that. Now tell me if I'm wrong but I'm about to lay something on the Russians that they might never have thought of. NOW AT WHAT POINT IN HUMAN HISTORY DID WE FORGET THAT WE CAN PUT STUFF DOWN HOLES BEFORE WE GO DOWN? SO IF HUMAN CANT FIT WITH BAG ON, HUMAN TAKE OFF BAG, THROW BAG DOWN, FOLLOW BAG DOWN, PICK UP BAG, WEAR BAG. Basically, why would I drop my shit to leave if the whole reason I came here was to get this shit? Oh no, since I can't get into Sewer Manhole, what shall I do? OH I know.
Go to Scav Lands, wait I can't.. Because the game is fundamentally built to not adhere to such a shitty extract. Let's combine the PMC group who's probably bringing in their own gear, or trying to bring out more gear to put on their PMC, with the Player Scavs, who are using their one time SCROUNGE FOR GEAR BUTTON that only comes up every 20 minutes. Why would they ever help the PMC, not kill them, and just go to another extract? And if you're the PMC, you'd be dumb to trust the scav to begin with, considering trusting 'friendly' PMCs is already uncommon.
Ah yes, time for the armored train. Alright gamers, here's where we take player choice and we throw it out the fucking window. Now that we've removed any other possibility for this player to get out of the raid without sacrificing significant portions of their kit or risking themselves to severe degrees or carrying equipment into the raid that will only burden them until they leave, we'll give them ONE 'DEFINITE' EXTRACT. Since my feeble attempts to leave the raid before the timer hits 20 minutes were met with failure, I had to wait for the train. But since I stayed in the raid for too long, the liklihood of getting ran down by player scavs in droves increased, and guess what.. TWO PLAYER SCAVS RAN UP TO MY TRAIN STATION, WHILE I WAS WAITING FOR THE TRAIN, THEY KILLED ME, WANNA KNOW WHY? I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR THE TRAIN FOR 5 FUCKING MINUTES WITH NO EXACT TIME OF WHEN IT WILL COME, THERE'S NO OTHER WAY I CAN LEAVE, THERE'S NOTHING ELSE I CAN DO, SO GUESS WHAT, YOU'RE DEAD.
Players should not be backed into a corner, if you want to make something difficult fine but god almighty it's just shitty to play man.

-Out of raid healing:
Now at first I really liked this idea. I understand the idea of why it'd be good, and I very much enjoyed the positives of the system for a little while until I had more time with it. The system is completely redundant after a while. Instead of punishing everyone and setting everyone back, it only made the game significantly more fucked towards the poor-er side of the economy. If you're in a slump, this will make you almost never get out of it, and it sucks.
If you have a string of bad raids, you will feel a significant hit, as you probably should. But the effect is magnified by out of raid healing by an astronomical measure. It becomes incredibly tedious to constantly heal after each raid, blow threw medical supplies and money, and waste time that I could be playing.
It doesn't decrease the likelihood of hatchet runs either, if anything it gives more incentive to hatchet run. If you can't afford to gear up decently and heal yourself, you probably won't gear up at all. And if you do, you'll probably die. So you run cheap gear or no gear in an attempt to get more money to buy healing supplies to get gear to ATTEMPT a raid.
I can see the replies already, "but wait, what about the fact that you heal overtime out of raid", oh yeah man. I payed $180 dollars for them to re-invent the fucking wheel of mobile game mechanics? What am I waiting for my god damn clash of clans town hall to upgrade before I can play again? Fuck off. The mechanic either punishes you hard or makes you stop playing the game.

The hideout system is just too early overall. The idea is cool, the theory is there, it's all good on paper, but it just doesn't feel right yet. Crafting of some items is cool and the benefits you get from some of the buildings is alright but there's nothing really there for the player to do. It just seems like a mobile game mechanic again. Instead of playing the content of the game, spending my money on weapon attachments and more gear, I'm upgrading my out of raid healing rate, energy refill rate, etc. I'm spending shit tons of money and barter items on upgrades that don't enhance my experience at all. The stash upgrade shit is cool for those who need it, but that didn't need the hideout. I guess it gives more to work towards but I never find myself going towards hideout upgrades.

-Main Menu:
The exit button still doesn't have a confirmation to leave, and the Hideout doesn't have a confirmation to enter. I've ended up in two places I don't want to be way too many times. My desktop, and the Hideout. Quality of Life.

I mean yeah that's pretty much all I've got right now. Point is the patch is just pissing me off more than it's giving me enjoyment, I'm not trying to turn away from a challenge, but this just isn't as fun of a game.
TL;DR - Scav aim is unfair and janky, Scav Bosses are far worse, Reserve needs an extract overhaul, out of raid healing should be re-evaluated, and the Hideout system should have been released when it was more fleshed out.
Now tell me I'm wrong.
submitted by Noviix to EscapefromTarkov

A lore wise fantasy question!

Guys, I’ve been wondering about this for a couple of days... I was a veteran Destiny player and have been playing Doom Eternal since it came out.
Who would win in a clash? The Slayer or The Guardian?
You got subclasses for the guardian. Warlock / Titan / Hunter
I think the guns are more heavy hitting in favor of the slayer. The guardian has Supers though.
Okay the Slayer has been to hell and back so I’ve read. And as the line goes in Icon of Sin: Two titans meet, as it was written.
But there are some Guardians who have the ability to blow up a planet (Ikora) or have aimbot aim (Shin Malphur) and so on.
submitted by ElusiveVisions to Doometernal