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Issue configuring Filezilla FTP server on Netgear RAX75 router

Before i get started here, i want to assure you that i searched thoroughly for the answers to this problem and couldn't find them on either Google or Reddit (this sub-reddit included).
I am trying to setup an FTP with Filezilla Server Interface on Windows 10. I have successfully set them up dozens of times in the past on previous computers, in previous households, with different ISPs. I recently moved to a new house (with Ziply Fiber internet) and purchased a new router (Netgear Nighthawk RAX75). I am using a computer that i have used previously to setup an FTP with Filezilla without issues, and so i assume that my issue is distilled down to either my router, or the ISP themselves.
I have made the following settings changes to prepare for exposing my FTP server to the internet:

In the advanced settings of the router:
- I have assigned address reservation to this computer so that its IP address stays static (
- I have tried two different approaches to port forwarding/exposure (note: i didn't, and cannot, do them at the same time. i tried one, disabled it, and tried the other):
1. assigned FTP (port 21) port forwarding to the assigned address of this computer 2. assigned this IP address as the default DMZ server (which exposes everything) 
- I tried changing the NAT filtering to OPEN from SECURED.
- With this new router, there are proprietary FTP-like filesharing features called ReadyShare. By default, it is enabled on port 21, so i went through and disabled the entire service (assuming it would have a port collision)

In the settings for Windows 10:
- i disabled the firewall completely (to absolutely rule it out as the cause of this problem)

in the settings of Filezilla:
- i kept them all the same, which are all of the default settings from when one installs the program, from when it had worked before (at my old home)
- the following is my output from when i start the server:
Connecting to server localhost:14147...
Connected, waiting for authentication
Logged on
You appear to be behind a NAT router. Please configure the passive mode settings and forward a range of ports in your router.
Warning: FTP over TLS is not enabled, users cannot securely log in.

Yes, I have tried playing with the Passive settings within Filezilla, but after trying to expose the widest of port ranges and provide my assigned IP address, it made no difference (other than making that error disappear). Note: I have never had to modify these settings in getting an FTP server to work in the past.
After setting all of this up and throughout this troubleshooting process, i try to connect to my public IP address either through my browser (chrome) or an FTP client, and both are unsuccessful. I don't see anything at all within the log of Filezilla, so it isn't making it to the server.
What I presume: this new router has a configuration setting that is overly-protective and restricting the access. I have gone through every page and setting for the router and don't see anything glaringly obvious that is the culprit. Additionally, in googling the heck out of this issue, I find nothing but references to people setting up their proprietary fileshare ReadyShare and how to do it. I am not interested in that as it doesn't have nearly the features and ease of administration that I want to interface with. But nevertheless, it is maknig it very difficult to find anyone with a similar issue or how to successfully open it up to enable classic FTP connection.
And so i am posting here looking for any guidance or troubleshooting instructions that anyone can provide me. I am about out of ideas and will likely return this router as a result...which is very unfortunate as it is a decent router and i am pretty certain that it is capable of being enabled in this way. I can provide screenshots and answer questions as needed.
Thank you
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