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The map in Zelda:Breath of the Wild is much smaller than estimated.

When I first heard that the map in Zelda Botw is going to be 360 km2, I didn't believe it. I tracked down the source but they didn't provide much details how they got that number. So I decided to find the map size on my own.
I'm going to take a mathematical approach here. I will make only one assumption. That is Link's height. The rest of the numbers will come from rough estimates. More accurate measurements is appreciated. I will also use the metric system for my calculations.
I'll assume Link's height is 5'7'' or 1.7 meters since oot adult link was 5'7''.
Ok, let's start. Take a look at this picture of the ladder in the temple of time .The second step is obscured by link but he is 4 ladder steps tall(almost). So 4 ladder steps is equal to 1.7 meters(Since link's height is 1.7 meters). I couldn't get the whole ladder in one picture but watching the treehouse videos, I can say that there are 45 steps in the ladder.Doing the math, the ladder is 24.93 meters. I'm not going to explain the math here. For more details, check out the included script.
Now, take a look at this picture of the whole(almost) ladder. If haven't noticed, the ladder is actually as long as those columns in the wall. We'll look at this picture of the temple of time from the other side now. Since we know the height of those columns, we can measure the temple length here.
I couldn't find a good way to measure the angles so I used photoshop to crop the image, change the perspective and then measured the angles from there. Here's the result.
The red line is the column. So the red line is 24.93 meters. With a help of a little trigonometry, we can find out that the yellow line is 56.82 meters and blue line is 24.93 meters. Which means the length of the wall or should I say temple is 81.75 meters.
Now let's look at the map of the temple. We know the length of the temple here. We can also figure out the width with trigonometry. Take a look. Anyway, the temple width is 45.24 meters. We can figure the area of the bigger rectangular area the temple of time creates.(Yes, I'm not using smaller rectangular area). It's 3698.37 m2.
I'm going to use this info in this map of the plateau area. Of course, when measuring the temple of time we mustn't include the dark part since we didn't measure that part. Anyway, doing the math, the plateau area is 1.83 km2.
Now we will use the great plateau to figure out the whole map. I couldn't get myself a picture containing the whole map. So, I used this map of the bottom part of the world and this map of the upper part of the world. The first map's area is 59.004 km2 and second map's area is 110.89 km2 which gives the total map area of 169.89 km2 or 65.59 square miles.
If we change link's height to 1.6 meters or 5'4'', then the map size is 150.49 km2.
Taking account the measuring errors, I say the map size is anywhere between 100 km2 to 200 km2. Regardless, the number is not even close to 360 km2 which was originally estimated.
So, how does it compare the other open world games? It's definiteley bigger than Skyrim(39 km2), Far Cry 4(46 km2) and GTA 5(81 km2). It's either tad smaller, on the same size or bigger than the Witcher 3(136 km2). The game's not Xenoblade X big(400 km2) but still big.
I used this Python 2 script to do my calculations. Some of you might want it. Python reads like English so even if you don't know Python, you can still understand what I did here.
EDIT: I updated the script and changed some other things.
TL;DR:Summary for those who just want the map size. The map in Zelda: Breath of the Wild is roughly 170 km2 or 65 square miles. The number could jump between 100 km2 to 200 km2 based on more accurate measurements.
EDIT2: The map size is now 82 km2 and the new range is 60-85 km2. Revision analysis coming soon.
submitted by Red_Pheonix_155 to truezelda

Karma's S.E.P.T.I.M. for Skyrim SE

Karma's Skyrim S.E.P.T.I.M.
Here are the End Result Screenshots
Couple Screenshots I forgot
Nexus Page
This is a mod order and installation guide for Nexus Mod Manager (or MO if you somehow have it working) or manual install for Skyrim SE with what mods we have so far (to my tastes).
It stands for** S.pecial E.dition P.ossibly T.emporary I.mprovement M.odifications. **Why temporary? Because once the 'mod gaps' get filled in, S.T.E.P. will be viable again, or the amazing list on the Realvision Page, Skyrim beautification project, Neovalen's list, and so on. But for now, this is getting me by.
Well, since I'm apparently retarded and can't get Mod Organizer 2 to function correctly even with the fine posts people have made, and there are other difficulties, I wanted to make a pre-built load order. Since INCREDIBLE MOD AUTHORS ARE FIRING OFF SE MODS FASTER THAN I CAN HARDLY KEEP UP this may be really changing as we go, I will keep updating this daily : another reason this is a "possibly temporary improvement modification".
It doesn't matter if you're brand new to skyrim modding, or a pro, I think you can use this setup.
Input on proper order beyond what LOOT says for this, opinions on what mods to include, etc are welcome. Even input on what should and shouldn't be here. This is a very lore-friendly mod list / overhaul.
NOTES: If a mod is for Skyrim SE, it's just a link. If it's from the old skyrim (hereby forever to be known as OLDRIM) , it will say so. I have tested all included OLDRIM mods, and am NOT having crashes or other issues as far as I can tell. However, YMMV. (Your mileage may vary)
NOTE 2: Concerning old skyrim files, if you have trouble downloading directly from the Nexus, you can download manually, and drag and drop those files into your Nexus Mod Manager's Mod folder (where your other zipped mods are) or you can click the big green plus in NMM and add them that way as well.
* Requirements:*
I have a fairly burly machine (I5-4460, 16gb Ram, Win10, EVGA 1080 SC). If you run at 1080p with a modern card, you should be fine on this setup, but if you are running like me at 1440p, you're gonna need a strong GPU.
Ini modifications could be made to get this up to speed on slower cards/machines, as well as downloading 1k-2k versions of the mods included. Keep that in mind if you have FPS issues.
With this setup, I run 60 fps 90% of the time, with some areas dropping to 50 fps.
* ![](http://i.imgur.com/jRcygGT.jpg)
A. Start with a clean SSE installation. It's highly preferable to NOT install your steam in program files.
B. (1) RECOMMENDED for new modders or novice moddersDownload Nexus Mod Manager (current version), install it, let it point itself at skyrim se.
(2) RECOMMENDED for experienced moddersFollow this guide to installing Mod Organizer 2. Some notes about this:
You also have to manually set the folder structure (and in my case create it) for MO2 after you patch it (click the wrench and screwdriver in MO2, and click the paths tab).
If you haven't used MO2 or MO before, you might wanna wait until the new version is released (the next version of nexus mod manager will be written by the guy who wrote MO, which is really awesome). It's NOT very user friendly at first, and you probably will be very frustrated.
Having said that.....It's vastly superior to NMM.
STEP 1A and 1B -Unlocking the Framerate
[i]This step is optional, but has been reported on Nvidia cards to reduce stuttering if you're getting that issue[/i]
Go into Documents/My Games/Skyrim Special Edition/
Open Skyrim.ini, and under [ Display ] Add or change the line iPresentInterval=1 to iPresentInterval=0
Save the file
Open Skyrimprefs.ini and under [ Display ] change the line iVsyncPresentInterval=1 to iVsyncPresentInterval=0
Under [Particles] change iMaxDesired=750 to iMaxDesired=6000 [i]This is required for vivid weathers, which is coming later, don't worry about it[/i]
Save the file!
Step 1B - Fixing the double buffer low fps bug in SE
Now, search windows for nvidia control panel
Open it, and click the add button
Now, navigate to skyrim special edition and click on it, and click add program
Change to single display performance mode IF you use only one monitor, and change power settings to perfer maximum performance
Go Here and download Nvidia Inspector
Unzip it, and open the program. Then click on the icon on the middle right side
Wait a moment, then click the drop down arrow next to the home icon.
Select skyrim se as shown.
Change the FPS limiter to one of the settings close to 60 fps, and change vsync to force on.
[i]AMD users (The other 25% of us) - You will need to use ENBOOST or Rivatuner to limit the FPS, you can search google for how to do that, and I will add that procedure when I find it.[/i]
Now, you can use NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) to download these - or if that isn't working, you can download them directly from the Nexus and drop them in the mods folder for NMM.
Download and install these mods, in this order:
EXCEPT WHERE NOTED in ONE SPOT ONLY with the Mod Real Wood Farmhouses, you will ALWAYS CLICK 'YES TO ALL' If Nexus Mod Manager asks if you want to overwrite a file already in use.
A. Section 1: Critical mods
  1. Lanterns Of Skyrim
  2. USSEP, AKA Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
3 Modern Brawl Bugs Patch
  1. Cutting Room Floor -patch needed for RS children, under investigation, -
  2. Dead Body Collision Fix
  3. OPTIONAL - Rich Skyrim Merchants - use whichever variant you wish.
  4. Realistic Ragdolls and Force
  5. OPTIONAL - Enderal Font Replacement- Use this in V 1.2 , it does not cut off Ordinator descriptions in the skill tree
  6. Fast Travel Speed Fix
  7. Ultimate HD Fire effects [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] *I use ultra. Use medium or high if you have an older card. Note: The meshes aren't working, the textures are. The effect is not as good as in oldrim until this is ported, but it's useable and safe. *
  8. Aternate Start: Live Another Life
  9. Better Dialogue Controls [i]-OLDRIM MOD - [/i]Note: use oldrim mods at your own risk! I've tested this, it seems to work fine however
  10. Better MessageBox Controls [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] Note: use oldrim mods at your own risk! I've tested this, it seems to work fine however
  11. OPTIONAL- SKY UI 2.2 or 2.1 or 5.1 [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]This is a rabbit hole, but it worked for me. I only included one link here, you can google the topic and find nexus forum threads where people discuss how to make 2.1 and 2.2 and 5.1 versions of the mod 'work' with Skyrim SE.
( FUTURE PLACEHOLDER - XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended WARNING : DO NOT INSTALL THIS MOD AT THIS TIME. It is not used. )
Step 2A
Now, start skyrim, create a new game, make a test character, use the statue of mara, and then use the bed. I suggest using the 'Camping in the woods' Option.
After it loads, hit the tilde key ~.
Type tmm 1, then hit enter. This will reveal all the fast travel points on the map.
Fast travel to somewhere with foliage, characters, mountains, and water. Many people prefer the standing stones, I prefer riverwood.
Save the game. We'll be using this save to test our installation from here on out.
We will load this save for testing after every section. If you fail to boot, try one more time, and if you fail to boot twice, you probably did something wrong, and may need to start over!!!!
STEP 3 - Big Texture replacers and overwritables
  1. Static Mesh Improvement Mod- SMIM
  2. Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2k. This one takes a little extra work: First download and install either the full pack or performance pack from the OLDRIM nexus.
*Next, download and install the SMIM patch file in updates. Click yes to all for overwrite. *
Now, Go to the updates section right below that on the same page, and pick the matching SE file for either the 2k or Performance pack. Download it, and install it. When NMM asks you to overwrite, click YES TO ALL
  1. HD MISC [i]-OLDRIM MOD - [/i] NOTE Before testing, I had 4. - HQ food and ingredients [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]at this spot, and technically it works, but in my testing it BREAKS graphics for things like salt pile, fire salts, etc.
[i]Now boot skyrim, and load your save to check for functionality[/i]
* *STEP 4 - Character and some NPC Overhaul
Remember, always click 'yes to all' when promted for overwrites when installing. It is IMPORTANT to install them IN THIS ORDER.
  1. ApachiiSKYHair SE I recommend the mainfile, and females 1.6 and males 1.5. That's 3 big huge files to download and install, in that order.
  2. Etherial Elven Overhaul CURRENTLY UNDER MODERATION, if it doesn't come back up by the time you are readint his, don't worry about it, skip it.
  3. Coverkhajiits [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]Install both the females and males.
  4. True Eyes SE I prefer the desaturated version.
  5. True Brows SE
  6. Immersive Wenches SE
  7. WICO - Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul SE When prompted, you can install whatever options you like, but MAKE SURE you choose the USSEP patch in there.
8.RS Children Overhaul SE *Install the main file. DURING THE FOMOD, ON THE FIRST SCREEN DO NOT CHOOSE PLAYABLE CHILDREN .ON THE SECOND SCREEN CHOOSE THE USSEP PATCH OPTION. Choose no options on the third screen. First person and other options are glitch magnets. *
  1. Bijin Warmaidens [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]install main file only, as options choose all and NO WRINKLES. IMPORTANT : UNCHECK THE ESP FILE in the PLUGINS TAB IN NMM AFTER YOU INSTALL
  2. Bijin NPC's [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]install main file only, as options choose all and NO WRINKLES. IMPORTANT : UNCHECK THE ESP FILE in the PLUGINS TAB IN NMM AFTER YOU INSTALL
  3. Bijin Wives [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]install main file only, as options choose all and NO WRINKLES. IMPORTANT : UNCHECK THE ESP FILE in the PLUGINS TAB IN NMM AFTER YOU INSTALL
  4. Bijin Seranaholic [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]install serenaholic 1.7 file with any eye options and NO WRINKLES. IMPORTANT : UNCHECK THE ESP FILE in the PLUGINS TAB IN NMM AFTER YOU INSTALL
  5. Bijin Valerica [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]install valerica file with the same eye options you chose for serana and NO WRINKLES. IMPORTANT : UNCHECK THE ESP FILE in the PLUGINS TAB IN NMM AFTER YOU INSTALL
  6. Bijin All-In-One SSE Install the SECOND file, the serena velerica version. LEAVE THE ESP CHECKED as NORMAL in plugins.
[i]Now boot skyrim, and load your save to check for functionality


STEP 5 - Sorting with LOOT
As of this morning (11/6) The non-developer version of LOOT IS RELEASED!
Buuuut.......I've still found that LOOT is only really partially doing it's job. I don't trust it (yet). I just spent quite a lot of time hunting down a couple glitches in my game, only to find that LOOT had screwed up the load order quite fiercely - for instance it was putting verdant before SFO. So, I've tested the rest of the load order after characters, and it seems good and stable.*** PLEASE FOLLOW THE NEXT INSTRUCTIONS TO SORT ONCE WITH LOOT, AND THEN DON'T SORT AGAIN FOR THE TIME BEING.*** It's causing more trouble than it's worth right now for our purposes - BUT we need to sort the things we just put in before we stop using it. So:
  1. Go to here and download LOOT.
Download this file, run the installer (or for the 7z unzip it), and put it in a directory in the SAME DRIVE you have your skyrim installation on.
  1. Open Nexus Mod Manager and click on the Drop Down Arrow by Supported Tools. Click Config Loot. Browse to the folder where you copied the loot dev files, and click ok. (With the new LOOT version this might be done for you automatically, maybe not.)
Click on the drop down arrow by supported tools and click Launch Loot.
  1. In Loot, Click on the bars in the upper right-ish that says sort plugins when you mouse over it.
  2. After it does it's thing, Click Apply. Afterwards, X out the window.
NOTE: Some people have an issue where if they dont launch the game, then close it, then sort again, the sorting won't hold. YMMV.
STEP 6 - Cities , Flora, Related Textures
  1. Amidianborn Caves and Mines [i]-OLDRIM MOD - [/i]
  2. JK's Riverwood
  3. JK's Whiterun I recommend both the main file and the outskirts file.
  4. Kynesgrove
  5. Shor's Stone
  6. Darkwater Crossing
  7. Ivarstead
  8. Karthwasten
  9. Soliund's Sinkhole
  10. Whistling Mine
  11. HD Enhanced Terrain [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]Download and install the blended version
  12. Nordic Snow Main file only (loose is pref. imho at this point)
  13. Point the Way
  14. HD Road Signs 2k or 4k are both acceptable choices.
  15. Real Wood Textures - Farmhouses [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]BIG FAT NOTE ONLY install the main file, and the SMIM patch from the optional files.
FOR THE MAIN FILE when prompted to overwrite, choose YES to the following files: farmhouse01.dds, farmhouse01.n.dds, woodpost02.dds, woodpost02.n.dds, woodwalkway01.dds, woodwalkway01.n.dds, woodwall01.dds, woodwall01.n.dds, wovenfence01.dds, wovenfence01.n.dds.
For the SMIM patch you can choose YES for all overwrites.
  1. Skyrim Flora Overhaul Install the main file, then install the update tree lod file.
  2. Verdant A Skyrim Grass Plugin Don't forget the .ini modification, see below bold text for details.
  3. Realistic Smoke and Embers [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]Use the RSE High file
  4. Embers HD [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]NOTE From the OLD files section, download ONLY these and install in this order:
Embers HD 2048
Forges Addon 1.123
Ultimate Fire Effects HD Compatibility Patch
  1. Ultimate HD Torch [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]Mainfile, High version
  2. Superior Rock Textures - High Quality HD 2k and 4k and 1k replacers [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]I recommend the second file, Default light grey 2k (4k is really overkill, can hurt fps)
Brown Mountains and Rocks HD [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] This is a highly underrated old mod I used to use, confirmed working for SE. Download the loose files HD main file (first choice). Mountains look a bit less real up close, but at mid to long distances, it's amaaaaaazing.
  1. Skyrim SE Improved Puddles Main Fomod file
NOTE: You must now navigate to the following folder wherever you installed steam and skyrim:
whereveryouinstalledsteam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition/Data/SkyrimFloraOverhaul.ini
Now, change the settings to this:
[Grass] iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure=15 iMinGrassSize=60
NOTE: iMinGrassSize can be values from 50-100+ , lower numbers give denser grass, higher numbers give better fps and performance. Experiment with this setting and your save until you are happy.
[i]Now boot skyrim, and load your save to check for functionality[/i]
STEP 7 - Creatures and Dragons WIP
  1. Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]Choose belly's choice in the fomod when installing
  2. Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack SE
  3. GIANT [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]I use the 4k, but the 4k-2k or 1k is fine
  4. FALMER [i]-OLDRIM MOD [/i][i]-[/i]I use the 4k, but the 4k-2k or 1k is fine
  5. HARGRAVEN [i]-OLDRIM MOD [/i][i]-[/i]I use the 4k, but the 4k-2k or 1k is fine
  6. TROLL [i] -OLDRIM MOD [/i][i]-[/i]I use the 4k, but the 4k-2k or 1k is fine
  7. DRAUGR [i]-OLDRIM MOD [/i][i]-[/i]I use the 4k, but the 4k-2k or 1k is fine
  8. WISPMOTHER [i]-OLDRIM MOD [/i][i]-[/i]I use the 4k, but the 4k-2k or 1k is fine
  9. DRAGON PRIEST [i]-OLDRIM MOD [/i][i]-[/i]I use the 4k, but the 4k-2k or 1k is fine
  10. Diverse Dragons Collection SE Main file
[i]Now boot skyrim, and load your save to check for functionality[/i]
STEP 8 - Fixes and Misc. Gameplay modifications
  1. Enhanced Blood Textures SE Use the main file, I recommend high textures default color on both options.
  2. Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
  3. Map Markers Complete
  4. The Paarthurnax Dilemma
  5. Blacksmith Forge Water Fix - SSE Edition INstall the second main file, that includes the USSEP Patch.
  6. Even Better Quest Objectives Install the main file, and 3 patches: Live another life patch, cutting room floor patch, paarthurnax dilemma patch.
  7. Critical Correction main file
  8. Gildergreen Regrown
  9. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (RDO) - Install both the main file and the patch. *NOTE: Disable the ESP which ONLY includes the USSEP patch, leave the ESP with both CRF + USSEP patches included. *
  10. Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks Main file
  11. OPTIONAL - No Glowing Weapons
  12. No Spinning Death Animation Use the 1.3 file non-merged , the second file.
  13. Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim Recommend the main file, and the 50% more perk points optional file as well
  14. Run for your lives
  15. Simple Auto Unequip Ammo Main file
  16. Unread Books Glow Main file, non-loose first choice
  17. Violens - A killmove mod SE NOTE: The book for the options is on Farengar's Table (the jarl's mage) in Whiterun. FYI.
  18. Weightless Use the main file fomod, choose the second option.
  19. When Vampires Attack
  20. Lore Based Loading Screens
  21. Immersive Sounds Compendium - Install the main file.
  22. Immersive Sounds Compendium Patches - Install the Enhanced blood textures patch only (first main file)
Optionals: I personally don't like Frostfall and Campfires but they are among the most incredible mods made for skyrim. If they suit your taste, they are a must have. Putting campfires then frostfall after lore based will function here I think.
[i]Now boot skyrim, and load your save to check for functionality[/i]
STEP 9 - Texture replacers SE
  1. Dragonclaws SE Your choice, 1k or 2k or 4k. Install only one.
  2. Detailed Chests Texture Replacers SE I recommend 2048 washed out. Install only one.
  3. Cloaks and Capes
  4. Enhanced Ore Veins SSE Edition Use the main file, during the fomod I reccomend the less glow option, and extra textures .
  5. HQ Septims
  6. Amidianborn Book of Silence - Weapons [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]Under main files, download book of silence weapons. During the fomod installation, choose ALL. IMPORTANT : UNCHECK THE ESP FILE named Amidianborn Skyforge Weapons in the PLUGINS TAB IN NMM AFTER YOU INSTALL
  7. Amidianborn Book of Silence - Armors [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] Under main files, download book of silence Armors. During the fomod installation, choose ALL. IMPORTANT : UNCHECK BOTH ESP FILES named AMB Glass Variants Lore and Differently Ebony in the PLUGINS TAB IN NMM AFTER YOU INSTALL
  8. Immersive Armors Beta Download this from Hothtrooper's google docs page as linked. Manually place it in your NMM folder, install normally. Awwwww yisss.
  9. Amidianborn Book of Silence - Uniques [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] Under main files, download book of silence Uniques. During the fomod installation, choose Everything.
  10. OPTIONAL UNP Female Body Renewal Use this to further overhaul the female PC and NPC's in your game. WICO's males are great, the females are..........ok. Install the first main file, the one that says renewal.
During the fomod the first two screens, choose to your tastes. The 4k textures can be FPS taxing. On the third screen, I recommend installing the armors and the no more ugly bronze shine patch.
  1. OPTIONAL Mature Skin Texture and Body Download the third main file for UNP(b). During the fomod installation, you can choose high or medium depending on your system, choose the UNP body (Unless you snuck UNPB from oldrim), then whichever face 'age' you prefer. On the next screen I recommend the tint masks for lips, and complexions but not additional complexions. Choose your body age (match your previous choices) , hair and body options to taste, and on the last screen choose to install the normalmaps.
[i]Now boot skyrim, and load your save to check for functionality (use the showracemenu command in the console to browse character textures for easier testing) [/i]
STEP 10 - Texture replacers from oldrim All files from OLDRIM except as noted.
  1. Better circlets [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]I recommend the first file, the 2048 version
  2. Deathbell HD - All New Textures [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]I recommend the 2k version main
  3. Designs of the Nords [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]Main file
  4. Detailed Rugs [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]Recommend 1.3 main file
  5. High Definition Ivy [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]Recommend 2k or 4k version. I use 4k.
  6. Hd Linens[i] -OLDRIM MOD - [/i]
  7. Rustic Clothing [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]You can choose 1k, 2k-1k, 4k-2k, or 4k textures depending on the strength of your system.
  8. SE Rustic Windows Main file, during fomod I choose only the standard options.
  9. Rustic Clutter Collection [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i]Second main file, 2k is recommended.
  10. SE Rustic Animated Potions and Poisons [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] 2k is recommended, any option is fine.
  11. Rustic Word Walls [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] Any option is fine, I use 2k
  12. Rustic Monuments and Tombstones [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] Main file
  13. Rustic Nordic Murals [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] Any option is fine, I use 2k
  14. Rustic Soulgems [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] Main file , last option, UNSORTED.
  15. Ren's HD Shrines [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] Choose whatever options you like in the fomod, but know if you choose vanilla it won't change anything.
  16. Stunning Statues of Skyrim [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] On the first screen, choose all options. On each following screen, choose whichever texture you like, BUT DO NOT CHECK ANY MESHES. ANYWHERE. NO MESHES FOR YOU. NONE. NADA. ZIP. NO MESHES. Ah man, I wish I were funny.
  17. Realistic HD Mushrooms [i]-OLDRIM MOD -[/i] Either main file. Install normally.
[i]Now boot skyrim, and load your save to check for functionality[/i]
STEP 11 - Weather and Water, or things that go last in the load order
  1. Vivid Weathers Main file, during fomod, choose what you like. [
  2. Realistic Water Two](http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2182/?) With the most recent update, the lod problems are fixed and due to this it has become vastly superior to the other two water mods for the time being. Install it with confidence.

[i]Now boot skyrim, and load your save to check for functionality[/i]

STEP 12 - Reshade and Achievement Mod
NOTE: RESHADE can be very taxing on slower or weaker machines. However, you can turn off / on this reshade's options with the f10, f11, f12, delete, insert, and home keys in game. Thus, you can check the impact on your system and configure to taste each time you play.
A. Download manually from nexus se this mod: Achievements Mods Enabler
Unzip the file, and place the files instructed in the mod's readme in your whereveryouinstalledsteam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition/ directory.
A. Download the reshade of your choice, however I highly recommend Skyrim SE re-engaged ReShade. Manually download the second main file, for Vivid Weathers.
I recommend reading the readme, and choosing the standard installation, then adding on MXAO and DOF as needed. Since Vivid Has bloom, I would recommend not installing bloom. Unzip the appropriate files
and copy them to your whereveryouinstalledsteam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition/ directory.
Using the book that comes with vivid weathers, you can configure color , bloom, and brightness in-game. I recommend messing around with it to get your game to where you would like.
Some notes: I will be keeping this up to date, as well as bringing a website online within the next week. I realize that not every mod is for everyone. I realize fully there may be some huge issue with this I haven't found in testing. I realize I'm dumb, yes. So please feel free to comment and help me be less stupid.
Having said that: RLO (realistic lighting overhaul) and ELE are specifically NOT in the load order, they were interfering in negative ways with Reshade and Vivid weathers. There are some other things I skipped for similar reasons, if you post below I will elaborate on my reasons if that happens to be the case.
Thank you, and a HUGE thanks to all the modders who make and update the mods we all rely on. DONATE TO THEM, AND THE NEXUS ALREADY, CMON!!!
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