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I was a Diablo II LOD duper in 2002 and bought my first laptop as a teenager thanks to it! AMA

Went down a youtube hole today and learned about the Diablo II project which renewed my interest in one of my favorite games, Diablo II. It also made me realize that I had a very unique experience with the game, as it was the first and only video game I can safely say I had close to mastered for my goals. IE I was interested in getting the best loot, doing meph runs, and building side characters off of said loot. Generally just screwing around in the game, seeking more loot, and doing runs with my best friend. I eventually made some relationships through a computer camp I went where I learned to program, and then I eventually worked there teaching kids how to program. This was where it all started, summer of 2002 at Ursula College outside Cleveland Ohio, at a computer camp that the school hosted. (I played on US East, my account name was Manlor IIRC)
It was there that duping was introduced to me by another camper. I remember him being very resistant to share it, but for whatever reason he eventually did ( I think I just bugged him like crazy). The method I used was done through exploiting a glitch where you had to create many many new characters to get a bugged account, and then create many many games until you had a glitched game. I don't totally remember the exploit beyond it required a specific type of new account, then a specific game, you'd essentially repeat the process over and over until I think you could dupe. (Again I was 16-17 at the time, so this was almost 20 years ago, so my memory is a bit foggy) But it was incredibly repetitive and time consuming, but once you got it going, oh man you would just sit there and dupe for hours (I think it was literally you'd just drop the item on the ground and it would stay in your inventory)
Before I get flamed a little by the purists ;) I should preface this by saying before I got into duping, I already had a maxed out MF Firewall sorc, with a Shako, Skullders Ire, Oculus, etc... It was only after I had maxed out my sorc that this was all introduced to me. It was around this point too that bugged items were showing up, which further muddled the economy. You could say I broke the game for myself though, as now it turned into a job and took a lot of the fun out of it, as farming items was basically pointless now. I'd say my motivations though were mostly out of a combination of curiosity, boredom, and eventually a desire to make money. I wish I could recall more on the history of this in general. I know there were other duping methods in the past and eventually bugged item exploits too, but I don't remember a lot of them. In terms of where the duping market was, I think I got to the duping scene towards the end, as by now LOD was kinda on the decline as a result of rampant duping/bugging items/exploits etc. I also think maybe 2-4 months after I started duping, the exploit was patched. Eventually other ones came out though and you had some really wacky bugged items with insane stats that were kinda ruining the game too. I think this all led to the introduction of clone diablo to help combat the endless SOJ's and IIRC they eventually had a patch in 2003 or 2004 that cleaned house for good.
Once I realized the worth of the items and the ease of duping, my sole goal here was to make money, so I turned my duping into a small enterprise where I sold items individually on ebay, and also had several buyers who I would sell to outside of ebay in mass quantities. I primarily sold SOJ's, Unidentified Windforces, and unidentified Grandfathers. They were all perfect stats, I actually had a lil gimmick in my ebay listings where I'd sell them unidentified and promise if they weren't perfect stat's you get your money back. I had a system in place for how I stored my accounts and transferred them, it was so specific that someone I sold items to once figured out my naming secquence and password (it was all sequential, like Barb120 pw 120, barb121 pw121) because I sold so many items, I had to keep track of them and my buyers, and a couple times someone figured it out and looted items from other accounts before they got to their intended buyer.
At a point I had two CD Key's and through some workaround was able to run two copies of the game at the same time so that I was able to better handle my duping/ebaying/moving of items too. I could be mis-remembering this though and just running a second computer as my neighbor gave me an old dell that barely chugged along, I don't totally recall by now.
Had I been a bit more enterprising I could have made tens of thousands of dollars, some of the other hackers that taught me this, made much more money than me. I think one of them got into some prescription drug scam, I'm not sure but a couple of these guys were really shady. For me it was a bit of a hobby, I made maybe 2-3k over a summer which allowed me to buy my first laptop, it was a toshiba satellite pro or something, I think it was a 2k laptop Which was pretty ludicrous in 2002.It had a mobile nvidia chip and at the time was just an insane laptop that could run Unreal Tournament with really good graphic settings. I'd bring it to school and it kinda wowed everyone, I was pretty proud of it too because I paid for it with my own money. I actually wanted to buy a car but my parents highly discouraged me (not sure why)
While I grew up middle/upper class, my parents didn't really teach me how to handle money, I didn't have an allowance and they actually discouraged me against working because they thought it'd interfere with my schooling. And any money I made from jobs i had, my mom made me save and wouldn't let me access, and they wouldn't spend money on me for "frivilous things". So in general, I was kind of scared with the amount of easy money I was earning, so I never really took it to an obscene level. It just felt a bit weird, and wrong.
As more and more people got into duping the market kept saturating, especially after you had bugged items totally devalue SOJ's and such. So at this point it didn't make a whole lot of sense to keep selling, if I remember, the market might've only really been hot for 6-8 months max. The prices kept plummeting, and other sellers kept getting more and more competitive, it was a good lesson on inflation. For me this was just a fun way to make money playing around in one of my favorite games, and eventually do a bit of trolling.
Trolling you say? Well, one of my favorite things to do, was to go into random games, and act like a total noob with one of my level 1 accounts, I'd tell people I found this bow, or sword, that I wasn't sure if it was any good, and that I left it in town, something to that extent. Basically that I didn't want it, and someone could have it, most of the time people would ignore me or think I was trolling but I was actually giving away free Windforces and Grandfathers to people who were genuinely cool or curious. Sometimes I actually said I was giving away a free item. It was funny to watch it all unfold, as eventually someone would go and find the item, and realize I just dropped a windforce or a grandfather, and freak out, the reactions were generally priceless. People who didn't believe me at first, almost ALWAYS would immediately rage, calling me an idiot, insulting me, just going ballistic. Of course these were almost always the people who DIDN'T get the item, who didn't believe me that I even had dropped something, ignored me in the first place etc. So generally the item ended up the hands of a curious noob, or someone who actually trusted other people etc... Because these items cost me nothing, and you could make someones day, week, month or year with them, I had no qualms giving many away.
I used to do this a lot actually, I had so many duped items that I don't think I was ever able to sell them all before Blizz caught on and wiped everything. I honestly gave away countless items, while sure you could argue I contributed to screwing up the Diablo II economy, I can promise you I was a small fish, and I really liked playing this innocent guy who just wanted to give away something for free, or get rid of an item I didn't think was valuable. The good part though was these items generally went into the hands of decent hard-working gamers, who almost always appreciated it. However I do think a couple people even tried to report me for it, either because they were salty, or because maybe they thought I was duping? (However I never disclosed this with anyone. Ever. But I do think my CD key was eventually banned much later after I stopped playing)
I think I covered a lot here, wish I remembered specifics like how much items sold for, how the market worked, I remember selling accounts full of hundreds of SOJ's or WF/GF for 400-500 lump sum, my best friend sold with me as well. We both had our own thing going on, but I brought him into duping, he once got scammed on a paypal chargeback for 3k worth of items that he sold outside ebay like me. I remember him telling me about it when he first made the deal, he was so thrilled.
There's probably a lot more I might remember if asked the right question, I've actually never talked about this in the gaming community, only with close friends and stuff growing up. Also yeah my parents had no idea what I was doing, and yes probably thought I was sellling drugs or something. I think if my dad tried to understand or connect with it more he probably could've helped me understand the economics of what I was doing and I could have made much more money. I didn't have the best relationship with my parents then though as I was an angsty teen listening to Tool and Deftones, locked up in my bedroom 24/7, but luckily I grew out of that bullshit and have an awesome relationship with my fam. Still love Deftones, Tool, ehh.
Regarding the market on ebay for D2 items,it was just very interesting how we'd price against each other, and someone would always undercut you. I don't think there was a huge market of sellers on ebay if I remember, however we were all competing with each other and the price wars eventually got brutal. I mean you're selling a virtual item with almost no cost beyond time, and your electric bill! I think at a point I was selling Windforces and Grandfathers for 20 bucks a pop, I don't remember if that was high, or low, I also think I acquired them originally by actually buying and duping them off ebay. I honestly don't remember because I didn't farm either of these items. however I did have a massive collection of almost every unique item in the game, that I had already acquired on my own. I think the real difficulty in duping, was acquiring certain rare items, runes especially.
Had we been able to collude we likely could've all done much better. But the instant someone dropped the price, you basically had to match or drop as well, given nothing differentiates you as we all offer the same product. My only leg up was that I offered the item for free if it wasn't perfect stats, however I'm sure other sellers tried similar gimmicks.
Diablo II was probably my favorite game in so many ways, especially given it helped me buy an insane amazingly fast laptop back when most adults didn't even have one, and most kids didn't even have their own computer, remember this was 2002! Up until then I only had my own computer from a summer job where I saved up all summer to build it, and slowly upgrade it over the years.
Hope you guys enjoy reading this and I'd love to hear what ya'll think!
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Recieved the XPS 15 9500 #NotALemon🍋

Update 1 (09/11/20) : So, after recetly running a bunch of the latests updates from Dell and windows update, had a problem with the audio coming out through the speakers and headphone jack😢. It started only playing a hissing-like sound instead of the expected audio. Good news is that I found 2 simple solutions to the issue. I explained the fixes in my post. It seems to me to be an issue of compatbility between Realtek drivers and MaxxAudio Pro app. Everything else is running well and no complaints (for now) .
I'll keep updating this post...👊🏽
Hello people, good news.
After much research ...
I finally received my XPS 15 9500.
  • Intel® Core™ i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM, 2933 MHz
  • 1TB SSD Samsung PM981a M.2 NVMe
  • GeForce® RTX ™ 1650 Ti, 4 GB GDDR6
  • Touch screen UHD+ 3840 x 2400

It is a spectacular machine, it has no difficulties in compiling relatively complex code or in games in medium-high configuration and it has one of the best speakers I have ever heard on laptops in this class (especially after some EQ-ing).
I have it coupled with the MX Master 3 and the Anne Pro II keyboard 👌
Thanks to the people online, that helped a lot in this search to avoid a lemon. 🙏
Initial thoughts:
The obvious first worry was to run a bunch of tests against the "lemon lists" 🍋 around the internet.
On the get go the Dell ePSA Diagnostics helped me a lot here, in running basic tests (press F9 on boot). More info here
I've had it for a bit more than a week and at first it doesn't show any of the problems that have been reported, besides a couple of crash reboots when I first plugged-in my audio interface (before I ran driver & windows updates) and once when waking up from sleep (lost a few hours worth of work😢) after all updates were installed.
This screen's colour accuracy and high resolution is noticeable and it's bright (sometimes too bright for dimly lit rooms, even in the lowest brightness level). It's great outdoors, the glossiness of the screen does not subtract too much from the screen. Really good screen, IMO worth the trade-off for the battery. The thin bezels are a gift!
Trackpad is seriously large. it is soft and accurate, definitely feels like a premium quality trackpad (and its windows precision drivers, so gestures are very good on it). Gladly no "pre-clicks", no wobble and its mostly level with the keyboard deck.
I like the speakers (especially after some EQ tweaks on the MaxxAudioPro app). It's a good speaker system, IMO too muddy at times though it can be easily fixed by changing the EQ curve. As you can probably tell I really like the addition MaxxAudioPro app, don't get me wrong, I hate bloatware (more on that later), but I always install a system level EQ, so this saves me the hassle and it's a good one.
Typing on the keyboard feels a lot like the surface laptop (they both have 1.3mm of travel), the main difference is that the XPS seems a tiny bit more mushy. I took a bit longer than I expected to get used to it (I suspect the keys' sizes have something to do with it), but after a couple of hours I was back to my normal typing speed. Really comfortable to use and one of the best keyboard layouts out there. (typed this review with the keyboard)
The Killer® Wi-Fi AX1650s card is behaving well and Wifi Connection is solid and I still get a good reception through 3 walls, have not experienced signal dropoff. I also like the Killer Control Center app it alerts when a faster wifi AP is available, it gives stats and the ability to prioritise traffic.
Temperatures are ok for medium loads, after a full day of work (mostly mobile app development, with some photoshop and aftereffects) I had an average temp of 50º Celsius, comfortable enough to be on my lap for a while. I have it propped up on a stand so that helps with lowering the temps. When playing graphics intensive games or benchmarking it runs toasty (80-90ºC) and fans kick in heavily (and it throttles), but most games are playable at medium-high settings at around 50-60 FPS (some more, some less).
Fans run every once in a while when in medium load, they are mostly quiet and blend in with the surrounding sounds quite well. No perceivable coil Whine.
Battery runs about 4-5 hours on low brightness (as I said before lowest brightness is bright in the XPS) and medium load. It came out of the box with a battery wear level of 8.5% (usually I see under 7% in other PCs) but that's not too big of a worry. No battery drain while charging
The camera is... better than most, it's definitely not on par with the rest of the hardware (why do most laptops have bad cameras? is it not 2020?). Anyway, I like the Windows Hello functionality in such a thin bezel, its very fast and convenient to login. The fingerprint scanner is embedded in the on/off button in the keyboard, it's also handy and accurate.
A note about the fingerprint button is that it has a higher resistance than the other buttons in the keyboard so you cannot press it by mistake👌
In terms of weight, it’s a dense machine, it's hard to explain it without the sensation. It's around 2kg (about 4 pounds), so it's slightly heavier than other 15 inchers but it's still very portable specially because it has a body more like a 14 inch laptop (did I mention I love the thin bezels!?)
The 3 USB-C ports are not enough😓, but I guess we just have to embrace that dongle life. It's handy that it charges though USB-C and it can charge from any of the ports. I am eventually going to purchase a thunderbolt 3 dock, but for now I have a displayPort USB dongle connecting my 2 monitors to the laptop. On a positive note, the ports are sturdy and high-quality USB-C ports which a click-in connector and provides a solid connection 👍.
The laptop comes with relatively small amount of "bloatware", besides the usual windows apps. It has mostly Dell apps that are mostly useful (Dell Mobile Connect, Dell PremierColor, Dell CinemaColor, etc), what I am not fond of are the persistent dolby atmos app and the McAfee Antivirus 😩 pre-installed as bloatware and upsell strategies. But it's not bad, there are definitely worst laptop brands in this regard.
I like it! It's truly one of the best laptops out there, it's a shame it went through quality control issues in the beginning and so many people are going through replacements and refunds. Gladly I avoided the lemon #notALemon 🙏 and I think the number of bad ones in the wild are decreasing as time goes by. I'll do my best to report on any weird behaviours.
If you want to know anything else about it, ask 👇. I will do my best to answer.

submitted by L96R to Dell