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My thoughts on Consoles vs Computers

This post is directly a revised copy-paste post from the Facebook Group based on the feedback and concerns i got in the comment sections. My revisions are with Italics and some with striked text for CLARITY. I haven't deleted anything it's all there. I will do my best to answer to any question you have. In the end this post get me banned but here it goes. (This is a long read if you don't want to read it it's ok you can move on)

This post is about PCs versus Consoles. If it doesn't concern you, you can move along.

I see so many posts about consoles being better than computers and vice versa.
Consoles were designed to game while Computers are general purpose machines doing many stuff, one of them is Gaming.
In order to compare 2 things that they are not the same you need to have a context. In which way you are comparing them. The obviously answer would be gaming. Let's grab on to this.

TL;DR PCs gives you flexibility to fine grain your experience, while consoles rely on Convenience and Couch gameplay with friends and family.

The technical part

First of all the latest consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One are x86 and are pretty similar to our current computers.Xbox One is using a specific-purpose Windows 10 operating system that it will run only UWP while PS4 is using a Unix FreeBSD Modified operating system.
When a company decides on creating a Console they need to think about that cost of this console. After all is a stripped out PC that is designed for gaming.There's a balance. This balance is all about price to performance. They can't use high-end stuff because that will raise significally the price and at that moment you can make the argument of opting for a pc instead.Instead they opt out for mediocre to low-end parts and to balance that they rely on software optimizations.
Truth to be told the hardest part of developing a game is optimizing it.
When a Developer Company decides on creating a game for a console, most of them times won't do it from scratch. They have some sort of an engine. The development all takes place obviously on a PC and then they compile it for the said console everytime. At the early stages of development all the testing is being done on the PC (because after all that's the purpose of a general purpose device. to be able to do more things than a specific purpose device like a console), but when they reach the final version of the game they will try it out on the Console DevKit. The Console DevKit is a way more unrestricted version of the Console that gives the developers more freedom. They will probably have monitoring tools, they can check logs and they can optimize the game to reach its full potential for the given hardware.
This engine i mentioned earlier is the core of any given game. The engine dictates physics, mathematics, graphic fidelity and everything arround the game.
When you develop a game with an engine for a Computer, this engine can't have any optimizations built-in because this game is not platform-specific. This game will be available to run on million combinations of hardware. So the developers have to make the known "Graphic Settings" so every player can chose at which level their computer operates the best, they need to have generic Optimizations. And in the end they can't optimize the said game for everyone. Is impossible to do.
Developing a game for a console is a different story. The developers know exactly on what hardware this game will run and this hardware won't change ever. So there are really no settings you can mess with because the developers found the sweet spot of graphic fidelity and performance on that specific hardware and have already done this for you. Suddenly all players playing on that console have an optimized game and all are enjoying the full potential of this optimized game on that console. That doesn't mean that their experience will be better than playing the game on a Computer.
If we want to make a direct comparison between a console and a computer we need to find similar hardware. In this test scenario we won't be dealing with the CPU. We will remove the CPU Bottleneck and we will focus on the GPU scenario. PS4 is using a GPU from AMD identical to Radeon 7870HD. A pretty competend card. If we try to make a computer running a solid i9-9900k with the 7870HD and try to run the games that co-exist in PS4 and PC, i bet you, the PS4 will outpeform our PC. Why? Because the game is optimized for PS4 and like i said the developers have found the sweetest spot. While this game on pc has generic optimizations that won't benefit you that much. But if you try to run the same game on a ̶2̶0̶8̶0̶t̶i̶ modern graphics card, you will have a lot more graphic fidelity than what PS4 can output with better performance at most times.
Thing is that Computers have the flexibility of combining the right hardware tailored for you. You can pick exactly at you want and with the hardware you chosen play whatever you want with the performance this hardware can offer. This flexibility exists only on Computers.
If you were about to leave out the convenience and price part, all-arround a computer would be a more solid experience than a console.Computers are about flexibility while Consoles are about convenience.

The Convenience part.

Well i have to admit i own both a really powerful computer but i also have my consoles as well. But why?While computers are great for gaming with many combinations of hardware for you to pick for your needs they are not convenient on a couch use. (I will come back to this later)
if you see every console advertisment they have this scene that you are among friends playing on the living room on a big TV or playing with your family together.
Consoles are deisgned for Couch use with an intuitive GUI(graphic user interface) that lets you navigate to every aspect of this console (at least what they allow you to do) with a controller. That's a big deal. You don't have to jump in on 5 different windows changing settings or firing up a console and typing commands to optimize something is not. Their R&D team has invested a lot of time on this so you can have a great experience doing the stuff you need with ease.
That been said it doesn't mean that you can't hook your favorite console on your PC monitor and jam from your desk.
PCs on the other hand are designed for a general purpose usage. You won't find this fine grained GUI out of the box. Some might say "hey dude there are several launchers like Steam Big Picture, Playnite, Retro Arch and other stuff like that that will allow you to navigate with a controller on a TV on a couch. Yes there are. But what happens if something breaks. Or something doesn't work like expected? You need to do it in the traditional way (navigating these windows, or typing some commands and stuff like that)
While you can certainly build a computer to have on your living room and playing games (i have this already and whatever it can't play it streams is directly from my main build over a Cat6 UTP) it won't give you the convenience of managing everything directly from your couch. You will need to get your hands dirty and grab a keyboard and a mouse and deal with many sad situations. And that really costs a lot. It costs valuable time with your friends, at this time you could certainly be playing games with your buds and having a jam, having fun -- instead you grabbed a keyboard and you are trying to trouble shoot why the game is crashing at startup, or why is lagging af because your operating system decided to start an update (Windows) or because Proton hasn't be optimized for this game (Linux). While this won't be the case everytime you play. You will most certainly face issues. On a general purpose machine there will be always the unexpected factor that is a bomb waiting to explode to ruin your experience.
But what is this all about unexpected factors and stuff like that. A General Purpose Device such as a computer is doing a lot more stuff than a Specific Purpose Device such as console. A Computer is running many more services to enhance your experience all-arround not only for gaming and these services might be overhead and some may cause problems.
At this time i want to say that i'm Software Engineer so i can really give my points down there.
Many of the workflows i'm doing requires Virtualization. Some games don't like that. They straight out refuse to start because Virtualization is enabled,Some competitive games are using some AntiCheat Solutions that they rely on Hypervisor. Well virtualization runs on Hypervisor and anticheats don't like that either so they straight up gives you a short "fuck off" aswell.
Let's say you own some games on different Game Platforms on a Computer (Origin, UPlay, Steam, BattleNET, GOG, Epic). If you decide on playing a game on Steam, and steam have some updates scheduled for you, steam won't start these updates because you are playing and it might affect your experience along the way, other clients though are not aware that you are currently playing and they will start this update procedure . If you are playing a simulator game that's not a big deal, If you are playing a competitive game this will most certainly ruin everything. You will panic because your movements would be one step per second, and you will try to find what is causing this so you can stop this.
Other problems might appear with some broken dependencies. Some games fail to deliver some dependencies and you get errors like DirectX is missing, or Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages missing, .NET Framework missing and all of that in more cryptic messages than these i'm writing over here.
OS Specific issues. Windows 10 is "optimizing" your network connection, this optimization is not in your best advantage though every time, so you have to turn it off (through your cmd), Windows 10 while it won't install updates instantly it will download them and it might do this while your are playing.
On Linux there's a new initiative by Valve called proton that is based on the well established Wine. This tool allows you to play Windows games directly to Linux. This won't work always and it will require settings.There are many things that i can't think right now but All these things need keyboard and mouse to be configured, and it short-of ruins the convenience part of it. You won't face these issues with Consoles because games are designed to run on them.
Yea bugs is a thing, but exists on both so can't have this as a point for either of them.

Performance Part

Well given all these points we can't overlook the performance. This is a whole new section i managed to reply on the comment section on my previous post.
Console Convenience comes at a cost. This cost is not only measured in money.
Like i mentioned on the Technical Part of this comparisson they are cutting corners to deliver an experience for everybody. While you could play any game on a console that supports it, doesn't mean you will play this game at its full potential. Sure they will optimize it to work best on these consoles but the "best" for the consoles is not the best for the Computers as well. In order to play all the latest AAA games they will have to cut down graphic fidelity and framerates. PS4 for example the standard version plays everything on 30 fps on pretty average graphical settings. That's because like i mentioned to keep the cost low so you can afford it they had to use mediocre to low end hardware, but they managed to streamline a better experience on that given hardware so everybody can enjoy the games they want to enjoy even though they won't be playing them at their full potential. That's a compromise,
The computers on the other part can have as much performance as you can afford them to have. The standards are changing slowly and you can hookup your brand new 2080ti with your old 2500k (you will have CPU Bottleneck) but boy, you can play a lot more games than your previous (980TI) in way better graphical settings.

Cost Part

Before we starting an uncessairy heated argument we need to think the other person in the room. Just because YOU can afford to build a computer and play at the highest settings doesn't mean that the OTHER person CAN. The world is not a fair place, some people the only they can afford is a PS3 and stick with it they won't upgrade to PS4 PS5 or a PC, you need to realise that everyone has no the economic capability of aquiring a high end system.
A Console for them is the perfect tool for their job. They can play the games not with the greatest performance not with the greatest graphics but heck they can play it. Some perople genuinly enjoy the game for what it has to offer other than the graphic fidelity and high framerates.
A console costs what it costs because they had an extensive research about Price-To-Performance and Optimizing their Software so they can accumulate as much as performance as they could.
A Computer can cost anything and according to what it costs it can play games for it's price range.

The conclusion part

I like to give this (in my opinion good) example about comparing these 2 different platforms. We have a Calculator and we have a Modern Computer, and you want ̶t̶o̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶u̶m̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶a̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶d̶u̶c̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶n̶u̶m̶b̶e̶r̶s̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶g̶e̶n̶e̶r̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶ ̶a̶r̶i̶t̶h̶m̶e̶t̶i̶c̶ ̶o̶p̶e̶r̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ calculate some integrals or some advanced mathematic formulas. Which of these devices will do it faster? Well a Good Calculator T̶h̶e̶ ̶C̶a̶l̶c̶u̶l̶a̶t̶o̶r̶ because it was designed for this and this alone. Can you fire up Visual Studio on this calculator and start coding? No you can't , i t wasn't designed for that.
An admin had an issue with this example and i think it was the same admin that banned me so i will try to elaborate on that a bit more.There are several kind of Processors out there.
There are General Purpose Processors (The ones your pc currently use) There are Application Specific Purpose Processors (Such as a GPU) there are Microprocessors and many more.
When you are designing a device you need to have a context of what this device you want to do. A General Purpose Computer should do everything so you can get a General Purpose Processor. Can it game? Yeah but not well at all, that's why we got a GPU a processor made for playing games right? The GPUs are the reason we are playing games in the first place. (Note: the General Purpose Processors with Integrated Graphics Cards are General Purpose Processors with an Application Specific Purpose Processor built in inside)
Lets get back to the Calculator example. When Texas Instruments or Casio design a Calculator, they don't use a General Purpose Processor. They don't need this flexibility that comes with performance overhead. They need an application-specific purpose processor that will do math faster.
So if we know that a General Purpose Processor contains for example the 2 basic arithmetic operations ADD (SUM) and MUL(Multiply) this processor can do almost all the other operations by combining these 2 operations. But that will take more than one Processing Cycle (each Hertz is a Cycle)
So in the end if we want to solve an integral on a General Purpose Processor it may take thousands of steps that's not true for the Calculator., You see they used an application-specific purpose processor that had this feature built in on the hardware side of things. So this operation will complete way faster than a normal processor would.
Now the example is not perfect because it implies that a computer can't play games, which is not what we want to deduct, and while i said i will keep the original post and add things in italics i can say it was a fail example for the Current gen of consoles that are based of the same technology and architecture computers have right now. With the PS3 it would be valid. Because PS3 was using A RISC Processor, a way different processor than our modern ones, that till date can do some operations way faster than a traditional general purpose processor.
Consoles are designed to play games, and they are doing a great job at it giving you the convenience of sitting on a couch with your buddies firing up the game you want and jam on your big tv. It might not be always with the greatest graphics but most of the times it will run stable, and most surely have a good experience with it , But consoles are just it. Gaming.
You want something more besides gaming? You want More from your gaming experience?, Do you want to push a game and your own computer to the Limits? You want raw POWER? you want a Computer.
You want both hey you can have them both. I have a computer, a media computer on my living room capable of playing some games and streaming from my main pc, and a console, they never got in a fight. Why would you?
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