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A Mage's Guide to Terraria

Hello everyone!
I know that mage is a somewhat difficult class in terraria and wanted to make a guide for those having trouble. Mage is my favorite class, and this is MY opinion. You can do something that I didn't mention, I don't care. If you have any suggestions or questions, I'd appreciate if you comment below.
Credit to u/1strategist1 for making a guide like this. See it here https://www.reddit.com/Terraria/comments/6q00ig/yer_a_wizard_harry_a_mages_guide_to_terraria
General Strategy
Mages are a very powerful class with insane dps, but at the cost of getting low defense and having to drink potions to constantly use a weapon. We also have pretty full accessory slots, and not much room for nicer things like boots later on. We also need to world-hop to get the most out of our class. Here are some of the things you need:
  1. Mana/Celestial Cuffs: These are great. They give you increased health and mana regen, increased mana, and let you pick up mana stars from further away. It's usually the best way to get mana back without mana sickness. These are great for events, but not the best for bosses, as mana stars usually only drop from their minions. They need a corruption world to make, which is fine, but if you don't world-hop you'll need to choose carefully between mana cuffs or ichor.
  2. Mana flower: This is easy to get and is a must-have for all players. It reduces your mana usage and drinks mana potions for you so you can constantly cast spells. If you don't want to have a slot, you can always put your quick mana in a easy-access key, but the flower is usually the superior option.
  3. Celestial Emblem: A hardmode exclusive but a boss-friendly version of the mana cuffs. It boosts your damage by 12% and increases mana star pickup range. You would use this on bosses because HP and mana regen isn't that important if you can dodge, considering mages are so squishy.
  4. Cross necklace/Star Veil: This is a life saver. It makes damaging stars when you are damaged and gives i-frames after getting hit. This can save your butt if you don't have a rod of discord, especially against the ML death lazer. If you get hit right before the lazer hits, you can avoid it entirely. Although it's great, you usually have a better use for your slots.
  5. Master Ninja GeaShield of cuthu... chuthul... cthulhu: Another great accessory for mages. It gives you a chance to dodge an attack and you can dash out of the way too. It, sadly, is also like the star veil where you usually have a better thing to fill a slot, but is still nice to have.
As for an attack pattern, you usually want to just spam for a few seconds, then wait for your mana to come back up. The mana regen potion is great for this. Speaking of which, potions. If you don't like potions, mage isn't for you. Buffs are vital for any boss. You usually want these(although you might not need them all depending on the boss:) Mana regen, magic power, ironskin, endurance, swiftness, rage, wrath, heartreach(for bosses with minions), lifeforce, regen, shine, thorns, and any food for well fed.
Phew! With that done, let's get on to the...
Early Game
As soon as you spawn, make a house and loot all the nearby chests, for a wand of sparking. This kinda sucks, but you have a rough start as a mage. Then any wood(preferrably ebon/shadewood) sword and armor. This is helpful for the caves. Then start working on a hellevator, looting all the caves you find on the way. Once you have enough loot for a better sword and armor, go home and expand your base. Use your newfound stone if you like. Make a NPC area, bedroom, and crafting room. Also make a room for herbs for later, and optionally a target dummy room. Then try to get the demolitionist to move in and buy some bombs. DISCLAIMER: WHAT I'M ABOUT TO DO DOESN'T WORK IN 1.4. Then head over to your evil biome and bomb the orbs. Try to get the band of starpower(may require world-hopping) and the vilethorn/crimson cloud. These are all great. If you need to break more than 3 orbs, just teleport home on every 3rd one. As you're trying to get these, make sure to get a bunch of mana stars to craft into crystals. I know we all go and make too many, so now you know that you need 9 crystals for max mana of 200.
By now you should have:
  1. At least silvetungsten armor
  2. Any broadsword as backup
  3. Bombs
  4. Wand of Sparking
  5. Vilethorn/crimson rod
  6. movement accessories such as boots or aglet
  7. Info like depth meter, radar, etc.
  8. Band of Starpower
  9. Lesser mana potions
Got that? Cool. Now it's time to go to the jungle. Loot all the chests for a anklet of the wind, then mark the location of a beehive for later. Also get a nature's gift and make a mana flower. Optionally upgrade your mana potions. Now go over to your meteor site and bomb it (on 1.4 use a gold/plat pickaxe). Get enough meteor bars for a full set of armor and a space gun. Sell the rest except for 20 bars, as this is needed later. Great! Now with the meteor armor and space gun, you're OP. Now time for...
The boss rush
By now you should have:
  1. Meteor Armor
  2. Space gun
  3. Vilethorn/Crimson Rod
  4. Hermes Boots
  5. At least 250 health
  6. Lesser Mana/Healing Potions
  7. Band of Starpower and Regeneration
  8. Mana Flower
  9. Any grappling hook
Now it's time to make an arena for bosses. Just get a 999 stack of platforms and put them in rows about 50-75 blocks long, spaced at an elevation of ~10 blocks. Yes, you can't jump that high, but you can grapple. You also want heart and stars in bottles, and campfires. Set up the crimson clouds if you have them too. Just use the sus Eye and wreck it. It will do 2 things, spawn minions and charge. For the charge, just move upwards. For the minions, just use the vilethorn if you have it. Otherwise, just use your wand of sparking until the catch on fire. They should die to fire fast. If you fail, maybe search your chests for potions. If you still fail, then you're probably not doing something right.
Great! Now take those ores you got and smelt them all. Make the fishing rod, then go try to fish for hours for crates. DON'T OPEN THEM. THESE ARE FOR HARDMODE. If you're on computer, save the fishing for hardmode. Now go over to your evil biome, make a quick arena, and wreck that boss too. Use the vilethorn for the EoW as its pierce is great. For the BoC, just set up the clouds and use the space gun for all of it. When he dupes himself, the one that is the least faded is the real one. Now go make your new pickaxe and finish off your hellevator. Farm until you get a few voodoo dolls and a demon scythe. By now you should also be getting a goblin army. Use your biome weapon and the demon scythe. The goblins will die fast. Go find the goblin tinkerer and reforge the demon scythe and space gun to mythical. By this time, you should be crazy op. It's time to go to the dungeon and face...
By now you should have:
  1. Demon Scythe
  2. Space gun
  3. Meteor armor
  4. Healing/mana potions
  5. Mana/Celestial Cuffs
  6. Spectre/Lightning boots
  7. Mana Flower
  8. Grappling Hook
Skeletron is... easy enough with an arena. Just stack a few platforms up above the dungeon. Spawn in the spooky boi and use the space gun on the hands, and the demon scythe on the head. You do this because you don't want to waste mana potions on the hands. With the Scythe, just spam and hope you have enough mana potions. He should die very fast to the high dps. Now make your way into the dungeon and grab a cobalt shield, water bolt, magic missile, alchemy table, and shadow key. Also mark the location of the hallowed chest before moving onto...
Queen Bee
By now you should have:
  1. Demon Scythe
  2. Space gun
  3. Meteor armor
  4. Water bolt
  5. Magic Missile(not great now, but is insane in hardmode as you'll see...)
  6. Healing/mana potions
  7. Mana/Celestial Cuffs
  8. Lighning Boots
  9. Mana Flower
  10. Cobalt/Obsidian Shield
  11. Grapping Hook
  12. Max 400 health and 200 mana
Remember where you found that beehive? Go break the larva and wreck queen bee. Just keep spamming the waterbolt. When she stands still and summons little bees, use the demon scythe. Farm her until you get the bee gun and optionally the honey goggles. The bee gun is OP. It does a fast 48 dps for every bee. If there's 10 bees, 480 dps. As I said, insane. While you're here, make a house for the witch doctor too, sO yOu CaN cHeAt AnD sKiP wInG pRoGrEsSiOn. With all but 2 of the prehardmode bosses defeated, time for...
Wall of Flesh
By now you should have:
  1. Bee Gun
  2. Demon Scythe
  3. Space gun
  4. Water bolt
  5. Magic missile
  6. Accessories listed above
The first thing you should do when you get to the underworld is loot all the chests. Some notable loot is the flower of fire, and the flamelash. These are very effective in early hardmode, especially the flower. Now make a long hellbridge to both edges of the world, and...
Wait, first we need to expand your base. Go to the dryad and by a ton of planter boxes. One tip is that you can grow all herbs in any box. Choose your favorite color, honestly. Now farm at least 30 of each herb. It sounds like a lot, but over time you consume tons of potions as a mage. NOW you're ready to fight the WoF. Use the bee gun for the hungries and spam the demon scythe once they're gone, switching to the bee gun occasionally. Target the eyes. They have no defense, whereas the mouth has 12 defense. So yeah, target the eyes. Make sure to move up and down when the lazer fire happens too. Oh, and use a few of the potions listed under General Strategy.
Great! You made it to...
By now you should have:
  1. Sorcerer Emblem
  2. Lazer Rifle
  3. Demon Scythe
  4. Fire Flower
  5. Magic Missile
  6. Lightning/Frostspark boots
  7. Mana flower
  8. Celestial Cuffs
  9. Grappling Hook
Woohoo! You made it to hardmode! Now farm the WoF for the Sorcer Emblem and Lazer Rifle as listed above, and lets get mining. On 1.4, start fishing. Get hours worth of crates. Open them. On pre 1.4, open the crates you fished earlier. Now make a hardmode anvil, and optionally any drill/pick. If you don't fish, go smash some altars and work your way up to mythril/oricalcum anvil and drill. For both options, make adamantite or titanium armore with the headgear option. Now you're ready to start making, and trust me, there's lots to do. But first, go and buy leaf wings from the witch doctor. Got that? Now go into the underground crimson and find the wizard and 20 ichor(may require world hopping, also you need to make spare world into hardmode. ) Then get a spell tome from the wizard and 15 souls of night. Make the golden shower. This is great. It lowers the enemy defense by 20 with the ichor debuff. Next item is the meteor staff. Get those 20 meteor bars from earlier, 10 pixie dust, and 10 souls of light from the underground hallow. This is OP aboveground, but doesn't do much underground. 3rd item is the sky fracture. Get your magic missile(see?), 16 light souls, and 2 light shards from the hallow desert. This is like the meteor staff, but it works underground and has a super high crit chance. Final item is the crystal storm. This is the mana megashark. Get a spell tome, 15 souls of light, and 20 crystal shards from the underground hallow. This is your caving weapon and good for when you run out of mana potions. Now might be a good time to farm for a rod of discord too(if you want to do that, too me hours and hours to get one with a water candle and battle potions in a AFK farm.) Got all that? Sweet! Time for...
Taking on the Mechs!
By now you should have:
  1. At least mythril/oricalcum armor
  2. Meteor Staff
  3. Sky Fracture
  4. Sorcerer Emblem
  5. Crystal Storm
  6. Celestial Cuffs
  7. Golden Shower
  8. Mana Flower
  9. Lightning/frostspark boots
  10. Leaf Wings
  11. (optionally) RoD
  12. (also optional) Blessed Apple/Ancient Horn
Alright, so the 1st mech boss you want to do are the Twins. Go make a long long bridge, about 2000 blocks long at the top of your world. You can also use this later for star collecting for potions. Just wait until nightfall, chug the usual potions, and go on your bridge from LEFT TO RIGHT, and stay ahead of them! They're fast movers! You want to go left to right because Spaz likes to stay to your left. Just use your golden shower, then spam the meteor staff/sky fracture. Spray, meteor, spray, sky fracture.
Got that done? Quick whip up a magical harp and do the destroyer. The harp can replace your crystal storm because it has low mana like the storm, and it goes farther and pierces. For the destroyer, just put yourself in a good sized dirt box and spam the meteor staff. When the probes charge, just move around and use the sky fracture. If you don't like cheating, use your boss arena and use the sky fracture and harp. The harp has great pierce. If you do the 2nd method, make sure to drink potions too.
Alright, now all that's left is Amazon Prime. By now, you should be OP with hallowed armor(make the hat first) and you can just chug potions and spam the shower and sky fracture. Use your boss arena from earlier. Good luck.
Alright, with all the mechs gone, whip up a avenger emblem, then make a celestial emblem. Don't forget the pickaxe axe either. With all the mechs gone, time for...
By now you should have:
  1. Sky Fracture
  2. Meteor Staff
  3. Golden Shower
  4. Magic Harp
  5. Celestial Emblem
  6. Sorcerer Emblem
  7. Mana Flower
  8. Frostspark Boots
  9. Leaf Wings
  10. Hallowed Armor
  11. Drax
Now it's time to head to the jungle. Work your way up to 500 health first. Once you got that, find a plantera's bulb. Make an arena about screen-sized. Use platforms, and campfires, heart lanterns, star bottles, and honey. Once you're done with that, chug potions, break the bulb and destroy Plantera. Melee finds this boss hard because the attacks hit real good. But we mages can dodge. Plantera's very easy to dodge. Just circle around her, and when she shoots seeds, just dodge perpendicular to where the seed is coming from. Keep using the sky fracture. Once the second phase starts, spam the harp. That should pierce and take out the tentacles while you dodge. Once most of the tentacles are gone, use the sky fracture again. She should die pretty fast. Oh, and use the shower occasionally throughout the fight, to lower her defense. Once she's gone, farm her over and over. Try to get the leaf blower. This will be your upgraded sky fracture. Then go and get a TON of chlorophyte. Get tons. Like, 600 ore. Save it.
With that done, go to...
The Hardmode Dungeon!
By now you should have:
  1. Leaf Blower
  2. (optional) wasp gun
  3. golden shower
  4. Celestial Emblem
  5. Scorcerer Emblem
  6. Mana flower
  7. Frostspark/terraspark boots
  8. Leaf wings
Now it's time for the dungeon. Head over there, maybe set a spawn, and head down. Chug potions if you want, and leaf blow everyone. Gather tons of ectoplasm before gathering a spectre staff, maybe a shadowbeam staff or inferno fork. Make a full set of spectre armor with both hats. This is a harder part of endgame. With that finished, time for...
By now you should have:
  1. Leaf Blower
  2. (optional) shadowbeam staff or inferno fork
  3. golden shower
  4. Spectre staff
  5. Celestial Emblem
  6. Scorcerer Emblem
  7. Mana flower
  8. Frostspark/terraspark boots
  9. Leaf wings
  10. Spectre Armor
Golem is ridiculous. Just go make a grand design to slice the traps, and work your way to the altar. Get all the chests and power cells, and put one on the altar. HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHA. Just leaf blow while moving over and around him in a half circle. You probably don't even need potions. Just switch to the hood for healing, and wear the mask otherwise. Then farm him as many times as you want for the heat ray maybe, greater healing potions, and coins. Then it's time for martians. Remember the meteor staff? Hide yourself in a bunker. Spam the staff. Try to get the UFO, lazer machinegun, and optionally the charge blaster cannon. Next event is optionally old one's army. Do it for betsy's wrath. This is your new golden shower.

Time for Fishron!
By now you should have:
  1. Lazer machinegun
  2. Leaf Blower
  3. Betsy's Wrath
  4. Spectre Staff
  5. Celestial Emblem
  6. Sorcerer Emblem
  7. Mana Flower
  8. UFO
  9. frostspark boots
  10. Celestial Shell
  11. Spectre Armor
Overall, Duke isn't that much of a challenge. Just spam the Spectre Staff(it homes) and betsy's curse. Use the UFO to dodge perpindicular to where he charges. Just make sure to buff up and you'll be fine.
Farm him over and over for the razorblade typhoon and bubble gun. The razorblade is the best overall weapon pre moonlord. The bubble gun is great for when you heal as TONS of bubbles come out at a fast speed.
Once you got all that, we're in the endgame. Time for...

The Lunar Events!!
By now you should have:
  1. Razorblade Typhoon
  2. Bubble gun
  3. Betsy's Wrath
  4. Spectre Staff
  5. Celestial Emblem
  6. Sorcerer Emblem
  7. Mana Flower
  8. UFO
  9. frostspark boots
  10. Celestial Shell
  11. Spectre Armor
Yay! We're in the endgame! For mages, this part isn't actually that difficult. The cultist is super easy, just spam the Typhoon and use the bubble gun to heal. Also betsy's curse if you want. Same for the pillars. Just do the nebula first. Make the nebula arcanum, and the blaze if you have enough fragments. For the other pillars, just spam the typhoon again, and use the arcanum on the pillar. This is great, and it also shows you how powerful this thing is. Just remember to not fly in the solar pillar, and use the bubbles to heal.
Now for the moment we've been waiting for, the moon lord as a mage. Here's everything you need:
-Razorblade Typhoon
-Nebula Arcanum
-Betsy's Wrath
-Celestial Shell
-Celestial Emblem
-Sorcerer Emblem
-Paladin's Shield OR Flesh Knuckles(not both)
-Mana Flower
-Spectre Armor
-Every buff potion you can possibly make
-All accessories menacing
-Greater and Super Healing and Mana potions
-Rod of Discord or quick reflexes

So, the UFO's diagonal speed is 58 mph, which is faster than ML, so move diagonal. Keep spamming razorblade typhoon for attack and healing. It's risky to get close with the bubble gun. Use the betsy's wrath ocassionally for the debuff. Move upwards when he attacks to dodge, most of it can't go upwards. When he fires the eye lazer death, either teleport through it with RoD or get up close to his eye and move around the eye the same way the deathray does. Weaken all of his eyes, and destory them all at once so you can avoid the attacks for the most of the fight. Once the core opens up, stand still and use the arcanum. Dodge if you need to, but the nebula arcanum is usually too slow to keep up with the ML moving. Hopefully you can take out the core before you die.


YEAH! You beat terraria as a mage! Go farm for the last prism, nebula armor, lunar portal staff flare, DCU, shroomite claw, then go do whatever you want!

Hope this helped the new players out there. If you have and questions or comments, just tell me down below.

Thanks for reading the Wall of Flesh Text.
submitted by t3rra117 to Terraria

Deep Space Nine had the most DANGEROUS cast in Star Trek.

Benjamin Sisko - Tactical Genius. Poisoned an entire colony to defeat a traitor and engaged in a deadly conspiracy to deceive the Romulan government into entering the Dominion War.
Kira Nerys - Former Bajoran freedom fighter and anti-Cardassian terrorist. Expert in fighting destructive campaigns against highly trained and equipped armies with little to no manpower or resources.
Jadzia and Ezri Dax - Holders of a variety of skills and experiences acquired over multiple lifetimes, including those of a serial killer. Highly adept in traditional Klingon combat.
Miles O'Brien - The Hero of Setlik III, site of one of the deadliest engagements of the Federation-Cardassian war. His deadly potential is acknowledged by former Obsidian Order operative Elim Garak.
Worf - Klingon warrior directly responsible for multiple power shifts in the Klingon Empire, including outright killing Duras and Chancellor Gowron.
Odo - Master Detective. Expert infiltrator. Highly resistant to physical harm compared to solids. The first Changeling to kill another of his own kind.
Julian Bashir - Genetically augmented human with intellect, strength, and reflexes far exceeding that of a normal human.
Quark - A cunning deviant who killed multiple Jem'Hadar soldiers during the Dominion War and orchestrated the death of a genocidal tyrant.
Elim Garak - Former member of the Obsidian Order. Carried out a deadly ambush game and murdered a Starfleet Officer whilst drugged on Empok Nor. Staged an assassination attempt against himself just to thwart an actual assassin sent after him. Committed multiple murders in order to bring the Romulans into the Dominion War.
Rom - The long unrecognized genius whose minefield saved the entire Alpha Quadrant from a near-unstoppable invasion force.
submitted by Fusi0n_X to startrek